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What moxie said. Good luck to all.
fiddler is getting sectioned at 730 pm. (finally) relief all around.
Whew! Glad to hear Fiddler will finally meet her little man! Let us know how she is doing Shiny and thanks for the updates.
Hey Moxie,
Can you talk about your birth experience? Why did they induce to start with and how long until you had the Csection? Just wondering about why they choose to induce to begin with, is it size of the baby that is a concern at some point? Why wouldn't the docs just let the baby stay until it is ready?

No judgment here whatsoever, just plain curiosity. I suppose I could pick up on of those pregnancy books gathering dust over there...but would prefer to hear a personal story....maybe it's already in the history of the thread?

Does anyone else feel like we are pacing the waiting room floor waiting for fiddler?
Yes! That's exactly how I feel!

I am so thinking of her. And thanks again to shiny for the updates.

I have a friend who was just induced--baby came today!--and it was because in this pregnancy she had gestational diabetes and there was concern for her health. I worry that there's too much of a push for induction--that the baby should sit there till it's ready more often*--but there are very good health reasons for induction, too. Pre-eclampsia is an emergency situation for mother and baby, for example, and will require induction and/or c-section.

Moxie, besides being a very smart cookie, had a great doc, too, so I'm not all all saying that's the case with her situation.

*the whole "baby is too big for mom" is way overdiagnosed at this point, I think. We need to have more faith in women's bodies.

But to echo Moxie's mantra--healthy baby, heathy mama= good birth.
OK, so preapologies to anyone whose read my birth novella before. Here you go.

I had a host of "minor" medical problems with moxette...thyroid, gestational diabetes, spotting (first 16 weeks), etc. Because of the GD, the general protocol is to monitor the baby very closely. The concern there is mostly baby size and low sugar at birth. Moxette measured in the 50th percentile the whole time, so no real worries there. I had a "false alarm" at about 38.5 weeks, at which time the brilliant resident on duty decided to do an ultrasound. On that US, he noticed low amniotic fluid levels. That means that i was either leaking or moxette wasn't producing. Danger there is that during labor, not enough fluid can cause the cord to be compressed (see Matt McConney's son delivery story in this week's OK magazine!). So, they decided to induce at 39 weeks, due to the fluid issue.

At that point, I was zero effaced and zero dialiated. My doc made a point of telling me he did not think the induction would "take" in one day, that I should expect 2 or 3, and that he was not one to rush into a C-section if the baby was doing well. OK, fair enough. FIrst 2 days, HARD labor, no dialation. Sent me home to rest for the weekend. I was seriously dejected and tired and sore. Imagine the worst ab workout after months of not doing anything...

Monday, back in doc's office, where the plan was just to let me go naturally, and monitor me every couple days, another US showed that my fluid levels (which were borderline low at 39 weeks) were dangerously back to the hospital for me. Another day and a half of induction (they did turn it off at night, which was something of a relief), and they finally decided that i just wasn't responding to it, so, very apologetically, they said "time for a C-Section." DUDE- Get Her OUT, was my reaction. The C-section went flawlessly, totally textbook. Moxette was pretty low bloodsugar when she was born, but I hadnt really eaten in like 3 days, so that's the reason there. She was perfectly healthy and tolerated the labor much better than her mama did!

So, that's a total of 4 days of induced labor (which, i think is harder than natural labor, as its constant, no ebbs or flows, really), and major surgury. It was a difficult recovery, to say the least, but we both came out OK, and i'm crazy enough to do it again...

This time around, my doc's have assured me that unless I go into labor pre-date, i will have the choice to schedule a c-section. Rock on.

Fiddler, baby, sweet, shiny...whole family...can't wait for the updates! I hope they let fiddler keep the epidural for longer than a couple was a blessing to have it the whole first night after!
QUOTE(thatgirlkelly @ Jul 23 2008, 07:26 PM) *
Does anyone else feel like we are passing the waiting room floor waiting for fiddler?

the first thing i've done every morning this week when i've gotten to work is check this freaking thread. seriously, i can't stand the suspense. i hope she and little fiddler are okay.

- Pugs (a lurker)
Thanks Moxie,
That is pretty intense. How the heck do they turn the induction OFF? Another drug? And you can keep the epidural after the birth? Wow, I know nothing.

My pregnancy is just chugging along. I'm kind of over it in some ways. Like, be done already. But I am doing some serious bonding with the little acrobat in my belly. This part feels like a big waiting game. Saturday is my big 40 and I have to say a bottle (or three or four) of wine would have been nice <sigh>. Oh woe is me, can't drink because I'm growing a beautiful beautiful baby.

The strange dream action has kicked into over drive. Most recently I was doing heroin and snorting cocaine in random bathrooms around the world, then freaking out because I forgot I was, don't watch the show Intervention.

Glucose test thingy next visit.

