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Heya, ladies, sorry we're missing the Heartland shingdig - Mister Naps-for-Shit is on house arrest for the afternoon, until he gets some shut-eye...
Tart - we *meeced* you so much - now we had better see you next month, or sometime before you guys move - time is flying by!

For those who want to join us next month for the book club, we're reading "Children of Men" by PD James. I can't wait to get started, it looks like a good one! Thanks for the idea, polly!!

Well, my belly is stuffed after another good meal at Heartland, so I think I may have to take a nap!
Sorry I missed you all; I was probably hanging out in a hot tub in the middle of nowhere instead.

I don't live in his district, but I can't tell you how freaking happy I am that Burt Natarus was voted out today. Maybe now we can get a real smoking ban.
Oooh, and up in the 49th Ward, we're VERY excited that Alderman Asshole Joe Moore has been forced to a run off Don Gordon, who I love, and say hello to every morning at 5:30 when I'm walking the dog and he's running by. YAHOO!!!

congrats turbo,
in my ward there wasn't anyone even bothering to run against the alderman ( Ike Catrothers). But someone please explain to me how Daley can get 71% of the vote. I don't get it ! He is such an ass.
I left the mayor slot empty. Don't like any of my choices there, really. If the Dems hadn't taken congress, he would have had some stiff competition, but once that happened, the serious candidates fell away. I tend to think government works best in times of change, and we could really use some!
I was looking at my calendar and the April Bustie meet-up would be on the 15th...could we maybe change it to the 22nd or 29th? (there's a lot of Sundays in April!) I really want to be there, since it will probably be a good-bye party for Tart, but I may have something going on that weekend, a surprise 30th b-day party for Le Boy. I don't have that date set in stone yet and maybe Tart could tell us what day would be good for her....April's a big birthday month for me, though, so weekends fill up fast. Saturdays are good for me, too!

P.S. Bustie Book Club members, how are you mentally pronouncing the name Xan? Ian? Sean? Zion? Those dam X words always screw me up!
maybe we should plan a goodbye party for tart first since she will be bidding us farwell?? there is still the end of march. we can go to a restaurant. or if we want to be comfy, i don't mind hosting it at my place.

of course april is a big birthday month for you, polly!! your birthday is then too!!

Xan?? Hmm, well most abbreviations with "X" is to represent "Chris" or "Christ," I think. Such as, Christmas=Xmas or Christian=Xtian. then again, Xanax is pronounced, "Zan-ax." I think I'm getting a little silly here.
That's fine- I wasn't sure if we wanted to do a separate thing for Tart....maybe a potluck thing? I'll make something more allergy/detox friendly smile.gif I'm always willing for something cozy at your house, stargazer! It's the couch, I tell you!! tongue.gif

Oh, it's me, my dad, Le Boy and his twin sister, their nephew, my uncle is May 10th, so we usually do a April/May party for all of us.
i PM'd tart to let her know that we wanted to do something for her. she's gonna talk with the mister and get to us. i said we could either do something at a restaurant of her choice or have the shin dig at my place. too bad it is not warm enough to have it at the patio of turbojenn's place off the lake. it was so nice there.
For you Buffy fans...

The following program is free and open to the public. Mark your calendars!

Thursday, March 15
7:30 p.m.
Jennifer Ouellette
The Physics of the Buffyverse

We here at Women & Children First, die-hard Buffy fans that we are, always knew that the show was much more than just a teen vampire melodrama. So did physicist and Buffy aficionado Jennifer Ouellette. In her new book she demonstrates how Joss Whedon and other writers of the show have drawn on specific concepts in quantum mechanics, relativity, and string theory to develop innovative plots for episodes. There are teleporting demons, temporal folds, time loops, and dimensional portals similar in concept to the hypothetical wormholes proposed by real-world physicists. In short, the Buffyverse offers a unique lens through which to view the precepts of science with fresh eyes. Science nerds and Buffy legions, unite!

Women & Children First Bookstore
5233 N Clark
I'm planning to be there - any excuse to indulge my Buffy obsession. Plus, it's not far from home and it's a reason to have dinner in Andersonville (so many good restaurants to choose from!). Any other Busties going?

