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Awww, Turbo, I'm sorry you were feeling ick - we missed you! Thanks again for coming, Polly & Star - it was really decent of you to sit through Chuck's rather... um, uninspired service. (He's a nice guy, really, but charisma is not high on his list of attributes...) Hope you had a tasty Heartland lunch - Tartman & I were so hopped up on cake by the end of the day...

And, since you asked, Stargazer: The new digs in the P of A
Sigh, I just love the dark wood in the pics. And, I don't know if this makes sense, but it just looks like a Pennsylvania house. So pretty. And the glass front cabinets just made me green with envy.
omg! i love your new home tart! i'm jealous too! gorgeous, just gorgeous.

as for pastor chuck. he is an interesting fellow. he had more charisma than any priest i've encountered in my catholic school days.

thanks for sharing those pics!

btw, i was getting sad at the church when i thought about you moving. i'm not good with goodbyes. i'm just forewarning you.
Pastor Chuck was fine! I liked how he made a point of talking about how Jesus wanted his followers to focus on the poor and nothing else...hmm, take that evangelist dumbasses! And the choir was really nice.

*drooling over that house* tart! The original wood, the leaded glass, the built-ins. Don't tell me they're leaving that Hoosier Cabinet behind- I'll really be jealous!

oh, and i almost forgot. it looks like we all agree then that eat, pray, love should be our next book selection. i bought my copy today. very excited to start reading it!

and i can meet on april 22nd too, polly.
Awww, I'm sad I missed the baptism! And I'm with makes me sad to think of the tart family moving on from Chicago....but, that house is AMAZING, and I can only imagine the wonderful smells that will be wafting out of your kitchen!

I've still got one mucky lung here, which is really annoying, but I'm feeling a bit better. I'm hoping to at least ride my bike to work tomorrow...this low energy thing is really getting on my nerves!

Oh goody - I'll go buy my copy of eat, pray love this week - I've listened to it on audio (very excellent), but reading always highlights different things.
Hey - did ya'll see that Hot Doug's made the gossip column this morning for being the recipient of the city's first fine for the fois gras ban? Sweet! I love that Dog is defying this ridiculous law with his tasty treats! ...Makes me want to stop by for another visit!

Oh, and we're all doing our best in the 49th ward to rid ourselves of the fois gras ban master himself, Joe Moore! Moore lives on my street, and even there, there's only 2 JoMo signs up - both on his lawn. ANd yes, I do instruct turbodoggie to piss on them whenever possible. tongue.gif
Go Doug! Someone on LTH suggested a "Free the Chicago Foie" shirt. Hee hee!

I'm sure he could skirt the issue (like other restaurants are doing) by offering a free side of foie gras with the sausage...or is the sausage itself foie? I thought the foie was on top.
Doug! Doug! Doug! (waves Kiss my Foie Gras sign)

So hey... we got the house! It's official! Whoooooot! Party at my place.... um, next... year. Yeah. Woo!
Free Hot Doug T-shirt smile.gif
Love it!!! Thanks for posting that, polly!

We went up to Weiner and Still Champion on Saturday, as all the Doug's press made me want a dog and some good fries, but I didn't feel like the wait. Looks like they're under new management since I've last been there - the little Indian guy wasn't there, and there were no Indian specials on the menu. Bummer. Still, I had some mighty tasty fries and a couple of very fine corn dogs.

And I've really been enjoying reading the LTHforum - even if they're a little elitest and way pickier than I would ever be, I have a whole new list of neighborhood spots to hit!

Under new management? I know the owner, Gus (he's "guspas" onroadfood & lth-don't know his name on there- and he regularly goes on the food tours with us)...he's owned it for the past several years- when were there Indian specials on the menu? This is the place in Evanston on Dempster, across from The Mexican Store, right?
polly, its probably been 4-5 years since I'd last been there...the last few years I've been a little too sanctified with my diet, and off the sausages, but I'm back, BABY!! But yeah, when I used to stop there for lunch there would always be a daal or biryani on the menu, and this cute little indian man running the joint.
Ah, so I'm not crazy afterall...this post on LTH does make it sound like Gus is a new owner of the Weiner....I kept thinking over and over, "am I sure about the Indian guy that ran it previously?..."

