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I wanna come! But I'm can't go anywhere 21 and up just yet. I'm free all weekend and I would really love to meet some people since I'm so new here. (I'm not even done unpacking yet!)

My first 'plans' in the city, wow!
well ava, if we go somewhere to eat (which us busties always do!), then you are along for the ride. don't worry.
Oh yeah, no one in this group is an alcohol-only type of person....we're much more into the rich desserts, spicy Mexican food, tasty samosas....alcohol's just a nice addition to those.

I went to a really good Mexican place a couple weeks ago called El Tapatio at Ashland and Roscoe. My other favorite is Tecalitlan on Chicago Ave, between Damen & Ashland.....any other suggestions?

I'm cool with changing the date of the monthly meet-up...I wasn't sure if people could do two dates this month. Where'd you guys go last month? I'd be okay with switching the venue!
I can do something this Friday or Saturday as well.
Hey stargazer and everyone, I'm here, lurking as usual. My sister got married last month, so that ate up most most of my time this spring! Still trying to get my head back in regular life; will try to be around more often.

Jane!! I can't have a 'rita without you!! I'm mean I can, but it wouldn't be as much fun. rolleyes.gif I'm down for any Mexican place on Friday. Just make sure it has a good Margarita. That's all I ask.

Last time, we went to the Fireside Pub. I like change though. 'Ritas and tacos are a great combo!
wow, way to rally ladies! smile.gif yay! i'm thinking friday would be the best for me, basically any time, but i am flex if saturday is better for folks. i love me some margaritas but if we are going to choose between mexican and something else i would vote for something else, if only because i'm coming from, uh, three hours away from mexico and i eat tacos like twice a day tongue.gif but i mean, honestly i'll eat anything. i'm just excited to meet y'all!
Yay for all the busties joining us for a night out! So it sounds like the consensus is for Friday? (if its Saturday, I can only do a daytime thing, as I have to work at an event from 5-10pm for work).

Okay, and mousie, you're requesting non-mexican, which is fine (we all can hit mexican food next month) there any kind of food you ARE interested in eating? I'd just request something near public transit, as that's how I'll be traveling, most likely. As you might guess, mouse, we've got just about every kind of food here, and we all love to eat, so I'm sure we could come up with someplace very tasty to go!

Ava - YAY! I'm so glad you'll be joining us! I can't think of anyplace I've *ever* been/eaten in Chicago that was 21+...but then I am NOT a clubby girl...just one who likes to eat good food!

Jane!! We've meeced you! I'm actually working very close to you downtown now - we should grab lunch sometime!
My vote is for Friday, any time, as I'm off work all day.

I was thinking about this morning, mouse- "hmm, she's coming in from LA...I'm sure she's had good Mexican before." If you wanted to do something Chicago-y, we could go to Superdawg, which would be fun if the weather was nice. Hmm, or some Chicago pizza....of the "tourist-y" places, I prefer Lou Malnati's. My favorite non-tourist-y place is a place called Burt's in Morton Grove, which would be a bit of a hike for the city girls (it's fairly close to the Skokie Swift, though and I could pick y'all up, if you wanted to go there). I'm sure someone else knows of some good pizza places in the city, too, though.

Reminds me of a story LeBoy's brother told us about how he travels to Texas a lot for business and his clients take him out for dinner and they always go for Mexican, I guess because they think we don't have Mexican in Chicago rolleyes.gif He always wants to go for Texas BBQ, but doesn't have the heart to tell them he doesn't want Mexican.

We could do Mexican for our gathering later this month, though smile.gif
The weather is gonna be HOT this weekend. I saw on TV like the low 90s. Oh Boy.

Yes, us Mexicans do travel everywhere. wink.gif Tex Mex food is different though. I'm not a big fan of it either. Mexican food in California is awesome though.

