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Thanks everyone. I know that in the end, it really doesn't matter. The boy and I will be extremely excited and my mom is already coming up with weird combined names for the kid...exactly the response I would expect from her. She will definitely be the cool grandma that likes to do fun stuff and spoil the grandchild.

I just feel selfish and terrible for not being open and welcoming to the new baby, which, let's face it, is going to need as much love and support as humanly possible to grow up and be a healthy human being. I figure after some times I will be able to be adult about the whole thing and support them as much as they need.

Just not today.

Blanche, I can't wait to hear your birth story and see some pics. Hopefully you will drop us a line after you get some rest (ha!).

Amnio result NORMAL.

It's a girl!!
congrats kelly!!! smile.gif
wow congratulations! that's so great! and a little baby girl BUSTIE! woohoo!
So I found out I just have a really bad infection in my stomach that is causing me to be so off.

I'm really exicted to read all of your stories... congrats everyone
bummer deal sandy, but at least you figured out the issue. hope you feel better!
HEY! i had a girl! geesh!
Hi all.

I know I haven't been around in awhile. Things just got busy in my life. I'm doing alright and my pregnancy is going well. I think the last time I posted was the pregnant ladies Roll Call. Oh, I tried to post after that, wrote a comment to each person's answer, pressed "add reply" and voala, gone forever in cyberspace. I was so tired that day that I gave up. Anyway . . . I'm here. I'm 31 plus 4 and doing well. Starting to think maybe I can't get any bigger. I bet blanche feels even more done than I do.

Kelly - congrats on a girl! You're going to have fun. Little girls are so fun to buy stuff for. (well, so are little boys).

Blanche - good luck on your upcoming delivery! I look forward to hearing how it goes.

everybody else - keep on keeping on.

I'll try to read to catch up.

Glad you pregnant mamas are still here.

HEY,I was wondering.When you're pregnant and the doctor do blood work and everything else. Does that blood work count as an HIV test also? Thanks in advance.
HEY,I was wondering.When you're pregnant and the doctor do blood work and everything else. Does that blood work count as an HIV test also? Thanks in advance.
Generally you have to sign a consent form or request that the blood work include an HIV test. I would, however, caution you towards doing this if you feel you may be positive, since some states require certain types of treatment for HIV+ pregnant women, the legitimacy/benefits of which are hotly debated. So, unless you are okay with the state choosing your treatment for you, it may be better to have the test done anonymously.
i finally had to take out my belly ring yesterday, i haven't seen my belly button in years and it looks weird. sad.gif

oh well, i still have a fair amount of scribbles and suchlike...

we took some belly photos last night but they need some kind of techy stuff doing to them before i can post them has fancy new camera...

whateverfitsyou, here they do a routine HIV test with pregnancy blood tests but i don't know if it's the same in the US. i'd ask your doc what they are testing for. they should be sharing the results of whatever tests they did with you.
my friend out at the cottage had a baby girl too. she doesn't post here, she is computerless but still. at least there are some girls out this way!
whateverfitsyou, i'm in canada and here they do hiv testing with the blood work. you don't have to fill out any separate forms, but they tell you they are testing for it, and if you do not want it tested, you can refuse. at least that was my experience.

in my circle of friends, it was all boys for a while and now the girls are starting to arrive. actually, now it's becoming a bit of a mix.

hope everyone is doing well!!
All of my close friends have had girls over the last year. Many of my coworkers have had boys. My world is looking 50:50.

We told the inlaws about the news and they are very happy. They even offered to watch the baby while we are at work which will be a HUGE help. We will have to see what pans out.

So fertility after giving birth. I'm hoping to have two children in pretty quick succession, mostly because of my age. Anyone know how long it takes to become fertile again after the birth?
6-8 weeks presuming you were fairly regular previous to pregnancy. I've heard of "Irish Twins"...babies born 11 mos apart!
Yep, the mom of one of notbob's friends has a sister 11 months apart.

Notbob's dad has two grown up kids 14 months apart.

(Me, I couldn't even imagine having sex again for a lot longer than that, but that's not true for everyone--obviously!)

