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that's good news, geiger. Apart from the uncle bit, but pah to him. (and woo for doing really well!)

further example of my grannyish tendencies. A friend of mine has invited me out to a "student rave". My thought process went as this. "oh god, i hate student nights... and i hate anything described as funky house... and events where the dress code is "as little as possible - model scouts will be in attendance so dress sexy" ... ocean's eleven is on tonight, I wanted to sit in and dribble over george... and... and... and... and it's ten quid to get in. that's my usual night-out budget"

stheriously, student night? worst. marketing. idea. ever. The entry usually a little cheaper than most "london clubs", as are the drinks, but neither is that much cheaper (and they're actually more expensive than the weeknight indie clubs), they are massive meat-markets, and so filled with cliche student behaviour I want to smack someone.

rant over. I'm starting revision, and I have a low irritation threshold combined with the attention span of a kitten.
Personally, I think the word 'rave' should only be applied to illegal events held in industrial warehouses, but that's just me. But yeah, I prefer the cheaper, seedier joints to the places where the preppy people go.

Nights out are fun, but so are nights in. I mean, summer's supposed to be a time to party, but all my friends are doing their own thing and I hardly ever get a chance to see them. Although I am going to visit some friends a couple of weekends this month, hopefully.

I think the best night out I had recently was getting picked up by a bunch of engineering students from Buffalo who were in town for a conference.
Meh, I live in a small, rich town where a "night out" for someone my age constitutes of sitting around a camp fire in the nearby mountains(or your friends backyard) with some beer or pot if you happen to have some(very unlikely).

What can I say? The library closes at 5, all the restaurants by 8. We are a one-horse town.

Less then a week till a I go to True Colors! I also get to go to Denver, which I haven't been to since I was eight! I'm very excited.
I guess in that respect I'm lucky I live in london. I used to live in a town like that, and while sometimes sitting in someone's back garden with some cider is good, if it's the only option it does get tiresome. But hey, you're going to true colours soon!

For some reason, there's a load of birthdays about now, which combined with the end of exams makes everyone enthusiastic about going out. I went to a bbq at the weekend for a friend's 21st, and there's another this weekend for another 21st. They're good friends, and I know it'll be pretty chilled.

I am still revising and going insane with boredom. There is no power on earth that will make cytoskeletons interesting.
Meh, I like my town most of the time. It's pretty safe except for all the drugs, which happen because we are a bunch of bored rich kids living forty minutes away from the "meth capital of the country." We don't have gangs or anything, and the only reason my curfew is twelve is because I would "have nothing to do but drugs." It's not like I would get gay-bashed or something. These quotes are all real, by the way. They would be from some newspaper article and my mother, respectively.

I might not be going. My poor overworked mother broke her wrist, and we will need to see if my father can take me, who is still over a year to young to drive.

I'm worried about her. She really is very overworked, and her boss is going to give her shit, even though all she did was fall on the wrong thing. She's getting older, and her bones might be getting fragile. Apparently it's broken is multiple places. She'll need an operation. I'm going to have my more responsible friends check in on her and my brother regularly if I'm gone. They all really like her.
hello all! well i dont know exactly how to jump into these things .. read quite a few responses .... felt i must contribute ... wink.gif
hey ladylux, welcome to BUST. we just have a natter in here, sometimes it's busy sometimes it's all quiet. where are you from? if you're in here, you must be studying something...

geiger... I saw this and thought of you. although, tbh, I don't know where you are in doctor who. but I'm so making myself one. and one for everyone I know who might find it amusing.

lesbajew, when I was your age (my god, shoot me, I sound like my nan) my curfew was nine freaking thirty. ten on a saturday. I shit thee not. although i went to boarding school, and my housemistress was as strict as they came. you are a lucky thing. although these days, I tell my mother "i'll be back... at some point, hopefully before dawn" and she's pretty cool with that. We've come to the conclusion that when she stops going out, getting drunk and dancing (and cutting her feet open by dancing barefoot), she can tell me when my curfew is.

talking of mums, how's yours? has she had the op?

as of this week, I am pretending my exams no longer exist. they start on monday, but I'm basically sticking my fingers in my ears and going "la-la-la". I'm so fucked.
QUOTE(mornington @ Jun 12 2007, 06:03 PM) *
lesbajew, when I was your age (my god, shoot me, I sound like my nan) my curfew was nine freaking thirty. ten on a saturday. I shit thee not. although i went to boarding school, and my housemistress was as strict as they came. you are a lucky thing. although these days, I tell my mother "i'll be back... at some point, hopefully before dawn" and she's pretty cool with that. We've come to the conclusion that when she stops going out, getting drunk and dancing (and cutting her feet open by dancing barefoot), she can tell me when my curfew is.

