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This is the regular, CDC reccomended schedule.


I looked all over Dr.Sears site for the alterntive schedule, but everything seems to point to his book. Maybe the local library or borders for a buy and return?
An update... just saw this article on Time magazine. big outbreak (already 3 times last year's total number) of measles in 90% unvaccinated kids. I know it "should" be a parent's choice to vaccinate, but the fact that more kids are getting sicker, when it could be prevented, that the presevatives that loosely might be linked in a slight way to autism aren't used anymore and that my kid's protection makes you feel safe as a reason not to vaccinate just pisses me off. Sorry, pepper. It just does.

Measles outbreak

Alternative schedules, though...can't see why that wouldn't be a good idea.

For what its worth, we did whatever schedule our Pediatrian reccomended, and moxette never had any bad reactions. I presume it was the CDC or APA schedule. The thing is to be sure to discuss it, and any other concerns you have, with the pediatirican. Especially in the first few months, they can be an excellent resource for new parents...helping us see what our child might be needing, what's "normal," what's in need of their attention.

A great example is last year when the whole "don't give cold meds" bru-haa-haa came out. Moxette was 9 or 10 months old, and had a WICKED cold. No amount of steam or nose snot removal was doing the trick. I called my doc and asked what do to. He replied "give her triaminic according to X dose as needed. There is the lable "ask a doctor" for a reason. remember, the cold medicine will not CURE the cold, just make her a little more comfortable for a while. Only time cures a cold." Great advice. When in doubt, call the doc.
It's the correlation of immunization and autism that bothers me. I'm in the science field, so I'm not one to shun this medical standards, but I have to say I think the alternative schedule makes a lot of sense. You get the same amount and type (in most cases) of vaccinations over the first few years, its just that they happen with more frequency. So fewer per visit. Sears also lists out certain vaccinations that may or may not make sense because of the relative risk vs. benefits. He also discusses preservatives in various BRANDS of vaccinations, ie. aluminum and mercury and their correlation to other heath issues. Nothing is wholly confirmed and I think a lot of what is known about the issues with aluminum are extrapolated from patients on dialysis, but it is worth thinking about.

The pediatrician I chose is amenable to the alternative schedule, which is important to me. When I asked if she thought it made sense she said that it couldn't hurt since all the vaccinations happen eventually and the biggest issue is inconvenience to the parent since it requires more trips to the doc.

All this being said, I can't say I feel wholly informed about this issue, so I will be researching it over the next few weeks.

I found this discussion if you are interested.

Edited: Found this schedule.
When we asked our pediatirican about the autism-immunization link, what he said makes a lot of sense to me.
1. Brands that used mercury as preservative stopped doing so around year 2000. In 2006, he thought any ped still using those vacciences (with mercury) wasn't doing a good job anyway.
2. More autism cases, in his view, have to do with much better/earlier/precise diagnosis techniques. 15 years ago, a kid who was distracted, didn't talk much and shunned eye contact might just be "weird." Now, we know that kid might be asbergers or other spectrum. This better/earlier/precise diagnosis also happened to corrolate (coincidentially in his view) with the discovery by parent groups that mercury was a preservative.
3. He has seen no scientific study that authenticates, in a large enough sample, a definite causal relationship.

The bottom line for me? have a pediatirican who cares enough to discuss these things with you like the professional adult you are, and your choices will become clear. Sounds to me like you've found a good one!
listen, the mercury issue is not the only thing for me. since my brother nearly DIED when he got his shots and my cousin has permanent brain damage from his there will be NO vaccinating going on in my family. period. i'm not about to shoot my kids up with stuff that kills and maims for the superficial peace of mind of other people, sorry no go. and hello, it's Only Measles! Measles! it's not the plague! i'd rather some spots than a learning disability for life or DEATH. geez.

*sorry, a little pissed off myself*.
i'm glad you guys are talking about this, because i'm pretty uninformed about vaccines. i am enjoying reading everyone's thoughts on the subject. thanks for the links, too!
the measles vaccine is important for the infants due to the high incident of mortality in contracted. Once the baby gets past one or two it's not really necessary since a toddler's immune system can combat the disease.
Hey girls, how's it going? I'm glad you were all talking about immunizations- that's been a topic of interest with me and the boy lately. We're still undecided about what to do.

