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QUOTE(anna k @ Aug 6 2006, 01:39 AM) *

Yeah, exactly. And I can't imagine Jamie Foxx trying to be sexy with a name like Tubbs.

Sure it can be sexy, it's just like those take no shit gangstas who wear little girl pigtail puffs.

I saw Look Both Ways at the rep theatre and cried near the end. Nothing else to report today.
OMG! Everyone go see Little Miss Sunshine!!!
I haven't laughed that hard in a movie theater in years!!
The end was so great I was shaking! See it ya'll!!
You want to know what my real problem was with the Miami Vice movie? It just wasn't cheesy enough. Needed a LOT more cheese. wink.gif And re: Tubbs ... I think the word "Tubbs" might have been uttered once during the whole film. They kept calling him Rico. It was wrong.

Ginger, I really enjoyed V, also. I think my husband actually cried at the end.

Going to see Little Miss Sunshine tomorrow! Yay!
I'm not sure whether I posted this elsewhere last week but I heard that Nicole Kidman is on board to play Mrs Coulter in the movie adaptation of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials and possibly Paul Bettany in role of Lord Asriel. I think I imagined the character of Mrs Coulter to look more like Julianne Moore... Nicole can play manipulative too, though.

x-posting in book thread.
I saw World Trade Center, it was ok. The theatre was packed, and people were clapping.

Also saw Little Miss Sunshine, and I was laughing so much.

And Gabrielle, didn't know what it was about but since Isabelle Hupert was in it I figured it would be good. I enjoyed it, but it was a tad bit slow.
I think Kidman would make an excellent Mrs. Coulter. I hope they find someone good to play Lyra. I have the audio book and the actress who does her voice is amazing. I have high expectations.
6-week-late gush ahead, feel free to skip over: finally saw pirates of the caribbean last night, and maybe i was in the proper frame o' mind or something, but i thought it was by far the best flick i've seen in a theater in eons. i can't say enough good things about the special effects, the production design, the music, the costumes, the makeup ... and yeah, i enjoyed the first one well enough, but really wasn't expecting much of this one, based on the meh reviews. but damn! i was literally enthralled (and no, i wasn't stoned either). i had to keep shushing the kid, especially during the beastie parts. that thing freaked me the fuck out.

my only thumbs down were orlando and keira's gleaming white teeth. (come on, you spend that much on authentic-as-hell makeup and you can't paint a little yellow on their high beams?)

and i ADORE bill nighy and i assumed i'd actually get to see something other than his gorgeous baby blues. but i picked up on every subtle nighy-ism, oh yes indeed.

and i sort of didn't get the entire storyline. not that it mattered. altho that's usually a biggie for me.

i'm just glad my mens insisted we see it in the theater. i was pushing to wait for netflix. this one's SO NOT a tv-sized movie!

oh, and sixelacat if you're lurking, remember when we were talking about keith richards doing a cameo in the next pirates movie? i have to tell you that your "keith can't die, he's no longer carbon-based" comment is still the funniest.joke.ever at casa mando. we were laughing our asses off on the way home last night. hee.
So, need to see Pirates.
I'm so bad. I haven't seen a movie in ages. I want to see Little Miss Sunshine, Pirates, and Scoop. And maybe Snakes on a Plane for Ed Wood value only.

Wow, was that movie deliciously horrible! I was in a large group of people, we were all completely trashed and having loads of fun. We thought it was a brilliant idea to go see it shitfaced, and when we got to the theatre, apparently just about everyone else there had the same idea.

The movie was so awful and hilarious, and I hardly remember anything but a lot of people getting attacked by snakes, and Samuel L Jackson kicking ass. Everyone in the theatre was howling and cheering, including us-it was like Rocky Horror. The group in front of us brought loads of fake rubber snakes with them and gave them to other movie goers, but my cruel bf threw mine into the crowd at the end of the movie.

I found it utterly amusing that there was an honest to god police officer standing outside the doors of the screen we were in throughout the whole movie. I'm not sure exactly what they were there for, but no one got busted for anything. I wouldn't be surprised if the producers hired "police officers" to stand there all day, just for the camp effect.