I say the exact same thing to people younger than me, so don't feel bad.

I like my curfew. I like my family in general. Wow, boarding school. That's pretty interesting. I've heard that boarding schools are more common in the U.K than here(the US). Is that true? It's considered that your a) rich or cool.gif a criminal if you go to boarding school in the US.

I feel your pain. That's pretty sad curfew, I must say.

Good luck with your finals!

I didn't get to go the True colors, but at least my mother is doing good. She just had her operation on Monday. The pain meds make her kind of ditzy, but she's doing better. She's going to go into work for a little while tomorrow to tell her assistants what to do. She might not be able to drive or make a cup of tea, but she an still boss people around! Her kitten has been following her around everywhere so goes. It's kind of cute, and gives her less time to drive my cat up the wall. Some family friends have been checking in often and even made us dinner.

The c key on my laptop broke and I'm going to have to get it fixed. My poor baby.

I also get to take an Algebra course online! Yeah. I'm most likely going to finish it all two weeks before school starts, but I'll try to stay on top of it.

Hi Ladylux! Feel free to barge in, that's what I did.
well thanks for the intro ladies - yes i think i will stick to this forum .. teehee .. well how are all yall doin ... i feel like such a youngin in here- though seems times have changed .. i dont really have a curfew or any thang like that .. parents are divoreced so that gives me ALOT of freedom - yup tongue.gif
Spiffy. Not about the divorce. About the curfew.

I got in a major car crash today. We got hit from the side and the car was totaled, but somehow we all got out in one piece. Hell, even our clothing was fine!

It was some scary shit. I will call the driver c and the friend in the passenger seat BGF. I was in the right back seat. We were on a busy road and c tried to flip a bitch(slang for a U turn).I was off in my own little world at the time, so next thing I know the left window shatters and the car stops. There is panic for a couple minutes, after something in my head goes "911, you dolt!" (911 is the emergency number for the police, hospital, and fire station here is the US. I'm not sure if it's the same in other countries). So I call it and talk for a little while, then give the phone to BGF. After he hangs up, c manages to get the car going again, and we pull over to the side of the street and get out. I check to make sure the other guy, whose car had not been totaled and had pulled over before us, is O.K, which he is. The police and ambulence arrive. The car itself is a wreck.

BFG and myself were good to go, but c said her side hurt and she had some cuts on her face and arms. She went to emergency room. Our other friend picks us up from there and we go to his house for a bit, and then I arrive home, about now.

Just thought I'd share that little adventure with everyone.

eek! glad to hear you're ok LJ. and glad to hear your mum's doing good.

there are a lot of public (fee-paying, yes, it is the wrong way round) schools in the uk, of varying cost. my parents (and mother post-divorce) moved around lots when I was still at school, so the company they worked for paid for me and my younger brother to go to boarding school so that we would have "continuity of education". sometimes it was great, sometimes it sucked. mostly it just... was. my brother, Boy Wonder, finishes school in a few weeks, he's sitting his a-levels. he goes to uni in september, and it's scaaary to think of it. my prep school (9-13yrs over here, i think it's different in the states) reunion is next week, I'm wondering if I should go. ho-hum.

my mother is coming to stay with me this weekend, for three weeks on and off. the pros: cooking, girly chat, not having to worry about walking the dog during my exams.
cons: having to tidy up and restrain the buns. They do not want to be in their cage. and my tiny little flat is going to be so cramped...
Thank you. I know I'm glad!

In the states it goes something like this. Kindergarten(age 5), Elementry(ages 6-11), then Middle school(12-13) or Junior High(12-14). High school comes after word, and goes till 17. Then your off to collage!

