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Full Version: Pregnancy - all things good, bad, and otherwise
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when do you drink the prune juice? At night? I hate using public/work restrooms for anything more than #1. I'm a private pooper. unsure.gif
hi girls. i have been lurking for a few weeks but have been waiting to join your ranks til after my first prenatal visit. that was today, and i'm eight weeks along! i'm just having such a hard time believing its real! i mean, i have symptoms, no period, positive tests... it was just really beneficial to hear the doctor say today that i really am pregnant and things look good. because i'm such a worrier, she wants to give me an early ultrasound next week to put my mind at ease.

anyone else consumed with worry? i had a cousin who had trouble conceiving and lost a baby, and a few friends who suffered missed miscarriages. i know how painful those experiences were, and although i'm doing really well, i'm still filled with anxiety.
pinkmartyr, congrats and welcome!!! smile.gif i think the worry is a natural part of it all. i'm 15 weeks today (!), and i have been consumed with worry...though i am really making a conscious effort not to worry so much. i don't know if i have any great advice - but right now i've taken to rubbing my belly and just trying to think positive thoughts and sending positive vibes to the baby.

positive vibes to you, beck!!!! *~*~*~*~*~good luck with the ultrasound! *~*~*~*~*~*~
pink, welcome!

re: prune juice - I drink it when I go to bed.

beck, how'd the scan go?

just back from the hsopital and the u/s was great! baby there, very active, bouncing around, sucking its thumb. full complement of limbs, right size, good heart rate, dates spot on. and they did the nuchal scan and bloods and the risk of downs is down to 1:27,000 which is nice to know. and because it was moving around so much, they had to scan a few times (with me going away for walks in between) so we got to see a lot and hear the heartbeat quite a few times. i admit to crying a little when i first saw it moving and heard the heart - in fact if my bf hadn't been there i probably would have hugged the tech!

welcome pink! i worried like crazy weeks 4-8 (i had a miscarriage last year and one when i was younger, plus a very early one last summer - like enough to give a + test so i had to get bloods done to ensure no ectopic etc)

and my good friend had a missed m/c at 12 weeks and then a stillbirth, around the same time i m/c

But, all that said, after my early scan weeks 8-12 i wasn't so panicked, trying to send myself positive messages helped - that i am pregnant, the baby is fine, is growing normally, that i am healthy etc

And for all the times things go wrong, there are many more times when it all goes really well. I found reading the archives here helped too. BUSTie support has been invaluable, especially as I hadn't told many people IRL because of the previous m/c.

I am sure you will be just fine, come in here for a chat whenever you need some reassurance.

thanks BUSTies for your good wishes and support, you have all helped me so much xxxxxx

Ok, I have a gripe.

My sweet is going to Japan for vacation for 2 weeks. She's basically going on a 2 week drinking binge. I'm not going. I'm upset that she's going. I don't want her to go. I feel abandoned, left behind. The entire situation upsets me. She's leaving before dawn tomorrow. When I think about it, I either get really really mad or I just cry. I can't spend the whole two weeks she's gone like that. I've got to figure out how to be okay while she's gone. I'm pissed at myself because I used to be totally okay by myself. It doesn't feel okay anymore. So, grrrrr. . . .!!!

I'll probably come here and tell you everything bad I can think of about her for the next two weeks. I just need to vent.


Why is she going on vacation without you when you're pregnant (I guess you're asking yourself the same question)?

I know that hormones can totally inform how I feel about things, and I've never been pregnant.
Fiddler, perhaps you are worried about parenting with someone who is 1) leaving you alone in your latter part of pregnancy and 2) going on a drinking binge as a planned vacation. That's the hit I get, though I could be completely off.

I would worry/be upset. I think whatever your reasons for worrying or being unhappy about it, they need to be taken seriously.

Anyone, male or female, who thinks you can just go on as if everything's the same post baby has a rude awakening coming. And as far as I'm concerned it starts before baby, too, as you have to prepare for this major life change.

