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what is better waxing or shaving?
and what is the most effective thing to use to not have the red bumps ans soreness the day after because its really a pain and i want to get rid of it
Josie, there's also a thread about shaving in the Our Bodies, Our Hells forum, just so you know.
Josie, check the archives right here in this thread, there is a great deal of information right here. OBOH is fine too, but basically you have to figure out your criteria for defining "better" and go from there. Much experience is related in this thread. Did you read any of it?
In response to the general subject matter of this thread, I shave my genitals and surrounding area about once a week, which means I never get more than stubble. As long as I don't have the wiry, oily, unsightly, uncomfortable bush down there, I'm happy. I trim my pit hairs and nose hairs when necessary, and I occasionally change how I wear my facial hair. I've never felt the need to try waxing, but I'm not expected by society to maintain constant smooth perfection, either.
Just posted this on the "Our bodies, our hells" board too... but I'll post it here as well.
For ingrown hairs, razor bumps or razor burn, PFB Vanish works better than anything else I've used--WAY better than Tend Skin, for sure. It's a roll-on liquid. I think I got mine on Ebay but you could prolly get it on too.
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