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I'd like to second the thanks to stargazer for hosting all of us rowdies for such a lovely party in your beautiful home! I had a great time, and it was so fun to see everyone again!!
Glad to hear that, time I'll make a more hypo-allergenic dessert (not sure how else to put that!) that everyone can enjoy. smile.gif

Thanks for the great start to the holiday season, Stargazer!
Thanks so much for a great evening, stargazer!
Ditto! I had a lovely time. And the brownies rocked my small world. Please post the recipe.
The batcat ornament looks so cute on my tree!
thanks ladies! i had such a great time too. i was so tired the next day. it felt good to kick off the holiday season with a group of kick ass women!

turbojenn, your hummus rocks my world. and i'm totally diggin' the tea. biggrin.gif
Yes, the hummus was excellent! Here's a link to the recipe for the cookie bars.

I know we just got done with one gathering, but Puppykitty is going to be in town this weekend, and Sunday would be our regular date at the Heartland. Is anyone planning on going? I'm not sure if I am or not.
Drat & blast, I'm scheduled to teach that day...
Hey tart- do you ever teach the knife basics class there? That's one I'd be interested in. I haven't managed to lose a finger yet, and I'm probably better than most people, but there's always room for improvement. When will they put up the January class schedule?
I'm not sure if I can do sunday or not yet....our friends from Ireland are in town this weekend, and we're scheduled to see them sunday, at some point. But as soon as I hear, I'll let ya'll know about sunday...I can always be talked into a pint at the heartland!
Oh heck no, Polly, I'm a pastry chef - we are notorious for having the dullest knives & the worst knife skills ever... My friend D usually teaches those, and she's great - very laid back, but you learn a LOT. The January '07 calendar should be up on the site... if not, just give them a call, and tell them I sent you wink.gif
A Charity Shopping Event for the Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline!

Here is some info ladies. Maybe I will see you there!

Who: “Safety for Her” presents a charity shopping event
Where: YWCA office, 360 N. Michigan Ave., 8th Fl.
When: Friday, December 15, 2006
5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Proceeds to benefit the Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline, a program of YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, Loop Sexual Violence and Support Services.

Vendors will feature jewelry, purses, clothing, artwork, holiday decorations and much more!

For more Information, please call 312.762.2770

# Name/Biz Name - Description
1 Geraldine - Brightly colored Jewelry
2 David/Brightworld Images - Photography
3 Samantha/Self Evident - Tee shirts, inspirational
4 Valerie Beck - Mary Kay, Romance Around the Corner, Chicago Chocolate Tours
5 Sherri - Jewelry/Children’s Jewelry and Tee Shirts
6 Lorraine Venckus - Scarfs
7 Margie - Homemade Skin Care Products
8 Ivona - Amber Jewelry
9 Paula - Jewelry
10 Val Harris - Photomax/Pets
11 *Merrilyn Shoemaker - Stain Glass
12 *Jean Longaberger
13 *Theresa Lovette - Jewelry
14 Deniera - Luxe candles/soy candles
15 Kay - Jewelry, pillows
16 Safety For Her - Jewelry and Pepper Spray
Quick reminder about Stitchfest 2!
Stitchfest 2, benefiting the Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline is coming up on January 1st. We will be starting around 2 PM and going through the wee hours of the morning, if we can make it. Considering that the original Stitchfest went about 30 straight hours, I think that 12 should be no problem.
We will be meeting at Pressure Billiards and Cafe at 6318 N. Clark Street, I hope we see you there!
Just want to wish every one a happy new year!
Happy New Year to the Mamas!

Humbly cross-posted w/ the shameless self promo thread: Yours truly will be performing next Sat. with the former Sassbox ensemble! I'm excited and a little stunned with disbelief to be included in this amazing show:

Gurlesque Burlesque - Jan. 13th at the Vic! Two shows only, at 7 and 10 pm. I'll be in one of the many acts performing; Chicago and national acts will join headliners Margaret Cho, Miss Exotic World 2006 Julie Atlas Muz, Satan's Angel, Indigo Blue, and Alotta Boutté. Tix available at Women & Children First, the Vic, and Ticketmaster.
that's awesome jane! make sure you take pics!
How'd the show go, Jane?

