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The Last King of Scotland is definitely a topical film. It only opened here Friday; it is sure to get a wider release when Forest Whitaker wins the Oscar. Did Elizabeth have a wide release in the States?
i live in a small downtown with a small theater that always plays the blockbuster movies, and there's a gigantoplex on the highway 6 minutes away! who the hell is coming to the crappy tiny old theater with a small screen and bad sound to see the latest karate/explosion/etc. movie ? make room for the good stuff!
Elizabeth was on a subscriber access only cable network, BBC America. Some people can't afford to subscribe to cable, and some people simply can't get access to it no matter what (like me--no cable here, no broadband).
While I liked the Last King of Scotland overall bunnyb, my credibility was strained by the subplot with Amin's wife.

I totally agree that Whitaker should get the Oscar though. He is astonishing as Amin. Mercurial and when required, seemingly morally blank. Stunning performance.
I meant The Queen - it's confusing her being both Elizabeths!

syb, I agree, the subplot was unnecessary and they had enough gripping storyline.

Did you agree that James McAvoy was great too? Obviously overshadowed by Forest Whitaker but I think (and hope) that he is going to make it big over the next year (he's from Drumchapel!) He's starring in a film about Jane Austen with Anne Hathaway as Jane (Becoming Jane?)
Hey Bunny, The Queen did get pretty wide release here in California,..not sure about the rest of America..
Nickclick, I totally get frustrated with that too...the beautiful old theater near me plays blockbusters, ..which is stupid because the type of people that watch blockbusters go to the megaplexes at the mall.

I haven't seen Last King but I've always loved Forest Whitaker so I'm happy for him. I havent seen Babel either but I'm happy for the Mexican filmakers that are getting some attention..breaking some stereotypes I hope...speaking of...anyone seen Duck Season? Its a cute little Mexican indie in the style of Jarmusch. Slow but rewarding.
Watched Children of Men tonight on dvd (it was in cinema a few months ago here). Liked it, good dystopia, Clive Owen and Michael Caine great, some parts disturbing, others uplifting, agree with others that it left unanswered questions and I wanted to know more. Didn't know Alfonso Cuaron directed it, I like his work.
any recommendations for some romantic, but still not cheesy, movies for valentines day? I want to netflix a few things but just am not sure what. Hint: Nodding Hill is a total fav. And Chocolat. So something along those lines.....

femmespeak, Have you seen Amelie? It's one of my favorite movies, very sweet and romantic but not cheesy.
cinema paradiso!!!

imho, best movie kiss ever.
Before Sunrise or It Happened One Night!

Saw David Lynch's Inland Empire last night. Yeesh! Creepy and looong, if youre into that kinda thing. Would've been better as an art instilation. Or maybe just needed an intermission. Probably his most mind-f*cking film to date.
valentine's day suggestions, not certain of cheese factor, since i'm completely biased:

the philadelphia story.
an affair to remember.
roman holiday.

and for the twisted set, the lion in winter. (totally a love story!)

didn't really care for au revoir, les enfants. the kid annoyed me to much. and it was too slow and boring, except for the last 20 minutes.
Awww, I love An Affair to Remember! But, if you don't want to be too "cheesy", Secretary is one of my favorite love stories (okay, not exactly traditional, but def. a good love story!)
six, I bought Secretary for the boy last Valentine's! we still haven't managed to watch it, though. hmmm, maybe the weekend before the 14th...

I also heart An Affair to Remember and It Happened one Night (Cary and Clark? what's not to love?!)

I'd also suggest Sabrina, I love my Audrey movies but that's definitely one of my favourites.

more "modern" suggestions? the bbc adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Sliding Doors, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Lake House and 10 Things I Hate About You.

hmmm, I'm having a Valentine's Day alone this year as midweek and boy doesn't live here anymore (sniff, love does though) so I may have a marathon of many of those. Or a Johnny Depp marathon.
definitely agreed on "secretary" and as far as unconventional love stories go, "beautiful thing" is kind of the greatest movie.
Yay - what wonderful suggestions!! thanks all. I think I have a good list going now. Oh and yes, ginger, Amelie was a FANTASTIC movie. I loved it.