Good luck with your mom! I'm off to hang out in the nearby mountains(maybe).
it depends if you're in the public or state system, but for us:
nursery: 3-4
primary school: "rising fives" - 11 (so if you're turning five within the school year, you can start)
secondary: 11-16, and then the two years on top of that are optional. You can also choose between academic GCSEs and then A-levels or the IB (taken at 16 and 18 repectively) or vocational NVQs (like animal care... and you can work up to being a vet nurse)

the fee-paying schools are like this (boarding or day)
pre-prep: 4-7/8
prep: 8-13 (although most boarding schools no longer take kids younger than 9)
school: 14-16/18. You do the same exams, although you're more likely to find IB at a fee-paying school.

the american and uk systems are relatively similar until you get up to secondary/high school, when they can go off in completely different directions. This was part of our decision to go to boarding school - it gets harder and harder to switch back and forth, and we only had the option of an american school at the time (and the silly fucks misread my birth certificate and put me in a class two years above myself)

and on that note, i'm going to go to bed. after i finish pootling around on the intarwebs.
Hey Josje and Ladylux! It's good to see new people around here. Welcome to Lesbajew as well, but at 27 posts I think it's safe to say she's no longer a newbie! And Les, being from Iowa I can totally relate to what it's like to live in meth country. By the way, I'm glad you're safe. Some kids I knew from high school got killed in a car wreck this week.

In September I celebrate my third year posting on BUST. That means that Tyger and Mornington are the only other people in this thread that I've known from my start here. (Where art thou Einsteinwho?)

Thanks for the link Mornington. I haven't seen the episode "Blink" yet (as I work too much to poke around on the internet as much as I did during the school year) but I will be watching it tonight. (I love Google Video. Thank goodness for generous UK Whovians!) Tomorrow night on PBS they're showing "The Parting of the Ways." I'm just wondering if the Republicans are going to make a fuss about Jack kissing the Doctor and use that as an excuse to cut funding to public television.

I wanted to visit some friends for Gay Pride, but mom wouldn't let me take the car. Which sucks because my women's group from school was going to march in the parade. However, I will be visiting my boyfriend next weekend.

(BTW, for the newbies: I'm a 20-yr-old bisexual, currently dating a 27yr-old (male) doctoral student. Back in November this amazing girl (who got me addicted to Doctor Who) broke up with me, and I'm prone to getting emo about that from time to time. In between there is a girl I slept with that was a total mistake. Just so you don't get lost when I start talking about my love/like/sex life.)
i didn't know he was an older man wink.gif . blink is a fantastic episode. Boy Wonder (my brother) left me his season one dvds, and i'm totally falling for ecclestone again. and i've just seen gwen and tosh, but not as themselves, which was odd. i love david tennant now, but... and personally, you can never have enough of Jack kissing anyone.

and i've been here nearly a year and a half! at once... no time at all and forever.

iiiii've found a car. i'm going to learn to drive. finally. despite the fact that i don't need a car because i live in central fucking london and it's quicker to walk. i could do with one for holidays though. i'm going to have to teach the dog to sit in the backseat on a harness.
Eccleston is teh secks. Nuff said. He needs to come back on Heroes for sure. I'm glad that I've got 28 Days Later and Shallow Grave on DVD otherwise I'd go through massive Eccleston withdrawal.

Also, Jack Harkness is going to cure me of all my sexual hang-ups someday. In a very kinky way.
Porn Star
Hi. I just want to welcome Josje, Ladylux and Lesbajew! I'm glade that you are here. I hope you'll have a great time here. Have a nice weekend.
Wow, a car, congrats! Don't get a crash.

LJ here has been having a lot of anxiety about her love life. I don't feel like typing out and re-wording the whole thing, so if your interested, just check out the crush thread.

