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that movie looks good, saktii. so, was it still really violent, but not gratuitously so, or just not as violent as the rating would suggest? i'm of the mind that so long as the plot is being moved along by what is happening onscreen violence is fine (though i just. can't. handle rape scenes very well. i like enough forewarning and a friend with me i trust so i can close my eyes and be told when it's over)

so, the anarchist cookbook=superawesome. it's not really about anarchism, though, and the ending is kinda like 'yeah, okay, "anarchism" is bad, we get it', but still worth watching. it's more about the people than anarchy or the 'anarchy' in the movie, and that is what made it good, imo
Well, I guess I was just expecting there to be more blood and gore, ala-- Saving Private Ryan or Braveheartor something.
The few scenes are incredibly realistic, incredibly graphic-- most certainly-- but I thought it kept much in line with the mood of the movie, and not superfluous in nature.
I mean, the movie's about the brutality of the early days of the Australian Outback. It really was like that, then.
The hardest part for me was watching the flogging scene. That made me cry.
I found it much easier to handle the violence of Braveheart or Saving Private Ryan (it's war, you expect it), than the type of violence in The Proposition. I always believe that viewers are not so dumb that it is necessary to show in great detail how disgusting and violent men are, when it could very easily be suggested without demonstrating it. For example, the story Emily Watson tells in The Proposition about the rape of her friend is much more compelling than if they had actually showed the rape (one of the only acts of violents not actually shown). Saktii, weren't you also frustrated by the fact that the Sheriff, knowing the horrible brothers are going to go after him and probably rape/kill his wife, just waits for it to happen instead of telling her to run away, or trying to stop it?

Last night I saw Praire Home Companion. It was really sweet and very entertaining. I felt like I was in the actual theater watching them perform live on stage. Who knew Meryl Streep had such a great voice? And I loved her scenes with Lily Tomlin. Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly were hilarious and I love Garrison Keiller. The only part of the movie I really didn't like whatsoever was Lindsey Lohan. She is terrible! How does she keep getting roles? This is a slice of life type film, so there isn't really a plot or much of a through line, but if you like the radio show, you will like the film.
I liked Prairie Home Companion but like celimene says, it's a slice of life film and I felt like they were trying to force a bit of a plot on it and that annoyed me. It was still really good though, and Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin were great.
gardnerella - Is that what it is? You need a diesel engine? I heard an NPR report about vegetable oil fuel and I thought you oould just put it in any car. Don't know tons about it, but very, very intrigued.

Back on topic - Yes, must see "Prairie Home Companion."
I'm watching the Family Stone. It's making me uncomfortable and sad.
I haven't seen the Family Stone yet, the previews made me think it was a little too like my family to watch anytime soon.

Has anyone seen Bee Season? It's going to expire soon on my Movielink and I'm debating letting it go without seeing it, I've been kinda busy with summer school....
Skip Bee Season! Seriously, those are two hours of your life that you'll never get back.

Actually, it might be tied with Blair Witch for my Most Hated of All Time list.
Sixelcat, just read the book - I haven't seen the adaptation yet, b/c I'm too afraid that it's just unadaptable (someone here referred to the film here as kaballah propaganda, which wasn't the point of the book at all; also, changing one of the characters from to male to female and then hiring Kate Bosworth to play her can't be a good sign).
Kate Bosworth's character was originally supposed to be a guy?! I hate the movie even more now. It was pretty kaballah-y, though! They throw in a few other religions, but Gere was hardcore kaballah.

And to think that Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal's mom wrote it! Grr...well, at least her kids are talented.
I'm convinced. I'll get the book when session is over. Thanks!
JUST saw X-Men 3... YAY, now I can go back and read the stuff in white!

Wasn't there talk of a new X-Men thread?
I just saw Match Point and i'm all "Meh" about it. Scarlette Johannsen has fabulaous big giant tits and a luscious round ass, but besides that I just don't think she's all that and she just isn't your standard neurotic Woody Allen character. And how dare he make a movie outside of New York with no Jewish characters? He tried to get all " Dostoevsky-arty with a boner for Scarlette Johansen's big luscious titties and ass" and I am not having it. Humph.
talk about meh. finally saw brokeback. too long. too mumbly. crushingly depressing. don't think heath deserved a nomination, either. and knowing the end was very much a spoiler. tho i sort of didn't care by then.

