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PS Whoops. Apology, T-Gal, for dumb query as to whether you know Bright Future when there it was in your pairings.
Hope my comment wasn't too much beside the point for you.
Vachement!!!! How I love that word. And the fact that so much of its meaning comes from the french word for "cow".

I've been looking at my lovely stack of WKW's for going on a month or so time disappeared even though it was not supposed to. I did, however, get a chance to see In The Mood for Love two times, and I loved the sheath dresses and their infinite variety. Who was it to bring up the masculine experience in this context? I can't shake the feeling I have that the desire to long for something outweighs the desire to have it, finally; and also, that this is primarily a masculine conceit. But I'm rambling and I have to be ignored until I see the rest of my fun pack. Also, ITMforL hit me in a very sore emotional place, which is something all great movies should do, I guess.

I've missed you, GirlTrouble and Dolor!!! So good to see you here, so good to read your input on everything.

*seriously crushed out by posts by some of my very favorite reel life busties, but horribly crushed that firefox crashed and lost my last post*

sigh. omg cha cha, how could you not absolutely lurve the sheath dresses in that movie, they were incredibly HAWT!!!! i already had a crush on maggie chung, and ITMfL did nothing to help that. and i am so ruled by anticipation... the thing i love about many asian movies is that they are rather damning commentaries on masculinity. and i loved the little dig that WKW had in ITMfL, the man thinking that it was only men who seduced, and shown to be oh so wrong with only a gesture.... hee hee. that scene was amazing.

the two movies that you mentioned (dearest) dolor, masculinity again is taken down, and while i saw bright future much as you did (i think), fireworks, for me was achingly beautiful and sweet. star/director takeshi kitano does his usual eye-twitching stoicism that is in so many of his action movies (perhaps that's why i didn't see it as stale, for me it was seeing it in a new light him in a new context), but what stands out in fireworks is the space inbetween-- that inability to speak, to feel is channeled into a gentleness towards his wife, and caring for her. the silence, strangely is his oasis, and his attempt to escape violence in favor of that quiet. he's straight-jacketed in this role of masculinity, on either side, violence and stoicism, but it is caring for his wife that is where he wants to be...

lol.....i know exactly what you mean about the downsides of masculinity, i figured that long ago and promptly got on the hormones wink.gif

as for your question about our frustrating friend bresson, i can't explain why his films are so lauded. *shrugs* as for me i just found them moving. i sooooo get your huh? about him.

and i missed the two of you too!!!!
the desire to long for something outweighs the desire to have it, finally; and also, that this is primarily a masculine conceit.

that's exactly what I felt after having watched ITMFL, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and The Killer in quick succession. (Great films for many reasons, but this particular theme started to bug me.) Especially The Killer. I think the audience was supposed to take the pathos seriously but it just made me laugh. I put this worshipping of unrequited love down to a peculiarly Asian masculine sensibility, though, and had never considered that it could be a broader guy thing.

I'm halfway through The Host based on your recommendation, GT, and enjoying it hugely though the version I got is badly dubbed. I much prefer subtitles. I don't understand why so many people hate them.

Watched the documentaries Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, and Blue Vinyl over the weekend. Both terrific.

On flights for the holidays, I saw Stardust (Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer) and loved it, and the movie based on Susan Cooper's first book in her The Dark is Rising series. What a horrible adapation. Horrible horrible, stupid flashy meaningless Hollywood crap. Christopher Eccleston was appropriately menacing though. (What is he doing in such crap? Guess he needs to pay his bills too.)
sigh. omg cha cha, how could you not absolutely lurve the sheath dresses in that movie, they were incredibly HAWT!!!!

-- In the two-disc Criterion edition of Mood you find, in the extras, an extensive discussion of these dresses, their history. It turns out that the movie "World of Suzie Wong" had I big influence on their popularity. It's part of the very deliberate historical backdrop for "Mood." Again, if you go into the special features you'll find that WKW is very keen on locating this tale in a particular time and place. Which I'm sure has much to do with his re-capturing his own history, his arrival in Hong Kong and his view, as a child, of the fascinating and secretive adult world around him... Gorgeous women and suave men!

Saw "The Savages" last eve, and liked it. It's much closer to Grim Reality than Sit Com (tho has a good chunk of the later) -- and so I appreciated that it moved to a plausible optimism at the close. I do like GR, but don't go for super down-beat endings. In this case it's the GR of being into ones middle years, and facing up to failures... and then dealing with a (bad) parent who has gone into the final End Game.