Superdawg sounds cool. There are so many pubs too we can go to. Spanish Tapas is also good. There is a place on Halsted in Boystown that is awesome. Better than Cafe Ba Ba Reba. They have an outside patio in back with cute lighting too. Sangria is good there. Charlie's Ale House in Andersonville. Plus, Sweet Occasions is not a far walk from there. There are so many restaurants in my head that I'm blanking out. Oh, and we could go to Moody's for their burgers.

Mouse, I can pick you up and give you a ride to wherever our destination ends up being. And don't be so surprised by our ability to rally. Chicago got Lollapolooza and possibly the next Olympics for a reason. We are excellent hosts! biggrin.gif

Humanist...Sidecar....are you coming too??
Aww, thanks folks, it's nice to be missed! ... But I can't meet this Fri (D'OH).

For the future, it might be fun to have us urbanites take a Skokie Swift field trip to the 'burbage! smile.gif For now I need to stop reading all these restaurant ideas before I've had breakfast -- !
Oh yeah, there's the beer garden at Moody's- I've never sat out there, but I hear it's lovely!

I'll talk to Humanist and post in Kvetch to Sidecar- she doesn't come in here much.
I can do Friday but I can't get there until 7PM. I work downtown until 6. So is Moody's a definate?
Moody's is always a lovely choice....Mousie - what do you think....or where are you going to be located? Tapas also sounds great. Mmmm.....I think I'm just hungry right now! wink.gif
Sorry, I've been swamped this week.
I love Moody's, but they have basically no good veg options if anyone needs that. Give me a day and I'll think of a ton of places to go. Mouse, do you know what neighborhood you'll be in-or what 'side' of the city? And yes, is there any particular cuisine you'd like? There's at least one really good place for each sort you can imagine. I'm tempted to suggest the Heartland, because they have such a wide variety of food there, a good bar, and it's a cool place that is generally good for bigger groups...but I think we need something different.

Maybe I'll bring David, mouse-he'd be happy to see you!
So, it seems like we are in agreement for Friday evening. How about 7pm?? Now, we just need to decide on a place. Is anyone a vegetarian or need a healthier food setup?? I thought we all ate meat. Not sure.
hi guys! 7 sounds fine--i really am doing everything sort of by the seat of my pants so i don't know the address of where i'm staying yet, but the last time i visited chicago i was super impressed by your wonderfully comprehensive public transportation system so i can't imagine i'll have trouble getting anywhere. i love figuring out how to get around new cities anyway smile.gif

i am a meat eater and i am fine with ANYTHING y'all pick (even mexican food....freals). i have stargazer's phone #; i'll give you a call friday to figure stuff out in case i don't have internet access. yay! i am excited.

humanist, that would be crazy-weird!!
(humanist's boy and i were friends in like freshman year of college)
um, so it's 7pm on Friday. i think we better decide by tonight where we want to go. Moody's pub?
I think that's the consensus, stargazer....other than turbo's sensitivities, I don't think anyone has dietary issues (except when you were doing the detox)

Anyone have any idea what the wait for a beer garden table will be? I think the head count is 8 people- mouse, humanist and boy, turbo, star, kitten, me and possibly my boy. Ava, are you coming? I know sidecar can't make it- she's going out of town.

Here's the info for Moody's, in case anyone needs it.
Any STL people:

The STL branch of the Craft Mafia is currently in the planning stages of a Craft Mafia centric evening craft fair to happen on August 18th. More details to come as they happen. I'm very, very excited.

Also, my band will be ON THE RADIO (as long as our other singer can get off work) on June 29th! KDHX, or 88.1 on the FM dial, during the hours of 2 and 4, otherwise known as the Dangerous Curves hour--hosted by the fabulous Sherri Danger. We're called Devil Baby Freakshow, BTW. It should also be online at, for anyone else who would like to hear it.

