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I saw Shortbus today, I liked it but didn't love it.
did not like a history of violence at all. didn't care about any of the characters. not even my beloved viggo.
the sex scenes between him and mario bello were pretty damn realistic hot, tho.
Mando, I felt the same way about that movie. Some people loved it, I didn't see the big whoop about it. But yes, Maria Bello was hot in it.
anna k
I hate it when movies I'm initially interested in get hyped for months, with feature pieces on them in any magazines I like to read, and it's too much overkill. Marie Antoinette is a victim of this, as is Volver. I was interested in Sleeping Dogs Lie, but it's getting press for the doggie-sex thing, which doesn't seem like the main point of the movie (and I remember reading Puppy Love in Bust a long time ago, which covered the same material of holding a sick sexual secret). Or when I liked the plot of Mr. and Mrs. Smith but hated the love-triangle tabloid stories that got in the way of me enjoying it. Or hype about Infamous and a mention in every first sentence of the first Capote movie, which I thought was lame anyway and not that great.

I met a director of an animated film called Hair High, set in the 1950s and about a prom couple who is murdered and comes back for comedic revenge. He was a sweet guy, and the animation looked good on the postcards. It's playing in NYC this weekend.
anna k
I saw Hair High last night, and liked it a lot. It's wacky and weird and funny. I met the director, who was a sweet and self-effacing guy who was also Oscar-nominated for an animated short about a clumsy but well-intentioned dog. I had a great time hanging out at the theater and watching the film.
Saw Man of the Year today. Really awesome. smile.gif
Robin Williams was great, but I really liked Lewis Black, Goldman, and Laura Linney was fab as always.

It also had a really groovy soundtrack.

anna k
Did anyone watch Bravo's Even More Scariest Movie Moments? It was 30 films, and a lot veered towards the 2000s trend of gory, raw, ultra-violent movies like Saw, Wolf Creek, Hostel. I'm not into those movies because it looks like a contest of who can rip off more movies and come out with the most grostesque scenes. Hostel bored me, my brother hated Wolf Creek, and my sister was bored by Saw. I did like Cabin Fever, though, and The Devil's Rejects looked good.

I missed some of the show, so I hoped Ginger Snaps and May were added to the list. An actor from Ginger Snaps was interviewed, so I assume it was mentioned.
I saw The Prestige on Saturday and I really loved it. I haven't seen a good movie in theaters in a long time, and that one was definitely awesome. Gotta love Christopher Nolan.

I also had a Michael Moore weekend and saw Roger and Me and Bowling for Columbine. Both put me in an I-hate-the-world funk.

Might go see Marie Antoinette tonight.

anna, I did see most of that special and yeah, they definitely stayed with the gore trend. but i do want to see oldboy. i have nothing against serious gore, and i do love horror films, but i have a huge problem with the amount of gratuitous t&a and rape they show in most new horror films. it's like a horror movie can't be horror without some big plastic boobs spashed all over the screen. ugh. head's up about devil's rejects, my sister said it had quite a bit of pointless rape scenes. i heard wolf creek was really misogynistic, you should check out roger ebert's review. he actually gave it zero stars largely because of this. hostel was just stupid, in my opinion.

i'm actually pretty disturbed by rape scenes in movies, and not particularly because it's a rape we're seeing, but because of the way the general public consumes it. you have no idea how many times i've heard guys talking about recent horror movies they've seen saying, "that movie had such an awesome rape scene." now, i really can't see those guys actually going out and committing rape, but the fact that the inclusion of a rape scene somehow elevated the "coolness" of a movie is really disturbing. there's this really disgusting disconnect. and rapes usually add absolutely nothing to the storyline, they're just there for "good" measure. i saw silent hill at the theater (one of the worst movies i've ever seen in my life), and at the end when the woman is being held up with all that razor wire, the little girl sends it going right through her vagina. the woman's screams are practically orgasmic (aren't they always?). it added absolutely no value to the movie, as the woman was being cut to death anyway, but they just had to throw that last little jab in there. *eyeroll*
anna k
I don't like how gore and rape scenes are amped up now to be more explicit and more violent, but things are always "taken to the next level" for the new generation. Watching the countdown, I wanted to kick those fanboys in tha faces sometimes. They reminded me of guys I knew who were into comics and horror films and Kevin Smith movies and punk rock, yet whenever I tried to be a part of the conversation they excluded me because I wasn't cool enough or worthy enough to have their knowledge of Allen Moore or Dario Argento.

