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Noooooooooo! I would be so sad to See WCF go! Linda Bubon, one of the owners, lives in my building, and when I see her next, I'll ask about it. And remember to shop down there more often.

And FIE on Joe Fucking Asshat Money-Grubbing Bandit Moore. I am SO pissed about the election turn out...and it was CLOSE...wouldn't have even been close if he hadn't gotten in the pockets of so many unions and raised $750,000 for his election. I've got no problems with unions, but explain to me what the Louisiana and Akransas SEIU unions have to do with the 49th? Fuckers.

Well, I'll double my efforts as a thorn in JoMo's side...I bet a lot of us will.
Not to sound crazy optimistic or anything..but not all the precincts are done reporting yet and Don Gordon is only down by exactly 138 votes. Granted I don't know how big the precincts are..but you never know, maybe the ones that haven't reported yet are all for Don Gordon!

So an alderman is basically a member of city council, right? I have somehow never heard of an alderman before, maybe because it's not a term used in Texas. blink.gif
I hadn't had any experience with alderman either before coming to Chicago, so you're not alone there....and thanks for the ray of hope, I'll be off to check the blogs next for word from Gordon. I don't know how many people are in the Ward either, but I voted at 5pm yesterday, and there was a higher vote count at my site than I have ever seen - which is pretty cool for a run-off election, if you ask me.

Alderman indeed make up the city council, which largely consists of a giant rubber stamp for Daley. Now, I do LOVE Chicago, but the crooked politics here are really frustrating at times, and makes me think what a miracle it is that we have the great city we have. smile.gif
Well, Daley's rubber stamp got a bit smaller after this last round. Turbo, I thought of you when I heard JoMo on NPR today. I have Mary Ann Smith, who seems all right, even if she's Daley's pal. Better than the guy I'd have if I moved one block north, Patrick Something-Irish.

Hi, avaa! I too had a great experience with Apartment People; I loved the apartment I got through them (and Martini had a good experience with them too). We both had great landlords, too. A friend of mine used them to move recently, and it turned out they showed him one apartment but got the lease ready for a different one, which wasn't nearly as good. When he went to move in and discovered this, they paid for all of his moving expenses and worked with the landlord to get him a unit identical to the one he'd viewed within a week. It could've been a huge headache, but they took care of it within days.

I was so sorry to read about WCF this morning! I made my Harry Potter reservation there a few weeks ago. I'm not buying too many books any more (I'm all about my library) but I think when I do now, I'll make sure to go there first.
Here are some suggestions on how to help Women and Children First:

How You Can Help Insure the Future of Feminist Bookselling in Chicago

Yes, you can play a vital role in helping to insure the role of feminist bookselling in Chicago!

Here's how:

1. Chose to shop at our store. Besides great books, we also carry a hand-picked selection of new release independent music
by women, jewelry, buttons and bumper stickers, all the cool magazines,
and a children's section we are famous for.

2. Talk us up to your friends, or, better yet, bring them in.

3. When you attend free pregrams at our store, please buy a book! This not only supports our programming endeavors, it also
supports the writer and tells the publisher that it is worthwhile to send thier authors to us.

4. Sign up on our website for our free e-newsletter to keep up to date with what's happening at the store:

5. Be our MySpace friend and suscribe to our MySpace blog for same reason as above.
6. Become a bookstore member. Annual membership costs $25 and gets you 10% off of all your book purchases, plus inclusion in the annual member's-only sale and a free subscription to More Books For Women (a $35 value!) a monthly round-up of recommendations form feminist bookstores around the country. Keep up with the latest new releases!

7. Show your love: put us in your top "My Space" friends.

8. If you are in a postion to do corporate gift giving, consider our "Books by the Box" program. We offer direct to business
delivery and substantial discounts on 20 or more copies of a single book.

9. Support the Women's Voices Fund, our not-for-profit programming arm, which helps sustain our active free programming
schedule. Donations of over $50 are tax deductible when made out the the Crossroads Foundation (they manage the Women's Voices Fund). This also helps insure the future and diversity of feminist programming in Chicago!

10. We can offer bulk discounts to libraries, social service organizations, schools, and more. If you have a bulk book order to
place, come to us first.

