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Things are warming up here, finally. I can get out and take the hound for a walk.

I need to get an external hardrive. That's about all really.
happy birthday tyger! sounds like a brilliant day.

I've been a bit blue lately. It's RAG week, so we basically hold a pile of uni-sanctioned piss-ups in the name of sweet charidee. Last night was Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed. Too many boys in too little clothing/drag *eye roll*. Although one guy did look good in his french knickers, corset and high heels... Tonight is a Masquerade Ball.

other news... i am going to new york to see F. squee!

Mornington, New York sounds like fun! Are you going to New York City or some other part of the state? I've never been to NYC but my little brother went there last year on a school trip.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show party must have been awesome. If I'm not doing anything next Halloween I want to go to the student theater's annual screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show dressed as Columbia.

Speaking of the student theater, on Saturday it's showing this 70s porn movie in 3D. It's at midnight though, so I'll have to videotape Doctor Who before I head out.
we're going to spend a couple of days in the city, but he lives in PA so we're going there as well. I'm going distracted over it already.

The rocky horror night was good, i didn't go as anyone specific (most people didn't). The only trouble is that the owner of the pub still lets others in, and so there were several drunk old(er) men trying to chat us up.

I wish we had a student theater... although our christian union would probably throw a fit if there were showings of 70s porn. and no-one except me and the Girlies would go. talking of the Girlies, we're going to learn to pole dance - there's a place not far from college that offers classes; it's the latest exercise craze over here... apparently they do private group classes blink.gif

any news on the internships, geiger?
I've got great news on the internship. They e-mailed me saying that they wanted to interview me, and the interview is next month. I'm so glad that they got back to me. Now all I need to do is find someone who'll let me sleep on their couch this summer.
i thought i'd already said this... but...

yay! good news and good luck on the interview! where is the internship? what will you be doing? we don't have internships here; some courses like mine require work placements, and some companies provide sponsorship for work in the hols, so i'm not really familiar with the scheme. all i know is it involves work.

if it doesn't involve work, and actually involves sitting around eating strawberries, i wanna do what you get to do.

shitting fuck, i have exams next week. where the hell did they come from? where did this term go?
I'm going to be in Des Moines, planning events for a non-profit organization. I think there will be a healthy mix of work and strawberry-eating.

I ended up not going to the 70s porn at the theater on Saturday because it was storming like a motherfucker outside and I didn't feel like going out into the wet and cold.

I've got exams next week too, which sucks. Although I did put off studying for a bit last night so I could hang out with the boy and make out. Yay.
Hurray for making out. I miss that. It seems that everything ends up ending up with sex. Not that this is a bd thing, but I remember it was, like, the biggest thing, when someone went up your shirt!
yay for internships and make-outery! wheee!

so, i found out why the boything hadn't mentioned anything about the ex-fiance. she's crazy like a motherfucker, apparently, and he didn't want to go into the details, but that leads to his embarassing ex stories, like the 13 year old who lied to him about her age so he'd go out with her (he was 17 or 18 at the time), and the girl who got drunk at a party and had sex with her own cousin, and the boy he accidentally went on a date with and then slept with (though that part wasn't accidental). so now i tease him relentlessly about incest-girl. and then there were makeouts and snuggles and it was good. also, he said once he has some money he wants to buy a real bed (as opposed to his squeaky twin bed) AND that he wants me to go bed shopping with him, and it didn't freak me out. i think i'm finally getting used to this relationship business
yay for make-outs!

and yay for bed shopping and silly ex-tales!

nothing new or different here. the first-timer first years are all camped out in the anatomy museum revising like busy busy revising things in a mad panic over the mcq and vivas next week (we have oral exams based on anatomy). They scare me... so keen. *shakes head* I mean, studying is all well and good, but these kids are taking it to a whole new level.

eighteen days to go until I see F
Good luck on the exams Mornington! I should probably get down to business and study for mine instead of fucking around. Eventually.

And congratulations on not freaking out over the bed-shopping, Tyger. I think I'm still light-years away from that kind of relationship maturity.

