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Ah, the insurance system. I don't even think I have the energy to respond to that right now. After living in the UK the system here makes me even more angry than before, which is saying something.

I'll just say for now that I have the Oregon Health Plan, something we have in Oregon for the poorest people (and b/c I'm pregnant I have the OHP Plus, which means for what they cover I pay nothing. There's a lot they don't cover and I won't have after two months after the baby's born. Oh, and I can't go to my doctor who I've seen for 12 years and who was the one reassuring me about my huge fear of serious postpartum depression, b/c she's treated me for depression that whole time.)

I"m lucky and I"m furious at the same time at the idiocy and waste and suffering inherent in this system.

Anyway, went to the midwife and found out I'd gained 5 pounds in a month. Yikes. I mean, I am in the last trimester, but still, it was kind of a shock. I"ve only gained 12 lbs total, but as I'm a big person in the first place it's a bit of a struggle for me emotionally. But trying to to waste energy worrying about it.

I like the clinic, but it annoys me that I have to ask what my blood pressure was, etc, etc, every time. They always tell me the baby's heart rate when they listen, but a whole bunch of other things I have to ask.

Anyway, visits every two weeks from now.
My glucose was high so I have to go back for the full, three hour test. I'm not at all happy about this.

I am just so excited and I don't have anyone to talk to because I don't want to jinx it.
My husband has been very apprehensive about having kids--just completely terrified, I guess. I promised him we could wait 2 years (although he would wait 5 or more!) I am 31 and I don't want to wait too long. We have been married 1.5 years and had been talking about starting to try maybe in December or January, and then moving next summer before I have the baby. Well the other night, we started talking about how if I got pregnant now, I could work the whole time (I'm a teacher) and have my insurance still, and then we could have the baby here and postpone moving until next fall...and I couldn't believe it but he seems to be considering it... and I just started my period so I would have to put in my Nuvaring on Sunday, so I told him he had a week to decide before I need to start the round of birth control...I know this is a super boring story but I have to tell someone!!! I am just going crazy waiting for him to decide! I haven't brought it up since then because I don't want to bug him about it!!!!!! I am just on pins and needles and terrified and excited and I just can't imagine actually being pregnant! He even asked if we could order some books and we ordered "What to Expect" etc. (of course) and 2 books for guys. (He was like, "Well, I just don't know anything about this, I think I need to read a book.")

He has never been able to talk about having a baby without seeming to dread it and being scared, and I just can't believe he might agree to it! He is totally the kind of guy that would never be 100% completely ready but will be a great father when it happens.

Aaaa! Aaaa! Aaaa! I hope he says we should GO FOR IT! I am going crazy until Saturday!

It's nearly 9pm and I want to throw up. This baby better be cute.

PS. This made me laugh.
Ok. Phew. Sorry. I really needed to get this off my chest.
anoush- i had the gestational diabetes...PM me if you want to chat about it, or the test. I'd make sure they're going to do two things for you: 1. check on you often; 2. give you a place you can lie down. Do you have someone going with you?

gGood luck!
Thanks so much, Moxie. I remember you having the test and all.

I'll probably take you up on that offer if the test is postive. I appreciate it.
okay, 3rd day in 3 weeks I have not puked my brains out. I do not feel sick.. I still have major food adversions. I cant even open my lettuce drawer in the fridge. Not into salad right not. AT ALL. (which is SO BiZArre, cuz thats what I usually eat.

I love alot of apples and banana yogurt. But Im much more tired now. Im taking more naps than ever. Actually im yawning right now and it 745pm.

