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My boy says the same thing, doesn't want his boy teased so would want him circumcised. Luckily were are having a girl.
on circumcision - we chose not to. our doc told us that in our area, in our son's peer group, that about 30% of boys are uncirc. for what it's worth . . .

On the circ front, our pediatrician said he reccomends doing it however the dad is...that makes a total "comfort with your body" thing primary for the kid. That clearly doesn't apply with the fiddlers, so general population is just a step different from that. Now, who knows if we're going to even make that descision. But, that's my additive to the convo.

My BFF had her 8 week scan yesterday and is due exactly 1 month after me. hehe. Awesome! Of course, that means all 3 of her kids will have b-days 2 weeks apart. But, it also means we will be off for a good duration of the same time, which will go a LONG way to combatting post-partum blues.

Soooo, I think I might have felt movement. I KNOW its really early, 13 weeks, but knowing what early movement feels like, I swear I did. We'll see over the next few days... It would be cool to know the bean is bopping around instead of just having to trust the ultrasound technology. My paranoid self has a smidgen of "they just play a tape on that screen"...
nakedmolerat, good to see you! are you as totally hungry as i am? you should come around here more often, i get curious to how my due date partner is doing!
moxie, i bet it was movement- you are an experienced mom, so you would be able to pick it out sooner, right?

about circumcision...
my bf has other children, and was against circumcising his first boy. He permitted the procedure at the insistence of his now ex-wife. so, coming into it, he already had a bit of an opinion, and sees it as a human rights issue. he didn't know if it was entirely necessary, and was worried about the type of pain it inflicts on the infant. we did research together and separately. the history of circumcision is very interesting to me. the nest has a lot of information on it that is easy to navigate.
some of the deciding factors for me were the fact that the american pediatric association does not recommend that circumcision be routinely performed (that parents should inform themselves and decide what is right for them), and the fact that largely, circumcision was done for simply for religious regions through time. on the nest site, i read that the first non-religious reason was to keep boys from masturbating. that idea began in 19th century. there are some theories and research that indicate that circumcision makes boys less likely to contract stds and uti's, which would explain why many parents do choose to circumcise. only 57% of newborns in the USA are circumcised, which is from a 2004 study i saw on the nest site. like fiddler said, if you don't choose to circumcise, your boy won't be the only one.
i was talking to my bf last night about some dads to be worrying that their boy would be made fun of, and he said, "who really sees them naked, besides family, doctors, and their partners as they become adults?" even when changing around friends or in gym class, wouldn't they have on underwear (if they wear them)? we were on the fence but strongly leaning toward circumcision when we talked to my cousin kate, who is an experienced pediatrician and mother of three, just to ask her opinion. she said, "i think its unnecessary," and explained that she hasn't seen any ill-effects from choosing not to circumcise in her practice. after doing research and talking to a pediatrician, we decided not to circumcise. that is the right choice for us, but other moms may choose differently, and i don't think that there is a right or wrong party. just parents who feel that they are making the best choice for their kids.
Okay, maybe the wrong thread for this question but, I've never had sex or even seen an uncircumcised man. And I've had a, shall we say, sex life with much variation. Is it different? What about <ahem> BJs? Does that impact anything. Just wondering.

kelly, one of my boyfriends was uncircumcised... personally, i didn't notice any difference. i kind of feel like the thing is that the guy needs to practice good hygiene, and start cleaning under his foreskin in the shower once it is able to retract. we should find some uncircumcised guys and ask them if they think it makes a difference in their pleasure, and what kind of reactions they've had from their partners. anyone know some?
i'm the other way round, never seen a circumcised one. and, um, i've seen a few as well wink.gif anyone with experience of both??

i think it makes more of a difference with handjobs, but am struggling to articulate kind of have more...slippage? (i'm trying to think this through without actually miming the actions at my desk here!) i wouldn't think it is such a difference for BJs as by that point the foreskin is right back anyway

i've also heard that you lose some sensitivity with circumcision as the head of the penis is exposed all the time, rather than protected by the foreskin, so it becomes desensitised.

i think the STI/HIV thing is because the skin on the foreskin is more delicate hence more vulnerable to transmission of things through small cuts and abrasions (as with girl parts). but i don't think there is a cleanliness issue in adult men, unless a person was actually a tramp and never took a shower.