-- meanwhile I'm catching your crash bug, Trouble Gal, and may be facing a dead or dieing hard drive. Yikes! Into the End Game, once more. Time to light at votive candle, and haul this machine off to Johnny Fixit, and see if he can.

ta fer na,
ambersienna maria
In the Mood for love is awesome awesome awesome.
I have to be in a particular mood to watch it tho,
being that it is a bit slow.

one of my all time fave Asian movies is Oldboy. anyone see it?
Chan wook Park makes some excellent films. I liked Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance too.

I'm about to see Atonement with my girl. I like Pride and Prejudice, so we'll see.
oldboy is fantastic, and the one of the girls who (i have a crush on) in mr.vengeance is in the host. if you like those two movies you might want to see the final film in the chan wook park trilogy (sympathy for) lady vengeance. it's got a wicked sense of humor, and is shot in a pretty way that the other two were not.

i would also recommend samarian girl. it's along those same lines, and as violent. you could also try the isle which is brutal. be warned with that one. but that director's later work, is breathtaking, i would bet you will like 3-iron.

of course there are more violent movies, but sometimes (like asian sensation, takashi (the audition) miike's ichi the killer, which, takes the whole stoic masculine thing to the nauseating nth degree-- that is one movie i swore i would never, ever see again.) it goes way over the top. then there are comedies, (like my wife is a gangster which is fun). but don't neglect some of the dramas. PTU, and memories of murder, although the latter might be a bit slow for your tastes. but DON'T neglect park's earlier film JSA: joint security area. it's FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. i heard about it for years, and it did not disappoint. and speaking of kurosawa (bright future) try his earlier film, cure. next to seven this was the logical end of the serial killer genre. while i think both movies are great, i am sooooooo glad that genre is dead, dead, dead. now if we can kill the sadistic killer movie (saw, hostel, et al.), i can finally be happy. can i hang my head in shame and say i've seen these movies?

but there are some movies that aren't asian along the same lines as oldboy that you might like. have you seen greenaway's the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover? you might also look at ken russell's the devils or, if you can find it john huston's wiseblood...

yay! glad you are liking the host anarch. i've just re-viewed it. i forgot how draining it was. i always just remember kick ass monster movie. it really is great. and all of the actors are so great in it. joon bong-ho is my favorite director right now, so of course, i tell people to see memories of murder, after the host, i'd tell you to see barking dogs never bite, but well, it's not available in the states soooooo...

man... i'm sorry i ramble when it comes to asian extreme. speaking of which, i am in talks to program an asian extreme midnite movie series at a local movie house.... yay! programming is soooo my dream job.... wish me luck!
ambersienna maria
ok, so i saw Atonement and it was A-ight, not worth all the hype imo. something was missing. Kiera Knightly, though
way too skinny for my tastes, does look quite beautiful in some scenes. This green dress she wears is stunning!

yup girltrouble i saw the entire trilogy, but i gotta say oldboy is my fave. I only saw Mrs. vengeance once and
didn't like it as much, but i think i gotta give it another try.

I wasn't that big of a fan of Bright Future, i remember, but I
did really like Last life in the Universe.....

thanks for the recommendations! their mos def gettin on my netflix

ah, i love the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover. it rules.

i loved atonement based on aesthetic and alone. it was visually stunning (and that 5-minute shot was incredible). plus, i love that typewriter sounds were incorporated into the score. on the whole, i get what you mean about not living up to the hype. something was definitely missing.

i really want to see the orphanage. i'll probably go this weekend.
omg, last life in the universe was WUUUUUUNDERFUL! i'm a sucker for any movie where the title card doesn't appear until about 1/4th of the way thru the movie. but i fell in love with it before that.

hee, here i am recommending all these violent movies when obviously your taste is much wider than that. but before i move away from that, do see 9 souls, an amazingly beautiful existential prison break film... have you seen all about lily chou chou? it's got the most sumptuous greens fo' eva... speaking of green scent of a green papya if you haven't seen it, might (or might not) be the antidote to (asian) male stoicism, i saw the director talking about it after it premiered, and he said it was all about vietnamese women's seduction. he said they insinuate their way into a man's life until they are incapable of living without the woman. i don't know about all that, but the movie is beautiful, i couldn't help drowning in it's sensuality.

if you can find ping pong i think it's chinese, i couldn't recommend a film more highly. if you liked last life, you'll adore it. it starts out with suicide too, but ends up being one of the most offbeat, loopy, endearing, just--- LOVELY film about friendship. it's such a tear jerker, but so honest. if you like offbeat along the lines of amalie you should try the asian entry into that subgenre, kamakazi girls it's a neat little primer on two japanese subcultures, including my long time favorite, the elegant gothic lolitas (egl), the dvd also has a kind of smell-o-vision feature where a cabbage appears on the screen, and you can pause the film and a title card will give you details of what they mean. but how can anyone resist a movie that is centered on a store called "baby, the stars shine bright?" i can't talk about that sub genre of movies without talking about two more of it's more obscure films, hopefully everyone knows about my favorite tranny film, ma vie en rose (no, not the edith piaf film), but there is also the memorable canadian entry, leolo (is there a suicide theme going here?) or the phenomenal, toto le hero, which i lllllluuuurrrrve. it has the best premise: a loser is sure that his successful best friend has stolen the life he was meant to have, and he wants it back. but back to asian films, you could also try no blood, no tears, which is a feminist action movie with a smirk.