Whatever you do, don't beat up on yourself for feeling the way you do. Not only is it ok, it strikes me as a very necessary survival instinct. Babies (and their mamas) need lots of support around them. Recognising that doesn't make you needy or afraid to be alone. It just makes you realistic and in touch with what you are feeling.

Pink, I don't think anyone doesn't worry. I remember thinking in the early days "when I get to 12 weeks I'll stop worrying " (because the risk of miscarriage is pretty low after that.)

Suddenly one day I realized I will never stop worrying again. That's what having kids does. The worries change, but you are always worried on some level about them.

Try not to consume too much energy worrying. Try to acknowledge the worry and then move on.

And come here when you need to. It helped me SO much--and still does (and my little one is 16 months old and not so little any more. He was about 30 lbs a week or so ago, and is a head taller than the other kids his age at parenting group!)
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to suggest that it was all about hormones. I was trying to be open minded about something that struck me as very odd and instead I think I came off sounding dismissive.
I can't speak for fiddler, dusty, but I didnt' take it as dismissive at all. I think those hormones kick in for a reason!
Thanks for the support.

Dusty, I didn't take it as dismissive at all. I know that hormones can change the way that I think and feel about things. That's part of what I'm trying to figure out. How much is valid, how much is hormones (which isn't to say that hormone driven thoughts and feelings aren't valid). She's going on vacation sort of as one last fling before she has to be a responsible adult. When I'm not upset, I can see her logic. Right now, though, I'm upset and totally don't accept her logic.

Anoushh, She's going to visit her college drinking buddies. I'm sure that they do things other than drink and smoke but the drinking is the part that stands out to me. Yes, I am concerned about how she'll step up and be a responsible parent. For me, parenting has begun already. For her, it seems it hasn't. That's frustrating to me. Thanks for reminding me not to beat myself up for having my feelings.

She's been asking me to go visit these folks with her ever since we got married. It never has and still doesn't sound like anything I'd enjoy in the least. I don't drink. I don't smoke. Being around cig smoke makes me sick. We'd stay with people who all smoke and I wouldn't have a smoke-free place to sleep even. I get pissed at drunk people because they tend to use the ETOH as an excuse for poor behavior. So, I was technically invited to go along, I simply don't want to. I'd feel so trapped there, in a country I don't know, with strange food, and a language I don't know, stuck with people who smoke constantly and are drunk most of the time. Does not sound like fun and certainly doesn't sound like a healthy thing for me to be doing whilst pregnant. So, no, I'm not going. She waited 6 years to go, always hoping I'd change my mind. I never changed my mind and so now she's going without me. She's using up more vacation time for her f-ing drunk fest than she'll be using when our son is born. That makes me mad! I hope it's not an indication of what kind of parent she'll be. It does bear some serious thought though.

oh, fiddler, i wish i had more time to respond and some great advice to give you! all i can say is that i'd probably be feeling pretty much the same as you right now. and i second anoushh, don't beat yourself up for feeling the way you do.

and lots of hugs to you!! {{{{{{{fiddler}}}}}}}
Fiddler, I totally understand feeling neglected and annoyed. But, I don’t think you should doubt your sweetie’s commitment to changing her life for this baby. Just the decision to go for it in the first place must have been a momentous one, given that it wasn’t simply a case of throwing caution to the wind and getting knocked up by chance (unless she's really good haha).

And as the bio-mum, I know the past few years have been really tough for you, but I think it’s probably been hard for her in a different way – she must’ve felt pretty helpless. I only realised recently the impact our m/c had on my bf, they are experiencing these things through us and not sure how to make things better. And now, I don’t know, but she may be a little stressed about the practical things – is she the main earner? I think that could stress out a parent-to-be.

Just my musings, but I think she has stuck with you through this whole long process. Everyone deals with things in a different way, and maybe this is hers. While I totally get not wanting to be alone while she’s away, it sounds like she would rather be there with you. Can you go and visit a friend or invite someone to stay, so you are having fun too? And with the drinking thing, I know it is really dull being around drunk people when you’re sober, but I don’t think that the occasional drinking session means she won’t be a totally responsible parent. There’s a big difference between a holiday, catching up with old buddies and a few beers, and being an out of control alcoholic. From your postings in other threads, it sounds like she has the makings of a great mum, but I think, just like for any partner of a preggo, it will be much more real for her when the baby is actually born. We get to bond earlier and it all seems more real for us far sooner.

