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I am totally down for the 19th.

the Police concert was fuckin awesome. We had dinner at Raw Bar first which was excellent. Lets just say that two martinis is the purrfect buzz. They sounded great! Probably because we were so far away.I loved every minute of it. Hubby said the sycronisity (sp?) tour was better but it was my first Police concert ever!!
What is happening on the 19th? If it after 3, I might be able to make it.
The 19th will be Stargazer's going away party, kitten. I don't think a time has been decided. We're still figuring out the venue. Personally, I have to be at work at 6:30am the next day, so I just can't be out too late.
Fuck. Our patio is already reserved for the 19th, and the house will be a disaster with all the remodeling, so either we change venue, or change dates....whaddya think, star? The 18th is open, and I can't remember what all else is open.
we can change the venue. it seems like that date is good for everyone so far. any ideas? something low key, with good food, and liquor. must be liquor. wink.gif

you Busties always have good suggestions.
Tapas seems like it would be a good communal sort of leisurely way to spend a few hours...what do you think? Any favorite spots you like to frequent?

*delurk* We tried to go to Twist, a tapas place near Clark/Sheffield, once and it was insanely crowded. That was a few years ago, but I image the scene hasn't changed in that 'hood. Will research and report back....

I like Cafe Iberico's more than Twist.
Arco de Cuchilleros in boystown is my fav for tapas and sangria. cute patio area. but, i'm open to suggestion.

i think i'm gonna check out more places too.
Its your party, my dear, so picking your favorite spot seems appropriate.

I love Iberico, but with a large group, if you hope to have any semblance of conversation, its a tough spot to go - its waaaay too noisy in the main room for me unless you go before dinner rush.
So can I just say not having internet really really sucks. Really.

I really want to go on the 19 but the only way I can go is if it isn't in the evening because I have to wake up for school the next day at 5:45 so if it's possible at all to do it in the afternoon that would be really great.

Hopefully I'll have internet again in a few days so I'll try to check in again and see what's going on.
I have to be up at 5:30 on the 20th, too, ava, so I feel your pain. I'm all for starting early-ish (like 3:00) so I can leave at 8:30 or so and feel like I've gotten my daily requirement of Busties biggrin.gif
We can do 2pm. It would be a great time to get an early dinner. Gingerkitty and Go_kayte might join us. I've spread the word. I also mentined to Sixelacat that she need to drive herself up here too.

Well, at least we have a date and time. Now, I gotta just pick a place. I've never been to Cafe Iberico. I'm always up for trying something new. Any other suggestions??
Is anyone going to the Women & Children's thing interested in costume? unsure.gif
A few Chicago area postings for everyone. I apologize for the cutting and pasting here, and some of this will be cross-posted in the "what the &*$( thread.

Here is a great opportunity for activism! Angela Rose (PAVE), organized a protest about the case in Nebraska in which the judge is preventing the victim and the prosecutors from using certain words like “rape” and “victim” during court proceedings (see news coverage links attached). Angela is encouraging local rape crisis centers and state coalitions across the nation to join the protest with action at Noon on Tuesday, July 17. PAVE joined forces in Lincoln, NE with local organizations as well as the New York based It Happened to Alexa Foundation. National judicial activist, Wendy Murphy, filed petitions in the NE Supreme Court this morning in the case of the couragous victim, Tory Bowen, who refused to sign a court order that banned her free speech on the witness stand. Tory, who was raped by a stranger with two prior arrests, might be held in contempt of court and could potentially go to jail.

We need your help for an emergency action Tuesday, 07/17 at noon in YOUR community to recreate this action! We need YOU to join us.

Tuesday, 7/17/07 - Noon - Nationwide - At YOUR Capitol Building or City Hall - Participants to bring bandanas or something to cover their mouths and poster board with the words written that she was banned from saying (ie. Rape Kit, Sexual Assault, Rape, Date Rape Drugs, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner)

We demand FREE SPEECH for survivors in the courtroom! Don't miss being a part of a landmark Supreme Court case and National action...

WE NEED YOU! Email us to coordinate one in YOUR town. Email for complete instructions:

We need your help to protest this judge’s decision. Bring a scarf or tape for your mouth (to protest the silencing of rape victims) and a sign to carry.

Ø Make Signs! Come to Rape Victim Advocates at 180 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 600, any time after 11 a.m. to make signs for the rally.


Ø Meet at the Daley Plaza on the corner of Dearborn and Washington in front of the Picasso at 11:50 a.m. We will walk south on Michigan Ave. to Congress.

Ø For more information about the Chicago event, contact Vickie DiProva at RVA at 312-443-9603.

And for something completely different...

Grant Park Movies

I always go to these shows so if you want a fun bunch to sit with, give me a call!