Tomorrow I'm going to a concert at one of the bars. It's a fundraiser for the anti-war march in Washington and a cool local band's going to be there, so it'll be cool, even though I'm going to miss the first hour or so of it because of an exam review session.
If someone can give me a big, rib-cracking hug that would be great. I think I fucked up the midterm this morning.

wine or chocolate? *proffers*

how was the concert?

exams are a pile of fat hairy bollocks. my next one is tomorrow.
((((((geiger))))))) midterms suck
ans *~*~*~do good!~*~*~ mornington!

heh, relationship maturity, that's funny, geiger. it's more relationship used-to-ness and the fact that the boything has a twin bed with a squeaky mattress. i'm just proud i can go for more than a week at a time without thinking of breaking up with him for no reason other than relationships, in general, are dumb and i don't know why i partake in them.

i'm going to a sex toy party on saturday night! wheee! i'll spend money i don't have on things i don't need, that's for sure. but it's for one of my friends since forever, and it should be full of wacky hijinks and fun-ness.

shit, i have to go, i'm in charge of another fucking bakesale for my choir and need to be there early to get stuff set up. feh on taking on responsibility
I ended up not going to the concert in order to study more (which did absolutely no good), but the campus magazine shows that the band I like is going to have another concert soon.

I'm excited for spring break. Tuesday's my interview for the internship, and next Friday's the bus trip to protest in DC.

Mornington, I'll take the wine AND the chocolate. Hope your midterms go well.

Tyger, have fun at the bake sale and the sex party.
Last year my women's group had a bake sale that was from 10pm-2am near the bars downtown to raise money for ovarian cancer research. I just got out of a dance, so I was wearing just this Chinese dress, and ended up being so cold, even though it was late-April. And there was this cute Irish guy that I chatted up.....Anyway, the point is that bake sales can be fun sometimes.
good luck in the interview geiger!

tyger, what d'ya get? and how did the bakesale go?

that reminds me, i have to bake cookies for ex-goth's 21st. The Emo Children's Birthday Party. First, i have to find suitable cookie cutters. hmmm....

the easter holiday has officially started. I celebrated by cleaning the house yesterday, and then watching films today. I have no idea why I like cheesy old romances and musicals (today: Rock Hudson and Dorris Day in "Pillow Talk") but there's something so... satisfying about them. The visual version of sticky toffee pudding and custard.

a bake sale and sec toy party! FUN!

Good luck on the interview.
Thanks for the well-wishes for the interview. I've got an interview for another internship tonight, but this time it's over the phone. I think Tuesday's interview went well. I should find out if I got it by Monday.

Tonight I'm spending the night at a friends house and then I'm going to the war protest in DC!

Mornington, hope you have fun at the emo party!
geiger I hope that you get one of the internship positions!
Thanks culturehandy! I should find out by the end of the month.

Tonight my dorm is running a Guitar Hero tournament, which I spent part of my spring break practicing for. I promised my little brothers that if I won a Playstation game as a prize that I would give it to them.

This weekend some of my friends and I are going to drive to another college to see one of our friends in a play, and I'm looking forward to that too.
oh guitar hero, how i love thee.

so, today is the six-month...thinger of the boything asking me out, and i lied and told him i wouldn't think it was totally lame if he wanted to do something (it is lame. reminding me of how long we've been together just sorta scares me, but he's mushy like that and went i tease him too much about things like this he gets this look like a kicked puppy, so i try and avoid it). ech. i don't even know if i'll be able to grin and bear it, i'm sooooo tired. damnable insomnia.

i'm sure you'll get one of those internships, geiger, based on your awesomeness alone.

now i must go, me and the boy have a date to mock our friend's radio show. we call in and boo the music and request more guest hosts. they like to hang up on us
aww, tyger... it's cute. soppy and mushy and that, but cute that he wants to do something. you could always explain that it makes you freak out a bit (i know the feeling, i'm dreadful at counting these things)

geiger, you'll get the internship! and woo for guitar hero!

the emo party was drunken fun. I got home a couple of hours ago - we all went out last night, drank too much and danced ourselves silly. I'm shattered; off to nyc tomorrow to see F. i can't believe i'm not going to be able to buy my own alcohol when we go out (the drinking age is 18 here). it's nothing but it just seems weird.