(Like I am already planning where I want to birth this baby, what baby stuff I might need, whereas bf is under the impression we have 6 months to decide all that and hasn’t quite engaged with all the practicalities yet, but that’s fine, he’ll get there in his own time. And if he doesn’t, then I’ll just decide everything! wink.gif Watching him well up at the scan yesterday, and talk to our baby before we went to sleep last night, and the excitement in his voice when we told his parents, shows me he is here and ready, whether or not he has read every single preggo book or is really interested in cribs).

All that said, BUST is where we come to vent, so let it all out girl!
I know that when I was pregnant, moxieman was sort-of excited, but mostly just witness. He had his opinions, but none of them were very strong, really. Granted, he's not an excitable type, but still. As soon as the wee one was born, he fell totally in devoted love with her and his place in her world. When you aren't carrying the baby, and when you aren't adopting (i happen to think that adoptive fathers go through something akin to pregnancy...waiting, expectation, hope, that the mothers do too), its a very, very surreal experience.

That being said, its still kind of irresponsible to leave your partner for that long, and that far, far away without a really, really good reason.

so far, so good today. i cried when i dropped her off at the airport. then i came home and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. i threw away a bunch of junk. so much more to do but i have a migraine and have to quit.

question: any of you other preggie types get relentless migraines now that you're pregnant? holy shit! i get 3 or 4 a week. it fucking sucks! i want to get things done. instead, i have to take meds and go to bed. seriously, it's gotta stop already. anyone else?

Man, went to my internal med doc today and have a yeast infection. WHAT IS UP. Can't Poop, culturing beer in my vahjayjay and my boobs are so sore I want to wear suit of armour to protect them. What is next?

I'm taking a nap.

Big hug to Fiddler.
kelly, sorry about your beer factory. my bbs hurt too. i've taken to wearing what i call xena bras as all the extra padding helps to protect them. as far as pooping, have you tried prune juice? i drink some every night and i find that it helps everything come out okay in the morning.

happy napping.

i'm super emotional today. maybe its running around all of us, manifesting in different ways. one of my main issues is that my boyfriend lives out of state. he's got a job lined up here, but its a matter of paperwork going from one desk to another before they give him a hire date. i know that if he were here, he'd totally help me do stuff- clean up, make dinner, rub my back. i've always been an independent person, but right now i wish that i could rely on someone else. i can rely on him emotionally. he's really upset over not being with me, too. so i totally sympathize with you, fiddler, when you are feeling sad about your partner not being here, and i understand that part of it for you is wondering why she has to go do this. i think the others are right, though- she is going to miss you like crazy, and only be able to think of you and your baby boy.

kelly, i'm so sorry you have the yeast! i hope it goes away quickly.

does anyone take prescription prenatal vitamins? i picked up my rx for "duet" today and was kind of shocked by how much it cost for a one month supply.
hugs to everyone who's experiencing crappy symptoms and emotional lows! kelly, i hope the yeast goes away soon, too...i used to (fingers crossed) get them all the time, so i know how awful they can be.

i'm starting to feel a little guilty for not exercising. i have a fairly physical job (massage therapist) - so i'm standing and moving for a bit of the day while at work...but still. problem is, we've been under a frickin' snow fall bonanza and sometimes with freezing, walking outside has either been really cold, windy or slippery. augh! just excuses...but still. anyone else been not exercising? i cannot wait until the warmer weather, and i will be out for walks everyday!

happy and healthy vibes to all!
((hi preggos!))

loverufus, i have been very lazy, before i got pg i was running 2 or 3 times a week and had just done a 10k . Since then i haven't done any exercise - that plus Christmas eats mean I am feeling kind of unfit. I am eating fairly healthily (chocolate, moi? wink.gif) but would like to start some exercise. I'm planning on pregnancy yoga and swimming (and walking), not going to attempt running though. And I'm trying to remind myself it's not just laziness keeping me on the sofa, my body needs the rest for a reason.
Re: Yeast, the weird thing is I don't tend to get yeast infections, so I don't what's up. I wonder if it has anything to do with the lack of pooping. Funny story, my doc gave me a prescription for Colace. When I went to the pharmacist, he told me it was over the counter now, and walked me directly to a bottle of pills with the words, , "STOOL SOFTENER" written boldly across the top. Ah, the humiliation. I love that conversation with the BF have been reduced to, "Have you pooped today honey?"

