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Okay, so this isn't an official Bustie gathering but I wanted you all to know...

I want to do my birthday this year in two different parts. My birthday is on Sept. 11th, but due to many other things, I an celebrating it on September 8th.
I want to go to the Chicago Botanic Gardens in the afternoon and 2 PM, wander around for hours, and then reconvene with everyone at Kitsch'n on Roscoe at 7 PM for dinner and drinks. Kitsch'n does take reservation, I think, so I'll try to make some once I know how many people to expect
Come to part of the day, come for all of the day. it is up to you. I just hope to see you.

If you can help carpool up to the Gardens, please let me know.

Awww, I'm going to be in Milwaukee for a wedding next weekend! Not just a wedding, an born-again wedding rolleyes.gif So trust me when I say I'd muuuuch rather be at your birthday party, especially since I haven't been to the Botanic Gardens in ages and I keep saying I need to go. And Kitsch'n- oh, I love that place.

Well, I'll think of you when I'm in the Spring Creek mega-church, revelling in my living in sin status. tongue.gif

oh, have a great time kittenb!! that sounds like a lovely day.
turbojenn, you must live near the neighborhood where I grew up. My family used to walk to Moody's Pub. The sparrows used to take fries right from our fingers. They don't still do that, do they?

Can't believe that place is still there. Wow.
my friend took me to kitch'n one time when i came here to visit. i had a really delicious tuna melt.

kittenb, german american fest is that weekend, too! i am PUMPED for that. i want to go at least twice. also, the renegade craft fair is the following weekend.

what is everyone doing for the holiday weekend?
Kitten - sounds like an amazing birthday plan!! Unfortunately, I'm already booked too - our good friends who live in Ireland are visiting us next weekend, as we have a wedding on Sunday that they're also attending, but we'll be spending saturday with them.

Amy, not only do the birds happily take fries from your hands, but now the squirrels are in on the act, and try and bully the birds out of the way! We got shat on by the birds 4 times last weekend while we were there. We're never sitting under that tree again! smile.gif
Yeah, bird shit is none too appetizing, or so I would guess.

Hunh. You know, there is a definite vibe at Moody's Pub. I found a blog entry here - - and they seem to be sentimental about it as well. I would never eat 90% of the menu anymore, but I feel the pull just the same.

Got the name of the neighborhood wrong in that blog entry. That's Edgewater, not Uptown, thank you very much! Uptown ends at Foster. dry.gif

Happy Birthday early, kittenb!
Happy B-day kitten-b.

Laurenann, When and where is the renegade craft fair? Do they sell clothes? Have you started your teaching gig yet?

Polly- have fun at church. from the look of the website, it sounds like you will have a grrreat time or not.

Hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day weekend. The weather sounds like it is gonna be perfect!!!
Yeah, amy, the neighborhoods are kind of vague right its in between a couple...all I know is, its a 10 minute bike ride, and that's good enough for me. smile.gif I'm sure there will be a Moody's trip made this weekend....the weather is supposed to be gorgeous, and that makes for perfect sangria in the beer garden weather.

(((((safe travel vibes for star)))))
Yeah, the church's website had me going for a few minutes- okay, they're religious, but they seem nice. Then I found the part I feared was coming: "We commit ourselves to protect the marriage covenant between a man and woman, and maintain moral purity before and during marriage." blink.gif

I shouldn't be surprised, but it's my favorite cousin who's getting married and it just saddens me that she's fallen in with this crowd- it's not the way she was raised. Sort of an Alex P. Keaton situation.

We were afraid she wasn't going to have booze at the reception, but if her registry is any indication, I think we'll be okay- she has not one, but two types of martini glasses on there. I'm still bringing a back-up flask, though!

Have a good weekend everyone! I have no real plans...I'm sure I'll find something to do.

ETA: I participate in a Chicago foodie board, and a couple of days ago, some members were featured on Chicago Tonight, talking about some of the restaurants they've given their "Great Neighborhood Restaurant" award to. They finally got the clip up on YouTube and since I know how much we Chicago Busties love our food, I though I'd share it with you. As turbo and I have experienced, the LTH'ers are a serious bunch of foodies and at times can suck the fun out of food like nobody's business; they seem to have gotten better lately, and they're still a great resource...I just don't know that I'd actually like to dine with any of them smile.gif

Oh, and also, for a little food-related self-promotion/bragging, a couple months ago, I suggested a restaurant in Skokie:

QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Jun 12 2007, 09:05 AM) *
My favorite non-tourist-y place is a place called Burt's in Morton Grove, which would be a bit of a hike for the city girls (it's fairly close to the Skokie Swift, though and I could pick y'all up, if you wanted to go there).

