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Oh, and "Come out new and meet your mamas, fiddler baby!" vibes all around.
I think the one I used was this one

Tons of info about baby carriers here:

(Ignore the fact that they don't seem to acknowledge not every baby wants to be carried, at least not after the first few weeks.)

Yes, I can see how the memory of bleeding would supersede the memory of illness. For me it was both the severity and the unrelenting-ness of it that was so very hard. And it lasted for about 8-9 weeks, which is a long time to be constantly ill.

But yes, the thought that this meant that everything was actually probably very healthy with baby did help me get through.

You mentioned bananas were a no go for you this time? One day at about 9 weeks I said casually to a co worker, when we were making small talk on a break, that I wasn't drinking a lot of tea, but there was no way I was giving it up all together! (Remember, I was in the UK then--tea is very important!) I swear, the next day I couldn't drink tea. And I never could face a cup as long as I was pregnant until he was born. Then the next day--tea was fine again.

It didn't make me ill, or nauseated. I just very, very firmly didn't want any. Then it sounded good again. This was hard on my English husband, who wants to make a tea for every occasion. Upset? Tea will help. Happy? Tea to celebrate. Cold? Tea will warm you. And so on and on and on and on. I came to see the wisdom of this over time, btw.)

QUOTE(anoushh @ Jun 23 2008, 09:16 PM) *
This was hard on my English husband, who wants to make a tea for every occasion. Upset? Tea will help. Happy? Tea to celebrate. Cold? Tea will warm you. And so on and on and on and on. I came to see the wisdom of this over time, btw.)

that is just like my family! tea solves everything! and all the stories in my birth book end with a nice cup of tea smile.gif

i love the lavender smell of sudocreme.

hi, nakedmolerat, sorry i missed your name on my list! hope you're doing well. i should add that i only have this stuff already because my SIL is so organised - all i have obtained by myself is a 3-pack of sleepsuits, one outfit age 2-3 months, one t-shirt, and a cute shirt that my little brother wore as a baby (he's now 26). left to my own devices i would have done absolutely nothing so far!

sleep and birthing vibes to fiddler
anti-puking vibes to moxie
happy and healthy preggo vibes to all

fiddler, i heard those last few weeks were nearly unbearable! comfort vibes to you!

nakedmolerat- i'm totally comforted to hear that you are leaking, too! also this week, my hands started falling asleep randomly and i have occasional leg cramps at night. its nothing thats too bad, just reminders that i'm getting more and more pregnant!

i was away this weekend at a wedding, and got to spend some time with my cousin annie and her baby girl, olivia. she gave me lots of baby advice... you all were talking about slings. she has this really cool fleece sling. it comes as a really long rectangular piece of fabric, that you wrap in a certain way around your body. she used it with olivia as soon as she was born, and was still using it this weekend, now that the baby is 13 months old. she says it was one of her must-have items. here is the link:
Moby Wrap

last night my boyfriend and i went to the mall, and bought the baby these really cute legwarmers. they are also on the mobywrap site- i swear i don't work for them. check these out:
the ones we got are skeleton bones. that was the baby's first item of clothing that was not bought on clearance or sale! i'm not totally cheap, just thrifty, and besides, the stuff that is on clearance now is more appropriate for october, when he'll be born.
Hi all!

My first time in this thread... hoping to get some good advice from more experienced gals!

So, I'm about 9-10 weeks pregnant and I'm diagnosed with IBS. It normally not so much trouble, just general bloatiness and minor cramps. But since the beginning of this month it got a lot worse. I've been to the gyno emergency twice because I have horrible cramps. Sooo, they do an ultrasound to check the foetus and then tell me I'm constipated and should take some laxatives. Which I've been doing for weeks now..

So far I've tried:
flax seeds
psyllium seeds
lactulose (some kind of mild laxative, gives me more cramps)
inolaxol (some kind of fibre to improve the texture of your faeces smile.gif )

But seriously, I'm still in such horrible pain. I do manage to go to the toilet, but what comes out is in very small amounts and hard... (Sorry if I get too visual here...)

As you probably understand I'm getting desperate... I also don't want to take any strong pain-killers, all I've tried is paracetamol... which doesn't help much.

