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QUOTE(mandolyn @ Sep 8 2006, 09:30 AM) *


Mystery Science Theater 3000, where they showed dreadful movies and made snarky comments to the screen.
Aww, thanks, mandolyn! I feel all warm and fuzzy now. smile.gif Have you read Running with Scissors? I just finished it, and I'm wondering how the sheer absurdity will translate to film. But I'd like to see Gwyneth try to pull off the Hope seems rather complex. I wonder about Annette Bening playing out Burroughs' mother's downward spiral without going so over-the-top that it becomes ironic.

I, too, was deeply disappointed with Lady in the Water, but I think that's because I couldn't suspend my disbelief. (She lives underwater, but has no gills! Breathing chlorine in the water doesn't affect her! She collects shiny objects a la The Little Mermaid!)

I tend to make MST3K comments about many films, which irks my husband to no end. Makes me wish I had thought bubbles so they wouldn't go to waste unsaid. <smirk>
I haven't read or seen previews for Running with Scissors.

I also MST3k everything. Used to annoy my ex to pieces! Then again, my family were MST3k movies even before the show was around.. so maybe it's a family thing.

Going to go see Hollywoodland tomorrow. I'll report with a review. Gimme some Brody love! :)
Mmmmm, Brody love!

I wanna see the Black Dahlia but I am disapointed with the cast: Josh Harnett? eck.
Hilary Swank, yeah, seems miscast. Aaron Eckhart is great but I swear I cannot
watch a movie with him without thinking of his role in "In the Company of Men", and then
I get all sqeamish and disgusted.

Mando, I'm sure Little Miss will be in theaters for awhile because its the 'sleeper' hit of the year.
I think its a really good theater movie, I like watching comedies with an audience.

ETA...Elizabeth Short (the black dahlia) is buried in the cemetery just blocks from me!
Real boring headstone though.
Have any of you heard about a movie called The Science of Sleep (AKA La Science des Reves)? I just saw the trailer tonight and I really want to see it. It's from the guy who directed Eternal Sunshine, so I'm hoping it's just as good if not better.
That just got a really good review in Rolling Stone. It looks amazing.
I FINALLY saw American History X last night..I thought it was very interesting, but I kept waiting for the characters to develop a little more. I know it wasn't really the point of the movie, but I think all the main characters could've been really fascinating people..Does anyone know if the younger brother (Danny) has been in anything else? I think I'll go check IMDB right now..

ETA~*smacks forehead* It's Edward Furlong..that is one beautiful man..
But he hasn't been in many films that I've seen..
anna k
I'd like to see Volver and The Science of Sleep.

Thomas in Love, a French film about an agoraphobe in the future who only communicates with people from his videophone, of which Thomas' screen POV is what the audience sees the whole movie. I had rented it once, and was creeped out by the first scene, where Thomas has cybersex with a CGI babe. I turned it off, and thought it was a cyberspace porno. I just rewatched it for a second try, and was touched by how intelligent and poignant it was. Thomas is heard but never seen, and he ends up falling for two women he meets, but he can't leave his apartment or have them come visit him, so it's very tragic for him. Great little movie.

It's funny to see Elizabeth Short played by a pretty actress (Mia Kirschner) since Elizabeth was pretty homely/plain in real life.

I'd see the movie, but Josh and Aaron seem so dull, and Hilary and Scarlett seem too distracting. I'd just want to see scenes of Elizabeth rather than some detective's inner struggle and falling for some woman who looks like Elizabeth.
Hollywoodland was really good. I normally hate Ben Affleck, but he was great in this. Brody was also very excellent, and Diane Lane will probably win an Oscar nod for it. And male nudity is fine with me!!! You see Ben and Brody pratically naked, which was a shock for me. Some serious Brody love.... mmmm.....

All the Kings Men looks incredible.

Going to see Last Kiss and Illusionist next.
I love MST3K- I dug out all these tapes I had made in high school- mid-to-late 90's music videos and a couple of great episodes of MST3K. I miss that show. Sometimes watching a whole feature length movie was a little much, but the public service-type movies are the best- they're so cheesy and just lend themselves to mockery so well.

My dad saw Little Miss Sunshine while he was on a business trip and keeps bugging me and my sister and my mom to go see it- I really want to, but he's starting drive me crazy with it ("Have you seen it yet? Have you seen it yet?") so I'm afraid it's going to be overly talked-up for me. I will go see it though.

I can't wait for Running With Scissors! I was so bad about seeing movies over the summer- didn't see Strangers With Candy or Pirates of the Caribbean, or a few others that I said I'd see in the theaters. I think I'm just fed up with expensive tickets and obnoxious people who talk through the movie, that I'm totally dependant on Netflix now. I think the only movie I saw in theaters was Nacho Libre (kinda disappointing).