Well, that little pizza place is going to be featured on the cover of Saveur magazine next month, as part of their Chicago issue. I'm sure you all have heard what happens when a local restaurant gets featured on that show Check, Please!....well, imagine that on a national level and that's what I'm afraid could happen at Burt's. So, if anyone wants to make Burt's the locale of the next Bustie outing, we'd better do it soon! My offer to pick people up at the Skokie Swift still stands, so let me know if anyone's interested.
kittenb, we share a birthday! I haven't celebrated on my actual day in years either. Haven't decided what to do this year, maybe throw a little party. Enjoy yours!
we drove to Ann Arbor Friday for the University of Michigan vs Appalachian State ( I am getting my masters from App State and am officially a Mountineer) which was the biggest upset in college football history cuz App State WON!!!

anyways I think we passed the chuch that has it's website spelled out in stones from the highway. I thought of you.

enjoy this gorgeous weekend ladies!
Thanks for that clip, Polly...even on video they come off snooty. Figures. Still, that forum is my go-to place for good food finds. However, turbomann and I have our own food find of the weekend here, we went to Linz & Vail, a newish Gelato/cafe in Evanston on Noyes Street, and OMG is their gelato GOOD! The staff were super nice, and even whipped up a sample of their frozen frappelatte for us to try (which was delicious, then kept me awake all night), and I daresay, we'll be getting on our bikes and going back this afternoon. AND, gelato has half the fat of ice cream, so I get to feel half as guilty! smile.gif

But now, we're off on bike to ride down to M Henry for brunch...Mmmm.
ooooohhhhhh. M henry's. miss it.

i made it to massachusetts. and i miss ya gals already. and the place i got is great for hosting parties. any chance a bustie get together could be here? rolleyes.gif

i think i will have to check out that food site too.
I had a new frozen dairy find last night, too, turbo! Humanist, LeBoy and I went to our favorite Thai place in Skokie and they get their ice cream from Village Creamery. The restaurant's selection is a little limited, though, so we decided to go to their actual store. They have 2 locations, one in Niles at Oakton & Waukegan and one in Skokie at Oakton & Kenton.

I sampled the avocado flavor, and while it was good, I just wasn't in the mood for it. I ended up getting a scoop of banana and a scoop of coco-pina (coconut/pineapple). LeBoy got ube (Hawaiian sweet potato) and maiz- yes, it's corn flavored ice cream. It was sooooo good! Humanist got tiramisu and some chocolate/fudge/caramel swirly thing. Last night was just the *perfect* temperature to sit outside. It was so fun!

Friday night, we checked out a new place, too- one I found out about on LTH, called The Atlantic Bar & Grill- it's on Lincoln, between Foster & Lawrence. It's a nice little Irish pub and they have AWESOME burgers. Probably as good as Moody's. They make up for the lack of sangria with Magner's (Irish hard cider).

Today, I've been inside, finally finished painting the wall, and now I'm off to do laundry at my mom's. Tomorrow, I'm stuck going to LeBoy's parents house, but I'll get to leave early because I have a shift at the shelter.

So glad you made it, star! I'll post more in kvetch!
mmm, today may need to be a frozen treat day - maybe a bike to evanston for delicious gellato day? i've lived here for a month, so i need to be the one to start making plans, and that sounds like a good plan!

i went to the download festival at charter one pavilion yesterday. it was AWESOME. every band was amazing, the weather was perfect, the ride down was easy, the bathrooms were clean smile.gif...

a place that serves Magner's in chicago!!!

ok. i think i need to create a list of places i want to eat at when i come home to visit. dry.gif
The Celtic Knot in Evanston also serves Magners, as does The Yardhouse in Glenview....and its on tap at the Yardhouse. smile.gif Just so ya know.

Laurenann, I'm so glad to hear that you're getting out and enjoying the city already - see, we're not so bad, right?! Now just make sure you're wearing a helmet when on bike...I've been hit by cars twice so far this summer...rearended in both cases. grrr.
I am not sure if this affects any other Chicagoans but I am so frackin' pissed about Cheetah Gym falling apart and closing I could spit!
I walked past Cheetah yesterday and heard the news. There were Xsport people there and I thought they had just bought out Cheetah, but it is really complicated drama. It really really sucks.