And as far as med care is concerned... I got a telephone appointment with my gastroenerologist on Friday! Yay! *irony*
It hurts so much I almost completely lost my appetite, since eating makes things worse...

Any advice is appreciated... good luck to all with pregnancies and babies!
swedish...welcome to my life! Also preggers, also IBS. The hormones seemed to have kicked it into high gear. As absurdist as this sounds, try foods that are a bit greasier than normal...seems to work for me.
hay-lo preggos!

haven't been able to check in lately but did read blanche's birth story and now i'm all weepy! congratulations! and yes, what a lovely name (though it does make me think of project runway!!)

i'm 8 1/2 weeks here. sleepy all the time. constantly feeling like i'm on the verge of puking. haven't actually tossed cookies, just nauseated at every turn and gagging. can't even think of cooking *ew* chicken! *ew*. i have been eating a lot of peanut butter and apricot preserve sammiches. and granny smith apples. and bacon. mmm. bacon. it's def a repeat of last time where that's concerned, but i'm just a lot sicker feeling this time.

i recieved a wipe warmer for jackaroo at my shower. i liked it but would never have asked for it. i mean come on... i live in near-tropical florida. and it broke about six months after he was born. so, now it's just a glorified heavy plastic wipe holder. 'roo wasn't into the sling-wrap and i returned the one i had but i think i might try this fleece one that you guys are talking about.

*~*soothing, restful vibes for fiddler*~*

love to all the rest of you lovely mamas to be!

FJ- what's v2.0's due date? you're a week and a half ahead of me...I think I might get a birthday buddy! smile.gif Today, the sickies seem to be at bay...yesterday, tho,...ugh.
january 30th, mox. but the doc said they'll prolly schedule me in one week early since we know we'll be doing the c-section this time. i have a new doc and he said he doesn't even want me to attempt to deliver with my rods. he said he couldn't believe that my doc let me try it last time even. and after what happened, i tend to agree.
Just a reminder to the tired, constipated and gets better. Tri 2 is heaven. I can actually keep after work appointments, lots of energy, dance party in the uterus and super human nesting skills. Not trying to rub it in, just attempting to give you hope.

A friend told me to put a tv remote on my belly when the baby is can actually see i move around! The boy loves it. This is the fun part I've heard about.

Welcome to our new recruits and of course positive vibes to the "old timers"
hells yeah on the scheduled c-section. Based on the calendar, I'm Feb 6, but it will likely be a January bebe for the same reason. My mom went 2 weeks early with both my sibs, i'm basing anywhere Jan 15-later.

I do look forward to the baby olympics! That was the one part I really missed after moxette was born. Months 4-7 were wonderful!
hi everybody... hope today's queasies are at bay.

like i mentioned before, my best friend is also pregnant. i spent the night with her this week, and we talked about things we'd need for the kids. she mentioned to me that she does not want anything plastic to use with the baby- no plastic toys, no plastic bottles, no plastic tub, etc. she said that since plastic is a synthetic, she is concerned about bad things from that material getting into the kid. let me give you a backstory- she works at a natural foods store, plans to deliver without meds at home, and lives a very green lifestyle. she mentioned to me that although these are the things she plans to start the baby out with, she knows that some of them might not be practical and she may end up switching.

what's your take? should we be concerned about plastics? i really hadn't given it a thought.

also, if anyone else is concerned about plastics, are there websites that sell products you would recommend? i want to start getting her some presents she'll like.
re: plastics - yes, i'm concerned. i plan on breastfeeding and using a pump so my sweet can feed as well. we bought bottles that look like boobs (andiri) because they are bpa free. there are other bottles that are bpa free but we liked these. also, the breast pump i want is pba free. things like the bath though, i'm not so worried about. i know that there are many dangers out there and i'll do my best to protect my baby from them. i realize that i won't be able to protect him from everything - from all evil. so, yes, i'll be using a plastic car seat to keep him safe. i'll use pharmaceuticals to help him if and when he becomes sick. i'll put him in my gas powered pollution emitting car to go to the farmer's market to get fresh organic veggies to eat to make him good breast milk. i'll try to be green but there comes a point when you just gotta do what you gotta do. make sense?

sending lots of anti-puking vibes to our frist tri moms. enjoy being able to see your feet!