I also recently ran into my childhood best friend, who is my age (nearly 42) She has a two year old and just had a baby a couple of months ago.
i have three pregnant friends from college or work. one is having a boy, one expecting a girl, and the other, too soon to tell! hopefully by friday i will know whether we are having a boy or girl. my ultrasound is scheduled for then. i am kind of nervous about it- not about finding out the baby's sex or anything, just hoping that all the measurements are spot-on and that the baby has all of his/her important parts, etc. my bf is coming along, which will be nice.

kelly, i am absolutely thrilled with your wonderful amnio results! i'm so glad for you and i know this must be very reassuring.

i am 19 weeks and 4 days currently. feeling the crampiness, which is fitting because my belly has gotten a lot bigger. things must be stretching out. i am also noticing that bending over and sitting at tables has gotten interesting over the past few weeks! for about a week or two, i have officially looked pregnant.

hope everyone is feeling good today.
really, i can't imagine having sex that soon after either. it was 1.5 years after little, ha! no inclination whatsoever.
baby girl is nearly a year and i guess i could do it now but he would have to work really hard to get me in the mood and he'd have to be FAST! because holy maude am i ever tired!
just had my scan, i'm 23 weeks. everything is fine, we didn't find out the gender though so i am officially having a surprise! the baby has very long legs (which figures, my bf is 6 ft 3), and was sucking its thumb wub.gif

kelly, my friend has daughters 13 months apart, and my (irish) friend's sister has irish twins! breastfeeding might postpone your cycle coming back for a bit (although that wasn't the case for the irish friend wink.gif )
Hey hot mamas and hot mamas-to-be, I'm going to join the hot mama club in October!!

roll call:


first or subsequent pregnancy?

how many weeks?
19 weeks 3 days

having a girl? boy? surprise?
our technician said it's a little early to tell but that it looks like a boy

next appointment?
hmmm... having a scatterbrained preggo moment... sometime in june?

best thing so far?
seeing the baby on the ultrasound- he had hiccups and it was adorable! i also have a better appreciation for my mom, and the pregnancy has brought me closer to her and the rest of my family.

i'm already in my fifth month and i still throw up... i'm tired of feeling tired and not being able to sleep on my back is making me crazy!!!
Hey Beck, that's funny that you said that about the length of your baby's legs- it looks like mine has really long legs too!!! My boyfriend has long legs also, and I keep picturing myself holding a lanky baby! hahah
just me
New to the fourm and I am new to the whole pregnancy thing. I have a question for you all. I had my last regular period March 29. I have a longer cycle that is usually 39 days. Well I was late for my last "period". It was day 43. I think I might have had implantation bleeding. It lasted for 2 days and was really really light. If it was indeed implantation when should I take a test? Have any of you have this happen to you? Thank you all so much for your help.

And congratulations to all you lil pregnant mammas!
that's exactly what happened when i was pregnant with my daughter. I'd take a test just to be sure. $20 ain't gonna break the bank, right?
nakedmolerat- our due dates are probably really close together! mine is october 11, when is yours?
I'm curious--besides beck, does everyone else know the sex of the child they are having?

I didn't want to know, and the drive for everyone to know prior to the birth upsets me a bit, for reasons I can't explain very well, for the most part (and that I'm sure are purely emotional and illogical, I'm sure.)

Not that I'm being critical of anyone here wanting to know. I'm just wondering why everyone feels that they "have" to know. I mean, it wasn't long ago where it wasn't an option and we all lived with that just fine, didn't we? So I'm seeking some feedback from others to help me understand differing points of view better.

Also, beck, I can't remember--is it typical for people in the UK to learn the sex before the birth or not?

The long legs thing reminds me of something else. notbob's dad is tall, but has somewhat short legs in proportion to his height. However, when he was born, after a couple of hours he said "have you seen his (the baby's) feet? Since he was wrapped in a blanket I hadn't noticed. I unwrapped him and sure enough, they were long and skinny. The Mr's mother said that when he was born he was the same way--that they said his feet were so long he looked like a letter L.

And as it turns out notbob is a very tall boy (with long legs).
nakedmolerat - welcome! ugh. still with the morning sickness, huh? that sucks. i hope it goes away for you very soon - like two months ago already!

justme - i'd test. dunno where you live, but in many places in the US, you can get tested for free at a planned parenthood clinic. Also, dollar tree has $1 pg tests. if you want to be pregnant, i hope you are.

blanche - you feel like an old timer, huh? you're so almost there! i'm 'jealous. i'm 32 weeks and feel HUGE! the whole "increased energy in the second tri" thing - gone! just let me sleep. ugh. I hope you're still feeling good.

for the record - i'm having a boy! found out at about 19 weeks. been very excited ever since.

to all the other preggo busties - hang in there!