And bunny - I saw the new P&P which I liked pretty well but was told it's nothing compared to the old P&P. But one of my all time fave movies accross the board is Sense and Sensibility. Then of course there's the Princess Bride. *wink*
femmespeak, I've heard okay things about the new P&P but I refuse to watch it as I know it won't compare! it's blatant sacrilege to have anyone else play the part of Mr Darcy.

eta: found the best online dvd sale (UK based) and picked up a copy of It Happened One Night for £3.99 smile.gif . If I didn't have a Depp collection I could have built one quite cheaply at their prices. Had to share, I love dvds.
anna k
For a romantic comedy, I always liked While You Were Sleeping. My family rented it after it came out on video and we all adored it. There was a short scene with a boy falling off of his bicycle that is hilarious, and it's hard to tell whether it's scripted or an accident. It's funny either way.

I am also a sucker for Drew Barrymore romantic comedies. She's so charming and cute and makes her movies likeable.

For b&w movies I liked Bringing Up Baby, Roman Holiday and The Shop Around the Corner.

Secretary is great. The ending is different from the original story, but it's sweet and nice.

Before Sunrise is fantastic. When it came out, the TV ads played The Lemonheads "Into Your Arms," and I forever associated that song with the movie. I rented it on DVD, and watched the trailer just to check if "Into Your Arms" still played, and it did! I'm glad I didn't imagine it. The sequel is nice, but less hopeful and idealistic than the original, which was the point. It also seems autobiographical in parts (Celine talks about being in Poland, and Julie Delpy had filmed a movie in Poland in the early 90's; Julie had attended NYU Film School too).
i just got back from seeing notes on a scandal. oh. my. god. fabulous.

i think love me if you dare and amelie are both cute valentine's day movies. and i second (or third, or fourth) roman holiday. you can't go wrong with that! out of africa. and oh how i love before sunrise and before sunset, though if you don't like "talky" movies, it's probably not for you! i'm also jumping on the secretary bandwagon! hmm...what else? dummy. i like dummy. okay, and i'm probably the only one here who isn't a purist, but i actually really loved the new pride and prejudice. had a big goofy grin on my face at the end and everything. then again, i hate the book and the author.

*runs and ducks before being flogged to death*
faerietails, welcome back! people have been missing you around here. will leave off flogging you but tsk tsk wink.gif.

looking forward to seeing Notes on a Scandal although not out here for a couple more weeks.

trying to decide between seeing Bobby or Blood Diamond next weekend, probably the former.

looking forward to Oscar nominations being announced although I don't think there will be many surprises.
i know, i flew home for winter break and was stuck with dial-up connection on my family's computer! it's soooo crappy and ancient and the lounge wouldn't even load right, so i basically had to suck it up and go through withdrawal for a month! it was rough!

thank you for not flogging! biggrin.gif
So many great recomendations for romantic movies! I agree with pretty much ALL of the suggestions - Amelie, Sense & Sensibility, Roman Holiday etc. True classics. A few romantic movies I enjoy that haven't been mentioned are Moonstruck, The Wedding Singer, Edward Scissorhands, A Room with a View, and An American in Paris. Recently I saw Sleepless in Seattle for the first time in ages; I forgot how much I liked that movie. And although it is far from your normal romantic movie, I feel like throwing Can't Hardly Wait into the mix. Ethan Embry is so damn cute in that movie!

Lastly, I loooooovelovelove Moulin Rouge, but I know a lot of people out there won't agree with me. It's definitely one of those love-it-or-hate-it movies. Before I saw it, my friends warned me that the first 10 minutes are really really hectic and strange, but just hold on & enjoy the ride. Because it gets really good! smile.gif
(saw the illusionist... loved it. and without giving too much away, i just wanted to say that i saw the ending coming long in advance, but i didn't think it would be that extensive)
I'm not that great for romance, as my favourites are True Romance, Heathers, and Cry-Baby.

I loved Moulin Rouge, too. Enough to ignore Nicole Kidman's horrible acting and singing. (Her costumes, however, were mourir pour.)

