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I cannot bear television at the moment, except the rare PBS, so thankfully have not seen the commercials.

And materinity clothes clearly have their place, but I cannot stand people who start wearing them at, oh, five weeks. (I worked with someone like that.) Get a grip, people. And if you can get by w/o them, or as few as possible, good for you!!

That reminds me--I was flipping through some magazine at the birth centre a while back and there was an "article" about the best maternity jeans--ranging in price from $45 to $170. Um, I'm not going to spend that much on jeans when I'm not pregnant, let alone when I am.

This may have been the magazine (Fit Pregnancy, I think) that had an ad for Ensure directed at pregnant women. Chocolate flavor. To ensure your health during pregnancy, of course. Um, yeah, that's a good idea. Not.

How about trying to eat right and maybe a prenatal vitamin? I mean, I know I"m not perfect or anything (had a bit of a sugar binge recently which was very bad) but at least I didn't waste my bad eating on something that is vile, stupid, and that is being sold as a "nutrition" drink. They should be ashamed. They aren't, but htey should be.

Cran, I didn't have to do the water thing for any of the pregnancy ultrasounds (I've had plenty other times, and did do it then). How far along are you? When I had the 12 week scan they said that it was actually easier with their equipment not to have a full bladder. Maybe you have options--might be worth asking and explaining your situation.

I wondered if the belly band was worth it. I should have bought one, but it's a bit late now.

Am debating the glamormom tank, though. Expensive, but seems like it would be very useful.

The last couple of days I'm so freakin' tired and uncomfortable my "what happens when I have an actual baby" worries are a bit less in comparrison. I just want this part over with. And I am a bit more apprehensive about the birth than I was, but mostly just hope everything goes ok.
I gotta tell ya Annoush, Im actually kinda disappointed with the hospital Im at because they keep treating me like this is my hundredth baby and I should know the routine.

Ive told them that Im sick, but they said it was normal. they said oh, it will be done at 9 weeks. 12weeks.. by 14 weeks you should be fine. Well, Im at 18 and Im still going strong. ( I did talk to a really really nice person at my work, that suggested I may have a lot of active hormones or something like that, and that she was sick for the full 9months, with all three of her children.) So that did make me feel better.

Anyway, I told them about the water, and they said it will make it clearer to see the baby and what not.. so okay whatever. Like I said, if I didnt live in the freakin woods I would go somewhere else to have this kid.
No one should tell you pregnancy related nausea is over at 9 weeks. No way. For people who have it, it often gets better by about 12 weeks, but they sure as hell can't promise that, either.

I've known people who were sick up to various stages, and some of the ones who had it the longest did get a break at 7 or 8 months, so there's still hope.

It's perfectly normal to be sick like you are. It feels like crap, but it's normal. No one knows why it happens for sure, but the hormone theory is one of them.

(How your co-worker did it for 9 months three times is beyond me. I don't know if I could do it again.)

If it was me I'd forget about the water. Why is it the clinic in the UK did a perfectly fine ultrasound without it? THey might send you back and tell you to do it again, with a more full bladder, but personally I'd take the risk if I felt that bad.

Too bad about the attitude. It shouldn't be that hard to remember that even though they might have seen hundreds of babies, this isn't the case for you. And even if you worked with babies yourself, this is the first time you are having this baby, so how about a little respect for that?

I'm tired of having a constantly stuffed up/runny nose, btw.
I thought I escaped nausea altogether until I started puking in my 12th week.

Honestly, I hate doctors. I am only seeing one once to get an ultrasound. Otherwise, I am having my baby at home with a lay midwife.

