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Star! I miss you too! You have to tell us Boston stories soon!

Hey Chicago BUSTies, I just learned that Alix Olson (I seriously heart her) is doing a spoken word performance at Women and Children First on 11/17 at 8pm. No admission charge. I definitely plan to attend if anyone wants to meet up with me. I'd be up for doing something before or after as well.
So I have to bitch about something to people who will appreciate the tragic irony in the situation- today, prophecy and I, our respective significant others and my parents went to the Mexican Museum down in Pilsen. It's an annual tradition for us to see the Day of the Dead exhibit. If you haven't been, they pick a theme and have ofrendas on display, along with other D.o.t.D. artwork. The exhibit is up until December 16th and I highly recommend it.

We walk into the exhibit and the first ofrenda we see is one dedicated to the kids who died in that apartment fire in Rogers Park last year. They had candles lit all over the place because they couldn't pay their electric bill and the place caught fire, killing the six kids inside. Their landlord wasn't maintaining the smoke detectors, so there were none in the apartment. The plaque on the wall next to it talked about how the kids parents were illegal immigrants, trying to have a better life and struggled financially and now their kids are dead. It was very sad.

Then we notice on the other wall, that the main corporate sponsor of the exhibit is none other than fucked up is that? blink.gif

Prophecy, who's more familiar with the politics in that area since she lives there, said that the guy who owned the building is a friend of Joe Moore. What a surprise. dry.gif
that's crazy polly. you should've taken a pic for the irony alone.
A little late but that is seriously the most fucked up thing I have heard in a long long time. Like I am really upset by so many elements of that story. I just can't make sense of it. Fuckity fucked up!

Anyways, LTZ, how was Alix? I had to work that night, but sooooooo wanted to go!

Hi! How is everyone? I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!
That is definitely disturbing. BUT, in other news, the guy that owned that building just got fined $6 million....of course, he doesn't have that, and will have to declare bankruptcy, but he'll lose his properties in the process, as he should.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!! May you all have happily filled tummies tomorrow, and be surrounded by people who love you!
Happy Thanksgiving Mamas!!

I hope to see some of you in December!!

Hey mamas. I wanted to pass around some info that I got about a new scam that seems to be creeping into our area. Last night I got two phone calls from Mid-America bank saying that my account had been closed and needed to be reactivate immediately. The message left a website. Well, I don't back with them, I know what on-line accounts that I have and none of them are Mid-America, this is the same company that sends me spam emails all the time at work, they called on Thanksgiving. What bank if open on Thanksgiving? I googled the info (name, key words, etc.) and yes it is a total scam. So if you get the call, you should be able to ignore it.
Wow, that sucks to get a scam call. On Thanksgiving no less. *sigh* What is wrong with people?

Stargazer, when are you gonna be here again. I can't wait to see you and all the MM ladies!
Ppl have no respect for the holidays anymore.
Just touching base as the date nears- still the 22nd at chez turbo for the ornament exchange?

We've been so bad since star left us! I miss seeing you all!
We are indeed very bad busties for not getting together since our beloved star left us. *hangs head in shame*

We are indeed still on for the 22nd at our haus, ornaments and potlucky for all! smile.gif Can't wait to see ya'll!
Grr, the day I confirm the 22nd here is the day I get two invites for other stuff on the 22nd. BUT, I'm happily blowing off one of them to see you ladies. My one thing is the 1st birthday party of the daughter of LeBoy's first-cousin-once-removed (yeah, some kid I've never met because they live on the other side of the country and will probably see no more than 5 times before they gradute high school...why am I going to this?)....that's at 1:00, and I assume this will be more of an evening thing, right?

The other thing is LeBoy's BIL's 30th, and he missed LeBoy's 30th, so I have no guilt about missing that.