re: plastics - yes, i'm concerned. i plan on breastfeeding and using a pump so my sweet can feed as well. we bought bottles that look like boobs (andiri) because they are bpa free. there are other bottles that are bpa free but we liked these. also, the breast pump i want is pba free. things like the bath though, i'm not so worried about. i know that there are many dangers out there and i'll do my best to protect my baby from them. i realize that i won't be able to protect him from everything - from all evil. so, yes, i'll be using a plastic car seat to keep him safe. i'll use pharmaceuticals to help him if and when he becomes sick. i'll put him in my gas powered pollution emitting car to go to the farmer's market to get fresh organic veggies to eat to make him good breast milk. i'll try to be green but there comes a point when you just gotta do what you gotta do. make sense?

sending lots of anti-puking vibes to our frist tri moms. enjoy being able to see your feet!

Hmmm, I don't remember where I got this...but its helpful re: plastics. We bottle fed moxette, and will at least supplement this time around. I will switch bottle brands, though. PLastic toys, bath, cups, etc. don't bother me as much, though, to be honest. I do smell and taste liquids from the cups before giving them to her, and anything heated isn't on the plastics...alot of the leaching comes from heating the plastic. (environmental professional alert...) The BPA is a "volitile" organic compound, and its pretty volitile when released from its stable form. So, similar to asbestos, if its stable, it ain't so bad. When its disturbed (in this case, but heat), its badder.

Anyway, the websites.

Safe Mama
i know that not everyone has had the chance to comment yet, but as far as what fiddler and moxie are saying, and what i've seen on the safemama site, it seems that instead of avoiding plastics as a general category, we might start by looking for BPA free products. is this a good way to start?

fiddler, i looked at those andiri bottles on a site that safemama linked to, and they are really cool!

i am going to breast feed, but will need to get him used to having breast milk from a bottle before i go back to work. then, i intend on keeping him on breast milk, but am open to the idea of supplementing if it becomes necessary. i am sure that i will be asking advice on bottles and breast pumps later this summer...
Hi all!

Thanks for the support! I'll try eating more greasy food, moxie! At this moment I'll try just about anything...

Anyway... on my third visit to the ER I got yet another laxative... It's called Forlax and works slightly better than the previous ones... I even went to the toilet today, yay! *happy number 2 dance* It still hurts like hell, but things will improve, I guess!

Interesting about the plastics.. I never really thought of it before.

*happy, happy, queasiness-free preggo and beby vibes to all*
Hello all, It is lovely here in Seattle! Long awaited sun is upon us. Unfortunately it seems it will hit the 90s today...just remember we don't have AC in this part of the country. In the grand plan I would have been pregnant through the winter and spring avoiding the hot months....sigh.

We toured the birth center at Ballard Swedish this past week. It was nice to see that there were several couples on the tour that have chosen that hospital despite the travel distance. Just lends more credibility to all the great things I've heard about the facility. Probably not new to most of you, but I was surprised to find that there was no nursery. You labor, birth and recuperate in the same room, the baby never leaves your side. Unless you need the rest of course.

Several people (including me) commented on having heard that the epidurals are very good there. They have a nurse whose only job is the epidural and I've heard several times that they do a good job of keeping them dialed down so you get relief, but you can still move around. My biggest fear is not being able to move. I'm still up in the air about getting one, but knowing that you don't have to be totally immobile makes me feel better about the option.

I'm actually going to go into a baby store this week! Need to check out the stroller/car seat/general baby stuff. On line is a great way to do research but I think I need to touch, see and smell things to truly understand how they work.

Any opinions on cord blood? Donation or storage?

Hope everyone is well and lucky enough to have a beautiful mild day.
phew, what a fucking scary weekend. i had a bleed on saturday night and went to hospital...they gave me steroids in case the baby came early to help it produce surfactant...kept me in the delivery suite overnight to monitor us both and then transferred me to the antenatal ward for the day, i was discharged last night with instructions to rest for a week. they diagnosed a slight placental abruption (placenta separating from uterus) but seemed pretty positive about it not recurring if i take it easy, and they have scheduled follow-up checks to make sure the baby continues to grow ok etc. the dr reassured me that even with as much as a third of the placenta out of action the baby can still continue to thrive, and from reading my books it sounds like if i had a full-blown one i would definitely know about it. given the relatively small amount of bleeding she thinks it's just a little bit though

i am only 29 weeks and was so scared sad.gif

it really hit me when i got home last night, i started crying almost as soon as we walked in the door and am again now.