as to finding out, i was very non committal to the idea. moxieman really wanted to know. i think he wnated to rule out a set of names, seriously. We didn't get a ton of super girlie stuff, either. still kept the nursury "winne pooh" colors, as we may well have more kids someday and need a "boys" room. For moxette's "big girl" room, we're painting the walls a sky blue, b/c her bedspread is "bug picnic" theme...ladybugs and cutsie spiders, etc. girlie, but not princessey. Great touch on the gramma front!

blanche - you must be getting so excited!

nakedmolerat, congrats and welcome!

justme, good luck with the test, hopefully it works out the way you want!

anoushh, we found out more because of curiousity. my husband really wanted to know, so that kind of pushed me into wanting to know. it doesn't matter either way for either of us - boy or girl - we're just excited to be having a baby. the ultrasound technician said her "best guess is a girl", so we're prepared for the fact that we could have either a boy or a girl. we've been referring to the baby as a girl, though, and have a girls name all picked out (we're still stumped on a boys name). we're doing the baby's room in winnie the pooh, too - mostly neutral colours. also - a reason i wanted to know - i really don't like referring to the baby as "it", so before the u/s i was always saying "he/she" and stuff that like. it's just easier to now say "she". (but it could be a he!). sorry if that was all long-winded.

i'm off to lie down soon. all i want to do is sleeeeep!
Both the boy and I wanted to know, especially since we were doing the amnio and the sex would be 100% accurate, chromosome X or Y. I also work in a lab and my science brain always requires as much knowledge as is available. If I couldn't know I would survive, but I can, so I do.

Also, knowing it's a girl has allowed me to sort through the various pinks available to me for decorating....just kidding, don't hurt me. I havne't done a darn thing to prepare other than scour craigslist for furniture. My goal is to buy all the big things second hand or get it for free. I see no need in spending money on things that will only be used for a short amount of time.

Loverufus, I too am always sleepy still. I have good days and then yesterday, I left work early, took a 3 hour nap then went to bed at 10:30, how is this humanly possible? Also my exercise has dropped to three days a week...sigh. I haven't gained any weight, which my doctor recommends, but I'm a bit worried I will if I don't keep my activity up. Also my eating habits are crap, I just don't want to eat vegies, odd for me because I LOVE all vegetables, especially cauliflower, kale and cabbage. I'm still into bread cheese and sweets. I'm sure that doesn't help with the sleep thing.

ha ha ha, exercise? i haven't done that in a long time. my job is pretty physical (massage therapy), so i count that as my exercise...
i just took an hour and a half nap (only waking up from night sleep a short while before) and i could have slept...maybe all day? i love sleep.

kelly, how far are you? i still am not big into vegetables, but at least they don't revolt me as they did earlier on. fruit is still a number one craving, so at least i'm getting that. right now chocolate is fast becoming a number one craving. make that a necessity.

anyway - off to prepare my huge lunch for work.
I'm 17 weeks today. I can eat tomatos and fruit, but anything green and/or leafy doesn't sound appealing. But cheese smothered in cheese, yes please!
Awww thanks for all the warm welcoming everyone!

PinkMartyr, our due dates are really close! My due date is October 12th! That is awesome! I hope your pregnancy is going well!

As for the need to find out the sex of the baby... I originally didn't have much interest in knowing as I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy without anyone trying to impose their gender stereotypes on my poor fetus before it was even born. But I figured, hey, that's going to happen for the rest of the baby's life anyway, and I'm going to do my best to give it a fair upbringing, so when the technician offered to tell me I didn't refuse. The information was there, so I just took it.

Well, congrats to everyone and I hope you are all feeling well!!!
Thanks for everyone's replies.

I typically am a planner and don't like surprises either, but it's not like anything was going to change if we knew the sex. And I totally didn't want anyone else's assumptions/stereoptypes/whatever to be activated any sooner than I needed to. But those aren't the reasons I was so adament in not wanting to know. Illogical as it may be, part of me felt very strongly it wasn't "natural" to know (unless there was some compelling medical reason to know.)

Also, I had the same thing with early-ish pregancy. I was really, really sick constantly for about 8 weeks, and it verrrrry gradually lifted after that. For ages bread, cheese, and refried beans were what I could eat, and even then only a little. Maybe through some rice in there if someone else cooked it. Oh, and dilute lemonade. Interesting. I guess your body compensates for you eating less by making sure you eat protein.