Re: Prenatal Vitamins, I take Thorne Basic Prenatal, which is $15 per 90 pills which is a 30 day supply. I like them because you take one pill three times a day, and while that's a bit of a pain, it makes things easier on the tummy. I also take low mercury fish oil and vitamin D. My doc and nutritionist say the biggest thing to avoid is added selenium in the vitamins.

Re: Exercise, I find it very difficult to get to the gym these days. I am switching things up though, less impact, more yoga (I do regular yoga right now). I find it really helps with the foggy brain.

Re: Emotions, I tear up at everything. Seriously. Like right now, cause I love you all.
blanche- my prenatals are $30 for a 30 day supply. i am going to ask my doctor if there is a generic equivalent during my next visit.

i am worried because i noticed a little blood on the toilet paper after i went to pee just now. two days ago at my prenatal visit, i had a pap smear, and the doc mentioned to expect spotting since i was pregnant, but not to worry. i don't have any pain at all (except the pain in my boobs, of course!), and otherwise feel good. its not enough blood to actually flow out of my body or stain my underwear. its the first time i noticed it. has anyone else had this experience?
pink, i had my pregnancy pap test last week and she mentioned that i might have a little bit of spotting afterwards. i was going to type that i didn't have any, but you know...i actually think i did. (my brain has been foggy for the past few weeks) i think it came the next day, and it was a more brown-ish (i think) that how yours was? and it was just after i went to the washroom, no staining or flowing. i also didn't have any cramping...other than the usual small cramps and uterine stretches. it sounds like what you're experiencing is normal...but of course, if you're worried about it, you could always call your doctor.

anyone else constantly pulling at their undies and pants (on the belly region) to relieve the pressure? man, i just bought bigger undies and already they're getting tight!! i wish i could just wear a muumuu or a robe all day. just one big sheath.
it is going fast, huh? wow!

as far as pants go, i bought a pair at motherhood maternity called secret fit belly pants. i love them. they're jeans and the waist is a sort of bella band like thing. it's very comfy for me at this point.

i'm doing alright so far with my sweet being gone. we have skype on our computers so i can talk to her when we're both online at the same time. that's cool. i just talked to her this morning and they were getting ready to go to bed.

my mum is here so i'm busy. it's good.

blanche, clothes on the way to you this week sweetie! we're going to the US to hit the science centre for early little bday fun, yay! so i can send mail while we're there.

the best panties? the teensiest. i bought the elita brand of thong and they were great, sat just under the belly, no VPL, cotton and stretchy. they were the best, i still wear every pair too.

buy large, they shrink.
Kelly, pregnancy can make you a yeast factory. I did topical meds, oral, everything. The only thing that helped was the direct application of plain, live yogurt. I'd heard this, but always thought it wouldn't be as helpful for really bad/persisent infections, only the milder/beginning ones.

I was wrong. At least for pregnancy it worked like a charm. After the birth I was fine again.

For underwear I just bought a bigger size and bought the "huge pants"--ie, regular briefs, not maternity. I think it depends on how you are shaped but that worked for me. That and yoga pants, which you can find reasonably priced and wear later too.