I hope you all are well..
Good luck vibes...
Poor girl, I feel for you!
I'm new to the lounge and I've been reading your posts. I am glad you're starting to get over the nausea. My son is almost two, and I still vividly recall how terrible I felt for the first four months of pregnancy. I was sick 24/7, and I was working a 40 hour week. That would be bad for anyone, but I was working as a cave guide. (Yeah, seriously) I was tired all the time too. No, not just tired, totally wrecked. My boss was such a jerk. He'd chew me out for sitting down at the information desk. I had so many food aversions . I had to stop drinking my morning tea, which was heartbreaking. ( Yes I actually cried over it. So add emotional to the list) If ginger, lemons, or saltines or anti-nausea meds work for you that is awesome. If not, as someone else has said, it will pass. And it will totally be worth it. In fact I'm hoping to do it all again very soon!
QUOTE(cranberrigirl @ Aug 24 2006, 05:44 PM) *

okay, 3rd day in 3 weeks I have not puked my brains out. I do not feel sick.. I still have major food adversions. I cant even open my lettuce drawer in the fridge. Not into salad right not. AT ALL. (which is SO BiZArre, cuz thats what I usually eat.

I love alot of apples and banana yogurt. But Im much more tired now. Im taking more naps than ever. Actually im yawning right now and it 745pm.
I hope you all are well..
Good luck vibes...

I am anxiously awaiting the results of my GTT.

Not happy about this at all.
anoush, the worst that happens, is you have the GT, have to eat healthy and not gain 40 extra pounds. My sugars went back to absolute normal about 1 hour after the moxette was born.

I've only gained 12 lbs, I'm almost 7 months, and not sure I could do much different.

I guess my main worry is that they will decide I'm "high risk" and say I can't use the birth center, but have to go to the hospital--which I DON"T want to do.

Thanks for the reassurance. I'll try to keep calm.
A + glucose screen won't force you into hospital - and is unlikely if you've had such little weight gain. Hang in there!
ok, chani does this for a living, but as a GD patient, here;s exactly what i had to do:
1. check my sugAr 3 or 4 times a day
2. Follow a rather strict diet, which was pretty much exactly what i ate normally
3. Have more ultrasounds (every other appt) to keep an eye on the bebe's groth
4. Be prepared to have the baby;'s blood sugar checked periodically over the 1st 24 hours of her life outside me, asnd if it was low, to supplement with formula.

I was induced a week early, but it had nothing to do with th GD...i ended up with low aminotic fluid (seen on one of those "extra" USs.

For some people, the thought of supplementing with formula is the scariest part, but trust me, if you're kid's BS was low, you;d want to make them feel better right away/ For me, it was the damed didn't hurt, it was just a pain in the ass. After a copuple weeks, i was a little more lax about it than i should have been, but was never high, ever, so i dodn't worry too much.

I'm sure you've looked it up, but the risks of GD are all about the bebe...big size, harder delivery, low sugar after birth. If you are at a plave where they can check the baby's BS, and any USs show an otherwise normal baby, i'd vertainly hope you could deliver at at center.

Any nwes yet? if it were positivwe, they'd let you know ASAP.
No, nothing yet. I also was thinking that might be a good sign. I have an appointment with the midwife next Wednesday, so I can ask more questions then, if necessary.

I do really, really appreciate the attempts to reassure me. I don't want a lot of intervention--unless I ask for it.
I don't want a bunch of ultrasounds, I live in fear of an induction, and, well, I'm just good at worrying about a whole load of stuff, which I'm going to stop listing before I freak myself out. I suppose most everyone finds something to worry/obsess about in pregnancy, don' t they?

The thing is, I've not been able to find anything that shows a different outcome with treatment for GD than w/o any treatment.

It didn't help that a woman in the waiting area (with her tiny looking 5 month old) told me she had GD and had to give herself insulin injections. blink.gif

Anyway, again, thanks again for the reassurance. It's really been helpful.

Chani, how are you feeling? How is everyone feeling, in fact?
Oh, the insulin...i'm sure chani could handle this better...but, my doc told me i'd only have to do the insulin if i couldn't keep my sugar levels good with diet. Its like type 2 diabetes in that way. I ate good, had 1 day of "high numbers" (I ate cake!), and when i told my doc that, he kind of laughed and said "everyone needs cake once in a while."

Now that's a good doctor! (It's the nutritionists who scare me. I've worked with them before. Why do they so often strike me as people who've managed to parlay eating disorders into jobs? Not to mention hating food.)