Rape scenes in movies can freak me out. Baise-Moi was a French violent porno movie that had an incredibly violent rape scene with a close-up on the penetration, and it was really disgusting to watch. There wasn't any tilitation in it, it was just straight raw and hard to watch. Tits and gore have been done a lot in movies, and the new guys can say they're "paying homage to the 70's gore movies," but it's just an excuse to show a hot girl's tits. The type of fanboys and obsessive geeks who make these movies don't really appeal to me anyway.

Freddy vs. Jason started out with a naked girl, but it was meant to be gratutious and ridicolous, as the girl's breasts were obvious impants (they stayed buoyant in the water). I had thought that one girl had gotten naked, but later read it was a body double and she's been adamant about not getting naked in movies (even harder when she played a sexy teen girl in Ginger Snaps, using her werewolf attack to push her confidence and her sexuality, and dressing more sexy, leading to people drooling over her and wanting her naked).
wow anna k you hung out with bill plimpton? that guy is freaking awesome. he's made some of the best animated short films i've ever seen.
anna k
He was a cool guy, very chill and laid-back.
Cool Annak!

Plan to see Prestige maybe Friday afternoon.
Got to see a free preview of Running With Scissors last night - not sure now whether I should read the book or not (it's been on my reading list for eons, just never seems to be the right thing for my mood). V. twisty and bizarre, and if only a quarter of it is true (not that I disbelieve the stories, I'm just saying it was all pretty out there) the guy still had the weirdest adolescence ever. Characters not as fleshed out as I would have prefered, but I suppose when you're a kid the whys and wherefores of people's behavior are often obscure, so it fit. Anyway, I enjoyed it, if that's the right word. And was totally tripped out when I saw who played Neil.
I read the book in 2 days. But, you definately have to be in the mood for it.
Probably catch the movie when it gets more wide release. I want to see it mainly for Baldwin and Bening.

anna k
I really loved The Prestige. The setting was fantastic and I got sucked into the story. I loved the plot twists and the spooky atmosphere of the film, like Victorian Gothic stories. It was absoutely fantastic.
anna k
I went to see Marie Antoinette, and really enjoyed it. It was postmodern and fun, filled with a range of music (opera to classical to post-punk to New Wave), and I liked spotting stars I knew of, or knowing their connection to Sofia Coppola (Aurore Clement as an old family friend, Danny Huston as being a part of another Hollywood family). Kirsten looks very pretty when she has makeup on and her hair is clean, not when she looks like a ragged droppy-breasted kid on the streets.
I saw Marie Antoinette last week and I loved it. I was just a little disappointed in the ending but I can't really say why cause that would ruin it for everyone else.

I saw The Grudge 2 on Friday. It was alright. It had those scenes where I got freaked out but for the most part, the actual story was kind of boring.

I'm getting a bit annoyed at all these negative review of Running With Scissors. I haven't seen it yet but it seems as though all of the movie reviewers are complaining about the characters in the movie even though it sounds like they are the same as the characters in the book. I don't know exactly how to say it but it sounds like most of them didn't read the book so they don't have a good understanding of the characters and story and therefore they think that the characters are just too out there. I however, read the book and I loved it so I want to go see the movie.
Hey that reminds me, has anyone seen any interesting costume dramas recently?
I plan on seeing Running with Scissors and Prestige either this week or weekend. I'm also disappointed at all the negative reviews Running is getting. I loved the book(, and the movie looks like a good adaptation. I'm heard some Oscar bzz around Benning, and the kid that plays the teenage looks really funny(and cute as well!).

Was Prestige better than the Illusionist? I heard both of them were supposed to be released at the same time.

*jumps up and down* I finally have BUST access again! I've been going through withdrawal.

I definitely think that The Prestige was better than The Illusionist.

As to negative reviews...I've just decided to stop reading reviews altogether before seeing a movie. A while back I'd read one that gave too much info away, which was the last straw, but I also just don't want any influence whatsoever on my initial viewings of stuff.

I can't believe I haven't seen Marie Antoinette yet. It's definitely next on my list.
The Prestige is the first movie to come out in a long time that made me say, wow, I want to see that - probably the first since Brokeback Mountain. There have been others (not very many) that I've gone to see just because of what they are - Superman Returns, for instance, but for just a movie that doesn't tie to anything else, there are very, very few things coming out that interest me enough to take the chance. It just seems like such a huge waste of time most of the time.
I finally got around to renting, Thank you for Smoking and Thumbsucker. Both were great movies that I ended up adoring!