((((everyone)))) I'm feeling enthusiastic. have some hugs
geiger, any word on the internships yet? guitar hero sounds fun fun!

tyger, sweet! smile.gif
so, i got to the boything's apartment last night, and promptly curled up on the floor right in front of the door to have a nap. i sent him on a quest to a cafe that sells cute pre-packed up meals for bento boxes and italian sodas, and then i slept through road house and zoolander at our friend's place. and then this morning i modeled for the first of four sittings at the local art school. i go all zen and can stay rather still for at least an hour before needing a stretch, which instructors seem to appreciate. except when i did some gesture poses to warm up, and i distinctly got a whiff of my own crotch. not that i mind the smell, i just don't want, you know, nine strangers being able to smell my crotch.

mornington, have oodles of fun in new york. when i actually have monies and stuff it's one of the cities on my top ten list to visit
Yeah, I didn't last long in the Guitar Hero tournament, mostly because whoever made up the rules must have been smoking crack when they insisted that all songs be played on 'Expert', but I did swipe a few cans of root beer before going back to studying.

I'm in a weird mood, what with the bad cold and tired and unnecessary asshattery of my classmates and the fact that in the past few days I've run into two ex-girlfriends and an ex-girlfriend's current girlfriend and yet I haven't seen my boy...bleh. And I still have a shitload of reading to do before tomorrow, just like I had a shitload of reading yesterday.

Mornington, have fun in NYC! Be sure to dress for the weather!

Tyger, congratulations on six months with the boy.
London Escorts
QUOTE(kaitlinthebull @ Apr 27 2006, 01:36 PM) *
oh yeah, speaking of pot, 4/20 at my school was ridiculous. it's a holiday at my crazy hippie nature school. so me and my friends go to this park in the middle of the redwoods, and it is absolutely packed with people. i felt like i was at a grateful dead concert. people are selling ganja food. someone comes up to me and says "happy 4/20" and hands me a joint. then when 4/20 comes round, there are so many pieces, bongs, pipes, joints, going every which way and everywhere. it was insanity. oh the holidays. <BR> <BR>anyone else celebrate 4/20?

What’s this 4/20 anyway? My most exciting holiday was the one when I was kidnapped together with my best friend. We stood in a cellar for one day because we dared to eat some grapes from a private garden. We escaped eventually... It seems...
((((geiger)))) are you feeling any better?

hurrah for errands tyger! although i know what you mean about the crotch-smell. it's the same with going out smelling of sex... i don't mind it, but i wonder if anyone else does?

F (the boy) has got me listening to Flogging Molly. NYC was great, it's all very gooey and lovely and i sicken myself with it, but now i'm home i miss him horribly, and suddenly it's not quite home. his ex is being a psycho asshat (oh, apparently, she's been online stalking me. yaaaay) and i kindof want to be around to support him, even though my presence causes more problems than it solves.

oh, and i passed my exams. not spectacularly, but pretty well. 65% - which is good for here. our grades come in two groups: pass and fail; 50% is a pass, but anything over 60% is a good pass... i shit not. If you get over 70%, you're all shiny.
It's good to see that y'all are doing well, except for mornington's online stalker. Creepy.

I'm doing well. My boy ended up being really busy, but we had lunch together last friday. And I partied all weekend. Last night I hung out with my ex girl and her current girl and some other peeps and stayed out late (for a school night) and I had a ton of fun! Yay!

And this morning I didn't have the class with the asshat in it. Speaking of that class, on Tuesday I had to turn in a paper worth 10% of my grade. I started it at 6:30 am Tuesday. It is a 9:30 am class. I think I did pretty well on it, except I TOTALLY skimped on the description of the educative effects of direct democracy. Oh well.

I ended up getting an A- on the midterm that I thought I either failed or got a C on, so that was a pleasant surprise. Only now in that class we have to work on a group project and I picked a partner that I don't think is to reliable.

I'm working on my schedule for next semester, and I've been looking at minors to take too.
Everybody is either busy as fuck with finals coming up or else we're all having crazy adventures far from internet access, but I have to say I miss everybody.

My friend had his 21st birthday yesterday and I drunk dialed my parents.