It's time for our monthly meet-up! 2-ish at the Heartland on Sunday- is anyone going to make it?

As some of you may know, Prophecy_Grrl and I are IRL friends. A few days ago, in the "Looks Like We Got Ourselves a Reader" thread, she mentioned how much she missed having a book club since she moved to Chicago over the summer. We thought maybe we could broach the subject in here of starting a Chicago Bustie Book Club.

I've never been in a book club, but here's how Prophecy_Grrl described the book club she left behind- they met once a month, took turns hosting it in their home or meeting at a coffee shop-type place. Everyone would get a chance to select a book and when it was your turn, you'd suggest 3 books, and people would vote on which one they'd like to read. Books could be any genre, fiction or non-fiction.

I know everyone has busy schedules, so if we decide to do it, we could combine it with our monthly Heartland meet-up with the book club. Maybe the Book Club could meet an hour earlier?

What do y'all think? We don't need to start this month so no rush, but maybe next month?

ETA: Oh, and the other thing about Prophecy_Grrl's book club was that they didn't meet in November or December because of the holidays. Won't be an issue for us for awhile, but just so everyone knows ahead of time.
that's sounds cool. i would be up for that.
Love it!! I would be totally up for a bustie book club!! I've been missing my old book club too, so this would be a perfect fit!
(((Hugs and ~*~*get well soon wishes~*~* to kittenb- she had her surgery this week.)) I hope it's better from here on out.

Glad to hear people are interested in the book club!
((((hugs to kittenb)))) How are you feeling, sweetie?

The book club sounds tres fabulous, Polly - if I had a better track record getting through books lately, I'd totally join up...

So hey, my Chicago ladies, anyone got a sewing machine? Mine is a yardsale find in need of major electrical repairs, and I have a tiny duvet cover that I need put together. If you're northside, I will happily come to your place & leave tasty treats as payment. Or, I can totally barter for someone to do the sewing bit for me - I'll get it all cut & pinned up, all it needs are a few straight seams. Anyone?
(((((kittenb))))) Let us know if you need anything, darling. I'm happy to bring over a pot of soup!

Tart, I've got a sewing machine...but I've no idea if it even was my grandmother's from germany. Mom said it was a good machine, but I'm betting no one has used it in 20 years. If you get desperate, come on over, and see if you can figure it out, I haven't even tried....

Is anyone going to make it later today? (yeesh, I've got to go to bed!!)
I (well, Sophie) have dog-class graduation at 1:30 today. Ms. Sophie will be earning her master's degree in intermediate dog training.

I'd be up for a book club. I need something to get myself reading regularly again.

*waves* hi midwesties! I haven't been outside kvetch for awhile. It's been freelance-work-ariffic in my free time these days.
I would be into a book club, too.

[belatedly] Polly -- the show was great! Really fun and getting good reviews as far as I can tell.

Not sure about the Heartland ... I'm supposed to meet someone at 3 for a project, but it *will* be in Rogers Park, so maybe briefly...?

healthy vibes for ((((kittenb))))
Sorry I missed the H-land gather after all....
That's okay- so did I. I got trapped under my pile of laundry tongue.gif

But next month- February 18th- barring super nasty weather- will be our first book club meeting! Or at least the first gathering where we discuss the book club in person- we can wait until then to pick a book.

Did turboman make it home okay, turbo?

Gah, I'm already sick of hearing about the Bears (sorry, I have no interest in football.) Two weeks until it's over. Not sure if it will be worse if they win or lose. Once the Bulls dynasty ended, I lost all interest in Chicago sports. Can't we just move onto the Oscars? Far more interesting.
I missed it too, Jane and Polly...I was having too much fun just relaxing on the couch, and catching up on HBO's Rome series.

