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pink, could you just be a little tender? i went in the weekend before we had babygirl as i thought my waters were leaking, and the exam hurt, but she definitely didn't do a sweep, just put in a speculum and asked me to cough. i guess after the sex ban since 28 weeks i was a little unaccustomed to people rummaging around in there though...

Glad the visit otherwise went well.

re pads, the midwives suggested using two at a time, the extra padding really helps with soreness. i'd use the old-fashioned, super cushiony kind rather than the modern slimline sort. i bought special maternity ones which were wonderful for the first week. i'd say i got through a ten pack a day, not because bleeding was very heavy but because hospitals are so hot i felt sweaty and uncomfortable. 2 weeks on i'm onto regular pads.

on the breastfeeding front, it really is true about helping your uterus contract back, i've had lots of afterpains while feeding but i look almost normal now! regular clothes for me next week, can't wait as i really loathe trackpants. if people are not planning on long-term breastfeeding even a few weeks has its benefits!

i'm getting so excited to see the next round of baby pics in not very many weeks! any scan pics moxie? how was the baby shower kelly?

hope everyone is weathering the storm safely.
we go in 2 weeks for the next scan. I do have 8 and 12 week scan pics, but I bet the wee one looks totally differnet now, compared to 6 weeks ago.

moxette requests the youtube. gotta jet
mox, we are about 5 mins north of the southern most bit of canada (not including point pelee), take a gander at the map and let me know if we're n or s of you, i don't know exactly, exactly where you are.

you know girls, with little i had not a tear but a little thing called a skid mark (wtf, i thought that was what dudes left behind in their drawers!). it's sort of like a run in a stocking or like a cracked lip from chapping. not so terrible but i had to flush with water when i went pee and it was a bit tender to sit. nothing major though. oh, and i bled for 60 days, oh joy, but i didn't get a period again until he was 1.5 y/o.
with little girl i had no tears, no pulls, no nothing and zero pain or discomfort. really, i went shopping the next day. i bled for about a month after her and got my period around 6 months.
my breastmilk coming in the first time was quite painful, very swollen and rock hard for the first day or so. giant chest melons. nothing i couldn't handle though, just like period-tender X's 3 or so. not so much the second time 'round though, it's already all stretched out to accomodate i suppose. the boobage will never be as high as it was in my teens and twenties but still good, keep up those free-weight exercises girls! and the kegels, it's never too early or too late and it helps (even the little i did made a difference i think).
The shower was great. It was mostly a reason for cocktail hour for my friends, since most of them do not have children. The girls did a great job of keeping it mellow and minimizing those terrible shower games. We had a pinata, which was fun. We made the boy put on the blind fold and whack the thing. I look over after it was fairly beat up.

The two people i know with kids gave gifts packages of "things you don't know you need" which was terrific. Safety QTips, Draft stain spry, baby meds, stuff that you wouldn't think about.

Mom sent up a package that included Halloween hats, one was a ghost....can you say babies first KKK meeting? Ugh, it was inappropriately hysterically funny. I don't think she will be wearing that one.

Had a doc visit last week and we are just cruising along, nothing to report, doc says any time after October 9th is good. I'm still hoping for the 15th rather than the 31st.

You all are talking pads and much I haven't wrapped my head around yet. The girls at the shower were talking about spray bottles.....YIIIIKES.

Pink i'm happy to hear the blood pressure is back to normal. Sooooooon for you. Can't wait to hear about the birth and see pics of you new sweetie!
just wanted to mention something i think pepper posted ages ago (while i was lurking ttc) - that to stop the milk squirting (for instance, from boob2 squirting as you feed from boob 1) - pressing thumb or finger firmly on the nipple. remembered it the other day and it totally worked and has saved me from hosing down babygirl, my clothes etc. i think my supply is settling down now, i just wish i had remembered it sooner

so, thanks pepper!
oh, the spray bottles! I had forgotten! Besides their "appropriate" use, wash them well and they are perfect rinsers for infants at bathtime. little parent hack for you.

Pepper, we live just 1 mile from the Detroit zoo...i think that's maybe a bit north, but mostly straight west of you. 30 Min from where you said your momster lives.