ETA: x-posted with pink
i have a freind who suffered a bad circ and has never been able to have sex because of the excruciating pain involved. he is in his late forties now and it's had a pretty big impact on his life in general. he'll never feel "normal", he can't have a relationship or children, he's messed up. now i know his case is pretty extreme but there you go, it could have been totally prevented.
he joined a support group of men who resent having had it done to them as babies (there are actually a lot of these guys) due to a variety of issues, a surprising number of them have actual problems because of it. i don't think it's really talked about in the media very much because it's one of those embarrassing issues like erectile disfunction (though that is seeing much more press these days, even if it is just to sell drugs). so there are quite a few adults who wish they had never been "cut" regardless of whether they fathers were or not.

i would never, ever take a risk like that with my son. there is no definitive medical reason for it, it isn't covered by health care because it's deemed strictly cosmetic, there is a risk involved as with all surgery, and i feel that it isn't fair to the adult man that the child will someday become. it's an operation that can be performed later on if so desired and sure it's painful then but it not UNpainful for a baby either. if you've ever seen it done you've heard that baby screaming his heart out. i could no sooner do that than cut off any other body part.

this is, of course, only my personal opinion and i know it's strong but you did ask so there you go.
Damn. You are the queen of horror stories Pepper.
that's nothing. have you read the story of John/Joan? a boy who's circ was so badly botched that the doctors decided to turn him into a girl? amazingly enough it's happened more than once. very scary, not for the faint of heart. and yes, i know it's an extreme case but not unheard of after all.
quick question for you btdt moms here.

i think i have yeasty nipples. anybody know any natural cures?


Fiddler, I'm thrilled you're having breastfeeding questions and even breastfeeding issues--it's amazing to me that you've had a baby, still!! Yay.

Hi Pepper, how are you and the babes doing? I hope you're having a great summer.
fiddler- i don't have any experience. in breastfeeding class, however, the lactation consultant said to make sure we were changing bras/washing bras often. if not, she said, the sugars build up and along with the moistness, cause the thrush. she also advocated airing nipples out, like leaving the flaps down of your nursing bra when you are just chillin at home. i looked in the book she gave us, also- if it is yeast, look for white patches in the baby's mouth or red bumps on his bottom. if you or baby had antibiotics, it probably caused the infection (just like the vaginal kind). the book didn't say anything about natural remedies- just to call your doc for nystatin drops/ointment, and to definitely treat it or it'll get worse. online, i read about airing your nipples out/keeping bras clean, eating yogurt and taking acidolphus supplements. i hope it improves for you soon. if you got a lactation consultant's number at the hospital, you should give them a call, cause they probably hear about this issue frequently. good luck! i probably just told you a bunch of stuff you already know...but wanted to help! let us know how you are doing.
Having an English partner now, but being American myself, I have experience of both, and I frankly prefer the uncircumcised. It's kind hard to explain, but once the penis is erect, you hardly notice it's there. I agree with beck's "more slippage" comment, which makes hand jobs MUCH easier, but I've never noticed any BJ difference.

My partner feels very, very strongly his sex life is better because of having a foreskin. I"m inclined to agree. The skin on the head of the penis is protected, (and softer) and thus I suspect, more sensitive. There is more natural lubrication, and like I said, handjobs are much easier.

We were adamant not to have our son circumcised. My father asked why (he was bothered) and it was all I could do not to say "because we didn't want to mutilate our child."

The US is the only place it's routinely done, and even that is less and less common.
Hello glowing pregnant ladies
I just wanted to stop in and recommend a great movie for all of you that I saw last night. It's called "The Business of Being Born" and covers the American "industry" (yes, industry) of birthing. Very very informative. I got it through netflix, not sure if it's available elsewhere.
Healthy vibes
So, in the chronicles of pregnancy, the first time maternity pants are worn...must be some sort of milestone. 13, almost 14 weeks. If it was warm enough for shorts or a skirt, i wouldn't be wearing the jeans. But, I must say, I had forgotten how god-damed awesome my ass looks in these jeans! smile.gif

Now, off to the park.

Hello Ladies.

I passed my glucose test with "flying colors" AWESOME! Good news since last weeks Dr. visit left me exhausted and sore for a couple of days. The drink made me queasy, the lab tech couldn't get my vein for a while and I accidentally pulled away from the anti D immunoglobulin shot, so I had to get stuck in the butt TWICE.

I do have low iron, which is pretty common at this point so I'm taking Slow Fe, which I hope helps with the sleepies. though I hear iron supplements can lead to constipation...grrreat.

Other than that the baby is pumping away, dancing around and the boy finally felt the kicks on the outside. I had a dream that i had a bowl of popcorn on my belly and the little one punted it across the room!