11. Tell us what we need to do to be your dream bookstore. If there is any way that we can serve you better, let us know. Your
opinion matters to us. Our ability to meet your needs is essential right now to our survival. Help us make that happen!

12. For birthdays and holidays tell your friends and family that you want a Women & Children First Gift Card!

13. Repost this with your own testimonies, and share this info with your friends, colleagues, classmates, and strangers on the

And my personal suggestion, make your Harry Potter reservation there. They need the money far more than Border's of Amazon.
Oooooooohh Harry Potter Party!!!!!!! I went to one when the second one came out...pretty fun. Plus, by the time the bookstores had opened the next day I had almost finished my book already! (I pulled an all nighter for Harry Potter, haha!)

I'm totally reserving a copy.

And once I move up there I can totally see myself spending waaay more money than I should there. But what can I say, I love books and I love shopping locally owned shops.

I'm also a suck up, hehehehehe. tongue.gif
Ava, what will happen is that you'll end up spending a lot of money in the whole neighborhood - there's some seriously good cafes and pubs nearby, and two of my favorite bakeries - A Taste of Heaven (truly, it is) and Sweet Occasions, Hopleaf Pub which has lots of good Belgian beers, but also the best frites with garlic aioli....and then there's the fabulous Swedish cafes like Kronor....oh, its a good spot to wander around. The neighborhood is called Andersonville, and its a very nice little area.
um, i won't be able to make it this sunday to the heartland. i will be out of town on business. plus, i still need to start packing!!! sad.gif
I should be there, but I won't be able to make it to the May gathering.
I'll be there! Looking forward to finally getting to meet everyone (or at least some of you).

Thanks for the WCF info, kitten. I'm thinkin' I'll head over there to order my Harry Potter. I was gonna do it at Magic Tree in Oak Park, since I plan to attend their release party, but I think WCF needs my business more. Maybe those of us who participate in the Bustie book group can commit to purchasing our books there, too? Though I too try to use the library as much as possible, since my apartment is over run with books and I'm running out of places to put them.
Yeah, maybe we'll pre-order our books from there, but go to the events at the Magic Tree-- think that'll be okay, Prophecy?
So for this afternoon, I fully expect Heartland to be a mandhouse, with this fabulous weather - whoever gets there first, get us on the list! Princess Dander may show up, so maybe get a table for 4?

See ya'll then!
Hmm, maybe I'll get there a little early to get our name on the list.
No worries, polly, I'll get there a bit early - after all, I'm only a few blocks actually have to travel some distance...
Well, it would give me some time to *cough*finish the book*cough* smile.gif
I think we're not a very good book club. smile.gif hee.
Oh, we all know that a book club is just a front for women to get together, drink wine and have a night off from their husbands tongue.gif Who wants to read a book?!?! Just kidding. Maybe we should do a book every other month so people have more time? I really want to finish a book!!
hey does anyone know where i could get rid of some used textbooks? i can't sell 'em online cause newer editions are out. but, i don't want to just throw 'em out. any suggestions? i tried powell bookstore and they said no.
Maybe this place?

O'Gara & Wilson, Ltd.
Address: 1448 East 57th Street
Phone: 363-0993
Monday-Thursday: 10:00 a.m.—9:00 p.m.
Friday-Satureday: 10:00 a.m.—10:00 p.m.
Sunday: noon—8:00 p.m.

O'Gara s is the shit! My dad has been taking me to that bookstore since i was a kid. I believe it is one of the oldest used and antiquarian books stores in the city. Basically I learned my way around the city by going to bookstores with my Dad.

RIP Apidistra
St. Louis busties! Come out to the Wayout Club this weekend, 'cos my band is playing, and we rock and shit. smile.gif
A friend is putting on a show. If you are looking for things to do Saturday night....

Can one person make a difference? What about two people and three puppets?

Find out when I let my hippie flag fly as one-half of:
This Saturday only at the Stone Soup Spring Party.

Come check us out at the Stone Soup Co-op:
4637 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640

Sat, April 28th, 2007
From 8:00 p.m. Till???

$ 8 Donation
BYOB but food and some refreshments provided
Also live music & dancing!

