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Well, America loves Aussies so welcome. The best thing to do after a breakup is get productive. Sounds like you'll be fine. What kinda bands are big Down Under right now? I loves the music as well, and can't be bothered with labels. I just like lots of noise.

I have yet another paper to do. And I need to study. Ayyyyy....

Yay! Welcome!

I'm jealous of your creativity. I'd write more if I wasn't so damn lazy. Of course, I seem to write best under pressure, and there is no pressure when I write for fun. What do you write about?

Have you ever heard of the band Midnight Oil? They're also from Austrailia and have been around forever (late '70s).
Anyway, I've got less than three weeks left before school gets out. Next week my Intro to Political Behavior class gets to do evaluations and I plan on ruining my TA's career.

I also think I'm starting an end-of-the semester trend, which is zoning out and watching Sailor Moon on the internet. I just discovered the live action episodes on and I downloaded the Super Nintendo game, so I can now regress into a child-like state.

My res hall had a prom Saturday night, and that was fun. I never went to prom in high school because it would have sucked. And then after the prom I hung out downtown with my women's group 'cause we were having a bake sale, and I was surprised at how polite all the drunk people were. And they were like, "A bake sale at 1 am? Weird!" And I tried to get this really hot Irish guy to buy something.

Other things I did this weekend: spent $20 at the comic book store, saw the movie "Breakfast on Pluto," went for a walk, ate at the res hall spring BBQ, and saw some live music at a bar for a fundraiser for the women's music festival in the summer, and played video games.

Did anyone else have a really fun weekend?
hey, yeah, welcome katalyst! glad to hear your following your dreams! I always wanted to write a book at some point unitl I realized I'm not a very good writer, ha ha so I decided to stick with math and leave writing novels to people who have some idea what their doing like you! (or at least I won't attempt for now, maybe one day :-)

So my weekend was fun, I traveled six hours to jersey to visit my sister and her girlfriend. It was nice, lots of relaxing hanging out, catching up, and no schoolwork. We attempted to go to Atlantic City for a day but ended up freezing our butts off and retreating back home.

so me and my roommate have become slightly addicted to family fued online, kind of ridiculous, and definately not a good thing with the last week of school approaching quickly with its flurry of final projects and exams

so does anyone remember GUTS from nikelodeon? The kids game show with the Agrocrag? well I watched it all the time as a kid along with double dare and legends of the hidden temple, good times. So one of the clubs on campus threw an "old nikelodeon shows" theme party and contacted one of the winners on facebook and asked her if they could buy/rent/borrow the piece of the agrocrag and found out they didn't get to keep it! How dissapointing! I don't know why but I was upset when I found this out, all they get is a picture with it, gah! I always thought it was like a trophy they get to take home, a plastic crappy trophy, but still, a piece of the agrocrag! ha ha anyways thats my rididulous fact of the evening

time for something productive or family fued hmmmmmmmmm tough call
Hoo-RAH for semester's coming to an ennnnnd.
i too have been writing a lot lately. weird memoirish kinda stuff. i'm gonna be posting it on my blog on myspace soon though i think.

YESS!!!! i feel you littlelady for your excitement over the end of sememster. and i only have two finals. sweet.

i'm going to be an lga/ra next year on campus. and it's pretty ridiculous. because i definitly smoke and drink on campus. often. even after i've been hired. one of my residents is also going to be someone i've bought pot from before. lolololol. should be a fun next year.
oh yeah, speaking of pot, 4/20 at my school was ridiculous. it's a holiday at my crazy hippie nature school. so me and my friends go to this park in the middle of the redwoods, and it is absolutely packed with people. i felt like i was at a grateful dead concert. people are selling ganja food. someone comes up to me and says "happy 4/20" and hands me a joint. then when 4/20 comes round, there are so many pieces, bongs, pipes, joints, going every which way and everywhere. it was insanity. oh the holidays.

anyone else celebrate 4/20?
Forget the Devil wears prada - Debbie Stoller hasn't got taste enough to buy prada. She calls herself a feminist?????? What crap! What feminist borrows everyones ideas craftsters or people in general.? I know everyone in publishing does it,but come on.

I loved this magazine because I thought that the idea was coming from an indie mag. Meanwhile the Editor in Chief is picking on a small business. Maybe she'll give them credit. Don't pay no way then she takes Sew Fast Sew Easy's idea for her books and the stupid bitch doesn't even check to see if its trademarked.