When they take my blood pressure at the doctor's office it is sky high. When my midwife takes it in the privacy and comfort of my own home, it is normal. If I am that stressed at an office visit, I don't know how I could possibly push out a baby in a hospital. Hell, just making an appointment is stressful with all of the bureacracy.
I'm alive!! Thanks for your thoughts everyone!
The move was smooth, but they couldn't get our internet working and half the phone jacks don't work, so our computer is on the floor in the spare room - not conducive to chillaxin' online.
Cran, lots of folks have persistant nausea throughout the pregnancy, but it usually starts to get somewhat better before 20 weeks.
Our ultrasound was reassuring - the bleed had resolved. So I can climb stairs again! And go for long walks! And carry Chanibaby up the stairs!
Moxie: there's actually no study that has shown pen-related antibiotics, which is likely what you're on, interfere with the pill. Having said that though, we've all heard the anecdotes and better to be safe than sorry. You're probably good to use condoms for the week you're on it. See you all soon!
There was an interesting segment on the BBC 4 program Case Notes on pregnancy related nausea. They used mid-pregancy as the most common point in which nausea tends to resolve. As much as I felt like bursting into tears when at 9 weeks I read that most nausea "starts to resolve around 12 weeks" I'd rather hear that than get a promise of it going away and then it continuing on. (I just didn't know how I could stand another three weeks of feeling that sick all the time.)

You can listen here:

They also talk about ginger being helpful. I know it is for a lot of people but I tried it and couldn't. The last straw was when I stopped at Waitrose while I was travelling b/w workplaces and picked up some organic natural ginger ale and when I got there sat down to drink it. As soon as I took a sip I forcefully spit it out all over the place. No thought--just purely reaction. It also stopped the conversation in the room. "Well, I guess I'm not having that."

That was my last attempt at ginger for pregnancy induced nausea. I found lemon squash was helpful as was lemon oil.

(Squash in the UK is a concentrated drink mix. It has varying amounts of fruit juice in it, and you dilute it to taste. I got organic lemon quash that didn't have any artificial flavors and tended to dilute it quite a lot.)

The skin on my stomach is partially numb, like when you have local anesthesia at the dentist and it starts to wear off. Unfortunately my tooth is still painful.

I'm waiting. And waiting, and waiting. Less than 3 weeks to due date now.

Chani, very glad to hear your good news on the ultrasound.

Less than 3 weeks? You must be on edge. Wow. so exciting! biggrin.gif

I had my ultrasound Monday. I sucked down the water, went into the thing (actually VERY quickly) and seeing the baby... I forgot I had to pee. I was crying, laughing.. saying wow, and this is so wild.. a LOT.

Unfortunately, the little bugger is very wiggly. very very wiggly. It was all over the screen. She was like.. can you feel it? No. How about now? No. I got nothing.
So the nice little lady providing the show, checked for everything.. (which I wasn't ready for.) I was like.. can you just tell me what the hell this is? Or just finish this up now. THis was the LONGEST thing ever, and I was starting to be in pain. IT was taking so long, the baby simmered down and the nice little lady started pushing, and prodding at my gut. I wanted to really start crying. SHe says then.."oh, geez look at your bladder. That's pretty full. "


pardon my french.

Im having a mystery baby. Later after being told, I would be weighed. (What a hoot. I just drank 5 gallons of water.) This troll of a nurse gasps at my 11 lb gain. I couldn't believe she told me what I gained. NO other doctor has said a thing.
The midwife came in also mentioned my weight, my husband pipes up and tells them that he doesn't this that is correct since I have just drank of ton of water, and dressed like I'm in the Artic. I also told her, Ive been weighing myself everyday and have not seen such a jump like this. And she said... :"Well, you've only gained 13lbs in all. THat's great!"

Um.. so I'm not in danger or any thing?? No? Then why do I give a poop what I weigh?As long as I am not in danger I would rather not know. I am more dangerous knowing.

Anyhoo, my baby has a bright spot on its heart.. ( I thought this meant it was a fairy. It does not.) She told me that it is most likely nothing, seeing that I was negative in my Downsyndrome testing. But I have to go to a bigger hospital with a better ultrasound.. to find out more info.

I took 2 tests yesterday, and they were both positive! I'm so excited! First baby...only 2nd month of trying.