Just rented Brick. If it's not one of the finest movies I've ever seen, I'll eat my hat. Brilliant, dark, and snappy. Just like I like my men. wink.gif
You know, I just want to second bunnyb's recommendation of The Lake House as a good romantic movie. It sounds so wrong -- Dr. Sandra Bullock! Keanu the Architect! A magic mailbox! -- but it's so sweet and cute. It just wins you over.

I saw Letters from Iwo Jima last night because Notes on a Scandal and Pan's Labyrinth both sold out. I thought it was good, but everyone else also went because other stuff was sold out, so we ended up sitting in the front row; not a great way to see an intense war movie with subtitles!

I saw Idiocracy Friday, and it was so funny, I can't believe it didn't get a decent release in theaters. Last weekend, caught up with The Queen; my goodness, what a transformation from Helen Mirren! I thought the guy who played Tony Blair was awesome. It also made me sad; I think of how disappointed we Americans were in Bill Clinton in the end, I have to imagine that it was tenfold with Tony Blair.

I think Children of Men is the best movie I've seen in a very long time, probably the best I've seen since Cache, a French thriller from last year that I loved. Alfonso Cuaron is one of my favorite working directors. I hope next week to catch up with Pan's Labyrinth and maybe Notes on a Scandal. Martini (my husband) is a film critic, so we have screeners of both, but I think I want to see Pan's Labyrinth in the theater. Notes on a Scandal would probably be okay on just TV.

sidecar, we rented Idiocracy , last weekend it was really funny! My husband was laughing the whole time.

This weekend I rented, Black Dahlia, which was okay. I felt some of it was a bit drawn out, and other parts were obivious. But I adored Hillary Swank's performance! I think she is amazing.

Saw a couple documentaries Genesis which boring as hell. The photograghy was incredible, but the narrator left a lot to be desired. Also,Devil's Playground which was very interesting! I lived in Indiana all my life and have been curious about the Amish since they are pretty heavily populated here. Most of the film took place very close to where I grew up. But I had no idea about the aspects of there teenage years. It's a pretty informative film.
Oh, I couldn't make it through The Black Dahlia. I got about an hour into it and then turned it off forever. I tried, man. I really did.

I really want to see The Queen. This week, I promise!
I saw The Last King of Scotland, it was so intense. I felt like they did good with making the audience almost go on the same journey as the doctor, in regards to opinion of Amin. Forest Whitaker deserves all the praise he has been getting.

I watched The Descent on dvd, it had the original UK ending. I felt the movie was pointless.

I love Secretary , one of my favorite films ever.

I meant to see Children of Men and Pan's Labyrinth, but I just didn't feel like seeing more than one film in the theatre this weekend.
go see Notes on a Scandal, if for nothing else but Judi Dench's smart-ass-ness, but also see it for cool Philip Glass soundtrack, twisty-turny storyline and Cate Blanchett's pretty wardrobe.
There are so many movies to see right now. I really want to see Notes on a Scandal. Maybe I can fit it in this week.

Last night we saw Pans Labyrinth . It was pretty nutty. Much more gory that I thought it would be also.
You know, I thought The Black Dahlia was okay when I saw it, but the fact that I keep forgetting that I saw it probably says everything about it. I liked Josh Hartnett in it, surprisingly; his detached demeanor was perfect for the role. I wasn't nuts about Hillary Swank (and the woman who played her mother was just dreadful). The denouement was especially disappointing. Too bad; I thought DePalma was entirely back to form after Femme Fatale, which I loved, but I guess not.
Is this thread only about like romance and chick flicks? heh

I'm a huge film geek and I'm into exploitation and sexploitation films. Stuff like Cannibal Holocaust, Female Trouble, Pink Flamingos, Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra Vixens, Faster Pussycat KILL KILL....stuff like that.

Anyone seen Snakes on a Plane yet? Saw it in the theater the night it opened. Such a fun movie!

Also Wassup Rockers is the latest Larry Clark film and I think it was recently released to DVD. Great film!
OOOOH, i really didn't like wassup rockers. i felt like it was "kids" with the sex and violence taken out and replaced with slapstick. larry clark has done better.
QUOTE(mouse @ Jan 22 2007, 11:25 AM) *

OOOOH, i really didn't like wassup rockers. i felt like it was "kids" with the sex and violence taken out and replaced with slapstick. larry clark has done better.