Science of Sleep looks really good, but it's been awhile since I saw the trailer, so I'm not remembering what it was about (as if Gondry's movies can really be categorized!)...I really loved Eternal Sunshine, and I feel llike I was the only one who got it- everyone I know was like, "oh yeah, that's that one with Jim Carrey and that girl." I got so much more out of it as a movie about how memories affect us.

Black Dahlia could be interesting, but I'll wait for Netflix.
MST3k rocks. There was this one PSA (I think it's on the Manos Hand of Fate DVD) talking about public speaking. "Be Heard, John Heard. Be Pleasing. Do I Please You? And Have a wire rack...." All of the side quotes were made by Crow of course.

Freaky ass trailer for a movie called Jesus Camp. This scared the shit out of me, but I want to see it anyways.

Damn, Hollywoodland was good.

I really want to still see Little Miss Sunshine as well.

I remember seeing Eternal in the theatres, and these redneck woman were pissed off that Carrey wasn't talking out of his arse. This is what I get for living in the south.
I love the one with the Union Pacific corporate movie, called something like "The Hours of Our Days"....hilarious!! And the Mike/Crow/Tom Servo sub-plot story is really funny, too "You got any matches for Mikey?"

Oh, I saw that Jesus Camp trailer. It does look scary, and from the comments I read on imdb, it's a pretty unbiased look, but the people manage to make themselves look pretty stupid, so it didn't even need to be biased.
Ugg, I hate Jim Carrey. I really wish he wasnt in Eternal Sunshine.
Science of Sleep looks good but wasnt it reviewed in Bust under the name "Stephan and Stephanie"?
I think I like that name better.
Oh, geez. I don't know if I can stand to watch "Jesus Camp" - went and saw "Hell House" (?) when it came out, the one where the evangelical church in Texas put on a "haunted house" at Halloween, only it was all about the evils of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll... it was funny. I don't know if Jesus Camp would be all that humorous.
Okay, tonight I watch the DVD I netflixed:

Antonin Artaud.

I hope I don't die of the pretentiousness. I fear the worst.

Any 'I am one with the sad clown of life!" and I am so out of there.

Upside? We will have nice food and wine.
Normally, I hate Jim Carrey as well, but he suprised me in Sunshine.

Jesus Camp does look unbiased, but it's also really scary. I mean I'm from the South, so I used to live around people that were insanely religious right. All of us in my group were like WTF??? Is that for real??

Going to watch Chasing Amy tonight I think and Clerks. Been in a Kevin Smith mood lately.
Went to see Little Miss Sunshine tonight. I really enjoyed it; I found it very funny, intelligent and engaging. The boy wasn't too impressed but he prefers his comedy a little bit more in yer face. Beauty pageants are whack, especially for young girls. Families are dysfunctional. Spoiler in white: I was disappointed and shocked that Alan Arkin's character, Grandpa, died so early on. It was also quite short, I could happily have done with more.
Just got back from seeing Little Miss Sunshine. Fabulous. Choking on my popcorn kind of funny. The cast was great. It was also very touching and engaging. Bunnyb, I agree with you about the spoiler. I'm glad that they got the sheer nonense and whackiness of beauty pageants as well. It was so great to Alan Arkin, and the kids were great too. "A La Mode...." Heh.

I really now want to read and see Running with Scissors. It looks interesting, and I have been wanting to read the book for years now. Not the biggest Annette Bening fan, but love Alec Baldwin and Paltrow.

Plan on seeing The Illusionist this weekend.
I recently saw the 60's movie, "Seconds," this sci-fi thriller with Rock Hudson. It was interesting and a bit frightening but on the whole I thought it was just a great opportunity to see him acting later in his career. I've got such a soft spot fot that man. So sad...

The last time I saw a movie in a theatre was a few years back: 28 Days Later (I loved). Ever since Lola's been born there's just no time. But I'm going to make an effort to see 49 and Up as it's playing at an art cinema near me soon. Hopefully that will work out and we'll find a sitter. How weird to see something on full screen!
duplessix, I'm not sure where you are (I'm in the UK) but here a few of the cinemas do parent and babies (up to 15 months) viewings of films - it may be something to look into? depending how old Lola is as obviously her attention has to be held if she's no longer a baby.
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Sep 13 2006, 12:51 PM) *

duplessix, I'm not sure where you are (I'm in the UK) but here a few of the cinemas do parent and babies (up to 15 months) viewings of films - it may be something to look into? depending how old Lola is as obviously her attention has to be held if she's no longer a baby.

thanks bunnyb! lola's now 2 so yeah, we're past that stage. but you know, so little comes out that i want to see that i can't wait to see on dvd. lately, i've been loving 70's movies and the regular old classics. I'm looking forward to seeing "Times Square" soon and "On the Waterfront." Heard they're both good though mot kid-friendly so must wait until she naps (if she naps...hehehe)
I saw Sherrybaby a couple of days ago and I really liked it. Maggie Gyllenhaal did a really really really great job acting the part. I just could've done without all the boobage, though. The sex scenes were just gratuitous, if you ask me. But yeah, I think she's headed toward and Oscar nod.
Oh i so wanna see Sherrybaby. But since i suck, i prolly won't see it until it's out on dvd.

