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I say go for it.

I didn't graduate early, but I would have loved to.

One word of caution though: I hope you don't have super high expectations about what college life is like, because it's really not all that magical. I mean, it's great, and loads better than high school, but the novelty wears off. I'm really not sure what I'm trying to say here, other than lately I've been feeling a sense of disappointment in life, like I should be doing something better but instead I'm wasting my time.

But that's just me.
there are people in here! woo! *rushes in*

stephanie, I'm with geiger - don't do it just because you have such high expectations of college. I didn't finish early, but I took a year out and taught (and worked as a shopgirl)... I don't know how common gap years are in the states, but I found that did more for me than school ever did. I'd recommend doing something like that - volunteer work, additional learning courses, getting a job - before rushing to college if you finish early. The novelty that is uni wears off rapidly... give yourself something that'll make you stand out even more.

geiger, how's it going?

term is technically over as of today; I got my results for the end of module test and I'm pleased as punch with my mark (80%... go me). I will be consuming my own bodyweight in wine at the christmas ball tomorrow to celebrate.

anyone seen tyger? punker?
Hi everyone!

Stephanie, i would honestly say deciding to graduate early should be based on a) how happy you are at school and cool.gif your situation with friends and stuff. i know that second reason doesn't really seem like it should be that important, but i know by the end of grade 12 me and a bunch of friends were going more for the wacky hijinks with friends during lunch hour than for actual learning.

yay for end of term, mornington! i have an exam tonight, one tomorrow, and one wednesday morning and then i'm done (i've already written three). I also have to go talk to the chair of my program about an incompetent fucktard of a teacher i had this semester. feh. double feh, actually, i probably failed that course through no fault of my own.

stuff with the boything is faboo. in fact, we sort of managed to stay up messing around until 6am sunday morning.... and then slept for four hours and messed around some more. and yet my virginity remains intact (which i honestly wasn't expecting). and, you know, everything feels good but it just doesn't go anywhere for me (which i expected, since me+hands= not getting off). just sort of annoying when all he needs is my hand down his pants for a while. so i guess i can add these types of situations to my list of 'penis-envy-worthy' situations. up until now that list consisted of camping when there are no outhouses nearby and i have to pee.

okay, studying now. really, i swear.
hehe tyger - good luck on the exams!

and, personally, the messing around is such fun. so so so good to know it's going well biggrin.gif . Maybe he needs training (you have to train them... if you can get yourself off with your hands?). Just take things as they, ahem, come.

Although second me in on the penis envy while camping. I swear that's the real reason I hate it so much.

stephanie - yes, the friends thing is so important. I made some of my closest friends in the last year/two years of school.

damn you F, and your inability to email. *gripes*

Great to see y'all again!

Mornington: Congratulations on the end of term! I bet you kicked ass.

Tyger: Congratulations on your good relationship with the boy, and good luck on your exams.

I had one exam this morning, and I've got one tomorrow night and Thursday afternoon, then I'm done. I know I rocked the one this morning--it was Interpretation of Literature and the instructor told me that as long as I showed up and wrote something down I'd be okay...he pretty much guaranteed me an A+ in the course! And Spanish is going to go well, I've got an A going into the exam and last semester I ended up with one of the highest scores on the Spanish exam. But I'm a bit freaked out about my political science course, which I'll get a C in if I'm lucky. And of course that's all, because I dropped the journalism course.

As far as the rest of my life goes, here's what's been going on since early October: I carried the bullhorn at Take Back the Night, and marched in the anti-war march the day before that. I helped contribute to the awesome Democratic takeover, but only the governor's race and the state house races, because my home district decided to send that Republican uber-tool back to the House. Fucking bastards.

For Halloween I dressed up as Sailor Neptune one night and Queen Amidala the next. And at one Halloween party I went to I met this really great girl, and we dated for a few weeks, but she broke up with me because she really wants a chance with someone else, but we're still great friends and hang out a lot. Of course, I did somehow get this rebound girl that I finally shook loose yesterday, although I do feel guilty for being a bitch. But tomorrow I'm having tea with a friend who is going to convince me that I am, in fact, not a bitch.

And I'm planning to get a job next semester as a convenience store clerk, partly for the money and partly to take up so much time that I have to re-learn discipline, as too much free time seems to result in me fucking around on the computer for hours at a time. And I also want to make scarves to sell at my mom's store.

