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oh, great! Were you able to bike?
Humanist, would have liked to but I wasn't organized enough to buy one & renting would have been a bit spendy for me, tho I CAN see the potential for a bike-day-trip the next time.
Forgive me for tooting my own (and my friends') horn, but if you're in St. Louis, and you like DIY handmade crafty things, come see us tomorrow at Crafta Nostra:

Check out the details at Crafta Nostra!
Not in the STL area, but I love that poster busty!

Chicago gals- a few weeks ago (probably sometime since June 1st or so), there was an article in the Tribune about a prominent Chicago-area ob/gyn practice that was splitting off because some of the doctors wanted to practice gynecology only without any obstetrics because they felt their non-childbearing patients weren't getting the attention they deserved. I can't remember the name(s) of the doctors who split off (it was 2 or 3) and I'm not having any luck on the Tribune site. Dis anyone else hear about this, maybe at least the name of the practice they split from, just so I have something more than "gynecologist" to search for?

ETA: Nevermind, found it. Cod bless The Google.
I just wandered in here, but Polly, you should post that gyno info in the childfree by choice forum. I think the gynecology only practice is a wonderful idea for those of us not wishing to have babies.
You're right, sassy, I think I will!
Psst. For those of you not in the know, I drive back to the region this Sunday. wink.gif
WOOT! The blessed return of star! You just let me know when you're ready for the welcome home BBQ! smile.gif

Drive safely, my dear!
Star, your birthday's on the 12th, right? Are we going to get together sometime that weekend? I'll be available any day....just not too late on Sunday.
and mine's on the 7th-we can do a joint partay!
funny polly how you mentioned my bday and not your own sister! laugh.gif i know you lurve her though.

We can have a Virgo bday, humanist, kitten, princess_dander....

porch party it is! i can't wait to see all of you.
take some petrol darling
helloooo to my fellow fabulous midwesterners! i'm gonna browse the thread and see where you all hail from. i'm typing from saint paul, minnesota, m'self.
The Minnesota girls don't frequent this thread much, petrol. I don't know why- I think they think they're too cool for us Chicagoans tongue.gif

But feel free to set a precendent and hang around!

ETA: Love your avatar, btw!
take some petrol darling
oh nards! i'll have to track the other minnesota ladies down -- keep my eyes peeled for 'em smile.gif

thanks for the kind words about the avatar! here's the original painting:

it's by an artist from idaho named jaymee dever and it was shown at a local art gallery here as part of a dia de los muertos show.
take some petrol darling
oh yeah, and i am waaaaay excited to be coming to chicago for the first time in about five years next month! i'll only be there for a bit less than two days. i'm coming down for a nick cave show at the riviera theatre.
psst. i made it home. bring on the sangria!
Hooray! So, are we getting together at Chez Turbo? I wasn't sure if that was official...if so, sangria for sure, maybe something else, too.

I was thinking of experimenting with a white sangria- everyone okay with that, or stick to traditional? I'm cool with either.
Welcome home, star!
Welcome home, gorgeous! We meeced you! So yeah, definitely feeling a welcome home BBQ coming on...I could do this Friday or Saturday, anytime the weekend of the 19th....that's pretty much all I've got this month. Lemme know what works!
polly, sangria is sangria. white or red. i don't discriminate against liquor. but, that could be a problem. cool.gif

oh wow. what is good for everyone else? kitten, jane, sidecar, humanist....let me know.

i might go visit a friend in kentucky this weekend, but that is not a definite. you would think i would be tired for driving, huh. but, no. i will let everyone know soon. the 19th is looking good.
The 19th looks good to me I think.
I am available this Saturday, amazingly. But I'm leaving on the 10th and not coming back till the 22nd. So if the Kentucky trip doesn't work out I would love to meet for some Sangria. Maybe I'll bring dessert wink.gif

Also, I live at the Sheridan red line stop now so I'm considerably closer to Turbos, which I seem to recall being slightly north of Loyola.
The only weekend that I'm absolutely not available is the 26th-28th. Everything else is totally flexible~
Okay gals-if anyone is available this weekend, I am hosting a get together at my place on Sunday, starting around 4. I would really love to see ya'll there!!
pm me if you can make it and I'll give you the address : )

Here is what my Facebook invitation said:

meet lots of people you haven't met before, bitch about politics/work/school/life, eat/drink and be merry.
We will provide enough food, and some booze, but any contributions to the booze pool will be greatly appreciated as long as it's not shitty american beer or boxed wine : )
We have 3 cats, so if you're allergic....sorry tongue.gif
It's fine to bring other people, just let me know~
This is not a crazy, drunken party, so if you don't like that stuff, don't worry-and if you do, then put on your less crazy, drunken party hat for the evening.
I really hope to see everyone there-I've never hosted a party before so I'll be really sad if people don't show up. Work/church/family death/illness or injury/prior commitment, etc. will not be accepted excuses.
can you gals do this weekend? i think i will delay another road trip until next month. so, does saturday sound good?
I was actually trying to figure out what to do Saturday night. i'll get off work at the latest by 6.
Would you like to come over Sunday afternoon, star?
I wouldn't be able to do anything until after 7 on Saturday. Also, I know prophecy_grrl's out of town this weekend; I'll ask her about weekend of the 19th. Ava's out of town that weekend, though. I cannot do the 20th, so we're down to Friday or Sunday and for some reason, Sunday sticks out in my head as being something.

I'm all right with doing something this Saturday, in addition to whatever happens the weekend of the 19th. It just has to be a little later.

ETA: DUH! The 21st is CHEESE DAYS IN MONROE!!!! Everybody sing!