I'm feeling a little weird because I could not stop and told everyone. EVERYONE. including all my coworkers and my students!!! But most everyone has said they told everyone right away too... do you guys think I'm crazy?? I just can't hold it in. How can you not tell people for 3 MONTHS, or whatever?

Do you know any (other) good websites to go to? I looked at the message board on and it was NOT my cup of tea. I need a more Bustie type pregnancy site.
Hey aquagirl. Congrats!
I was so excited that I found it hard to keep quiet too, but miscarriage risk is somewhere around 15-20%. If I were to have that unfortunate outcome, I wouldn't want to have to share my sadness with everybody I knew.
However, chances are that everything will go well and you will have lots of support around you if you're feeling tired or pukey in the coming weeks! That's the upside of complete disclosure!
I've found it really strange being pregnant with #2. With my first I was so hypersensative to all the physical changes, and so emotionally focused on the potential babe-to-be. It seemed like a magical and really intense experience. This time I am so focused on the baby running around in front of me that I almost forget I'm pregnant at all. We visited my cousin's newborn today and I was totally shocked to realize that we were actually going to have a little soft sleepy one in a few short months.
I totally agree, cran, on the weight thing. It's actually a piss poor predictor for medical problems and yet carries so many social and personal implications. I wonder if they've ever considered discontinuing it from the antenatal forms?
That's why I waited to tell most people--the not wanting to share sadness part, just in case. Everyone pretty well knew I'd been trying for ages and that at my age (40 now) it was a big issue. (No, I don't usually discuss this at work. Long story as to why they did.)

I only waited until 8 weeks, though, as the risk is a bit better from then, and frankly I had to tell my coworkers as I was pretty darn sick by then and they needed to know in case I had to leave in mid-group or something.

If you can find any decent pregnancy websites (Ie, message boards), more power to you. I never did.

It does feel magical and intense. Those are great words to describe it.

Well, I'm supposed to scuba dive with the kids next week and now I can't, so I had an excuse for telling them...but I would have anyway! I really, really hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.
Try not to worry--it won't help anything and chances are you'll be just fine!
Hi everyone! I'm new to the Lounge and I'm also 7 months into my first pregnancy. I've been poking through this thread, and it's so refreshing to hear all that everyone has to say. I never realized how bizarre pregnancy actually was until it happened to me. There are soooo many weird and uncomfortable symptoms, ahhaha...I thought we were all supposed to float around gracefully with our beautiful pregnancy glow....not be crippled with sciatica and have swollen gums!!!!! blink.gif Hahaha! Nevertheless, even though I have a little foot persistently poking me in the ribs as I sit here and write this, and I definitely miss my Friday night social drinks, I can't wait to be a mother. I know that it is going to be an absolutely amazing experience! That being second pregnancy is going to be on hold for quite a few years so I can get over this first one! tongue.gif
Welcome Charmz!!
Seven months, well done! Sucks about the sciatica, tho...
Just got back from a fancier ultrasound (didn't have to drink a drop of water for this one smile.gif ) and found out that my baby is just shiny. Nothing is wrong with the heart, I'm at a very low risk of downsyndrome.. and everythings is healthy and very good.

I'm having a girl.
tongue.gif Her name will be Lola Mae.

Sooo! Just wanted to share the news. Hope all of you are well..
Love Cran
Thanks chani! Yeah, the sciatica can be a real "pain in the ass" ! tongue.gif Boooooo...that was bad! Hahaha! Only a couple more months to go though.

Congrats cranberrigirl! Glad to hear that all is well with your little bean....and Lola Mae is a sweet name!
Hello! I'm new to this thread, and seven month preggo. I enjoy reading the posts because I share many of the thoughts and fears.

Yeah, the sciatica and back pain is killing me the last couple of weeks especially. I've always had problems, but this is BAD.

But only a week and a half until my due date, which means sometime in the next month this part should be over (and a new scary--and hopefully wonderful too--part shall began.)

And pregnancy brain strikes again. I was just coming here to say something and by the time I typed that it was completely gone from my head. How annoying....

