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Still planning to be there and will likely bring my guy (who can resist the Knot?), but I'm not clear on the time. 6:00?
Meh. I am not going to be able to make it. Unfortunately I have to wake up between 330-4 am weekday mornings for school, so I can't stay out late. :\ Maybe next month. smile.gif
count on my hombre coming as well ; )

ouch, ava-that sucks!
I sent princess dander an email about it.
Okay, so what's the time for the gathering - 6pm or 6:30? Doesn't matter to me.

In other neighborhood news, Taste Food and Wine (owned by the owners of the Knot), at Jarvis & Greenview in Rogers Park was broken into early yesterday morning. Nothing was taken - just a bottle of cheap sparkling - the thieves were after cash (there was none), but their door was shattered. I started a little conversation on the 'hood blog, encouraging the community to support our new businesses, and there was a really great turnout to the tasting last night! So if you find yourself in the neighborhood and in need of a nice bottle, some fine cured meats or cheeses or soup, do stop by and support the good folks who own the shop. And for those who love the Knot's sticky toffee pudding....they sell it there. smile.gif
Her highness la Princess Dander is in!
Thank you for the vibes, pollystyrene! Sadly the news was... well, let me put it this way, this place has pissed me off enough that I really don't want to work there, even though they seem to want me to contract. Maybe. Yeah, the uncertainty there is part of what makes me angry. If this board weren't public I might get into it on the employment/job hunting thread, but it would be easy for someone to stumble upon the story and see enough of my name to put two and two together.

Soooo I'm back to watching pennies and hopefully will be able to join you all next time. sad.gif
(((amywoman))) sorry to hear of your money woes.

have fun tomorrow mamas!! i miss you all.

hey, if this post doc thing doesn't work out, then i might just come home and hangout. career change anyone? heh.
Star, beloved, you *have* to come home, no matter what is going on in your work life. Its not so much a choice, as that you belong here. With us. smile.gif

Seriously, though, what is going on with work, etc? We meece you terribly! We'll definitely raise a glass to you tomorrow night!
I'll count on being there at 6:15, just to keep it simple. There will be 2 of us.
Ok, I'm going to call in the reservation. I think we're 11, but I'll round it up to 12. Me, humanist & hombre, prophecy_grrl & guy, turbo & mann, kitten and boy, jane and princess dander. We'll have an extra spot, an if anyone else wants to join us, there will be plenty 'o room!

See y'all soon!

ETA: After a little finagling on the part of the guy who answered the phone they should be able to fit us all in. "I won't be here anyway, so someone else will be busy tonight!" he said. Eh, we'll slip him a $20 wink.gif
Hey ladies,
have fun at the knot, I am gonna have to get my shit together and make another one of these gatherings. I have been hit with the flu/cold bug and slept for like 10hrs yesterday. enjoy!

If anyone is free this Wednesday nite, hubby is playing at Quenchers around 9:30pm. It is too late for me but it should be a good show.

sorry all, but I'm feeling pretty crappy today. I was hoping to be able to come out to the Knot anyway, but I can't bring myself to get out of my PJs. Sorry to be such a party pooper.

Have fun!
It's perhaps just as well that I didn't go, as I seem to have the death flu that's going around. I didn't feel it then but I could have passed it around very efficiently, I think.
I was in Rogers Park yesterday and I got really excited because 1: I found Heartland! I remember y'all used to talk about it a lot and I had no idea where it was, now I do! And 2: The weather is getting so much better! Yay!

Also, getting to Rogers Park is quite the train ride!

Happy Spring everyone!!
Sorry for the double post, but I want to make sure anyone who might be interested gets to see this, because there currently aren't any of these anywhere else in St. Louis.

This is just for the STL area busties, but Cooperella Cafe in Maplewood is having their first ever Stitch & Bitch on April 11th. Bring your sewing machine, knitting needles, Bedazzler, what have you, and enjoy good food, good beer, good coffee, and good company from 5 to 9!
Next Chicago Bustie gathering? I think I'll well-enough recovered to be out in public again. tongue.gif

April's kinda messy...I think the 26th is the only Saturday that will work. Most Fridays are good, if people want to go out on a weekday.
I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy some actual spring weather while it lasts. I am off to swim laps at the Oak Park YMCA, then back home to work on my final project for grad school. Yay for sun!
I need help.