I agree. Everyone needs cake once in a while. And clearly no harm done to moxiebaby, as evidenced by continuing gorgeous pictures!
ok, I cannot believe I'm 7 months now. And that I have two months of growing to go.

THe baby is now doing that stretching and then just leaving it's foot/elbow/hand pushed out for a while thing. It's weird.

And am having periodic freak outs along the lines of "oh my god--what have I done!? My life will never be the same! What if we've made a terrible mistake."

Which I think must be pretty normal--after all being responsible for another human being is about the biggest deal there is--but still, it's exhausting.

No word on the GTT, which either means they are incompentant buffoons or that it was negative. Appointment tomorrow, so will find out.
~grin~ Buffoon makes me think of those red bummed monkeys for some reason!
I hope all will be well with you tomorrow. I'm hanging in - 10 working days left to go! I'm feeling better now than I was a few weeks ago, although I had a rough day today. I had a little burning with my last pee, so I wonder if I'm getting a bladder infection or if I'm just tired. I'll do a test tomorrow and see.
I realized this weekend that in a few short weeks the only thing I'll have to worry about is how to decorate the nursery... oh, and how to keep up with Chaniboy who has somehow grown up into a little whirlwind while I've been busy at work!
GTT test came back with the middle number only elevated, but ok other than that. She it wouldn't hurt to watch my diet--which I've been doing. (it was pretty good anyway, so only minor modifications) and wasn't worked up about it. Which was good.

Buffoon, baboon--I'll be happy to call them all kinds of names. They were supposed to phone me, apparently, but didn't. Oh well. (And no insult intended to baboons).

Now I have to go back to the dentist from hell today--the one where the hygenist insisted that accepted a note from the nurse-midwife was like them sending a note from the hygenist to the doctors office. Um, no. And I tried to explain that and she snappily said to me "I'm not talking about that" ie, I'm not talking to you, so shut up. Stupid cow.
hello everybody, Happy Saturday.

So I am a little over 3 months along, and I'm popping out of everything. I wear my belly band like a uniform. My once sucked in tummy is clearly protuding. I feel like I'm too big for only 3 months. I haven't gained any weight, it's just all in my stomach area. My boss at work on her 3rd kid is wearing full blown 1980's JCpenny Maternity garb with a rather large belly. And this really tiny coworker (who's wicked nice) has a celebrity mini bump. But I have this full abdomen thing going on. I realized last night, that it's my stomach. This kid is shoving my stomach up through my ribcage.

This would also explain the fact that I am no longer nauseas(sp.) but instead I have projectile vomit like.. whenever. It's pushing bile and everything up my throat on a daily/hourly basis. I can't talk about some foods, I can barely look at meat, (any type) or lettuce.. stuff... I am a soup nazi right now. That's all I ever want to eat. Ever.

Yesterday after tossing my cookies 5 times at work. I came home at 5 and I suddenly go.. cripe I'm going to do it again. But determined to carry on, I agreed to go out to dinner and do some evening shopping. I get in the car, and I immediatly regret not bringing a bag. I stick a piece of mint gum in my mouth and chew rapidily. Mr. Cran is dictating his day to me and I'm gripping the "Holy shit" handle for the entire 30 min. drive to the near by town. Unfortunatley, there is a line of cars infront and behind us, so I feel weird about stopping and puking on the side of the road so we drive on.

Upon entering the town, I can no longer chew my gum. My mouth is watering like crazy, I reach in the back of the car (Thank goodness I rarely clean it out) and find a Camping Coffee teapot thing I had brought to my school during Camping week. I ripped off the top and heaved into it. Right at the light. Fun. Love this really.

I broke down and bought "Pregnancy Sucks" ( I really wanted to skip it, wanted to be a Goddess, MOther Earth...yadda, yadda...) but this book has what I am going through.. and it just makes me feel better. But this is my last prego book.