So, anyone seen any good movies lately? I saw History Boys and loved it!
thanks for the welcome

lesbajew- I actually just saw two really good movies: Blackbook and The lives of others

On the subject of older men, I'm curious about ya'll's oppinions on "appropriate" ages gaps for teens. I know that when I was 16 I liked 'em older (like mid twenties) so of course I didn't see a problem with it but everyone else did. I mean everyone is at different maturity rates at different ages. right? but a lot happens in life between those years like moving out, college, jobs, etc. are the lives just too different to work in harmony? And what about the laws? In texas the age of consent is 16 but you can't be sexually involved with someone over 18 unless they are within three years of your age. -can't a seventeen year old girl decide for herself? opinions please

josie, i've been mulling this over. I've dated a few older men, and, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Here are my thoughts
- cultural references: what tv did you watch as a kid? (me and my friends tend to use the white power ranger as a marker - do you remember when they introduced him, or was he an established character?). What books/tv/films do you watch now?
- aims. What do you want out of the relationship, what does he want. You really have to be on the same plane for that one to work.
- going out. over here, the drinking age is 18, but I found in the states it was frustrating trying to go out with my bf (he's six years older than me)
- yes, everyone matures at different rates, but sometimes you loose out on the "teen" stuff when date older guys - and sometimes that's no fun, you don't want to get too heavy. (eg, I have had to deal with ex-gfs, kids, employment worries, house hunting, kids, parents... and that makes a hell of a lot of difference). Emotional maturity and mental maturity are two different things, and they have to be in sync.

right. i have to walk the dog and go get my boobs scanned. hurrah for lumps.
damn. i killed the thread.

josie, i take it you're seeing an older man?

LJ, i'm dreadful at giving that kind of advice, but i'd say go for it and spit it out. what did you decide?

geiger, how's the internship. mm, jack harkness kissing eclestone. although he wasn't so hot in 28 days later...

tyger? hellooo?

i have one exam left, and then i'm all finished. and i bought a bed for the dog, which he totally didn't need, but is clearly the bomb.
Mornington, you didn't kill the thread, I've just been busy as hell.

((Hugs, Mornington)) I saw the news this morning about the car bombs they found in London. Stay safe (and when I say 'stay safe' what I really mean is 'fuck it, go out and party anyway, 'cause the odds are in your favor'). Good luck with that new prime minister of yours (Gordon Brown, not Harold Saxon. I CAN differentiate between fantasy and reality, LOL.). Don't know much about him yet, so the jury's still out.

LJ: Good luck with your crush. I haven't read the thread yet, though, so I can't give advice. And I haven't seen many movies lately, but I'm looking forward to the new Harry Potter one. It comes out on a very busy weekend for me though. American History X was on TV the other day, but I missed it because I wanted to see the presidential debate that was on at the same time. But it's a good movie, though. Back in October I watched it with a bunch of engineering students from Buffalo who picked me up in a bar. Good times, good times.

Josje: Ditto what mornington said. My current guy turns 28 next week (I'm 20). Older guys can be cool. There used to be this hot guy who worked at the video store who was 10 years older than me. I used to go over and flirt with him all the time, even though he had a girlfriend, and I was 14-16. My friends and I would stop by and give him treats, and the summer before my junior year he loaned me a lot of movies from his personal collection. Then he moved to Vancouver with his girlfriend sad.gif.

My internship is going well. We did a protest action the other day and got the sheriff called on us, and I ran into a guy from my hometown who's a member of our group and remembered me from Democratic Party meetings, so we talked a bit about people we knew. And the convention I'm working on is going to be awesome, and I'm going to e-mail one of my professors from last year because one of the workshops reminds me of some of the stuff we went over in my election reform class. Yesterday was kinda slow, so a co-worker and I went to a garage sale over the lunch hour and bought some Russian pop cds for another one of my co-workers.

My uncle is still pissed that I took this internship, and he actually gave my mom an application for an internship at a rival organization so I can 'learn both sides of the issue.' And I'm like, fuck that, my time and effort is to valuable to waste on that shit. Seriously, next time he tries to start that shit I could just yell "If I ever get elected to public office I'll make sure you can keep your guns, so get the fuck off my back!" Though that would make my mom mad at me. Seriously, it's not fair for my relatives to try and talk politics with me, because if I even show the slightest bit of spine my mom gets mad at me. And I'm such a momma's girl, even when I'm not.

Don't worry, the thread didn't die, I've just been busy, too.

Well, I told 'em I like 'em over the phone, but I still don't know what's going on. They just said "O.K." And then we talked about when they will return my mother's Star Trek uniforms... It was very akward, but I felt great after words.

