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What's up with me is that we adopted a rescued puppy! She's half boxer, half Lab. Well, the boxer half is for sure, but she looks and acts a lot like a Lab. She's 8-9 weeks old and we named her Eleanor Roosevelt, but unless she's in trouble she's just Ellie.

Pics here:

More later. I'm taking advantage of the fact that she's sleeping right now. Puppies = lots of work!

So cute Amywoman! What a precious little puppy face!!!
I am in love with your dog! Especially the white paw tips. Too cute!!
so my mama was telling me how freakin' cold it is back home. hopefully things will heat up for you ladies to start getting together occasionally soon. remember, the busties that eat together, stay together. wink.gif
Yeah, it's freaking cold. I'm shivering here at work. I have a space heater under my desk, but we have to keep the office in general cold because the staff in back gets hot otherwise. There's a vent right over my head blowing cool air and my fingers are numb. sad.gif

Need to go make myself some oatmeal.
Polly, there is no damper in the ductwork between the front and back of the office? Or a damper in your vent that'd let you tone down the air?

I wish I could see it, I'm sure I could help. It's what I do on a daily basis.

I am so ready for spring it's not even funny. It's frigid here again.
Nope, no damper on the vent itself. I don't know what's going on between the front and back of the office, though. What I do know is that in our new office we'll have separate climate controls for the front desk/waiting room and the operatories. We don't move until April, though, so that does me no good now.

Office manager let me put cardboard over the vent, but I left the furthest 6 inches (it's a long, skinny vent- about 3 feet long and 4 inches wide) or so uncovered so I could get some fresh air. Even with just 6 inches exposed, it's still dreadfully cold. I think I'm just going to cover it and get my fresh air from the front door being opened. dry.gif
Snow Day Woo Hooo!

if you do have to go to work or anywhere today I hope you make it there safely!

I can't decide whether to make some coffee or go back to bed.
I just got accepted into Knox College in Galesburg Illinois and Beloit College in Wisconsin, i was wondering if any Busties lived around there or could tell me anything about Madison or any tidbits of that sort. I live in Colorado right now and I've traveled in the Midwest a lot, but I figured it be good to get some perspective from people in the area.
I went to Knox, but that was 20 years ago so G-burg could have changed a lot by now. I remember Galesburg as a fairly boring small town, but see the 20-year time delay caveat above! Madison has more to offer, but I've only visited, not lived there. What will you be studying?
Amy!!! Your little Ellie is SO sweet! What a, we will be expecting regular updates and piccies - I love seeing puppies grow up. Enjoy her!

I missed all the COLD weather this week, while I was in the Carribbean! Woot! Seems like I came back at just the right time too - after the snow, and its not too cold!

LilPink...I've not been to Galesburg, but I'd agree that Madison has a lot to offer - its a GREAT college town, wonderful downtown area, beautiful lakes, liberal politics...turbomann and I have often discussed moving there, ourselves.
Thanks, all. biggrin.gif She's very sweet and adorable, but she's an evil little biter too, despite the angelic face. Never had a puppy who bit so hard while playing before, and if you've had a puppy you know how razor sharp those little teeth are. She's getting better about it though, and she sleeps until 7 now.

I wub.gif her.
turbo-yeah Madison seemed preety col when i visited last summer, but I was only there for a grand total of an hour.

janeinjane-I'm not sure what i'lls tudy yet, most likely Political Science or History.

I'm sort of weirdly excited to live in the Midwest because of how much quirky it is compared to the part of Colorado i live in. The one thing I am not looking forward to is the cold.
Lil-if you can handle colorado weather, then i think the midwest will be fine for you. plus, it is not the cold weather you should worry about...but the extreme heat and humidity that comes with summer.
QUOTE(LilPinkElectricChair @ Feb 2 2008, 10:29 AM) *
I just got accepted into Knox College in Galesburg Illinois and Beloit College in Wisconsin, i was wondering if any Busties lived around there or could tell me anything about Madison or any tidbits of that sort. I live in Colorado right now and I've traveled in the Midwest a lot, but I figured it be good to get some perspective from people in the area.

Hey, pink, I live in Madison and I love it here. Other than the wonky weather. One thing about Wisconsin is the crazy rabid football fans. No offense, but where, other than Wisconsin, would you see this? It's nuts.

But, yeah, feel free to PM me if you want specific information. I really can't see myself living anywhere else.
Hey all. Who is up for a get together? It has been ages since I have seen a Chicago Bustie.
I was thinking maybe a Sunday at Moody's or maybe some music and food at Chief O'Neill's. My February is filling up but maybe Sunday March 2nd would give everyone enough warning?