I myself and a Y girl and have not gotten over the loss of The New City Y closing. They had an amazing pool!
So, we're not going to let our monthly get-togethers fall apart just because stargazer has left us, are we? My next three weekends are fairly open; how are they for all of you?

It was dark on my way to work this morning. How sad. sad.gif
yeah, it wasn't very light outside when my alarm went off at six, and i was depressed knowing it's rapidly going down from here. it was also dark when i left work at five, but i think that's just from the rain.
Personally, I've resorted to buying a Sunrise Alarm clock that wakes me up with an imitation sunrise instead of a beep - makes getting up at 5am much easier on these dark mornings. Needing a sweatshirt to walk the dog tonight is so bittersweet. I love snuggling up in cozy clothes...but it means that its all downhill from here for awhile. *sighs, already missing summer.*

Polly, you are SO right...we must persevere! My life is a bit of a chaotic mess at the moment, this weekend is probably out, but I think I could do brunch next weekend - Sunday?
I'd love another Bustie Brunch. Next Sunday works for me as well.

I just walked a few blocks in the cold rain. It seems we went from Summer to late fall with no nice inbetween time in the last few hours. I wish we would have a nice crisp autumn day soon!
Next Sunday as in the 23rd? I think that'll work for me. I've always wanted to try Victory's Banner. Sounds like it could be crowded on a Sunday morning....I'm pretty sure any place we go will be crowded on a Sunday morning, though.

Any other ideas?
You Busties better keep the monthly brunches going!! **shakes finger**

i was telling raisin how we were using the book club as a reason to get together. the books eventually got tossed out for gossipin' and eatin'. i guess we aren't the picture of book literacy. rolleyes.gif
Hee hee!
Now that my summer vacation is over, on sundays I swim with a swim team and hubby goes bowling.

But keep me updated on where and when. I'll try to make another one.
I don't think that I can make the 23rd as I have plans. However, I will come when I can. I promise.

I am sick, sick, SICK of the stupid song & dance b/w the CTA and Gov. G-Rod. Doomsday scenario my ass. They always knew that a "rescue" would come at the last minute. Although I don't know enough yet to know if this rescue will work.
It's more my understanding that this is actually putting the CTA in the hole for 2008 since it's just an advance.

So it could make things worse if a real solution isn't found.
Yeah, when I wrote that I didn't quite understand what the deal was. Now I am about to hurt myself with all the eye-rolling I am doing. I am still fed the hell up!
QUOTE(kittenb @ Sep 17 2007, 12:53 PM) *
I am still fed the hell up!

Me too. Very much so.

This is also hardly the first time this has happened. The CTA nearly went bankrupt in the 80's and service was cut in the 90's, so I guess it's time for another crisis. Grrrr. mad.gif

The bar chart showing how much other cities subsidize public transit compared to Chicago just really chaps my ass.
I can't do this Sunday either, now - already have brunch plans!
i know this post is WAY in advance, but i will be in town the weekend of dec. 22nd & dec. 23rd. maybe we can get together one of those days in dec.? i thought i would put the word out until the month gets filled with holiday parties and such.
That would be so cool Stargazer! I know I seldom have anything planned around Xmas (lonely, lonely jew here) so I would be happy to get together around then!
*pencils bustie gathering into calendar*

How about a holiday gathering at casa de turbo??? The 22nd would probably be best - we have to head to MI on the 23rd most likely.
I'm going to say YES to the 22nd. Those days leading up to Christmas are usually the calm before the storm, so it should be fine. I don't know if I'll have to work that day, and who knows what the weather will be could take me anywhere from 1-??? hours to get there, so I'd prefer a later in the day thing.

Do we want to do another ornament exchange that day?
yes for ornament exchange!! or we could do a craptacular gift exchange. $10 crappy gift can you not love it? i can do the 22nd. and turbo, i think you'll need the company and drinks cause i'm sure you are SO excited about going to visit family during the holidays. rolleyes.gif plus, i want to see your new kitchen!!

i miss you gals so much! i have the pic we took on my dresser and the gift you gave me on my desk at work. aw..i should stop...i'm gettin' all misty eyed here.
Hey all you Midwestern Mamas - laniethezany (formerly zanylanie) here. I'm originally from the general St. Louis area, but on the IL side of the Mississippi. But I moved up north to Kankakee a bit ago for a job. I was wondering if I could crash one of your Chicago get-togethers some time. I don't know anyone up here and it would be great to meet some BUSTies in person.