I'd say more, but I've been reading about Kenya on and off all day, so my capacity for witty recaps about the events in my life has severly atrophied.

Porn Star
I see that everyone has lots of problems. So I thought that I should cheer you up with a joke: After the earth dries out, Noah tells all the animals to 'go forth and multiply'. However, two snakes, adders to be specific, complain to Noah that this is one thing they have never been able to do, hard as they have tried.Undaunted, Noah instructs the snakes to go into the woods, make tables from the trunks of fallen trees and give it a try on the tabletops.The snakes respond that they don't understand how this will help them to procreate whereupon Noah explains: "Well, even adders can multiply using log tables!"
*flings self at geiger*

no-one's been here? I've been so looooonely tongue.gif

Hurrah, back to uni for me. Four weeks of lectures on the cardiovascular system. Woo. They've been buggering around with the lectures too, so it's all a bit... off. Ah well.

But today I have a day off...
Hope you enjoyed your day off, mornington.

Yesterday there was this peace rally downtown with free food and music--loads of fun.

I have a 10 page paper due tomorrow, so I should probably stop pissing around on the internet. ...But BUST beckons...
i'm all sick and allergyful today sad.gif so i called in sick to work smile.gif i plan to go over and hang out with ze boything tonight

grrr. the 25-ish hours a week at work i was expecting are not there, so i have to find either a second job or a whole new job, depending on what i can find. grrrrrr. i was looking forward to this being the summer of no job hunting. maybe i'll just find me a decent little loan. i'd only need a few thousand to make the next two years comfortable with a part-time income, so why not?

i have another job of public nekkid-ing. this one's only 4-6 hours, but it'll give me a little bit of spending cash for the next little while, and when supplemented with my tax return and gst cheques i should be able to have a small to moderate amount of money-costing fun in the next little while. or, you know, i could get the pvc peep-toed black platform spike heels with cherries embroidered on the toe strap from the sex shop downtown.

i'm now going to run off and have a nap or something. maybe eat some chocolate. yes, chocolate will cure my illness...
((tyger)) I know how it feels to be sick. I was so tired today that I started crying. And I hate it when I cry in front of people.
(((tyger))) are you feeling better? And did you get the shoes? They sound rather lovely!

geiger, I hope you got your paper done.

i have college tomorrow. off to bed for me!
Yeah, I got my paper done. I'm a bit worried that it sucks, but it probably didn't suck bad enough to hurt me too badly.

I've got two more papers left to write and two more finals to take. Needless to say I'm spending all my valuable time pissing around on the Internet and hanging out with friends.
i must not panic about failing my exams until i have sat them.
i must not panic about failing my exams until i have sat them.
i must not panic about failing my exams until i have sat them.
i must not panic about failing my exams until i have sat them.

*repeat ad infinitem*
It's okay mornington. I totally fucked up one of my take home finals because I had no will to actually put effort into it. I'm sure you're way more capable than I am.

On that note, I started my summer internship this week. It's a lot of fun and it's keeping me busy.
QUOTE(mornington @ May 15 2007, 04:21 PM) *
i must not panic about failing my exams until i have sat them.
i must not panic about failing my exams until i have sat them.
i must not panic about failing my exams until i have sat them.
i must not panic about failing my exams until i have sat them.

*repeat ad infinitem*

Word. I'm totally scared about my finals.

So, is anyone getting a summer job? I'm just a little off when it comes to age, so I can't. But I digress. What about you guys?
I don't really have time for a summer job, although the money would be nice. My exams aren't over until july, and then I'm spending two weeks on a dairy cattle farm (for no money) and another two weeks on a pig farm (again for no money). Hopefully, the pig placement is going to be at the uni of pennsylvania, so I can combine doing that with spending time with F (the bf). I figure if he's going to move over here to live with me, I can at least spend lots of time getting under his feet so he realises what he's getting into.