I'm having a problem with swelling in my hands and feet- a lot of swelling in my hands especially in the morning. But what I'm really worried about is that I am having serious joint pains in my fingers and toes- even when the swelling goes down. It hurts to walk and to open bottles/write/type/etc. I think it's arthritis or something, which I had mildly before pregnancy but it's intense now!!! I called my obgyn today and they told me to call my primary doctor for advice, and I'm waiting for them to call me back. Have any of you had this or know anyone who has it? I thought it was carpal tunnel at first, but I don't have any numbness or pain in my wrists...

Also, I have a question about baby names... I'm having a boy and I would like his middle name to be named after my dad because it's my dad's first grandson and he has been soooo supportive of me (not just with the pregnancy, but in general). But my dad's name is Herman, and a lot of people have been telling me not to use that name because it's ugly/old/the baby will get teased/etc. Have any of you considered less-than-pretty sounding family names? I know it's not the best name in the world but it's only his middle name and it is meaningful. Any advice???

Hey working gals- when are you going on maternity leave (or when did you go on maternity leave)? I'm only about 33 weeks, but I don't think I can handle work anymore. My boyfriend is making me feel kind of pressured to keep working because we're tight on money, but I'm so burned out and my job isn't very conducive to my pregnant needs (like going to the bathroom often enough, staying out of the heat/off my feet) sad.gif

AAaaah!!! Pinkmartyr, I can't believe we're in our 8th month already!!!
Naked, I like Herman, I think it is a great name even more so because of the meaning. If your dad is so awesome your son will appreciate and love him as much as you do and will feel honored to carry his name.

Maternity leave is tough in the US since paid time off is hard to come by. I hear what your boyfriend is saying, we all need money to get by. On the other had if you feel like working is endangering you or the baby, screw it.

Good luck.
Naked- middle names are PERFECT places for old-honorific family names! My daughter's middle name is Jean, also not so great, but after my grandmother, who was a tremendous prescence in my life. This time, if we have a boy, his middle name will be after my dad, Kirit, b/c well, he's my dad. If we have a girl, my paternal grandmother, Shanti.

I'll go on leave (presuming I still have a job!) as close to my scheduled c-section as possibly...a day or two before. I want as much time with my kids as possible. My thought (a long, long time from now...) is to take a day to finish getting "ready" and one day to spend with moxette.
hey nakedmolerat! yesterday i pushed against my baby's head at the top of my stomach and as a result could feel what i think was his feet push against my hip bone! he is getting big.

i like the name herman. i think you should go for it. some of my favorite old fashioned names were clarence and martin. we ended up choosing emmet.

i was wondering if it were possible for you to ask for a temporary change of position at work that is more conducive to being pregnant? maybe a job that is more desk-oriented?

i teach public school. my due date is october 11. i have had this summer off, as usual, and used that time to write maternity leave lesson plans. i am planning to work until the baby comes, or until my doctor asks me to stay home (and will sign a medical form for that). our school system does not offer any paid maternity leave. i plan on taking 6 weeks of fmla leave. during that time i'll cash in about 15 sick days (although i will be out for 30 school days). i want to have some sick days left over so that i can take off work for doctor's appointments. i will also be getting aflac pay for short term disability (covers 6 or 8 weeks of pregnancy leave and/or bedrest). at $1700/month, aflac alone is not enough to match my normal paycheck, so that is why i am taking the sick days. fortunately, my job is one where i can sit down whenever i want, and i work inside. i can also have helpful kids do stuff like fill up my cup at the water fountain and check my mailbox in the office. the bathroom issue is more difficult- i teach 40 minute classes with a five minute break in between. if teachers aren't on time, that doesn't give me time to go the bathroom. on the other hand, i work with mostly women, and they understand my position, so i don't forsee a problem if i ask that teacher to wait a few minutes.


QUOTE(moxiegirl @ Aug 22 2008, 04:45 PM) *
Naked- middle names are PERFECT places for old-honorific family names! My daughter's middle name is Jean, also not so great, but after my grandmother, who was a tremendous prescence in my life. This time, if we have a boy, his middle name will be after my dad, Kirit, b/c well, he's my dad. If we have a girl, my paternal grandmother, Shanti.

