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I've never even considered a home birth, that just freaks me out. I mean who cleans up? Yuck. I've been trying to convince the boy that he will do all the diaper changes and I will take over post potty far no luck. I'm just not into bodily functions, you know.

I often joke about being fully medicated, but I do think I would like to attempt natural child birth...partly because the idea of a needle in my spine is enough to send me to the moon. But also because it's supposed to be best for the little one (there is that).

Things that make sense are being able to move around freely, squatting, using gravity, warm baths. I guess the birthing room at the hospital i would be using have whirlpool baths to help with the labor.

I really don't know. It's still early, lots to think about.

blanche, your doc sounds cool. i should say i'm not anti-meds or hospitals per se, just in favour of informed decisions, and i don't think all docs facilitate that. some folks will feel happier in a hospital and that's cool. I'm also influenced by all the people who i know who have had home births who have said positive things about it (including my mum, who had my sister at home when I was 8 or so, and i slept right through it!) So, not that i think it will be a walk in the park, but I know it can be done.

it's as much the post-birth part as the actual labour - at home I can get in my own bed afterwards, and pee in my own clean bathroom, it also sounds like breastfeeding can be easier to establish following home birth, which is cool

oh, and kelly, the midwife cleans up!

loverufus i hope your finger is ok?
QUOTE(beck @ Mar 13 2008, 02:34 PM) *
(including my mum, who had my sister at home when I was 8 or so, and i slept right through it!)

Incredible, you slept right through it? You make a good argument for being at home, the idea of familiar surrounding sounds great. I know many women do it and have done it for years, generations, eons before modern medicine made pregnancy more of a disease than a part of life, I just can't imagine it.

I'm glad the midwife cleans up. Do you know what rooting is?
Hi ladies! I am really excited for all of you. i have a 4.5 month old and she's really worth every last bit of the struggles of pregnancy and birth. beck, I did a home birth, and will just say that it took 40+ hrs.--it was challenging and great. What a sense of accomplishment. The one thing I would do is ask the midwives what their limits are--it there a time limit? Would they inject you with pitocin if you are not progressing? (this is what ultimately happened in a case like mine) We hit this fuzzy zone when the midwives and my family wanted to transport me and I was determined to stay. I wonder if in the UK there is more of a standard protocol of treatment since home births are not that common in the US. Good luck all!
blanche et al...a word on epidurals. So, the short version of moxette's birth is that i had to be induced at 39.5 weeks (low amniotic fluid), but it didn't "take" for 4 DAYS. On day 4, I finally got miracle epidural. LOW dose, as blanche noted, b/c I was making VERY little progress. I couldn't use my legs after the, I'd suggest staying away from it if you want to be vertical/squatting for pushing. That said, I thought the worst part was the shot they give you before the epidural, to numb the area. It timed perfectly with a BAD contraction, so that probably had alot to do with it. When I eventually had the c-section, obviously the dose of the epi was turned UP. I had zero bad side effects, except that my right leg was all prickly for a few hours after the epi was removed.

eta...isn't rooting where the newborn first looks/feels for nipple?
has anyone had a cold while pregnant?
i have a pretty good immune system, normally. i work at an elementary school, and my first year i got all the nasty illnesses, but after that, i've been doing just fine. i read today that during pregnancy your immune system is suppressed slightly. yesterday i got a sore throat and cough with a temp of 99.1. i've taken tylenol and robitussin dm, as both are on my doctor's "safe during pregnancy" list. i just feel kind of weird about taking medication during pregnancy altogether, but i feel ill and know that can't be good for the wee creature, either. any experiences or thoughts?
i had a WICKED cold at about 7 mos...i lived on sudafed (plain) and tylenol and benedryl. Call your doc if you're unsure.