Whew...glad my memory isn't going on me just yet. wink.gif
Oh yeah, I forgot about that thread- it's my memory that's going. Yeah, the Greek guy on the right is Gus.
I need to put in my $0.02 here about the fois gras ban. I am actually in favor of it. I think that it is a cruel practice that benefits from making the geese very, very sick. Geese have to experience liver failure for the food to be made. It is a horrible and painful way to die. Add that to the fact that fois gras is one of the more elitist things out there and I am really not going to cry about it being banned. That said, I am beyond sick of the damn debate. It the government wants to talk about cruelty to animals then let's discuss all of it. Let's really debate factory farming and having hormones added to our food and genetically modified crops. Let's discuss a way to make organic food more afffordable so that it is not just something the upper classes can affor. Let's talk about the increasing problem of "food deserts" on this city. But that is just never going to happen as long as animal rights people have less ability to lobby than the major food companies do.
A few weeks ago I was in Springfield for Constituent's Day. It is a day to go and approach your congress people about certain laws. The organization I am a part of was trying to get a law through committee that would extend the statue of limitations for rape victims to report if they can prove that they were still under threat from the rapist. Before my group spoke, a congressman spoke about a proposal to ban fois gras state-wide. They spoke for 45-minutes and I did learn a lot. They were voted down at the end, possibly b/c the sponsering congressman was a complete douchebag. However, we got about 10 minutes b/c there was so little time left. And, while we weren't voted down, our proposal was basically tabled for later discussion.
So I am just sick of the whole damn thing at this point. And as for Doug being considered some sort of maverik or whatever, give me a break! At this point, I wish that the City of Chicago would just find a real cause and just let it the hell go.
At the risk of taking the thread off topic – sorry! – I’d like to weigh in as well.

First I will say that fundamentally I agree with you, kitten; this is not really a response to your post as much as a response to the foie gras ban.

That being said, I am in no way a proponent of animal rights (at least in the way it’s commonly defined by the activists), though I certainly don’t support needless cruelty or abuse. I think it is still up for debate exactly how cruel the production of foie gras is, especially in comparison to other food production, but that’s not the point.

I find it infuriating that animal rights activists strategically choose to attack foie gras because it’s just so much easier than going after the real enemy – factory farming and agribusiness. With foie gras having only two major producers in the US - relatively small farms owned individually- those peoples’ livelihoods are being destroyed. Yes, I think the livelihood of those farmers and workers are more important then that of the ducks or geese.

The fact that foie is an elitist delicacy consumed by few people just makes the public debate all the more enraging. As someone living in Rogers Park, home of Joe Moore, champion of the foie gras ban, it is really problematic that when the *people* in our ward are facing real problems, the public debate is still focused on how ducks and geese are treated. It just pisses me off more now that you mentioned it’s getting more of our state legislators’ time than a law dealing with sexual assault.

Look, I am a big proponent of being aware of where your food comes from, how it’s produced, how workers and animals are treated to get the food to your table (it’s a personal passion of mine – I think Fast Food Nation and Omnivores’ Dilemma should be required reading for everyone!), but the foie gras ban is just so absurd and its intentions so distorted by politicians and animal rights activists, that it misses the point entirely.

OK, off my soapbox! smile.gif
I have to say that I'm thankful for the humor found in the fois gras scenario.
I bartend at a popular restaurant here in the French Quarter and we get plethora guests from Chicago and I constantly joke them about the ban.
We have one item with foie gras in it, the stuffed quail. It's always going to be here in New being somewhat French and all.
Anyway, just wanted to pop in mwm since there's nothing going in regards to SouthMidWest.
Back to topic- when enjoying Foie Gras be sure to ask for their finest Sauterne or Dessert Wine!
You know, I just don't get worked up about fois gras you guys have said, the bigger problem is giant agrafarms....general poultry farms treat chickens far worse than any goose at a fois farm....and yet, I still eat chickens, albeit I do buy from whole foods, though its no guarantee of good treatment there, either. And I don't touch fois, just 'cause well...I don't like it.