Anyway.. sorry to be so gruesome.
I'm glad everyone is doing well..
Talk to you all later
Hey ladies,
Cran I'm sorry you're still feeling so rotten! When my nausea finally improved last time my husband looked at me and said "That's the first time you've smiled in the last 4 months". There's nothing worse, and I fully feel your pain.
I got some rotten news yesterday - had my screening ultrasound for Down's syndrome. No signs of Downs, but I have a subchorionic hemorrhage and thus increased risk of 2nd trimester loss, preterm delivery, abruption and a bunch of other nasty complications. I'm supposed to be on light activity, but I have 6 more days of work and I have to suck it up and pray I make it through ok. Then I really do need to take it easy for a few weeks. I'm feeling really anxious about this - I know that the majority of these pregnancies still deliver healthy babies at term, but I have seen so many bad outcomes that I know in my gut exactly what might be ahead of me.
I think it must be incredibly hard to be a medical person who's worked with pregnancy stuff when you are yourself pregnant. There's a neonatal nurse in my childbirth class and she's struggling with trying to not get freaked out b/c she only sees the bad stuff.

Take it easy and try not to worry (yeah, I know you know that, and they are pretty hollow words, but what can you say?)

And keep us posted (if you want to, of course.)

Meanwhile, this was from the other forum I frequent. There are a number of current pregnancies there at the moment, and when the subject of of whether or not you want to know the sex of your baby before it's born came up (I am fully in the "don't you dare tell me" camp) this was posted. I thought it was hilarious, so am sharing.

"We never wanted to know the sex of our kids in advance (though it was kind of inevitable with our adopted princess).

Mind you, when Mrs B was brewing up Number Three in Tokyo during the summer of 1999, we got caught out. As Mrs B was getting her ultrasound, the charming nurse was doing her best to give an English commentary: "So, there is head. Now you can see two arms. Also, I think you can see here two legs. And this is penis. Do you want to know sex of baby?"

Much to our surprise, it turned out to be another boy, rather than the girl with a penis we had kind of been expecting..."

Ok, I'm feeling really uncomfortable.
what's up?
Sorry--didn't mean to be mysterious.

I'm just in later stage pregnancy and feeling HUGE and HEAVY and just not very comfortable. Oh, and peeing constantly and not sleeping well most of the time.

Perfectly normal stuff.
chani- good luck! today is your last day at work? put your feet up, girlie!

In the meantime, i have a medical-ethical question. My girlfriend here at work is pregnant with her #2. She, like me, had a c-section (unplanned) with #1. She and I were talking about vbac vs. elected c-section with #2. She's very early on, and hasn't made any descisions at all, but I was curious what you all thought. Chani, being a doc, especially you. I'll fully admit that my labor/delivery with moxette puts me squarely in the elected c-section camp, but that's me- and we may not even ever have a #2.
The first question is whether any of the docs in her area will support her in even trying a vbac. Our local hospital won't, which is a shame, I think.)

It's getting harder and harder in the US to find medical providers who whill support people in vbac, in spite of medical evidence that for many people it is a perfectly safe option.

I wish her the best in being able to make a fully informed decision, rather than just being backed into a corner b/c she doesn't have options.

I thought this link was pretty good. It might help alleviate some of her fears about it.

yeah, her dr. is at the biggest hospital in our area. she can have either, unless, obviously, there is an emergency...

she's going back and forth right now. knowing my own feelings on the matter, i didn't feel particularly objective in helping guide the discussion towards her own best interests. I try really hard not to interject my own views into stuff that personal. I suspect she leans towards VBAC, but is nervous in general about another delivery. Understandable, after long labor and emergency c-section.

Annoush, do you think if something goes wrong, that you'd be ok with a c-section, or violated in some way? Myself, I was resigned to whatever was best and safest at the time. Figured, any way we looked at it, we get a baby in the end. Again, though, I had a very "managed" pregnancy (low thyroid, lots of bleeding from low placenta, GD, and low amniotic fluids), and the whole thing is something i don't really want to do again.

It is a shame about your hospital, though. Too much damed lititgation drives doctors away from providing safe alternatives, eh?
I think a cesarean would be very, very hard for me. I know it's something I need to watch out for, in fact. (I mean my own tendency to beat myself up or find something "blame" myself for when that's not really even the issue.)