Oh, and no bebe...the MRG visited last night. Its cool, actually...we're still having a TON of fun trying, and we really wanted the bebe to come winter-spring, so this is a good thing. Just glad the 2ww is over. smile.gif Strange, though, no real PMS-y signs. Odd.
well, you all know how i feel about having babies at home and natural and all that. i think it takes bravery to do it the other way, frankly.

you know, when you feel like crap your body really just wants you to rest. if you can do that, you're golden. if not drugs can make you feel better but they don't make you get better. only rest and time can do that.

rooting is an infants instinctive searching for the nipple, like a little piglet wink.gif .

my friend had her baby on friday, at home with a midwife. it's a girl, 7-9. no tearing, they are both doing so great.
now i have someone to give all these adorable little pink clothes too since blanche is having a boy!
Thank you moxie, blanche, and pepper for sharing your thoughts and experiences. This is my first baby, and none of my friends in my city have children yet, so your expertise really means a lot to me. Thank you for listening and typing back!

I called my OB's on call number today. They asked if I'm having cramping or bleeding (no), If my temp can be managed with tylenol (yes) and If I can keep fluids down (yes). Due to my answers, the OB said I did not need to go to the urgent care center today, and to call my PCP in the morning for an appointment. If they did not have any appointments for that day (which will be the case I'm sure) the OB's office said they would definitely see me, so not to worry. I am taking Monday and Tuesday off, and can take more if I still feel like I need the rest.
Blanche, you know this, but YOU are having the baby, not your partner. You do what's right for you.
He needs to to support that and to also remember that every birth is different, even in the same mom!

And it's good to have a plan--very good to educate yourself--but when the time comes things may be very different from what you expect. Best plan in my mind is to educate yourself, have an idea of what you want, then be willing to be flexible.

I gave birth standing up. I hadn't planned on it, but I hadn't planned against it. It was just what seemed right at the time. Most of the labor I was laying down in my side, then when the baby started to come into the birth canal suddenly it was clear to me that I needed to try standing up.

Be aware that a standing birth can increase the risk or the severity of a tear. Squatting has this effect less. However, in my case the birth was so fast I think the tear was inevitable.

Even with a partial epidural I don't know how you could do it standing up, so look into that. I was dead set against an epidural, but I wasn't totally closed to it either.
I knew there could be circumstances where it would turn out to be the right thing (Moxie's case being a perfect example of when I too would have had an epidural, I'm sure.)

Rooting is as Moxie said.

If we'd been living in our home I'd have been all for a home birth. I wasn't particularly interested (nor was I against it) when I first got pregnant, but I really changed my mind. I was lucky and had a very nice setting in a lovely birth center in an Arts and Crafts style old home. Sadly, that birth center is closing as a new hospital is being built in a formerly undeveloped area. (The current hospital is about two minutes from the birth center by foot, in an older neighborhood.) There was something really nice and special about giving birth in a home, even if it wasn't mine, rather than an institution. I made a brief trip to the hospital before I went to the birth center and I was SO glad to get out of there, though nothing bad happened. It just felt wrong, and very limiting.

Again, for me that was right. It won't be for everyone. I can see making different choices myself in a different situation. I just strongly suggest people examine carefully out culture's biases about birth--biases which masquerade as "science' and "modernity" but are really just biases based on assumptions, cultural values, etc, not facts.

With that knowledge different people will make different decisions. That's fine. It's good, in fact. We all have different circumstances, worries, hopes, health concerns, etc. I just believe so strongly in being informed, however.

As for clean up, any home birth midwife will be very expereienced in preparing you for the birth. I had to leave the bedroom I gave birth in to get stitched up in another room and by the time I came back you'd have never known I just had a baby in there. Cleaned up beatifully and the nurse had put my bloody socks in cold water to soak. And there was a MESS before. My water didn't break until his head was engaged, so pretty much all the amniotic fluid came out with the birth, and the tear meant a fair amount of blood.
Oh, and the sickies have my sympathy. I had terrible toothache during my pregnancy (damn you bad British dentist!) and I remember having a nasty cold. It was discouraging.
I have some reading to do to catch up (I'll do that later).