So do we have a time picked out?
well i'm glad you are able to come polly! and don't forget to remind your sis!

turbo, were you thinkin' 4pm?

oh, and princess or ava...if you ladies are gonna attend, then let me know if you need a ride.
I'm game for whatever time works for everyone else...4pm works fine by me, so long as polly brings some of those very fine peppermint brownies. wink.gif
I'm not going to be able to make it, I will already be back in Texas sad.gif (enjoying a lovely warm winter)

Maybe I can ship a cake up for y'all! tongue.gif

My current Christmas plans will have me back in the Metro St. Louis area on 12/22, but I may gauge how pissed off my family will be if I don't come home until Sunday. If it seems like they'll get over it in a reasonable amount of time, I may come join you all.

ALSO - this is insanely short notice (the time just snuck up on me) but I'll be staying in Chicago Tuesday and Wednesday night this week for a training for work. My training is at the Illinois State Bar Association building (20 S. Clark) and I'm staying really close by. If anyone wants to meet up I'd love it, but I realize your weeks may already be quite full. If you're interested, PM me and I'll send you my cell phone number. Last internet access before the trip will be tonight around 11ish as I'm hopping on Amtrak at 7am tomorrow.
Hey I wanna come too. I work in the burbs on the 22and till 6ish, so I may be fashionably late if that is cool with everyone.

I will bring some yummy foodiness, but it will have to be a pastry like thingie as I don't think a vegan chile of anything of the potlucky sort will keep in my car. I can't wait to see all of you!!!!

Oha nd Lanie, I just PMed you!
I'm there!
Hmm...I'll have to think of what to make. I'll let ya'll know~
hi ladies! just popping in to see if, by some freak chance, any chicago busties are looking for something to do on Dec 26th? i'll be in the chicago area to see my mom for xmas and, well, i'd way rather spend an afternoon meeting new friends than staring at my mom! any takers?
Doh! I'm flying to Kansas City on the 26th (7:45am- ouch!), otherwise I'd totally be there, octi.

I'll be deep in the northwest suburbs on the 22nd for the birthday party I'm going to....I'll probably leave be able to leave the party by 4:00, so I'll be there around 5:30 or so, I'd guess.
if it's ok with you turbo, should we move it to 6pm? i would hate for anyone to rush around. plus, it is a time for us to hang out and relax.

missladyj? sidecar? jane? are you ladies coming? and i haven't heard from kitten?
Hello all. I'll be driving to Ohio on the 22nd so I will not be at the Bustie meetup. Have fun though!
_oxti, I won't be back in town soon enough to see you. Sorry sad.gif . Have fun though!
Don't move it to 6:00 on my account- trust me, I'll be looking for excuses to get out of that party!

Aww, we'll miss you kitten!

Still a $10 limit this year on the ornament, right?
Sorry ladies I won't make the partay. You'll just have to have fun and a drink for me! I will be out this weekend as Hubby is playing with Corporate X at Martyr's Friday night at 10pm and he is playing at the holiday show at the Pontiac Cafe on Saturday. Should be a good time.
hi folks! I'm afraid the 22nd I'll be traveling -- I will miss you all!

I just found out last night that my sister got tickets for us to see Wicked on the 22nd in St. Louis. So I'll have to stick to my original plan of driving back home the evening of the 21st. Sorry to miss the party - we'll have to plan another get-together sometime soon. I recently got to meet princess_dander and janeinane. It was great fun and made me want to spend more time in Chicago and meet more BUSTies. smile.gif
small crowd this year, huh : (
ya'll will be missed!
who is able to make it?
*tiptoes in*

thanks for letting me know about the party, polly! unfortunately, i will be in in sunny florida on the 22nd rather than chicago. have a great time! sorry i'll miss everyone. sad.gif
well, i hope everyone is safe and has a happy holiday!

i can't wait to come home. i'm craving a chicago style hot dog and pizza!! omg.

turbo, i'll come over at 5pm if that's ok. let me know.
Bummer! Yeah, star, I think moving it to 6pm would be better...if you wanna come earlier, star, you're more than welcome! I've got to figure out what I want to cook!
Sounds like it's me and humanist, star, jenn and princess_dander. Anyone else? I talked to prophecy- she's stuck at her in-law's anniversary party.