How is everyone else doing?
I am writing maternity leave lesson plans. This week we hired a babysitter and found a pediatrician for the baby, which is a good feeling. Yesterday I had a nice talk with my cousin, who had a baby girl a little over a year ago, and she shared all the details of her labor with me. It sounded like a really positive experience.

My boyfriend keeps asking if my friend from BUST had her baby yet, too! I feel kind of frustrated for Fiddler. By now, I hope that she has delivered a healthy little baby and is resting peacefully, but she really had to wait! If I were Fiddler and were induced on Tuesday and didn't actually have my baby til Wednesday night, the wait would really put me on edge! I hope she was able to relax, and I know she had good support.

But, Moxie mentioned something I did not know- if you are induced one day, it doesn't actually mean baby is going to come that day. Moxie, that must have been really difficult for you! I'm glad it turned out so well in the end.

Kelly, have a great birthday on Saturday!
I feel like we're pacing the waiting room too - but hopefully soon we'll be cracking open the virtual cigars and champagne! i'm not sure of the time difference so can't figure if fiddlerbaby will be born by now but i'm super excited and checking here every hour or so!

i am feeling more 'normal' and less jumpy now, not sure what kind of birth i'll be able to have but the fact that everything seems to be ticking along alright is reassuring, i'm getting back into enjoying baby preparations again - i've been making stuff which is really fun.

and, only 2 weeks left at work! i have enough leave banked to take august off (due in September). bf is taking time off as well so we will get some quality time together, i'm excited! (he is taking time off post-birth too)

i'm having weird dreams too - mine are about having problems breastfeeding...although my real anxieties are around having to have a c-section and the recovery time - i just have to remember the healthy babe, healthy mama mantra though. moxie, your docs sound really great - i honestly am very open to whatever is necessary to get the babe out safely (my fear is that i'll end up with some scalpel-happy surgeon who wants to get me 'finished' before their shift ends)

ETA: i've heard the same about induced labour - that the contractions come harder and faster - ouch!
induction is stimulated by the IV pitocin...turn off the drip, no drug, no inducing. SOmetimes the body kicks into gear on its own then, but not usually.

Thanks Pink! The Bday should be fun. Small group for dinner at a little bistro. I'm glad they are willing to celebrate. I fell like i have soo many up coming celebrations that I'm wearing them down. Big 40th Birthday, Baby Shower, Engagement Party, Wedding. Though I haven't really done a darn thing regarding planning a wedding. This woman at my work that got engaged a couple of months after me has the venue and photographer picked out and has gone dress shopping multiple times.

I could say it's because I'm preggers, which maybe that is true, but truly I think I'm just not all that into a "WEDDING". I mean, big poofy white dress, walking down an Isle? being given away? SOOOOO not going to happen. Crap at this point I may have a few people over to the house, but on my fancy pajamas, open a bag of Doritos and box of HoHos and call it good. Unfortunately the boy if far more traditional than me.

Opps I digress.

Beck good to hear things have normalized. I'm soooo jealous you will be off in August. As you can tell from this extensive email, my motivation at work is somewhat lacking.

Pink, get those lesson plans done and don't forget to have fun!
hey happy birthday kelly, i forgot to say in my previous post.

when you do start feeling more like planning the wedding there are lots of good stories of cool weddings in the committed thread and i think there is actually a wedding planning thread on here too. i personally think your plan sounds great wink.gif, although what are HoHos? i am so with you on the poofy dress and all that crap, i hate dressing up and all the other wedding bollocks.

i have been unmotivated at work for ages as you can see from my frequent posts here, but now time is running out i've got a burst of energy!
so sorry for the long wait for an update. life has been a bit hectic with family here and such. first let me say fiddler and baby are fantastic! he was born via section at a few min post 9 last night. big big boy! 9lb 10oz! super cute and pudgy! looks so much like fiddler. everyone is happy and healthy! i will let her know of all your well wishes!

i must be excited because i am putting exclamation points after everything!!!!

congratulations fiddler, wife, shiny and all the rest of the family!!
so thrilled for fiddler and her family! congrats!
YEAH!!! ROCK for all your son has put you through already just to get him here! Now, you three rest, get to know each other, and enjoy the comfort of the hospital!

Much love!!!
Such great news!!! Yay! And lots of good wishes to the Fiddlers and Shinys.
Way to go Fiddler!
yay!! so wonderful! yay fiddler, congrats!
i must be excited too, many exclamation points!
Am feeling like it is impossible to get much bigger....this at 26 weeks.
Yay fiddler and the whole family! That is a big boy. smile.gif

Kelly, I have to say that I dreaded the end, especially looking at the pictures of how squished your internal organs get at 8 and 9 months. But when I actually got there, I found that it wasn't half as bad as I'd imagined. Hang in there. (The pool saved my sanity, though. I'd recommend it. I can't swim, but I took water aerobics.)
Hi everyone, yes the last 1,5 month is the hardest. Your belly feels soooo big and the weight of the baby increases. It's best to just relax the last month and take it easy. Enjoy the time you have by yourself (if it's your first!), get a foot massage or go swimming. wink.gif
Well, here he is. I'm so in love.

thank you for all the well wishes.