I drank WAY too much last night and I am paying for it this morning. Don't worry, we took the train.
Awesome! I may have to go it see it tomorrow. Sounds like you had a blast.
It looks deliciously campy. smile.gif

I rented Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night. It was really funny. I think it was one of Val Kilmer's best roles since Tombstone. Good twist at the end too. Neat way of telling the story as well.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is fantastic, I like the whole film noir take. Agree with it being Val's best role since Tombstone too. RDJ great too, but he always is in my eyes smile.gif.

eta: just watched The Transporter which was surprisingly watchable. Sometimes I'm not averse to a mindless action film with ridiculous fight scenes and welcome eye candy.
humanist, loved your review of snakes ... hee!

i feel like such a dumbass after watching syriana last night and having no clue as to what was going on. other than everyone was a bad guy, of course. they should've included a cliff-notes-for-dumbasses version with the dvd extras.

and on a purely vapid level, i think i actually prefer the schlumpy clooney. yum.

i'm both eagerly anticipating & dreading spike lee's when the levees broke on hbo tomorrow night. not sure why i can even think about watching it, when i can't deal with any of the many many 9/11 specials they seem to be airing all over the place. i can't even watch the trailers for world trade center.
made it thru the first two "acts" of when the levees broke. but only barely. the dead bodies were hard to take.

haunting. riveting. brutal. enlightening.
a must-see for everyone in this country. especially those in power. and those even thinking of ever going into politics.

i've never been a huge spike fan, but he did a fantastic job. really well done.
kudos to HBO for the 4 hours. altho i'm sure it could've been 8 hours. easy.

i am hoping he devotes some of the final two hours to the "civilians" who went to help.

apologies for hogging.
Mando, I watched it last night too. Wow.

I especially like how Spike Lee shows how many people were at fault in the ordeal. He does not simply blame one person or one aspect of government. And he doesn't really blame them at all, he lets the people speak. Quite different from the Michael Moore variety, which I find very annoying.

I plan on watching the rest. Do you happen to know when it airs? Is it tonight?

i watched it last night also. it was so sad, but so good. i want to sit and watch the whole thing at once. but then again, i had to get up and walk into the kitchen to clean during some parts, so i could only hear it. it was making me cry too much.

karianne, the third and fourth acts are tonight at 9pm (at least here in my timezone)
I envy you guys. I can't get cable where I Spike Lee's movie is just not available to me for now. I do have a local video store owner who will bend over backwards to source films no one else in my little town would seem to be interested in...maybe he can find me a copy somewhere.

I've always liked Spike Lee even though he has an infuriating animosity towards women in general in his feature films. His documentaries, however, are always incredibly powerful. He's just a good filmmaker and I can't wait to see this latest one. Thanks to everyone here for letting me know about it, I don't want to miss it.

I think Michael Moore is just as powerful and effective, but his approach to the material is very different; he's got a different intention in mind and I personally think he did the world a favour by simply exposing certain people in his latest films. Lee does the same thing, just very differently; but each goes in with an agenda in mind and works towards fulfilling it in their work.
(ditto, mando, on the 9/11 movies. it's too soon, and i think it infinitely cheapens the event...)
I saw Trust the Man, and it was hilarious. David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal, could it get any better. Oh and Billy Crudup, but he not a fav of mine.

I'd like to see the Spike Lee Katrina film, but I don't have HBO right now.
Have to add that to the list. David and Julianne interviewed each other in EW recently. Want to see Last Kiss and Illusionist and still want to see Pirates 2 and Little Miss Sunshine.

I also want to see Spike Lee film, but no HBO either. Drats.
Yeah, I saw Trust the Man, The Illusionist, and Little Miss Sunshine last Friday ( biggrin.gif YES, all of them in one day!) and I loved them all. They were all well-acted and well-written. LMS was freaking hilarious, and I absolutely loved the humor in TTM! They were all great. They have what I've been missing in recent months. Movies are such crap these days. The Night Listener?!!!...*bangs head against wall and tries to forget that ever happened*
I just saw our alternative weekly is giving away free passes to Trust the Man this weekend. I assume it will be a sneak preview next week. I plan to see Little Miss Sunshine and Illusionist this weekend.

Gawd, the Night Listener was such a piece of shit!
Okay, so I am stuck in the blackhole vortex of hell, some refer to it as Indiana. And the one indie/foriegn flim theater in town is finally showing the Notorious Bettie Page. So I'll am excited!!! I probably check it out this weekend.
I saw Volver tonight and loved it. It was funny (in an absurd way), emotional and despite the surreal comedy aspect it dealt with serious issues, among them grief. Volver, I have been told, is Spanish for return (to return?) and it deals with the return of a dead mother (Almodovar is fixated on the death of his mother and, seemingly, the breasts of Penelope Cruz. For a gay man, maybe this is a manifestation of his grief too.) The film looks at three generations of women and, perhaps not anti-male in its sentiment, it does not have any positive representations of men, or realised representations. I found the film quite poignant in parts, especially the relationship between Cruz and her mother (Maura); it focuses on mother/daughter relationships, sisterhood and female friendship. The plot is simplistic in a way and a little predictable but I found it very enjoyable.
Volver is out already?!

Dammit! *mutters* some Almodovar whore I am...
yes!! finally found and watched Brick. Joseph G-Levitt has really come into his own, and, dare i say, is hott. Bizarre but compelling film...
anna k
I'm surprised by how much Joseph has grown up. I remember him as a shrimpy kid in Angels in the Outfield. I'd like to see Mysterious Skin.