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that my sweet is back. She's so tired that she's not that sweet right now. Maybe tomorrow. I'm glad she's home, crabby or not.

yay fiddler! have a happy reunion (once she's had some sleep)!
baby blues=not enough essential fatty acids, Especially if breastfeeding because baby is stealing it ALL. i mega dose on them, i swear it's what keeps me cheerful.

i think there was some discussion with Chachaheels about a better formula but i don't know how to look that stuff up. she frequents the natural health thread though if you want to ask her in there.

no box of fun stuff yet?
The best formula is one that your baby doesn't get an upset stomach with. There's not a lot of difference, really. Some babies dont' tolerate DHA that's so popular now, but most do. There's no one best formula. For me it was important to use an organic formula so I felt better about it, but that was just something that helped me feel more comfortable.

Try not to worry about it.

And postpartum depression is multifaceted and complicated. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Yes, a depressed mama is very bad for baby. Many people find they love the time breastfeeding, demanding though it is, so you may just as well feel that way.
So, formula. Anoush is right, the one that is "best," is the one that your baby likes best. We used both the regular similar powder and the Costco version, which by the formulations, have exactly the same ingredients and percentages, etc. Moxette did WAY better with the costco version, less gassy. The baby books all say get the cheapest one your baby likes...and I have to agree. As far as I could tell, the main difference between Costo/Target/Meijer brand and the name brand was, well, branding. And, if you're concerned and want an emergency backup, tell the staff at your hospital when you deliver...they'll send you home with samples. That way, if it doesn't work out, or if you need an emergency supplement, you've got a stash that will buy you time to figure it out.

For me, breastfeeding was just not a stressor (physical and emotional) I was willing to deal with after a trying pregnancy and hard delivery - and moxette thrived and is healthy, strong and smart as a whip. The most important thing is that the baby be well fed, and "well" includes that the parents are happy and content with feeding, too.

Hi All! OMG, I got the quesies big time. I used to be fine with all the vitamins, but I'm having big issues with the fish oil this week. Lots of burps that make me want to blow chunks...sorry TMI. Does anyone have an opinion on Flax Oil as an alternative? Does it taste differently....on the repeat?

Week 8 officially started on Yesterday. Things seem good.
Kelly, congrats on reaching week 8, and on the queasies, hope they don't last too long for you.

i think i'll be in the minority here as most of you guys are american, but here they don't advise any supplements other than folic acid for the first trimester, so i avoided the puke-inducing supplements. I'm of the school of thought that the body can better absorb nutrients from their natural sources than from pills, and I eat oily fish 2-3 times a week. Interestingly, my hair and nails are the best they've ever been, which a lot of people attribute to the vits but i think is just the hormonal changes. Anyways, my bf does take fish oil, and i know he finds them less hard on the stomach if he takes them at night, maybe that would help, you might sleep through the fishy burps?

lapis, i meant to reply to your post sooner, thanks for the info - i will definitely find out what the policy is if labour is taking a long time. i have my second midwife appt in april and i think that's where i can start asking all the questions! (the first one was them doing the asking - all the health stuff they need to know - necessary but boring).

In other news, I finally got laid! Woohoo! We'd been holding off for the first trimester (combination of nervousness and tiredness) and it was driving me crazy! Have a good weekend all!
Beck that's just awesome! I am so non sexual right now it's crazy. Not that I don't feel the need, it's just that the bloating and tiredness don't help to make me feel "rowr", you know? My boy is going a bit crazy, but very understanding. I hope things change in T2. Anyway, I'm jealous.

I'm totally with you on the supplement thing, but I worry about the mercury in the fatty fish, so I've opted for the purified form, also, fish is just not appetizing right now....cheese and toast however...yum! And celery, i can't get enough, what is up with that?

Grow, baby, grow, disco inferno! I think we should institute a dance dance Friday.
The second trimester is easier for most people. I was so sick all of the first trimester sex was completely out of the question. I never felt fantastic, like some people say they do, but second was definitely better.