How is everyone else doing? How is the name choosing coming along? We have had our name for a while. I tell you mine if you tell me yours!
OK, name brainstorming. GOOD IDEA!!

Girls names (in no particular order): Mira, Alisha, Kira, Asha (middle name Shanti, my grandmother's)
Boys Names: we're fubarred. Middle name will be Ravani, my maiden name.

Help on good boy names? Maybe we'll just have another girl, and in 5 weeks, won't have to worry about a boy anymore? The only reason i hope for a girl child, to make naming easier.

Kelly- I have been borderline anemic for years, and I tried the slow FE last year when my iron was particularly low. Made me SICK to my stomach. Try spinach and steak. And Salmon. And spinach with citrus dressings...the citric acid helps the natural iron in spinach absorb better.
hey kelly. glad to hear that your glucose screening went well! we are naming our son emmet. that is after my favorite holiday program, emmett otter's jug band christmas. it also doesn't hurt that emmett is the name of one of the cullen vampires in the twilight series. i am a dork and read them all. we are spelling emmet with only one t at the end, and the middle name will be my last name, while the last name will be my bf's last name.

i'm feeling very tired. i am sure a lot of you have this problem- when its time to lay down at night, i just can't get comfortable. it seems like i don't fall into a deep sleep until the wee hours, such as 3am. its getting harder to turn over/get up/change positions. i am envious of my bf, who falls asleep immediately! i am hoping for a change in this pattern before i go back to work. if not, i am going to have to do some afternoon naps.

this weekend is my first baby shower- my family is throwing me one near west virginia. then, my friend laura is having one for local people in september. my boyfriend bought me a new dress to wear to the one in september- it hasn't arrived yet. check it out here. i was getting tired of wearing the same five pregnant outfits.

my next doctor appointment is Thursday. I am officially seeing the doc every 2 weeks now!

OMG Pink! I love the dress....may have to buy it! I had no idea old navy had plus maternity. Can you say SHOOOOOOPING! Have fun at your showers. My girls are setting one up for early september....which will likely end up with me laugh my butt off at my snockered girl friends attempting to diaper baby dolls.

Our little girl is going to be Matilda Norell. Matilda because it's just sooooo cute (my mom hates it) and Norell a name my mother "made up" and is my middle name. She's taking the boys last name. He was all excited about that, I think he thought since I wasn't taking his last name when we get married that the baby would have mine as well....which honestly I would prefer, but I know this means a lot to him.

I think Emmet is adorable. And I like all Moxie's girl names but especially Asha.

If it was a boy there probably would have been a death in the family, either the boy or me. He is deeply connected to the name Draven, the character from The Crow. I however, think that movie is really scary and negative and would in no way want my son to think that revenge is good thing. Thank heaven for little girls.

Moxie-so far the slow Fe is feeling okay. I do eat spinach and liver and red meat, so I think this is just a pregnancy thing.
that IS an awesome dress, pink! woot! hell, by the end of the month, we might all just be sporting that pretty frock! smile.gif
have fun at your showers!

matilda is a sweet name, as is emmet. i considered asha for a little while, but then moved on to asher for a girl or boy but i'm just not sure it goes with our last name right. for a boy, we're thinking cooper or parker. for a girl, harper, chloe, zoe, sophie or layla. not sure on middles yet.

we'll find out about the sex on the 29th so that's cool.

i meant to congratulate fiddler (bust was blocked until this past friday mysteriously)!! i hope all is going well for you and your sweet little family! check in when you can.

that's all for now. better post before the IT meanies find me!

FJ- I think Asher goes fine with your last name, and is different enough from j-man to be different, u'a know? That's our problem with Mira...its just a little tooo close to Meena... but its also the one we like best. Miraben was the english lady who came to join Gandhi's family and struggle during indepence. So, as someone who is both "white" and indian, she is a person i admire for being able to embrace two worlds. The other ones are just ones we like alot. For a boy, moxieman likes Carter and I like Henry, although neither of us is sold on the other's choice. We find out mid-sept. about the sex, if wee one cooperates.