I watched In Her Shoes tonight. I really liked the book, and the movie was good too, especially how the book was edited for the screenplay and some subplots were cut out or blended together to go with the main story.

The Woodsman was a good little movie. For once Kevin Bacon's creepiness worked in his favor and made him more sympathetic.
faerietails, I'm in the UK and it opened here Friday, if that helps?

I'm undecided whether or not to read In her Shoes before watching the movie.
Volver is already out in the UK? It doesn't open in NY for a month or so, it might be November.

I saw Half Nelson this weekend. It was such a real film, you really felt for the characters.
I'd love to see Volver. It's coming to the Vancouver film fest in September, but it's the opener, so will be expensive. Ah well, I'm sure it will be in general release soon enough.
You ladies have to see The Descent! If you like horror films, you will love this one! The women in it are intelligent, talented, athletic, international and they kick some cannibal male ass! The film is actually written very well and begins with a scary car accident that effects one girl's pscyhe and kills some people she is close to (don't want to spoil it), cut to one year later when one of her more daring gal pals arranges a girly weekend at a cabin in the Appalachians and a cave exploration from hell. There are plenty of jump out of your pants moments, and the women just kick ass.
as much as i loathe and despise you-know-who, i don't know how i feel about this:

Brit TV film on fictional Bush slaying.
dang, mando. that's kinda fucked up. wow.
i saw "the quiet" today. i thought it was good- suspenseful and nicely written and shot. at times, i thought it tried too hard to be edgy, but overall, i am glad i saw it. i enjoyed it. reminded me some of "heavenly creatures."
did anyone else see "the quiet"? i had the theater all to myself....
i have seen advertisements for "the quiet" but couldn't tell what the picture is actually about - which does not bode well for me. perhaps its because i couldnt get past how hot that one dark haired girl is... what was it actually about pink?

also, has anyone seen "Quinceanera" yet? I really fucking want to see it but it refuses to come to my town! I don't get it. I am so spoiled after having lived in major east coast cities.
ferraro, i agree with you that the dark haired girl is hot. her name is camilla belle, i think. i looked her up online when i got home- she has a great haircut in "the quiet" that i might like to replicate. apparently, she has also been in the 2006 remake of "when a stranger calls" and also "the ballad of jack and rose" with daniel day lewis. i haven't seen either, but i heard that latter was a good film.
i will try to describe the movie without spoiling it- a girl named dot is deaf. her parents die several years apart, and she is finally taken in by her godparents. they have one daughter, who is a popular cheerleader who thinks dot is a freak. everyone is somehow "drawn" to dot, though, and they feel safe confiding in her b/c they assume that she cannot understand them due to her deafness. then there are some plot twists, and some underlying stories, and a lot of suspense.
from what i understand, the movie has gotten some bad reviews. i think that it tries too hard to be edgy at times, and we read on E online that all the characters are stereotypes- i can't argue with this, but i see this rather as part of the director's style/signature, rather than a fault. the director was jaime babbitt, who did "but i'm a cheerleader."

did anyone see idlewild?
i watched a making of idlewild - looks like it was a helluva lot of fun to make! good lord, could andre and terrance be any more hott?! they should always wear period clothing!

the family stone would've been a much better movie if it had been written and directed by someone else. oh and if dermot mulroney wasn't in it (i don't dislike him, he was just very miscast). i came this close to turning it off an hour in. i really really hate when a movie has so many good things going for it (ie: great cast, good-enough premise), and somehow - while going thru Le Hollywood Blender - gets completely fucked up. what a waste.

loved diane's hair, tho.
and again impressed with rachel mcadams.
Finally saw Little Miss Sunshine this weekend. Loved it. I haven't laughed at a movie like that in years. And now I can't stop talking about it.

Mando, I felt the same way about The Family Stone.
Really looking forward to seeing Little Miss Sunshine, it doesn't open here until Friday.
I like Rachel McAdams too. She's been in some turkeys but always acquits herself very well. And I was impressed she pulled out of last year's infamous Vanity Fair cover.

The remake of the Wicker Man sucks lots. And Nicolas Cage has had his teeth done, so now he has these blindingly straight white teeth in that hangdog face. Kind of like Ross in friends.

The Queen, a new British film about the aftermath of Princess Diana's death, is awesome. It really got the extent of the grieving that went on in the UK and serves as a nasty little swipe at Blair too. And Helen Mirren plays Elizabeth II. It's all good.
We watched Thumbsucker last night, and I thought it was meh. It was one of those movies where I don't feel like I even get what the film maker is trying to do or say, ya know? I've gotta go read the NY Times review.