Kelly, Freecycle and other similar groups were very helpful in getting baby stuff for me. I got really nice clothes and other baby things that way.
In Ireland it was really common not to know the baby's sex before the birth. Don't know if it is still, but it was at the point where you didn't even ask parents-to-be the baby's sex, as it could be seen as an intrusive question. *shrugs*
ooh busy board!

welcome molerat and justme (justme, i got my preggo tests cheap on amazon, tons cheaper than from the chemist)

Anoussh, i think here it's 50:50 - some of my friends found out and others didn't. my sil found out and initially my bf was keen to know, i really didn't want to. Partly the 'unnaturalness' you mention, also the thing about not loading it up with gender stereotypes too soon. Plus, there is a part of me that would love a girl, but i know once its born i won't care at all, so i figure why find out? Oh, and the other big bonus is people can't buy us hideous baby stuff with princesses/trucks. My latest 'find' of wildly inappropriate babywear was a t-shirt i saw the other day, for a 2-year old girl. It wasn't pink for a change, but emblazoned across the front (in cool, old-fashioned circus-style writing) was the phrase 'SHOW GIRL'. And a t-shirt for a one year old boy that said 'lock up your daughters'. like you are raising the kid to be a sex pest or something.


kelly, i was not really into veggies, especially greens, but now am starting to want more of them. cheese was a big thing for me too. i think over 9 months it will even out. my diet is pretty good now although i am hankering after sweet things more, not really a craving, more just that when i'm hungry doughnuts sounds sooo good!

i'd second anoussh on freecycle - where i live is quite a deprived area and so there isn't much on our local one (i tend to give stuff rather than take it), but my SIL has scored me some great stuff from hers in a richer part of the country. My mum said she'd pay for cloth nappies - the only thing we will need to buy is a cot - bargain! (well, i have bought a few clothes because they were so cute, but not much).

just remembered sth else on the gender thing - my friend found out, decorated the room, picked a name, bought clothes and everything - and it was wrong!

ETA: moxie, moxette's room sounds great!
me again, cross-posting in hip mommas ~~~

anyone know of any good resources (books or internet) on baby-led weaning? a friend of mine is having a great time doing it and my SIL is interested, i thought you might have some recommendations. all the weaning information i've seen is very much geared towards pureeing stuff into mush.

so i was just fooling around on babycenter, reading the "20 weeks pregnant" guide, when i stumbled upon the october expectant moms thread there. this lady was saying that she went to her ultrasound and got bad news about the baby.

my ultrasound is at 3pm today and i am so nervous! so, i am staying off the potentially alarmist baby sites for the rest of the day and trying to chill out.

we are going to find out the sex because i have a strong feeling that its a girl, and want to know if i am correct or not. the reason why i'd like to know now as opposed to waiting til birth is because like blanche, i am a planner, and having visions/daydreams about my baby will be more realistic if i know the sex. somehow (this might sound nuts to all of you who are already moms) i feel that knowing will help me bond with the baby a little more before birth.

anyone else experiencing 2nd trimester itchy-ness? ever since i cut down on soap usage and started using burt's bees "mama bee" things have gotten better, but sometimes i just have to take one of those aveeno collodial oatmeal baths for relief.
pink, i know it's hard (my 20 week scan was this week (23 weeks) because of delays getting it arranged) and i was really nervous - to the point that i said to my bf i wouldn't have one next time round. but actually, the odds of something being wrong are really very low - especially for something serious. One of my books has a chart of the odds which i found really reassuring.

before the scan, i felt like the only purpose would be to tell me if something was really badly wrong and to decide about an abortion, which i just didn't want to have to think about. but actually, they are also useful in diagnosing things that can be dealt with before the birth or to inform your healthcare choices. for instance, a cleft palate diagnosis would not have been a big deal in terms of how i felt about this baby but i probably would have switched to a hospital birth rather than my current plan. it was also interesting - they told me that my placenta is at the front, on top - i had suspected this as i only feel kicks/punches in the lower part of my belly.

i was super-itchy as all my skin was stretching, and none of the oils i tried (including Burts Bees) worked at all. The Body Shop body butters have really helped - they might not be totally all-natural but they are at least not paraffin (sp?)/petroleum based.

good luck, and let us know how it goes!
i didn't want to know at all and i'm glad i didn't find out early. turns out i "knew" anyhow but there was nothing like that feeling of greeting those small people and seeing their faces for the first time with no idea about their gender. and then nothing like checking them out and acknowledging "i have a son/daughter", those were extra special precious moments.
my mom nearly fell over when i told her #2 was a girl, she'd been in the bathroom with us for a few minutes already and had been too excited to remember to even ask, ha! she's totally thrilled with our little girl.
I didn't want to know because babies get inundated with gender crap for their whole lives and the womb seemed like a place for the little one to be free. In retrospect, it was hard on everyone else who wanted to buy clothes and stuff--but it was a nice surprise. But it stunk that most folks thought not knowing meant pale yellow and green clothes--why are these the sanctioned colors? what about all the other colors--red, purple, orange. gray, etc...? I was so tired from the labor the midwife had to tell me to check out the wee one and announce the sex--no one knew until I peeked. It was funny. I still dress her in 'drag' and it's really interesting to see how men especially respond to her as a little dude.