Marie Antoinette is on my list, but there is so much I want to see.....
Thank You for Smoking was really good. I saw that one at the movies. smile.gif

I feel the same way about Prestige as well. I did like Man of the Year a lot (but that was mainly for Lewis Black). And, I dragged my boyfriend back to see Illusionist (I saw it twice). I have a feeling it may be the same with Prestige. May go on Friday or Saturday.

anna k
I went to a zombie double feature last night. One was an episode of the anthology "Masters of Horror," about undead soldiers coming back to vote and change the government. The other was Land of the Dead, which I liked a lot, though John Leguizamo was annoying.

I also rented Rumble Fish, and liked it a lot, very artsy and dramatic. Matt Dillon was hella cute back then, Diane Lane looked like a rose, Mickey Rourke hadn't fucked up his face yet, and Sofia Coppola was a weird-looking kid.
I saw Borat, and it was funny.
I saw Little Children this weekend. It was so wonderfully fucked up! And I love Kate Winslett in everything. And the guy playing the sexual predator was really good. It takes some kind of acting to have me go, "Wow, that pedophile was really sympathetic."
ok so i realized i'm going to be one step behind on all the convos here as i see my movies on dvd way more than in the theatre.

having said that, i just wanted to say that CRASH sucked. SUCKED. all i kept thinking about was how BROKEBACK deserved the oscar more, and Annie Proulx calling it "TRASH"....
I just saw a movie about a woman with a secret, until her fiance insists that they reveal their secretest moment to each other.

The secret is a whopper that happens right at the beginning of the movie. It wouldn't really be a spoiler to tell you, but I'll put it in white anyway. Not for the weak of stomach this secret although it is a very sweet and funny movie. It's called Sleeping Dogs Lie (AKA Stay)

Secret: During a very lonely moment in college, she gave her horny dog a blow job. Yup.

I also saw Deliver Us From Evil which was heartbreaking. The doc follows three adult children and their families who were victimized by the catholic church's cover up of child abuse in California. The perpetrating Father walks free in Ireland and did interviews for the documentary as well. These were maddening because he doesn't seem to grasp the enormity of what he's done to these people. His self-image is protected by whatever denial mechanisms his psyche has been able to muster apparently. He is still a gentle, chuckling old man, if you turned off the sound you would never guess he's talking about raping children, you'd take candy from him.

There was some analysis of church complicity & cover up (what interests were involved in not protecting the kids) and analysis of pedophila in the catholic church (why is it happening so frequently?).

Several interviews with the parents. There were moments when the trauma suffered by the parents of the kids was overwhelming to watch.
DM, you liked Borat? I haven't seen it, never watched the Ali G show because I didn't have cable/HBO. My dad just called me to see if I'd go see it with him and my mom....I don't know- I know it's getting really good reviews, and you liked it, but I guess I'm just equating it with Jackass- I'll watch a couple minutes of the show, I only saw the movie because a friend pirated it off the internet and it was free to watch. It was funny enough, but there's no way I'd pay to see it and I have no desire to see it again.

I guess my impression of the movie is that it's getting over-hyped, and that it's kinda negative- like how long can making fun of people hold up in a movie? I don't have a problem with offensive humor; I watch Mel Brooks, Dave Chapelle, etc., but there's a difference between using racist/sexist/generally gross humor to make a point and using it just to use it- that's why I can't stand that Drawn Together show on Comedy Central- it's just gross for the sake of gross. So, I'm torn. I'm probably thinking about this too much, it's just a movie, I should just go.
Just got back from seeing "The Queen." Helen Mirran should be up for an Oscar nod.

Also, saw a great movie on HBO called Hacking Democracy about these shitty voting machines.

Also, torn on seeing Borat.

Still haven't see Prestige or Running with Scissors yet.
polly, Borat is something I would usually not see. Mr. DM wanted to see it, and he always sees my type of films. I would never watch Jackass, and I wouldn't say Borat was like that except for maybe one scene. It's only one hour and twenty-four minutes. There were two elderly women sitting in front of us, and they seemed to like it. I just didn't think it was something elderly women would like.

I do like Drawn Together, it's so bad.

I couldn't go see Deliver Us From Evil, the trailer made me sick. It's good that they show the evils of these priests though.

Loved Little Children, and I am so hoping it opens where I'm living now so Twin DM can see it.

