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I like artsy fartsy.
What ever happened to Guy Ritchie? I really enjoyed his first two movies but he hasn't made a movie since 2002.
Madonna happened. She sucks the life force out of all around her.
well then celimene, i am very sorry you had to suffer through the experience of watching the whole movie, i hope that in time you can make a full recovery. a pox on miranda july's name for causing you such angst! a pox, i say!
Superman was fun.
My boyfriend informed me that when he was in school at USC, Bryan Singer (the director of Superman, also went to USC himself) hit on him at a party, tried to pick him up, and *lustfully* groped his ass.
I'm not surprised. I can't resist groping it myself.
May see Superman this weekend.....It looks fun. Whoa humanist... heh... your boyfriend must have a hot ass... ! :-) So, would that make Singer gay then or just bi? Hmm....not that it matters. I still love his movies.
I think Bryan Singer is gay. He's also quite cute IMO; I wouldn't mind being groped by him, if I were the right gender.

He's also the brother of Lori Singer, star of Fame(the TV show) and Footloose.
I think Bryan Singer is gay. He's also quite cute IMO; I wouldn't mind being groped by him, if I were the right gender.

He's also the cousin of Lori Singer, star of Fame(the TV show) and Footloose.
Cousin, brother, whatever... see how committed I am to sharing Singer info?? :-)
Apologies! Sheesh.
I adored Superman Returns, and I'm not even that much of a Superman fan.
And, may I add, I am still swooning. Hotties that fly? And say "swell"? Well okay.
I liked Superman Returns as well. The only flaw was Kate Bosworth, she is too young and not a good enough actress to play Lois Lane. Parker Posey was hilarious.
was superman overly CG? i prefer my CG to be seamless.

i'm trying to get thru rent. watched the first half weds night. i like the music fine, and rosario dawson makes me swoon. but otherwise, meh. i wish i'd seen it on b'way.

this review from rotten tomatoes makes me laugh: "I hated every 135 minutes of it. Heroic HIV-positive New Yorkers who do nothing and do not want to pay rent. They worship a flirty drag queen named Angel."
I just saw a sneak preview of Spiderman3 it looks like it might be really awesome.
I just saw a sneak preview of Spiderman3 it looks like it might be really awesome.
"Rent" was really awkward because they changed so much of the music into dialogue. It really pissed me off. People don't talk in song lyrics!
"Rent" was sooo much better on the stage than it is as a movie. However, what's his face from law and order as Tom Collins...omg. When I saw the movie, I was like, "I don't care if you're gay and have aids, I'd still do you!"

Was that really Rosario Dawson singing? Cause she did an awesome job, if so.
I really liked Superman Returns, but agree that Kate Bosworth was sorely miscast. I think there were plenty of actresses who would have done the role justice, unfortunately Kate is not one of them. Parkey Posey would have made a better Lois Lane, but she did do a great job as Kitty. She and Kevin Spacey both did fantastic jobs. And um, Brandon Routh is just hot, especially as bumbling Clark Kent.
That rotten tomatoes review of the film Rent is exactly how I felt! I had no sympathy for the characters (except for Angel) at all. I do think Rosario Dawson and the Law and Order guy were great, but the score drove me nuts (those songs are SO dated) and the sing the dialogue thing drove me nuts too!

I haven't seen Superman Returns (I'm seeing it tomorrow though at Graumann's Chinese Theater!), but I remember being pissed off about Bosworth's casting as Lois Lane from the get-go. The whole point of Lois Lane is that she is supremely, utterly and totally a WOMAN, not a GIRL. Not only is Bosworth too young, but she's also wasting away with anorexia, which makes her look even more girlish! The only reason she was cast is because Kevin Spacey insisted on it. He loved working with her on the Bobby Darren movie, so he recommended her for Lois Lane.
I rented Rent (sorry, no pun intended) a few weeks ago and I found it hard to enjoy as well. I've never seen it on stage but at the end of the movie I was just like didn't feel the least bit impressed.
omg i didn't even like the first two spiderman movies, but the trailer makes me want to see it... or at least fill the void that x3 left me with...
loathed & despised match point. even more than melinda melinda. where has my beloved woody gone? *wail* and if he had to clone one of his movies, why did it have to be crimes and misdemeanors and not annie hall or play it again sam? this is also the first time i've ever hated scarlett. *double wail*

gave up on rent without watching the rest of it. sent it back. feh.

now i'm gunshy about renting syriana. every movie has been a disappointment lately. maybe it's me. :-(
The original soundtrack for Superman in the opening credits made me sad.
Yuefie said: Parkey Posey would have made a better Lois Lane but she did do a great job as Kitty.
Yeah I totally agree.