Kind of like how i finally got around to netflix-ing November, trailer looked promising a while back, good reviews, etc...
I want to see Trust the Man. Sherrybaby looks really good too. I may go see Last Kiss this weekend as well. smile.gif
I saw Sherrybaby on Saturday, and Maggie Gyllenhaal did a Q&A which was fun. I really enjoyed the film. I tend to like depressing films. I thought the sex scenes fit the mood of the film.

I also saw Factotum which stars Matt Dillion as a loser who can't keep a job and Lili Taylor is his sex obsessed girlfriend. It's based on a book that I've never read. It had some funny scenes, but was kind of slow.

I watched a film called Mail Order Bride on tv last night. The whole time I thought it was a doc, and couldn't believe the crazy stuff going on. After it was over I realized it was in fact a scripted film.

Mr. DM and I can't wait to see Jesus Camp, it opens here next week I think.
For some reason, Jesus Camp is only playing in Savannah. I wonder if it's in a limited release for awhile....
QUOTE(designermedusa @ Sep 13 2006, 08:01 PM) *

I saw Sherrybaby on Saturday, and Maggie Gyllenhaal did a Q&A which was fun. I really enjoyed the film. I tend to like depressing films. I thought the sex scenes fit the mood of the film.

ohmy.gif Where were you that you got to see Maggie do a Q & A?!! That's awesome! The only Q&A/panel I've ever been to was at Tribeca this year with Zoe Saldana, Rosie Perez, and two other women whose names are on the tip of my tongue but have escaped my mind for the time being.

*sigh* I love Maggie. Love her bro, too. A lot.
anna k
Maggie did a Q&A last Friday at the Sunshine Cinema in NYC.
Yeah that's where I saw it, but it was Saturday night. We wanted to go on Friday night, but it was sold out.
That's so groovy... smile.gif

Going to see Last Kiss and Illusionist this weekend. Also, have a free pass to go see Flyboys this upcoming week. Yay!

Boo. Jesus Camp isn't coming to GA until like Dec! sad.gif
Casablanca is on TCM tomorrow night at 6pm ET.

It's time to see this movie again because I'm a hopeless romantic.

I might turn it into a double feature and watch Chocolat afterwards, or I might just stretch it out into a two-night lovefest.
saw the science of sleep last night: cute guy, good acting but still sort of let down. not as surprising as eternal sunshine or his clips. i kept hoping bjork would pop out of a mail box somewhere and spice things up.
i've just spent the last hour reading page after page of this thread. i can't believe i'd never found it before. anyways, i now have a long list of movies to see. i agree with whoever said that scarlette johansen is a terrible actress. which made her perfect for her matchpoint role. her pink panties did all the acting for her in lost in translation. And have any of you seen Marie-Antoinette?
sherrybaby sounds alot like Clean that came out a couple years ago with maggie cheung.
"Casablanca is on TCM tomorrow night at 6pm ET.
It's time to see this movie again because I'm a hopeless romantic."

we went to see casablanca on our second date. on the big screen. (well. the campus's big screen, anyway.)
and "as time goes by" was our wedding song. (depressing lyrics for a wedding song, i know.)

watched a cute, heartwarming little flick last night, saint ralph. campbell scott in 1950's priest garb was quite the yummy.
I so heart Casablanca. That's awesome mando! smile.gif My parents first date was going to go see Bullit. Hence, they have a daughter who loves Steve McQueen. Damn, he was cool.

Going to see Illusionist tomorrow and maybe Last Kiss as well. May do a double feature....

A cult classic that I just love: "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" Have any of you seen it? It's from 1966 and apparently didn't do well when it was initially released, but over the years it's developed something of a following. Apparently, the main star, Tura Satana, was interviewed by Bust magazine some years ago, but I didn't know of Bust's existence back then, so I've not read it. sad.gif

Anywho, the movie is awesome, and actually pretty feminist (especially for its time). It's about three women who work as go-go dancers by night, and during the day they drive their sportscars through the California desert and waste any men that get in their way! We got the movie because ratboy is a big fan of the genre of women-attacking-men, so he found that aspect to be a huge turn-on. But I mostly love the movie because the dialogue, storyline, everything is so over-the-top that it's really quite funny. I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen it.