I am looking to move as soon as possible, but am having the hardest time finding something that I want (or thats in my price range) I really wanted to move by May 1, but I haven't found anything I am getting so depressed over it sad.gif

All I am really looking for is an immediately available 3 bedroom 1.5 or 2 bathroom, with a dishwasher (in unit washer and dryer) but doesn't have to have the in unit washer and dryer, I know thats pushing it....

I am looking in the Chicago area, and going towards the South Suburbs (as I work in the Rail Yards in Harvey/ Homewood)..So I am looking from Bronzeville to Orland Park. I really don't want to go as far as Orland, as I love spending all my down time in the downtown Chicago area. So something in the middle...Don't really want the commute to be more that 25/30 minutes...

I would like for it to be modern, gut rehabbed, and or recently updated. I am looking for rental properties (condo, townhouse, or apartment) and my max for rent is $1,200. Really would prefer to pay $1,000, $1,100 or $1,150 per month.

If I am being unrealistic, please let me know!!!! I know I'm being picky and if I had more CASH to spare it would be easier...As a last resort will accept a cheaper 2 bed 2 bath....

I have found some properties that have met the expectations, but they are either unavailable or are in the WORST parts of town...

Please Help!!!
$1200? for a 3 bed/1.5 ba? in chicago? um, yes, you are being unrealistic. especially if you are looking on the norhtside.

if you want to live in the southwest suburbs, then i think it will be unrealistic as well...including the short commute....unless you live in boilingbrook. but, that's an expensive 'burb too. i think you need to be more flexible for what you are looking for.

what is more important for you? location? proximity to work? or, social activities? are you single? do you have pets?

when i lived on the northside, i had no problem driving 45 min. to work. i wanted to be close to the city since i spend most of my time there. but, i don't know what you are looking for.

either way, you need to scale down.
Yep, Joan, sorry to say it, but you're not going to find a 3 bedroom with all of those amenities for that money. You're likely to find a one bedroom at that price, but no dishwasher/clothes washer/parking. Chicago is an expensive place to live, and the expense is totally worth it, but you do have to be very flexible on the "must haves" in the space you're choosing. Most apartment buildings in the city are vintage, so dishwasher and in-unit laundry are VERY hard to come by.

Look for the area with the lifestyle you want, and neighborhood that suits your needs, and go from there to see what the price range is in the area. Good luck!
exciting news midwestern mamas! i couldn't wait until september to come home so i just booked my flight to come home memorial day weekend. not sure if anyone will be in town. i will be in from may 22-may 28. we should plan to get together! smile.gif
aw..I'll be in Israel from the 22nd to the 4th : (

Joan, I assume you've been looking on apartment finding websites, but if not-here are a few:

there are SO many more sites actually, these are just the ones that I see advertised on the train. Just search for 'chicago apartment finder'.
Your specifications for layout and price range definitely are kind unreasonable for chicago-but there are SOOO many options-I'm sure you'll find something. Good luck!
Moody's anyone?

I still can't drive at night, so I have an excuse to not be the designated driver and will be happy to get some sangria!!
Depending on my work schedule I would definitely love to meet up! Unfortunately I never know my schedule until about 2-3 days before the new week. So I'll have to see what I can do to maybe free up an evening.
hey ladies,

I just wanted to tell you about two events this week. If you are like me , you may have spent some time at The Note in wicker park. Well they are no longer having live music. No more bands. No more deejays.

Sunday May 4th will be the last night for live music at the note foreva. Hubby is playing early around 10pm and there will be one of my favorite chi-town deejays after. come on out if you can. 1565 N Milwakee Ave.

Wednesday May 7th there is a benefit for a school in Tanzania at Quenchers Saloon on the corner of Western and Fullerton at 8pm. There is no cover but donations for the school will be accepted.
no live music at the note??? blink.gif how come?

ETA: Moody's would be great to meet at when I comeback home! Let's keep our fingers crossed the weather is gorgeous. I miss all of you so much.
the change is due to the gentrification of the hood, or douchebagification as I like to call it. The owner is ripping out the stage and putting in more pool tables. Hubby has worked there either as a deejay, soundman or playing live for as long as it has been open. He used to live across the street. I can't tell you how many times we walked otta there at 6am. It is a second home. Plus all of the folks we know that work there. It feels like the end of an era. Like when the busy bee diner was closed. Sad. . . .
hey ladies, since i'm a planner and all...well, it is hard for us to get together...what say you we plan something for when i'm in town??? polly suggested moody's, which i'm down for. all of this healthy crap out here has me longing for some artery cloggin' food. i can do friday night, may 23rd or saturday...any suggestions on places days times?

sorry to be a ball buster, but i wanna see as many of you as i can. and you know, i only bust the balls of the ones i love! laugh.gif
You say when I'll be at Moody's w/sangria a'waitin'. I am pretty sure I can do any night that weekend although Friday would have to be after 7 PM.
Maybe we should go to Hot Doug's and get some fois gras!