I would worry about the mercury, too. I only took folic acid supplements. I spent the first half of the pregnacy in the UK, the second half in the US, and no one ever said to take anything but folic acid.
Beck, I'm sure you are right about the hormonal changes being responsible. It's so hard not to worry about your diet, but the most important thing in the first trimester (besides obviously avoiding harmful stuff like drugs, alcohol, contaminated fish, etc) is actually how your diet was before you were pregnant. If you ate a healthy diet and were well nourished, you can actually get by with a pretty narrow diet just fine.
(That's true re: the folic acid, too. People who had a diet poor in folic acid prior to pregnancy are by far most at risk of spinal cord defects. Thankfully supplements can make up for that, though.)

Flax oil doesn't taste like fish and is a good vegetarian alternative for the omega-3s, if you want to take that. YOu can add flax seeds to your diet, but if you do it's best to grind them up right before you use them (and keep them in the fridge) so they don't go rancid. You can sprinkle on cereal, etc.

ETA: Blanche, I hope I didn't sound like I was trying to dismiss your concerns about breastfeeding. In re-reading my post I was afraid it might be taken that way. I just meant that while some people do find it difficult and hard to cope with (especially when there are other extra stressors in your life like difficult delivery, or post partum depression, or whatever) there are others who find it very enjoyable as well, and you might be one of them.

If not, you do what you need to do to take care of yourself. As you so rightly said, a depressed mama is very bad for baby. You need to take care of yourself to take care of the baby. Good luck!
the purified fish oil is the best and there are some brands that don't produce a fishy after burpy taste (eww!). the next best is hemp as it's got the perfect balance of omega 3's and 6's. flax is not balanced in that way so it should always be taken with extra virgin olive oil to add what it's missing. and it tastes funky to me. i still eat it but it was an aquired taste for sure!

i think you guys are right on the fish thing, i will cut down on the oily fish a little. not sure i can face taking the oil though...
just to chime in real quick on the fish oil thing. if you do so choose to take it, i've found that it's easier to take (at least it was for me pre-pg) in i store it in the freezer and take it frozen. that way by the time it starts to cause nasty burps, it's mostly gone from my stomach.

blanche, you'll know when you get there. personally, the idea of having to prepare and heat up bottles seems like way, Way more work to me. on the rare occasion that i gave little a bottle of pumped milk it was a pain in the butt. i can NOT imagine doing that in the middle of the night, and more than once too! forget it.
i'm laughing. i found out today that my boobs not only leak, they squirt! i find this fact fascinating and quite hilarious. my sweet, on the other hand, is now afraid of my boobs.

blanche- i never really wanted to breastfeed. we tried, i realized i didn't really want to breastfeed, and we stopped. I think the immune system thing is more aligned with the digestive track than anything else. I'll try to find that article where I read that. My BFF breastfed for 10 months, still sent her kid to daycare, and he was as sick as often as moxette. Our pediatrician noted that its exposure to more germs that builds an immune system over time. Kids who don't do daycare as infants just take longer to develop the same immunities as kids who do germ-bootcamp.

The non-sensicle bunny came twice to moxette. Must be b/c we're atheists, and the psuedo Christian gods are telling us something?
I will likely breast feed for a time. Mostly because it never occurred to me not to try. I was a little shocked when I heard that that breast feeding continues for a year or more. Because I'm going back to work after about 3 months off, I will probably only do this for about 6 months...i hear the pumping can be an issue. I wasn't breast fed, my friends who have had kids are about 50:50. I don't think there should be that much pressure, we do what we do.

In other news, I've never been one to remember my dreams, but lately I've been having full on elaborate story line brain TV.
Last night I walked into a clinic and BAM! Had the baby. The doctor on call was Dr. Gregory Pratt from the TV show ER....this is odd, since I don't watch the show. I didn't have labor, I just sort of dropped it out.

Here is where it gets really weird, I came in to the clinic to have THAT baby and give it up for adoption, but was STILL pregnant with another that I was keeping and would be at full term in about 6 months.