OK, kidlet is snoozing, so should I.
glad all the fellow east-coasters seemed to fare well during the storm. i'm in the mid-atlantic area, portsmouth, virginia. its near virginia beach. all we had was wind and a little rain.

kelly, your shower sounds fun! i think that the baby halloween stuff is just so cute. we have had to forcefully restrain ourselves from buying a bunch of it over here- i have another shower next saturday, and i think that my friends are very likely to give us a few halloween-themed onesies and such for the baby.

pepper, i have a draft of a birth plan in my notebook. i just need to type it up. i will put it on my list for this week. i got my hospital bag packed, except for a few odds and ends, and am packing the baby's hospital gear next weekend.

beck, i am glad you are checking in with so much information about the first few post-birth weeks. you just seem like you're doing so well, and from hearing from you and everyone else i feel like i know what to expect a little better.

moxie, at the 33 week scan, we got a great picture that shows the baby's face!

thanks to all for the pad advice- i'm going to get some thicker ones to start, and then some of the more streamlined ones for later on. if i run out or need something different, its no problem because my bf works at a grocery store and can bring it home.
Oh beck, it sounds like everything is going wonderfully!

Congratulations and best to you all.

(I still wish I could have tried the gas and air.)

Hey girls, I guess I'm having a dense moment because I don't know where you all are going with the whole spray bottle thing. What do you use them for???

Yay Beck!!! Your description of your birth is so awesome and inspiring!!! Also, I'm happy to hear your uterus is going back to its normal size- I hope mine does that as quickly as yours (I plan to breastfeed, too)!! I miss my old clothes smile.gif

Kelly, I'm so glad your baby shower was a lot of fun!!! You had me cracking up about the ghost hat!!! Mine is coming up and I'm excited. I invited a lot of friends I haven't seen in a *long* time and I'm hoping they can make it!!

Oh hell, pinkmartyr, now you got me all nervous about my next appointment when they check my cervix!!! That sounds like it was horrible, and I'm sorry she put you through that!!! My doctor hurt me when he did the Strep B culture- I think he overheard me tell my boyfriend that I always get embarrassed when doctors have work to do between my legs, and it was like he was trying to make me feel more comfortable by not actually looking at my vajajay and so he did it blindly- his aim was all wrong and he was kind of just shoving the swab in, only it wasn't going in and it was awful!! I appreciate the modesty, but honestly, he's going to be between my legs when I pop my baby out, so I hope he's willing to look at what he's doing when the time comes!!! Haha

Yay pinkmartyr!!! Have fun at your baby shower this Saturday!!! I'm having my shower on the 20th!! That's so weird, ,my boyfriend works at a grocery store, too!!! Actually, he runs routes at lots of grocery stores so that will be nice in case we need anything.

I just wanted to share something off topic... So this baby was totally unplanned and I didn't feel I was in a position to have it. I have my B.A., but my boy and i are not even close to being financially stable, and we were only dating for about 4 months when i conceived. We agreed to keep it and to stick together, and amazingly things keep falling into place- it's literally like gifts keep falling into our laps!!!

First, my boyfriend was able to add me on to his insurance as a domestic partner and got the pregnancy totally covered- they didn't even ask to verify any of the information we used and didn't consider my pregnancy a pre-existing condition!!!! It's great insurance, too!!! My brother had tried to add his girlfriend as a domestic partner (they had been living together for 5 YEARS) and got rejected!!! I can't believe how lucky I am to have access to such wonderful healthcare- and the hospital I'm going to deliver redid their maternity ward and they're all huge, private brand new suites!!!

Check this out- about a week after my first scan at 16 weeks (they told us it was a boy), my sister was leaving her apartment and ran into her neighbor. Her neighbor is from India and hardly speaks English, and was carrying out like 5 huge bags of baby boy clothes to the dumpster. She was going to throw them away because she didn't know about thrift stores or what else to do with them!!! So my sister said, "i know someone who can use these"!!! and she snatched them up for me. Well, I thought, they must be pretty old and worn for her to be tossing them, but I was excited to sift through them and pick a few things out anyway. Get this- not only was everything nearly brand-new, clean and with no stains- they were all namebrand in sizes newborn through toddler!! A freaking wardrobe including like 15 hats, 20 bibs, blankets, shoes, socks everything!!! The freaky thing is there were a bunch of halloween newborn outfits- and my baby is due in october!!! I think her son was born around the same time as mine and you can see the sizes getting bigger through the seasons, which will coincide with the needs of my baby!!!