Fois Gras Ban Repealed

ETA: I have a possible party looming on the horizon for Saturday. I have not made a commitment yet, though (and seeing everyone- especially Stargazer- is waaay more important than this!)...but if we could decide soon, that would be great. At least narrow down the day.
I'm pretty flexible where we go. So, perhaps we should narrow down the days to make it easier for people.

Turbo?? Amywoman?? Princess_Dancer?? Sidecar?? Jane?? Ava?? Are you ladies interested in coming?? Missladyj?? unsure.gif
Star, You KNOW I'm there! I'm good for either Friday or Saturday, though I'd pass on Doug's, as it is not a lingering-socializing for awhile kind of place, much as I love the man's sausage. wink.gif

And WOOT!!! for finally repealing my assinine alderman's stupid fois gras ban. Not like I'm a super huge fan of the stuff, but banning food - c'mon. Get the drug dealers out of the neighborhood first, please.
Yeah, I was mostly kidding about the Hot Doug's suggestion. Mmm, duck fat fries, though! tongue.gif

As much as I would love to meet up, I can guarantee that I can not go on a Friday or Saturday night. Those are chocolate bar nights at the hotel and my chef is not letting me roam free those nights.

I should hopefully know my schedule for next week by Saturday maybe if I get off work early enough I can meet up with y'all.
I'll be on the other side of the globe sad.gif
Mmmmmm chocolate bar.........
maybe we should do saturday night then? blink.gif

should we do moody's? sangria and burgers should nice.

what do you think?
Dammit I got my dates confused. I keep forgetting that Memorial Day falls early this year. Saturday is my boy's birthday. I am taking him out to dinner and then we are going to see Indian Jones 4 at AMC 21 downtown. If anyone is interested in joining us, just let me know.
I can be available for Friday night after 7 or Sunday all day. Or maybe a Saturday lunch, at noon, 1 PM.
Friday after 7 is good for me and lunch on Saturday is good, too, as my other party isn't until the evening.

Moody's is good. Any other place is good too....just a thought- Irazu? Not as charming as Moody's, no sangria, but awesome shakes and yummy Costa Rican food. They do have an outdoor area, too.
ok. then i guess to the original plan of meeting on friday. when you say after 7pm....are you thinking 8pm or 9pm? i'm flexible either way.

i'm in the mood for liquor and burgers. plus, i hoping the weather is nice for us to sit outside. it was so pretty the last time we were at moody's.
Yep, I'm in! Either Friday or Sat. should work for me, as would Moody's.
I can probably be there by 7 on Friday. Are we inviting significent others as well?
LeBoy's going to have to accompany me, as I can't really drive at night yet....and not just because of all the sangria I plan on drinking tongue.gif
Bring whoever you want to. I think we should start a head count so we know what size table we need.

Should we plan on 730 pm at moody's on Friday then?

omg. i'm SO excited jane is coming. you don't know how happy it made me jane that you can come. it feels like forever since i've seen you.
Aww, star, how sweet of you! *sniff* Looking forward to it!
I'm in! Not sure if turbomann is joining me, I'll have to get back to you on that tomorrow, as he must choose between hot bitches and our other friends that we see all the time. smile.gif

YAY Jane!! I'm so glad you'll be joining us too!
It will just be me and I will see you all at 7:30 PM!
the eagle has landed. i am back in the chi! excited to see all of you tomorrow night!

*does happy dance*
Tonight's supposed to be in the 40's....are we going to sit inside at Moody's? Bring your flashlights! laugh.gif
Yep - too cold for outdoors tonight! Leave the sweaters at home, and wear a t-shirt - if they've got the fireplaces roaring, plus a packed house - it'll be plenty warm - even for me, who's *always* cold!

It'll just be me - no turbomann. So am I counting 6 for tonight?
polly, leboy, kitten, jane, star, and me? Is humanist joining us?
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