I was going to ask something.... what was it????


Good news, cran.

Nice dog, GHM! And hi!
Lola Mae! Cuteness! We've got Nora for girl (my wonderful maiden great-aunt's name) and Kiran for boy (another east indian/celtic name) - hopefully we'll find out at our next scan.
Anoushh, I sent my brother a birthday card a month early (Oct 21 instead of Nov 21). Placenta brain is right!!!
Only a week and a half! You could pop at any minute!!! See how the pregnancy wears you down until suddenly parenting looks waaaay easier than being pregnant any more? It's the magic of reproduction!
QUOTE(chani @ Oct 27 2006, 12:46 AM) *

See how the pregnancy wears you down until suddenly parenting looks waaaay easier than being pregnant any more? It's the magic of reproduction!

I've had that thought many times myself. It's amazing how my terror of how I'll cope with being a parent, etc, is fading compared to my eagerness to have this part over with.

I cannot wait to be able to sleep on my back again.

I think I'm going to go a week past my due date. I'd be very happy to be wrong, however.

Names! That's it!

I was going to say that while we have a girl's name picked out, we still don't have a boy's name. Ok, we have a boy's middle name, but no first name. But more worryingly, we don't have a last name. I don't like my name, I don't like the automatic "it's always the dad's name" and while the mister keeps suggesting my mother's maiden name (which is Armenian, and which she didn't want to change when she got married but felt compelled to do back in 1963) part of me isn't completely comfortable with the kid having a name different from either of us.

I have no idea what we'll do.

anoushh- we had friends who were in a similar situation- name wise. they decided if a girl- mom's name; boy- dad's name. Then, they got married and hypenated anyway. smile.gif but, the idea holds.

GOOD LUCK making the next "till baby pops" time.
We won't hyphenate our names--it would just sound silly. But that's as good a suggestion--if not better--than any we've come up with. I'll mention it to the mister. Thanks.

I know just about every woman (except those with preemies, and then you worry about other stuff) goes through this in pregnancy, but I am fed up with the waiting. And I'm running out of clothes to wear. And did I mention I'm fed up?

PS--yet another wonderfully cute picture of moxiebaby!
anoushh, would you consider changing your names to be the same as the baby's? that's what i did. no regrets. now i have other friends and family wanting to change their names too so they can join our tribe. very sweet that.

does anyone know if it's safe to take st johns wort during pregnancy?
Boy, one week old today. Updates in kvetch.

FAST labor--so fast I never managed to get my head around what was happening. But great, great, great care from the midwife, and the doula was worth every penny and would have been a bargain at ten times the price.

And the mister was FANTASTIC too. wub.gif wub.gif

And little boy--no name yet, darn it--is perfect. wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
CONGRATS!!!! I am so glad things went well for you and everyone is happy and healthy.
Can't wait to see you in the Hip Mama thread! (in the lounge under LTAS for some reason)
Congratulations Anoushh!!!!

How awesome and so exciting!!!!
Thanks everyone.

Can I just say again that hiring a doula was the BEST THING I EVER DID.

I'd highly recommend it. The mister was fantastic--couldn't have been better--but having an experienced person there who's job was to focus on me was SO valuable, espeically since my labor was so fast I never had a chance to get my head round the fact before I was overwhelmed by it.

Also another pair of hands was valuable. She basically rubbed my back for 1 1/2hours--and it made a huge difference.

Afterwards she went and got us something to eat.

And she's been very supportive about this whole breastfeeding fiasco as well.

Hi all,

this is my first time posting here. I am in my 10th week of pregnancy, and so far except for some queasiness everything's ok. Since it's my first, I am so excited I am squeeing on the inside pretty much constantly! Congratulation to all you other mums to be.