The biggest problem is politicians like Joe Moore who miss the point completely...fois isn't a problem for the 49th or any other ward in the city. The gun shootout on Ashland last week - that's a problem. The crack dealers hovering about the neighborhood in broad daylight - that's a problem. Dog fighting on Jonquil. Mail not being delivered properly, slum landlords...there's just a lot more in our community to be concerned about rather than silly legislation that means nothing to the city, aside from making us a laughingstock. How about that smoking ban? Can we have it now, and worry about fois later?

I am thrilled to be able to do my part to kick Joe Moore's sorry ass out of our ward. April 17 cannot come soon enough.
Pop in anytime Doxy!!

Yeah, I just find the whole thing hilarious and weird.

Hey, what is everyone bringing for tart's bon voyage party on saturday??
I am bringing the peppermint brownies and probably crab & boursin cheese stuffed mushrooms....does anyone have crab issues? (I mean the crustacean, not your personality...or worse!) I can make some without crab.

ETA: Stargazer, I'll need to pop those in the oven at 350 for a little while. That's okay, right?

Where've you been, btw? Glad you're back!
you are funny polly!!

yeah, i know. even my friend was yelling at me since i haven't IM'd him in awhile. busy with the move. it kinda comes in spurts. weird. it just seems like a busy week. oh, and it is not a problem to use the oven.

i got tres leche cake. yum!
Ack! I've no idea what I'm bringing to the party! But the mushrooms, brownies and tres leche cake sound divine! I'm gonna troll through my cookbooks this evening, and see what strikes my fancy!
Beauty & her Bass
So is everyone in here from Chicago? Are there no Ohioan Busties with which to party? I'm jealous!
Come on up to Chicago, beauty - we've got plenty of room up here! There are certainly other Midwestern Busties, but I think the chicago crew tend to take over in here, just because there are so many of us...but all are welcome!!
Yeah, so I know I'm going to get the smackdown for this, but I am bringing stuff... I stopped by Traders Joe's yesterday, so we've got some nice cheeses & a bit of fruit & crackers to add to the spread. I'm also clearing out the liquor cabinet & bring a bottle or two I know we won't get to drink before we go...
If anyone has stargazer's address, could you PM me? I accidentally deleted the PM from the Christmas party. I PM'ed her, but just in case....
polly, I just PMed you with the addy!
Thank you turbo! I'll be leaving soon!
Aww, you guys... that was lovely. And yeah, I'm still getting a little misty over here... you rock. Each & every one of you. wub.gif
Tart, I'm so glad you had a great time. I always have a great time when I get together with you Busties. I can't wait to see your home.

And thanks to turbojenn, kittenb, polly, and humanist for bringing all of the yummy food!!
Star, thanks so much for hosting us all at your swanky pad - you do have such a great space for entertaining! And today was the most fun afternoon I've spent in quite some time! I am really going to miss having tart join us at bustie gatherings, but you'd best keep in touch here! *tears up just a little*

When the weather gets nicer I'll have ya'll over for some 'ritas and grillin' at the lake!
Seeing everyone was a real treat! Thanks.

Stargazer, I went to and here is where everything lined up: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces • Ascendant in Scorpio, Mars in the Sixth House • Moon in the Fourth House • Mars Opposition Ascendant • Saturn in the Eighth House • Sun in the Tenth House • Venus in the Twelfth House

September 11th, 1973, 11:30 AM. Pittsburgh, PA.
ah, moon in pisces. i was right! i had a suspicion your moon was in pisces. it is an interesting site, huh?

turbo, sned me the name of the shaman who does your chart once a year. please! i would love to go.
Exciting news! I'm set to move to Chicago June 6-14, somewhere in there. Just need to find a place to live, which so far is proving harder than I thought. Chicago is expensive! I'm going to need a really good paying job. :\