The whole time I had massive drippy milk stains on my shirt.

ok, so here's a WEIRD preggo dream...b/c it didn't even happen to the preggo lady! My sister, the morning I had moxette (ok, so it was day 4 of labor, but still, we didn't know the night before that i was gonna end up with c-sec), called me from georgia where she lived to say that she had a dream that the baby was talking to her from inside me, telling her auntie that she was ready to join the world, and both of them giggling about it. Lo and behold, at 2, my kidlet's laugh is JUST like my sister...seriousy. carbon copy. WEIRD.
Holy shit! I AM PREGNANT! I just took a test and I have a very faint positive!
biggrin.gif laugh.gif

Which farmington...mi? ma? somewhere else?
Blanche, just remain open to all options and you will be fine.

It never occured to me not to breastfeed, and I thought I'd probably do it for a year or more (though I'm not someone who thinks that you should be breastfeeding three and four year olds or anything...)

Then after a rapid and thus emotionally (and physically) somewhat traumatic birth I had no milk. After persevering, doing everything I was told, pumping and pumping, etc, I had a few drops. I was completely unprepared for this. The one thing that had never occured to me was that I couldn't breast feed. Maybe that I might find it difficult (actually I expected that), I might not like it after all, I might not be able to cope with the demands of it, etc, yes, but not being able to never occured to me.

Between a serious tear (which does heal, I swear, in spite of you feeling it never will), sleep deprivation, the "what the hell just happened" birth trauma, I was a wreck. It was so, so painful for me not to have the choice. ANd it was very hard that it was something I just never expected as an option (that, and it never occured to me that I might have a very fast delivery, which also made it more scary.)

I think it's very wise to be able to think about different options. I have a lot of sympathy for the whole "breast is best" mantra. First, it's true. No question. Also there is a huge anti-breast feeding attitude in this country, still. Not to mention the formula companies are scum (Nestle, anyone?) and they try to convince people that formula is as good as (or better) than breastfeeding, which isnt true. It's an uphill battle for them. They (formula companies) often are most successful with the least educated moms, who are also the ones who can often least afford the cost of formula. So, like I said, scum.

That doesnt' mean that in some individual cases it isn't best to bottle feed. If it's a choice between breast feeding and sane (ish) healthy mama, then bottle feed. You can feed them formula and still have a happy, healthy baby. You can't substitute for the love and emotional availability of mom with something in a bottle, though.

Those were my first lesson in parenting, though. Whatever you expect, something totally unexpected will happen.

It might be helpful to think about why you don't want to. Then again, it might not. You are the one who decides. You have a lot to think about now and in the coming months, and you get to decide where your emotional energy is best spent. It sounds like it's really good you talked about this.
I live in Utah....
anoush, what do you mean by "you can't substitute for the love and emotional availability of mom with something in a bottle"? I'm mean that love and emotional avaliablity are breast-equated, or love and emotional avaliablity of mom is neither related? (runs and gets more coffee before grammar becomes more problematic).3

Oh, I also wanted to ask you ladies who were purposly TTC...did you ever "feel" ovulation? Like inside...weird sharp pain for a second this morning, but last night odd, semi-PMSy cramps? Cervical fluids (Tmi?) definitely point to ovulation coming, but just curious if I am thinking it happened? Am I nutters or not (in this case, specifically...hehe).
Hey Lindsey! Congratulations! Is this your first? It's my first and I find this board a great place to ask, WTF??? How can my body do that?

Is anyone keeping up with Alpha Mom Weekly Pregnancy Calender? Someone here posted the link a while back and it is hysterical. She's talking about cravings this week. I don't really get them. I have massive food avoidances, things I just can't consider Salmon. I live Seattle people, that's all we eat here. Or anything mayonnaise based, blech! This guy at work that I eat lunch with almost daily is ALWAYS eating tuna melts with cheese....I think he's trying to kill me.

Moxie, I could never "feel" myself ovulate. I did get the cervical fluid change. My boyfriends preferred method was lots of sex regardless of probability of ovulation...."just to make sure". I think he may have pulled one over on me.