I don't know about older men, so please excuse me for not commenting on the subject.

Mornington- Stay safe.

the_geiger- Uggggh. The situation with your uncle sounds horrible. I'd hate to be in your place. I don't have advice, but I do have virtual hugs. Want one?

My mother and I will be seeing Waitress tomorrow on our trip to Santa Fe. Heard anything about it?
yay LJ! i'm impressed - i would never of had the guts! I didn't really date until I was nearly sixteen, and I wouldn't say I had a proper "boyfriend" until I was eighteen, so I'm not sure I'm really qualified to give much advice. But I tend to blurt things out awkwardly (hurrah for being drunk!) but you sound like you did it pretty well. If they've been asking, he (i've been noseying in the b/g both? thread) might feel a bit awkward if he though you were entirely gay, as opposed to bi... I take it he's your age? Don't fret, I find the best relationships I've had (I've got, really) started slowly, and awkwardly.

also... you're incredibly brave to have come out so young (maybe this was just my school environment, but no-one came out until we were in our last year, and even then, it was one guy) so having the courage to explore every facet of your sexuality is really cool. and important.

((((geiger)))) uuurgh. also: omg you need to see the last two episodes of season three dr who. absolutelyfanbloodytastic. I'm turning into such a fangirl, its sad.

hehe, I'm just procrastinating like hell... god, i want my exams to be over. so i can go play with cows, and then kittens. Although I've got to sort out my contract on this place for next year, because the damp course needs fixing... my god, i sound virtually grown-up. blink.gif
QUOTE(mornington @ Jun 30 2007, 06:22 PM) *
yay LJ! i'm impressed - i would never of had the guts! I didn't really date until I was nearly sixteen, and I wouldn't say I had a proper "boyfriend" until I was eighteen, so I'm not sure I'm really qualified to give much advice. But I tend to blurt things out awkwardly (hurrah for being drunk!) but you sound like you did it pretty well. If they've been asking, he (i've been noseying in the b/g both? thread) might feel a bit awkward if he though you were entirely gay, as opposed to bi... I take it he's your age? Don't fret, I find the best relationships I've had (I've got, really) started slowly, and awkwardly.

Thank you! I really don't know what else to say!

Waitress was cute. While I had some anger over the fact that abortion wasn't even mentioned, it was to cute. Plus, if a movie is directed by a woman, I feel a strong need to see it, even if it doesn't interest me. Seeing Nathan in anything makes me happy. He's really amazing. He's been a captain of a space ship, a serial killer priest, and now a doctor having an affair.

Ha, I always get overly happy when I see actors I know in other things. I just love to see how talented they are. I know an actor must be able to portray a range of parts, but seeing them do it is just... wow. My mother was watching this thing called NCIS, and the guy who played Locke(who happens to be my favorite character) on Lost was in an episode. I was very excited. I don't watch much T.V, and when I do, it's usually on DVD, but I love the series I do watch. Buffy was great. I didn't have time to watch Lost last season(insert emo tear) but I'm catching up.
thanks for the input on older men. Lesbajew, I second morrington, the best relationships DO usually start out slow.
LJ: Thanks for the offer for virtual hugs. I'm with the family for Independence Day, and so things are a bit awkward here, 'cause he's still pushing that internship he wants me to take.

Mornington: I saw the last two episodes of the season. The Master was hilarious, and I liked how Martha became this tough-as-nails world traveller. I can't wait to see her on Torchwood. However, my friend Michael didn't really like the season finale, and he sent me a page-long rant about it.

Josje: I'm glad you liked our input (even though my input was more 'Storytime With Geiger' but whatever)
Ouch. I hope it went well.

The fourth turned out well for me. I went to Transformers with my brother and my crush. It wasn't akward, but the whole "i like you" thing wasn't even brought up... we just hung out. It was cool, but I would rather be just rejected. I just have no idea what is going on. I think it's up to me to make another move and at least try.

But enough of my insignificant teenager drama, which won't matter in five years. I enjoyed the movie. The effects were amazing! I am a big effects fan, I'll watch any movie with amazing graphics unless it is truly the worst thing ever seen by these eyes, a.k.a Van Hellsing. They also had Evangelion(an anime) references (or rather, rip offs in the coolest ways possible), and I used to obsessed with that show, so I can not help but have some love for it. It was like in Shrek three with the Heathers reference. I couldn't help but be soft on it, no matter how godawful the movie was.

