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Clerks II was a little more of the same. Thing is, it was a less expected the first time around. Therefore a little less predictable; but it was okay.

There is a tremendous amount of shock dialogue (well, I'm not keen on it--the kind of frat boy shtick that makes you wince a little bit every time a character says his part) but there are also some wonderful scenes in it where male characters say things you never hear them say on film or anywhere (except in real life, when they have to really be honest).

And a few Kevin Smith "in jokes", with cameo appearances and such. If you liked the first one, you'll like Clerks II.
clerksII was worth watching only for the in jokes and references to other ks movies and characters (and for me, to try to recognize the people and places in jersey!). other than that, notsogood. clerks is such a classic! for a better movie with old ugly men acting silly and immature, go see tenacious d !
catlady, glad i'm not the only one who hated spirited away. the thing gave me nightmares. *shudder*

loved loved loved v for vendetta - it's so hugo's movie! - but oh so perturbed at natalie's overacting. which breaks my heart, because i've loved her since forever. my theory is george ruined her.

watched superman returns sat night, and enjoyed it far more than i thought i would. it lacked the charming geeky humor of the originals, but i think they did a good job overall. eery - but hot! - how much brandon routh resembled christopher reeve. it would've been neat if gene hackman had reprised his lex luther role, though. kevin was ok, but got carried away with the menacing. gene hackman was just plain fun. parker posey was adorable, as always. i didn't even hate kate bosworth that much. we gave it three stars.
I got two winners over the weekend. Thank You for Smoking and The Devil & Daniel Johnston.

One was funny and the other wasn't...

My personal favorite Miyazaki is Nausicaa The Valley of the Wind.

I wanted to like V for Vendetta but Natalie Portman kinds ruined it for me.
ohhhh i love miyazaki.....totoro! kiki's delivery service! man oh man. and they are so GORGEOUS. but yeah, he is a weirdo. i did really love spirited away though.

i thought v for vendetta was a rollickingly enjoyable movie. i saw it at the arclight on a huge wide screen and it was perfect. but, anything beyond just the surface enjoyment? nah.

i love prairie home companion; i grew up with it. but i haven't seen the movie yet.
Anyone see Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus? I saw it yesterday, and I enjoyed it. I loved the costumes.
no, i can't wait to see it! i love her work. how was nicole k in the role?
I also need to see Fur. I'm going sometime within the next week!

I saw Volver the other day and I really loved it. I regret not writing my MA thesis on Almodovar's work... sad.gif
Ditto faerietails! Volver was amazing.
nickclick, Nicole was really good in Fur. I think she always just gets the character she is playing.

I want to see Volver, but it hasn't open where I live yet.
Pho, I know this is a bit late but I loooooooved Lost in Translation. And I can never even say what exactly it was that I loved about it but I watched it once and then went right out to buy the DVD. Also, I had to write an essay on it and it was interesting to examine the Japanese interpretation of American culture.

Wasabi, I saw Thank You for Smoking a few weeks back and I loved it. Although Katie Holmes just kind of weirded me out. I mean, her acting was fine but everytime I see her I end up thinking about her and Tom Cruise and Scientology and it completely distracts me.

I wish I could see Fur but it's not showing anywhere near me so I'll have to wait for DVD.

I cannot wait to see Volver !

Last night I watched Friends with Money . I thought it was enjoyable & parts were interesting. I love Catherine Keener, Joan Cusack, & Francis McD. Jennifer Anniston.... I like her ok, but was probably my least favorite. Her character drove me nuts.
Just saw an awesome documentary called The Education of Shelby Knox. I highly recommend it.

Also saw An Inconvenient Truth which was more entertaining than I had expected. Who knew Al Gore was funny?

Finally saw Red Eye. I got a big crush on both Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy. His eyes are beautiful.

So glad that The OH in Ohio is finally out on dvd, hopefully I'll get it in the mail soon.

Finally saw In Her Shoes and enjoyed it lots. I thought both Toni Colette and Cameron Diaz were credible in their roles although find it hard to stretch the imagination and see Toni as "fat".
I rented Art School Confidential which while had it's funny points but overall was a disappointing. Also rented Hard Candy, which is a terrific movie! The whole thing was so twisted, I adore the girl's morbid sense of humor.