I guess my fear is more that it would be forced on me in some way, or that I'd feel forced. I can totally understand your feelings about it, and I think that at the point where you had one you had the healthiest attitude possible. If I find myself in the same situation I hope I can approach it as well as you have.

It must have helped that you had what seems like such a great doctor. But even with that I think you have a better attitude than me in terms of flexibility (that's not exactly the right word, but it's the best i can think of at the moment.)

In fact, this is one of the reasons I wanted to hire a doula--to help me through my own feelings if we find ourself in that situation. That is, to remind me of things like your point about a healthy baby being the priority. I know my partner could do that too, and I'm sure he would, but I know how hard it would be for him knowing how I feel, and I don't know how much I'd believe him.

I'm glad your friend has a choice based on what she eventually decides is best for her, rather than being fear-of-litigation imposed. It also seems really positive that she's thinking about it this early so she has time to get any information she feels she needs to make the decision that is right for her.

As you know, I too have strong feelings on the matter. If it was my friend I suppose I'd do what I think you are doing (or I'd try to do that, anyway), which is support her in making a fully informed decision she feels comfortable about based on her personal circumstances (which include both the medical facts of her case and her feelings about the whole situation.) Since I am so opinionated, I'd probably own up to my own feelings, just as a forwarning to my friend so she could be on the lookout for when my own bias creeps in and maybe I"m not noticing it at the time--and I'd tell her that part too.

I'm not saying you should do any of that--just thinking about what I might do in a similar situation.
well, she's pretty aware of my own thoughts on the matter, as pertains to myself. I do know she feels like the c-section was maybe rushed a bit the first time. Well, regardless, i know she and her hubby make great descisions, and she has better docs this time around. My SIL raved about her expreience with a doula. If we had been more committed to natural childbirth, i would most certainly have had one. My whole "birthplan" was: hold baby afterwards. Most women have much more definite ideas about what they'd like for a birth experience. I don't know if my attitude was good or not, to be honest. It just was what it was.

ok, off to watch my favorite arrogant doctor on tv. Feel well, my favorite life-warmers.
In most cases I won't decide for my patients. If it were me pregnant and making the decision, I'd likely try to VBAC but I'd be prepared to bail early if labour wasn't progressing well (I don't tell my patients that though, because I don't want to influence their decisions). Some women feel a personal need to try for a vag delivery and other women never want to go through labour again. Some women want to play it by ear and decide as we go.
The only significant risk with VBAC is uterine rupture. If it happens it's big and bad, so if I'm VBACing someone I want them in a hospital on a monitor. However it's rare.
Things that increase your risk of rupture:
-vertical uterine incision - if you had one, risk is too high to safely VBAC
Smaller risks that might lean me towards recommending repeat CS:
- "single layer uterine closure" (check your OR note)
- less than 1 or 2 years since your CS
But as anoushh's source said, with each repeat CS the risks with the pregnancy and the operation increases. Specifically your risk of placenta previa and accreta increases, along with the possible side effects of any abdominal procedures (eg. hernias, bowel obstructions etc).
I agree with anoushh. I hope your friend will be supported in her decision, whatever it is.
And I finish work on Friday!!!!!!
and anoushh... I hope you have a restful night tonight! When are you due again?
Moxie, having a doula isn't just for natural childbirth--a good doula should support you whatever your decision was. I'll report back about how it goes, but everyone I know who's had one (not many, admittedly) has raved about it. I wasn't at all interested at first, but the more I looked into it and thought about it (and looked at the incredibly positive results that women had with labor support) I decided I wanted to, and now I'm really, really glad we did hire her, and I think whatever happens she'll be money and time well spent.

One of my big problems with the rate of c-section and the rate of medical intervention in birth is that while it's often claimed to be done in the name of "safety" I'm pretty dubious about the risk/benefit ratio in many of those cases. Again, no one can convince me that a 30+% CS rate at the local hospital is what is safest for all those women. No way. All kinds of things, like routine continual heart monitoring and so many more are done in the name of safety, when in fact I think they often increase risk (as in, when you are desperately looking for something to worry about, you tend to find it, which leads to interventions which aren't necessary and many increase risk.
A lot of the protocols are more culture than science.