I think amywoman was going to join us too! Turbomann may be hanging around as well, since he lives here and all. smile.gif
I was planning on it. If it's a small group, that's cool. I'm eager to meet all of you even if it's not this time.
you should come out amywoman! we are harmless. wink.gif

i'll come around 530ish turbojenn! and turbomann is cool to hang with. he can entertain us with talk about paintball. laugh.gif

i don't know what i'm making either. blink.gif

i can't wait to see the kitchen renovation.
I'm going to make the peppermint brownies (of course- you guys probably wouldn't let me in if I didn't!)...should I make an appetizer-type thing? Like a dip? As long as it's cold on Saturday, I can just leave it in my car while I'm at the other party.
Yes, amywoman, definitely come out! I should probably PM ya'll my address again, eh?

I've no idea what I'm making either...bring whatever you want, I know we all love to eat! smile.gif

See you all tomorrow - YAY!
I got your PM and I'll be there! I hope I didn't sound like I wasn't planning on coming, since I am!
Hmm, things are not looking good here, ladies. The $10-per-pill antibiotics I'm on don't seem to be doing a damn thing for my tonsil pain, and to top it off I seem to be having some gastrointestinal issues. I may have to bow out from tonight.

I'm debating whether or not I should go to the urgent care facility. My regular doctor never actually took a throat culture on me...I don't think it's strep, but I don't know what it could be that these pills aren't getting rid of.

I'm just sick of being sick. Seems like I always get hit with some weird illness between Thanksgiving and Christmas. At least the last couple of years anyway.

I'll keep you posted, but I don't want to pass whatever this is to all of you; not that I even know if I'm contagious. I don't know how I could be with the amount of antibiotics I've got running through me. LeBoy hasn't gotten sick from me.

Off to take some colostrum.
Well, I had fun and while I'm sad I didn't get to met everyone (feel better, pollystyrene!), I'm glad to have met everyone who came. Thanks again to Turbojenn and Turboman for having us. Oh, and to Turbo too. He's gorgeous and has such an older gentleman demeanor. wub.gif
Thanks amywoman, I missed all of you, too!

I'm a little better- I think I've figured out that the antibiotics that are doing a half-ass job on my tonsils are doing a *fabulous* job on my intestines, eliminating all those pesky bacteria in there rolleyes.gif So, I'm drinking kefir today...I wonder how long it will take to replenish....turbo-the-almighty-butt-flush-queen, any advice?
Polly, you were very much missed last night! But, I'm glad you stayed home to rest up. It may take up to a month after you stop taking antibiotics to get your full flora replenished in your intestines. I would highly recommend going to Whole Foods, or similar natural foods store and buy a bottle of Acidophilus Bifudus capsules - be sure to get the ones in the cold case, and keep them in your fridge. Take one per day for the next month or so.

Thanks to amy, princess, humanist and star for coming out last night - turbomann and I had so much fun kickin' back with ya'll....and I think turbodoggie is still trying to catch up on his beauty sleep after his big night! smile.gif
Sounds good, I like anything I only have to take once a day smile.gif
well, i'm back in boston now. mellow.gif

turbos...thank you so much for hosting our get together!!! i really appreciate it.

it was so good to see princess, amywoman, and humanist. polly, i REALLY missed seeing you. i hope you are able to enjoy yourself in kansas city!

Thank you for having us all over on Saturday, Jenn! It was so nice to see everyone!
Let's make sure we do a spring thing, if not earlier : )
wanted to stop in and say hi and happy nye to my fellow midwest girls, since i'm new to these parts (the lounge, not the midwest wink.gif ). humanist77 linked me here from the IUD post in our bodies our hells. i'm a chicago BUSTie on the northwest side and longtime BUST reader/lounge newbie.

Hi Banshee!

And to all my Chi-town busties Happy New Year! Here's hoping you have a happy healthy 2008 ( with lots of aliteration!)
oh yeah!! hello banshee!

Happy New Year to all my Mamas!! wink.gif
happy new year, chicagobusties! I am very happy for this day as I can go to bars again (no more smoking indoors!). Yay!
ambersienna maria
What up Chi-town ladies!!
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