An Inconvenient Truth surprised me, I knew it would be good. But I didn't expect it be so emotional and intimate. I have been trying to tell people that Gore is really funny for awhile and everybody thinks he is so stiff. If only he'd shown a little bit of his personality before the election years ago! Who knows?
Y'all got to watch Mad Hot Ballroom it is such a charming little picture that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Stayed up late last night playing chirades & watching The 40 Year Old Virgin. I never never get tired of it. It's up there with Rushmore, Office Space, Fast Time at Ridgemont High, This is Spinal Tap and Caddyshack. Those are all films that I could ogle daily.

Anyone have a definitive top 10 funny film list? I know I mentioned 6, but this requires some careful consideration.

I saw In Her Shoes on an airplane. Though I am not really Cameron Diaz fan, I love love love both Toni Collet and Shirley McLaine. I was sniveling most of the time. Probably the first time EVER that I got to see a decent film on the plane!

What is the concensus on The Notorious Betty Page. Of course anything about Betty Page arouses my curiosity. But some daft blonde is playing my sexy brunette idol. Can I see a show of hands???

Hard Candy is going to the top of the queue!
anna k
I don't get tired of watching Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. I still crack up the way I did as a kid, only now there are more jokes I can get (prison-gay jokes, sex jokes). I also like Big, Clueless, and The Breakfast Club, all movies whose dialogue I can recite.
Top 10 comedies: So I Married an Axe Murderer, Uncle Buck , The Great Outdoors, Groundhog Day, Meet the Parents, City Slickers, When Harry Met Sally, Four Weddings and a Funeral, King Ralph and Big Business.
I saw Al Gore talk about himself and his sense of humour on David Letterman, years ago, when he was campaigning for the presidency. He told a really quick story about how he thinks he's funny, but his wife never laughs when he's making a joke. He was hilarious, and he delivered his story with some great timing and a deadpan expression too. It's just so clear he was robbed; and I'm not surprised he comes across as authoritative, intimate, charismatic and compelling in his film.

I just love So I Married an Axe Murderer. It's such a subversive movie. And I could watch Clueless anytime. Especially for the "today's young men" and "driving lessons" scenes. And Raising Arizona.
We tried watching The Party but Peter Sellers' sight gags didn't translate well over the years and the premise was lame. Plus, I couldn't help but wonder how pissed I'd be if I was whatever ethnicity Sellers' borderline-retarded character was supposed to be. We switched it off after twenty minutes.

And we watched The Royal Tenenbaums for probably the 47,000th time over the weekend. It never stops being funny and quirky and touching.
Aw, Uncle Buck, Bunny- that movie is so underrated. I still can't quote the "Take that quarter, go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face" line without LMAO in the middle.

I think I'll go lay in bed and watch it now! Or maybe I'll do So I Married An Axe Murderer. I think I've only seen that once. Ahh, Mike Meyers before he became obnoxious. Gotta love the boyfriend's extensive movie collection....actually, Uncle Buck is mine.

ETA: I don't drop in on this thread as much as I should and I need to read more before I post- loved 40-Year-Old Virgin. We actually watched it with a friend who we suspect might be a 34-Year-Old Virgin. It was a little uncomfortable, but I think he enjoyed it and it had a positive message.

Am I the only person who hasn't seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High? I returned 3 Netflix discs on Saturday, so I bumped it to the top of my list.

I love My Neighbor Totoro, mouse! I grew up on PHC, too, but haven't seen the movie. To the Netflix list!

I loved Clerks, but was pretty bored by Clerks II. Nice to see what happened to the characters, but I thought the movie was really dull.
I hate to say it (not really though) but Peter Sellers doesn't translate well over time, period. And I could not stand it when people would "quote" (using the stupid, supposedly Indian accent) from that Party movie. Amazing what people used to think was funny years ago--a lot of people would really be offended by it now.

I wish I could do an all day, all bed movie day today. Sigh.
I looooooove Waiting For Guffman. All of Christopher Guest's mockumentaries are funny, but WFG is the best in my book. Two of my very favorite under-rated comedies are Can't Hardly Wait & Josie & The Pussycats (which my friends and I can almost recite word-for-word). An I have watched Moonstruck more times than I could possibly count. I've seen most of the traditional romantic comedies too many times & have gotten kinda sick of them, but I just don't get sick of Moonstruck. If I remember more, I'll be sure to post them.

