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Philip Glass did the music for The Illusionist? Now I have to see it. But when will I have the time?
QUOTE(greenbean @ Sep 17 2006, 06:11 PM) *

Hey ratgrl!
You and the boy should checkout "Switchblade Sisters"! Its not a classic like Pussycat but its the same genre.
(no new movies for me, tho I did rent the old Marlene Dietrich film "the Blue Angel"...I heart her so..

Greenbean--Ratboy actually got the video of Switchblade Sisters quite a few years ago, and I watched it with him once. You're absolutely right--it's of that genre that's right up his alley--LOL. laugh.gif That one was made in the 1970's, if I remember correctly.

It's interesting to read the negative reviews of The Black Dahlia. I haven't seen it, nor do I intend to, but I think the story itself is kind of interesting. I remember that when I was a kid, in 1975, I saw a made-for-TV movie (same title, I believe) about the case. Lucie Arnaz played Elizabeth Short. While the movie couldn't have been too graphic, I remember it really spooked me because of the fact that she'd been chopped up and all the blood had been drained out of her (from what I remember being said in the movie).

Has anyone heard of the upcoming Martin Scorcese movie The Departed? It's going to be released in a few weeks, and I'm really looking forward to seeing that one.
QUOTE(mouse @ Sep 18 2006, 12:52 PM) *

(o/t i was at the smogcutter this weekend and thought of you tongue.gif)

O/T, I saw your name this morning Mouse & wondered if you'd been to the Smogcutter recenty. I really want chicken & waffles!
DM, is that Al Franken in limited release? It looks great.

Dragging the boy to either see Last Kiss (if the soundtrack is any factor, and the soundtrack is really good) or Illusionist tomorrow... Illusionist was freaking incredible (I was raving about it at work) and I've heard decent reviews about LK.

I have also heard shitty reviews about Black Dahila. It's a rental.

so come visit!

the smogcutter was actually packed with a bachelorette party and i was forced to answer a penis phone. i said "hey, i haven't talked to you in forever!" but i don't think anybody else thought i was funny.

back on topic, my boss agrees: black dahlia is a beautiful, terrible movie.
sassy, I think the Al Franken film is in limited release, but he and the makers of the film were there and they said it was going to expand to 50 cities in the coming weeks.

anna k
I watched Unleashed on HBO a couple of night ago, and I forgot about how much I had liked it in theaters. It stars Jet Li as a guy raised more like an animal than a human being, and he is used as an attack dog by a corrupt Bob Hoskins. Jet escapes him and ends up befriending a blind guy (Morgan Freeman) and his piano-playing stepdaughter. Jet learns how to become more of a human being, initialing exhibiting battered-dog traits like hiding under the table or wincing from a hand about to touch him. It looks like a typical martial arts movie from the trailer, but it's a lot deeper than that and more sadder.

I also watched Fantastic Four and was bored. How is it that everyone else gets hidden powers, but Ben gets turned into an igneous-rock creature? Was it because he was outside in space and got the worst of it? I kept mistaking Ioan Gruffudd for Cole Hauser and Jessica Alba is lucky to be pretty because she can't act very well.
Just watched V for Vendeta. Wow, that was damn good. I'm way out of the loop as far as movies go...but am interested in the movie made about the book Barfly. Anyone see it?
Remember when Natalie Portman's lip hung a bit on the mask of V? That shit's about as sexy as it gets. Sorry for the s word, been drinking.
Doxy, Barfly is intense. It basically follows Faye Dunaway (trying to convince us she's a washed-up drunk) and Mickey Rourke (more believable and pre-surgery) drifting around bars together. There's a fragile love story trying to come out in there and the film does a good job of showing how emotional connections can be subsumed by the booze.

Saying that, it's no walk in the park. It's a been years since I've seen it so I don't remember if it's well or subtly done or just depressing.