transamerica on the other hand was well worth my time. a little slow at times, and far-fetched, but well done overall. and felicity so deserved to win over reese! and the hottie who played her son, Kevin Zegers? the kid from air bud! i knew he looked familiar! he grew up ... nicely. *dirty old lady chuckle*
I have not seen Transamerica yet, but I was so irritated by the packaging of the DVD. It has a cover where you can tilt it and she changes from looking like her character, rather drad and simple, to being glamorous Felicity Huffman. Why did they have to do that? Does she ever look like that in the film?
I saw the Lake House. It was okay but the main problem, and I don't think this is a spoiler because it is mentioned in many of the reviews, is that there is a supposed "twist" at the end which is absolutely, positively, glaringly obvious to anyone with half a neuron in their head immediately. And because they pretend like you don't know the twist, the rest of the movie is kind of boring as you impatiently wait for it to be revealed.
Watched Jesus is Magic yesterday...the Sarah Silverman movie. There were a few really funny moments, but other than that I actively disliked it. To me, her humor depends a lot on the shock value of a woman saying really dirty words and talking about touchy subjects, which does nothing for me. Also, she's really gorgeous, and there are so, so many tight close ups of her face...and it's her movie...I dunno, I just get the feeling she relies on her looks a ton, too. Bo-ring.

On the classics tip, watched Wild Strawberries and it's great. Ya gotta be in the mood for a slow, contemplative movie. I've been thinking about life and death and such lately, so it was perfect.
kittenb, The cover for TransAmerica dvd bothers me as well. No she never looked like the real Felicity Huffman in the film. Very good film, but terrible dvd cover.

I saw An Inconvenient Truth this weekend, and I was bored. I like Al Gore, but at times he talked so slow. I've never been much of an enviromentalist, and although I know global warming is an important issue this film just didn't motivate me to care any more than I already do.
Designer, did we see the same film? I agree that there are parts of An Inconvenient Truth that are slow, but I felt it completely necessary to show lots of proven scientific facts in order to show Gore's point on global warming. I didn't find him boring at all, but rather, thought he was funny and witty and very good at simplifying complex theories in a way to make it understandable to audiences like me, who know nothing about science. I kept thinking "where the hell was this guy during the 2000 election?" I remember his speeches were terrible and he seemed to lack personality, which I did not think was the case in this movie at all. The film really depressed me and made me terrified about the future effects of global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps. I also really liked the personal references Gore used, such as how we can no longer claim ignorance and not face the consequences of our actions - as an example he used the fact that his father used to grow tobacco on their farm, but then his sister died of lung cancer, forcing his father to own up to the fact that tobacco can and does cause cancer, and now he no longer grows tobacco. He said that sometimes when we see gradual evidence of a problem, we choose to ignore it, and how it takes something big in order for us to make a move or take action. Sadly, the "big event" is something like Hurricane Katrina, which kills thousands of people.

I also saw District B-13, Luc Besson's new flick. It doesn't have a very credible plot, but it is non-stop action, filmed in a really cool way with a great sound track and stars two super-hot men.

amilita, I was going to post on "Jesus is Magic" and when I started reading your thread I thought that maybe I had and forgot about it. I didn't like the songs much, and althought I think she's pretty funny, you know she wouldn't get half the attention she does get if she were a guy.
I finally saw "Brokeback Mountain" the other day and although my reasons for renting it were the same as why many guys would rent, say, "Wild Things", I really, really liked it. But then, I love sad love stories and this one is reeeeallly depressing.
there is a movie out over here in the uk called "hard candy" all about a 14 year old girl turning the tables on a peodophile. it apparently got rave reviews in sundance last year and released for a bit but they've given it a massive ad campaign here and everyone is going to see it?
hard candy was out over here too, but I don't think a lot of people saw it, and it wasn't released in many theaters. I wanted to see it, but I was broke.
I think Sarah is funnier in interviews when she sounds more normal and not trying to shock with dirty jokes. I also think she looks cross-eyed, though she has pretty hair.

Scarlett isn't that good of an actress. She seems like one of those NYC-trained kids who performed in theater, appeared in soap operas and commercials, and naturally gained success at 15 through all their work (Mischa B., Lindsay L., Amanda Seyfried). She's fine and has a nice body, but I don't see anything remarkable about her acting. I liked her best in Manny & Lo when she was 12.
I saw Nacho Libre over the weekend. It was stupid and stereotypical, but I laughed my ass off.
yeah, I thought Match Point was boring. It was okay to watch...once. Nothing in that movie that bears a repeat viewing, imho.

Once was also enough for the Family Stone. The better parts were just okay and the uncomfortable parts were just poorly done (the gay nature/nurture thing? gah). And yes, uncomfortable can be done well -- ala "The Office" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm -- but this wasn't it.

I liked Brokeback Mountain. Even though I couldn't understand what the hell Heath was saying.
Pixieglas, I saw Hard Candy at the weekend. It's brutal but not visually graphic, and I thought it was well written and generally well acted. I thought it was very disturbing, but in a good/necessary way.