And then we found a lady on Craigslist who was selling some baby things, we went to check them out and they were like new and she was selling them sooo cheap!!! A really nice cradleswing, a medela breast pump, a bassinet and a bouncer. Well, they wouldn't all fit in my car, so we paid her and took what we could. When my boyfriend went to pick up the rest of the stuff, his tire blew out on the freeway. He was able to change it, but how nice is this- they met him out by the freeway with the rest of the stuff so he wouldn't have to drive any further and they threw in a free boppy pillow, name book, breastfeeding book, and bathtub- and they wouldn't accept gas money!!! We got tons of stuff for less than the price of what the cradleswing costs new- and everything is in perfect condition!!!

Anway- I just wanted to say that it's amazing how things can fall into place, I'm feeling so blessed, and I'm sending all of you great pregnancy/new mommy vibes!!!!
Ahhh, that's really nice!

(I have a 22 month old and the spray bottle thing is a mystery to me, too.)
nakedmolerat, its so cool that you've had good fortune. and here's another similarity between us- i'd only been with my bf for about 4 months when i got pregnant, too. at the grocery store, he's a butcher.
the main thing about the vaginal exam was that i wasn't expecting any pain at all, but then, there it was. i wonder if beck is onto something about me being extra tender in that area. don't be freaked out. but if something hurts, ask what that was all about.

about the spray bottle- i think its this little plastic bottle they give you after a delivery. i heard that you are supposed to fill it with warm water, and use that water to rinse after you pee as opposed to toilet paper. its not a pressure-spray, like other spray bottles, but it more shoots a soft stream of water, kind of like a water bottle with a drinking nozzle would.

today one of my sixth grade girls asked me if the class would have to call 911 if my water broke. i reassured her that if my water was going to break, i'd probably know it due to other symptoms and would stay home from school that day. i hope thats the truth!!

the spray bottle is exactly like a sport water bottle, but it compresses more easily to get a good spray/flow. After a few months, we liked it so much for the baby, that we went to target and got some more (from the dollar beauty bins) and used them until she was welllll over a year old, and got into the idea of dumping water on her own head. smile.gif

So, I was starting to get worried that I wasn't feeling the baby a whole lot during the day. Then, last night, I was up with moxette (nightmares, poor kid) from 3:30 till almost 5. She was alseep, I was very comfy in her bed with her, but couldn't sleep b/c there was Olympic grade gymnastics going on in my uterus. Ah...this one is a night owl! smile.gif Actually, he/she is bouncing about right now, too. Feeling him/her with more regularity is something I totally look forward to!

And, today, I'm officially 1/2 way to full term. Thank goodness!
Wow Moxie, time goes quickly! Seems like just yesterday you were deciding whether to pee on a stick!

One of the neatest things I've found about being pregnant is the wonderderous world of the mommy net work. I too have lucked out with lots and lots of hand me downs from various women at my work place who have had children. I have a load in the back of my car right now. It's amazing the amount of stuff that goes into this baby thing.

Part of the haul are a baby bath, a moses basket, infant carseat with two bases and a stroller. clothes clothes clothes!
I can't imagine having to actually buy all that. Though I suspect what is really NEEDED is fairly minimal. Like maybe diapers and a box?

I don't think I mentioned this but at my last visit the nurse mentioned that I somehow lost 5 pounds since my previous appointment. I'm not sure how since I've all but stopped with the exercise. Probably all the work we are doing around the house. Also, I can't east anywhere as much. There is just no room.

On a frantic search for a dresser/changing table. Craigslist is just not working for this one. I may actually have to buy a new one, which goes against my religion.

Happy mommas, Happy babies!
Oh, a peri bottle! Yep, I had 3rd degree tearing (there are 4 degrees of tears--except in the UK where I think they lump together 3 and 4) and the peri bottle was so wonderful. we almost left the birth center without it and just as we got to the car I remembered and sent the mister back in for it. Just then the nurse came rushing out with the bottle in hand. smile.gif

Witch hazel on a sanitary pad is very, very soothing for that kind of injury.

There's a hip mama thread in the Sex section (oh, irony) that used to be pretty active. Head on over!
Hello Ladies.

The boy took his Concious Fathering class last night. It sounds like it was pretty good. He learned to swaddle and that it is very important to not be come the cabana boy but rather to be actively involved in parenting. I guess they push the idea that the father can do everything the mother can, except physically breast feed. I think he liked it.