I would also like to applaud y'alls insane strength. I notice that it's still a bit snowy and rather cold in Chicago. Wow. It's already summer here in Texas. This weekend we had a freak cold front (that FINALLY ended a few hours ago) and I thought I was going to die. So I'm sending all my happy warm weather vibes to y'all so you can have some nice spring weather!
ava, there are 1 bed apartments in my hood for $700-800/mo - not too bad for the city...but I'd recommend looking up The Apartment People - I'm sure they have a website...but they're apartment finders, cost you nothing (landlord pays a fee), and they'll drive you around from apartment to apartment to find something you like...and they generally know the neighborhoods and can give you some good feedback. Also, check craigslist for people looking for roommates to share an apartment - that's always a good way to get a nicer place an save $$. BUT, we're looking forward to having you join us in chicago, and hope you'll join us when we get together!

Yep, it is definitely cold here right now - invest in a nice down parka before winter!!
ava, don't do the Apartment People (sorry, turbojenn)!! I did that 10 years ago and they showed me shitty apartment after shitty apartment. Every great apartment I've found has been through the Chicago Reader. They have a website. It is called the Spacefinder. Very awesome. Where are you going to school at? Do you want to live near school? Edgewater, Rogers Park, and near Loyola is pretty reasonable. Also, out west of the city like Wicker Park and the Ukranian Village is pretty reasonable at times. You can get heat included in some places. Just think in terms of need for transportation, if you are gonna bring a car, social life, etc. PM if you have any questions.
Chicago chefs! The Chef's Catalog store in Northbrook is closing and everything's on sale!

Poor tart, I'm sure there's some great deals, but the last thing she needs is more stuff to pack....when are you actually moving, tart?

ETA: Prophecy_grrl used one of those apartment finder services with pretty good success. I don't remember which one it was though; she's having trouble getting into the lounge lately, though. I'll see if I can get the info.
I used the Apartment People to find my first apartment here, and I had a great experience...but I also think that as a person who knew nothing about chicago, and just landed here, I wouldn't have been as successful without them. I can tell a scuzzy place from a nice one, and yeah some of them weren't as nice as others, but I got a great apartment out of them, and they drove me around, which was key, since I had no idea where I was or where I was going. But yeah, the Reader is a great resource too - as is craigslist.

Oh cod...I'm gonna have to get out to Chef's this weekend...*drools*
Thanks so much for the advice! I don't know if flying up to view apartments is really an option though. I have been using Craigslist for a little while, the problem isn't finding places I like, it's getting responses back. So far I have gotten ZERO. It's kind of disappointing considering I thought I had found a few people that I could really live with and the apartments sounded fairly nice (I'm looking for a room share, it's cheaper) I'm worried that it's because 1) I'm from out of state and 2) I'm from Texas. I've discovered that people from Texas are quite often looked at in a very negative light. :\ So maybe I should start omitting this until I actually get some form of response.

So I've been trying to do some internet research about the city so I know what I'm going up to. Found some pretty interesting things. One thing that scares me, falling ice from skyscrapers seriously hurting and killing people? Wow. And the cicadas coming this summer, which I am going to move right in the middle of. Actually, in a weird way I'm kind of excited about the cicadas. tongue.gif Also learned that the Tribune Tower has pieces of all different buildings in it, including the Alamo. So anytime I need to see a piece of Texas I know where to go!
ava, that's funny that being from texas is a handicap in finding roommates...but this city is ultra-liberal, so maybe I can see the wariness. I'd omit it, I guess. Maybe you're not getting a lot of responses because its still a few months before your move date?

And YES, Trib Tower is a really interesting building - bits of all kind of important places were stolen and incorporated into the design! I'm never too concerned about the falling ice - some of the really tall buildings put up overhead protection when things get melty.