i guess this is a reminder for me to take it easier and leave the rest of the decorating to my bf. who was amazing btw. it would have been so much worse without him.

and the hospital and staff were great, i can't fault them at all. i am feeling quite emotional about the NHS. i am pretty sure that a home birth will no longer be an option for me but i totally don't care any more, my birth plan now is: keep baby in as long as possible, then get baby out, healthy. the rest is detail.

baby, by the way, was a champ throughout, plenty of movement, heartbeat didn't falter. it's hard not to obsess over baby's movements now though (and not to prod and poke the poor thing every time it stops for a rest).
beck- goodness, me! GLad you and the wee one are doing OK. take it easy and put those feet up! My mantra re birth is this: Healthy ME, Healthy Baby, good birth. Period. You just take it easy and know that each day is one step closer to term.

Me, I'm a bit nervous b/c our scan is tomorrow. In my head, i know that if anything were drastically wrong, I'd know by now (8 weeks), and i'm getting sicker and bigger, so I'm sure this one is sticking...but still. Gulp, gulp.
Oh Beck, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Sounds like all will be well if you rest, so do as the docs say. I would be a wreck too if that had happened. Good news is that babies lungs are developed now so baby could survive outside. But no one wants that.

Did you feel that? Those are good happy sticky baby vibes heading to the UK via Seattle.
Beck, I am so glad you and the baby are ok! I can only imagine how scared you were when you first noticed the blood, then having to go to the hospital! I am thinking of you and your family, and am glad the little one did well through the whole ordeal. Take care of his Mama! Enjoy some chill out time.
thank you guys!

and good luck for your scan moxie!
Oh beck, how scary! I had an emergency visit to the hospital when I was about 7 weeks and was pretty damn scared then. I can only imagine what it felt like for you.

( And I know what you mean about the NHS. When the mister and I went back for our first trip back in October, I got kind of misty seeing the NHS logo on a sign at Heathrow. I mentioned it to him and he said he'd felt the same way. I worked for the NHS too.)

I'm glad things are better, and it sounds like you are all going to be ok. And your birth plan is just right. Your birth plan before was right for the situation before, and this one is right for the situation now. You do whatever you need to do to feel safe, and for everyone to be healthy.

(One thing kind of funny did come out of my A&E visit and overall experience. We had tickets to see Billy Bragg play in Leicester a couple of days later. That was about an hour away from us, and I decided that with everything I just couldn't manage the trip and especially being up that late and having to get up early int he morning. So I reluctantly didn't go, and gave my ticket to the mister's grown daughter.

At about 12:30 am I woke up and wondered where they were, as at 11 they'd called and said they were heading home. So I phoned and he answered and I said "where are you?" He said "In the dressing room with Bill. Here--talk to him!" I declined, pointing out what on earth would I say? "Sorry I couldn't make it---I thought I was having a miscarriage a couple of days ago but it was just a bladder infection*"

Then, suddenly BB has apparently taken the phone from the mister and is saying hello, how are you, (Fine, I say) and telling me they'll be playing in Portland in September (we were moving to Oregon). Blah, blah, blah, and then he says goodbye and a bit later the mister and his daughter come home.)

She later told me that he was insisting on taking the phone and practically grabbed it from M. Also, someone, upon hearing that M was having a baby with his partner, mistakenly congratuated her. Poor thing was horrified and hastened to explain--"No, not me--he's my dad!"

And I went back to sleep with the very strange thought in my head that I've just talked on the phone to Billy Bragg.)

*and that bladder infection was weird. Ended up feeling exactly like early/mid labor and nothing at all like any other bladder infection I've ever had.

Here's hoping no more dramas for any mamas to be.

And I wonder how fiddler is doing? I think of her often as the little man's new favorite word is "twa!" for "truck" which he yells whenever he sees one.