Beck, Dr. Sears speaks about self-guided weaning in the baby book but he doesn't say too much. Maybe his breasfeeding book has more to say.
beck, thank you so much for the kind words and rational advice this afternoon! i read your post before i left for the appointment, and it was so reassuring to hear about your thoughts and experiences.

my scan was great! to my great shock, we are having a BOY!!! like i mentioned before, i thought it was a girl- i hope my "mother's intuition" improves! we saw him yawn, and he was moving his arms and legs. the best part was when the ultrasound tech explained that he had all the body parts and organs that she was looking for, his cord looked good, and that i shouldn't be so worried!
yay, pink! happy the scan went well. smile.gif

re: the whole sex of the baby thing. even though we think we're having a girl - i don't recall receiving any really "girlie" things for her yet. my mother-in-law, who apparently keeps adding to a stash of baby things for us (she gives us a few things as 'gifts' everytime we see her) has been doing an amazing job at keeping things pretty neutral - and not just with yellows and greens. the only pink thing so far is a veeeeery soft winnie the pooh blanket. and if we have a boy - i'll be using that blanket anyway. it's just too soft not to use.

pink - yeah for a healthy little one, huh? very cool!

hey all other preggo busties - anyone interested in posting belly pics again? i love seeing belly pics

ugh, pink clothes. after she was born that seemed to be the only colour that existed anymore because people brought me LOADS of it! i imagine that would have been the same if i'd known before hand too, by the time she was out the sight of light pink would have had me screaming i'm sure! (loverufus, you are so very lucky to have such a rockin' MIL!) i'm finally, finally down to the last of it and have bought my own mulitcoloured wardrobe for her. people mistake her for a boy ALL THE TIME because i avoid dressing her up like a cube of hubba bubba and it confuses the crap out of nearly everyone. she has a girlie face too but still, she's wearing her bright yellow turtle neck that says "i'm a little tiger" and that just spells out B.O.Y. for most people.
oh well, whatever. pink ain't her best colour anyhow, just like mama.
One note re: Pink. We had limited pink when moxette was born...lots more purples, cause i think purple is nice. 2 years later...she almost always chooses PINK when asked what she wants to wear...unless its Camo pants! Same thing with the Princess thing...I was SO against the marketing gimmick, yet she LOVES them. I could either be mad and resistant, or make up stores about how the Princesses are on Ninja Warrior. Right now, we're sitting with all her princess dolls (8 of em), wearing CARS PJs, watching Toy Story with 2 bandaids on EACH knee from running in mud scrapes.

Point of this? Eventually, the best we can do is guide and expose. PLus, some of the girlie clothes (little onsie sundresses!) are adorable.
I just figured out how to resolve the vegetable issue....Veges covered in CHEESE. Why oh why did it take so long to figure out. Now someone get me a watermelon.
kelly, you crack me up! last week, i wanted watermelon. i went to the local grocery store, bought the last watermelon they had, and came home. i cut it in half and proceeded to eat half the damn watermelon, all in one sitting. the next day, i ate the other half. oh, yummy!

pink, congrats on the scan, really glad it went well!

for clothes, both my mum and MIL have a good idea of my taste and have got some great stuff - lots of bright colours, stripes and patterns. But I'm also eagerly taking hand-me-downs from my nephew which are mostly blues and neutrals - i figure everything is useful at the early stage when they need changing all the time anyway.

oh, and it's kind of pricey, but american apparel (sp?) do the cutest karate pants in really awesome colours - i'm going to ask people to get them in different sizes this christmas.

Fiddler, i really want to post a belly shot (and maybe some of these cute little clothes too!) but still not figured out how to upload onto photobucket from the new computer - as soon as i do, i'll put some on.

anyone else got backache? i'm getting twinges in my right butt cheek!!
Turns out the tests were wrong and I am pregnant... the period that I thought I was having was just spotting of some sort.
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