I will not be able to attend the next Heartland gathering/book club again. It's a little pathetic since I live next door, but I've been out of town on that particular weekend for the last few months. One of these days I will meet everyone!
Any progress on a Tart Going Away Party? My April calendar is filling up fast!
*paging tart to the thread*

Tell us how we can celebrate your gorgeous self, my dear!!! And I agree, tart, you should move in June, so that we can have a party out on the lake!

And april is filling up fast. We'll be out of town the 18th-22...
i'll try PMing tart again.
You rang?

Sorry to go AWOL, ladies - first Tartlet, now Tartman is down for the count with raging stomach flu, so I've had my hands full this week...

Aw geez, you guys... all the love is making me get all misty over here. What an awesome bunch of women you are.

Right now, I'm voting for Easter weekend... I know, I know, but March is about shot, and we leave the 18th of April, so the weekend of the 14-15th is our last chance to pack. I'm up for either a late evening do at Stargazer's or perhaps Ethiopian Diamond, or a brunch thingy at Heartland.

Or, if you're into it, y'all are invited to Tartlet's baptism. blink.gif Yeah, you heard me. It's very low key (I'm not even standing up, the agnostic heathen that I am), so don't feel you have to "dress churchy" or anything. It's Sunday March 25th at Rogers Park Presbyterian (Greenleaf & Greenview). We'll be having cake at the coffee hour afterwards, using it as a chance to get a lot of our neighbors & friends together in one place...

Oh boy. Sounds like I'm needed for cleanup in aisle 3...
I couldn't do it on Easter, but the day before is good with me (Le Boy's family does Easter stuff so I wouldn't be able to stay too late...I can can get a couple more hours of sleep if I send him off to church in the morning with his brother like I did for Christmas- there's no point in me going.) Either a potluck thing at stargazer's or Ethiopian sounds good.

Oh, tartlet's baptism. Baptisms are cute, whether you're into it or not. It's very difficult to find a card that isn't dripping in religiousness, though. I just feel weird about giving people a card I don't really believe in, so I try to find one that's kinda neutral.
yeah, i can do the evening before easter. or the daytime. anyone else??
I can do the Saturday before Easter!!! It's in my book.

I will go down on my knees and beg that we not go to Ethiopian Diamond if that's what it takes. I cannot handle that food.
Ok, potluck it is!
saturday before easter is cool with me too - anytime, day or night.
oh yeah!! let's do it!!

i take it we want to do another potluck at my place. that's so cool. i need some good vibes at my 'ol place before i move.

and i'm not on some weird detox so bring on those brownies polly!!

i'm so excited!!
You rock, Stargazer - thanks for letting us crash your place again! Saturday is great - I can do daytime til about 5 or so, or late evening (I could get down your way by 9).

(It's funny, Polly - I never once considered that anyone - beyond my very God-Wow! step-mum - would give cards for a baptism... yeah, who's out of the loop?)
Well, except in the case of LeBoys nephews, who we have a tradition of giving rosaries made out of Connemara marble (green marble found in Ireland), we're not creative enough to give anything besides a gift card or savings bond, so you need the card to serve as a container for the gift card/bond. Usually, I can find something kind of generic with Noah's Ark or angels that just says something about "May your baby be blessed in God's love" or something like that- not to sappy, not too religiousy. But sometimes I've had to go to more than one store to find that. Very annoying, like everyone who goes to a baptism/Christening is religious.

I think I still have some of the mints, stargazer! Not sure where I'd get candy cane mints this time of year if I didn't!

I'm up for any time of day on Saturday.

***Public Service Announcement***

For those of you considering joining us at Tartlet's baptism, pleasepleaseplease, no gifts, no cards - just your presence. Seriously. Save your money. Just come & eat cake.

(Thanks for the inadvertant heads-up, Polly - I am sending a similar request to the rest of our friends - I had no idea gifts were the norm at this kind of thing. I'm not so much with the church stuff... can you tell? self-directed rolleyes.gif )
Thanks for the invite, Tart....I think turbomann and I could definitely make it...I mean, we can walk there, and it puts us within easy striking distance of yeah, we're in. biggrin.gif What time is the big event?
thanks for the invite tart!!

is 1pm ok?? or 2 pm?? for tart's shindig. i'm thinking maybe the earlier the better because then we all won't be so pooped in the evening. plus, i want tart to have enough time to hang before 5pm. i can even do noon. i feel like i'm rambling here...
1pm sounds cool to me! Now, I've got to think up something scrumptious and spring-y to bring to share!