The other option is picking an "H" name as a first or middle name. Both of my grandma's names start with "C", and so my sister's first name is a "C" name that's different from either grandma. My maternal great-grandma's name was Lucy and my paternal great-grandfather's name was Louis, so I was named Lucy. Louis' wife was Anna, and that's my middle name. My sister's middle name is an alternate spelling of my mom's middle name....there's all sorts of options. Or you could always name him Herman, but call him by the middle name- I went to school with a kid since kindergarten whose name was Jason and it wasn't until high school I found out his first name was really David. What's your dad's middle name, naked?
It's been a few days since we have heard from Beck...I wonder.......?
Thanks for all your input and positive feedback girls!!! I feel much better about the name situation. How is everyone doing? I had an appointment today and the baby is now head down!!! (He was sideways up until now).
hi everyone! no news yet...but i'm optimistic that it won't be long now...

i saw the midwife over the weekend because i wasn't sure if my waters were leaking - she said not, that it's just the increased levels of discharge you get with pregnancy, but that the baby is engaged and she would bet baby will be here in a few days.

i knew about pregnancy making you juicier, but seriously didn't know it would be this much! totally fooled me.

first acupuncture appointment is tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it.

in other news, the dreaded stretchmarks have appeared despite all my efforts. i had a bit of a shock yesterday, i used a makeup mirror to take a look and there were horrific giant purple lines taking over my whole belly...and then i realised i was using the magnifying side of the mirror! laugh.gif

hope everyone is doing well. nakedmolerat, I stopped work at 35 weeks - the bf and I wanted to spend some time together before babe arrives, and to get the house ready and stuff. We both have lots of holiday banked and I get 6 months paid and 6 months unpaid maternity leave, and summer is a good time to be off work in our jobs. Hope you manage to take some time or find a way to make your job more comfortable. Here they have to carry out a workplace assessment and change your duties if your job is not safe to do in pregnancy. If they can't find alternative duties they have to put you on paid leave! (never actually heard of that happening but how cool would that be?)

beck, glad everything is moving right along for you!

i have a doctor's visit and ultrasound today. the ultrasound is because the top number of my blood pressure has been elevated for two weeks. its 130, which isn't that bad. i'm nervous about having the ultrasound, but the baby is moving around normally and feels like he's getting larger, which is encouraging. one thing i'm very curious about is his position. i think he may be sideways right now, and i'm hoping he follows the trend of nakedmolerat's baby and turns head down! he's got time.
hey pink, hope the visit goes well for you. enjoy the ultrasound, it will be really cool to see your baby, we had one at 31 weeks and got a look at the face, which was really exciting!

right, i'm off to re-pack my hospital bag! BF is bringing home a TENS machine for me tonight, and i have finally written my birth plan. eep!
hi pregnant busties

i've been tired and busy but good. i absolutely LOVE being a mommy. it suits me. here are some pictures of babyfiddler.

brand new.

one month old (coupla days ago)


beck - best of luck!

fiddler, i've seen a few of your pregnant pictures, and your son totally looks like you!

beck, thanks for the well wishes today...

the ultrasound showed that the baby has plenty of fluid, a good heartbeat, and he is actually head down. the tech could tell that he has a little bit of hair. while he does seem like he's doing great, he is in the 95 th percentile for his size. overall, his head/chest etc are measuring like that of a baby who is 36 weeks gestation. i'm 33 weeks. the doctor said that since i don't have gestational diabetes, he is probably just a big baby. his estimated weight at this time is 6 pounds, 2 ounces. my blood pressure was better (126) and my weight gain has been "steady" the doctor said. he said that i will probably have a couple more ultrasounds as i get closer to my due date just to check on the baby's size. the major issue at hand is possibly having a cesarean due to size.
must. squish. smallest. fiddler!
Good luck beck! I can only imagine how excited you must feel! *sending happy labour vibes across the atlantic*

Just popping in to brag a little about my scan this past Monday! To use moxie's words, it went smashingly! It's a grrl! She's healthy! She's due jan 22nd! I can't wait!