I just purused oldnavy and found a swimsuit and 2 shirts for $22.00 total! Yippee!
Pink, my credit card hates you. I however think you have fabulous taste.
we had our first antenatal class today! we are doing a 2-day intensive course as the evening ones were all booked up. it was really great and am feeling so much more confident now, not to mention super excited!! (also a little embarrassed as i had an unnoticed boob leakage before i left the house and turned up with a wet patch on my white t-shirt laugh.gif ). There were a couple of people having home births and it felt very inspiring and positive.

we're not quite there on the names yet, although kelly, matilda is on our girl shortlist! (i am shy of sharing the other ones in case they sound strange to you guys) i really like asher or just ash.

definitely no middle names though, that is just too many names to come up with! oh, and babe will have both our surnames - mine first just because it sounds better that way round.

oh, and at 35 weeks my first pair of maternity jeans are just too uncomfortable so i picked up a new pair this afternoon. i figure if i wear them every day it works out OK - not to mention that i am expecting to get some wear from them post-birth as well...
Congrats to Fiddler and wife and baby an all! My eyes teared when I saw the photos...

I'm extremely baby-sensitive nowadays! I start crying when I read birth stories and so on... well, well.

I'm now almost 17 weeks and still constipated and in pain. Haven't been working since the end of June. I got some stronger pain killers to help me through the worst of times, but... I'm taking loads of bulk, but it's not really helping much...

Moxie: Are you on a low-fibre diet because of your IBS? I am still keeping my fibre intake low, but I'm thinking about increasing the amounts of fibre again. It seems to me that constipation and a low-fibre diet isn't really such a good combo. I'm seeing a new gastro-enterologist (?) in a month (!). Waiting times are horribly long!

I wish the body could be better at sending the friggin' hormones to the right organs! Bleh!

*end of whiny rant*

I have my first proper scan on the 25th. The ones I've had before have been because I've had bleedings and so on... and at the ER because I've come in with stomach pain. So, we're going to find out the sex... It's silly because I feel it doesn't matter, and because of that I really want to know... sounds stupid, I know.

I hope everyone quessiness and fatigue is a tad better for every day! Best of wishes to all!
sweedish- my IBS is more "typical" cyclical over a 2-3 day cycle...constipation and the, um, opposite thereof. Best I can do is manage an overall healthy diet, and guague my daily ntake to what I'm feeling at the moment. LIke, right now, i'm feeling crampy and, I'll have peanut butter toast (whole wheat bread), juice and a cup of coffee. That combo should get things moving...if it were opposite, i'd likely have some applesauce, and a potato type thing to eat.
QUOTE(moxiegirl @ Aug 13 2008, 12:49 PM) *
sweedish- my IBS is more "typical" cyclical over a 2-3 day cycle...constipation and the, um, opposite thereof. Best I can do is manage an overall healthy diet, and guague my daily ntake to what I'm feeling at the moment. LIke, right now, i'm feeling crampy and, I'll have peanut butter toast (whole wheat bread), juice and a cup of coffee. That combo should get things moving...if it were opposite, i'd likely have some applesauce, and a potato type thing to eat.

Hmmm.. I see. I'm sort of trying the same regimen, as it is the only way I'll eat anything at all! I just try to "feel" what my body wants (oh, it sounds sooo cheesy). Right now it's actually greasy food, as you mentioned before. I'll try to increase my fibre intake a little bit, I think it might help. The doctor recommended beetroot, so I bought a bunch today. *yum!*

I'm just sick of being in constant pain. And I've started obsessing over food and toilet visits.

ETA: I've been told by doctors that you get dihorrea because you're constipated. Like the intestines try to do something about the problem by themselves. This happens to me a lot, after a period of constipation I get, as you say, the opposite.
hey, i "cured" my ibs by going raw vegan for two months followed by a 7 day master cleanse fast and a colonic. amazing, it just stopped. i still have to be careful with proper food combining but it's never come back like the viscious beast it was before.
is that really the best course of action while preggo, though? I agree, serious detox does WONDERS, and is a major plan for post-birth on my end.
no way, not during pregnancy. but the ibs will still be there when you're not pregnant anymore, right? or is this a temporary condition brought on by pregnancy? either way, upping the fresh raw and ditching as much packaged food as possible during pregnancy and nursing is a terrific idea. every little thing you do adds to your overall health. food combining can be done any time though and can have a huge impact on ibs. i'd just do as much as i could comfortably fit into my normal routine, small and easy to reach goals one at a time.
hope you both feel better. the rumbly belly was zero fun for me. i had wicked bad gas too, i could barely stand to be around myself! ick.
*note to self: will try a detox after giving birth.*