The other night BBC America aired the original Casino Royale. It had this wacky, screwball-comedy air about the thing & it was sooooooo wrooooooooong. I could only watch about 15 minutes of it & my jaw was on my chest the whole time. Bizarre! The new one is soooooo much better.
yay, anna_k, PW's BA is my all-time favorite !

we drove many miles out of our way on our CA vacation this summer to go here, but it was worth every minute and superexpensive gallon of gas...

IPB Image
IPB Image

I forgot High Fidelity!

Saw The Holiday today and really, really like it; it was sweet and funny and a nice, feel-good movie for the holidays. All of the principal actors were good: Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz were equally great, Jack Black was toned down fantastic and I don't usually like Jude Law (thought him sappy) but he's wonderful in this.
Finally got around to seeing Stranger than Fiction over the weekend. I loved it. It was a feel good movie without hitting you over the head with it. Maggie was sweet, and Will can actually act. Plan on seeing Holiday with one of my best gal pals on Friday. Also, Pursuit of Happyness looks really awesome.

I'm looooooove Waiting for Guffman and So I married an axe murderer. Also, I just bought Pretty in Pink: Duckie Edition. I could also watched Breakfast Club (for that matter any Hughes movie) over and over them all. smile.gif
ooh ooh ooh!

i saw pee wee's big adventure this past summer in the hollywood forever cemetery (this organization called cinespia puts on outdoor screenings of awesome movies--everything from the shining to annie hall to the birds to pee wee to the searchers to butch cassidy etc etc--during the summer and you can bring a blanket and picnic and wine and watch movies while sitting where johnny ramone and valentino are buried and it is hands-down one of my top ten favorite things about living in LA) and PAUL REUBENS showed up to give the introduction, and then he brought out pretty much everybody in the cast who was still alive and they all talked a little about making the movie and it was the GREATEST. THING. EVER especially because everyone was standing up and clapping and so excited and you NEVER get to see people get pumped about a celebrity in LA, and my friend (who is a huge pee wee fan) was visiting for that weekend from boston, and we had no idea that anyone would show up, and it was this giant wonderful surprise.

i also have a huge crush on pee wee.

nickclick, where is that? i wanna go!
anna k
That movie has a great cast of unknowns. I only just learned that Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, appears in the biker bar scene who grabs Pee-Wee and says "I say you let me have him first" with a smirk on her face. She had been on the entertainment fringes since the sixties and knew Paul and Phil Hartman through Groundlings.

Random Facts: Elizabeth Daily was more of a B-movie actress, never famous but knew a lot of people, and did a lot of cartoon voiceover work. Large Marge probably died a year or two afterwards, hanging out with Clara Peller and Anne Ramsey. The nun in the movie scene was Miss Yvonne, the most beautiful woman in the world. Paul and Diane Salinger, who played Simone, reunited as the Penguin's parents in Batman Returns. Jason Hervey, the older brother on The Wonder Years, played the brat child star. The old man in Old School and Carmen Filipi, a usual "old man" actor, played hobos. Paul was mentioned in the thank-you notes of Hilary Carlip's memoir. He seems like a funny but slightly odd type who works on the fringes a lot, knowing eccentric and interesting people in L.A.
thank you for the PW trivia!!!!! i also recently found out that cyndi lauper sang the opening song for Pee Wee's Playhouse , under a pseudonym.

mouse, your PW experience is a dream come true! ith's mentioned here .

the dinosaurs are off some god-awfully boring highway in cabazon, california, and run by some anti-evolutionist weirdo.

of course i recreated the whole dinosaur/andy/simone scene on video.

next on my list is to visit the alamo and recite the scene there.

there's no basement in the alamo!
anna k
I just watched Eyes Without a Face, this great French horror film about a doctor who cuts off girls' faces so he can replace the disfigured face of his daughter. It's very sad and beautifully shot.
"Well within LA's convenient day-drive sphere"--oh HELL yes! thank you, nick--and that's crazy that it's on wikipedia! that is so awesome that you're re-filming it.....the mind boggles.....a movie about a movie within a movie.