I started back at work on friday after a month off and had to leave the OR because I was fainty! I thought I was past this! Today I ate and drank juice between every case and stayed upright for 5 hours. They have started tearing up my floors today so I'll leave baby at daycare until he's finished his afternoon nap! Thus I can get laundry done... sweet...
Anoushh, you've convinced me...I want someone to rub my back for hours! Someone who's being paid to, so I don't feel guilty.

Chibi, welcome..nice to see someone who's so near to the beginning like me. I am 8 weeks along, getting fat ALREADY and I know, I know, it's not baby weight, just fat weight. I am starting to be sick a lot and I am cranky and tired. I am mad that I can't drink or do anything fun. I couldn't even get a massage yesterday and had to wait for my husband to get his! I didn't know you couldn't get a massage in your first trimester.

Also, I am excited for the baby but it just seems so far away, and I am really, really scared about the birth. I want an epidural, but there is a teacher at my school who is wheeling around PARALYZED from a botched epidural!!! that does not exactly make me feel calmer.

I don't want to bitch...I mean, of course I'm excited! But if I don't bitch here, where will I.
Aqua, really do look into a doula. I felt so much safer about the birth as soon as we'd hired her, and that never, ever changed. When my labor suddenly hit me HARD and fast--so fast I couldn't get my head around it, I just told my partner "Call Kara--tell her I need her now"--rather than the waiting a bit I'd been planning--and that made me feel so much better.

And I'll tell you, in the midst of labor--which had some scary moments--I did think "Maybe a needle wouldn't be so bad..."--I too am terrified of a needle in the spinal canal. But besides the fact I knew that by then there was no way on earth there was time to do one, I also knew that if, in fact, someone had been right there with an epidural ready to do I would have said no--and I REALLY, REALLY wanted it to be over.

This was also interesting re: findings of studies of continuous labor support (ie, doula services):

Benefits of a Doula

"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it."
- Dr. John H. Kennell, author of The Doula Book

The Cochrane Review on Effects of Continuous Labor Support, is the most recently systemic review of continuous labor support, which reviewed nearly 13,000 women who participated in 15 randomized controlled trials. The research findings demonstrate that women who receive continuous labor support are:


less likely to have an epidural or other "regional" analgesia

less likely to use any type of pain medication (including narcotics)

less likely to give birth by cesarean section

less likely to give birth with vacuum extraction or forceps

less likely to be dissatisfied with or give a negative rating to their childbirth experience

Listening to Mothers, a recent national survey of women’s birth experiences, rated doulas highest in terms of quality of supportive care during labor. Doulas were rated higher than family members, friends, nurses or physicians in providing emotional and physical support during labor and birth.

"Continuous support during labor should be the norm, rather than the exception. All women should be allowed and encouraged to have support people with them continuously during labor." - Hodnett and colleagues, Cochrane Review, 2004

Do research, get lots of information, and then make your choice. For some people epidurals are the right thing, but I feel a lot better when people can make the choice fully informed, rather than in a reaction to terror (which I totally understand!) I'd bet if you do some information gathering about the pros and cons of various approaches and supports (though again--no cons for a doula as far as I'm concerned!) you'll eventually come up with a plan you feel more comfortable with.

If you want more information on doulas, here's a link:
i had my first at home in the tub unassisted (google that, unassisted birth, boy is it inspirational!). i plan on same with this one. i certainly don't want any doctors around messing things up for me, that's for sure! and these days with all the regulations midwives are bound to so many "proceedures" it might as well be a doctor. a doula i would consider if i didn't have anyone else to attend but my little sister wants to come to this birth so i think not on the outside help. i don't really think i want the mister there either, little stress ball would be out on the deck smoking up every hour anyhow so he can just stay at his house until the next day.
i loved having my babe at home, it was totally relaxing and not painful at all. of course, right at the end it feels like nothing you've ever even dreamt of feeling but that part is over so fast it's totally endurable. i think it's neccessary too, there you are open to another realm and if you aren't as rooted in your physical body as possible either or both of you can just slip right through to the other side. that pain (which is a really inadequate word for that experience, i didn't think it was painful at all) is neccessary, i believe it serves a distinct purpose. and, really, you only get to experience your baby's birth once, i wanted to really be present for it, for all of it. it was great.
It's great to read about the different approaches to childbirth. I am pregnant with my first and am due on December 22nd. I will be birthing @ my chosen hospital with the regular doctors and nurses in the birthing center. A few years ago I was critically injured and spent a great deal of time in the hospital. I experienced first hand the benefits of pain meds and other treatments that saved my life. So, as a result, I am very comfortable with my option to use an epidural or pain meds if I really want to. (I actually had an epidural for one of the surgeries I had to have on my arm)