Yay! Fiddler! He looks perfect. laugh.gif
Oh, I was so hoping for a picture, but didn't want to pressure anyone.

He is so beautiful. smile.gif How wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Nice blankie!

(I felt like I was in the process of falling in love for a few days before it really hit me. Not everyone is that way, of course.)

(ETA a few more "wonderfuls" as one just wasn't enough.)
((fiddler and family)) so cute! I want to nom nom nom those cheeks!!
OMG!!! Chubbalicious cheeks! Fireman blankie! Puppy toy! AAAHHHHH!!! Overwhelmed with adorable!

Even as important, u recovering? And the sweet? Its such a huge mind-f@$k for the whole family...hope y'all are swell! Or not crying all the time. And managing to eat.


what a beautiful baby! congratulations fiddler! how are you recovering?

i went to my family reunion this weekend, and basically enjoyed everyone wanting to take care of me and letting people feel the baby move. we were on the fence about circumcision, then talked to my cousin katie who is a pediatrician for advice, and the result is that we are not going to circumcise. my feet began swelling for the first time, and i think my nausea came back. is that normal for the third trimester?
last night my bff called, and she is also having a boy! they weren't planning on finding out the sex, but then the u/s tech blurted it out. she's not upset about it, and i am glad because i wanted to know. smile.gif
oh fiddler, he is just gorgeous! congratulations again! he does look like you! hope you are recovering well.

pink, i have felt a bit queasy at times although nothing too bad, i think it's the baby squashing my stomach. eating little and often seems to help. i believe the US is the only country to routinely circumcise baby boys for non-religious reasons. (of course i do know there are sometimes good medical reasons to do it)
Hey- does anybody remember if this mid-day snoozefest wears off? Its getting a bit old hat. zzzzz.......
oh SQUEE!! look, just Look at those cheekelles! and that perfectly adorable teensy wee rosebud mouth! oh, you must just be in agonies of adoration. what a gem!
QUOTE(moxiegirl @ Jul 30 2008, 11:54 AM) *
Hey- does anybody remember if this mid-day snoozefest wears off? Its getting a bit old hat. zzzzz.......

Brief respite T2, back with a vengeance T3. I like to think of it as a super power.
fiddler update, back in hospital for crazy high bp and shortness of breath and hr way too also. admitted last night and given diaretics and is peeing it off and doing tons better. hoping to go home today. i got to take baby while fiddler was in the er. so i had him from about 7pm to 130am. he is such a cutie pie! i couldn't take him home to my house because my lilshiny has a snotty nose. so he sayed with dad and i took fiddler baby. o. m. g. soo sweet! anyway, hoping to see fiddler go home to her wife and baby this afternoon.
woohoo! fiddler is going home to baby and wife!

That's great news!!!

Thanks so much for the updates, Shiny. I hope everything is smooth from now on (as much as is possible with a newborn, anyway!)

It IS great news!! I can't wait to hear about the whole birth story and hear updates on the wee man's life! Here's to the fiddlers!
Is anyone else have problems with the board these days?

Fiddler, I'm glad that you are home and doing better. Hope things smooth out for you.
hi all. just a quick post to say thanks for the well-wishes. this whole thing (post delivery health crisis) has really taken it out of me. i'll post a birth story when i have more energy. right now, i mostly stay in bed except to get up to pee or to go to various dr. appointments.

on the up side - my sweet is adopting our son tomorrow!

Yeah for 2 parent households!!! smile.gif You feel better and get yourself and the bebe well! We had horrific anxiety/stress/digestion issues after the baby was born. I remember how hard it all was just to have breakfast, much less do anything else.

LOVE to the FIddlers! All 3 of yoU!

In the moxiev2.0 front, i head back to doc today for another ultrasound and 12 week checkup. I'm actually 13 weeks, but a new doc (young woman!) has started this week at my practice, and the senior partner (who delivered moxette) thinks I'd have a good relationship with her, so we delayed my 12 week appt to week 13, so I could meet her. Keep fingers and toes crossed that all goes well. Aparently this US is coming to replace the Quad-Screen blood test. We're doing it mostly b/c we did the blood test with moxette, and this way, I get another US of my wee one. smile.gif
congrats to the fiddlers, and ~~~vibes for moxie v2.0~~~

love to all the other preggos

i think loverufus is up next, then pinkmartyr? ~~~Happy birthing vibes~~~
beck, i think you are just a couple weeks before me. i am due on october 11. and then kelly, who is a couple weeks after me *i think*. somebody correct me.
tonight at childbirth class, we talked about analgesic drugs and anesthetic drugs, as well as unmedicated births. we watched two unmedicated birth videos. i was really surprised at the episiotomy. you girls who had one are going to laugh. i imagined the doctor having to kind of saw through the tissue with a scalpel cause its so muscular. but, they just used a pair of medical scissors, and the job was done quite simply. our teacher assists with births at the hospital and brought an example epidural needle for us to see- it was only an 18 gauge needle, much smaller than i had anticipated.