Yeah he has. I liked it though, just because the kids in the movie weren't actors and that was their real stories. Was kind of a documentary...but not. heh
bustygirl, i absolutely hated brick. I thought it was silly, pretentious twaddle. And I watched it totally expecting to love it. Maybe I need to watch it again, while not in such a bad mood....

And it makes me sad to hear you all putting down The Black Dahlia, I had high hopes for that film! And to be honest GoGoMassacre, I thought the trailer for Snakes on a Plane looked shit. My boyfriend has been on at me to watch it though, so should I take your recommendation and go for it?

I'm always so behind with films as I hate going to the cinema...
I've rented Brick and need to get around to watching it (catching up on movies missed last year, also have Transamerica); I think it was sidecar who said it was similar to Veronica Mars and that's a thumbs up for me.

punkerplus, why do you hate going to the cinema?
I liked Brick a lot. Joseph Gordon Levitt: Who knew? It's similar to VM in that it's a high school noir, and I think it's just as dark. It's maybe not as realistic but it's very stylish and smart.

GoGo, I went through a big Russ Meyers phase back in college. Faster, Pussycat is a favorite, and I think everyone should see Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, just to have their minds blown wide open.

I have to admit, as much as I love movies, going to the theater can make me crazy. No one remembers to turn off their cell phones, there's always someone who talks the whole time, and now, where I live, it's $10 a ticket. Last weekend, of the four movies we thought about seeing, three were sold out and we still ended up sitting in the very front row; ouch.

Sometimes I prefer staying home, where I know I won't be treated to someone else's rambling opinions on character motivations and I can hit pause if I have to go to the bathroom. When did I turn into my mother?
anna k
I watched an old film called Shadows, John Cassavetes's first film. It was very Beat and very artsy, the time when theater and poetry and street style was popular in 1950s New York. The plot surrounds an interracial romance that is shallow, but it's a nice movie to watch for the Beat style. The drum beat that plays throughout the movie is a little too George of the Jungle for me, it got annoying.
QUOTE(punkerplus @ Jan 22 2007, 12:33 PM) *

And it makes me sad to hear you all putting down The Black Dahlia, I had high hopes for that film! And to be honest GoGoMassacre, I thought the trailer for Snakes on a Plane looked shit. My boyfriend has been on at me to watch it though, so should I take your recommendation and go for it?

Everyones first impression of Snake On A Plane is that it looks like shit. But it's a fun movie that by no means takes itself seriously. Give it a watch!
i loved brick, but i have to admit i did have to put it on closed captioning to follow some of the lingo.

in the same jgl vein, i watched mysterious skin over the weekend... that was a great movie, but wholly disturbing. i just kept thinking, what parent would let their child actor be in that role?
I tried to watch Wassup Rockers, but I turned it off after about 20 minutes. I just wasn't interested in it.

I love seeing films at the theatre, but it gets expensive. I usually go early, and see smaller films so there aren't many people in the theatre. Mom DM and Twin DM went to see The Queen this weekend, and they had people in front of them and behind them talking.
I just find the seats uncomfortable, there is always people talking/rustling and I guess it just reminds me of uncomfortable fumbles in the back row dry.gif Also my local cinema is hella expensive, around £7/8 which I can't afford really. And I'm a crazy collector and prefer to have a nice big collection of movies!

What is Mysterious Skin, COCL?

And I guess I'll have to swallow my pride and watch Snakes on a Plane then!
I saw Black Dahlia on the weekend and I thought I'd post on it--but then I read Faerietales' post and thought I'd already come here and was my experience to the letter.

I think I'm done with Brian DePalma films for good: if they don't put me out in half an hour or become erased from my recall completely as soon as the film's done, they leave me unsettled at the rivers of blood and flesh they feature, and their pure, unmitigated violence lust (and wow is he ever misogynist, already). After a while, it's just so much of someone else's tedious fantasy (though it can become unintentionally funny...but the accidental laughs are few and far between).