Films are shown in rainy weather as long as lightning, strong winds or other severe conditions are not present. Cyclists can take advantage of free bike valet parking at the northwest corner of Lake Shore Drive and Monroe Street. No bikes, dogs or alcohol are allowed in the seating area.

Jul. 17: 8:56 p.m. "Young Frankenstein" (1974)
Jul. 24: 8:50 p.m. "Double Indemnity" (1944)
Jul. 31: 8:42 p.m. "Written on the Wind" (1956)
Aug. 7: 8:34 p.m. "The Awful Truth" (1937)
Aug. 14: 8:24 p.m. "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969)
Aug. 21: 8:13 p.m. "Sweet Smell of Success" (1957)
Aug. 28: 8:01 p.m. "The Sound of Music" (1965)

Price: Free.
Phone: 312-744-3315
Doh! All those events are on weekdays- I'd totally come in if I wasn't at work or had to get up at 6:30 the next morning. sad.gif

Well, I'll be vibing you and all the other protesters on the 17th, kitten!
I'm copying and pasting the email I got for Andersonville Harry Potter night.

Dust off your cape, grab your wand, and get to Andersonville! Women and Children First has partnered with the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce to host a Neighborhood-wide Celebration of all things Harry Potter, featuring a scavenger hunt, costume contest, food and drink specials, games, prizes, mystery and mayhem! Activities begin at 6pm on Friday, July 20th, and continue into the wee hours.
Schedule of Events

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt: Peruse the storefronts of Andersonville Businesses for Harry Potter posters containing clues for a secret code. Piece together the letters for a password to use to enter our raffle to win our biggest Harry Potter prize EVER! Pick up your first clue at Women and Chidren First Books, 5233 N Clark St between 6-10pm.

The Neo-Futurists and special guest writer/performers will gather to share notes, observations and fan fiction about Harry Potter at the Neofuturarium, 5153 N Ashland, 8pm. $5 donation at the door, proceeds benefit the Neofuturists. More info at (This event is rated HP-17, no one younger than Harry Potter in book 7 admitted.)

Quest Theatre Ensemble with be performing their production of The People's Sword in the Stone at The Blue Theatre, 1609 W Gregory, 8pm. More information at

The Biggest Harry Potter Party Yet!: Gather at Women and Children First Books as we celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with a Costume Contest, Magical "Spell"ing Bee, O.W.L.S. prep course, Madcap Recap of Book 6, games, prizes and surprise guest appearances by Witches and Wizards! Refreshments will be served. All ages welcome, 10pm-Midnight. Book sales until 1am. Due to the large number of pre-orders, Women and Children First's Biggest Harry Potter Party Yet is limited to individuals and families who have pre-purchased the book through Women and Children First. However, pre-orders will be taken throughout the evening and sales will begin at Midnight for anyone who has not pre-ordered the book.

Roving Representatives from the Ministry of Magic will be lurking about all evening, offering magical prizes to those in costume with the best trivia knowledge.

And the specials:

Huey's Hot Dogs
$4 Hot Dog, Fries and Drink with mention of Harry Potter

Special $5 Kids Menu (Dragon Disc Pizza or Niffler Nuggets, non-alcoholic Butterbeer, and a Crispy Cockroach Cookie)

Charlies Ale House
Harry Potter-themed Menu

Sweet Occasions Harry Potter-themed Sundaes and Cookies. Buy one get one free desserts after Midnight with Book #7. (Andersonville Only)

Kopi Cafe Hogwarts Drink Specials

La Donna Retaurant
20% off entire tab, alcohol included, with mention of Harry Potter. (Not valid in combination with any other offer.)

$3 Butterbeer Pints

Simons Tavern
$1 Butterbeer (PBR) pints with codeword "Dumbledore"

Hopleaf Bar
$5 off any beer or wine purchase after midnight with Book #7.
That is so funny. I was just about to post this. Great minds and big fans think alike, I suppose.

I work downtown until 6 on Friday. Who all is going to the Andersonville/W&C1st shindig? Should we meet up? Anybody want to do it in costume? I have the beginnings of a very fun Madame Rosemerta dress.
I'm definitely going up to Women and Children First on Friday, my book is on reserve there. And I plan on using the weekend to finish it. (hopefully not too much homework to do!) I just don't know when I'm going. I would like to go in costume just for kicks but I have money/times issues. Guess I'll just have to dress up as a muggle. happy.gif My roommate kind of wants to go up and see all the craziness to even though he DOESN'T READ THE BOOKS!!!! blink.gif (And you know, cheap beer specials) So the more the merrier I say! I think I'm just rambling now...sorry.
avaador, any chance your roommate is gay? My best friend was saying that he might come and I kind of sneered at him and said he wouldn't get any of the jokes. But if he had someone to talk to who wasn't into HP that might be more fun for him.
Actually he is...this could work. I think he would probably enjoy having someone to talk to who has no idea what's going on either.
Haha, I'll tell my friend that he might have someone to talk to is he comes. Other than the Potter-philes.
At one point J, my friend, was asking if we were going out for drinks after getting the book. I gave him a "you really don't get this, do you?" look and told him that after we got the book we would all be running home to read it.