To benefit:

We're making the personal political. With puppets.
Star, that sounds awesome!! Why, oh why is everything cool happening on saturday night! I'm quadruple booked already, and that show sounds like it would be a lot of fun, plus supporting my 'hood!!
Happen to run across this article this morning and thought it might be of interest!Free Chocolate! tongue.gif
Surely I'm not the only person here with a major sweet tooth!
I thought I would share a very cool event going on this Friday. You can also visit the website:

Premiering May 11, LOOPTOPIA will be America’s first dusk-to-dawn cultural and artistic spectacle showcasing the vibrancy and excitement of Chicago’s historic Loop neighborhood through musical and theatrical performances, unique shopping and dining opportunities, indoor programs, outdoor exhibitions, architectural tours, artistic installations and mesmerizing light displays.

Inspired by “White Night” events in Rome, Montreal and Paris, LOOPTOPIA will feature over 75 events staged throughout the Loop including museums, gardens, plazas, cultural halls, storefronts, theatres, night clubs, libraries, cinemas, restaurants, loading docks and alleyways.

LOOPTOPIA will literally transform the entire Loop into a sensory playground with cutting edge lighting and design elements that will immerse the Looptopia visitor in amazing sights and sounds.

LOOPTOPIA’s first-year footprint roughly extends from Wacker Drive to Congress Parkway and from Dearborn to Lake Michigan. We hope to add to this area in future years.

From an audience member perspective, LOOPTOPIA provides the opportunity to be inspired and awed by the talent of over 50 of Chicago’s cultural and artistic partners- all in one night. An additional 15-20 Loop retailers, entertainment venues and cultural centers will extend hours – in some cases until sunrise - with unique and energizing and amazing programming.

If you can't go to Looptopia, then help Women & Children First!!

Women and Children First Bookstore is in danger of closing!

According to an April 18th, 2007 Chicago Tribune article, Andersonville's Women and Children First Bookstore is in real danger of closing, perhaps by the end of summer 2008. The bookstore has been a feminist fixture and neighborhood business since it originally opened in Lincoln Park in 1979.

Join Chicago NOW in honoring and supporting Women and Children First Bookstore for all they've done for the Chicago women's rights community on Friday, May 11th, 2007.
Women and Children First Bookstore will keep their doors open for this special event, where all attendees will be encouraged to shop while enjoying refreshments and entertainment. The owners and founders will also give attendees a brief glimpse into the history of Women and Children First, and why it is such an important staple in the women's rights community. What a great way to get your Mother's Day shopping taken care of and support a great cause!

What: Women and Children First Fundraising Event
Date: Friday, May 11th, 2007
Time: 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Location: Women and Children First Bookstore, located in Andersonville at 5232 N. Clark St.
Cost: This event is free, but we strongly encourage all who attend to purchase merchandise, make a donation, or purchase a one-year membership to Women and Children First Bookstore for $25.00.

For more information: Please contact Chicago NOW Board Member Shayne Bell at cnowlesbianrights@ or 312-294-8576.

Come spend an evening (and some money!) where your values are—plan to spend the evening of May 11th at Women and Children First Bookstore. If you can't wait that long, visit their website online at and buy a book (or a whole new library of books)!
Were you a Sassy magazine fan?

Venus Zine will host a party and book reading for "How Sassy Changed My Life." The authors, Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer, will read from their book and answer your questions. Chicago band Couple Skate will perform following the reading.

WHEN: May 31, 9 p.m.

WHERE: The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia
Chicago, IL

Must be at least 21 to attend
More details at

Also...who is in for the monthly bustie get together on sun. May 20th?? i'm in for starters. we can go somewhere else besides heartland cafe. any suggestions?
Ooo, thanks for posting that, Stargazer! I might go, especially since I don't have to work on Fridays- do you think you'll be there? Did you read Sassy?

I *might* actually be able to make it on the 20th. The reason I wasn't going to be able to was because I was supposed to be participating in the dog training classes at that shelter I volunteer at, but they've canceled them for the last couple of weeks because they're renovating the dog kennels and everything is in upheaval there. So, if they haven't finished the renovations, I'll be there. I'll know that week.