I am looking forward to seeing The Devil Wears Prada. Has anyone caught it yet?
I plan on seeing Devil Wears Prada as well as Superman on July 4th. Can't wait. :-)
Oh my god, Superman's dick was huge.
Damn it, Girlbomb! I kept forgetting to check out his package! But I heard that they had to do a lot of CGI work to uh, make his size less distracting. Tee hee :-)

I hadn't heard that Parker Posey was in the movie, so I was thrilled to see her name in the opening credits! I lurves her. But I agree that she would have been a better Lois in many ways. And sheff thinks that Jennifer Tilly would have played Kitty better. But if we changed all of those characters, then I think we'd have to get a new, older Superman. Brandon is too tasty to dump. Me love him long time!

I think I'll put my Superman comments in white for those who haven't seen it yet.

I'm seriously confused about certain plot points. Sheff and I were both annoyed by picky little things (Why is the life boat below deck on Lex's ship? And why is there a billiard table on said ship? And when Superman took off his heart monitor, shouldn't the nurses at the nurses station have seen that on their own monitors? And and and and). But my biggest problem has to deal with Kryptonite. Remember that when he stepped down onto Lex's island thingy, he immediately lost all of his strength. Just by stepping on it. So why is it that just a bit later, he was able to lift that giant Kryptonite-infested rock & throw it into space? I mean, he had big spikes of Kryptonite right in his face! On top of that, he still had a chunk of the stuff imbeded in his side. What the hell?!??

I'm also planning to see The Devil Wears Prada this week, probably Wednesday. I can't wait! It's getting fairly good reviews, but I read that they made it more sympathetic toward the boss. Maybe that's okay since Meryl Streep is playing the part.

PinkPoodle and I saw An Inconvenient Truth on Friday. Definitely a must-see. We cried at the 2000 election footage and both agree that we'd be perfectly happy to be with a guy who looked like Al Gore does at his age, thinning top and all.

Also went to see Nacho Libre yesterday. It was really sweet and understated, but it was funny how Jack Black would go into his regular Jack Black thing at some points, forgetting to have an accent and singing with his groovy soulful(?) bravado like in Tenacious D. It had a lot of heart. That's one of the reasons I love Jack Black so much, he always seems to do movies with heart, he doesn't make himself out to be better than he is, and he's kind of pudgy but he's totally comfortable with it. You can't help but love him.
i guess i got my CGI superman answer. hee.

the trailer for running with scissors is brilliant. the casting looks spot on.

is that really meryl's real hair in the devil wears prada, or is it a wig?
Argh- slow laptop, can't watch the preview! I'll have to pry myself off the couch and go to my regular computer! I'm reading Magical Thinking right now, Mando- I like it, except I found two spelling mistakes....really stupid ones, like his editor just used spell-check on the manuscript instead of actually reading it.
On boyfriend being groped and ogled by Bryan Singer: he says he truly, truly regrets not reciprocating now, for he could be the boy toy of a very wealthy and hot man. I couldn't agree more~
beyond awesome:

Keith Richards to Be in 'Pirates' Movie

i just hope he doesn't die beforehand.
Yay for Keith Richards! Don't worry, mando, Keith can't die, he's no longer carbon-based. He's all preservative now, he'd have to be squished by a steam-roller or something.

Okay, I just now got around to watching Proof. Never been a big Gwyneth fan, but I loved this movie. I dunno, I'm just not cynical about movies/plots anymore, must be getting soft in my old age....
Didn't Keith Richards have all his blood replaced in a clinic in Switzerland?

I read in several places Johnny Depp based his Pirates character on KR (apologies if this has been posted before...)
Just got back from Superman. Yes, his dick was huge it seeemed. :-) Really pissed off b/c I thought that Parker would have made a better Lois, and Jennifer Tilly a better Kitty. Spacey was great as always, and the new kid as Superman was very good.

Got all choked up and sad when the opening credits happened, and they dedicated it to The Reeves. Wonder if there's going to be a sequel. A few plot points have me shaking my head, but I won't spoil it for those that haven't seen it.

I plan on seeing either Devil Wears Prada or Pirates this weekend.

The trailer for Spiderman 3 looks rad, and that new Paul Giametti about the weird pool creatures....
"I read in several places Johnny Depp based his Pirates character on KR (apologies if this has been posted before...)"