but i keep wanting to creep back to asian extreme, i think i've got it on the brain because of this series. but i also forgot to mention attack the gas station violent, yes, but i dare you to find a funner riot movie. kind of an asian lock, stock and barrelish kinda filmic confection. and i forgot save the green planet! which starts off loopy and gets really freaky. then there is the quiet family, kind of an asian eating raul, about a family in where people keep getting accidentally killed. it's fun, but you have to see the musical version (and probably my favorite miike movie), the happiness of the katakuris, it's like the serial killing vantrapp family from the sound of music. sigh.... if only gwen stephani was inspired by katakuris instead.
anna k
I liked Teeth. It was a horror-comedy about a girl with vagina dentata, and the results of men who try to rape her. The audience seemed a little too self-conscious and ready to laugh at everything, which was annoying, but it was a good movie overall. No known actors, unless you recognize one actor as the son of one of the plastic surgeons on Nip/Tuck. Jess Weixler, who played the lead, was great as an abstinent teen freaked out by her own deformity, and at times she resembled Juliette Lewis.
I just watched Dario Argento's Phantom of the Opera which was hysterical. The weird mix of great costumes, strange acting, bad writing and insane amounts of gore was just...something.

Of course the lovely Asia Argento(daughter of Dario) was glorious in all her naked beauty. Julian Sands plays the phantom, and his unfortunate wig is one of the highlights in the movie.

This is what happen when you pick out movies from the store WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK!!

P.S. I too, liked the visual parts of Atonement. I think Joe Wright has a wonderful knack for physical beauty in films.
I also loved Atonement, and Keira Knightley's green dress, absolutely stunning. It was so heartbreaking.

Yesterday I went to see 27 Dresses... your typical romantic comedy, but I just needed something fun, and it was fun. And I could identify with the character, who doesn't know how to say "No", which sometimes is one of my problems:P so I liked it.
anna k
Asia Argento's tongue in Phantom of the Opera. A dirtier Christine.
I saw No Country For Old Men today (it opened here this weekend) and I was incredibly disappointed. I'd read good reviews in here and elsewhere and was really looking forward to it but hated the last half hour; it left me feeling cheated and confused. I thought it was well-shot and well-acted and expected a great ending but from when Llewelyn was killed on I just didn't get it; I gather that I missed something by not putting Tommy Lee Jones' closing words with the opening VO but I had difficulty understanding his mumbling throughout.

I think I'm probably going to still read the book and see if that makes more sense to me; I'm a fan of Cormac McCarthy.
saw There Will Be Blood a while ago and loved it! I thought it was perversely hilarious. I'm probably the only one who thinks that, because the audience was pretty horrified at times. And I was too, but inwardly, I was also thinking this is the shit!!

I'm kinda hot for Daniel Day Lewis now...
Just saw Cloverfield. Such a fun movie! Boy wants girl, monster wants city, things go BOOM!
faerie, I also thought There Will Be Blood was hilarious. The theatre was pretty much full when I saw it, but not many people were laughing. Loved all the scenes with interaction between Daniel and Eli/Paul, and the scene in the steak house. The ending was perfect.
QUOTE(chachaheels @ Jan 2 2008, 08:15 AM) *
Juno. Of course. For some reason, Ellen Page always makes me think of Love My Pugs, maybe it's because she's from Halifax.

This is funny because I just came into this thread to ask about Juno. I did a search for it and this comment popped up. laugh.gif

It looks like a very good movie. I might go see it with my mom and sister this weekend.
The Oscars are coming, the Oscars are coming! Let's just hope they are aired...

As for the nominations, not all of the movies are out here yet so I'm looking forward to a few weeks of cinema going. I'm most looking forward to seeing Sweeney Todd (this weekend), Juno and The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly.

I'm surprised not to see Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days in the best foreign language film nominees, as it was a powerful film.

I would be happy to see any of the nominees for Best Actor win, would be happier if it was Johnny Depp, think it could be any of them and thought that Viggo Mortensen was incredibly good in Eastern Promises (a great but very dark film).

Best Actress doesn't really interest me this year although I imagine I will feel differently after watching Juno and The Savages. I have no present inclination to see the other movies, although may watch La Vie en Rose at some point.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was fabulous in Charlie Wilson's War so hope he wins best supporting actor and haven't seen any of the movies in the best supporting actress list.