I haven't seen Borat and am not planning to because I think the premise is offensive. I understand the only way to know for sure is to see it, so my comments here are only based on the pre-publicity, but man has there been a lot of pre-publicity--and on both sides of the atlantic.

Sacha Baron Cohen (writer and star of Borat)) has managed to do all publicity whilst staying in the character of Borat--which handily gets him off the hook of answering any questions about his intent in making the film. IMO he has wielded impressive control over media coverage, which shows his talents in PR if nothing else.

To be honest, I didn't find Ali G offensive, merely ridiculous, so I didn't take it seriously. And to be fair, Borat apparently makes fun of Jewish people as well as the Kazakhs, although Baron Cohen is a practising Jew and did his BA thesis on an aspect of Jewish cultural history. If he's willing to poke fun at his own culture as well as others I'm more willing to take Borat at face value, but I'm still not convinced.

/more than 2 cents

I quite liked Little Children, not least because it complicates the character of the pedophile, especially his relationship with his mother. It's not as good as In the Bedroom by the same director, but nearly so.
I can't watch Borat. I know critics are raving about it, but I can't deal. I watched him host MTV's european music awards (system of a down's performance was the ONLY reason I was watching that crap...and of course they ended up closing the show, so I sat through the entire thing), and Borat was annoying the hell out of me. I can't imagine willingly sitting through an entire movie of him.

I'm so behind on my movie-going. I hope to check out Babel and Little Children soon, though. sad.gif
Whenever I see anyone mention Sacha Cohen I always think they're talking about Sasha Cohen, the ice skater. And when I find out that they're just talking about Borat again, I'm terribly disappointed.

I feel that the humor of Borat is probably similar to the humor you see in your average Daily Show segment. And although I love the Daily Show, I feel no compulsion to see Borat. With all the publicity, I feel as though I've already seen 90 minutes worth of Borat sketches for free, so why pay to see more? Isnt it basicly the same joke over and over again anyway?
whenever i see commercials/news segments/endless pr for borat, i can only think of perfect strangers and balky bartokomous. don't be ree-deec-you-lus !
I saw Borat yesterday and thought it was pretty funny. It makes fun of Borat's own prejudices as much as the people he ambushes. And it does hold together as a story (plus, you get the sense that a number of things are staged). I hesitated about seeing it because I imagined it would be similar to watching "The Office" for 90 minutes in terms of cringe-factor, but it wasn't.
I was dragged through a weekend of Ali G marathons, Borats quotes, newspaper clippings, articles.. etc to going to the theatre to see it with Mr. Cran.
I must say it was hilarious. It is offensive, but how people react to him is ASTONISHING.
He'll ask something, and without blinking they'll give him an answer you will cringe at. It pokes fun at how ridiculous Americans can be. Everyone.

Just a good waste of time. And I'm psyched it is number 1 in the box office.

saw borat, found it simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.
i saw marie antoinette yesterday and am absolutely in love with it. anyone else? it inspired me to paint my nails, eat truffles, and drink champagne today.
Okay, I know it's been out for like a month, but I just got back from seeing The Departed and I freaking loved it! That was one of the better movies I've seen this entire year. This coming from a person who finds Scorcese totally overrated. But this was so unScorcese-esque and I loved it. Wow. Yeah. It rocked.

Saw Stranger Than Fiction yesterday and I liked that too. I never thought I'd be saying this, but Will Ferrell is underrated as an actor.
I loved Marie Antoinette too--only I didn't find it comfortable to watch. Too much doom!! But it certainly was beautifully shot.

I'm officially avoiding Borat, though M. ChaCha has been an Ali G. fan for years and thinks the movie will be hilarious. I'm sure it will be hilarious too, but there's a lot about it's marketing that's been bugging me already. Yup, to me, some of that is just not funny.
But I think I'd like to see Will Farrel's movie--though I usually don't like him. I just saw Maggie Gyllenhaal's socialist baker bit in the trailer and I decided I had to see it.

Watched "My life without Me" last night, which was really well done. I have a feeling Will Farrel's movie is about the same kind of story.
anna k
Maybe I'll see Borat when the hype has died down. The character reminds me of Latka from Taxi, and is funny in small doses from the Ali G Show, but not funny everywhere.

I saw Saw III and really liked it. I hated the gory parts but I liked the interaction between the female leads and Jigsaw. I didn't have much sympathy for the guy who lost his son, as he was a vengeful asshole for most of the movie.