For Aquagirl3--It's a great idea to take a childbirth class that covers every option pros & cons, and be sure you are comfortable with the knowledge and experience of whoever it is you choose to deliver your baby. Like Anoushh said, "do your research, get information, than make your choice." You know your own comfort level. Childbirth is a major trauma to the body, and our bodies can totally handle it, no matter what method is chosen.

Good luck and enjoy the new life brewing inside you!
Hi, I have a question. i had morning sickness for a few weeks, and though I am feeling better now, I still can't really muster up much of an appetite. In an average day, I might eat a bowl of oatmeal with berries, an orange, a small salad, soup and an omelet. When I was having morning sickness, my midwife was very supportive, but now I am afraid that I am starving my baby. I have tried finding info on the internet and can't find how much I should be eating. There are still lots of things that I just can't concieve of eating (e.g. most cooked veg, big ole hunks of meat). If anyone can help here I'd really appreciate it.

eat what you can. trust me, the bebe will take what it needs from you. Your midwife will tell you if you aren't gaining enough, and if the bebe is presenting small. The entire time i was pregnantm, I couldn't stand real kid turned out fine.
Moxiegirl is completely right.

I dont know how far along you are, but int he first trimester make sure to take folic acid. Other than that, do what you can, and don't worry. It will get better and the baby will be fine.

I had severe sickness the first tri--baby is fine. I've known people who were sick much longer (though that's unusual) and babies all fine. Unless someone tells you there is a problem, don't worry about it. Eat what you can and that's the best you can do. (I haven't eaten any meat in over 25 years, btw. And I lived on bread and a little cheese in early pregnancy.)

Babies are remarkably efficient little parasites. wink.gif

annoush- where are pictures of little not-bob???
Ugh. I feel sick ALL THE TIME. and I am only at 2 months. stupid baby.

I know, I know. it's a good sign, and whatever.
You are at the peak time for sickness. It will go away. I promise.

I was sick EVERY SINGLE SECOND too at that stage. I know how horrible it is.
Remind yourself it will go away.

Lemon helped me. Smelling lemon essential oil and drinking dilute lemonade.

blech, nausea. and, as if That wasn't enough, what the freaking HeLL am i supposed to wear?!? i just ransacked my entire wardrobe and i have literally TWO pairs of stretchy pants that i can still get on. grr, i'm about to start cutting stuff up to recon it but then i'll have destroyed everything i might want to wear later.
seriously girls, i have a ton of fabric, what are we supposed to put on when we look like this? got any good suggestions? it's been 6 years since the last time and i just forget what i wore back then. well, actually, since i waitressed in a fine dining restaurant until i was 8.5 months i remember what i Mostly wore back then but i'm not dressing like a penguin this time, forget it!
I'm not sure what's wrong with me lately... Is it pregancy hormones or the impending birth that's getting me all freaked out lately?