I'd be cool with someplace else, though. I'm getting a little burnt out on the Heartland.
omg. i loved sassy. if you want to go, i'll go. lemme know.

cool if you can make it the 20th!! i'm down for a new place.
Absolutely, Star! I'll let you know that week if it's a definite, but for now, it should be okay! Maybe we could do dinner before that? The only think I know of in that area is Father & Son Pizza on North Ave, but if you have any ideas, let me know! I am very adventurous when it comes to food.
Does anybody know of any fun cheap things going on this weekend? I'm going to be visiting to sign my lease and my mom is coming with me so I want to find us some things to do. And then I'm moving up on the 4th of June! Very, very excited!
I loved Sassy is the 31st a weeknight?

If y'all are looking for a new spot on the Northside check out the Fireside they have a spectacular bloody Mary bar.

Welcome to chitown ava!
Yep, it's a Thursday. Fortunately, I have Friday's off, so that works for me. Thanks for the Fireside recommendation. I've never been there (even in my reckless youth)- do they serve food, too?
Oooo I love the Fireside! I vote yes for that being the next location. Even the restaurant part of the place is great, and you can get all the drinks in there too, minus the smoke from the bar!
cool. i'm down for doing the fireside for our bustie gathering this sunday. missladyj swayed me with bloody marys. speaking, missladyj...when are you gonna come meet up with us?!?

should we still do 2pm? or move it to 4pm for an early dinner time? lemme know. turbojenn, i can give you a ride if you need one. i got wheels now! smile.gif here's the address...Fireside Restaurant 5739 N. Ravenswood Ave.

AVA!! Yeah for you moving up here!! So cool. You will need to meet up with us. So excited!

Polly, if you are serious about going, then we are there for the Sassy thing. Lemme know. It will be more fun to go with someone.
I'm in for the Fireside!! Star, that would be fabulous if you'd be willing to pick me up! Either time is good by me, just let me know!
probably in the summer when I have more fee time and hubby is not bowling on sundays I will make an appearance.

I just finished reading Children of Men . interesting very interesting
cool. i'll pick you up, turbo.

polly, what time is good for you? are you going too humanist?? anyone else?
I am 99% sure I will be going~
well, i guess we should just stick with our usual 2pm time at fireside on sunday.

turbo, i will pm you.
I think I'm going to have to miss tomorrow's gathering. The dog training class got canceled, but I forgot I had signed myself up to be at the mall to show animals. Doh! I really wanted to go to the Fireside, too....maybe we can do it next month if it goes well tomorrow?

So far, we're still on for the Sassy thing on the 31st, though, Star!
Hey, I'm a midwestern mama in Omaha, NE. Is anyone near me, or are you ALL in Chicago?
hey chi-town busties! i'm going to be in your fair city THIS WEEKEND! i have a wedding to go to on the 17th but perhaps we can fit in a mini bustie convention at some point? go get samosas or something?
YAY!! Mouse, that would be fab to see you. What part of the city will you be in? I've got to work Saturday night 5-10pm, but otherwise I'm open, I let us know when it would work for you to meet up, and we'll plan something, and figure out where to meet...
i am moving to chicago in august! hooray! i'm gonna be living in roscoe village/ lakeview / north center - a good friend of mine lives just west of roscoe village on west barry, so i kind of know the area. i'm very excited!

one question: i'm a special ed teacher, so does anyone know what school systems are good? just curious, for when i start looking for a job.

welcome laurenann!! can't wait to have you join us! i'm not good with the school stuff. there is the chicago public school system here. what are you looking into??

mouse!! awesome!! i can do lunch on saturday. or, i'm open on friday. when do you get in....PM me.

hey, are we still gettin' together this month for our monthly bustie get together??
Sunday the 17th would be the day for the Bustie get-together, but it's Father's Day and I wouldn't be able to make it...and I have to work during the day on the 16th....crap. I really wanted to meet you, mouse!! Are you coming in on Friday or Saturday? I hope we can work something out. unsure.gif
Mouse mentioned something about Friday possibly working for her.

Friday would be good for me...Sunday works too, but I understand it is Pop's Day and all, so that's probably not the best for everyone else.

Mousie, let us know - I can't wait to meet you!!!
Where should we take Mouse in the city?? I'm down for something Mexican. But, I'm partial cause I'm mexican! wink.gif Margaritas sounds like a good treat too. We could just move our monthly get together to Friday cause of Pops day. Just a thought.

Anyone else gonna come?? Where's Jane been?? blink.gif
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