Right now, I'm happy *if* I eat anything at all. More beetroot today, with loads of butter...
wait until after you are finished nursing for any heavy detox. though throughout pregnancy and nursing you can gradually decrease "bad" foods while gradually increasing the good. i recommend this anyhow, it's easier on your body than embarking on a heavy detox program at any time and if you make the little steps a part of your normal routine it's easier to maintain them later on. it's about making a lifestyle change, one you want to sustain forever.
good luck!
i just went for my 32nd week check up. my blood pressure (the top number) is high. my blood pressure has been so good that the nurse who checks me used a second cuff to re-check for accuracy. when i saw the doctor, she said that my blood pressure wasn't even abnormal at all, it was just high for me. there are no proteins in my urine, baby's heartbeat sounds good, and i've gained a total of 25 lbs (which i am happy with for 8 months). they are going to watch the blood pressure closely, and asked me to come back in one week instead of the customary two. so, next tuesday they are checking me. anyone else had this problem?
Is the cuff large enough? If you are a bigger person it's easy for a cuff that's bit on the small side to give you a too high reading.

I've had my BP taken with a larger cuff and it made all the difference.

It's important to monitor, but it could be nothing.
pink, it sounds like they are just being thorough. although i've not had it with the BP, i had protein in my pee a couple of times, and high sugars once - each time they've done follow-up testing and it's always been fine. just remember other things can affect the results (stress, nervousness about the doc's visit etc) and this may just be a one-off. keep us posted!

lots of sympathy for those with IBS - sounds like the last thing you need when pregnant - hope you feel better...

This is totally normal for a new mom. Don't worry. It could be that one cup of coffee you snuck in, or the single flight of stairs at the doctor's office or anything. It's fine. Really. Your doctor may recommend that you start non stress testing weekly. This just means that they hook you up to a monitor and make sure the baby is moving. They also check the baby's heart rate and your blood pressure. They may even require you to get an utlrasound once a week to check your fluid. Also, not a big deal. Don't worry though. The number one reason for high blood pressure is just being a first time mom. Congrats!

QUOTE(pinkmartyr @ Aug 14 2008, 01:20 PM) *
i just went for my 32nd week check up. my blood pressure (the top number) is high. my blood pressure has been so good that the nurse who checks me used a second cuff to re-check for accuracy. when i saw the doctor, she said that my blood pressure wasn't even abnormal at all, it was just high for me. there are no proteins in my urine, baby's heartbeat sounds good, and i've gained a total of 25 lbs (which i am happy with for 8 months). they are going to watch the blood pressure closely, and asked me to come back in one week instead of the customary two. so, next tuesday they are checking me. anyone else had this problem?

it is hot. i live in seattle. it should not be hot. it will be hot for two more days. i don't have AC. in the future i would appreciate it if someone tells me before they relocate my city to texas.
kelly- did you get your dress yet? i got mine yesterday (just two days after it was ordered). i bought an xl because the fabric was non-stretchy chiffon. it is very roomy in the top, and i have huge boobs, so i almost thought about exchanging it by mail. my bf said it looked good, though, and that i may appreciate the extra room in the next couple of weeks. i'm sorry that you are hot! i think you should go to the mall and maybe to a movie. there will be lots of a/c in those places, i hope.

annoush- when my bp was high with the first cuff, the nurse did take it with a larger cuff the second time around.

thanks, everyone, for your words of advice and support! it is also reassuring to me that i can feel the baby moving around normally. i go back to the doctor on tuesday morning. i am going to my baby shower tomorrow in another city, where i grew up, and am going to stay at my dad's house on the river for a few days. my brother, who is an emergency medical tech, has sworn to my mother that he will be over during the weekend to take my blood pressure. smile.gif two cousins and my stepmom are throwing my shower for me. i got them each a bath and body works hand soap as a hostess gift.
hey pink, I haven't recieved my clothes from ON yet. And I ended not getting the same dress as you....something about buying the same thing as a friend, even if you live across the country! I ended up buying yoga pants, a couple of shirts and a cute empire waste summer dress that I can no longer find on the web site. yeah clothes.

its going to be hot again today. the problem is that my house has this south west exposure that makes our upstairs a hot box. i'm trying to get somethings together up here while it is cool. i'm supposed to go the my company picnic today, but i'm not sure i want to cope with the heat. we shall see.

oh, baby stuff, umm, she's still kicking and flopping around. I just can't wait to meet her. i hope she's a goofy funny silly sort, like her parents.

have fun at your shower, I bet its going to be fun.
i went to the doctor today. blood pressure is still elevated- the top number is 130. it has been in the early 120's throughout my pregnancy. there are still no proteins or sugars in my urine, and the baby's heartbeat sounds fine. to be on the cautious side, my doctor is asking to me start coming weekly now, and scheduled me for an ultrasound next week. i asked my childbirth teacher why they ordered the ultrasound- she said the doctor was probably concerned about pregnancy induced hypertension, and the scan would be to check his fluid levels.
Pink, how far along are you? i had US's every other visit in the 3rd trimester due to gestational diabetes. Instead of being worried or bothered, I chose to enjoy seeing my bebe growing and changing every couple weeks. SO clearly, at week 36, we saw her face, and I realized "OH! She looks like her auntie!" And she SOOO still does! It was cool.