I think I'm still in denial about the fact that we're hanging out to say farewell to our dear tart. *weeps*
1 sounds faboo.

And Turbo, you're just gonna have to come & visit. For you see, we'll have a house. (waggles eyebrows) Tell Turboman we're in Yuengling country, and you & I can hit the 3 excellent farmer's markets in town...
I think I can come-what date is Easter again?
Easter is on the 8th, so this will be on the 7th.

it's a done deal. April 7th at 1pm at my place! PM me if you need directions again.
Star - I could use a re-fresher on directions, I think I cleaned out my inbox since your last soirree.

Tart, what I can't figure out is why I never picked you up to go to the Evanston Farmers Market on that is a damned shame. boo. invitation to the tart lucky!! And a how grown-up you're going to be out there in your new life! But the house looks amazing...and I know you will have much fun in that kitchen!
Woo! You're awesome, Stargazer! And we never went to the farmers market, Turbo, because I worked Saturdays for a very long time, and then I started going to the Edgewater market, such as it is...

So the time for Tartlet's baptism is 11am on Sunday, March 25th, for anyone who'd like to come... Rogers Park Presbyterian is at Greenleaf & Greenview, dangerously close to the Heartland, as Turbo mentioned.
i will see you folks at 2pm at Heartland. i hope whoever can make it will come!
I'll be there! I've got 10 more pages of the book....I can't wait to finish it this morning - so suspenseful!

And if folks are thinking about coming but haven't read the book - come on down anyway - all are welcome!
I'll be there, but I have not finished the book unsure.gif This new job is kicking my ass and I had a lot less time to read than I thought I would. We can still talk about it, but anything I know will be based on the part I have read and the movie, which is probably somewhat different than the book. I know, I suck.

But I'll be there at 2-ish.....anyone else coming? C'mon, it's a lovely day!
I realized on my way home that in all our fun yesterday, we forgot to pick a new book. I don't know how we want to choose books, if we want to having everyone make suggestions and we'll pick from that or if we'll rotate who gets to suggest a couple of books and we'll decide from that. Children of Men was my suggestion, but in case we decide anyone can make suggestions, here are mine:

Saint Maybe, by Anne Tyler

(synopsis copied from the Amazon page) The Bedloes are cheerful and count their blessings, even if they are far from rich and live on a slightly seedy street in Baltimore. But when 17-year-old Ian rashly informs his older brother Dan that the latter's wife was undoubtedly pregnant before their marriage, Dan commits suicide, and Ian is left with profound guilt--especially since Dan's wife dies soon after. Asking God's forgiveness, he receives spiritual guidance at the endearingly shabby Church of the Second Chance. He drops out of college, becomes a carpenter and helps his parents care for the three orphaned children; as the years pass, that burden falls primarily on Ian's shoulders. Wondering when God will signal that his atonement can end, Ian has an epiphany: "You could never call it a penance, to have to care for those three." Ian eventually does construct a life for himself, in one of Tyler's most appealing endings. The narrative also enjoys her whimsical humor (although the group role of the "foreigners" who live in the neighborhood verges on caricature). Since her characters' foibles never overwhelm their homespun simplicity, the reader is emotionally involved and touched as never before.


She's Come Undone, by Wally Lamb

(synopsis taken from Amazon page) "Mine is a story of craving; an unreliable account of lusts and troubles that began, somehow, in 1956 on the day our free television was delivered." So begins the story of Dolores Price, the unconventional heroine of Wally Lamb's She's Come Undone. Dolores is a class-A emotional basket case, and why shouldn't she be? She's suffered almost every abuse and familial travesty that exists: Her father is a violent, philandering liar; her mother has the mental and emotional consistency of Jell-O; and the men in her life are probably the gender's most loathsome creatures. But Dolores is no quitter; she battles her woes with a sense of self-indulgence and gluttony rivaled only by Henry VIII. Hers is a dysfunctional Wonder Years, where growing up in the golden era was anything but ideal. While most kids her age were dealing with the monumental importance of the latest Beatles single and how college turned an older sibling into a long-haired hippie, Dolores was grappling with such issues as divorce, rape, and mental illness. Whether you're disgusted by her antics or moved by her pathetic ploys, you'll be drawn into Dolores's warped, hilarious, Mallomar-munching world.