Has anyone else seen it?
happened to catch the lady in question is charles busch last night on sundance. thoroughly entertaining! i loves me some charles busch, ever since seeing vampire lesbians of sodom on off off broadway (even tho i was quite young and clueless). now i must rent die mommie die and psycho beach party.

i've got rent at home and the new world coming. but i'm so not in the mood for either.
"Rent" is way better on stage than the movie was. Just saying.
Pixie, Hard Candy got horrible reviews here, so I declined to see it. I spoke to several friends who did, and they couldn't speak badly enough about it.

I DESPISE Sarah Silverman. She thinks WAY too highly of herself, her songs in Jesus is Magic were attrocious and painful to hear, and I think she thinks she is way prettier than she actually is.
celimene, I totally agree with you for once! :-) The more I think about Jesus Is Magic, the more I hate it. All the musical numbers were crappy.

Mando, I love Psycho Beach Party! Die Mommy Die not as much...

We saw Nacho Libre the other night, and we loved it. Not sure if we were just in the right mood for it, but we cracked up. The Mr. says that slapstick can be kind of humiliating towards the characters, but in this case it wasn't.
pixie and syb, I saw Hard Candy and I mostly liked it. I thought it got a little stupid at the end, but yes very disturbing. One male audience member almost passed out and fell down the stairs. He had to leave the theatre. It's a film I've see once, but would never see again.
Yeah, the mister was squirming during a few scenes...
syb, Mr. DM would not even see it because of the one scene. I'm sure you know which one I mean.
I really want to see that movie now just because of all the reviews of it. Is it still in the theaters in the US, or is it out on video?
amilita--I saw Nacho Libre last week and I loved it too. It just made me smile and I needed that.
I needed a good laugh, too, zillah. Yay Nacho!
And I freely confess that I'm waiting for a chance in my everyday life to use "Get that corn outta my face!"
Ha. Last night, we kept saying, "I hate the orphans."

ETA: That doesn't even read very funny, but it's fun to say it the way he did...

Oh, and we were saying, "I believe in science." That was my favorite thing about that often really poor, uneducated people are super religious, but he was a man of science!
My fave Nacho line is "I've had diarrhea since the Easters." hehe There were so many great one-liners in that movie!
i would consider renting Nacho Libre, just for the orphans line. heh.

re: the new world. 2+ hrs of Colin Farrell's painfully-arched-brow wounded puppy dog (that gets old withing the first 15 minutes) and the luminosity that is Q'Orianka Kilcher (who Terrence Malick was obviously infatuated with, which also got old early on). i only rented it because i'd seen a "making of" short and was intrigued by the authenticity (which did seem pretty amazing, not that i know anything about native americans circa 1600, so it all could've been bullshit for all i know) and we might be visiting jamestown next month.

but oh god. what a huge fucking pretentious disappointing snore.

cinderella man, on the other hand, was highly entertaining, despite the typical ron howard heavy-handed sentimentality. (i love him, but i wish someone would sit him down and explain the meaning of 'subtlety' to him.) and my son ruining the ending for me (grrrrr!) with 30 minutes to go. i really do think russell crowe does wonders up on the screen. renee z, not so much. paul giamatti got robbed. he did a MUCH better job than in sideways.
What pissed me off about The New World was all the wannabe artsiness. They show the Indians, then they show the river and the blowing leaves and all kinds of other stereotypical bullshit tying Indians to nature. They could've cut a good 45 minutes from the movie just by deleting all that. What also got to me was how she was never referred to as Pocahontas, just "Rebecca" or "the chief's favorite daughter." Yet the credits call her Pocahontas. Ugh. It was pretty bad. Pretty boring and really pretentious, as you said.
This weekend I watched You and Me and Everyone We Know. I liked it a lot, quirky, a bit disturbing. Anyone seen it?
Yeah, that's a cute movie! I really liked it too.
What's You, Me... about?

I watched American Beauty again this past weekend. Haven't watched in a few years, and it was still distubing but in a different way than before, if that makes sense.
I thought You and Me and Everyone We Know was adorable. How would I describe it, it's basically about lonely people. Not in a depressing type of way, but it is quirky. It's the type of film where not much exciting goes on, it is just a fun film. It's directed by Miranda July, who I believe is a visual artist.
Putting it on my netflix list. Has anyone seen a good movie in theatres lately (besides X3)? I'm trying to pick something to see this week. Any suggestions?
You and Me and Everyone We Know is fantastic. Needs no explaination. just see it.
I have to disagree. I thought Miranda July was totally pretensious and over the top. The kids in the flick were great, but I didn't think the movie worked as a whole and I can't believe she is getting work from it now!
oh man i absolutely loved You and Me and Everyone we know. i loved how affected everyone was, i loved how stilted and natural it was at the same time. there was something so sincere about it that i could forgive any potentially pretentious bits because there was such strong and true emotion behind them
Natural? NOTHING SHE did was natural. IMHO it was artsy fartsy crap.
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