I thought very seriously about becoming a doctor myself--I still think about it from time to time. (In fact I was just thinking last night that the combination of my age and becoming a parent means that I will have to give up thinking about it for good now.) So I'm totally not someone who says medicine is all bad, doctors are all bad, etc. But I am wary of much of the arrogance of the culture around medicine and what that leads to (and though I'm not a doctor, I've worked a lot in medical environments, so have seen the whole range from fantastic to horrifying.)

Chani, you summed that up really well--thanks!

I'm due November 6th. I know it's not that long--it just feels like it sometimes and I'm finding PLENTY to worry about. I do my best to just say "stop it" though, and that actually helps most of the time, at least some.

Chani--I've been trying to remember when you are due.

And Friday will be here before too long. Take it easy until then! (Well, after then too, but it should be easier after Friday, I'd hope.)
annoush- you sound very reasonable, and sure of yourself. What a great gift to give your bebe! I agree with you about the high Csection rate- it made me very nervous, until I spoke with my own dr.'s about it, who are really pretty anti-section. They don't think its all "safety" either- a combination of lower litigation risk (which blows for the patient), and having other desires for timing of delivery (which suggests to me that one shouldn't be an OB!).

QUOTE(moxiegirl @ Sep 20 2006, 11:01 AM) *

and having other desires for timing of delivery (which suggests to me that one shouldn't be an OB!).

Amen to that. If you want everything to be "good timing" dermatology might be a good field for you.

I'm amazed, however, that there are also women who will say they want an elective CS so the baby won't deliver while their particular doctor is on vacation!

And thanks for your kind words. I"m having some panics lately, to be honest. I know it's normal, but still not very nice.

Anyway, I officially hate a couple in our birthing class. First the woman has made sure AT EVERY CLASS that we all know she has a graduate degree. Well, you know what? So do I, and yet somehow I manage to live my life without bringing it up in every damn conversation. Then, we find out her mouth-breather of a husband was a missionary in some third world country (something that for me is cultural genocide, to say the least). Then she's just really stupid last night. I could say more about that, but I'll be late to the midwife appointment I have in a few minutes, and it's not worth that.

The instructor is a nice woman, though.
Seriously? Goodness. I mean, I scheduled the induction, originally, for the day my "preferred" doctor was on-call, but in the end, it wasn't him who delivered moxette, adn i didn't give a flying fuck who did.

Oh, birthing class! Thank goodness we never have to do that ridicolous experience again. That's all I'm saying about that.
OK, I have a serious question! Now don't laugh cause I'm really curious. This chick at my work, who is not known for being a brain child, said that when you are pregnant your body builds up what she calls a "mucus plug" in your hooty hoo. Quite possible, a tiny bit gross, but still credible. Here is the silly part that concerns me. She said that a friend of hers while giving birth pushed very hard on a contraction and this "mucus plug" shot out across the room. As you can imagine this mental image brought about quite a roar of laughter from the crowd listening. DOES THIS REALLY HAPPEN? Is this just a joke she's pawning off on me? Cause I think that would be pretty f****** embarrassing. Not that a woman would care much while giving birth but I want someone to tell me if this can really happen. I guess if it does it's natural and nothing to be ashamed of but still I want to know the truth. Please help me out here.

The mucus plug is in your cervix and it's there to protect the fetus.

That specific scenario sounds improbable, but frankly in labor I don't think that's going to be top of my concerns.