Yeah, that's why they cast him. Tongue-in-cheek thing. Personally I think it's a lame idea, and even make two other films is a stretch for a movie that was a fluke to begin with.
@ "... he's no longer carbon-based."

not to be persnickety, but pirates of the carribean did $46,630,690 opening weekend and grossed $305,388,685 in the US alone. that's some 'fluke'.

if you ask me, there aren't enough pirate movies. arrr.
I agree, I love Pirate movies...or any excuse to see Depp in eyeliner...But, that's just me. :-)
I mean that it was unusual for it to be a hit, being based on an amusement park ride and being successful because of Depp's involvement. It was a fun summer movie, but doesn't need to be repeated 3x. But that's my opinion.
Was it a cup that assisted Superman's genitalia, or was the actual hose noticeable?

Watched The Lost City. I liked it, good little story. Shame that so many posers thought and think so highly of the "revolution." Sure should have done better with that. I love Bill Murray.
Wasn't it based on the book of the same name by Robert Louis Stevenson? Granted, it's not the same story, but I'm sure the premise wasn't taken from an amusement park ride.
It's definitely based on the ride (which was, in part, based on the Stevenson book, I'm guessing). I remember when the first one came out and all the reviewers were saying stuff like, "For a movie based on a Disney theme park attraction, it's actually pretty good!"
Saw Superman Returns. I really enjoyed it, mostly because I thought Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey were hilarious, the guy who played Jimmy was also spot-on, the CGI effects were great, so the flying sequences weren't nearly as cheesy as the original, loved that they used the original music, loved the opening action sequence where Superman saves Lois (don't want to spoil it though). Now for what I didn't like:
There is NO WAY Brendan Routh and Kate Bosworth are old enough for these roles. The fact that he is supposed to be returning after a 5 year hiatus, and finds her married and with a 7 year old is retarded! She is like 23 and looks 12, so what was she supposed to be like 16 when she had the kid!? And Lex Luthor and Superman need to be the same age, not 25 years apart! I think Brendan Routh is not a bad actor, he's just young and needs more time to mature and become a better actor. I think Christopher Reeves was already in his 30's when he did these films, which made him alot better for the role. Kate Bosworth just comes off as a really weak Lois. In the scenes where she is being criticized by her boss, she seems afraid and intimidated by him, whereas Margot Kidder just walked all over him. And finally, I think that they should have ended this movie about 30 minutes before it did.

I saw the Devil Wears Prada and really enjoyed it. Diva, they did change it somewhat from the book, but they did not make the Meryl Streep character more sympathetic, but rather Anne Hathaway's character. She was not quite such a good girl in the book.
I rented Freedomland the other night. It was good but so obivious. The back cover said shocking twist ended you'll never see coming. All the actors did well but the story seemed so weak. Has anyone else seen it?
Aw, shit. I was hoping to avoid the Superman flick as I have such fond memories of the Chris Reeves movies. I didn't know Kevin Spacey was in it. I have an OCD-type crush on his acting, I have to see everything he's in. Bugger.
I saw The Great New Wonderful this weekend. It's an ensemble drama about New Yorker's lives one year after September 11, but that's really just a small part of it. I thought it was ok, but expected it to be better.

I'm going to see The Devil Wears Prada this weekend.
Stevenson wrote Treasure Island (which isn't the same story as POC), but I don't think he ever wrote a book called Pirates of the Carribean. I'm pretty sure that's a disney creation. It did seem weird at the time that the movie was so good, being based on a disney ride. I'm skeptical about the 2nd movie, but at the same time I hope it will be good.
Yeah, maybe "inspired" is probably a better word than "based." ;)

Why am I not in bed right now?
I don't know, maybe if it was better in theaters, but I took the first POC out of the library to see what all the hype was about and I thought it was soooooooooo cooooooorrrrnnyyyyy. Ugh.
I watched "North Country" last night and I really liked it a lot. It was really frustrating seeing all of the horrible things that were done to those poor women, but the ending was very satisfying. Very well done, I thought.
I don't really have the desire to see any of the movies in theaters right now. Maybe Nacho Libre--my parents loved it (isnt it funny that my parents are Jack Black fans?)

I rented Wedding Crashers out of boredom and it was ok. Rachel McAdams is adorable,..and did anyone else get aroused by the creepy gay kid? or was that just me?
I saw a trailer for Clerks 2. It looks pretty good.
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