Tonight is our first birthing class. I'm trying to figure out why we need six two hour classes to learn how to scream, "Get me the F-ing Epidural!" biggrin.gif

Just kidding. I'm pretty excited to see what they will talk about. Maybe this whole squirt bottle mystery will be fully revealed. Although I think I will likely spend most of the class with my fingers jammed into my ears, rocking back and forth, and singing, "la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la"

Happy Thursday.
Ugh. Apparently I'm showing symptoms of preterm labor and now have the joy of being on bedrest sad.gif But there's so much cleaning I want to do!!!!!
QUOTE(thatgirlkelly @ Sep 11 2008, 04:33 PM) *
Hello Ladies.

The boy took his Concious Fathering class last night. It sounds like it was pretty good. He learned to swaddle and that it is very important to not be come the cabana boy but rather to be actively involved in parenting. I guess they push the idea that the father can do everything the mother can, except physically breast feed. I think he liked it.

Tonight is our first birthing class. I'm trying to figure out why we need six two hour classes to learn how to scream, "Get me the F-ing Epidural!" biggrin.gif

Just kidding. I'm pretty excited to see what they will talk about. Maybe this whole squirt bottle mystery will be fully revealed. Although I think I will likely spend most of the class with my fingers jammed into my ears, rocking back and forth, and singing, "la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la"

Happy Thursday.

Awwww!!!! That is so great that he participated in a class like that!! There are so many guys out there who wouldn't be man enough to do it! I agree that men can do everything the mother can do, but unfortunately I think I've been brainwashed and I'm worried I'm going to have a hard time letting my boy have equal responsibility because not only am I a perfectionist, but I secretly worry that he won't know what he is doing and that somehow just because I'm a woman that I'll do it better. Isn't that awful of me? It's hard to even admit that I feel that way. I'm a bad feminist sad.gif heheh Hmmm... let us know what they talk about in your birthing class!!! I decided to skip it because I have a sneaking suspicion that once I'm in labor I won't remember a damn thing I learned, but I kind of regret not even trying (especially because I'd prefer a natural labor).
QUOTE(nakedmolerat @ Sep 11 2008, 06:09 PM) *
Ugh. Apparently I'm showing symptoms of preterm labor and now have the joy of being on bedrest sad.gif But there's so much cleaning I want to do!!!!!

may i suggest something? if you are forced to relax it may be a terrific time to catch up on all the reading you will be too busy/tired to do later on AND now is a great time for you to address and stamp envelopes for all the people you'd like to send a letter and/or picture of the new baby to. you won't have time for this later and your baby will be one or two with you still wondering when you'll have the time to get around to it! catch up on phone calls now too.
it's a good time to update your address book and dayplanner and transcribe all those little pieces of paper with info on them. also to get any mending or hand sewing done that you have sitting around.

can you tell that i am a car passenger a lot? i can make up a thousand stationary things to do!
Naked- how far along are you? Good luck!

As for equal parenting, in our household, honestly, we are absolulty, totally even parents. We each have (had?) "specialties" certainly (he loves bathtime, I am a great rocker to sleep), but there is absolutly nothing (besides physically breastfeeding) that a father can't do. Truth be told, part of the reason we bottle fed was b/c he enjoyed feeding her so much that I felt it was important for us both to bond with her that way.

And the best part of the birthing class for us was the hospital tour. We got to see all the areas of the maternity/nursury ward, get the pre-admit work done, etc. I think it was very informative for moxieman, b/c he didn't know a thing about labor. Why it needs to be 12 hours, though...I have NO idea.

So, yesterday, I had both the first minor braxton-hicks and the first POW!! kick to the side. intersting day, to say the least. smile.gif My book (ok, website, says that women who had BH with their first pregnancy have more and earlier with the second...seems to be true. Phoey.
Hey Pepper, thank you for the helpful ideas! Now that you mentioned it, there is plenty for me to do (especially things I won't have time for pretty soon).

Thanks for the luck, Moxiegirl! Awww and congrats on that major kick you felt!!! The first major kick I felt was on father's day, and I was so excited!!! I'm 35 weeks, and will start week 36 this Sunday. How far along are you now? You and your boy sound like awesome parents, and I hope my boy and I will be working together as a team, too! I need to have more confidence in his parenting abilities- I think part of the reason I'm concerned is that he's never had any experience with babies, even though logically I know that doesn't mean he won't be an awesome dad.
Naked, The boy will do just fine. Keep reminding him of that.