It's mostly set in stone, but I'll let you know if we have to move it. Needless to say, I'm super excited.
I'll be bringing a friend who lives in Edgewater and is looking to make some feminist friends. I think you ladies will like her.
Metromix says we should make reservations if we want to sit outside. We're up to 9 now- I can call; should I make it for 12 people to be safe?
12 sounds good to me.
I'm definately going!

Is any one else taking the El to get there? Maybe we could be riding buddies? tongue.gif
Yeah, Polly that would be great if you could call for us. Thanks for doing that! smile.gif Sure, kittenb, bring your friend. The more the merrier.

Ava, I can give you a ride, PM me if you want.

ETA: Congrats Bustygirl on the gig!
Yay! For Moody's! Thanks for calling, polly! If they take reservations, it would definitely be helpful - on warm, nice evenings, we routinely wait for a table for just the two of us, let alone 12...thanks for taking care of us!

I'll be taking the train there, but coming from the north. I can't wait to see you all - should be a great night for Moody's!
I just read a review on Citysearch that said Moody's was cash only, so I just thought I'd give everyone a heads up!
Uh oh, Metromix lied- they don't take reservations at all....I might be able to get there around 6:30 to get our name on a list, but if it's more convenient for anyone else, I'd appreciate it.
yeah I didn't think they take reservations-they're just not that kind of place, and yes-thanks for the reminder avaa-no plastic! But yeah, on a warm Friday night, they will be pretty packed-so we'll definitely stake the place out early. Anyone else is welcome to join us if they like : )
I can try to leave my apartment early and put on names on the list, I think if I leave here at 5 I can be there by 6? So if that I would be better I don't mind, I'll just take a book to read while I wait.

Also, it occurred to me that y'all all know each other, mostly, but I don't know what any of y'all look should I maybe carry a flaming Olympic torch or something so I can be recognized?
Maybe let us know what you'll be wearing-and we'll keep an eye out for you~or, I know they don't take formal reservations, but they do keep a list on busy nights for walk-ins. We can just put a last name, or "Bust" on the list, so they can take people to the table.
Also, they do have an ATM-so if anyone needs cash, you can get it there.
Ava, i'm gonna call you back. i think it might not be too horribly busy at 6:30-7. But, we should still get there early. I think we will be fine.
If some of us get there around 6:30, we should be fine. I can be there early, too. It is a perfect night for Moodys, for sho'.
I'm leaving the suburbs now, so I'll be there soon.

Ava, trust me, you'll know us. wink.gif We give off Bustie vibes!

There will be a birthday celebration at casa turbo on the lake next saturday, June 23rd, at 5pm-?...bring a dish to pass, swim trunks if you're feeling brave, and we'll have ourselves a good time. But, then, busties always have a good time. smile.gif PM me with your email address, and I'll send you the evite.

And thanks to Mouse for coming to town, and giving us an excellent excuse to get together. It was a wonderful evening, perfect weather, good friends, and good drinks. Doesn't get much better than that. Now we just need to work on Mouse's 5-year plan to move to Chicago. smile.gif
I'll be there with bells on turbo!

Now, I gotta go find those bells...
I loved seeing everyone on Friday! Sangria is a wicked, wicked temptress...
I am pretty sure that I can't make Jen's 30th. sad.gif Sorry. Just too many things that Saturday.
x-posting in the Buffy Thread:

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So, grab your friends and family, and join us for a fantastic event!

You know I'll be there!

Yes, it was dead, but it was also downtown, and downtown > dead.

And some Mormons. But not at the same time. They were completely unrelated, it wasn't some weird Dead Cicacada and Mormon party...


</end silliness>
So it occurred to me that I said Mormons when in fact I meant Amish. Which makes my last statement a little bit less lame.