Then she files two applications for trademarks - gets refused and then smacks it to them. Uhhh! Miss Debbie hits SFSE with a petition to take their trademark. SHe thinks everything is hers. She wants it even if she's the bully devil.

Take it first hand from an intern who watched her at it every day. You are being lead down the stoller road to HELL! Boycott BUST! By JANE or other magazines that do good with their money!!!!!!
go away. and please, nobody else respond to this post. i like how we stay relatively troll-free over here

i didn't do anything for 4/20. but then again, i'm edge, so that makes sense :P. that's funny that it was a school holiday, though, kaitlin. tons of my friends would love that.

hi everyone! yay for everyone else getting out of school :P. i got a job waitressing, and hopefully will have one at a gas station by the end of the summer (the guy said he'd call me with the next opening he has, and he's phoned me a few times, so i don't think he's just saying it)

i watched seasons 2 and 3 of the shield over the course of, like, 3 or four days. yeeesh, i almost threw up at one point. i love that show to death, though. one of the few tv shows i would actually watch on tv if i got that station. but i don't, so i steal my brother's dvds of it.

now i'm off to an evening of wildness and debauchery...okay, i'm lying. playing munchkin and filling out a 'token female member of the group' application form (my weirdo friends just keep getting weirder, i swear)
that's so awesome about your waitressing job tyger. i bussed for 6 months, and that itself was a hard job. just remember to be nice to your bussers and tip them good and it'll make your job so much easier. what kind of restaurant is it?
don't worry, kaitlin, i tip the busser awesome. seeing as i bus my own tables :P. it's a little asian buffet, so for the most part i just refill drinks and bring bills, bus, and keep the buffet full. it's nice, and i get way more tips than i expected

we couldn't round up munchkin players, so me and my friend bought marshmallows and smoothies and hung around on the university campus for a few hours. though while i was out someone probably got a game of munchkin started and i'm missing out. oh well, that is the life of an almost social-lifeless bum such as i
Tyger, I've found the best thing to do in Munchkin when dealing with male players is to get yourself the catboi hireling and make sure you curse someone with the Change Sex card. Kills 'em everytime. Also keeping the henchwench hireling and having it out but not equipping it is a great way to piss the boys off.
/end nerdy munchkin talk
i have a sex-change curse song, actually. it goes '(insert person's name)'s a lay-dee' over and over and over again. we've been playing spacemunchkinfu recently.
ending more nerdy munchkin talk
oh no, me and zora killed the thread with our geekiness. whooops. i swear, i won't expose you guys to the geekness that is munchkin and gloom ever again :P.

what's new with everybody? not too much here, i'm the 'token female member' of a group of guys, now, so at least three times a week i get a message that says 'go pick up g and get thee to z's house', and we hang out and watch movies and stuff. my brother also downloaded me the first two seasons of veronica mars, so i've been watching those obsessively (i actually did 22 episodes and 24 hours, but then it tapered off to 5 or so a day. i'm almost out, and then i don't know what i'll do). i've been really half-assed at finding a second job, but yesterday i got a bonus from my slacker job at school. a random 200$ cheque as a 'student incentive bonus'. i guess once they hire students they like to keep them happy.

now i should shower, because i have choir practice this afternoon. we're singing at convocation in two weeks, and all the singing i've done in the past month and a half involves loud music and my car, so that should be fun
How awesome is Veronica Mars? I could go on and on. I wish more people watched it. I don't want it to end up a "My So-Called Life" situation.
veronica mars is beyond awesome! of course, i'm in canada, so i can't actually watch it on tv, but next season i will be downloading obsessively. my friend tried to get all the people we know to buy the dvds to show support. i also want to get a LoVe shirt from cafe press, because i'm all about the logan/veronica, and barely anyone i know would know what the heck my shirt was about.

i'm getting more hours at work, and my friend's girlfriend is going to help me get a job at the photo lab at a grocery store in town. so that way i'll have retail and waitress experience. i just have to talk to my current boss and find out how many days a week she wants me working, and if i could work the same days every week so i can do two jobs.

the theatre workshop in town is putting on closer, so i think i'm gonna go tonight (or maybe tomorrow) it closes saturday, and i work saturday night, so i'll have to go before then

are you guys done school yet? if not, i have fingers crossed for final papers and exams and such for you guys
Yo. Sorry I haven't been on in awhile, but I've been temporarily dead for tax purposes.

Just working and stuff. Not much else.
hehe, hey geiger. I was about to come in & poke this place with a stick.