Okay, went to first birth class. It was a little touchy feely for my taste, but it was okay. They showed a movie of course and the whole thing was everything you have seen before and then all of a sudden they pull a bloody balloon out of the lady! wholly cow! I had no idea what the placenta looked like and boy, shouldn't they warn you before they show you that stuff? I teacher said that generally delivering the placenta is a non event, since it has no bones and you are generlly in lala land with your new born. Seriously, it was the freakiest thing i have ever seen!
looks weirder than it is, i promise. it's either like nothing or it feels very nice, warm, peaceful and gentle. don't fret about the placenta!
kelly, i actually put in my birth plan that i want to see the placenta. i think it will be easy, though, for you to look the other way (at your baby) and miss yours completely.

nakedmolerat, it sucks that you are on bedrest, but on the bright side-
-you were thinking about stopping work early anyway.
-you don't have long to wait.
-if you do go into preterm labor, despite the bedrest, at this point, chances are your baby will be just fine!

congrats on your big kick, moxie!

i went to the doctor yesterday, and also had an ultrasound. the baby is estimated at 7.7 lbs. he's still in the right position, and all my particulars (including blood pressure) were normal. i am not dilated at all, but my cervix is beginning to efface. i kind of expect another u/s at 38 weeks since they've been doing them every 2 weeks.

oh, i meant to say that i loved looking at my placentas too. they are very beautiful, one side looks like a great tree. amazing. some cultures call the placenta the "little mother" as it nourishes and cares for baby while in utero. i believe that it is made up of half of the dividing cells that become the baby, that's pretty significant.
I might just look at the placenta, but for the record, I'm not going to eat it.

baby bumber and curtains came in mail yesterday. very happy. starting to freak out about the state of the nursery. If I can't find a dresser/changing table soon, i might explode. i have all this stuff and no place to put it. Worrrrrrried!

Pink i'm so happy to hear that the BP is down and things are sounding normal. Baby size sounds fine too. Looking forward to your birth story.

bumop for the bumps!
hi everyone. kelly, have you tried freecycle for the changing table? i've had some really good stuff from there. otherwise, i got mine from IKEA pretty cheap...a present from the grandparents

i love how you got all that baby stuff nakedmolerat, and i hope the time on bedrest passes quickly - not long until your baby is term and you might get lucky like i did and deliver at 37 weeks! about the classes, i don't think they taught me much i hadn't picked up from all the frantic book/babycentre reading i did while pregnant, but i found it useful to understand the different stages of labour and to have an idea of how long each stage would last for, and at what point in labour you could have the various kinds of pain relief. but if i am honest, i had already done a lot of thinking about the birth plan and stuff beforehand, the classes were mainly a good reassurance that it would be alright, and a good opportunity to meet some cool people.

congrats on the big kick moxie! i can't believe you are so far along already, it has gone so quickly. it sounds like this pregnancy is treating you better than last time round?

not long now pink!

i think i will continue lurking here while all of you have your babies, before i head over to join the hip mama thread, i'm just too excited about all the upcoming babies!
i wonder how nakedmolerat is doing.

i had my 37 week check up today, everything seems to be normal. my urine had ketones for the first time ever, so they did a finger-stick to check blood sugar. because my blood sugar reading was normal, my doctor said she wasn't worried about the ketones and it just happens sometimes. next week, i'm having another ultrasound to check the baby's size. she did not check my cervix this week, but will do so every week from my next appointment onward.

so far i am feeling good, just sleepy sometimes. my shoulder has a pins and needles sensation, just like my hands, and the doctor attributed it to increased blood volume. i've had a couple of what i think are braxton hicks contractions, but they don't occur daily or anything. i have been making more of an effort to sit down at work, so my feet are feeling better and i'm less exhausted by the end of the school day.

my personal prediction for this boy is that he will arrive on october 14 (is due on the 10th). i think it is going to be october 14th because like a good little goth baby, he will wait for the day the new cure album comes out. smile.gif

Thank you Pinkmartyr and Beck for the encouraging words about the premature labor! Thankfully he's kept his happy little butt in my belly!! Hey Pinkmartyr, I'm glad to hear that for the most part you're doing well!!! Ugh, those pins and needles sensations are so annoying!!! That is really good that you're trying to stay off your feet, I know it can be hard to do in the classroom. Hahah you had me laughing when you called him "a good little goth baby". That is too awesome! I'm thinking mine might pop out around week 38.