Come to Cheese Days in Monroe.
That’s the place for you to go.
Music, dancing, yodeling, too.
And a big parade for you.
And we know you will be pleased.
When you taste Green County Cheese.
Come to Cheese Days, come to Cheese Days,
Come to Cheese Days in Monroe!
oh yeah humanist, i'm in for sunday afternoon at your place for your bday. i meant to send you a message through facebook. polly, i take it i will see you on sunday. wink.gif

it sounds like the 19th might work out better and give more people time to plan to be there. and give turbo time to do any prep work for her casa. we will just miss ava, but i will do something with her before she leaves.

yeah, i'm excited to see all of you. we can start to do our annual meetups. very excited! can't wait to see all of you busties. i will send a message to princess dander.
Fabulous! It's a mixed group of people-I'm sure everyone will find someone they like though. I've never hosted a party before, so this could be a very fun disaster : P
So Sunday the 21st?
I think I'm hearing either the 19th or 21st....either are fine with me, though the 21st would need to be a brunchy thing, as I've got something in the evening.

And I'll sadly have to miss humanist's shindig...I think the cats of the world are conspiring to kill my social life....yeah, that's it.
Sunday the 21st will not work for me. The 19th is the only day that weekend that's good for me or prophecy_grrl.
yeah, i remember sunday not being good. the 20th is Saturday...or the 19th which is a Friday. it sounds like Friday Sept. 19th so far to me.
Hello Chicago ladies, I need help. For my classes I need to find someone who will sit with me for 8 20-minute counseling sessions. It needs to be someone I don't know that well but it has to be someone I can rely on because 55% of my grade is dependant on this. I would be the counselor. The sessions would be confidential but taped. If you know anyone that might be interested, please pass this on to them. I am an experienced crisis counselor so they would not be getting a totally new student. This would, of course, be free for the client and I am flexible about where and when I can meet.
Rats. I don't know anyone who could help you. I've been out of the school realm for sometime, kitten. sad.gif

I think it seems like Friday, Sept. 19th is the official day for us to get together. Turbo, what time should we come to your home?

It is the offical talk like a pirate day, btw. I think princess_dander said she had a prior engagement that night.
Hmm, I don't know of anyone off hand, but do you need someone with just general issues or do they need to be a survivor?
QUOTE(stargazer @ Sep 9 2008, 04:03 PM) *
It is the offical talk like a pirate day, btw.


psst, zoya is having a talk like a pirate day party that night so maybe we should all hook up via ichat? wink.gif

sigh, I am so envious of chicago bustie meet ups sad.gif. maybe some day I'll visit; I really intend to as my grandpa was born there.

QUOTE(bunnyb @ Sep 9 2008, 05:32 PM) *
sigh, I am so envious of chicago bustie meet ups sad.gif. maybe some day I'll visit; I really intend to as my grandpa was born there.

Aww, and here I was all hopeful that you were in here to announce your next trip across the pond!

Where was he born?
Sadly not, but maybe next time!

I don't actually know and will need to find out... he lived in Chicago until he was about 8y/o; his mother died and he and his two sisters (they had older brothers) went to live in Ireland with his aunt. I need to learn more as his sisters (one who lived here and another in Mississippi) both died within the last year and his brothers decades ago so he's the only sibling remaining.
The 19th is cool with me! How about 7pm for start time, and I'll reserve the patio, but likely we'll be in the house - the evenings have been very chilly lately out here on the lake. smile.gif Can't wait to see ya'll!

Bunny, if you ever come to Chicago, we shall throw a Bustie shindig in your honor - we would love to host you in our city!!
Aw. Bunnyb, we would lurve to have you here for a visit. wub.gif

So, it's official...Friday, Sept. 19th at 7pm.
Aw wub.gif.
polly - I would actually like to work with someone who wasn't a sexual assault survivor. I need experience with a wider variety of clients. But at this point, I'll take anyone. I need to start the work after next Tuesday.

bunnyb - Add me to the list of people who saw that you posted here and had a moment of excitement thinking that you were visiting us. Bust Tease!
Welcome back stargazer!

sorry chi-town busties, I've been MIA for a while. I have no plans for the 19th and no excuse not to cross the street to go to turbo's. rolleyes.gif

Hmm, the last time we gathered at turbo's was summer solstice, and the 19th is awfully close to the autumnal equinox - you may just have to host us for the winter solstice as well!

I think our holiday bustie gathering actually WAS on solstice last year, now that you mention it! tongue.gif I'm glad you'll all be able to make the 19th!
What is everyone bringing for Friday? I know polly is bringing the white sangria. I was thinking of ordering some chicken to bring. I'm thinking of another side dish too. Any other ideas?
I think it would be the perfect opportunity to make these dreamy oreo balls that I've so desperately needed an excuse to make. And perhaps something else not dessert-y, but I'll figure that out later~
there is a dessert called oreo balls? omg, humanist. make 'em. at least for the name alone.

who's coming to the shindig too?? blink.gif
I'll be there! heh. No idea what I'm making yet...

I'm bummed at the moment that this farking rain won't stop! Our favorite band ever is headlining Celtic Fest in 1 hour, and while the rain is now slowing down...there's more on the way. Fuuuuuuck. No Great Big Sea for us. I'm consoling myself that they will be on the cruise ship again this winter, and I'll get to see them multiple times, and crush on the lead singer all I want. smile.gif

So instead, I'm going to make BBQ pulled pork for dinner and roasted potatoes...
Can we get a headcount for Friday? I need to know how many bottles of wine.

I know it will be me & LeBoy, turbo (and turboman?), stargazer, prophecy (& guy?), humanist (& the boy?)...kitten, are you coming? No princess_dander, right? What about Jane? And I think Ava's in Texas. Sidecar will be in Wisconsin for Cheese Days. What about missladyj? She was there for your bon voyage; maybe she'll make it to the welcome home!

I guess with as many people as there are, I'll just get 2 bottles.
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