Oh, one question. Anyone have problems with their sinuses? I've heard they get really dry during pregnancy. Well it started this week, so I'm trying to figure out if i'm catching a cold or just have dry pg sinuses. It is impossible to sleep enough right maybe a cold?

Happy Wednesday! Seattle is completely underwater today. Beck, Fiddler haven't heard from you two recently, what up?
lindsey, congratulations!!!! lots of positive vibes your way to ensure things go well!! smile.gif

moxie, once i went off the pill, i was able to "feel" when i was ovulating...for me it was kind of little twinges and a dull sort of not-really-pain-but-don't-know-how-else-to-describe-it. and the fluid. (i'm almost positive i ovulated a little early in the cycle in which we conceived, but i don't know how much that would effect my due date).

kelly, my sinuses have been affected pretty much since the start of this pregnancy. we have gone through so much kleenex in this house - it never ends! so, mine aren't dry - my nose is just constantly mucousy. and my ear is constantly plugged, too, which i think is related and just this morning i read that that can be part of pregnancy, too.

how far along are you, kelly? i had food aversions big time during the first trimester - mostly to vegetables, though. they revolted me. it was difficult getting down v8s. seems to be getting better, though.
love- yeah, that's exactly what i'm feeling...the dull not-pain, but not-not pain. Thanks
hey Kelly, I'm here, just end of year review time so i'm trying to look busy haha...

Big congrats to Lindsey, and more vibes from me for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

love to all the other preggos smile.gif
Sorry Mox. It was a long day yesterday and even longer today so far.

I meant that you can substitute formula for breast milk and have a happy, healthy baby. There's no bottled substitute for a mother's (parent's) love and affection. Thus, whatever keeps you able to provide the love and affection and support for your baby is the most important. You can buy formula at the store. You can't buy love at the store.

So if that means bottle feed, then bottle feed. Your baby will be fine with formula, but not so much with a depressed mom.

It's certainly also possible to breast feed and be a depressed, unavailable, neglectful, etc, mom. So no way am I saying that boob=love. It can be very loving, but it's not the end of the story in any way. And as you and I know, you can certainly bottle feed in a loving, engaged way.

Yeah, clear as mud, right? Sorry.

Also, that pain that some feel is mittleschmertz. (Spelling?)

Kelly, actually having a "reserve" of sperm does increase chances of ovulation, so actually, the BF was not far off, in spite of himself. wink.gif
QUOTE(anoushh @ Mar 26 2008, 04:14 PM) *
Kelly, actually having a "reserve" of sperm does increase chances of ovulation, so actually, the BF was not far off, in spite of himself.

Oh sure, take his side! You know, you are just enabling him. biggrin.gif
got to say, i'm with your boyfriend on that one too kelly! i think it's best to have lots of sex and enjoy it rather than try and pinpoint the exact days - i'm sure that thinking about it too much messed up my cycle while we were trying (whereas the month it happened, we were relaxed and just having as much sex as we could for the fun of it).

ugh, got hit with the pg constipation this week - by this morning i was feeling so bloated and gross i decided to take my patented cure - honey in hot water - as soon as i got up. took a shower and ate breakfast while i waited for it to take effect...well, it did the trick, but the hot drink sloshing around my empty belly also triggered the first puking i've had in weeks - bye bye breakfast. so now, my belly is all baby and nothing else. on the plus side, i found that our offices have some rooms for nursing and pg mothers, so i went and had a nice rest in my lunchbreak smile.gif

Hope others aren't too pukey. I've had it OK, I'll take the occasional hurl over constant nausea any day.
There is no question that the UK is more mother and baby and friendly. The whole idea that it's better in the US is a myth. It may have been true in some ways 30 or 50 years ago for the average middle class person, but not any longer. Not even close.