Wow. That was ramble-tastic.
thanks, girls.
that's basically what i thought.
and i figure, if i really do get sick of it, i can graduate after the first semester.

good luck all on finals etc.
that sounds like a plan, stephanie. but i definetely suggest taking some time for random dicking around if you do graduate early (and even if you don't). i wish i had taken more time.

alas, mornington, i can't get myself off with my hands. and, of course, it feels entirely different when it's not my hands, anyway. meh, it's not really a big issue for me, more just minor irritation. also, he seems to have come pre-trained fairly well.

geiger, i know what you mean about re-training to better manage time. i bet if i was working more i'd get more shit done, i just don't have the drive to do that. also, have you heard about the firefly MMO? is that not going to be the awesome (i'll have to break my 'i don't play MMOs' policy for that. kinda like my 'i don't watch anime/read manga' and 'i don't play rpgs' policies. but, you know, for azumanga daioh and bookworm adventures things could change, so most definetely things can change for anything firefly related)
i'm not going to be much help, tyger. but as long as you're happy and things are going well, why make a fuss? just be glad i didn't bless you with my drunken wisdom last night, I was mentally going... has you tried fucking him? totally unhelpful.

there's a firefly mmo? I got rather hooked on firefly after watching serentiy (it didn't come out on tv over here so I never got to watch it). I loved it and can't understand why it was cancelled. I want more, damnit. And shoot me down, but I preferred it to buffy.

geiger, you're not a bitch. I've been through a few men since term started, and I dumped them both; one I'm good friends will, until he starts coming onto me again (like he did today)... i think it's natural to feel like a bitch for a while.

i find myself rather looking forward to next term. I know what's coming, after the exam I feel so much more confident, and I know I'm going to enjoy it. Yay anatomy.
Thank goodness the MMO isn't coming out until 2008. I don't think my grades could handle it. The question is, which character do I have floating around in my head would I play as?

Mornington, thanks for the assurance that I'm not a bitch.

And tyger, you really should watch more anime and play RPGs. Of course, once you've played one RPG it's like you've played them all...


*crickets chirp*
*tumbleweed goes by*

fuck a duck, 9.15 start on monday fucking morning for a two-hour health and safety lecture that can be summarized in the following manner "scalpels are sharp. do not cut yourself or anyone else, because you will have to spend the rest of the day filling out safety george's accident occurance forms and that's just fucking dull"

i wanna be river.

did everyone have a good break?
you are back in school already??

I am tumbling around my house in pajamas.

hee hee.
maude no, the monday coming. thankfully. but still. monday morning.

my mother is living with me at the moment. it's odd.
I'm back in school. Le blerg. i started wednesday. feh. at least i only have class 3 days a week (9 hours there, mind you, with the breaks between my classes)

How did satan treat you all at christmas? my best present was from the boy, because he got me a tin my little pony lunch kit. i love that boy. he's annoying me now, though, since his girlfriend type thinger is in town, and whenever she's around he doesn't act like him. it's like he's not really there. i like her, and when they're not together she's really cool, but i don't like being around them both at the same time. he almost seems sad when he's with her.

so, i've made a discovery. seems me and the boything sleep-fool-around when we share a bed. like last night, we messed around, we went to sleep, but i have this memory of, like, the middle of fooling around at a different time in the middle of the night. like, i don't know how it started, but then i think i remember it ending and us going back to sleep. so, either i don't remember because it was the middle of the night, or we get sleep frisky, since now that i think of it i think it's happened before. just means i'll be more vigilant about us remaining more clothed from the waist down when we're sleeping together (the actual comatose kind of sleeping, obviously)

hi mornington and rantrave and geiger! i hope all is well, but now i am sleepy and must take a nap
hmm... two lectures in and i'm napping already. excellent. i start as i mean to go on biggrin.gif

tyger, i read in the portions... I cheered.

i just got my presents from my dad - absolute sandman in it's snazzy leather cover and two seasons of farscape. my world is now complete. although my best present was the coral and silver jewelry from my mum and brother.

rantrave, when do you start back?
you got absolute sandman?!?!? i'd give my second-born child for that (my first one has already been spent getting a ride home from my boyfriend's roomate one night)

awww, mornington, you cheered? how sweet! i met boything's parents this weekend, and it was pretty good. dinner was tasty, and then we played with remote controlled cars with one of his little sisters (the other one was out at a concert for her friend's band) according to him i made a good impression, and i'm pretty sure i managed not to say anything inapropriate. i got NO embarassing stories from his parents, though, and no embarassing pictures. maybe they're saving that for dinner number two?