Hope things keep on an even keel for you, Fiddler. Glad you are doing ok.
i think i'm going to give the undies that sit under the belly a try. my pants are great - they're maternity ones with the huge soft expanding waist that goes nicely right over my belly (i can also fold them down). but it's the coddamn underwear! i bought the next size up in maternity undies, which really, if you look at the sizing chart on the back, should be too big on "my size" didn't fit anymore. or to not wear underwear might just be a good idea - but i agree, blanche...the fluid leakage won't permit that right now.'s only 8:30pm and it feels like i am off to bed! good night pregnant busties!
kelly i remember my friends who gave up smoking got constipated, so i guess you have that as well as the usual pg sluggishness. hope it eases up for you soon. pink, i had a smear just before getting pg but i always get spotting afterwards. it doesn't sound like anything to worry about.

i have a question for you guys about pelvic floor exercises - could i get the same effect from sex or a toy? the description of the exercises sounds like the same muscles i would be tightening during sex or masturbation. a daily session with a cone or toy of some kind sounds more fun than the exercises in my pg book. i know when i've had smears the nurse has commented on my muscles - is that the same ones?

not really a question i'd post on other preggo sites but i have a feeling BUSTies may have the answers!
thanks blanche! i can always rely on you guys! i'll try your tip
ah, kegels . . . i do them while i'm driving into town. i do them in rhythm to whatever music i'm listening to. don't know if it's the same muscles used in sex though but that sounds fun anyway . . .

i have a question too: my hands, arms, and wrists hurt. when i'm sleeping, it wakes me up. feels like when i used to have carpel tunnel. i'm not doing more with them though like i was then. when i get up in the morning, they're really sore and swollen feeling. my fingers are all clumsy and thick feeling. is this something you're experiencing in pregnancy? what and why do you think it's happening?

as far as my sweet being gone - so far, so good as the days go. i've been keeping myself busy. yesterday i had a migraine though and it was hard to be in pain and alone. i made it though. nights i spend dreaming that i'm being chased by 'bad people'. it's exhausting. i wake up freaked out and it takes me awhile to figure out that the bad people haven't taken my sweet. it takes me awhile to remember that she's in japan. i wake up freaked out then freak out because she's not here. silly me. anyway . . .

shiny and shinybaby are coming over to visit today! i'm excited about that. shinybaby is getting so big! he can do so many neat baby things now.

happy belly everybody!

hey fiddler. glad to hear that you are getting along alright without your sweetie. i bet she is missing you.
i'm pretty sure i read in one of my preggo books that carpal tunnel is more common in pregnancy. i think it was in a chapter about being pg at work, and about using the computer a lot.
carpal tunnel is common during pregnancy, or can be. due to the swelling that comes with pregnancy, the swelling can put the pressure on the nerve passing through the carpal tunnel. so even though you're not doing the activities that aggravate it, it can happen. massage therapy can help, if you're interested in that!

pepper (if you're in here), i have a favour to ask. any chance you could re-post your preggo fashion pics, even if just for a short time? i missed them before.

a lot of the maternity stuff i've seen so far is not really to my taste - way more girly than i would wear normally. i was kind of hoping to channel badass preggo rather than looking soft and fluffy, and i suspect you might have some clues, i never really pictured you rocking floral smocks...
Hi Busties, How is everyone doing? I'm exhausted. I can't seem to do anything but lay around on the couch and sleep when I'm not at work. I know the boy is bored beyond belief. It's early morning here and I'm trying to motivate to go the gym after sleeping for 9 hours and finding it difficult to get out the door. Ug.

That's strange about the carpel tunnel, I had not heard that. Of course I didn't know about yeast infections either.

How many of you will be going back to work after the baby is born? Here in Seattle, newborn care is really hard to find, not to mention expensive. And since I am remodeling my house (great timing huh?) I must go back to work. It's amazing, we only get 6 weeks maternity. That's likely pretty good, my company generally has competitive benefits.

How do those of you with children manage?
6 weeks? Shit! The US sounds supercool in so many ways, but I'm kind of glad to be birthing this bean across the pond here in boring old England...a bit more woman-friendly. (on the flip side, your babe will likely have better genes, nice american teeth, and a shot at being president of the USA!)

I would maybe cross-post in the Hip Mommas thread if you didn't already as a lot of the ladies in there are working and they should have some useful advice (they usually do).
we put moxette in the daycare run by our local school district. its still mui expensive, but less so than a private center or an in-home person. My mom and my SIL watched her for 6 weeks after I went back to work, so she was about 4 months old when she started. here we are on the first day of "school"

I also just wore low-cut regular undies until after moxette was born, then i switched to granny-panties. With the c-section, the regular ones hit right at the incision good.