I'm on my second day of three weeks' worth of study leave. I'm bored bored bored already. *sigh* And procrastinating like hell already.

everyone got exams? Everyone gone home? Hopelessly hooked on munchkin? (tyger & zora, what the hell is munchkin?)
I had the bright idea of summer classes to sort of fix my first semester lacking in credits problem, and to get ahead. UGGGGGHHHHHHHH....
mornington, munchkin is a card game that makes fun of dungeons and dragons type games (while being that sort of game itself) basically, there are monsters to fight, curses, weapons, etc, and you have to get to level 10 first (you get levels killing monsters/with 'go up a level' cards) but the curses are stuff like 'chicken on your head' and you can have 'amazing cleavage' that gives you a bonus when fighting.

still trying to get a second job. i got shorted on tips today (i KNOW i did, my boss thinks i did), but the girl who works the till...i just don't want to think that she'd do that on purpose. so i'm hoping she just got mixed up with tip cups and will apologize/hand over some money tomorrow. also, i had a job interview today, which i hope went well. it's a 9$/hour union job with benefits wherein i use a bread slicing machine at ungodly hours of the morning
tyger - sounds like fun! (I always longed to make fun of the dungeons & dragons lot, but they were soooo serious about it)

did you get the second job btw? I have major awe for you, working two jobs and going to uni. I can barely deal with uni!

I'm procrastinating, and flirting with an old friend over msn. My phone has gone funny on me; hopefully this will mean I'll be able to get a shiny new one. (not that I can afford a shiny new one, maybe they'll trade).
mornington, i'm not actually in school at the moment. our winter semester ends during the first half of april, so i'm just working two jobs for the summer. i did get the second job, and i'll start sometime this weekend, i think.

procrastinating is the best thing ever. says the girl who doesn't get anything done unless there is a set deadline :P

oh, i was friends with a bunch of the d&d guys while in highschool, and i just made fun without knowing what i was making fun of. but they do get oddly serious about it. one of them had a binder full of sketches of his charater and stuff. he spent hours making drawings! he's a whiny bitch, though, so i haven't talked to him in forever. i don't think they still play, because they have no-one to be the dungeon master. heh.
I will never understand the whole semester thing... I can't cope without my three set holidays a year.

yay! for second jobs, even if they do have silly hours

I am still procrastinating. Does it show? Somebody kick me out and make me revise for these stupid exams.
kicking mornington in the bottom.

basically, in canada the university academic year is broken up into 3 sections with a few weeks of break in between, and most classes are broken into two parts. so you take part one of, say, first year calculus from september to december,write an exam, have christmas off, take part two of the class from january to the beginning of april, and write the exam. my school has a very limited selection of classes to take over the course of the summer, and those are generally set up to take two months, you're just in class more each week, but for the most part people work/go home from the end of exams in april until september. i think in the states your semesters run longer and you don't have a full summer semester? that i'm just guessing at.

i think i'm sick. i've turned into a walking gas bomb, ready to fill and explode at any minute. why can't i get some sort of easily identifiable sickness? like a stomach flu or something? no, i end up with something that makes me feel like crap but i can't justify taking a day off work because i have mondo gas. feh.

damn, my nailpolish just isn't drying right. and i don't have time to fully redo it before i have to put my work clothes on. stupid nailpolish not being the fast-dry variety
Munchkin sounds like fun. A couple of weeks ago at my brother's wedding rehersal dinner I met a guy who's roommate got to go to Europe for free and participate in a Magic: The Gathering tournament.

As geeky as I am, it's odd that I've only played D&D once. It was a sort of impromptu game among non-serious players. I annoyed the hell out of everybody with my character's macho attitude.

Hope everyone's enjoying work and school. It really doesn't matter if you procrastinate as long as you pull yourself together before the paper or test is due.

I've been out of school for a few weeks, nearly a month now, and I'm working for my aunt and uncle. I was stressing out before I left that I would be absolutely miserable, but I'm actually relaxed and enjoying myself. And I got some new shoes the other day, so I can't wait to get back to college and dance in my new shoes at the gay bar.
tyger, we've got three terms - october-dec, jan-march, may-july. We have an extra-long easter at seven weeks because we're expected to complete yay much "extramural studies" (i.e. unpaid placements on farms, with vets etc). We also finish a little later - most places just have exams in mid may to about now, and that's it... we don't finish for another six weeks. Which sucks vast amounts of arse.

hehe, geiger, I'm slightly past the whole pulling myself together thing... ah well. Hopefully they'll take pity on me.