At the moment, I'm trying to think of a way to tell my mother that flying out to Algeria to spend a few weeks sitting on her sofa is so far down my list of priorities, its not even on the list. I can't afford to put the bunnies in boarding for *that* long, or leave the hound with my grandparents for more than a month. It's just not fair on them (buns or hound or elderly grandparents). And besides, she's going to be living with me for most of june/july as Boy Wonder finishes school, and then again in september when he starts uni. Grr... I think because she's so used to us being at school over here, and spending the holidays with her, she assumes the same thing is going to happen now I'm at uni. And it just can't, I have course requirements to fulfil and my own furbabies to look after. Christ knows what she'll do when - if - I ever get to third year and my holidays promptly cease to exist.

And do you know what's really fun? If I don't pass these sodding exams, I get kicked out of uni and have to spend my summer looking for a job. On the other hand, I won't have to wank off and inseminate pigs...

Sorry for the rant. I really ought to go do some work.

Geiger, what are you doing for this internship? I'm glad it's turning out to be fun!

Lesbajew, are you in college? (I'm from the uk, so finals over here means the exams you take in the final year of uni). What are you taking?

tiger, how's you?
QUOTE(mornington @ May 20 2007, 04:40 AM) *
Lesbajew, are you in college? (I'm from the uk, so finals over here means the exams you take in the final year of uni). What are you taking?

Oh my no. laugh.gif I wish. I'm still in high school. I'm flattered.

Hmm.. travel. I'm going to New York with my drama teacher this summer. I might be going to the True Colors tour in June with my mother. I also get to retake this semeste(4 1/2 months) in one summer(three months) Yay!

New York is a once in a lifetime experience, but I miss out on Comic Con.

That's about it for me. Being on a farm sounds really interesting.
ranty rant rant: people who do not answer thier emails. I'm waiting for a reply so that I can either go ahead and sort out plane tickets, visas and all that, or arrange something else. He's had this freaking email for nearly a week now, and nuuuuuthin'. And whenever I try to ring this guy I get his secretary, who gives me his email address and tells me he is "very rarely in". Bollocks, this is an educational institution, he still checks his email as often as he wipes his arse. I should have flagged it as important and got a notification when he opened it. I'll live if I don't get the placement, but I need to know if there's even a chance in hell, so I can make other arrangements! AAAAARGH!

*ahem* yes. I have a migraine. Still. So I'm at home instead of elbow-deep in horse lung, trying to arrange my damn placements.

oooh, true colours. Isn't that with the Dresden Dolls and The Gossip? Sounds brilliant!
QUOTE(mornington @ May 22 2007, 10:07 AM) *
oooh, true colours. Isn't that with the Dresden Dolls and The Gossip? Sounds brilliant!

Yup! Not to mention Debbie Harry and Margaret Cho, among other amazing people! It's going to be wonderful. And my mother paid for the tickets, so I'm not broke!

Mornington, what are you studying in collage?
vet med. *sigh* Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it.

can I be nosy and ask how long you've got left at high school - are you at the "i know what/where I want to go?" stage?

I had the girls over, plus H2, a friend of the ex-goth; I felt like I had to return the favour after she invited me to her birthday party having only met me a couple of times. It annoyed the ex-goth, but she knows why I did it, and I don't have to do it again. Part of me wanted to go out with them (we usually go make fools of ourselves at a club after dinner) but this effing migraine... *blethers*
Porn Star
I want to be in high school again too....I want to have fun to met nice people that don't worry about what will they do tomorrow at work or if they can cope the pressure or thing like this. But this is we have to work so.....lets go on......
That's interesting! I could never handle the stress!

I'm finishing up my first year. I'm very young for this forum.
pah, age is a number. i'm twenty going on mid-forty, or going on twelve, depending on the work:alcohol ratio.

i might have a placement! woooooooo! *cabbage patches out*
That's spiffy!

I'm no longer a first year(or freshman)! I'm done!

Mornington, I know how you feel. At times I feel like I'm a grown up, other times I feel like a kid playing pretend at being grown up.

The internship is cool. It's with this non-profit organization, and I'm doing event planning for their statewide convention. It's unpaid, but I'm staying with my cousin's family so the rent is cheap.

Of course, one of my uncle's is pitching a fit because I'm interning with a bunch of 'left-wing crazies' (who are actually pretty conservative compared to the real 'left-wing crazies' I encounter in college, but that's neither here nor there. With my uncle, it's best just to smile and nod.)

And I ended up doing really well in the class that I fucked up the final in.
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