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Full Version: bleh bleh bleh, watever you feel like sayin
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yay - congrats, pixie! where are you off too? English and Philosophy is cool (i know, i'm nosy)

starkitty - canada? *crosses all parts*
I'm off to southampton smile.gif
I got the stuff about where I'm staying yesterday EEEK its so pretty. It's so weird though, thinking about how I'll have left home I can't wait to have some real control over my life though smile.gif AWESOMENESS

YAY for everyone and general happiness smile.gif

x x x
Yay for leaving home! I mean, I'm sure many people don't feel the same way about it as I do, lol.

Argh...I'm in Canada right now. This sucks, but not as much as I thought it would, because my extended family is fighting with each other instead of with me, mostly.

But...I'm starting school near Philly next wednesday.

But...I miss my boyfriend terribly and I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM. lol. I keep looking at the senior portrait of him he gave me the day before I left. And I can call him, because I'm in Canada. And I won't see him for about a month.

On the other hand, I can drink here.
*passes starkitty the wine* wink.gif

It's always exciting when you reach the legal drinking limit. Thankfully I've just passed the US limit (it's 18 over here) so I can actually go out when I visit the bf. Not that we have anywhere to go, as he lives in sticksville pa, but still...

And yay for leaving home, pixie! Halls are a good "stepping-stone" as it were. Plus they're fun places... Although I have to admit, it's moving out of halls into a flat that is the real fun... mm, bills and farking stupid neighbours...

I'm kindof looking forward to being a "mature" student. I know a few people at the uni I'm going to, although most of them are going on thier year abroad for languages, one of the queers is staying and we're going to scare the freshers together. My uni has a huge gay population, which I like. My last uni was far too much like school. so much so that half of us joined the facebook group for "dear vet school, high school called and wants its drama back" blink.gif

why will it not stop raining?! I really ought to take the dog for a walk, but both of us hate the damp.
Hey Pixie, good to see another new face!

(And starkitty and mornington, it's okay not to know where Iowa is. It's not like you're running for president or anything.)

I move back into my dorm tomorrow. I'm kinda panicking in the back of my mind that I forgot to pack my Ethernet cord for my computer, though.
did you forget it, geiger? good to be back in dorms?

I'm off to the states on wednesday... yay! Apparently I've been told to take a "classy" dress. I think I'm going to go turn my wardrobe upside down and shake it to see what I can find. He did apologise for not being specific enough, though, but apparently, he's planning a surprise. Gah. Clothing crisis coming right up.

I do know I have "classy" clothes. It's just judging the correct level of class appropriate. Don't think it's going to be too formal...
Nope! I gots the internets!

Good luck finding a classy dress! I know that if I was told to wear something classy, I'd go with slacks and a blazer, because my dresses are cute, but I wouldn't call them "classy."

Hello everyone, i havent been on in a while. Hopefully everyones doing well smile.gif
I'm kinda wondering why the post below this one has no member info on the left side -- like the others do.
Maybe some kinda stealth mode?
Maybe no longer a member? Like banned, closed account, or ?
It means that this person is no longer a member. There's no way to know whether the account was closed by choice of if the person was banned by the moderators. Usually if the moderators suspect that someone is a troll & they kick that person off the boards, they also delete all of the posts written by that person.
lynda, we are self-moderated in that we ask everyone check with the forum in the community thread before starting a new thread and generally "police" ourselves, but there is a BUST staff member with moderator powers who can delete trollish threads if they get out of hand, as we do have a problem with aggressive trolls every now and again. She also has the power to ban a user, as happened with "hybrids"
You know what i feel like saying?

Not too sure exactly. Heh.
im excited its almost thanksgiving break! smile.gif
Me too. smile.gif I get to go see my cousins, which is always really great, even though they are little monsters, lol. Also I think I'm going into the City to see new boyfriend for a dance, so that should be nice. (Yes, M and I broke up, if anyone is wondering. Long story short, he wasn't in love with me, and so he asked if I wanted to break up. I did.)
I'd just to like to say that I am not dead, just in fostercare with no internets.

lesbaj, you ok?


I like:

diy reconstruction
philosophy (nietzsche)
pinup girls
indian sstuff
street style

I'm in a solo project called CHOCOLATE COLOSSUS
and a glitchpop band called sync.dve.swm//

i'm bored.
i need a neat-oh friend
because the hicktown I'm stuck in
is full of close-minded whores.

This introduction is too formal:


nope still a tad formal.
: /
I have owned Cat Power's 'You are Free' for sometime now, and I just couldn't get into it. And I never listened to it. But tonight, there is a storm outside and it's dark, and it came on, and it just clicked with me. I finally get her voice.
under: i love nietzsche too. you should check out osho's work... he's got a spiritual spin, but essentially the same openness to possibility as nietzsche. good stuff.
I love Osho, too! Although, I do not see the connection between Osho and Nietzsche. wacko.gif
dont know wtf all that's about... but whatevs

QUOTE(neurotic.nelly @ Feb 7 2008, 04:17 AM) *
I love Osho, too! Although, I do not see the connection between Osho and Nietzsche. wacko.gif

they both punk rock yo
It's my last week being a teenager so I thought Id give some love to this neglected little part of the forum before it's too late...

'cept I don't really have much to say here blink.gif ...

roll on twenties
just thought i'd pop by and post this for anyone who is considering the HPV vaccine.
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