I don't think I will ever understand D&D.

*slinks guiltily back to revising*
I need to bump this thread.

Well, not much to say. Yesterday I watched 10 episodes of Sailor Moon on while at work. What can I say, I want to see all 200 episodes in the original Japanese so I can die happy someday. And that's not counting the movies and live action series (which I just finished watching). Holy shit I am such a child.
geiger, I've recently discovered all the old cartoons on You Tube. Yeah- right now by bf is sorta hogging the compy watching the Cities of Gold (Japanese anime done for French TV- I'd never heard of it).

Here's something funny to kick off TGIF- kids doing a striptease- (safe to view in a public place).
hey ladies! I've been around bust on and off for like 5 years now. my username used to be zucchinifreak, then rapture.

I just wanted to say hello! wub.gif
Yay! Rapture/Zucchinifreak/Emily is in da house!

Diva--Now I'm into Revolutionary Girl Utena, because I think there's more continuity on YouTube for that series. And I'm also into Space Cases, which used to be on Nickelodeon when I was in 3rd grade, and Jewel Staite from Firefly was on it...and I had (still have) a crush on her from way back when.
omg! facebook! is it sad that I'm wholly overexcited about it?

shiny new internet toys... so shiny.
Mornington--I should add you to my facebook friends list sometime. I've got einsteinwho (where has she been lately?) and zucchinifreak/rapture on there already.

I need electroshock or E or something because I'm feeling a bit off today.

And doesn't it just suck when you think of really witty things to say only after you're long done talking to someone? Yeah.

Only one more day left at my job and then I've got two weeks at my parents house before I go to my real home at the university. Yay. I think I'm coming down with some kind of illness, so I could use the rest.

I wish the writing project I'm working on would just spontaneously generate, so I wouldn't have to stress over it so much.

PS: Is anyone else stoked that the troll thread here is finally dead? (Hoping I didn't just jinx it.)
geiger, i love how you said stoked. and yes, i am, too. and i'm all knocking on wood and shit.

i'm moving out in september! wooot! it's going to tighten things up, moneywise, but that's okay. i'm asking my dad for money, and i'll cook books so that it seems like i need money more than i do. he spends money on his girlfriend/her kids, he doens't pay child support anymore, he can give me money, damnit. and i have a couchsurfing arrangement for if i don't have a real place/real roomates by september. i need to pack stuff up, and i despise packing, and it won't all be able to come with me to begin with, as i do believe the couchsurfing will be rather clandestine, but it'll be okay. i'll have my laptop and my ipod and clothes, blankets, pillows, and books and i'll be good to go. i'm rather excited at the prospect. plus, the couchsurfing will just be 100$/month plus food, which will let me save up more money while waiting for real, long-term accomodation plans.

(((geiger))) i hate feeling off. and post-conversation wittiness. and non self-generating writing projects.

i've discovered i can only function properly if i recieve a sufficient amount of platonic snuggles/ticklefights/pokewars (though they can all end up being confusing 'platonic or not or i don't know?' as opposed to platonic). it adds to my theory from years back that i'm a high-functioning slightly autistic alchoholic who goes through bouts of minor to moderate depression. and who needs therapy and/or drugs when you have snuggles? i'm also starting to wonder if i'm incapable of having actual romantic love feelings for people. i mean, there are four or five people that, if they asked me tomorrow to marry them, i would and i know it would work out just fine, but i don't think i actually have ever had romantic love feelings for people. lust, possessiveness, and love, but not the kind that makes me feel all mushy and warm and lovey-dovey. maybe i just shouldn't think so much late at night
something tells me you lot will know this... in america, are "indie" and "college rock" completely interchangeable, or are they different? I'm confused.

I got BSS "you forgot it in people" the other day... I'm in love. It's fantastic.

tyger, I think I too need a certain level of hugs. Platonic hugs from boys. I do suffer from depression, and I know it helps (this is also why I have pets, they're soothing). I hate packing too... I'm moving into my own (rented) flat by the end of this week. I call it mine, but my dad pays the rent (instead of child support and you know, actually, parenting). But I am seriously looking forward to having space that is mine instead of this entirely soulless hall room.

(((geiger))) I am always witter after the event, in the comfort of my head. Yes, facebook! pm me the wonders of how I go about finding you. I haven't really worked it out yet.