I've been doing okay. I've been throwing up a lot, and having lots of cramping and contractions. My nurse said it's my body preparing for D-Day, and my next appointment is on Monday. I've been good about the whole bedrest thing, and I've been knitting up a storm!!! I've already made like 6 scarves!! hahah Today is my baby shower and I'm so glad the baby agreed to stay in my belly until now. Hey Pink, how did your shower go? Wasn't it last week? After my shower he can come whenever he wants as far as I'm concerned!!! He's full-term tomorrow at 37 weeks so I'll be off bedrest and will be on a major cleaning spree!!!
nakedmolerat, congrats on reaching week 37 safe and sound! sounds like it could be any day now...
i need advice about nursing bras. i want to have at least one on hand in my hospital bag, and then get measured after my milk comes in. is this a good plan? what kind of bra should i start with?

nakedmolerat, wow, you are already showing so many labor signs! you'll definitely have your baby before me! my shower was great- i had one given by friends, and one at work. the one at work was particularly great because i got a few gift cards to fish buying some things we needed for the baby. how was your shower?
pink- unless you feel like you'll need the support in the hosp, I found (cause I tried BF in hosp) that i was more comfortable in just the hosp gown and wore a sports bra home.

So, big 20 week scan today. I'm excited to know if this kidlet is my daughter or my son. With my luck, the baby will be totally uncooperative! Wish us luck. We're taking moxette with us...i'm hoping that will be a good idea.

Ok, gotta first wrangle my 30 lbs cat into a carrier for a vet appt. Fun day.
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(pinkmartyr @ Sep 22 2008, 07:51 AM) *
i need advice about nursing bras. i want to have at least one on hand in my hospital bag, and then get measured after my milk comes in. is this a good plan? what kind of bra should i start with?

whatever brand you go with, make sure it is cotton and seamless. i had some awesome ones that had an elastic band, no clasps/hook and eye or anything, and were very comfy. they came s/m/l/xl/xxl so not much measuring required. i just made sure the band was comfy ahead of time, and that there was some room for cup growth. they're going to be changing size so much, an exact measurement will never be exact!
also, i found it worthwhile to invest in some good quality thick cotton nursing pads, esp for those first few days after the milk came in. i found the cheap ones and the disposable paper ones would get "stuck" when the milk dried, and that could be painful to deal with. change often!

re: nursing bras
i second what christine nectarine said. make sure whatever you get is SOFT and 100% cotton. i'd start out with a couple and go get more as soon as you feel better after baby. also, get thick not paper pads for your nipples. the paper ones were extremely itchy for me. two months after birth, i'm still leaking tons and some days i still leak through a coupla bras and shirts.

i'll try to read to catch up and post later.

i never used a nursing bra, they bug me. i just picked up bras in my new size at the thrift store and when i want to nurse i push the strap down over my shoulder (inside my shirt) and push the cup part out of the way. i don't care if the bra gets wrecked, i have tons of them and they all only cost about 2 bucks or so instead of $60. works better than any nursing bra i've ever tried and i've tried a few.

eta let down only happens for a couple of seconds when it is starting and you can stop it by pressing a thumb into your nipple until that tingle stops. first baby = more leaky, for me at least. this baby i had nearly no leaking but maybe by the time she came along i had just gotten used to catching it with a thumb before it started.
Christine Nectarine
pepper, i usually used my whole arm kinda the same as you describe the thumb thing. that way i could easily rest my elbow on my leg, and be lazy while i nursed. in the first few weeks tho i found this was not always enough to stop the let down. crazy leaking i guess. good luck pink! you will likely just have to experiement for a bit as to what is comfy for you. initially, i could only nurse the babe by taking my whole top off, since i couldn't keep it out of the way. totally oblivious to the fact that it was embarassing for others at the time...also, i had to sit cross legged, which helped to rest the baby's body. i did that until the end!
any tips on breastfeeding lying down? babygirl has a moses basket by my bed but at the moment i have to get up and go in the living room to feed her (i can't feed sitting up in bed as it sends me to sleep and i let go of her!). i end up going back to sleep on the sofa after feeding (with her in her travel cot, not on the sofa with me, don't worry) rather than making the trek back to the bedroom. works fine for now but i would like at some point to get back in our nice comfy bed, plus it would mean daddy could have a cuddle before he gets up for work (and so could i smile.gif )
I am glad you are all talking about breastfeeding tips because I plan to breastfeed, too! I bought two nursing bras that are seamless and are a cup size bigger than what i am now, but they don't really have a wire or any shape to the cups, they're really stretchy so i think they'll work for now. I like the thrift store idea because my friend told me she would go through nursing bras like crazy!!! She said she had to wash them after every use because of the leaking milk, and they would fall apart in no time.