And here is another Chicago event:

The Sex Workers' Art Show

Saturday 23 February 2008

Funky Buddha Lounge, 728 West Grand Avenue

Doors 6:30pm, Show 7-9pm

$20 in advance, $25 at the door

Visit Women and Children First, 5233 North Clark

Early To Bed, 5232 North Sheridan


Ticket sales benefit the Young Women's Empowerment Project

I think it's definitely time for a meet-up. Moody's would be good, but we'd have to be indoors and well, I'd like to actually be able to see all of you, let alone my food. Yeah, it's a little dark in there. But I'd go there.

Chief O'Neill's has been really, really salty the last couple times I've been there. What about The Celtic Knot up in Evanston?

The 2nd is good with me, wherever we end up!
The Celtic Knot sounds adorable.
Lurky McLurkstein here -- the date and place both sound fine to me. I know I tend to go into hibernation, but it would be great to see you all!
So you haven't been there, kitten? Oh, it's wonderful. Their burgers rival Moody's (they have more "gourmet" toppings, though- port caramelized onions, goat cheese, etc., as well as more "normal" stuff), the space is really nice. LeBoy and I are considering having our rehearsal dinner there *someday*.

They also have lots of traditional Irish food there and it's all really yummy. It's on Church, right between Chicago Ave & Orrington. It's about a half-block west of the Whole Foods.

Any other suggestions?

Glad you can make it Jane! I haven't seen you since Turbo's birthday!
Since it is CTA accesseble and easy to drive to, why don't we just settle on Celtic Knot? It is the date that is a bigger concern for me. And should it be just Busties or Busties and friends/SO?
Thanks, polly! Sometimes I get so reclusive (esp. in winter) that I'D forget what I look like if I didn't have a twin.

"Port caramelized onions"? Say no more! I'm there.
I'm totally in! Celtic Knot is a favorite of ours...and now the owners opened a wine shop two blocks from our house, so now we spend even MORE money with them...I mean, not only is there wine, but you can get the Knot's Sticky Toffee Pudding there too...its soooooo good.
Ohh, I LOVE Celtic Knot! We were just there a couple weeks ago, where I actually had the caramelized onion/goat cheese burger-ohh, they're so tasty!
As for the SO's, I think at least the boys are all nerdy enough to get along with each other tongue.gif
Seriously, what is with feminist/nerd pairings?

turbo, we just went to the beer tasting at the wine shop the other night : )
March 2 will work and I cannot pass up an opportunity to eat at the Celtic Knot (good company a bonus) - as if I don't eat there enough already. I love everything I have ever had there (the Shepard's pie and fish n' chips are unrivaled), but the burgers are a perennial favorite (side of curry with my fries, please).

For those who have never been, the cupcake of the month is worth mentioning (gourmet cupcake, different flavor every month). Went for my birthday dinner with the whole in-law family in January and there was a solo, folky guitar player performing; had the cupcake (cappuccino flavor cake with Irish cream frosting - wow) with a candle in it and unbeknown to me, FIL asked the guitar player to do "happy birthday," it was sweet and a little embarassing.

I'm also a fan of the wine shop - they're super friendly and helpful, especially for someone who likes wine but doesn't know a lot about it (that would be me smile.gif ).
Oooh, cupcakes.

I'll probably be there if I'm employed by then.
Hey Chicago Busties,
I'm not sure if any of you remember me from a while ago when I used to post but I did used to post here!
Sorry to derail the topic like this but if anyone is looking for a room to rent in Logan Square/Avondale I need a roommate! I have a really great place, $300/month, pm me if you're interested and I'll give you the details.
Back to your regularly scheduled thread...
I remember you, kayte- where have you been? Did you always live in Chicago or is that something new? You should come to our get-together on the 2nd!

Sorry, not in need of a place to live though. Good luck!
I think I can make it the second, but I'm not completely sure. Crazy schedule right now.

On a side note, this weather is killing me. It was fourty-something the other day. This morning I wake up and look at the weather and its -27!! Uuuughhh...

Does anybody know where I can get some good winter boots? Preferably something waterproof. I went to Patagonia and Lands End but didn't see anything good..but I see people every where walking around in really great/warm looking boots. Meanwhile I'm still wearing flats or my chef shoes, slipping across sidewalks with numb feet...that's right, everyone laugh at the silly Texan that doesn't know the real meaning of winter. dry.gif
ava, I just bought some really tough, comfy, fur-lined, waterproof snow boots at Sports Authority the other day. They were also half off from $75 smile.gif I think them and Sport Mart would be good places to go. I know you live around..greek town, right? so I'm not sure if there are either of those near you, but look them up online and you might just have to make a trip somewhere. The only locations I know of are in the suburbs. Try to go soon though, because there weren't too many pairs. Make sure to find them in the clearance section. My other suggestion if you really can't get to either one of those would be to look in big thrift stores like the Salvation Army or Unique Thrift.
I got SOO frustrated because I couldn't find boots anywhere either (before I went there), and the ones I had were leaking so I REALLY needed new ones, as I'm outside much of the day, and when the snow starts melting, sidewalks get flooded. I went to so many different places, with no luck, because everyone has their freaking SPRING merchandise out now. I know it's just how retail works, but it pisses me off that it's 2 degrees outside, snowing and raining, and I can't find a decent pair of boots or gloves anywhere because it's time to sell !@#$%^& swimsuits. GRRRR! I wanted to punch someone at Target.