However the most family friendly country I know of is the Netherlands. You get home help free from the state for the first few days, amongst other benefits.
QUOTE(anoushh @ Mar 26 2008, 11:14 PM) *
Kelly, actually having a "reserve" of sperm does increase chances of ovulation, so actually, the BF was not far off, in spite of himself. wink.gif

Oops. I'm an idiot. I meant conception, not ovulation. Like I said, tough day yesterday.

Hey, we tried for 2 1/2 years (and I got pregnant just 4 months shy of my 40th birthday) so I got pretty well versed in the issue!

That's only true around the time of ovulation in general, though, not for the whole cycle. The middle week or two of the cycle.
We have it pretty good at my company. They have a lactation room and provide on site day care at the main campus....which I don't work at, but hey, they offer it. I guess you can take off 3 months for maternity leave, but only the first 6 (or eight depending on if you go vag or C) weeks are paid at 100% of salary, after that it starts to drop. I've known people who have taken up to 6 months combining the leave with vacation. I can't afford to not have all of my pay so I am banking vacation right now and hoping to come out with 3 months.

I found that taking the fish oil at night works well, no icky (or should I say ichthy...oh science geek alert) burps.

no other news except that the movie Pathfinder sucks and you should never ever watch it....even if you did force your partner to watch Enchanted.
I haven't told work yet, but am planning to after my next doctor visit. I'm 12 weeks. We can take 6 or 8 weeks off depending upon the delivery. Apparently, if you file for short-term disability while you are on maternity leave, you get a portion of your paycheck. I am enrolled in AFLAC for short-term disability also, and AFLAC will make up the portion that I do not get. That is how I understand it now, at least. I teach public school, so obviously we don't have a lactation room or anything, and I don't have a planning period. I know that there are other ladies who pump, so when I tell my principals next week, I want to let them know that I want to nurse and need their support with the schedule. I think they will be nice about it. They are both moms.
Oh, and good news- my boyfriend (who lives 8 hours away) is moving to my place. He has a full-time job here that starts on April 20.
O.M.G. just 6 - 8 weeks off? holy maude, we get a year here. partial wages but still, gah. i'm surprised american women don't go on procreation strike. that's flippin' inhumaine!
As I mentioned Pepper, you can take off longer at reduced pay....not a year, but longer than 6 weeks.

Thursday will be my first doc appointment. I'm so excited I can't stand it. I will be 10 weeks when we go, I wonder if I will hear the heart beat? That would be super cool.

Sometimes I feel so totally normal I wonder if I'm preggers. But then the sleep monster hits.

In other news: Got a hair cut this past weekend ala Javier Bardem in Old Country...

How is everyone else doing? Any good stories out there?
I think it's fucking scandalous, not to mention disgraceful, that this is what is considered "Good" in America.

By 6 weeks I wasn't even close to fully healed, couldn't sit, and was still practically out of my mind. Not to mention we don't have any respect for the parent/child bond and the needs of the child.
So Tuesday was when I got a positive pregnancy test. I went to the dr. on Wednesday to get a blood test and my hcg levels were really low. I was at 25. My dr was wanting me to come back today to make sure my levels were going up. Saturday moring I woke up bleeding. I am starting to wonder if I will ever be able to carry a child. When I went to the dr today they said I won't have to have a D&C because I wasn't far along. Does that happen often where you don't have a D&C? OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN! I was hoping everything would go well this time. Glad to hear everyone is doing well.
QUOTE(Lindsey @ Mar 31 2008, 03:37 PM) *
Does that happen often where you don't have a D&C? OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN!

Sorry to hear it Lindsey. It is very common to not have a D&C if you mc early, your body can take care of things on its own. I had the same thing happen to me back in November. Total bummer. Take care of yourself.

NICE PIC Blanche! They can't draw me either. I have these awesome, fat, plump, blue veins that roll like the dickens when a needle comes toward them. The smart phlebotomists know to go for the one they can't see.
Oh, Lindsey, I'm sorry! This so sucks for you. I wonder if you don't have enough progresterone in your system. i hope that your docs follow up with you closely and offer you the tests that can tell you what's going on. My heart aches for you.

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