Ok, here's my breastfeeding question... I bought an almost new medela breast pump for $40 because i couldn't afford a new one, and because i planned to just replace the shields and tubing and sterilize everything, but now I'm wondering if it was a bad idea. I was reading that sometimes the milk can get sucked into the machine and any diseases can still be in there and I'm afraid of exposing my baby to any possible diseases... Should I just not use it? What are the chances of that happening, and is it worth taking that chance?

Hey Pink, my baby shower was fun, thanks for asking! I had a doctor appointment yesterday and they think I will have the baby before the end of next week. Actually, if I don't go into labor on my own (though i have a feeling i will), they're kind of threatening to induce me because the baby is measuring pretty freaking huge and they want me to have him before he's too big to have vaginally. I have an ultrasound today to get a better estimate of how big he is. Ugh, I threw up soooo bad at the Dr. office. I've been puking every other day!!! He said he thinks my body is getting ready for labor, but that also the baby is so big (his head is down and nearly engaged but his feet are up in my ribs!!!) that there isn't any room for the food i'm eating, not to mention all the water i'm trying to eat!!!
Christine Nectarine
NMR, do you know the person you bought the pump from? might give you some insight into any possible diseases/risks etc. personally, i probably would go ahead and use it like you planned. i loaned my pump out after i finished with it, cause damn those things aren't cheap!
my advice is not based on any scientific information about diseases or anything, only that i tend to be rather laid back about these things.
use your common sense when you can, and try not to worry too'll never protect the baby from everything, and they can be pretty resilient little creatures!
molerat, i would use the pump too - at the hospital they had pumps for women to use, and that is how it worked there - you got new tubes and shield thingys but the machines were for anyone. although i admit i don't know if the medela one is similar to the hospital ones or not.

just had a successful feed with babygirl lying down - maybe i just need to keep practising with the daytime feeds until it comes naturally at night (my ideal would be to co-sleep and for her to feed without having to ask).
Beck, I haven't breast fed yet so am no expert. I did just take a class on it this past Sunday and they talked about a lying down hold. Basically the baby is on the bed and you use the cradle hold where your arm/elbow supports the body and neck with your hand on their rump to slightly turn them toward you. You are on your side lying nose to nipple, tummy to tummy with baby and you would be using the "bottom breast" for feeding. The latch stuff would be the same.

NMR, not sure how the pump would "suck in the milk" as the milk doesn't ever go "IN" to the pump. The pump merely massages the tubing to create suction. There is no place where your milk would be exposed to the machine it self. Let's assume the milk gets in the pump due to spillage. Even then the only way your milk would have contact with the old milk is if you spilled on the spill....and you wouldn't be using that milk anyway.

Not to mention that it is standard practice at hospitals to share and rent out pumps all the time. So as long as the tubing and collection vessels are new, there won't be any issue with cross contamination.

every part of the pump that milk touches can be sterilized, there is no part of where the milk goes that can't be cleaned very thoroughly. mine says to boil those parts.

for lying down to nurse with the bottom breast, i use a very firm over-stuffed pillow that i wedge behind my back so that i am comfortably reclining with bottom nipple in baby reach (the top shoulder rests on the pillow) and not in some crazy uncomfortable position that i have to hold for a long time. i put my bottom arm up under the pillow under my head so it isn't in the way and doesn't fall asleep.
i nurse with the top breast too, i just lean over and raise my top arm up and rest it on the bed or pillow next to my face (so my nose is in my elbowish) and that is very comfortable. when your milk first comes in and your breasts are very firm that might be a bit uncomfortable to be laying on it a bit and/or you may find that the pressure makes you leak but both of those should ease off after a while as your breasts soften up and reduce in size a bit. i sleep with my girl and can nurse her in my sleep without either of us even really waking up, that makes for a great nights sleep for us.
My girlfriend used a hand-me-down pump and orderd new shields, bottles and tubing from the manufacturers. Its worked great, and I'm very likely to inherit it once #2 comes along.