Seeing Children of Men (with my boyfriend Clive Owen) tomorrow and looking forward to it.
Children of Men looks good and Clive Owen always looks good!

I really want to see The Illusionist since Sassy and others have raved so much but the UK release date hasn't even been announced yet.

I'm catching up through dvd rental on films I missed at the cinema: Transamerica and then Friends with Money are next on list and Thank you for Smoking whenever it's released.

I may go and see Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest again.
Mmmmmmm, Clive Owen.

That is all.
A "penis phone?" laugh.gif
For those of you who like french films i watched Un Air de Famille last night and loved it. Great acting and dialogue. leaves you feeling satisfied. sometimes it just feels good to watch a movie that has bad teeth, wrinkles and bald spots.

Anybody going to see Feast this weekend ?
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Sep 21 2006, 04:28 PM) *

Children of Men looks good and Clive Owen always looks good!

I really want to see The Illusionist since Sassy and others have raved so much but the UK release date hasn't even been announced yet.

I'm catching up through dvd rental on films I missed at the cinema: Transamerica and then Friends with Money are next on list and Thank you for Smoking whenever it's released.

I may go and see Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest again.

BunnyB, I just rented Friends With Money last weekend and really liked it! I think Nicole Holofcener makes great movies (another one of my favorites is her 2001 release, Lovely & Amazing). The thing about her movies is that the characters seem so "real." That's the appeal for me, anyway.
anna k
I saw The Science of Sleep tonight, being a fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Michel Gondry (more for his music videos and shorts, never saw his movies). It was a nice and funny and odd movie. The animation made me think of his Bjork video Human Behaviour. I never found Gael Garcia Bernal attractive, he's too squirrelly-looking for me. Good movie to chill with and enjoy the dream/reality mixtures.

I like Nicole Holofcener. I like the L.A. women who seem to run in the same clique: Lisa Chlokodenko, Catherine Keener, Rosanna Arquette, Laura Dern, Kelly Lynch. They all have a 1970s bohemian L.A. look to them that I admire.
Waaaaaah! I went to the city last night to watch The Science of Sleep...and I ended up falling asleep through most of it! mad.gif sad.gif It wasn't bad or anything, I was just sooooo tired from work that I passed out promptly. I should've known better than to watch a 10 pm movie on a day where my bedtime is usually 11. Freaking work hours (I have to be there by 7 am)! So now I have to go watch it again. I'm so depressed.

But I must say, his dreams are quite trippy to wake up into while still groggy. I'd snap out of it and Gael would be in animation land with badass music, and I was just like "Duuuude...zzzzzz....whoaaaa.....zzzz...." blink.gif lol!
Last night we went to The Illusionist except we thought it was the magician movie with Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Caine. It was about 20 minutes into it before I left the theater to look at the movie poster closely. We kept waiting for Christian Bale or Wolverine to appear. You'd think Edward Norton being it would have given me a hint but I just thought I hadn't heard he was in it. wacko.gif

The only excuse I have is that I had two margaritas at dinner and was very tipsy. But still, I can't believe I did that.

I enjoyed the movie but it wasn't what I was expecting. smile.gif
My Mr. dragged me to see Flyboys this weekend. I actually didn't hate it, the special effects were really great.
I'm new here. I started a thread about the movie Velvet Goldmine under a post with that title, and was asked to move it in here.

To the person who responded already: I agree, re deelish lovely makeup wearin' boys in the movie. Ewan McGregor is absolutely astonishing as Iggy Pop- not an easy thing to get down, yet he does to an eerie degree. Also I'm amazed how he completely lose any trace of his accent. If I didn't know better I would swear he was American. Plus the lad has a fine bod, of which we literally get to see every inch, front and rear, but who can complain about him in leather pants, smudged eyeliner, and long bleach blonde hair? Also, he looks eerily like Kurt Cobain at points.

I was impressed too that both he and the guy who plays 'Bowie' do all their own singing (except for one song). Yay, perty boys who can act AND sing!