so, by this point, i am thinking of the birth plan:
i would like to try other comfort measures such as partner massage, breathing, position changes, birth ball etc as opposed to using analgesic drugs.
if possible, i would like the opportunity to walk around before active labor begins.
i favor the idea of having an epidural at around 4-5cm dilated, but not before.
i prefer that my water be allowed to break on its own, as opposed to being broken manually.
i am open to medical advice that supports the health of the baby and myself, although it may be contrary to my original birth plan.
after the baby is born, i would like to have the opportunity to breast feed as soon as possible.
we prefer that our son not be circumcised.

what other advice do you guys have? is anything i said downright crazy?
hey pink! yup, you're right, i'm due on sept 15th. wonder how loverufus is getting on?

your birth plan doesn't look crazy to me, it looks like you are well-informed about your choices but also flexible.

although i can't have a homebirth and the hospital won't let me have a waterbirth because of the bleeding i had, i am still hoping for a natural birth and to remain as active as possible, i don't want an epidural. It has been hard getting any information about what the hospital protocols are though and whether there will be additional monitoring during labour etc. My midwife wouldn't really tell me anything about what to expect - she basically said to wait and see how the rest of the pregnancy goes...but i want to know now!

planning on starting perineal massage this week although not quite figured out how i will reach past my belly! anyone got any advice or experiences to share on this?

i thought people might like this website - it has some Ayun Halliday articles (I always love her Bust column)


I think I'm going to crib Pink's birth plan. Sounds about right for me too. I mean really, how can you decide about things like this until you know for certain. I really want to move around before and during the whole process. As I've mentioned before, a big reason I chose the hospital I did was because they have a dedicated pain nurse on staff....which means you can likely wait until the last minute to get the epi if you want to, plus i hear they are very talented at keeping it low level so you can still move around with assistance.

Confession: I haven't been working out lately, every time I do, i get really tired. Actually I'm always really tired. And lately I've been battling fears about cerebral palsy....everytime I lie on my back I start thinking about cutting off oxygen to the baby...cerebral palsy. I've had really bad allergies so I'm a little short of breath....cerebral palsy.

It's driving me a bit crazy. This is the first time I've mention this little psychosis "out loud".

I feel like by the time I have my baby i will be the only one posting on this board as everyone else will be done. Hope we get some new regular posters soon!
As for monitoring, see if your hospital has monitors that move around with you and transmit signal wireless to the grapher part. With the "issue" you had, they might want to keep a closer eye on bebe, who knows.

The scan went smashingly! No sign of downs, and the wee one was bouncing and jumping and waving and stretching! It was just super-duper-cool to see. I go back in 3 weeks, then 3 weeks after that (b/c we're trying to get me back to the 4 week schedule and are shifting a couple days here and there).
yippee! congrats moxie! i suspect our hospital will not be that high-tech, but you never know, right? wink.gif i'm doing the tour next week so will find out then

i thought cerebral palsy happened because of oxygen deprivation during labour? i didn't know it could happen in the womb? i get you on the depriving baby of oxygen fear though - i can't wait to sleep on my back again.

and does anyone know why it is the left side you are supposed to lie on. why is it better than the right side? something to do with where particular organs are located?? just curious
kelly, i'm glad that my birth plan ideas were helpful for someone else. are you due before or after me? i forget.

beck, thanks for your feedback! one thing i forgot to add was that i am interested in having a "light epidural." apparently, these are partial doses that allow the birthing mom to feel a bit more, and by result, push more effectively.

moxie, congrats on your scan!
i'm after you...end of october. i am, however, currently in discussions with the little one to negotiate an October 15th delivery. she has yet to counter my offer. biggrin.gif

Awww Congrats to Fiddler!!! The baby is so adorable!!!

How are you doing, pinkmartyr? I can't believe we're 30 weeks along already! I'm starting to get nervous because I feel like it's all happening so fast and I'm not ready- nor do I really have much energy to get ready!!! Aaaah!!

I'm kind of frustrated right now- the boy and I can't decide on the circumcision issue (I don't want it, he does). His main reason for not wanting it is because he doesn't want our boy to be teased growing up. How did you all come to terms with a decision?

Well, power to all us preggos/parents!!! smile.gif Hope everyone is doing well!
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