I haven't seen Mysterious Skin (but I do like Gregg Araki's movies from a long time back) and I have seen Brick. I'm so impressed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt for choosing some really different films. Now that he's grown so tall and he's quite handsome, he could have had his pick of any kind of blockbuster shlockiness after a fairly successful run on a popular sitcom--but he's choosing carefully. I hope he always does.
oscar nominations announced

i'm renting little miss sunshine tonite!

Best actor: Surprised Leo was nominated for Blood Diamond and not The Departed; not that it matters as Forest is going to win (Poor Will, Peter and Leo lose out again).

Best actress: No surprises here (although delighted to see Penelope Cruz) but there will be a surprise if anyone other than Helen Mirren wins.

Best Supporting Actor: Really happy with these especially Arkin, Hounsou and Wahlberg although surprised Jack Nicholson not there.

Best Supporting Actress: Oh please let Abigail Breslin win!!! biggrin.gif

Best director: I'm hoping Scorcese wins it and doesn't lose out to Clint Eastwood again.

Best Foreign Language Film: No Volver? ohmy.gif

Best film: fingers crossed the indie underdog shocks.

eta: Children of Men received a nod for best adaptation!
I agree Forest Whitaker should win, although I kind of feel for Peter O'Toole, who has never won an Oscar despite 7 nominations. I hope Scorsese finally wins, not least because The Departed is genuinely a return to form. Nicholson is far from being the best thing in it though.

Interesting Paul Greengrass got a nomination for directing United 93. I wouldn't mind seeing him win... if it didn't preclude Scorsese's win. At this stage, I think only Best Director would do for him. And enough with the Eastwood love already!

I too thought Brick was pretentious and completely derivative, less borrowing from noir convention than mainlining David Lynch's aesthetic. I did like the look of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it though.

I am totally spoiled from half-full film screenings. I get seriously annoyed at cellphone usage, talking, innappropriate giggling and people coming in late and taking ages to find a seat. I feel like telling them to go home to the barn they were obviously brought up in until they learn how to behave at a cinema.

I'm clearly channelling a crank with serious personal space issues, never mind my mother or grandmother. blink.gif
anna k
What?! Volver wasn't nominated? That movie was hyped for months, and it was excellent. I thought it would win Best Foreign Film at the GGs, but Letters from Iwo Jima won instead.

Abigail Breslin got a best supporting actress nom? Awesome. I was trying to remember where I knew her from last, and it was Signs.
The best time to go to a cinema to see films is not on a film's opening night, and never on a Friday night or Saturday night when the theatre's likely to be full of groups of teenaged boys and their female counterparts. I personally love practically empty screening rooms just because you never have to deal with ongoing conversations from people who won't shut up; cell phones ringing--and then answered!! and carried into a conversation!!!--and the noise of about a hundred people all chewing noisily on popcorn at the same time.
But some movies need to have a rather large audience, as that "group" experience of watching the film really does add to its likeability.

I love matinees on weekdays, it's so rare I have any time to do this so it's like a secret pleasure. Also, I hate movie theatre food and drinks. I'm like another bustie who used to hang around these parts--I'd rather take my own refreshments in with me, as I can sometimes want something much more interesting than a $10 paper cup of Pepsi and a $7 box of Junior Mints. That's what Swiss Army Knives were invented for, after all!
I haven't trusted the Oscars to do the right thing since 1994, when Pulp Fiction was passed over for Forrest Gump in the Best Picture category, but these could have been much worse. I'm very happy that Dreamgirls didn't get any major noms, since it was just not all that good. I did like the two supporting performances, and was happy to see them nominated.

I was happy to see the screenplay noms went to very deserving, interesting films. As much as I hope Scorsese brings the trophy home for The Departed, I was sad to see Robert Altman and Alfonso Cuaron blocked out of the category, as both those films were striking.
yah.....dreamgirls was a ton of fun, but not necessarily any example of stellar filmmaking. however, i haven't seen any of the noms....i do hope jennifer hudson wins though, her performance was fucking amazing. the whole "i am telling you i'm not going" sequence got a round of applause in the movie theater where i saw it.
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