I've been worrying nonstop the past week or so about all sorts of scenarios. Last week's Greys Anatomy now has me completely paranoid that I' ve come this far (34 weeks) only to have something happen and the baby to die in utero. I'm also freaking out that the baby's going to come soon and there will be some problems from being a tiny bit premature. I've barely been having any BRaxton-Hicks so I'm not sure why I'm worried about preterm labor. I just think that I'm finding anything and everything to stress about. This is so not like me. I'm usually very laid- back and try not to stress at all. It's driving me nuts! Grrr!!!!
anticipation can drive you crazy. try to relax and chill out a bit but don't get yourself all freaked out about freaking out. it's totally ok. it might just be like your version of the nesting instinct. take heart and make sure to read and/or watch some really positive birthing stories where everything went right.
my little guy came 1.5 weeks early and he was just fine. small enough fo no tearing too so Bonus! don't fret.

i am craving celery. i just made a pot of cream of celery soup because i had to many outside ribs in the fridge, i've been tearing them apart and eating celery hearts like mad! what a funny craving.
ok, so i guess i should come and post in here.

i'm still walking on eggshells hoping that nothing bad happens, but i'm 6 weeks pregnant.

it was a LONG time coming (over a year and a half since my miscarriage/blighted ovum at 5 1/2 weeks) but we're ready for it. now i just wish it would feel more REAL. i had some nausea (ok, A LOT) on the weekend. not so much today. my boobs are a little sore and i'm tired as hell. my pants are a little snug, especially toward the end of the day.

the biggest thing is the sleepiness. i could really just go to sleep under my desk right now. between that and the inability to concentrate, i feel like a moron!

first appointment is set for next monday and because of what happened last time, they're doing an early ultrasound. i'm really hoping and vibing for a heartbeat. we found out at 5 1/2 weeks last time that there wasn't a baby in the sac, and then waited for two or three weeks to bleed. i don't think i could do that again.

pepper, i guess we're right about at the same timeline. are you having any anxiety like this? every time i feel a little cramp, i get a little worried. and, i'm on 'panty patrol', checking for blood every few hours.

don't get me wrong, i'm trying to be positive and for the most part, i am! i just know how bad it hurts and i don't want to lose this one!

anyway, what i meant to do was come in and say congrats to everyone and just officially join the fray. so. here i am!!

congrats! yay you! mylast period was sept 20, are we at the same time?

girl, you stop that stressing right now mama. your bod wants to feel sleepy and happy right now, don't go giving it any cross signals with the stress-fest! you'll only hurt your own brain and belly so cut it out. i know you said that you are focusing on the positive and that's EXACTLY what to do. times like 30. really, read some awesome stories of amazing birth. i have a book that is totally and entirely about women giving birth on their own and even if it's not what you want to do yourself is it EVER inspiring! one women births her own twins, one breech of course, in the tub while her hubby is in the next room sleeping on the couch, no joke! it's a totally uplifting book.
the leboyer book is awesome too, that's the doctor that developed the practice of water birth (sort of) in the 60's (my wee sister was born by leboyer method when i was 6, they let me watch in the hospital, how neat-o!).
if the doc tells you you have something to be concerned with, then you get concerned but don't freak yourself out with "what ifs" because they never end. be happy, be positive, be gentle with you. and take some efa's, that will clear up the feeling like a moron thing. it's pure brain food for you and the baby, max dose up until after you finish breastfeeding at least. it helps to prevent post-pardem too.

yay! babies all 'round!
pepper, you've inspired me. ever since my pregnancy (boy is 15 mo. now) i've been droopy and lethargic, and your mention of EFAs made me go look them up, so i happened upon an article about the importance of EFAs in pregnancy and lactation (still BFing here), and it sounds like i'm going to have to start downing the EFAs by the cup! i'm a prime candidate for a deficiency since i don't really like greasy/oily food but love the creamy goodness of bad fat (my trader joe's chocolates made of palm oil, for example) and so much of the fat i get is bad fat. plus, apparently your baby gets EFAs from your breast milk, which explains why HE's doing great and i am skinny and crabby.

i just ate a cup of flaxseed. it actually tasted really good. anyway - thanks!

and congrats to FJ, pepper. et al.!