I'm pretty sure the two are interchangeable, but then again I'm also probably guilty of using the term "emo" too broadly, so you may want a third or fourth opinion.

Mornington and tyger, y'all are getting massive snuggles from me! Hope you shake the money tree hard. I'm definitely putting my nose to the grindstone this year when it comes to scholarships and stuff, because not only do I want to go to Costa Rica to study abroad next summer, I also don't want the shock I got for my first bill of the new school year when I realised my scholarships didn't cover as much as I thought it did. I am not going to turn down any opportunities to be experimented on this year!

Now that tyger mentions the theory that she's slightly autistic, I feel the need to mention that for awhile I've believed that I was an undiagnosed dyslexic when I was younger. Which doesn't really make sense, because I've been reading like the baddest motherfucker around since before preschool, but I think I may have had some learning disability undetectable in someone as precocious as me.

Nothing else is new, except that I talked to this guy that I had the biggest crush on in grade school the other day. I needed to interview his parents for my writing project and all of the sudden I'm telling the guy I repeatedly embarassed myself in front of over a period of five years how school's going and all that jazz. The conversation went well, but afterwards I was tense in a sort of "OMG I can't believe it!" kind of way. I mean, who thought he'd be in town that day, since he's never around.

PS: Tyger--I bought the Super Munchkin deck a couple of weeks ago. My brothers got hooked before they went and bought Guitar Hero.
As the name of the thread says "watever you feel like sayin", I'm gonna.
The queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was a sight prettier than Snow White.
Anybody concur??
Yes... totally random. But it irks me, the message put forward by that story. It always has, on some level, even when I was ittle.
Everyone, ignore this fundamentalist asshat. Seriously.
Hey younger busties, just wanted to remind you about the fabulous ignore feature -- go to "my controls" and then on the left it says "manage ignored users" so click on that, insert the troll's name, and then where his posts would normally appear, you just have one line saying "you have chosen to ignore all posts from [troll]." You can take it off at any time, or for any particular post, if you're so inclined.

Anyway, sorry to crash the thread, but it's such a great group, I might have to come back more often and recapture my teen spirit years smile.gif
*tiptoes in*

so quiet... you lot still on holiday? tongue.gif

I got ill and couldn't sit my retakes; I'm starting uni all over again! Hopefully this year will be smoother and more sorted so I'll pass this time... *eye roll*. I've got two weeks to go and I'm itching to get back, really.

I sometimes wonder if I'm dyslexic - I tend to run words together; I'll write "she's heepish because mma..." (instead of she's sheepish because emma...". But that might just be me being odd.

tyger, are you moved yet?

no moving outing, as i unceremoniously lost my uni job the friday before school started. fucker boss lied to me, said it was budget cuts, but they do the school budget in march, and he told me in april i could come back and work. so now i'm still working in the grocery store bakery and at the chinese restaurant and i'm not going to have enough money to stay in school next semester on that alone, so i'm asking my dad for money and trying to take out a student loan. there is no way i could deal with not going back to school after christmas. i was mondo depressed in august, and i do believe it was because all i had beed doing all summer was working at something i just tolerated for the money.

mornington, is you forgot it in people not totally amazing? they didn't play lover's spit or i'm still your fag when i saw them, which made me kinda sad. but they were still soooooooooooo amazing.

there's a maybe boy. big fat maybe. he's cute and dresses well and is rather geeky, so really the only bad thing is he's never watched buffy the vampire slayer. the problem lies in how i've always interacted with people and relationship dynamics of the un-normal and such. it gets to the point where i have to try and figure out if people are flirting with me or being platonicly friendly because it all comes down to intentions. like the other night a bunch of us were hanging out in the middle of the night and it ended with the lot of us napping all over the living room, but in between at some point the boy in question was sort of petting my hair (which sounds rather odd to say/type, doesn't it?), and it is just as likely it was slightly flirtish as it was absentmindedly 100% platonic head petting because we were all rather sleepy and my head happened to be there. plus, i randomly pet people's heads when i'm being silly and it has nothing to do with likeage and more with i'm odd and slightly creepy. feh.
oh boo (((tyger))) that blows (I just said blows... odd) A pox on your ex-boss & I hope you get the loan. I know loans aren't the best but... ooh, boy, eh? I hope it works out - or you work it out. Just go with the flow is the best (and indeed worst) advice I can give... hairpetting sounds good to me though.