I'm an old-skool BUSTie who got distracted by law school and stopped hangin' out at the Lounge. But I kept in touch with a few BUSTies through LJ. Among those was your fellow Chi-town chica, stevie aka editrix.

Thanks, and enjoy this amazing weather!
Hey Lanie - of *course* you're welcome at any of our chicago bustie gatherings!!! The more, the merrier, as they say!, I meece you so much too! I hope your fellowship is going well! Can we see piccies of your new pad?

I'm definitely down for the $10 craptacular gift exchange - they're always so fun, and it gives me months of entertainment looking for *just* the right gift for such an occasion...lanie - you *must* join us for this one!

nice avatar/tattoo, lanie~
Why thank ya, humanist! That was my present to myself when I turned 33. Everytime I went back to the shop where I had it done, the guy who runs the cash register would say, "hey, you're the vagina power woman! rock on!"

I have a fairly badass rendering of Lady Justice on my other arm.

I'm psyched to meet up with you all sometime soon. I love my job, but Kankakee is rather conservative for my tastes. I need to just bite the bullet and figure out public transit to get myself to Chicago. I've been wanting to visit Women and Children First ever since I moved here (about 2 months ago) but I just haven't made it up there yet. Soon, though!
I am not sure if I can do the days that you are all considering for the Holiday exchange but I will try. To save money on a flight, I drive to visit my family in Ohio with a friend and I am kind of at his mercy for when we leave. But I will do what I can.

On a different note I cannot BELIEVE that the city is considering raising sales tax to 11%!!! I am so sick of Todd Stroger and his cutting away at everything. I feel like he holds public services hostage so that he can get what he wants. Really, his whole "Either raise the sales tax or I'm closing Stroger Hospital," feels just like some toddler holding his breath till he faints. After they approve this, how long do you think it will be before he votes himself a raise? Given a chance, I wish I could go back in time and SLAP myself for even thinking about voting for him.
I have lived in this city for ten years and wednesday was the first time I have ever visited the Garfield Park Conservatory. It is now my new favorite place. Hubby and I went to see Nikki in the Garden which is there till the end of October. I highly recommend the exhibit and just going to check out the plants. So beautiful.
I should visit there more often, missladyj. The only time I've been there was when they had the Chihuly glass there a few years ago.

OK, someone suggest a new date for the next Bustie get-together. I've got a couple of commitments this month whose exact dates are escaping me at the moment, but I don't think there's a weekend where I'm busy both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturdays, I'm only available in the evenings.
The rest of the month is pretty much a nightmare for me - parents visiting next weekend (again), have to work for the Breast Cancer Walk the next weekend, and then after that, I'm hoping to go to Madison for the weekend. Anytime the first weekend of November works for me - Turbomann will be going to MI for another wedding, and I'm a brat, so I'm opting out and avoiding family. smile.gif

I LOVE Garfield Park Conservatory - we try to get there a couple times a year - I haven't seen the Niki Exhibit yet, so I need to make sure I get out and do that SOON - it looks incredible. I love going to the conservatory in the dead of winter, to be surrounded by lush greenery for a spell.
Wow, I don't think I have been in the lounge for over a month..time flies.

I'm pretty busy all the time now with school and with the constant, yet fruitless, job search. But any time someone wants to hang out I'm usually game. My best nights are Tuesday (kind of), Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Also, there's a bar I go to with my friends on occasion that is really great, (and I'm usually the youngest person there, so I'm not trying to send anyone to a college bar) The bouncer is a good friend of mine from school. Anyways, the place is called Cleos and the one I go to is on Armitage. It's not very expensive and the atmosphere is pretty laid back. You should all go, make friends with Rich (my bouncer friend), and have a few drinks. The website is here
I have spent alot of time at the Originial Cleos on Chicago ave. the one on armitage is the second one. Both places are great to hang out at.
i just want to say i miss all of the chicago busties. boo. sad.gif
We miss you too, star!

How is the the post-Chi world treating you? Entertain us with a tale of your current life.

Like your sig, btw!
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