Bowels still crappy. Doc gave me some cramp-releving meds, we'll see how they work...
Pink- Don't let the doctors convince you that a big baby can't be delivered, they CAN be and two- US's are notorious for being WAY off on size/weight of babies...its just hard to get a real volume measurement when they're all squirmy in there. My BFF was induced with her 2yr old, b/c the US at 38 weeks (routine in her ofc) said baby SMALL... he was almost 7 lbs when born...not small. Perfectly average.

While it might come to a c-section, and certainly my own birth experience with moxette is a good example of that, try not to be scared into making that your first option if you don't want it to be.

Besides that...enjoy the more ultrasounds! Its irking me that I DON'T get one this week! Esp. because moxieman and moxette will be joining me at the doctor...we're all off school/work on friday for the holiday weekend.

Fiddler...he DOES look like you, especially around the eye-nose area. How wonderful!! starts next week...what a relief, eh? Are things settled down with the donor? Hope so!!

Hey-thatgirl.... the HIP MOMMA thread in Lets talk About Sex is where us with the wee ones hang...
QUOTE(moxiegirl @ Aug 27 2008, 05:59 AM) *
Hey-thatgirl.... the HIP MOMMA thread in Lets talk About Sex is where us with the wee ones hang...

Thanks Moxie, not a very intuitive place for that thread.

The baby had hiccups this morning. The boy and I laid in bed feeling her jump with regular frequency. Then she'd do a big rolling motion. I like to think she was putting her head between her legs or hopping up and down in an attempt to get rid of those darn things.

In other news, I read that I should be able to express milk at this point in the pregnancy, which it turns out I can....fascinating! I even got a surprise squirt across the room! HA! These things I don't tell the boy as he is somewhat (actually one whole hell of a lot) freaked out by the boob as milk dispenser. I can't even discuss pumping with him. It's the only thing he hasn't been able to handle up to now. Any of you have this problem?
no, and tell him to suck it up (or rather, not...) cause your boobs don't belong to him for the next 12 months or so. My BFF's husband couldn't keep his hands off lactating boobs, so one day, she squirted him from accross the room. He left them alone after that. smile.gif
kelly, nurse him a little. it's sweet and actually kinda sexy. and believe me, you will have WAY more than enough milk!
that thread is in there for some good reason, i can't remember what it is now but... i always thought that was a wacky place for it myself. it started there and stuck so there it is!

BLANCHE!! yay mama! welcome back. seems now that summer is winding down things are picking up with all the mamas 'round here.

fiddler, i adore looking at those pictures of that face That Face THAT FACE! everytime i'm in here. what a squishy little nugget of adorable joy! OOOHHH!! cute baby!
Dude, there is no way I'm going to nurse him....that just freaks ME out. Wow, i totally got the hebby jebbies! Nothing against it, but way out of my comfort zone.

Blanche good to see you back. Hope you are enjoying the little one!
i dunno, i think it's pretty darn sexy myself but i'm all ms hippie natural so there you go.

funny news blurb about giving birth in the car.
Hey hot mamas, how is everyone doing? Hmmm... Are you gals talking about nursing your men? Hahah that is so awesome!!! Hey moxie, I think I might try what your bff did on my boy - i'll aim for his eye!!

Yay Blanche!!! I'm glad to hear you're loving mommyhood- it's refreshing to hear positive feedback like that!!! Congrats again!!! And Congrats to you, too, Swedishgirl!!! We had a 3d ultrasound and for a while we couldn't tell if it was a boy or not because he had his hand on his crotch!! What a little perve, huh? Heheh

On a less positive note, I threw up today sad.gif I hope it's a virus and not a return of the morning sickness I had (my morning sickness lasted through the fifth month and now I'm in month 8). Is that normal? I've been kind of queasy in general this week, but today i finally released the beast sad.gif Ugh. The baby seems fine, though. He's been kicking up a major storm all day!!! I like sitting there and watching him roll across my belly, it's so alienish!!!