There was also a trailer for a new monster Movie by Bad Robot. They made Lost, so I know I want to see it. The people who make Lost know how to make me scream, and I love screaming.
john simms (the master) is great - my brother worships him. I loved the endings, but I'm not so loving that martha is leaving (for torchwood, so yay!) and being replaced by catherine tate, who played the runaway bride... I just don't like her, but I never saw all of the runaway bride, and the "comedy" programme she does over here is god-awful. also, I loved the face of bo revelation.

lj, teenage drama maketh the adult drama, at least imo (maybe that's just my shitty teenage relationship) but go for it - ask him. he might have felt awkward with your brother about. (also... what do you mean van helsing was shit?! it wasn't just shit, it was the most fantastic piece of shit ever made! I fucking love that film, precisely because it's so shit. kinda like hellboy, the sequel to which I can't wait for. actually, no, fantastic four. even if ioan gryfudddddd is sex on legs)

my drama is being LJed, because sometimes I don't know who reads these boards... but basically, I get my results tomorrow, if I fail, I get kicked out of uni. and F takes A for the paternity test, if it comes up positive, he's the father of a three-year-old he only met two weeks ago, and gains another of his nutso exes in his life on a permanent basis (the others being friends of friends, and thankfully not the mother of any more children)
Oh god! Drama! I fucking HATE drama, seeing how I've got my own right now, I've fucked up everything possible, fuck fuck fuck! I really don't care to elaborate, though. It's nothing that an entire carton of ice cream, hours of Doctor Who, and the internet can't fix. It's just....fuck.

LJ: Glad you had fun at the Transformers movie. I've seen a few episodes of Evangelion on Adult Swim, and sometimes I like to play the theme song in my head when I feel like being an anime hero. Good luck with the drama, and I agree that Van Helsing sucked royally.

As far as sucky movies that you can't stop watching, I'd have to say that award goes to 'The Day After,' because I'm obsessed with the Cold War, or 'Gone in 60 Seconds' because it has Christopher Eccleston, even if it is only for two scenes.

Mornington: Catherine Tate was okay in Runaway Bride, and since I've never seen her comedy program I can't judge how she'd be on Doctor Who full time. (BTW, I love how words like 'program' are spelled differently in Britain. It's what makes reading BBC News online so much fun. (That and their news coverage is better than on the CNN website, and the website layout is so much cleaner, but whatev)) Mostly I want to see a companion who doesn't fall in love with or worship the Doctor. I mean, I love the Doctor, but I would love to see a companion constantly talk shit about him. Good luck with all your drama too.

--Now I'm off to Facebook for damage control.

ooh, kylie's going to be in the christmas special of DW *waits impatiently*

How is everyone?

and furthermore, what does everyone thing of studying english lit or international relations, and sociology? I failed my exams, so now I have to find something else to do.

And I'm going to beat my bf with a stick. a long one, that will magically reach across the atlantic... *rages*
I took that bloody "Measure your environmental impact!" quiz online the other day, and I was horrified. Even though I'm a vegan and I recycle and try to avoid a wasteful lifestyle, I still ended up with a high number! Granted, I guess it wasn't as high as a lot of people's, but I was honestly surprised at the amount of damage I'm still creating. I made this blog ( to help me cut down that number and make other people aware that their own impact could be higher than they expect. Please leave me some feedback, disagree, give me tips, advice, recipes (!), and, most of all, encouragement. I'm just trying to spread some Green love!

It's just so strange, because I really can't stand causing harm to the environment, and I thought I would have been in a lower range of numbers. Take the quiz yourself; you might be shocked.
Hi there. I'm a noobie, clearly. I've been on this forum for about a week or so, and have finally been lured in here by the copious mentioning of Dr. Who, mostly.

I dunno if I should really introduce myself or what. I'm about to be 18, and heading off to Bryn Mawr College near Philly. Anyway, hi.
Wow, the thread died.