eta: okay it might be more like "get the book, run over to Sweet Occasions for Buy-one-get-one-free ice cream and then go and read."
wow. i'm so not into the whole harry potter thing. but, my mom wants to go see the movie at the IMAX so we are going tonight.

have fun at the harry potter stuff! i will be home trying to understand the whole craze. mellow.gif
i'm having my first dilemma as a jaded, cold bostonian moving to the midwest. this guy i met when i was at a wedding in chicago a few weeks ago (the bride is one of my best friends and he's her friend from work) offered to help me move in when i get there next month. is something up with that, or are you people really just that friendly and helpful? considering that, like, NONE of my guy friends in boston have offered to help (not that me and the ladies can't do it ourselves, but i digress), i'm not sure what to think.
Laurenann: I think he's just being friendly. And besides, anytime some one offers to help you move I would generally say yes because for some reason everything gets heavier when you move... wacko.gif

Also, something has come up and I'm not going to be able to make it to the Harry Potter festivities. I won't actually be able to go pick my book up until sometime next week. *sigh* Oh well, Harry will wait.
He's just being helpful, I'm sure.

I'm probably having dinner with some friends at Charlie's who are not into Harry Potter but are amused by the Harry Potter theme of the evening, then meeting up with my friend Anne at WCF. Kittenb, I'll see you there? I know what you look like this time so you won't have to run around asking random people "are you editrix?" smile.gif
Turbomann and I will be around for the Pottermania too, so hopefully we'll run into you. The owner of WCF, Linda, lives in my building, and she had a BBQ on sunday for the whole staff, and we could hear some of their scheming for the Potter Party from our balcony...its gonna be fun!

We probably won't be in the area until around 10pm or so, as we have dinner plans with some other friends.

Lauren, loosen up, my dear! I'm sure he's just being helpful - and take up the kind offer - a friend who will help you move is quite a find! I assure you, we're no bunch of pollyannas as a whole, but when asked, we do like to offer advice and enthusiasm for our city. smile.gif
I'll be at The Magic Tree party in Oak Park.

I've come up with a new term for this humidity- this is a load-bearing humidity. You could lean into it and it would support you. Ugh.
So it looks like I am either going to Charlie's Ale House for dinner or to the Neo-Futurists show at 8. Not sure, yet. I'll see you all around there!
I AM MOVING TO CHICAGO TOMORROW! well, i am leaving boston tomorrow. i'll be in chicago on wednesday. YAY!!!

Welcome to Chitown Laurenann! Hope your move goes smoothly.

If anyone is up for it Hubby is doing an Acoustic Jam at Quenchers on the corner of Fullerton and Western Wednesday around 10pm. Check it out I'd love to meet y'all and have a beer.
Welcome Laurenann! I hope you love it here!

I might be able to stop in for the jam Missladyj!
Have a safe trip Laurenann!

I leave for the UK tomorrow. I'm gonna leave it up to you ladies to figure out where we meet for Aug. 19th. **looks around for polly and turbo** I won't get back until the 13th and I think it might be too late to call for somewhere if we need a reservation. I'm totally cool with wherever.

I saw all of you so often in June/July that I think I'm going through withdrawal of not seeing any of you...
Have a great vacation Stargazer! You so deserve it! Let me know if you are coming by here today. It is still a mess!
Have a great time in the UK, star- give Chicago Bustie keeces to bunny and mornington! We want pictures, too! We'll take care of the party for you....that tapas place in boystown, right?

Oh, and just so there's no disappointing surprises, I don't think I'll have your sock monkey done before you leave for Boston. unsure.gif I've lost track of time and I still need to make that dress for my cousin's wedding. But as soon as it's done, I'll send it to you with a Chicago care package!
OK, I have no plans for the 19th and I intend to keep it that way so I can be sure not to miss this gathering. Sorry it will be to say goodbye to stargazer, though.

mmm, tapas. . . .
that would be awesome if you make it out to the show tonight. I will be wearing a grey skirt and a black tank top with a silver metal belt. Make sure you introduce yourself.