Pussycat is such a great movie. i'm a russ meyer addict. i watched beyond the valley of the dolls last week and loved it too. sex, violence and over the top acting, j'adore.
Wow. Just got home from Illusionist. Much like tempest's review, it did have a Uusual Suspects feel to it. Ed Norton was excellent, and Paul Giamenti gave another excellent performance. It was beautifully shot, the costumes and music (done by Phillip Glass) were excellent. The story was engrossing, intellectual, and stunning. I am sure there were be Oscar nominations for both actors.

I was so amazed. A little pissed at the audience I saw it with. I wanted to applaud pratically at the end of it, because I do believe it has one of the best twist endings I have ever seen in cinema. Anyways, people around me were just like "meh" about it.

Go. See. It.

The sad thing is that the only people that have seen it besides myself are my parents. So, I really can't tell anyone much except to go see it. I feel like my friend Andy who was having the hardest time trying to even explain the plot (without giving away any of the secrets).

And my crush on Norton has started all over again.

I may go see it again next week. smile.gif
i'm curious to know how jessica biel is in that movie, sassy
She had a decent role, thought quite small. I have only seen her in that 7th Heaven show. I was plesantly suprised. She held her own against the other two actors.

Sassy, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I wanted to applaud at the end, as well. I loved the "Orange Tree" touch.

I love Edward Norton. That role was perfection for him, no? He was so wonderful--dark and intense without going over the top.

Jessica Biel was better than I had expected. Though she seemed to have a British, rather than Austrian, accent, she gave a good performance: the repressed society girl who has to shed her old life and its constraints in order to find true happiness. I liked her a lot in the carriage scene.

You know you see a good movie when you're still thinking about it the next day no?

Norton was fabulous. I loved that the stage scenes were done only with the intensity of his eyes.

I also loved "Orange Tree" touch. Paul Giamenti character just smiling at the end in his "A-ha" moment. Brilliant. Apparantly, he studied some illusionists to prepare for the role. Side note, did you know that the Orange tree trick was done by Houndini?

I plan to take everyone I know to see it.

Jessica Biel was much better than I expected. I really also enjoyed the carriage scene.
No, I did not know that about the Orange Tree! How very cool. It was really ingenious.

The eyes! Oh, that got me. The stage, the chair, and the eyes. The quiet desperation and the sheer force of will that he communicated.

Sassy, not to sound weird, but I wish we could see it and collectively swoon (this reignited my strange crush on Paul Giamatti). No one I know would really "get" it and enjoy it as thoroughly as I did; I'm kind of an odd duck, I suppose, at least in my general area.
No, that doesn't sound odd at all. I just don't think the audience I went with understood it, or liked it as much as I. I truely think it's a movie buff sort of film. And, maybe why it's not reaching a big audience, is the fact that it's a period piece? And, I feel bad that I went alone. Which is why I want to take my best friend and McCrush to it.

And my crushes on both men have been on swoon alert again. I ran home last night and watched Sideways and Fight Club. smile.gif Paul just seems like such a sweet guy, and I want to shag Ed rotten.
anna k
went to see The Black Dahlia yesterday, even though I didn't like the casting (Josh Harnett is a plank of wood and I knew Scarlett Johansson would overdo the 1940s smoky femme thing), but I knew of the case from E!'s Mysteries and Scandals and wanted to see how they would treat it.

It was terrible. Elizabeth Short was treated as a wannabe actress/slut who did pornos and was murdered. That was true (though I'm not sure about the porno part), but it was so dismissive of this poor woman who was cut up like meat. The storylines were full of crap (it came from James Ellroy's novel, who has a hard-on for 1940s Hollywood mysteries because his mother was murdered when he was 9 and the killer was never found), and I was both disgusted and bored.
Hey ratgrl!
You and the boy should checkout "Switchblade Sisters"! Its not a classic like Pussycat but its the same genre.
(no new movies for me, tho I did rent the old Marlene Dietrich film "the Blue Angel"...I heart her so..
I saw Al Franken God Spoke, it was hilarious and pissed you off at the same time. Ann Coulter makes me sick.

Also saw Mutual Appreciation, boring.

I want to see Black Dahlia, but Mr. DM doesn't like film scenes with blades, and I heard it is gory.
The Black Dahlia was just dreadful. Dreadful. Very shiny & pretty (Sets, costumes, cinematography), but I don't think I've seen a movie that shitty. I'm a big fan of neo-Noir & this even had me checking my watch every five minutes. I'd have rather watched Soul Plane or two hours worth of ads for rectal ointments. There *was* one funny scene where Josh Harnett meets Hilary Swank's family, but the rest was tripe.
i've heard the same thing about black dahlia from a bunch of people, ap. well done, beautifully shot, but terrible. shame.

(o/t i was at the smogcutter this weekend and thought of you tongue.gif)
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