Sorry I haven't been been posting lately, but I've been quite busy with New York stuff. I'm heading out tomorrow! Hope you all are enjoying yourselves!

Welcome, starkitty!
Hey Starkitty! Glad to have another Whovian in this little neck of the woods. Who's your favorite Doctor?

Bryn Mawr sounds cool. I'm going to be a junior at the University of Iowa in the fall, so my undergrad career is half over already!
QUOTE(the_geiger @ Jul 22 2007, 02:25 PM) *
Hey Starkitty! Glad to have another Whovian in this little neck of the woods. Who's your favorite Doctor?

Bryn Mawr sounds cool. I'm going to be a junior at the University of Iowa in the fall, so my undergrad career is half over already!

I've only just gotten into it, so I'm still in the first season.

I have a friend who's going to the University of Iowa next year, for music. smile.gif

Hmm, not the greatest evening. My best friend is a bit mad at me for drinking at a party, despite the fact that I wasn't even slightly tipsy, and I'm all worried about how much I'll miss my boyfriend next year. Silly Yale boy.

Anyway, hope everything is going well for the rest of you.
*toddles in*

so, i have a place to study english and international studies at greenwich uni. i'm just waiting to hear from goldsmiths, which is where I really want to go.

the bunnies are home, which is a relief - i missed them, which is odd, seen as they don't want anything to do with me most of the time. I just fed them cherries, so they both look like bunnicula.

less than a month until I see F! it's been five bloody long months, gah.

starkitty, do you have any idea what you're going to major/minor in? (or is bryn mawr like over here, where you choose before you start?)

hope you're enjoying nyc, lj!

geiger, how's the internship going?
Internship's the best! It's being home for the weekends that's awkward.

BTW, mornington, I loved the Bunnicula books when I was a kid.
Oh, Bunnicula was great.

I'm fairly sure I'm majoring in creative writing, with a possible double major in Russian and a possible minor in Philosophy.

So you're across the pond then, mornington?
starkitty, yes, I live in london. but the bf is in PA (so I actually know vaguely where bryn mawr is, as opposed to iowa, which is somewhere over *there*)

this isn't my bun, but he is bunnicula. my own two are hairier and less friendly.
Cute. smile.gif

To be fair, I grew up just outside Chicago, and I barely know where Iowa is. It, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the rest of Illinois might as well be the same state as far as I'm concerned. Terrible, but I can't deal with rural. *shrug*
steve's back trolling again as lord jesus christ. click on this handy link to ignore the asshole with delusions of deity. and as always, don't feed him.

steve's back trolling again as lord jesus christ. click on this handy link to ignore the asshole with delusions of deity. and as always, don't feed him.

steve's back trolling again as lord jesus christ. click on this handy link to ignore the asshole with delusions of deity. and as always, don't feed him.

*tootles in*

now steve's gone...

where the fuck is everyone?

LJ - happy birthday! hope you had/are having a good time in nyc

My brother arrives on tuesday. We're going to start a rumour that my step-sister is a crack whore (we don't know if it was crack, but she was on something, which she's now going treatment to come off. She's barely eighteen, and she's a fool. My brother gets his A-level results on thursday, and I have to find a uni place then. Woo. And then after that I'm off to the states. woo again.
Ohh hello people smile.gif
I'm new and it looks like no one has posted on here for a few days but anyhoo!
I feel physically ill right now, tomorrow I get my exam results AHHHHHHHHHH
I don't want them I don't want to know

Hows everyone else?
hope you got what you need pixie!

my brother the boy wonder got his - and i'm starting again, but i'm off to do geography. i got my place! *happy snoopy dance*
YAY i got my place and so did my boy smile.gif he'll be just 3 stops away on the train!
YAY for us getting what we needed smile.gif
I got 3 Bs which I needed but I'm kinda bummed cos I know I could have got better grades if I wasn't such a lazy cow!!
yay i keep reading this over and over on the UCAS website :
Congratulations! Your place at University of BLEEEEEP to study English and Philosophy (QV35) has been confirmed.

WOOOO for me smile.gif
Congratulations on getting your places, ladies! And welcome, pixie.

I'm about to go to Canada with my entire extended family, and all of my college stuff in the trunk. This is not going to go well.
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