also, i saw his itunes library the other day. i told him he was lucky i hadn't seen it before he asked me out (pussycat dolls? check. jessica simpson? far too much to be acceptable. kelis? yup, wtf. and linkin park and evanescence to boot). i was only, like, one third kidding about it making him a big fat no if i hadn't already said yes.

i have homework to be doing. if i have an entire class on imaginary numbers, why can't the readings and tests be imaginary, too? le blerg
Second semester starts tomorrow at 9:30 am, but my classes seem cool. It's all political science and gender studies this semester. I bought books the other day and almost freaked out a little when all the books were piled up.

Last night I hung out with my ex-girlfriend (the cool one, not the rebound ex) and watched the last of the 'Torchwood' episodes for this season.

Christmas was good. I got seasons 1 and 2 of Numb3rs on DVD, and a new bookbag for school.
*is jealous of geiger*

mm, torchwood.

i'm selling a few of my old textbooks (anyone want albert's the cell, no? don't blame you) and just bought one for neurology.

pfft on the boything's music. mind you, i found ABBA on the most-recent-ex's itunes.
You know, there's this band called GABBA that dresses up like the Ramones and plays punk covers of ABBA tunes.

...I was cutting pictures out of Spin magazine this weekend to make cool fridge magnets, in case you were wondering where my esoteric knowledge of punk trivia comes from.
Wow. I had a really shitty first week of classes, but today is actually a nice day and I actually feel motivated to do shit. Yay me!
must... do... work.... ooh, farscape on dvd.


and next week is almost all statistics and i'm just not going to go. I just need my arse kicking into gear when it comes to doing actual work for more than a few hours a day.

i want F. I think i need a hug.
Now that I've abused caps-lock...
Stats sucks. At least you just have a week of it instead of a class all about stats and the theory of stats...
Saturday is massive hang-outery chez the boything (though he is out of town working this weekend). I get to hang out with my friend who is on a work term, and we will have a bunch of DSs, a Wii, a PS2, and an XBox 360. Also, it won't be full of statistics studying.

I get to hang out with cougarlion tonight. I think I might buy myself a new battery-operated friend., since porn store excursions with her are always funtastic. I got my friend S to buy one as she had *never* had one before. It confused me to no end...but then I'm the girl who went through quite a few cute little back massagers in the last 7 years or so.

But now nap. And then maybe the mall to buy the Absolute Sandman
*hugs tyger back*

i could deal with the lectures, it's just the lecturer - he's as dry as the gobi desert and less interesting than watching paint dry. Although the theory of stats just sounds scary. did you get Sandman?

I am debating getting me a battery-operated friend... I too have never owned one. Partly from privacy issues - but partly from fear. unsure.gif and i have to think, sometimes it's not like I *need* one.

damn F has broken his blackberry again. I think he eats them or something... the mind boggles.
Mornington, as far as stats goes (and this bit of advice may not work as well for you as it would for me) maybe during class you could mentally replace the instructor with Charlie Eppes, gorgeous math professor/FBI consultant from the show Numb3rs (yum! and one of my pretend boyfriends).

Tyger, I hope you have fun porn store shopping. There was an amazing feminist sex shop here, but it closed a few months before I started my freshman year. Of course, I wish I had known that before I spent my first weekend there trying to find the place, although in the process I did end up finding some of the buildings my classes were in. Ah, memories...Anyway, the point is I had to shop online for my beloved silicone snake, which isn't quite the same experience. Oh, and have fun playing video games. Just don't break anything while playing the Wii.

Anyway, I had a fun birthday Friday. My friends threw me a surprise party, which was a lot of fun. The last time I had a surprise party was my sixteenth birthday four years ago (yikes! I AM getting old), and that was a surprise because my friends held it in March. So yeah, I got back from the party to my dorm, and I freaked out a little because I realized that the smell of weed on me was a little strong. Thank goodness for air fresheners. Oh yeah, and I also hooked up with a guy.

Then tonight I got dressed up and one of my friends did my hair, and we went to a benefit dinner for the local women's clinic. The food there was so good, I told my friends that I thought I would cry when I went back to eating dining hall food tomorrow.