and it's okay, ava, I saw a women wearing ballet slippers in the slush the other day o_O
The Sex Worker's Art Show will be in town this Saturday benefitting the Young Women's Empowerment Project. I'll be there. Anyone else?
I've been planning on going. I live walking distance from the Funky Buddha Lounge so I should be able to make it. But we'll see, one of my friends just found out Monday he has to move withing a week or two so I might be doing that instead. :\
So what time should we meet at the Celtic Knot on Sunday?
They serve brunch until 3:30...I wouldn't mind going towards the end of that, like at 2:00; it looks like they serve parts of their regular menu at that time, too. But I'd be cool with going later, too.
I was thinking 2:00 as well.
I work until 6 sad.gif but I will be within walking distance of Celtic Knot....any chance we could do it later? pweeeze?
*puppy eyes*
Later works for me as well. 6:30?
2pm works for me.....6pm won't, though. sad.gif

Booo for humanist having to work!

Where are you working in e-town, humanist?
I don't want to mess up a time that works for everyone else-so I'll just have to miss out : (
I work at a lovely massage clinic called The Rub, or, 'Relaxing Urban Bodywork'. Best place I've ever worked!
It's a couple blocks west of Celtic Knot on Church St~
So is 2 the set time then? Can we get a head count?
I can do either time.

Not to further complicate things, but maybe we can find a time in the middle that works for both? What time would you need to leave, turbo? Maybe we can meet an hour or so ahead of that and if it's not too far in advance of humanist getting off work, the rest of us will still be there.
I'm going to be in Chicago later on this month. Sorry I'm missing the gathering. I dont know many of you, and haven't posted in a while. But I remember Turbo! What is the weather like in Chicago in late March?

QUOTE(yummymum @ Feb 27 2008, 03:18 PM) *
What is the weather like in Chicago in late March?

Absolutely unpredictable. Bring your ski boots, rain gear and a bathing suit. That should cover everything. rolleyes.gif I know, I am no help.

An inbetween time works for me as well.
Most likely it will be cold....whether it's cold but sunny, cold and wet, cold and snow, who knows. Good luck with that!
Yep, yummy - polly's right - the weather could be anything. I'll never forget the week that we closed on our condo 6 years ago - we moved from apartment to condo on March 15, and it was 90 degrees. Seriously. I felt SO bad for our movers - we lived on a 4th floor walk up (gorgeous apartment, I still miss it)...but at least when they got to our condo, we have two elevators, and it didn't take much more than a half hour to get everything from truck to condo. Wow, that was a long story to say - our weather cannot be trusted!

Okay, so if later is what will work for everyone, and I certainly don't want to miss seeing humanist, let's just do dinner. Turbomann is leaving me for the weekend again, so I just wanted to have some QT with him Sunday night...maybe I'll just drag him along and *force* him to drink good beer and eat a delicious reuben. Life is hard that way sometimes. smile.gif So whatever time will get out beloved humanist there will be fine with me!
That is so awesome for you to do that, jenn! Thank you so much for being flexible and giving up man-snorgling. I feel so wuved wub.gif
I'm sure Turbomann will enjoy himself....shall our other men be present as well? (and if your man happens to be a woman, that's cool too, but she's just another one of us gals. Boys are different. They sit at the end of the table : P)
So I can be there about it just the four of us (busties) so far?
I'll try to be there, but my office fundraiser gala dinner is next week, so I may be swamped .... actually later is better, cause I can get some work done in the daytime, then meet you all after!
Well, I would love to go but as of this moment I'm still unemployed. I'm waiting to hear about something, so maybe tomorrow I'll have news.

If it's not positive news, I should stay in and count my pennies some more. wink.gif
Boys/partners are welcome now? Ooo, LeBoy's gonna be pissed. The Knot is his favorite restaurant and I told him he couldn't go and he made other plans.

I think it's me, humanist, turbo & turbomann, kitten, maybe jane, maybe ava, possibly prophecy. Definitely 5, possibly 8.

I'll poke sidecar in kvetch and see if she's interested. That would make 9. Anyone wanna check on princess dander and missladyj?

It looks like they do take reservations, so maybe if we can get a final count by noon on Sunday, I'd be happy to call it in.

~*~*~employment vibes to amywoman~*~*~ keep us posted and if there's good news, we'll add you in.... and if it's bad news, you can come along and drown your sorrows in a pint!
Well I invited my boy. I hope that is okay. But let me know is no other guys will be there so he doens't feel too out of place.
So is 6:15 the set time then? They have storytelling at 8 that night. smile.gif
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