As far as Bowie being unhappy with the film- I supposed it's because he is portrayed ultimately as being a sellout circa the Let's Dance period. He certainly claimed to no longer be 'bi', which I don't 'buy' (sorry). Still, the man was an artistic genius and so I can't really bring myself to criticize him.

welcome, bboinnng! you will find many many ewan fans in here!

ah, now i know why i didn't like friends with money. i didn't like lovely and amazing either. (i know, i know, mandi's a bad bad bustie.)

it depressed the hell outta me. and i bristled at the cinderella ending.

of course, frances mcdormand can do no wrong. (frightening how much i identified with her character. eeep.)

i also have a hard time watching joan cusak be a villain. unless it's addams family values. "All I ever wanted was a Ballerina Barbie in her pretty pink tutu ... do you know what they got me, MALIBU Barbie, that's not what I wanted, that's not who I was, I was a *Ballerina*, graceful, delicate ..."

sorry, i like to quote that movie whenever possible. hee.
omg, mando, that takes me back a ways! isn't that one of the coolest lines from a movie ever?! laugh.gif
Eh, I wasn't nuts about Lovely and Amazing either, although I kind of liked NH's first film Walking and Talking. I love that she uses Catherine Keener so much though.

Children of Men is great. And not just because Clive Owen is broodingly gorgeous in it (as ever). It's an intelligent sci-fi thriller, which is unfortunately a rare combo. Very British dystopia, kind of Ballard-esque; the Brits do good dystopia IMO. Good, gripping story and Michael Caine almost steals it as a long-haired ex-hippie. The trailer over here gives a lot away but I don't want to say more here in case people haven't seen it.

The director also made Y Tu Mama Tambien and clearly knows what he's doing. He paints a bleak picture but somehow it's absorbing instead of depressing. Go see!
anna k
I was surprised to learn that Alfonso Cuaron had directed the 1995 version of A Little Princess. It's a sweet kids' movie with beautiful folors. And the lead actress was a heiress in real life, to the Hyatt fortune. I think she and her brother argued over a money deal with her dad and will receive millions, if not already.
I saw Jesus Camp this weekend. It was funny at first, and then it just got scary. The anti-choice parts were hard to watch. It really made these people look crazy.
Any suggestions for what to rent when you feel like you've already seen everything worth seeing at the videostore?
i watched west side story last night for the first time. i love the dance scene at the, well, at the dance. part of what i like about movies from that time is the outrageous use of stage makeup. every actor in that production is bright orange or brown, it gives a surrealistic feel.
Science of Sleep is on my list for this weekend. I think it opens on Friday. I may check it out Sunday.... Fairietails, your post cracked me up!

Yeah, that new magician movie looks groovy... I'm so there.

I got Sorry, Haters from NetFlix. It's hard to explain it without giving stuff away, but it was really good.
I checked out the IMDB entry for The Lovely Bones, and it no longer mentions Dakota Fanning as being rumored to play Susie. It doesn't really list any cast, though- have they started shooting this yet?
I want to go to see The Departed next weekend when it opens. Anyone have any thoughts? I've been disappointed with the last few Scorcese films (parts of Gangs of New York were good) but this has quite the cast.
I saw The Queen yesterday, and it was very good. I really wasn't interested in seeing it, but Mr. DM wanted to see it. We went to an early show, and it was crazy busy.

I'm undecided on The Departed. I just saw a trailer on tv for it the other day so I don't know much about it. I liked Gangs of New York, but that was because of Daniel Day Lewis.
Saw The Black Dahlia last week. It was horrible, and was fabulous. The hammy acting, the incomprehensible plot, the strange, over-artsy cinematography. It was almost a Fellini movie. At some point the movie's horridness made it almost surrealist.
anna k
Yeah, very surreal and weird.

