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Full Version: (Still) Your Daily Dose Of Outrage
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Massachusetts governor apologizes for 'tar baby' comment

How is it possible for someone this stupid to get elected?
oh doodle, don't you remember the most unfortunate mayor mel lastman comments about being eaten whilst in africa? come on now girl, people will vote for anyone with a funny hairdo. ahem, ronald reagan/big boy... it's the hair. i'm convinced.
Point taken.

i love how mitt says that he didn't know it was wrong to say. um, hello? who has he been talking to where that's in any way acceptable or ok?

i hate mitt, he sucks, but now it's even worse! i don't know how we have a republican conservative racist governor in this state, we are a pretty liberal state....weird.
i dont know, i had no idea what the term meant either. originally it has nothing to do with racism and was used to describe a sticky situation. some people took it and made it that way after the original meaning. there was another scandal recently (snow, the new white house correspondent) used it and thats where i first learned of it. i dont really think you can hang him for this one. being a republican, i am sure he has done many other worse things. i dont think knowing every racist term ever used is exactly a prerequisite for office, although the previous scandal should have alerted him.

i guess maybe since hes an older guy he should have known. i am 24 and itss not exactly something that is used anymore. however, i dont think it in particular makes him a rascist. i just dont like throwing that word around i think, bc ignorant and racist are two different things. saying something cause you are dumb makes you ignorant, saying something you know is offensive and meaning it offensively makes you a racist. neither is ok, but i think you guys know what i mean.

has he done anything else? seeing what maddy wrote, i am assuming he has.
You know, I've heard some doozies...and I don't know if the perpetrators are being racist or just sort of mindlessly using terminology that they heard as children and not absorbing the whole meaning.

The worst one was when our UNION PRESIDENT said "there's a nigger in the woodpile" a way of saying "there's something fishy here"...

Um.....I know this is a bunch of construction workers but GET YOUR ASS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY!

This one just drives me nuts.

And just so people understand, I only typed the "n" word as a quote. It is NOT part of my vocabulary.
for me, no one can claim ignorance with the "n" word (i cant even freaking write it). however, when i see tar baby, and see it had another meaning, and the FIRST meaning had nothing to do with racism, i am willing to cut people a break. i dont necessarily think jumping on someone for something like this is contructive. i mean let me look at his policies and see if they are racist, let me look at laws hes supported and see if hes misogynist, but i wont hang him for using a term that didnt originate as anything racist and a bunch of a-holes made it otherwise. i will just sit here and think he needs to educate himself more and to maybe read a book or two.

i know that idea is hard for republicans but...he can try.
i'd be willing to give him more credit if he wasn't an all over asswipe.

he's running for prez in 2008 so i'm sure you'll all get your fill of his lovely policies.

i mean, who needs rape crisis centers? and there are entirely TOO MANY social service agencies out there for addicts and homeless and mentally ill. it's just too much. we should shut them all down. Also, women don't need EC, or abortions. that's just silliness.

(that was sarcasm, in case anyone missed it)

ah yes, well then in that case i agree hes a douchebag. sorry for the strong word but those kind of policies piss me off ( and i am sure there are many many more) maddy, where in Mass do you live?
i live in somerville. yeah, he's a douchebag for sure:)
cool, had a bunch of friends from college from there. i figured hes a douchbag, and i also figured that it was for reasons other than being stupid and using a dumb word.
Ack ok, I'm outraged!! I'm watching Condoleezza Rice on Larry King and she said that the US never opposed a cease-fire. Um, hello???? Does she have amnesia? Do they think we'll just believe whatever they say? I mean, like 2 weeks ago she was all "no cease fire" and now she's fucking lying! ARGHHHHHH our government sucks. We gotta do some damage in this fall's elections.

It's sooo hard to be so mad at this intelligent well spoken hard working black woman at the level of power she's at. but i'm still mad. i hope someday she writes her memoirs or something....
...and see it had another meaning, and the FIRST meaning had nothing to do with racism, i am willing to cut people a break. i dont necessarily think jumping on someone for something like this is contructive.

that reminds me of a situation a while back when a public figure (Anthony Williams...?) used the word "niggardly" and was immediately shot down as being a racist. um, hello?
hahaha i remember when my english teacher in my catholic high school used it and i almost fell out of my damn seat before she defined it!
Oh come ON! Anyone feel safer yet?
Bush 'helped Israelis attack on Lebanon'
*scratches head* Uh...I have no idea where this post should go, so I figured this might be the best spot???

I get emails from animal rights groups all the time, and I just got this one from PETA2:

Just when you thought animal experimenters couldn't get any lower, along come new cruel and pointless "gay sheep" experiments. That's right; Charles Roselli of Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) and Frederick Stormshak of Oregon State University (OSU) are killing homosexual sheep and cutting open their brains in an attempt to find the hormone behind homosexual tendencies so that these tendencies can be changed. And guess what? Rosseli plans to "cure" humans of their homosexual tendencies next...

If this is indeed the case, that's really fucked up.
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