So, the results of the scan were mixed. The baby is wonderful, healthy, perfect and squirmy. She (yes, SHE) is just wonderful and measuring all right. I, however, seem to have another placenta previa. I'm debating about the levelof scared I should have, given that i've had NO bleeding at al...not even implantation bleeding. At least we have a week of family vacation induced celibacy to think it over. I have another US in 4 weeks to see if its moving. We'll see. It mostly increases the likelyhood that she'll be delivered a few weeks early. That's not a big deal, so long as I make it to 36 or so. I've had a feeling that she;d come early since i was preggo...

~~~~~good baby mini moxie vibes~~~~~

~~~move placenta, move!~~~
Congrats on Moxette Part Deux! And i'm with Pepper, MOVE PLACENTA MOVE!

So, I've read B&H aren't painful....but they certainly aren't pain free right? Because when I get them some times they are pretty intense. Is that normal?

Week 35 and heading down the home stretch!
Naked, I'd be wary of an ultrasound for size so late in the pregnancy. They are notoriously unreliable.

Fingers crossed the baby comes before you have to worry about any of that anyway!

Moxie, shifting placenta vibes to you.

Kelly, I think Braxton Hix vary from person to person. To me they were barely approaching noticeable. Other people have said theirs were more intense and uncomfortable. Sounds like nothing at all to worry about.
Thanks for all your advice on the pump!!! I'm going to sterilize everything and I feel much better now. It's been sitting there for months, so I know that any diseases are likely dead now (i know hiv doesn't live long outside the body), and after researching found the biggest risk is probably yeast if she had a yeast infection on her nipples because yeast can thrive forever!!!

Oh no Moxie!! I hope your placenta moves, but i'm sure you'll be fine either way. Congratulations on your baby girl!!!!

Hahah I have a feeling that I'm going to pop the baby out before I get those ultrasound results anyway!!! I didn't sleep the whole night because I felt wired and was having all kinds of contractions. I started cleaning very early in the morning and I'm still cleaning... EVERYTHING!!! Dusting, sweeping, mopping, laundry, etc. I organized all of my craft supplies.... I hadn't had ANY energy these past few months and it's like all of a sudden I'm on this obsessive cleaning frenzy- along with having contractions all day long (they didn't stop last night), and a lot of increase in discharge. I feel so much pressure in my lower back and pelvis... Ugh... But I'm ready for him to come out now!!!

As for Braxton Hicks, it's normal for them to be a little painful and uncomfortable. It's just as normal not to notice them, it seems everyone is different, especially depending on where you are in the pregnancy. The one thing I can tell you is that if you aren't drinking enough water, it can cause uterine irritation which will make the BH contractions more uncomfortable. In fact, dehydration can cause you to go into labor, and the doctor told me I should be drinking a hell of a lot more water than I thought I needed. He recommended 6 water bottles (the 16 oz ones) a day!!!
Christine Nectarine
i remember Braxton-Hicks feeling weird because my belly would get as hard as a rock. it wasn't really painful, but def uncomfortable. nothing like the real contractions however!
thanks so much for everyone's suggestions about breastfeeding and nursing bras! i think i will definitely try to get a nursing bra before the baby comes. i am a D cup outside of pregnancy, and now my breasts are even bigger, and i just feel comfortable having support. my bf has promised to shop with me for nursing bras tomorrow.

moxie, congratulations on the baby girl you're growing! i hope your placenta wises up.

on monday, i started to feel a lot of pelvic pressure, a general crampy feeling, and lower back pain. sure enough, today at my doctor visit, i learned that i'm 90% effaced and 1 cm dilated. the baby is at a minus one station, and is estimated by ultrasound to be 9lbs. the doc feels that i'll naturally go into labor before my due date, but, if by next friday (39 weeks) labor doesn't seem imminent, she would like to talk about induction before the pregnancy goes post-term and the baby gets much larger. she also reminded me that ultrasound weights were just estimates.

so, this weekend, i am finishing everything i need to do. my bf is off work for the most part, so he is here to help me. at work, our secretary says i've got that flushed cheek/determined eyes/ "i'm in labor," look.

sometimes i get anxious and worried about the birth! i wish i could take all you guys along! smile.gif
you'll do good! just remember that the baby knows how to get out, you just gotta get your big brain that thinks it's in charge out of the way! ~~~blissful baby birthing vibes to you!~~~
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