I'm up for the 18th of Feb, I'm pretty sure...I'd be happy to read a book before then too, if anyone has something in mind...Which I don't.

Turbomann did make it home, thanks polly. He waited until after the game ended to leave Benton Harbor, so he got in at about 8:30. Yeah, I'll be happy when the Super Bowl is over too....I just hope no one expects me to attend any Super Bowl party...doesn't make a hill of beans difference to me that the Bears are playing, its still football, which to me, is the most boring sport on being a close second. I'm a lousy chicagoan, I guess. tongue.gif
I'm probably going to go to a S.B. game, thrown by a mutual friend of Prophecy_Grrl and I. He always has good snacks, and she'll be there, so as long as we can position ourselves far from the TV, we'll be good. I think I'm going to make these appetizers that Le Boy's cousin made at the last family gathering- she mixed chopped bacon with chive cream cheese and rolled spoonfuls of it in crescent roll dough triangles. Soooo good and so easy. And there's a limitless number of things you could stuff it with.
In case anyone's interested- Thousand Waves Martial Arts is offering their Women's Self-Defense course again.. It's four 3-hour classes, held on Wednesdays from 6pm-9pm from January 31st-February 21st. It's $105, which is a really reasonable price for 12 hours of self-defense training. I took the class last May and it was really great (fortunately, I have not had to take advantage of anything, but it is a great comfort to know I could.)

They cover physical techniques, as well as verbal assertiveness (like dealing with harassment) and peaceful conflict resolution. They also go into the psychological issues of defending yourself.

Here's their website and their phone # is 773-472-7663. They're on Belmont, just west of Racine.
i can make it feb. 18th. i've been feeling really good. the momentuum of the new year i guess. i just got back from my internship interviews so i'm ready to get social again.

i work at borders so if you want...i could always use my discount to buy us books. that is if we decide on a book ahead of time. i could also ask for recommendations from my coworkers.

what are some things people like to read?
Kitten checked in over in the "I feel bad" thread in OTOH. ~*~*~continued get well wishes~*~*~ hopefully you'll be able to join us for the next get-together!
I was poking around Girlbomb's blog and noticed she's going to be performing at the Abbey Pub on Wednesday, March 7th. Not sure if I'll be able to go, but thought I'd pass along the info. Tickets are available here, and are $8 or $6, with a student discount.
oh wow. that sounds cool. thanks polly!
thought i would share this info for anyone interested...

ladyfest chicago wants to be associated with YOU. come help organize a truly grassroots endeavor that highlights women artists and performers of many different genres for a four-day festival on october 18-21, 2007.

our next general meeting is MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19 at 7 PM in MERCURY CAFÉ, and you can get the deets on the super awesome ways we're gonna make this happen. help select the artist/performer programming, create fun ways to raise some cash, get the word out for publicity, and SO. much. more.

friend us at
Thanks for the info, stargazer!

Everyone enjoying the weather? Ha ha ha.

My 18-year-old cousin is coming to town next week from Omaha. She's a little sheltered, but she's a lot of fun and pretty flexible when it comes to doing stuff. She wants to go to the Art Institute and MSI, and she's going to go out to dinner with Le Boy and I (the Heartland! Woo!)...any more ideas on fun, cheap stuff to do that doesn't require being outside too much?

I feel bad- Body Worlds is back at MSI, but my family and I all saw it when it came through last time. Tickets are $23 and I don't want to spend that much again. But she's going to be pre-med in the fall and I'm sure she'd love to see it. Maybe she can go through it without us.

P.S. The Art Institute is free until Feb. 21st, in case anyone's interested.
this weather sucks ass. But I prefer freezing my ass off to 100 inches of fuckin snow! Stay warm ladies!