Mox, good luck on your scan.
scan went smashingly! saw the wee one, heartbeat, 2 arms, 2 legs, etc. Everything looks great. I go back in 5 weeks for another ultrasound (replacing the quad screen) and appt. Looks like early LMP, Feb 6, by US, Feb 9... so thereabouts. Also, my practice has just hired a new doc, fresh from residency. A nice, young, woman! Makes me very happy to see 2 middle-aged men recognize where the future of OB is. And, that is by their admission, too! I meet her next time.

My elder child, however, not great. Tonight, just a freakin pill. I'm gonna have a cookie and go to sleep.
congratulations on your wonderful scan, moxie!
congrats from me too moxie!

baby here is bouncing around happily and i am gradually calming down! classical music seems to help chill me out.

happy preggo vibes to everyone!
Good news, Mox!
hi all! just checking in for a quick minute to say YAY for great scans! and beck, please keep us posted and take good care of yourself! i'm glad to hear the baby was fine through it all.

i'm still sick-y a lot, just not as much as a couple of weeks ago. tired too. but i think it's definitely getting better. i'm almost 10 weeks right now. jsut starting to pooch out a bit.

ok, better get back to work before IT figures out i'm on here and blocks me.
quick update for fiddler. . . started having regular and pretty hard contractions yesterday early afternoon. labored at home till this afternoon. went in to hosp. 50% ef and not at all dial. sent home with a shot of morphine to get some sleep and see what happens next. last i spoke to her, both fiddler and wife are well. so send good vibe to her.

i am pretty excited! gonna see little man soon! well, maybe, anyway, possible that the morphine will stop labor.

I'm so very excited for Fiddler, and hope she can get the rest she'll need for delivery!!

Yesterday was my 6 months checkup- I've gained a total of 15 pounds (gained 4 this month), passed my urine screen, have good blood pressure, and the baby has a great heartbeat. However, I did fail the glucose screening, so I will be taking the glucose tolerance test next week. I failed by 16 points.
ooh how exciting! smooth delivery vibes for fiddler!

glad everything went well for you pink, and good to hear you are less sick fj
Best wishes for Fiddler and family! (Thanks for the update, shiny.) How exciting!

Pink, I think it helps to not say you "failed" the test. You didn't fail at anything. That's my point of view, anyway.

I had the same experience, but had no real problems with the official full test. The screen has a very high rate of false positives. And if the test shows GD, you can manage it. Good luck.

Fiddler baby soon! Whoohoo!

after a nice LONG sleep last night at home, i feel much better. still having ctx but much better able to deal with them having slept. now i'm just waiting for some magic sign that i really am in labor. last night, they said i was prodromal labor. ok. labor but without my cervix dilating. come on, cervix, stretch already.

thanks for the well wishes.

I keep hoping for a fiddler update. I mean, I understand why there wouldn't be one. I'm just excited.
no fiddler baby yet. we went swimming today, fiddler and wife, me and my 2 kiddos. she looked pretty comfortable. no longer in labor.
Good morning! take care and have the delivery of your dreams!!! (((healthy bebe/,mama vibes)))

Pink- I had GD, and I swear, the worst part was the torture test. Actually managing it was a breeze.

Moxette has started talking to bebe each night at bedtime. I take this as a good sign. Her caring/set up my world properly view will make her a very good big sister. So, get this, between November and March, I will have 3, yes 3, nieces or nephews and an infant of my own! BFF's are also preggo. Our 2 yr olds are 8 weeks apart, and now the babies will be 7-8 weeks apart, too! COOOL.

Ok, off to work.

hi everybody! Moxette sounds so sweet! I was just 18 months when my little brother was born but was very happy with the new addition and used to try 'help' change his nappies! (dabbing giant splodges of cream onto his butt haha)

had my checkup this morning, me and baby are fine - it was pretty funny - just as i laid down i noticed a giant hole in the crotch of my bf's trousers and was frantically gesticulating and mouthing 'trousers' at him so he would shut his legs. What a surprise, my blood pressure was a little higher than usual laugh.gif although not enough to worry!! baby heartrate was fine too. i have a scan booked in for next week and another antenatal appointment but they are very happy and said there is no reason for the rest of the pg not to go as normal. very reassuring. they even said i could still try for a home birth but to be honest after this i think i would feel more reassured in the birth centre knowing i am near the hospital facilities if anything did happen. but still, it's nice to know that that they are relaxed enough about my risk level to offer it as an option.

i keep looking in for fiddler updates too! super exciting!

hi all. i'm sorry i've been so bad about updating. i'm frustrated and crabby that i haven't had this baby yet. i'm glad that they stopped labor if my body wasn't cooperating. i was absolutely worn out with it. i'm starting to get contrax again but now that i've rested, i feel like i'm good for it. nothing regular, must lots of b/h.

we have an appt today. i'm curious to find out if my cervix has dilated at all. i really hope it has. i'm so ready to have this baby. so ready to meet him and hold him in my arms.

thanks for checking up on me.