These are both two of my favorite books. The Wally Lamb one is amazing (it was one of the early Oprah Book Club books, before her choices started getting homogeneously smarmy.) and through the whole book you keep wondering how a man would know how women think and feel that well.
oh polly, I'm gonna check to see what books I can recommend too. I was thinking of something lighter since our last book was kinda intense. I've been in a romantic love story mood. I will get back to you.

I'm planning on going to the baptisim, tart. Yeah for cake! Since the Heartland is not far away, I would be willing to go with the Turbos afterwards. I think I talked Polly into coming too.

Just a reminder about tart's going away party! Everyone is welcomed! We want to give her a big sendoff! Lemme know if you are able to make it. PM me if you need directions.

My mom gave me an awesome idea for a dish to make. I'm excited!
Hey there Chicago busties - I have an extra ticket for the March 28 Neko Case show at the Park West (GA, balcony). We had someone bail on us, so I'm just looking to get what I paid for it, $31.46 (22.50, plus ticketmaster fees). PM me if you're interested.

Looks like I'll be able to make it to the April Heartland gathering, so I'll think about books, too.
Hello ladies, I don't know if you remember me? Anyways, I just wanted to come back and say that I got my letter from Kendall yesterday and I was accepted!

So as of right now I should be starting in July!!! laugh.gif

Now I just have to seriously haul ass and finish all my financial aid, loan, and scholarship forms so I can get enough money to attend school. And find an apartment, aaaannd probably a roommate.

I also just want to say that 24 degrees and sleeting and snow and icy cold wind in MARCH is just wrong. Please make it stop before I get there. Thanks. tongue.gif
Congratulations, Ava! That's awesome! The weather will be significantly better come July... unless you happen to hit one of the stank-nasty weeks of 100F+ with 100% humidity... but hey, there's always the beach!
Hey ava!!! Congratulations! Kendall is a great school - I hope you enjoy it!

And, hey, its 40 degrees and rainy here today - no sleet from where I sit! tongue.gif

I dunno, winters here just don't bother me...dress appropriately, and you'll be fine. get yourself a nice down parka, and you'll be all set!
congrats ava!! let us know when you get settled so you can come to a get together!

um, i found 2 suggestions for the book club. "eat, pray, love." oh, and "the boy detective fails." i'm pretty lame and not good with links. but, you can find them on amazon, i'm sure. eat, pray, love is 20% off at borders. so, it will be reasonable enough to afford.
I'd go for Eat, Pray, Love - I listened to that one on audio, and it was fabulous. I was also thinking about Water for Elephants - an amazing book about a traveling circus during the depression.
Eat, Pray, Love does look really good....anyone else wanna weigh in? to finish the last book rolleyes.gif
Eat, Pray, Love sounds good to me. With spring upon us, wanderlust has kicked it (at least for me), so a book about travel seems a good choice.

Does the title come from that Italian proverb, “In Florence you think, in Rome you pray, in Venice you love; in all three you eat” ?
Is anyone opposed to having the April book club/meet-up on April 22nd, rather than the 15th? Seriously, I don't want to throw off the schedule or have anyone change existing plans just for me, but I have a b-day party on the 15th. If anyone can't do the 22nd, I'll just miss this one, no big deal; I just wanted to throw the idea out there.
April 22 is fine for me for the book club!

Ladies, I think I'm going to have to pass on tartlet's baptism this morning....I think I overdid it yesterday moving the new couch in, and I feel like crap again today, and I don't really want to bring my racking cough out in public around the kiddos. I'll see ya'll on the 7th to bid dear tart a proper farewell. *sniff*
Feel better Turbo! We'll miss you!

Stargazer, are you still going? I've got to go jump in the shower!
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