Stargazer, I remember the last ladyfest that was here. I noticed a enormous lack of women of color, women with children and women who are not middle class. While I don't have the time to commit to helping organize I would suggest that having it be more inclusive would be great. It looked like all the women I saw attending events were wearing the same uniform : white, short hair, no makeup and a backpack with stickers on it. The lack of diversity was astounding. I would also suggest providing day care so women who have children can attended. Just my two cents.
yeah, i would love to take part in ladyfest if i had the time. plus, i still don't know if i will be moving soon.

i went to brunch today and i started to think about our next get together. it will be at heartland this sunday at 2pm, right? i actually will be able to attend. yippee!!
Yep, 2-ish, this Sunday, 2/18 at the Heartland.

Also, we'll decide on our first book club book, so have some ideas in mind. Might not be a bad idea to bring a copy with you if you have it so others can get an idea of it before we vote.

Everyone's welcome to attend!
Aw, book club! Martini and I are going away for the weekend (to French Lick, Indiana; we're going because he wants to see Jerry Lee Lewis and this is one of his few tour dates, but we rented a cabin so hopefully it'll be nice for me too).

Polly, it's kinda cold and I know it had a ton of problems, but I do really love the Lincoln Park Zoo (which is free). The new African habitat is all indoors and pretty nice. I like to take tourist friends to the bar on the 96th floor of the Hancock tower -- same great views as the observatory but you get a drink for what you'd normally spend just on admission to the observatory.

You could also go to Chinatown. There's a parking ramp that's $8 for several hours if you can't find street parking. Just poking around the shops is pretty fun.
Thanks, sidecar- my cousin's only 18, so do you know if they'd let her into the bar? I'll suggest the zoo and Chinatown- I think my parents are going to do most of the stuff with her during the weekdays (my dad works nights at WGN, so that's the best time for them.) My new job starts tomorrow, so I'm going to miss out on that stuff, but I'm going to try to do some fun stuff at night, too (maybe meet Prophecy_Grrl at the Heartland during the week, since she can't make it on Sunday, either.) Maybe I'll ask them to save Chinatown for Saturday so I can go. Have fun with Jerry Lee in French Lick...I won't make any obvious jokes *snicker* Hopefully, you'll catch the book club the next time around- we'll post the book we choose so anyone can read it and join us next month. It will be Sunday, March 18th.
I will not be able to make it on Sunday-the boy is treating me to a whole Valentines weekend~swanky hotel, dining, dancing, everything. Who knew that someone so anti-valentines day, like me, would be falling for this crap? Well..if he insists : ) Have fun everyone, perhaps I can just start reading whatever is chosen, and I can come to the next gathering~
Alas, I won't be able to make it ... life is chaos with a work event tongue.gif and planning my sister's wedding. Maybe next time...!
Tartlet & I will see you ladies on Sunday! (Humanist, I know it's tough, but you're just going to have to suck it up & enjoy your pampering laugh.gif )
Yay, Tart & Tartlet!

You're not going to believe this, Tart- I was at the Heartland last night and those same weirdo people were there, the big group who would get up and cheer every once in awhile. Our waitress was Prophecy's neighbor, so we were talking and she said, "Oh, those people drive me fucking crazy- they sit there for 2 hours and order hardly anything and they're really annoying and loud." She didn't know what kind of group it was- it's not an AA after-party, I don't think- they were drinking. So strange!

Hello! I hope this is ok to post here, but I didn't see anywhere else more suitable...

I'm currently trying to transfer to a new school in Chicago (I'm currently a history major, trnasfering into a baking/pastry program) If I get into the school I will be moving from San Antonio, Texas to Chicago. Which is a really huge move for me.

So I guess the two things I really was hoping to get some advice on would be, where are some good, safe ares to live. I preferably would like to live in the Downtown area, or slightly north of downtown. (Somewhere near my school.) And secondly, if any one has heard anything about Kendall College. I'm going up to visit the campus in March, but I kind of want to hear an outsiders opinion.