I'm tired of being pregnant and I'm nervous about what happens after the birth. Will I cope? Will I be a crap parent? I know this is normal at this point, but I'm not liking it much.
annoush- i had alot of the same fears. Still do. Striving to overcome them pushes me to be a better parent, i think. Understand, that the first week or two, you will be mush. Its such an emoptionally overwhelming experience, labor and delivery, that the first couple weeks were like PTSD recovery time. PLus, there is this absolutly snuggleable little being who is also jarred from the experience. Really, all newborns need is milk, a dry butt, and cuddles. The rest of parenting, i've noticed so far, comes as you get to know each other. Its blending as a family- a new person to the mix- you all (you, bebe, partner) all have to adjust together. Kind of like a very dependant roomate.
Hello loungies!
I have been constantly amazed how well babies are designed to push our buttons at just the right times. In the beginning they're snuggable so you'll breastfeed them all the time. As they reach the stage where they need stimulation they suddenly become responsive and it's easy to respond back. When they need something it becomes very clear what it is - it felt like magic to me how easy it was to get the timing right.
We move across the province on Thursday. MrChani has done all the packing for me, and we've hired movers. I've got the next month off, so hopefully I can unpack slowly and get us settled. Crossing my fingers that we still hear a heartbeat at our prenatal appt tomorrow. No bleeding, anyways, so that's a good sign. Hope everyone has a good week!
You're moving, too! I didn't realize that. Wow. Take it easy as best you can. We moved from England when I was about 18 or so weeks along and it was so stressful--especially b/c we had the cats with us.

Good luck with that and the tests, too.

Moxie, I know you and Chani are right. (Besides being just terribly interested in it, I worked in a field that was, essentially, all about attachment theory.) So technically I know this stuff. That doesn't mean I dont need to hear it, though.

chani- is something else wrong? (((chainibebe)))) Good luck with the move!

I think Chani's referring to her post of Sept 13th.
Heartbeat +!! Thank cod. Yeah, mox, just the bleed they saw on the ultrasound on Sept 12 - no new symptoms or anything. My folks came by to help us with packing and cleaning today, so my only task for tomorrow is cleaning the fridge and packing the cat and me in the car for the drive to the new house. Hugs to everyone, and once the internet is reconnected, I'll see you online.
That's very good news!

My teeth are killing me. For the last several weeks (like, 12 or more) I have apparently been clenching my teeth while I sleep. This results in sometimes excruciating pain during the day from the resulting bruising.

It really hurts right now. I mean really, really, really hurts. I've taken two tylenol and it still hurts.

I hope that this is in some way pregnancy related as it's never happened before. Even if it isn't , later I'll be able to take stronger painkillers as well as being able to sleep on my back (which will make me more likely to snore, but probably less likely to clench.)

And I"m really uncomfortable these days. Just over 5 weeks to due date and counting.

Yeah, I'm full of complaints.

On the positive side, the instructor of hte water aerobics class I've been going to turned up today with a HUGE bag of baby clothes and a few other things. It was SO nice of her! I was really touched.
Gained 5 lbs in two weeks.

I'm still in shock.

Hope Chani's move is going well.
Everywhere I turn lately, I either see pregnant women, or very new little babies. I'm beginning to feel like I'm in Village of the Damned. Needless to say it is freaking me out. Plus this whole birth this is baffling. Like one minute my friends pregnant, suddenly, she dialated, she goes away... and comes back two days later WALKING with a little baby like NOTHING HAPPENED. This is also freaking me out.

people keep asking me if I love being pregant. I don't really know. I'm 17 weeks and I'm still projectile pukin.. I feel fine, but lately I keep wanting to crawl into a ball and sleep. I tell people maybe the next time around, I'll feel more comfortable with this.

Anyhoo Hope everyone is doing well...
Oh cran, I love you SOOOO much right now.

I've felt so much of what you say. And what I havn't exactly felt I can certainly related to.

I guess I had this idea that I'd be some wondeful earth mother loving being pregnant.

HA! HA!!! Not. And I feel weird saying it b/c I was so pleased to be pregnant (I was nearly 40 when it happened, so it really looked like it wasn't going to) and I'm so conscious of how people who want to have children but can't for whatever reason feel I don't want to seem like I"m a whiner.

I know these are totally normal feelings, but it doesn't change the fact that there doesn't seem to be a lot of space to discuss/have these feelings.