In the meantime, have you been watching sodium levels? Puffing up much? those are things to discuss with the doc at visits.

Pink, I don't know much about the BP thing, but its pretty normal and good that they are having you come in weekly. I know a couple of my friends went through it and everything turned out just fine.

Didn't you have your shower this weekend? How was it? Any good gifts? Anything ridiculous?

I need to go back in the archives to check out how far along everyone is. could all just shout it out!

Week 30 here.
36+2 today! we are nearly term!

AND the midwife says we can have sex again next week! woohoo!
moxie, i talked with a cousin who is a nurse over the weekend, and she recommended watching my sodium as well. i have been doing that this week, mostly trying to eliminate processed foods and comparing sodium counts at the store. i haven't had any swelling, except for two separate days a couple weeks ago when i was at outdoor weddings in warm weather. my childbirth teacher seemed to believe the same thing about the ultrasound- to just enjoy it, because ultrasounds are a good thing.

kelly, i did have a shower this weekend. i got a lot of important gifts from my registry (stroller and car seat, breast pump, baby monitor, assortment of baby medicines) and then some random things that were pretty nice (clothes, decorative baskets, travel sets of baby products, books). my cousin annie got me the moby wrap baby carrier i asked for- i could always tell when i opened her gifts because they looked like things i'd pick out myself. although we indicated on our registry that we were pretty set for clothes, we got a lot of them anyway, so i will have a lot to share with a couple other pregnant friends when they need them.

beck- i'm so excited that you can have sex again!!! i have been trying to keep your situation in mind during this whole blood pressure thing- you also had an issue earlier in your pregnancy, but have come out just fine and are full term!

i'm 32 weeks, 5 days.
eep just had to come on and share - I just lost the mucus plug! or some of it at least. called midwife and they said just to wait and see if anything happens! the books and internet say could be anything from a few days to a few weeks until things get moving...but i guess i should probably get on and write my birth plan!!!

funny because i have been really jittery and anxious today and had butterflies, and been convinced baby would come early, would be so weird if that actually happens...

had a really good antenatal appt today which i found very reassuring - midwife very positive about trying for natural birth although they would definitely not let me go past 40 weeks if baby is not here by then, also said i would be strongly advised to have the syntometrin for the 3rd stage rather than deliver the placenta naturally, but hey, i can live with that.

assuming this baby doesn't come right away though, tomorrow i am going to find a place to hire a TENS machine. we are also going to check out our local acupuncturist to see what they offer for natural induction (apparently it works best to have a series of treatments from 37 weeks) and birth...

i should probably also pack the hospital bag for baby - mine is done but all the baby clothes are washed but not sorted. yikes. not quite ready yet!
beck! that's so exciting.
i hope you still get to have sex.
OMG OMG OMG! Sooo excited Beck. Keep us updated as best you can!!!
nothing to report yet, am packing baby's bag just in case...
beck, whenever labor happens...good luck!!!
Found a pediatrician for the baby. She's pretty cool and straight forward, which I appreciate. She will do the newborn visit at our hospital and best of all she will be my doc too. My previous doc, who I just adored, went into hospice care last year...meaning she went to practice hospice care....pretty selfish right?

Anyway, so I'm happy to have found someone who is amenable to working with the parent on the care of the child. Which leads me to this, does anyone have the most current Sears immunization schedule? I can't seem to find it on line. Any help would be appreciate it.

Pink, glad the shower was fun and you got what you needed. Mine is the beginning of September and a friend just made me pick out my diaper bag....we went with the Courier Retro Stripe Orange from dadgear. Rumor has it, a close friend for California may be flying up but I don't know which one. Don't stress about the highblood pressure, just keep aware and it will all be fine.

Beck, excellent job on the bag packing. Guess we will need to get that list together too. I feel like I could go into labor at anytime even though we are still 10 weeks out...i'm just excited.

Happy pregger vibes mamas!

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