"i remember..........THE ALAMO!"
Dude, once in high school my best guy friend and I recited PW's big adventure in its entirity at a Denny's. I think we may have skipped over a couple scenes, but it was still pretty impressive I must say.

Wasabi, I almost cried at the end of Mad Hot Ballroom..too sweet. As for the Bettie Page movie, I say Gretchen Mol did a great job...I think she understood that Bettie was really more bubbly and naive than the vamp her pictures portrayed. She was more of a little kid hamming it up for the cameras, and actually not really very sexually aware. You should see it.

I just saw the Princess Bride again after so many years, and I just realized that the six-fingered man was Christopher Guest! It was weird seeing him in a film that was not a mockumentary! That guy is something special. I cant wait too see what kind of old man he turns into. (thats a wierd thing to write, huh?)
I saw The Holiday too and I really liked it. Cameron was a little on the annoying side (then again, when isn't she?), but overall it was totally cute.

Speaking of totally cute...gawd Jude Law cleaned up nicely. I damn near died when he put his glasses on. *drools*
Sorry for being off-topic, but I need help in settling a movie-related argument- my boyfriend and I are big fans of the movie The Wedding Singer, with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. In the movie, y'know how there's that scene where Adam Sandler, his friend Sammy (the limo driver), Drew Barrymore, her mom and her cousin, Holly, go to the bakery to sample wedding cakes? They're passing the samples around and it gets to Adam Sandler and he turns to pass it to the next person, and it's this scary looking woman (?- maybe- could be a guy in drag) and he sort of looks at her and shoves the cake in her mouth anyway, and kind of looks away, like "who the heck is this?"

I have always thought that this person at the end was just some stranger in the bakery who was looking to taste some cake (who wouldn't?) but my boyfriend thinks that this is the other character in the movie, George, the Boy George wannabe, without his makeup on. I think that's wrong- it doesn't look anything like that actor, even if he did have his makeup off. Also, Adam Sandler seems surprised that this person is there. Also, at the beginning of the scene, they show everyone who was with their group looking in the display case, and it's only the 5 of them. Makeup or not, if George was with them, he'd have been looking in the case at the beginning, right?

Apparently, others have wondered about this- there's a discussion on IMDB. People seem to agree with me that it's another person (except one person), but something I noticed is that there's no credit for "Creepy Person in Bakery".
I side with you Pollystyrene. I always thought she was just some creepy lady that was also in the store, hence Robbie's look of abject horror at feeding her. They've been showing the shit out of it lately, so I've caught that scene a few times since becoming housebound. Definately a diff character & since she's only onscreen for like five seconds & has no lines, I doubt she'd have a credit.
I think it's George. I will admit that the first time I saw the film I did not recognize that person as George because he looked soooo bad, but on a later viewing I decided that it is George. I think they went out of their way to make him look reeeeeeally really unappealing so that they could make that particular joke, but George is there during other parts of the wedding planning montage (he even wears one of the weadding dresses), so I figured it was George.
See, that was part of the reason I doubted my theory, too, rose- that George was in the dress scene, but when I went back and watched it last night (we have the DVD, so we went through it a couple of times) that montage makes it seem like all that stuff maybe didn't take place on the same day, so he wouldn't necessarily be there for all of it. George is kinda femme-y (Kinda?), probably a little vain- he'd be much more interested in trying on dresses than eating cake, and probably wouldn't appear in public with out looking his best. Hmm. The answer must be out there somewhere. Anyone know Adam Sandler?

ETA: checked the "goofs" section on imdb- it mentions the cake scene: "Continuity: The number of cake pieces on the plate in the bakery changes. When Robby turns to feed the lady, there are two pieces left, but in the next shot, the plate is empty." Hmmm.
anna k
I saw Inland Empire. It's a very long and intense movie, and Laura Dern gets weirder-looking the more and more the handheld camera is focused on her. It's a crazy but cool movie. I even thought I recognized one of the prostitutes as a girl I went to school with, but it wasn't her.
I rented TransAmerica and fell in love with that movie! It seemed so honest and realistic. I liked that the writing was handled in a delicate, smart way. Instead of going for easy jokes.