Pink, that is so cute that they say your baby has hair! Awww Eek!! Yours is head-down now, too??? They're going to be here anyday!!! I forgot, is this your first baby? Is he trying to kick his way out of you? I'm so amazed at the strength of my baby's movements lately, sometimes he literally kicks my breath away!!!
nakedmolerat, so far i have vomited twice during my third trimester. the first time, i was just super hungry and needed food. that was after waking up after a long sleep.
the second time, i'd had terrible mega heartburn all night long. in the morning, i ate cereal and yogurt. that day i threw up in a gas station parking lot! it was just the yogurt- i digested the cereal fine.
i mentioned that to my doctor, and she said it might have just been acid overload from the heartburn and then the yogurt. she told me not to worry about it, but to let her know if it happens again. then again, maybe it was something you ate or you caught a bug. i've also had the same on and off nausea.
this is my first baby. he is moving around often and kicking a bit, but i think he's running out of room! mostly what i feel is him adjusting his body and trying to get comfortable. sometimes he moves in a way that literally takes my breath away because the movement is so strong.

moxie, i think you are right that i shouldn't be resigned to a c-section just because the baby seems big. my principal told me that she gave birth to a 10 lb child 30 years ago, then a couple of other teachers chimed in and they had given birth to 9 lb babies. i can deal with a cesarean if my OB decides that is the safest way for the baby, but i want to try and avoid one. the things that bother me about a c-section are automatically having c-section births for all the other kids and the recovery period. what i am trying to say is, it must be hard to come home with your new baby and have the pain and limitations of just having had abdominal surgery.
i have a doctors appointment next friday. i'm going to ask her: how accurate are ultrasound weight estimations? how big can the baby get before you consider early induction? is there a certain size of baby that automatically calls for a c-section?
hi ladies,

i really want to read and post more but i'm - just - so - tired.

other than that, i really love being a mommy.

i hope you all are doing well.

Well, I had a c-section, and the pain is by far the worst inthe first 24-48 hours, really just afterwards. I had 2 kinds of pain meds, a narcotic and motrin 600. That pretty much helped. Couldn't do alot of stairs the first couple days home, but I just wanted the sofa and TV anyway. Newborns don't do much besides eat and sleep and if you have someone to help with walking/rocking and bringing diapers, you're good to go. On the flip side, my neighbor had a 4th degree tear (4 hours of pushing!), and was in considerable pain after. I think its honestly, a luck of the draw. I also know 2 women who had great VBACs...not that I plan to go that route, but they had great experiences.

A good birth=healthy baby+healthy mama. Period.

Those are all great questions to ask!!
Okay, I did it. I said I wouldn't but I did. I went a paid way too much money for a crib bumper set. A seller on etsy had a good deal on bumper, skirt and teddy bear, equivalent to retail prices. I asked if she would be willing to customize a set using Amy Butler fabric, she said yes!

I went for pink and green. I am ashamed of my love for this combination.

Here's a picture of the crib bumper.

Pink and Beck, how are you two doing?
You shouldn't be ashamed at all! Its pretty. Not little-cutsie-girlie at all. the polkadots are rad, and the flowers would be appropriate for any grown-up room.

Yeah, how IS everybody? We're going along. Getting bigger.
hi all, no time to read back but quick post to say:

babygirl arrived safely!

27th August (37 weeks) the day before my first acupunture appt intended to get things going!

7lb 12 oz

she's the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen. she is such a doll and we are both so in love with her!

laboured all day Tues at home while googling braxton hicks as unsure if in labour. just pottered around house all day till bf returned from work, snatched TENS machine out of his hands and had dinner wihle ctx got more frequent. waters went at 9:20 and things got much more intense. got to hospital at 10pm and was 8cm dilated! gas and air was godsend. delivered her just before 2am. Natural birth with just gas and air (entonox), amazing midwives helped me to get her out gently without much damage - just have one small tear and no stitches. Painful and i made lots of noise (for what it's worth, low growling helped more than screaming!), but i did it! Forgot pain part after 1st day. Had to be readmitted to hospital later as baby jaundiced but all fine now and home and being waited on hand and foot by amazing bf.