Um, no apologies necessary. You have other things on your mind!

Good luck. You'll get there!

(I'm always so amazed at the variations in labor. My experience was NOTHING like this.)

Beck, that's very good news about still offering you the option of a home birth. Like you said, if they are comfortable enough to offer it still, they must consider you very low risk. (And funny story about the trousers/BP.)

Pretty amazing timing there, Mox! I bet that's really made things easier/more fun.
hi all. had appt today. doc was just about as crabby as i was. oh, well. i can't expect him to have all good days, huh? i sure don't!

i'm 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. at least that's something. more than on thursday.

now i'm off to find somewhere cool to hang out.

Good, good, good! That's progress, right?

Good luck and best wishes, again. smile.gif
Sounds like everyone is doing well. Good luck Fiddler, it will happen soon! Moxie, Moxette sounds adorable! Beck I'm really happy to hear that things are back to normal.

My allergies are kicking my butt all over the place. This is the most uncomfortable I've been in a while. I have cats that I don't usually react to unless other things are blooming. It's at the point that I wish I could scratch the inside of my sinuses. The neti pot helps quite a bit, I use it twice a day, still I wish I could use my nasal steroids. I have a doc appt friday and will ask.

Other than that the house is coming along and my mom will be visiting this week, which will be fun. It's been awhile since I've seen her. And not since I've been preggers....she's more excited than me, but that's because SHE can take Allegra for allergy relief.
At night time...try a benedryl. It worked for me last time, and is on the "safe" list.
At night time...try a benedryl. It worked for me last time, and is on the "safe" list.
ohhh...random double post! I'm all stretchy through the ligaments today. And, i'm sneezy. Awesome pregnant day. smile.gif
first day back at work, never thought i would be so happy to sit at my desk and plough through tons of emails, but normal feels SOOO good.

kelly, on the allergies, i read that using vaseline (or something similar) around and in your nostrils can help trap the pollens and stuff before they make it to the airways. allergy season is over for me here so not tried it myself, but might be worth a go?
Ha, read this: Letter to my pregnant self

soooo...i don't want to scare all you first timers....but, ya, there are truths to those words. Although, thank the goddess, i never had spit-up in our bed. Granted, that's mostly b/c we didn't bring the bebe into bed with us until she was too big to be rocked back to sleep. But still.

My BFF and i realized that we are due exactly 1 month apart. Super coolness! That also means that between us, ALL of our 5 children (3 existing, 2 coming) will have birthdays between End Jan and End March. NOT so super coolness. I wonder how much the babies will resent a joint party until they're 18?

We were GOOD pregnant ladies and went to the gym yesterday. Not the ice-cream shop, as we thought about, but the real, live gym. We both live in fear of giving into the bad foodie cravings and gaining fatty pregnancy weight. Mostly, b/c i KNOW i'm gonna be lazy once the baby comes about working out. It DID help my mood, tremendously, so it was worth it.

So, for us 2nd timers ( first timers could probably give it a shot, too), how about a short letter to our pregnant selves? I'll start:

Dear M,

This second time is really real, despite the lack of problems so far. Here is what you need to remember, for the next few months, and into February when your wee one arrives:

Take care of yourself. Pregnancy isn't a sickness, but it is a change. You can't push yourself like you used to.
Moxette is a terribly special girl, and she is already excited about being a big sister. Relish her now, while you still can.
Understand that you cannot possibly love both your children equally...just like a marriage is never equal, but always shifting. You will love each of them fully for who they are. You will. Stop worrying about this.
Paint that damned room!
Deal with the fact that you are showing way too early, and wear the preggo pants.

Love, M
i passed my glucose tolerance test!!!
thanks for all the support. smile.gif
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