My Life Without Me was really good. I really like Sarah Polley, she's smart and low-key, and I like her wonky-looking teeth. She also carried the whole film and was interesting to watch.
Me too, Anna K, I really like Sarah Polley very much. I can't believe her teeth are wonky, though--they're normal teeth, not even crooked! But I doubt she'll get them veneered anytime soon. The My life without Me film is really staying with me, especially the Mark Ruffalo relationship and its end. What a great cast.

Sarah P. directed her first feature length film and opened the Toronto Film Festival with it this year--I don't remember the film's name but I'm waiting for it to be released commercially. It sounds so good.
I saw Babel and Stranger Than Fiction. Babel was really well acted. I liked Stranger Than Fiction because of Maggie Gyllenhaal, but it was different than I thought.

I liked My Life Without Me, and would love to see a film directed by Sarah Polley.
I just saw Borat and laughed until I was in physical pain, so I'm a fan. I was actually surprised to come in here and see all the Busties not interested, because literally every person I've talked to IRL has seen it or wants to.

I wonder...I read a snippet from an interview with a member of a feminist group featured in the movie, and she said that she felt like it was the kind of humor that would appeal to men more than women. Thoughts?

My $.02 is to suspend preconceived notions about the film. I can see the "Jackass" parallel, but Borat is on a whole other level.
pinkmartyr, I saw Marie Antoinette the weekend it came out and I loved it. I was a bit surprised at how it ended but I still enjoyed it.

I saw Shortbus on Friday and I am in loooove with that movie. I'm thinking that when it eventually comes out on DVD I'll buy it and Hedwig and the Angry Inch because John Cameron Mitchell is just an amazing director.

I really want to see Borat but just about everyone I know (myself included) is crazy busy with school. I haven't watched Da Ali G Show that much but when I did watch the show I kind of liked Borat and Bruno more than the Ali G character.
To be honest, I've thought the same thing about Ali G. and maybe just Sacha Baron Cohen for a while--that maybe he's just funnier to men than he is to women. I guess I get what he's trying to do with satire and exposition when it comes to homophobia and racism and the like, and he manages to be successful with examples of those biases; but I just don't think he's caught on to the fact that it doesn't seem to work to the same end when he's targeting sexism, like maybe he's not as subtle as he thinks or that he himself doesn't quite understand the point. He leaves me with the impression that he doesn't quite "get" sexism.

Maybe that's just my impression. I also read an article where some of his pranks actually caused a few people a great deal of harm, one example following his "appearance" on a local television network's news show. Someone actually lost her livelihood over that prank, because he was so disruptive the network was furious and blamed a staff member who was supposed to produce or screen guests for the show. Yeah, it's really funny about that TV network, and it was the network which chose to be unfair to that woman on its staff, but I kinda feel like Sacha Baron Cohen is making a fortune--and a big laugh--at least at this one woman's considerable expense.

Maybe what I've read isn't completely true either. And I do admit bias--I make up my mind about every film in commercial release 5 seconds into it's trailer--2 if there's a voiceover. I know whether or not I'll like it by then.
I may see it when it comes out on DVD.
i'm not on the Da Ali G/borat bandwagon and have no intentions of jumping on. maybe via netflix.

the ringer was tres cute. a couple of laugh-out-loud moments.

i can't stand will ferrell, but i too want to see stranger than fiction ... primarily for emma.

"ok so i realized i'm going to be one step behind on all the convos here as i see my movies on dvd way more than in the theatre." catlady, i'm always behind-the-times too. in fact, i usually put movies on my metflix queue while they're still playing in theaters. right now, i'm hoping i can snag a copy of the da vinci code when it's released tomorrow. even tho i know i'm going to hate it. (still bristling over the tom hanks casting. grrr.)

the one i may have to see in theaters is for your consideration. i so heart christopher guest and company!
For your consideration does look like it's going to be good! I may have to drag myself out to see that. I just love the whole ensemble in those Christopher Guest movies (Parker Posie especially...I'll even watch her commercial with Jimmy Fallon because her brand of ridiculous is unlike anyone else's).

catlady, i'm always behind-the-times too. in fact, i usually put movies on my metflix queue while they're still playing in theaters

hey, that's a good idea! i love netflix... i watched sisterhood of the travelling pants (so-so) and the virgin suicides this weekend (meh) this weekend. definitely need to rearrange my queue....
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