Ok, i'm here in the 2ww period again. this sucks. seriously. what biological monstrosity decided that the first test of parental patience is waiting to know if you're going to be a parent?
is it wrong that i want to gobble her up? and i have to say mox, you're looking pretty good there for a lady who gave birth 4 months previously, talk about raising the bar! wink.gif
good luck with the 2ww, it made me wish i was a clueless teenager who got knocked up by mistake and didn't have to try...
the spotting must have been isolated incidents. it happened maybe 3 times over the weekend, just swipes of pink or brown on the toilet paper, no leaking, no worsening, no pain. thanks for the reassurance, ladies.
i'm 9 weeks and i have an ultrasound tomorrow. my doctor ordered it because i'm so nervous, and she thinks it will be beneficial for me to see the state of things. but i'm even nervous about the ultrasound itself! this early, what kind of scan do they do? will i be able to see a heartbeat at all?
speaking of carpal tunnel, one of the other side effects of pregnancy i did not realize was change in eye pressure. a couple of years ago, i was diagnosed with glaucoma, but apparently now, my pressures are completely normal and i don't need meds. my opthamologist says he wants to check me again after the baby to see if my glaucoma is really false, or if its just being controlled by pregnancy.
kelly- when your doctor prescribed the colace, did s/he say to take it "as needed" or regularly? i am thinking of going fiddler's route and trying prune juice.
She told me to take it as needed. The prune juice just wasn't working. Not the fiber, not the fruit, not anything. The colace was a life saver, I took it three nights in a row and things have been moving along every since. I don't take it unless I need to.

QUOTE(pinkmartyr @ Mar 11 2008, 04:03 PM) *
kelly- when your doctor prescribed the colace, did s/he say to take it "as needed" or regularly? i am thinking of going fiddler's route and trying prune juice.

Hey Beck- what is the maternity leave policy in the UK?

Oh, and don't forget being much maligned by most people in the world...must be the nice american teeth. tongue.gif
Well, I had gestational diabetes, which is generally a pain in the ass, but has the great side effect of making you watch your diet like a hawk. i only put on 23 lbs total...most of it was gone within a couple weeks of birth.

She is a gobbler, my kid. Right now, she's giving daddy's arm a bubble bath. Lol.
pink, at 9 weeks you should be able to see a little fluttering heartbeat. i had an early scan at 8 weeks and there was a clear head and body shape but i don't remember seeing any limbs. they were able to measure the heartbeat, and once you've seen a heartbeat your risk drops right down, so it should be reassuring. Good luck!

Kelly, I think the basic here is 12 weeks full pay followed by statutory maternity pay until babe is 9 months - at £400/month (around $800 i guess) not enough to replace the lost income but it certainly helps. But because i work in govt, i get 6 months full pay, so i will be able to take the first year off. So I am really lucky, even by UK standards.

(edit) pink i would think it will be an internal ultrasound - you don't need to drink water beforehand which is cool. it's not uncomfortable at all.
just had to drop in and share...a reminder why i love BUSTies - i was idly googling pg stuff and came across this very odd question:

'i am 13 weeks pregnant and broke a tooth this morning will it go to the baby?'

blink.gif ???
OMG, I have visions of a tiny fetus with a tooth in its hand. How does this happen? On so many levels, how does this happen?

Great awesome energy level today. My yoga class really helped to open up some clogged energy fields (yes, I just said that). My first prenatal doc appt is April 3rd. I don't really know what to expect. I'm sure they won't do an ultra sounds at the first visit. March 26th will be eight weeks and the same time i had the mc last time around. I haven't been too stressed out, but at the same time I don't think I've bought fully into the idea that I'm growing a baby yet. Think I'm waiting for the 8 wk mark before I emotionally commit.