* end threadcrash *
hi again.

thanks pepper. i needed a little reassurance. and i promise that i AM being very positive overall. i've been trying to live in the NOW a lot. i just have a few hours here and there in which i get sort of scared and feel a little negative.

but everything i've read says that the mild cramping i'm having is pretty normal right now, so i'm gonna go with that. i have my first appointment and ultrasound on monday the 20th, so we'll see then.

i also looked up EFAs and i'm happy to report that i'm already taking some. i've been taking pharmacuetical grade fish oil supplements for a couple weeks now. can't say it's helping my brain work very much though. blink.gif but hopefully, it's helping the little beansprout! i guess i'll buy some flaxseed also to add to it. my bff told me to take them. she has the most alert little baby boy and attributes it to the omega-3.

i had my last period about 9/30 so i guess i'm a little behind you. funnily, we'd been trying for a while and had just decided to officially stop until the new year. so i'd stopped tracking things so closely, even the first day of my lmp. i know it was within a day or two either way, though. smile.gif guess we'll find that out at the appointment too.

also, i read your post about unassisted birth and visited a few links about it. wow. it's pretty impressive to say the least. some of the descriptions sound awesome, although some were a little preachy against assisted births. i don't think i could do that myself, though. i always wanted a water birth at home with the help of a midwife. but now i'm a little unsure of my ability to birth naturally at all. i had a lumbar fusion a few years back, as well as having a vertebra replaced completely with titanium. i already deal with a lot of pain each day and i'm not sure how pregnancy will affect my body. i can't wait to find out of course! i am hoping it'll still be the awesome experience i've always imagined (nausea aside). i'm hoping that things won't be too hard on my body and that i'll be able to deliver naturally, but also readying myself for whatever is necessary and best for me and the baby (i.e. c-section).

even though i think each woman should give birth how she feels most comfortable i totally get why those girls are so heavy handed with the insisting on unassisted birth. i got SO MUCH FLACK for it my goddess, you'd think i was jabbing my belly with knitting needles every day with all the negativity people literally poured out onto me. so much fear based nonsense. they wanted to run about a thousand crazy tests on me, i just told them all to stuff it. so what if they had found something, i still would have had that baby, no matter what. why stress a mama out with alla that info when she doesn't want it and it doesn't make a difference to her choice in the end? the universe is unfolding as it should and i have a LOT of faith. it's all good, so far's i'm concerned.

girl, i thought i was having some wicked bad pms. bitchy, boobs all out of sorts, bloat, cramping, headaches, gah. i still get crampy twinges but no wonder, it's under construction in there. it's not like i'm not going to feel it or something. it unusual, to say the least, and no wonder. i have this awesome book by lennart nilsson, a child is born, it has actually pictures of the baby through all the stages of development, is it ever cool! totally crazy what's going on in there. don't be surprised by weirdness.
yeah, i've got a couple books left over from the last pregnancy and every time i read what is happening this week, i am in awe. it's so incredible that i'm creating life. i know it sounds cheesy, and yes i'm farting into the couch while i write this and feeling so tired and icky at times, but i'm in awe.

and honestly, already in love.

did i mention that i'm also weeeeepy?

ETA: have you tried ginger for your nausea? i've heard you can grate some fresh and boil it into a tea. i haven't tried it yet, as i've only been nauseated for one day so far, but that'll be in my bag o tricks...
i barfed ginger lemon tea on the way to school with little actually. not working so great for me i'm afraid. i've been giving that homeopathic remedy that chacha recommended a try, nox vomica is what it's called. so far no luck though, i still feel pukey.
Grenadine, stop worrying! The trader Joe's chocolate is good quality, is it not? And the palm oil, if it's not processed with chemicals (which I kinda doubt since Trader Joe's does have a reputation to uphold) is actually extremely good for you, with really necessary medium chain fatty acids. Those are really vital in pregnancy and nursing (and hell, any old time, really). If you like the palm oils, you really should add some organic extra virgin coconut oil to your diet too. It really helps you and baby. So healthy! And we've been told for so long it is not.

We've been sold a whole bunch of lies about fats, don't believe the vast majority of it--it's the heavily processed commercial oils and trans fats (all margarines, for example) that are dangerous to eat.
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