as you know i'd been a bit nervous about the whole baby thing as i'm not especially into other peoples babies. it is wonderful. amazing rush of love the morning after the birth (think was in shock at first!) cleaning poo off her tiny butt feels like the greatest privilege ever. night time feeds are so special and peaceful. don't care if i sound gushy. so in love, she is so beautiful. sleeps eats and saves all the exploding poos for daddy! i am wearing trackpants and i smell of milk, my belly is purple striped, but i've never felt so pretty. (oh, and belly does pop back gradually - she is a week today and i just have a little pouch now)

and feeding her is amazing, it feels wonderful after the first couple of days of trying to work out which way up she goes smile.gif

tip for other first timers, when they say to pack comfortable clothes for going home in, they don't mean with a loose waistband, they mean something very gentle and loose on the crotch that won't rub your stitches/sore parts. i packed jeans, then realised all those seams and hard fabric would = ouch! ohmy.gif

oh, and am lightening up on my hatred of pink as am bored of people thinking she is a boy!

have already eaten sushi, rare steak, and really wet eggs to celebrate the end of pregnancy diet restrictions! tonight: seared tuna.

got to run, think she's stirring. will check back in a few days love to all
beck! That's WONDERfuL!!! So glad you all made it through in great shape! For bebe #2, I plan a long skirt and legwarmers for homecoming. Maybe a mu-mu. smile.gif
Welcome Babygirl Beck! Great to hear the birth went smoothly and rock on with the natural birth action!

So if it takes a couple of days for milk to come in and if babies have a bit of trouble latching on in the beginning how do they get fed? How long before you have to intervene with formula?
you interveen when you feel you need to. Babies come out with a fat store to last the first few days. Its why they loose weight the first couple days!
Woot! Woot! Hoo-ray for Beck and Babygirl!

re: milk coming in - mine didn't come in for a week. We did supplement a coupla times with formula but it turns out that we didn't really need to. Doc said that as long as baby was having wet and poopy diaps, then it was okay.

and the colostrum (sp?) is very tiny volumes but is all they need at first.

oh, and i love the crib bumper kelly!

so, pics:

us, the evening of her birth day

and babygirl at 1 week old

pics look enormous not sure why
OMG Beck, you two are sooo beautiful. Am going to cry. Congrats.
you are both Gorgeous! how absolutely lovely.
beck, congratulations on your successful birth and beautiful baby! i bet you were surprised when you went to the hospital and found out you were already 8cm dilated! i'm so excited for you, and glad that you are happy and baby is healthy! i am so inspired by your successful breastfeeding experience!

i guess i'm next! me and nakedmolerat. maybe we'll have the kids on the same day.

kelly, i love your bumper pad, also. about feeding babies in the early days- my breast feeding book has a picture of the actual size of baby's tummy capacity at first- its like, as big around as a quarter or something. so the couple of teaspoons of colostrum we make is suitable. as our milk supply increases, so does the size of the baby's belly.

i'm doing well. this friday (35 weeks) i get my strep b test and pelvic check up. my blood pressure has been 124 over 76, which is an improvement from the 130 i was seeing 2 weeks ago. feet were killing me, and sneakers only made me swell up, so i bought a pair of navy blue maryjane crocs. that is working so far. my bf got the baby's changing table/dresser put together, and my parents are assembling his crib this weekend. after the furniture is assembled and arranged, I can finish the baby's bedroom. i am really eager to have all of the baby's things in place, so that I can feel more ready. i pre-registered at the hospital, but haven't finished a birth plan or packed a bag. i've always assumed that the baby would be late, but beck's story reminds me that anything can happen! i should get in gear. i don't like unpreparedness!

Oh, I almost cried when I saw the second pic! Mega-congrats to beck and bf and babay for being so cute and all!

And I guess I never said anything about Fiddler's pics... amazing too!

Oh, I'm soooooo envious! I'm exactly half-way through pregnancy tomorrow! Yay! I honestly can't wait and with bowels and all.... makes the wait seem even longer...

had to have a wosdom's tooth removed today, and proably need to remove the other one in a week or so... Bleh! Lucky I only have two of them! I made sure he put the lead apron on for the baby and everything... (for the x-rays...)

Nice to see that most of you seem to be doing well!!!
Holy goodness! that baby is beautiful and such a good sleeper! Congratulations again, and thanks for remining us that babies DO come early too!