I went to see Jackass 2 in a packed theater and I loved hearing all the reactions, especially anything penis/ball related, which the guys freaked over. It was sick and wrong and funny. Near the end, Bam goes on about how miserable he is and how tired he is, and I thought, "Don't worry. You guys have Jessica Simpson to pass around."
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Mando that quote made me laugh so hard! I just had to read it to my coworker.

I saw The Last Kiss on Friday. I am almost suprised how much I liked it. I went to see Zach Braff but I thought the ending was perfect.
So, in my bored state I watched View from the Top (2003 air-steward "comedy" with Gwyneth Paltrow). The only saving grace was Joshua Malina as the gay trolley dolly. I also had issue with Gwyneth's character (god, I watched it the night before last and I can't remember her name!) giving up her lifelong dream and career for love.
Giving up her dream? The movie ended with her becoming a pilot instead of just spending the rest of her life as a stewardess.

I'm confused as to what you mean.
Oh yeah, I forgot about that and reacted before the actual ending. It made such a huge impression on me rolleyes.gif.
i watched Three Burials last night. Tommie lee Jones wrote directed and starred in it. it got excellent reviews here and i thought it was really good. new kind of western.
I saw Little Children this weekend. It's about infidelity in suburbia, and stars Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly and Patrick Wilson. Good performances by all the actors.
I saw The Departed today--really good and very, very bleak. It's tightly wound and tense, everything a good thriller should be. The three leads are terrific, too. I was thinking maybe it was being overrated, but it's been five hours, and i can't stop thinking about it.

I saw Science of Sleep last weekend and did not like it. Someone needed to reign Gondry in a bit.

Both of those were very intense, so I told Martini next weekend, we needed to see something about kittens.
anna k
I liked The Science of Sleep, but I know what you mean. My sister raved so much about awesome it was, and I just thought it was dreamy to watch, but looked like his music videos mixed together with Gondry's alter-ego obsessing about a girl.
I saw Half Nelson last weekend. Wow. Great movie, very heart wrenching. Ryan Gosling is very good in it.
agree with sidecar: The Departed was fantastic.
Yup, me three. Not flawless, but on the other hand I was surprised and impressed by diCaprio's fantastic performance. Hadn't seen him do that for a while.
I saw the Departed this weekend to and loved it!! Everyone did such a great job. I don't usually dig Leo but I thought his performance was fabulous! And Matt Damon was so evil!!

I'lll fifth or sixth or whatever The Departed -- it was great. I can't stop thinking about it, particularly the ending, although I'm not sure if it's because it affected me so much or because it was slightly off from the rest of the movie. A day later, I'm still going back and forth in my head. All the actors give great performances -- Leo in particular was fantastic and Baldwin and Wahlberg steal every scene they're in.
Another vote here for The Departed...I just saw it this afternoon. Very good stuff. I don't usually go out of my way to see that genre of film, but I had to see this because my favorite actress, Kristen Dalton, was in it. She played "Gwen", Jack Nicholson's character's girlfriend. Not a major role, but I thought she did well nonetheless. Really, all of the cast--A-list and otherwise-- did a really good job, IMO. I was on the edge of my seat and awake during the whole thing, which is unusual for me when it comes to long films! tongue.gif
michel gondry wrote the screen play and i think its pretty obvious he should stick to directing and animation. also the main guy was creepy although not unattractive physically. have any of you seen Human Nature?
i'm going to see the devil wears prada it came out not long ago here. i'm hoping it will be the good kind of bad kind of film.
mamachi, which movie are you talking about?

I watched The Lake House on dvd tonight and liked it lots; it's sweet and romantic and overall a lovely movie. I would watch it again. The premise of the story reminds me somewhat of Sliding Doors and The Time Traveller's Wife. I liked how it tied up in the end but I predcited what would happen about half way through, not that it spoiled the ending. Reeves and Bullock are a good partnership and I'm glad they made another film after Speed so many years ago.
science of sleep
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