Now I'm in my PJs waiting for Doctor Who to play on PBS.

Other than that I've got school and volunteering with my women's group. I need to drop my journalism major this week so I only have the poli sci major, and I also need to find out what I'm going to do this summer. I hope I can keep my New Years Resolution, which is the seemingly simple "Don't fuck up."

Love y'all.
*steps around spam*

i have no idea what numb3rs is... we don't get it over here. but imdb has all teh anzors... and my god i wish he was my lecturer. I discovered today that this lecturer - let's call him Scaramoush - has spent the past twenty-something years looking at sperm... he's wiiiiierd. I'm just going to skip and get a textbook from the library. It'll make more sense than him, he confuses most maths students so he'll fuck me up. I got stats at IB.

yay for hookups geiger!

tyger, what'dya get?

Finally managed to speak to F... he spent the weekend arguing with his ex (from what I know/gather, this girl has been his ex since before he met me, she refers to me as the skinny english bitch - pfft) after she catnapped his cats... not "thier" cats, his cats.

Spent the rest of the evening preparing for dissection tomorrow and watching yet more farscape. And being confused by Mad Anatomy Lecturer talking about stuff we've apparently been told... which isn't on the damn timetable. Oh, and considered the eternal question of why do the nine quid jeans never fit but the sixty quid jeans make even me think my ass looks good. the mind boggles.

*hugs all round*
At least they're honest rolleyes.gif
Happy Birthday Geiger! and woot woot for the boy hooking upping with.

Don't teachers who confuse instead of teach suck, Mornington? You'd think that since we're paying for our educations we could have real teachers. I hope the book you found makes everything make sense

I get to go see barenaked ladies this week! I'm sooooo excited. Also, next weekend is a film festival, and the weekend after is a drag show. damnable things being awesome but costing money

I got ze Sandman! wheee! It's sooooooooo pretty. No new battery operated friend yet, though, since the porn store now apparently IDs *everyone*, and cougarlion didn't have her ID on her. So we now have a naughty shopping date for Thursday.

boything got back in town from work sunday night, but i didn't get to see him until last night. i played katamari, and then me and his roomates watched Undergrads, and then the two of us dissapeared off to snuggle and sleep and smooch a bit.

so, i worked this morning, and have to study/make a formula sheet for stats this afternoon, plus choir tonight, plus planning a fundraiser for choir. i can't wait for reading week (plus then it's my birthday!)
Out out damned bot!
FYI everyone, those links have viruses attached- don't click on them!
The loser posting this is probably some 13 year old boy who talks in Klingon and looks at internet porn, and has no friends. And clearly we all must be stupid that we are going to continually check out the link!
Thanks for the birthday wishes, Tyger. You'll be getting some too pretty soon.

I'm taking a break from hardcore studying by kicking back and eating some banana pudding. Seriously, during my night class I just got this major pudding craving.

Of course, I wouldn't be so busy with homework during the week if I would just quit spending my weekends fucking around on the internet.

Friday is going to be awesome because there's a concert fundraiser for the women's clinic, and I'm going to drag along some friends who aren't the usual suspects for this kind of thing.

On a random note, last weekend I defrosted my freezer and ended up getting water all over the carpet in my dorm room. (And then a friend had to call and remind me of a previous engagement as I was drying the carpet off.) So note to self: only use fridge, not freezer, that way defrosting is never a problem.

I reported it.
and it's gone! thank fuck for that.

thanks polly!
*Uncorks bottle of champagne*

Thanks Polly!
Aren't you a little young for Champagne? tongue.gif

Eh, what do I care? Drink up! (This is why I shouldn't have children!)
Not too young--I'll be of legal drinking age next January.

Didn't realize I was in the teen thread.

Reposting somewhere else.
Okay, so the other day I'm going through the dining hall and I see the girl that my ex-girlfriend left me for talking to another girl with whom I rebounded, and I think to myself, "Man, I need to get out of the fucking dorms."