The cicadas are *very* annoying...they're only supposed to come out every 7 years, but I live right at the lake, and we must have different batches, because we have their electric keening every single year. This summer is supposed to be the HUGE 17-year hatch, though, so you'll be in for a special treat. smile.gif Oh, and in late July/early august, we're also in for 8-12 foot waves crashing on our shores because of the changing wind patterns in the pacific - pretty cool....I heard about it on NPR last week, and there's actually a surf shop temporarily opening here for the summer. I won't be out there in the waves, but I'll be happy to watch. The biggest surf is supposed to be right by where I live.
OMG, i have such a deep fear of cicadas. I just hate the little fu^&#$rs. Just gross little freaks.

The wave thing sounds interesting.
ava, that would be stupid if someone omitted you for being from texas. maybe it's a good thing you didn't hear from these people. i guess part of me is thinking if you list your interests, etc. and give a little info about yourself, then maybe they will respond. but, that is just me.

good luck with your search!!
This is the new email I'm sending out:


My name is Becca G. and I am responding to your advertisement on
Craigslist for a roommate. I guess let me start by telling you a
little about myself! I am currently a first semester junior History
major, but I have finally decided to "follow my dream" and go to
school to become a pastry chef. So starting July I will be attending
Kendall College and working part-time somewhere (possibly full-time).
I am a non-smoker and drug free. I am not a vegetarian but I don't
eat a lot of meat. I like to recycle, and eat organic/local. I am a
pretty clean person in all public areas, but to be honest my bed room
does occasionally get messy. I very rarely stay out late, but I do
like to have some fun every now and then. My idea of fun is usually
along the lines of seeing a comedy show, going to a park, seeing a
live band, playing games, or going to local events. I can't really
think of anything else to put here, but I would be glad to answer any
questions you have!
I would love to hear more about the apartment and especially the
people living in it!

Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon!


I'm just afraid I might come off as immature. Which I'm not, and I know that's what everyone says, but really, I'm not. I sent off 5 e-mails today, so hopefully this time around I'll get some replies!!!! At this point I'm getting so worried about not having anything in line that I'll take just about anything. (46 days!)

Sorry for the really long post. unsure.gif

edit: took out last name happy.gif thanks
Ava, I think that email is perfect!! However, for lounge purposes, you might want to take out your IRL name...or maybe its just me who's paranoid about that stuff. blink.gif
ava, yeah, i think it would be good to take out your name in the beginning. also, list if you are looking for a roommate to also do things with. if it is important to you. some people take that into consideration. i've also heard that is a good way to find a roommate too. i'm on there to find one for boston. i think your ad is great. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
Woot! WOOOOOT!!! Its run-off election day up here in the 49th Ward, and its time to see if our grassroots efforts will pay off in kicking Joe Moore's ass out of the alderman's seat!! The last few weeks of campaigning have been dirty dirty dirty, with JoMo bringing in SEIU lackeys from Louisiana, Arkansas, and other wards to harass residents, distribute disturbing leaflets, and I am ready for this all to be done. GO DON GORDON!!!

Prophecy - I do hope you'll have time to get to the polls today - its time for change in Rogers Park! WooooT!!!
I hear ya, turbo. They actually came to our door yesterday - I was at work but prophecy_guy was home. Supposedly, they were SEIU reps. Thing is, p-guy is a labor historian and we are definitely a pro-worker, pro-union household and I do support the big-box ordinance in theory, but JoMo's support of it is so disingenuous. Just another example of him attaching himself to a high-profile issue with little regard for what's going on in our ward - the companies that the ordinance targets aren't even prospecting in Rogers Park! Not that I think that local politicians should never take a stand on larger issues, but JoMo takes it to an absurd level. As I was walking home from the bus stop yesterday, I was noticing all the trash on the street and sidewalk and thinking, "We can take down foie gras, trans fats, and wal-mart, but we can't get the streets cleaned?!" I am a little put off that the Heartland supports him so enthusiastically.

BTW, ava, I also used the Apartment People and had a good experience with them. We had very limited time and resources when we moved to Chicago last summer and they showed us 8-10 apartments over 2 days, which I could not have done on my own. If you are able to get to Chicago before you move, they are a great resource.

ETA: Happy birthday, polly!
((49th ward'ers)) mad.gif
Oh no! Women and Children First may be closing - bummer. sad.gif
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