I liked Little Miss Sunshine a lot, but didn't love it as much as some friends of mine did. I get put off of films and movies when there are big medical goof-ups...silly, I know, but I can't help it. And it went just a teensy bit over the top for me in general...I didn't think it needed that. Steve Carell was great in it, though.

I agree about The Family Stone, too. Should've been better. Could've been better.

I've got the original Wicker Man on order from Netflix. And some other 70s horror movie...oh! Let's Scare Jessica To Death...I remember a friend of mine telling me the whole plot, but I never saw it. Jennifer and I would go sit somewhere at recess and she would tell me, blow by blow, about the horror movies that she was allowed to see but I wasn't. She was so good at it! I can never recount a movie scene by scene!
amilita, I was not so thrilled with "thumbsucker" either. I mean, it was okay, but I definitely think some points were missed. or not made. I thought it had a lot of potential, though. too bad.

just netflix'd "maria full of grace." I was totally riveted. so glad I finally saw it after missing its theatrical release. there are a bunch of documentaries in the queue... my favorite. I'm especially stoked for "war photographer," about a photojournalist on the front lines.

not sure what I think of the previews for "the black dahlia." I love depalma, so I know I'll see it, but the tv spots have been less than inspiring. on the other hand, I just said I know I'll see it, so I guess they worked!
Oh, the original "Wicker Man" was SUCH a 70's movie - weird camera angles, gratuitous nekkid people, etc. Why, o why, would they remake it? And set it in the Pacific NW?
My question exactly vesica. Especially as everything that made the original unique (weird folk music, creepy as hell atmosphere) is utterly non-existent in the sanitised remake. I think it may have been a vanity project for the director (Neil LaBute).

I only saw it because I had to review it.

So, I went to see Lady in the Water the other night, and in my opinion it was just BAD. Like almost MST3K-bad. I can't really say I was disappointed -- hey, I only spent $.50 to see it, and I was warned it wasn't very good. For anyone who reads my LJ, my apologies for the self-indulgence, but here's what I said about it there:

"I swear, it's the kind of thing you come up when you and a bunch of your friends have been doing up a whole lot of extremely kind bud, all sticky and red-haired, to the point where you have completely lost track of what day it is, where you are, and what those weird things are sticking out of the ends of your arms. 'Dude, what if there was an entrance to another world through the bottom of the pool? And a naked girl came out of it and came to your door? Oh, and there's this thing after her, this dog... or maybe it's a wolf... and you can't see it... ummmm... 'cause it's covered with grass, and it can lay real flat so it's invisible!!!' At this point someone suggests going *looking* for the entrance to the other world in the bottom of the nearest pool, which seems like the Best Idea Ever, until everyone realizes this would involve getting up and going somewhere, and would probably require shoes, and keys, and possibly even driving, of which none of you is capable, and given the relative comfort of the couch and the proximity of a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, and does anyone remember why we were going out? I thought not. "

hee hee. I *kill* me.
Lady in the Water was MST3k bad.....

Anyone heard anything about Hollywoodland? I want to see it for my Adrian Brody love... and maybe the Illusionist as well. It looks like it's going to be a good movie weekend. smile.gif
sassygrrl, I can tell you that The Illusionist was top-notch, IMHO. It was intelligent, thoughtful, and engrossing, and aesthetically, just gorgeous. There's a whole Usual Suspects aspect to it that's fantastic, too. I went to see it last weekend, and was just enchanted. Edward Norton was great--dark and mysterious without being campy; and Paul Giamatti turned out another wonderful performance--very tightly controlled with glimpses of surprising vulnerability. I can't recommend it enough.
Last weekend I saw Heading South, French film about women on holiday in 1970's Haiti. Very good social commentary.

I also saw This Film Is Not Yet Rated, it's a doc about the MPAA and how it's biased. Very good film.
Saw the The Black Dahlia and it is stunning. Looks fab, great cast, great twisty story. Scarlett almost steals it from Josh Hartnett but Aaron Eckhart (who I love) is good as is the otherwise irritating Mia Kirshner. It's a little odd seeing Hilary Swank as a femme fatale, smoking and swearing. Not entirely convincing. I suspect (with no grounds) she lobbied for the part.

Overall look and feel is very noir, crossed with a pacy detective story. I want to see it again.
lmao on vesicapisces's review ... hee!

my take on thumbsucker: i completely forgot the movie as soon as it was over.

i want to see little miss sunshine, but i fear it'll be out of theaters by the time i have the time.

i think i must see running with scissors in the theater. i'm not a huge fan of annette bening (i always feel she's trying too hard. and her severe enunciation irritates me.) - but this role seems tailor-made for her. even if the trailers are the best parts, it'll be worth it.

tempest, i'm putting the illusionist on my queue based on your review alone. cool.gif

"MST3k"??(apologies for being braindead.)
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