And advice would be fantastic, thank you so much!
Heck yes, Ava - post away! And you're in luck, as I'm a pastry chef! (currently masquerading as a client services rep - hey, it has health insurance...) Kendall has a good program, but is very pricey - I think there are comparable programs available in the city that won't cost you nearly as much. I went to CHIC several years ago, and would recommend it with reservations - since coming under the Le Cordon Bleu umbrella, I think their program has (ironically) suffered... If money's no object, then Kendall's certainly got a fantastic track record, but I would suggest you look into the French Pastry School - absolutely the best in the country, hands down.

As for where to live... it depends on what you need in the way of space, privacy, and amenities, and how much you're willing to spend. The Loop (downtown) is ridiculously expensive, but you can sometimes find a tiny studio on the cheap. The train system is good, safe & inexpensive, so I wouldn't rule out living further away from school - Kendall's now in the Merch Mart, so you could easily live off the Brown or Red lines on the north side & have a reasonable commute.

Moving from a smaller city, I think you'll find Chicago easy to navigate & missing a lot of the Big Scary City vibe you find in, say, New York - it's more a city of neighborhoods, and is very low key, I think. We live in Edgewater, which is waaay up north, but it's pretty, safe & an easy train ride (45-50 minutes) from the Loop. You should also look at Uptown (not quite as safe, but still very affordable), Lincoln Square, and Albany Park - all decent, low-key areas that don't yet cost an arm & a leg. You can read a bunch of articles my company wrote on Chicago neighborhoods here, and browse through our neighborhood journals here. /work-related plug rolleyes.gif
I'll be there on Sunday! BFF *may* join me, but I doubt it - she may join in on the book club, though.

*hands ava a down parka, mittens, and long underwear*

Come on up to chicago, ava - its a great city to explore while you're in school. Like Tart, I'm partial to the northside, for affordability reasons. I live in East Rogers Park, and love it - its close to the Purple El line that runs express to the Loop, so you can get downtown in about 30 minutes during rush hour. One of my good friends is going to Kendall right now and loves it, and a co-worker of mine was the curriculum director there for many years...and I've gone to their Monday Nights experience where the students cook for you, and WOW...really amazing. But tart's right - there's probably schools that are less expensive, and I'm sure tart, or even puppykitty (another pastry chef on here) would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I can't remember where pupppykitty went to school, but I think it was in chicago.
yeah tart & tartlet will be there!! i was just wonderin' if you would be there tart. that makes me happy. smile.gif

hello ava!! i saw you mention coming to chicago in another thread. i'm glad you're posting in here. how much money you are willing and able to spend will make a difference in terms of location. also, what you are looking for, i.e. near transportation, nightlife. PM me if you want. if you want, maybe we can meet up on your next visit. funny, i visited san antonio for an internship program.

jane and humanist, you gals will be missed!
Thanks everyone for the quick replies!

tart- I did actually "officially" send in my application to CHIC today, meaning I paid the $100 (!!!!) application fee, but so far I have just felt that Kendall is a better place for me. And I will probably be paying loans off for years to come if I do go there. Oh, and I checked out your website, and it was pretty interesting, I bookmarked it. biggrin.gif

turbojenn- a friend of mine (also from Texas) started going to Columbia recently and he told me that one afternoon he was going to run to the grocery store and decided he would just throw on a hoodie/sweater thing. He said he didn't even make it down the block before he rushed back to his apartment to get a real jacket. Haha.

stargazer- I would definitely love to meet up, making new friends in a big city is always a plus. I only know one person in Chicago, and we don't always get along to well.

ava, we've got a fine crowd of busties in chicago...while we don't get together as often as I'd sometimes wish we could, I'm sure between the lot of us, we could give you a proper welcome and show you around our various 'hoods.

And yeah, you'll need some cold weather gear. I live right by the lake, and we've had -15 wind chills today. Wheeee! Thank cod for LL Bean flannel lined jeans!
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