It's brilliant! I'm terrible at listening to whole albums with the ipod these days, but I make such an exception for that. I think I'm going to have to go hunt the rest of their albums down... when I have money. I'm still waiting for my loan to come through.
actually, i got a scholarship from my personal chapter of the long-distance parenting club, aka my father. he said he'd make sure i could stay in school next semester, and i may just give him the figure for my tuition this semester instead of second semester (it's basically 1000$ more)

honestly, mornington, if you just get their self-titled cd for the time being (well, the time being when you have money for a cd) it's all you need. 'it's all gonna break' is the most beautiful ten minutes of any cd i have. when they played it at the show i was at kevin drew (the main duder) told us all to shout out a person we wanted the song to be for. and then he said 'now quick, think of someone else right now. you're always going to need a plan be. on three. one, two three!'. and there was just something magic-y about it all.

hairpetting is nice. nobody has petted my hair in ages. there's a welcome back barbeque/concert next week, so hopefully he'll be there and stuff. because at outdoor events there are always chances for me to be freezing/lap sitting. and those are things i love to exploit to my advantage.

okay, so i need to read about hinduism and empty sets (though the two are completely unrelated) before i go to bed tonight. blergh. le blergh. blerghy blergh blergh
ah, those scholarships are the best. the bursary of guilt money.... what keeps me living on my own laugh.gif

and, because i need something to post to get this topwards... i'm going to see the dresden dolls! quite possibly for free. *glees*

exploit exploit exploit... mm, maths. i'm so very glad i've still got a couple of weeks to go.
oh, mornington, the dresden dolls are sooooooo faboo live. you are lucky to get to see them, you are.

so me and crushboy unofficially an 'us'. i, of course, for no real reason am waiting for him to make it official, though i figure if he's the one who is going to do the pursuing now that i do stuff like meet him at the bus stop when he gets to school he can ask me if i want to go out. and then there will be smoochies, oh will there be smoochies.

i am happy dancing to tilly and the wall.
yay tiger and crushboy! see see see, hairpetting leads places


Hey everyone! I've been absolutely fucked up for the longest time so that explains my absence. I'm starting to tire of school so I'm just saying "fuck it," although October will be fun because I'm going to go to South Dakota one weekend to raise hell.

I'm listening to Rage Against the Machine right now because "Down Rodeo" has been stuck in my head all day. Yesterday it was "March of the Pigs" by Nine Inch Nails. Go figure.

Mornington--Have fun at the Dresden Dolls. It was fun seeing them live last year. And thanks for the Tapes'n'Tapes mp3s

Tyger--Good luck with crushboy and getting money out of dad. I hate having to ask my parents for money, but when I'm home for thanksgiving break mom's going to let me sell coffee at her store and get a little extra money that way.

I totally missed my two year anniversary at the BUST lounge, which was September 17.

See y'all later.
(((geiger))) isn't being fucked up fun in that way where it's totally not? oh yeah. right now i'm going on 4 hours tops of sleep at night and 1-2 hour afternoon naps, because i just can't sleep, but my doctor won't give me drugs for insomnia unless it gets to the point where it fucks me up mentally more that i already am.

i am officially unsingle! it didn't quite sink in until saturday night, though. i figure a week and a half of muddling and tripping over saying 'boyfriend' in reference to me is pretty good. but then saturday i was over at his apartment because one of his roomates is my math homework buddy, and then we watched memento, and we hung around and snuggled until his roomates went to bed. and then we just lay down on the couch together and spent hours with him just running his fingers up and down my back. seriously, he does that and my brain goes mushy and he could get me to do most anything, i swear. i waited, like, an hour for him to kiss me and he just didn't, so i had to. mmmmm, smoochies.

okay, i really need to do that studying thing. really. right now, i'm going, i swear
Awww. That's so cute Tyger!

Well, I've decided that I'm going to drop my journalism class, which is going to be awkward when I have to tell my advisor, my professor, the dean, and the guy I was going to interview for an assignment.

I still feel really fucked up and confused, but at least I won't have that class hanging over my head.

I saw the movie "Who killed the electric car?" last night at the student theater. It was pretty cool, and I like documentaries.

My laundry is piling up like mad, but that's okay, because I like doing laundry when I have the time and inclination.

My self-esteem was boosted a little bit when my interpretation of literature class had to anonymously critique other people's papers. I figured if the guy who wrote one of the papers I had to read was still in college, then things are looking up for me.


So...where is everybody?

I miss y'all.
so i'm considering graduating high school early.
i know none of you really know me..
but based on your own experiences, what do you think?
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