But I did go out with the boy (from my birthday party) yesterday.
((((geiger)))) i know the feeling. but yay for going out!

i have a microscope proficiency exam tomorrow. the biggest waste of time known to studentkind. i know how to use a fucking microscope. i don't think my ability to give specific names to each part is going to effect my future career - as long as i know what it does.
Hitler was a jerk, Mussolini bit his weenie and now it doesn't work.
yaaaawn. let's all ignore steve.
Deleted double post smile.gif
The Ignore Feature is a lovely little tool. When you put a member on ignore, you never ever have to look at another one of their posts. No words, no pictures, no nothing. It's a beautiful thing! There are two ways to impliment the Ignore feature. You'll have to be logged in to use either method.

Method #1: This will allow you to put a person on Ignore without ever having to find one of the person's posts! Yay!
1. Click on My Controls (it's up there on the right).
2. On the new screen, scroll down until you see the "Options" section on the left side of the screen. Find the link that says "Manage Ignored Users". Click on that.
3. On the new screen, scroll down until you see the section called "Add new users to your list". In one of the boxes, type in the name of the member you would like to ignore (example: Euphrates).
4. Click on the "Update Ignored Users" button.
That's it! You never need be bothered by that individual again.

Method #2: In order to use this method, you have to find a post made by the offending member. However, there's no typing involved, so some people find it easier.
We'll use Euphrates' post below as an easy example.
1. See on the left there were it says the name "Euphrates"? Click on that.
2. The screen will then display the profile for this member. Just to the right of Euphrates' name on the profile, you'll see the words "Profile Options". Click on that.
3. A little drop-down menu will appear. In that menu, click on "Ignore User".
4. The screen you see next will display everyone you have placed on your Ignore list. Euphrates should now be listed under "Add new members to your ignore list". Towards the botom of the page, you'll see a lovely button that says "Update Ignored Users". Click on that.
And that's it! The pesky poster is ignored! Hooray!
My boobs hurt and could use a good rubbing right now.

mmmm strawberries

where will it end?

that's all.

look, i know you guys are trying to help, but we really are big girls and can use the ignore button, and now i have to scroll down forever just to see what was *actually* said last. we've never really had a problem dealing with trolls in this thread, but everyone else comes in and tries to help us, and it really just annoys me.

i'm 20! and wheeee! i *finally* found gay boys to go out dancing with (computer science majors in drag! it's rather entertaining, really). by the end of the night the one in drag looked more like a boy with boobs than a girl, and there were creepy old men at the club we were at arguing over his gender. it was rather entertaining.

my desktop computer is sick. I haven't turned it on in forever, and now it won't turn on. pout. it has *all* my photos on it. boything says it's probably the power supply, but if it isn't i'll probably just haul it in to a computer store, buy a massive external hard drive, and get all that crap put on it.

so, actual tale of my birthday: went to a drag show the night before, and there was a dance afterwards, and then me and my friends and some guys hit a dance club a few blocks over. and then i went home and slept, and got presents from the family (how we are hungry by david eggers from my bro, and it's not fun, don't do it! the tegan and sara dvd from my mom), and went out to dinner with a massive number of friends. i got an inflatable sex cow, a bunch of stuff from fivebucks, and picture of the cleavage of moi and cougarlion on valentine's day, a my little pony, and other assorted goodies. both the boy (out of town visiting his girlfriend) and my father remembered to call, which made me really happy. it's sad how little faith i have in my father to remember things like calling me. OOOOH! my friend made me a cake with penee-san, the happy japanese penis on it. pene-san said happy birthday, and also wanted to have sex with me. it was soooooo awesome. i at his happy little face, and there were questions like "okay, who wants a piece of testicle? what about the head? shaft? anyone?"

this week is reading week (the week statistically shown to have the highest suicide rate among university students). wheee. i'm going to get taught how to snowboard, go on an 80s music quest, sleep, and work. and at some point do that homework that's due when i get back. feh.

how is everyone else doing?
Happy birthday and happy reading week!

I'm doing well, and I actually feel like I'm getting stuff accomplished, so I'm slacking off for the moment. Tomorrow I'm going to mail out another resume for a summer internship. I hope this time the people call me back.

The student theater on campus is now open again after being renovated, so a friend and I went to the grand opening free showing on Friday night and because it was snowing really hard we started singing Christmas carols.

I also got these cute dangly earrings that are orange plastic guns, and in March I'm taking a bus ride to Washington DC to participate in the anti-war rally.

Everybody cross your fingers and hope that I got an A on my paper for Gender, Race, and Class in the US, ok? I didn't write it until the morning it was due...

So what's new in everyone else's part of the world?
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