And anyways, what are all the Amish people doing here? And what are they doing in Union Station? Hello, trains use electricity!
You might have seen Mennonites. They dress very similar too Amish but are allowed to use electricity. When you are in Amish areas, it is often the Mennonites who do business for the Amish.
Amish do ride trains- haven't you seen Witness? laugh.gif
WOO! aw it was so great to see all you chicago busties. man i love that city, i don't think you need to push me on that five year plan. it's certainly on my list, but then again it was on my list three years ago, so sometimes life gets in the way of five year plans. we'll see. but thanks for such a lovely night! i will post pics as soon as i get them off my camera (i did go get a better camera card that takes more than 7 pictures at a time so i was also able to take wedding pics) (which, by the way, was so freaking lovely).

re: amish, it really depends on the individual community. the elders in each parish decide what will make them too "worldly" so it varies from place to place, but a general rule is that the amish can ride in cars or other vehicles being driven by someone else, but they can't drive themselves. in fact, in amish country in PA, real estate agents will list among their amenities "no amish neighbours" because if you DO have amish neighbours, they will hit you up for rides to wal mart ALL THE TIME. it's true, i've driven them to wal mart. they're very kind, but not everyone wants to drive to wal mart every day, you know?
DRAT! Damn this conference for work! I'm gonna miss the Serenity screening and turbo's party. poop.

Sorry I missed y'all at Moody's. I had my first free Friday night in a while, so I probably could have made it. I've just been so busy, I haven't been on Bust lately. Hopefully I can make it to the next gathering.
I feel so much more Amish Savy! Thank you ladies!
a few things about my upcoming move to chicago...

can we have a bustie meet up in august? i'd love to make new friends in a new city! i move august 3rd and won't start my new job until the end of august, so i'll have lots and lots of time to get acquainted with the city. my future roommate is out there this weekend looking at apartments in north center, hooray.

i'm worried people in the midwest are gonna think i'm a bitch. i've lived in boston for seven years (seven of my most formative years) and i do NOT talk to strangers, do NOT initiate conversations in public places, and do NOT say "hello" to everyone who lives in my apartment building. that's just how people are around here. is the niceness in the midwest contagious, or does it take some getting used to? am i REALLY in for that big of a culture shock - chicago is a major city after all...

thanks midwestern mamas smile.gif
lauren, we have a bustie gathering of some sort pretty much every month, so no worries we'll get you hooked up.

I think you'll fit in fine's the thing about Chicago - in the city, commuters and city workers pretty much ignore each other as a rule, no chatting up on the train, just mind your own business. BUT, should someone ask us for directions or stop us on the street, generally we are all too happy to help out. We're not a really cheery lot, as a rule, as it takes some fortitude to make it through the cold dark winters - but you'll be ready for those. smile.gif What we are, is very proud of our city, and when asked to give directions or recommendations for entertainment, we are at the ready to show off the best of our hometown.
I wouldn't worry about it too much, lauren. Like turbo said, like people in most major cities, there's a general "you don't bother me, I won't bother you" sort of attitude. As long as people aren't going out of their way to be an asshole, we tolerate a lot. But we do try to be helpful and there's a mutual camaraderie/commiseration in the winter.
Chicago Busties! I'm going to be in town with my SGFaboo (aka, the boyfriend) from Sunday to Sunday, July 1-8 and would love to meet up with some Chicago people if any one is available. Anyone who wants my contact info can PM me. I'll have my computer with me and regular internet access too. Usually I forget to say I'll be in town until it's too late. Does anyone know if Remorra is still thereabouts? I met her last summer but she's been pretty scarce on LJ so I haven't had much contact with her in a while.
My future roommate just came back from apartment hunting in Chicago. She chose a big two bedroom in Andersonville, on Ashland Ave. Tell me about Andersonville! From what I learned online, it has a lot of Swedish and Middle Eastern people, a lot of lesbians, is close to the beach, has tons of good restaurants and bars, and is a "hot" neighborhood. All of that sounds wonderful, but do any of the Chicago Busties have insider information?

I am excited yet nervous about moving to a new city. I know Boston really well, and starting over and learning Chicago just as well is gonna be so much work!!
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