Been using this probiotic suppository to treat the yeast infection and it's just not working. Think I'll by some anti mycotic cream seems to be okay during pregnancy. Once I get it to subside I may start a weekly application of yogurt.

are you puffed up yet? i got puffed over the weekend and now doc says i have to spend more time sitting with my feet up. i'm bored. it's a nice day and i don't want to sit. doc also said i can't wrestle sheep anymore and i'm supposed to take it really easy until the puff goes down. i have my wedding ring on a chain around my neck now.

so, how's everyone else doing?

i had a great scan today! the heart was beating away, size was just right for the due date, and limbs were even wiggling! it was fascinating. thanks for the info, beck!

kelly- at my first prenatal, they did this: explained how my insurance worked and what it covered, took blood and urine, took medical history, did a pelvic exam and a pap smear (i was due for one), and the doc talked to me about pregnancy to see if i had any questions or concerns. they also gave me a packet of information regarding dental work, medicines that were safe to take, when to call the doctor, what to do if you have a question, etc.
yay for the great scan, pink! smile.gif

kelly, i really feel for you! i hope this yeast nastiness goes away soon!

this is not pregnancy related, but today a blood vessel burst in my finger. so the bottom half of my third finger on the palm side is all swollen and purple. and it hurts! i keep looking at's fascinating, actually. anyone have this happen? i don't know if it's actually a burst blood vessel, but that's the only thing i can think of it being.

in pregnancy news, i went shopping for underwear (again) the other day and i could not find any undies that looked comfortable. so, i cut the elastics of my existing undies and!...ah...relief. for now. until they get too tight again.

healthy and happy vibes to you all!
that's great news pink!

kelly, sounds like you are doing great, hope the yeast sorts out soon for you.

blanche, i was at my friend's last night and her 9 year old is doing the same thing at the moment - sobbing (very dramatically) over spilt food and the usual bedtime/dinner negotiations and going into full blown howling when sent to bed without dessert. He is a wonderful kid though and very sweet with the baby, and extremely well behaved in general, i think there's just a lot of changes for him at the moment (there are also issues with his bio-dad).

fiddler, sheep-wrestling huh? i vaguely remember something about preggos not being around sheep in the lambing season, or maybe that is just in this country? Can't say i remember why, not many sheep where i live so i didn't bother reading about it.
Sheep? Seriously? Do you wrestle sheep Fiddler? And what exactly does that mean? Is that a metaphor for sleeping? And why on earth wouldn't you be able to be around them when they lamb. Pregnancy is sooooo bizarre.

My mom was such a bad ass when she had me. She was single in the late 60s...yup that makes me almost really old....and didn't tell anyone she was pregnant. Because she was bigger, no one knew, the family just thought she was gaining weight. The day she went into labor, she ran a bunch of errands, groceries, bank, etc. It wasn't until her best friend DEMANDED she go the hospital that she finally did.

I kind of imagine her pausing in her day briefly, pushing out a pup, cutting the cord with a buck knife then continuing on with building a house or plowing the fields....which would have been difficult seeing as how she was a nurse in the city.

On the other hand, I will likely sleep in front of the hospital calling every hour to ensure they are adequately stocked with pain meds.

Anyone been thinking about birth plans?
heheh kelly, that's so cool!

i'm planning a home birth with a pool in my bedroom. the bf has got over his initial fears i think and is coming round to the idea. if there's a good medical reason for a hospital birth i'll do it, but would prefer to labour naturally in my own home at my own pace. it sounds as though being relaxed at home can make a big difference to the progress of your labour and to how your body experiences the pain.

i can get gas and air and i think a pethidine shot if i want, also considering acupuncture but not really looked into that yet (although it does sound like a pretty effective option for anyone trying to avoid an induction).

I am so unproductive at the moment, really bored at work but annual review time is coming up eek!

I must I must decrease my BUST...
LOL. ok about sheep wrestling. My friend keeps about a dozen sheep. Uses them for fiber. Although she has a degree in Biology, she 'somehow' ended up with lambs this year. One ewe had trouble lambing and is now paralyzed in the hind end. So, I'd been going over there, rolling her daily, cleaning her, and milking her so the lambs could have mama's milk. That's what I called sheep wrestling. She's a HUGE ewe, probably 250 pounds. No small feat to roll her. No more sheep wrestling for me.

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