Back a couple weeks...(wayyyy back time machine) to the vaccine/doctor discussion. This article from today's washington post:

No link between MMR and autism

Really, I still think talking and working with a doctor is best, as both this study and the one linking the MMR and autism had absurdly small sample studies.

that's old news mox but good to point out. my issue isn't with the mercury, it's with the practice as a whole and how it affects the develoing immune system etc. here is a good book that is written by a physician and has a very balanced view of vaccines, what is in them, how they affect the body, the diseases, where they come from and how they affect the body, how to avoid them and alternative treatments.
On a totally different subject. I had my first baby dream last night. It was a bity baby boy with jetttt black hair who was a cuddlemonster. it was wonderful. I'm so curious as to whether we're having a boy or girl, too. I don't remember having any boy dreams about moxette, but we found out so early that she was a girl, that I think I already knew before i started the dreams. At any rate, what are the opinions on mom-dreams corolating to the actual sex of the baby???
On baby dreams: I seem to think most of my dreams have been about "a baby" with no specific gender. though there may have been a boy dream there once. The boy and I were pretty convinced it was a boy until the amnio results came back.

In other news, it looks like we are in the final streach of the home remodel. Deck is going in this week, furniture is being dropped off tomorrow, general sanding of the main room will be done today. I can't wait to focus on cleaning and final organization. It's been a VERY long haul (about 16 months). Next is Baby Room organization. Still trolling craigslist for a decent dresser/changing table.

I guess we are at 32 weeks? yup, 32. We start birth classes next week and the boy has his Daddy class. I'm so ready to have the baby, no because of tiredness or any of that, just want to meet her. Also, just can't seem to focus at work. baby baby baby on the brain. anything else is.....well, not about the baby and so i'm completely disinterested.

Doc appt today, they start every two weeks now. And baby shower on the weekend. blah blah blah.......
kelly, have a fun shower this weekend!

i had a doctor visit yesterday. my blood pressure is back to normal for me- 120 over 70. weight, urine, baby's heartbeat were all as they should be. i asked my doctor about the baby being big, and how that figured into inductions, c-sections, and otherwise early birth. she will not induce for size, because a cervix that isn't ready leads to a c-section. the baby being big doesn't mean he's any older. she did order another ultrasound for next week. i was reassured because it seems like she's not going to push for a c-section at all.

after my strep b test, the doc checked my cervix. i mentioned that yesterday i started feeling some pelvic pressure- i think the baby has dropped a little. she said it wasn't dilated at all, and i don't know what she was doing in there, but it hurt!! it kind of felt like she was putting her finger inside my cervix to try and encourage it to start moving along. i was kind of stunned and didn't expect the pain and ended up not asking her about it while we were in the office. do any of you guys know what was up with that? was she trying to get things moving? is that how it feels when you are naturally dilating?

we are having a tropical storm here today- right now just wind and rain. i figured i'd better pack my hospital bag, so i'll get that done. i've also got a list of stuff i want at home for postpartum. what kind of pads/how many should i get?
pads...super for the first week, regular old ones after that...enough for 4-6 weeks. I know. It sucks.
pink, if that was in fact what she was doing she certainly should have discussed it with your first. sorry you were uncomfortable, that's not fun right at the end.
do you have a birth plan written up to take with you? i highly suggest that, make sure anyone going with you has a copy as well as all the staff attending you. you're way more likely to have things go your way if you make it impossible for them to say later on that they "didn't know".
and a bed pad or a stain proof sheet for home is a great idea too, the bed Will get messy with some such.

man, did we Ever have some wind! i was surprised that the dregs of the storm reached up this far (just north of michigan in canada). it was feriocious! kept us all up all night and the kitties were going bananas. whew, can't imagine having been any closer than that, it must be scary right up close.
We thought the wind was fun! Moxette thought it was like a fan outside. FWIW, we're about a hour and a half due west of pepper (is that right, pepper? just north of the Zoo), in Michigan.

Oh, I have tatertots in the oven (our brekkie potato), and they smell GOOD. Its a sad, cold, rainy day today. THe plants NEED it, and I'm kind of looking forward to a long day of movies, painting and naps. Also, baking. Making baked pasta with homemade sauce today. Yum.
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