Also saw Friends with Money, the story seemed pretty true to life, but I felt like it ended abruptly and I wanted to know more.

A friend made me watch Idlewild, it was awful!!! We didn't even watch the whole movie, we couldn't bare it.
just saw a clip from curse of the golden flower (i <3 azn)...Oo. looks soo beautiful. i am such a sucker for christopher doyle's cinematography. that + wire works+ sumptuous costumes, sets= overwhelming eye candy.

a few years ago they did a retrospective of his work at the seattle film festival, and, i've seen most of them, but really, there is no excuse for not seeing them on the big screen. i was watching hero the other day. so amazing. but then i have the hugest crush on maggie chung. i knew i'd love the movie before i paid for the ticket...
Ginger Kitty, I felt the same way about Friends With Money . I thought the ending was really lame. Especially the very last scene. WTF?

Last night we watched the documentary Rock School . I thought it was good, but I think I was expecting more somehow.

My friend and I are gearing up for our annual movie going fest at Christmas time. Anyone have must-see recs?
Hey Karianne, you should check out our documentary, it's kind of the anti-Rock School. It's about the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls and follows four amazing girls from 8-18 years old as they learn instruments, write a song and perform a big show in 6 days. I think Rock School was fun, but it was so much about how that guy harrangued the kids like a football coach, especially the girl, making fun of her musical tastes. In our movie you can see how a bunch or post-Riot Grrls (Beth Ditto of The Gossip, Carrie Brownstein of Sleater Kinney and more are teachers) put the girls center stage rather than their own egos. And the camp (and our movie) openly addresses the obstacles girls confront in our society, and uses music to empower them.

Anyway, the movie's not out just yet, we just finished it, but if you go to our website:


You can see a trailer and listen to the girls' awesome music and even read their writings (and participate yourself if you'd like). Hopefully the movie will come to a film festival or theater near you in 2007.

I have been watching so many movies lately! We rented Archangel the other day. It was really good. The concept was a bit frightening. I wonder what Russia would be like if Stalin did have and hier?

Was that Guy Maddin's Archangel? I always seem to stumble on his films by accident. It's like they find me.

I don't always "get" them, but I find them oddly very comforting. I love watching them.
I've got Gosford Park running constantly in my DVD player lately. Everytime I watch it, I spy some new little telling detail.
watched Moonstruck over the weekend. when it started, i thought i was gonna hate it, but by then end i was really kind of fond of it and i don't know why. cher was fucking awesome. after a while you're not watching it thinking that cher is in it... if that makes sense.

re-watched dogma last night as i did my xmas cards (how apropos!) and i must say, it has lost nothing over time. still funny, still witty, still makes me want to quit my day job and go be kevin smith's groupie.
Gonna snuggle up with my fella and watch the best Christmas movie ever...The Lion in Winter. We're gonna have some hot chocolate with alittle peppermint schnapps. We'll probably get high and eat loads of junk food, I'll pretend I'm Elinor of Aquitane. I think we do this every year.

What movie epitomizes the holiday season for you???

I also must fess to a strange fixation on Guy Maddin, he's a fucking freak. Werner Herzog too! What the fuck goes on inside their brains?
anna k
Dogma is a fun movie. Linda Fiorentino had a good thing going with The Last Seduction, then she did Jade and it all went to shit.
ok, what were the best 5 movies you saw this year?

just which ones you saw this year, so you can throw on old movies, or old favorites...
all the american movies i saw this year were super craptacular (see wickerman) so my list would probably all be asian...
Personally, Wasabi, I'd prefer to watch as many movies as possible from fucking freaks. Before I ever have to sit through another generic, formulaic, supercraptastic Hollywood offering again.

Fucking freaks are always more interesting. But they're always harder to come by.

I could list some of the 5 worst films I saw this year:

Woody Allen's Scoop
Superman Returns (Even Parker Posey was a letdown--ended up watching her for the clothes and shoes)
Crash (not the David Cronenberg film, but the "oscar winner/whatever")
The Aristocrats
The Devil Wears Prada

I'm sure I'm just scratching the surface there.
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