And I'm incredibly apprehensive about having an actual baby there. (In comparison the birth doesn't scare me at all.) I keep thinking "what was I thinking, wanting to get pregnant?" Not like we didn't have ages to think about it. and talk, and we did. And I regularly thought about how I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting caught up in some kind of "I want it b/c I feel like I can't have it" dynamic. I don't think I ever was. It was probably more of a surprise to me than anyone that i ended up being 35 deciding after all these years wanting a baby when I never, ever did.

I'm also increasingly frightened that something will happen to the baby, either before it's born or after. I suppose to some degree that never goes away.

I'm still having serious problems/pain from bruxism at night. I'm really, really unhappy about this. I do not want to be dealing with serious tooth pain in labor. And it hurts all the fucking tme.

Part of me really hates those "do you love being pregnant' comments. How about asking "how do you feel" instead of, in essence, telling you what they think you should be feeling.

Anyway, 36 weeks as of tomorrow.

Cran, I think it sounds like you are doing really well.

anoushh -

i have that tooth thing going on too! i thought i was just weird. i have been having a lot of tooth pain, and up until three days ago, no medical/dental insurance. i sucked it up and paid a hundred bucks to have a dentist look at it. she told me that my teeth were extra sensitive because of pregnancy, etc. i have wisdom teeth that HAVE to come out but can't do much about it until the baby comes. and my bf told me that i have been grinding my teeth at night, which i don't think i did before. so weird how pregnancy takes over your entire body.

and it is not as fun as i thought it would be, either. i am tired all of the time. i am starting to want my body back. and i am only half-way through. sometimes i just want to be able to do the things i used to. i would like to be able to go out, stay up late, have a few drinks every now and then. i feel like a nun or a born-again christian. and this was a totally planned pregnancy. sometimes it just feels a little long. and it is annoying that my whole lifestyle has to change and my boyfriend's does not. it is also weird how people perceive me differently, just because i am pregnant. i no longer feel cute or desirable. just large and matronly. ok, i am rambling. it was just interesting to hear that someone else has some of the same things going on that i do.
Turns out I have a huge fucking hole in my tooth, which probably caused a lot of the pain (must have been referred to another area, as it wasn't actually around that tooth. Which it is now, after the dentist as drilled it and put a temp filling in as it needs at least a root canal and at worst an extraction b/c the last dentist was such a fucking incompentent.) It hurts like hell. I don't need this now, and we can't resolve it until after the baby.

Great, labor with toothache. Is there much worse?

See kvetch for further complaining on this subject.
chani- that blows. seriously. i got a wicked sinus infection the week before moxette was born...boy-o did i get antibiotics fast for that. could you imagine labor and not being able to breath? good luck!

Hey, i'm on a chani-look out...Chani, you out there??? Got a medical question for you...
i think the sniffels i had yesterday are developing into a full blown sinus infection. I've got antibiotics on hand, from when we thought i had strep, but didn't. Question is...just HOW much do antibiotics screw with BC pill effectivness? Just the days one is taking them, or the entire month?
I laughed reading your post pinksparkly, people do percieve you different. People keep saying, that I'm prettier now. And people keep asking me as when I'm going to wear stretch pants. Um, I'm not a stretch pants kinda girl, yes I went through the whole stirr-up craze when I was younger but since there I don't have any. I'm actually trying my hardest to stay clear of maternity clothes. I bought a belly band, and it is my favorite asset. I can wear my jeans, wrap a rubber band around the button, or wear them wide open, slap on my belly band and I am good. I love it. Plus it keeps things smooth. Which I like too.

So tomorrow I go an get my first ultrasound. People around me are psyched. I've actually come up with an alternative route to get into my building so that my co-worker can find out-if they tell me anything..boy/girl stuff so that my boss doesn't find out first.
I'm kinda panicked. The doc appointment is during my new puking zone. If I drink all that water, I'm going to ralph. Because I'm going to have to pee, and that's when it happens too. oh well we'll see.

oh, and I agree Annoush, I'm having dreams and frights about when the kid grows up... I don't know if you've ever seen those bank commericals.. but they are like the "circle of life" I have a panic attack every time I see them.
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