I am totally making it on the 19th.
i'm here!

so far, so good. andersonville seems really cool. it's has the same kind of feel as my old neighborhood in boston, only bigger and more urban. i moved in yesterday, so i haven't gotten out much to explore. went to charlies for dinner and drinks last night with my roommates (it was only okay), tonight we got ice cream at sweet occasions and window shopped. i'm exhausted from moving and it is SO hot, but i am looking forward to checking out to 'hood more this weekend!

Hey, STLers! St. Louis Craft Mafia is putting on our very first craft fair!! It's called Crafta Nostra, and it's being held at Cooperella Cafe in Maplewood. From 7 to 1 pm, you can come shop our crafty wares - apparel, jewelry, tees, artwork, prints, paper goods, accessories, punk rock baby gear, toys, and more - all handmade with crafty goodness!

You can also meet members of Etsy-Lou and the Arch Rival Roller Girls! Enjoy our live DJ and have a drink at the bar while you shop the best handmade items on the indie craft scene!

Check it out at Crafta!!
Hey Laurenann, welcome to town! I recommend places like the Edgewater Lounge over chain-y-er places like Charlie's -- it's at 5600 N. Ashland Ave., a block west of Clark Street and a few blocks north of where Charlie's is. Funky, low-key feel, food, good jukebox, lots of microbrews. The Hopleaf is a neighborhood tradition but also usually packed as hell (on Clark just south of Foster). Other area must-sees (as I'm sure people here have mentioned -- sorry, I'm too lazy to scroll down! tongue.gif) are the Neo-Futurarium and Women & Children bookstore.

BTW, count me in for th 19th -- !

Hi Princess Dander! Good to see you in here.
I'm so sorry I couldn't make it afterall Missladyj. I really wanted to go, but I am dealing with a lot of things right now. I would love to meet you on the 19th.

One thing I really hate about Chicago right now is the dog fighting. A while back I took in a baby pitbull pup who was being abused and trained to fight on my block. Long story short, if anyone out there would like to meet her and is able to take in a pitbull with some major issues it would be like some MAJOR karma coming your way. It would be a temp job, unless you fall in love with her and would want to be her mama. Sorry to pimp her here, I just don't want to see her die, and all my resources have been exhausted. PM me for more info and pics.

Hi Janeinane! ((((((hugs)))))))
no problem. He does it once a month there. I only get to go during the summer.

welcome welcome

About the 19th where and what time?
Arco de Cuchilleros is the place Stargazer suggested, but she was open to other ideas. Cafe Iberico was also suggested, but as turbo pointed out, it gets really loud. The people on the foodie website I frequent seem to like Emilio's. This will be my first tapas experience, though, so I have no opinion.

As for time, I think the consensus was mid-afternoon, like 2:00, since some of us have to be up painfully early the next morning.
Hi all. It's been quite a while for lots of reasons, but I'm sorta back, here and there. So hello to anyone who remembers me. tongue.gif
just checkin' in about the 19th. did we decide where we want to go?? and who is going for sure??
i'd love to go, but i'm not totally sure. it's my friends birthday, so it depends on what she wants to do. but if she doesn't want to go out until dinner, then i am down for brunch with the busties.

work doesn't start for a few more weeks (i'm a teacher), so i'm around ALL the time if anyone wants to hang out! i'm new to the city and 100% into meeting new people. i've explored most of andersonville and have a long list of bars and stores i want to check out, and i'd like to get to know the other neighborhoods surrounding me. so if anyone wants to play tour guide, message me, okay?
Hey all! I will be in Chicago that weekend visiting BFF and have been ordered wink.gif by star to attend her Going Away for a Bit party. However, BFF is only "technically" in the Chicagoland area: McHenry. I did a bit of searching, and I think I can go by train to whatever place you guys choose (the idea of driving actually IN Chicago makes me feel a bit faint, I'd rather take trains for hours than give driving a go). Looking forward to seeing you all!
Chicago Busties! This weekend is Ginza Fest at the Midwest Buddhist Temple in the Old Town neighborhood. Here's a website about it. It's only $4 to get in and the shows (martial arts demonstrations, dancing, taiko drumming, pottery) are free. They have great food that's pretty cheap. You can listen to a informative talk about Buddhism given by the temple's minister. There's bonsai and ikebana exhibits (Japanese flower arranging) I've been going every year since I was a kid and I look forward to it all year.

Come on Sunday and maybe you'll see me there!
The 19th -- I think the consensus was for Arco de Cuchilleros, tapas place on Halsted? Consider me in.

Sixel, for transit check the Metra website -- I know there's a route from McHenry into the city --

then can give you info on buses & trains in Chicago proper.
rats. arco doesn't open 'til 4pm on sunday. i guess we need another venue for the 19th. so, i guess we are back to thinking of other places. any suggestions??

yeah for six coming on the 19th!! and i can pick you up at the metra stop if you need to.
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