I'm looking forward to seeing Persepolis but it doesn't open here until April (!); glad it received a nod.

Best picture and best director ... could go any way. It's interesting to see less well-known (with the exception of the Coen brothers) directors nominated.

Last year's Oscars were fairly predicable so it's exciting for it to be so open this year. I have a feeling though that No Country For Old Men or Without Blood will receive a number of wins.

I really enjoyed Juno...that is all tongue.gif
best picture - atonement (although i don't think it deserves it)

best actress - if marion cotillard doesn't win, the oscars have no credibility. ever again.

best actor - daniel day-lewis
(i love johnny, love love love, but i don't think he deserved that nom. emile hirsch and ryan gosling were robbed. they wouldn't have won, but they were robbed).

oscar noms

has anyone else seen "i'm not there?" i went last night, and i think cate got the nom because she had the best "dylan" to work with. i loved heath's performance and thought his was the most honest. (sad.gif) but overall, i thought the movie was so pretentious. and richard gere's role? UGH! that's probably what put me off the movie as a whole. i like the concept of the movie, but when it's all said and done,
ok, anyone else seen "teeth"? i'm dying for some bustie viewpoints on this movie...i can't figure it out how i feel.
I haven't seen "teeth" but I'm bristling at yet another Hollywood misogyny trope, if I can call it that.
If it isn't the thing about promoting the huge fear of the woman (because she's got a "wound" where she shoulda had a penis! Like us guys! And is she ever mad!!!) it's the Hollywood thing of the huge fear of the woman (whose cunt is deadly! It'll kill ya or castrate ya! Cause she's gonna want to avenge not having a penis by taking yours!).

So I'm avoiding it for now. Is it at all like what I fear it is?
I finally saw Juno this weekend and it was...overrated. I had heard about it back in the summer and thought that it was going to be another indie blip that none of my friends would want to see. But instead it has just gotten bigger and bigger and there is so much praise that it built the film up way too much. The characters were interesting but the whole situation just seemed ridiculous. I mean, here is a supposedly smart and savvy teenager but she doesn't bother to use a condom the first time she has sex? As far as I remember there is no mention of a condom anyway.

I also saw I'm Not There and I really enjoyed it. I'm not so sure if Richard Gere's part really needed to be in it but I loved the scenes with Cate Blanchett and Heath Ledger. I really liked most of it but the parts with Richard Gere were just...meh. However, I still think it was a great movie.
anna k
I had read criticisms of Juno's interests in stuff that was popular when she was a kid (knowing of old indie rock bands and cult movies), saying how unbelieveable it was. I could believe it, since I was a teen in the 90's and was into 70's punk and old movies and the Riot Grrrl scene and scenes that I was too young for when it was going on. However, she makes a reference to Thundercats, and I doubt a teen born in 1991 would've seen Thundercats unless it was on some I Love the 80's nostalgia show.
I think that part is totally believable, just because you are born in a certain year doesn't mean that you won't get into music that was around before you were born. As for the Thundercats thing...I dunno, a lot of people watch old tv shows on the web so maybe she's just supposed to be one of those kids. But there was just something about the movie that wasn't believable. I can't put my finger on it.
chacha, no, it's not at all. it's actually from a relatively feminist perspective, which is exactly why i want other busties' opinions.

that said, it's not a very ELABORATE movie. the issues it raises and the bits and pieces of mythology and feminine power it digs into a little bit are pretty glossed over, even though they are there. all of the characters except the girl (and, to a small extent, the shitty brother's girlfriend and the dad) are totally two-dimensional. ultimately, it's a B horror movie, with lots of gore, but the girl who plays the heroine is fucking amazing in the role, and there are some very funny parts.

it could have, with just a tiny bit of pushing, been a movie that really makes you think, but i don't think that's what they wanted. however i am happy that, as a B horror movie about a carnivorous vagina, it was vaguely intelligent and feminist.
uh.... i can't really contribute on the teeth thing (although i am curious as to it's place as feminist horror, if it is that),



and can i say?


yes, it has two annoying subplots, one is a cross between matrix, flash gordon and starwars and macross, and stars a be'stached tom seleck clone, and a keanu look alike, and another with godzuki re dubbed "minilla" or, mini godzilla. but c'mon. you need some sort of excuse for all these monsters duking it out, right? it has cameos of every single freaking monster godzilla ever fought, (except mecha godzilla) he even battles that last american cgi imposter that looks like a dinosaur, and even the mothra twins even show. the best part is the fight scenes, of course, but what makes it so wonderful is the cinematography is just like the old ones, dark moody, grainy shots of godzilla that bring you right back to all of those sat & sundays spent watching monster movies. really. so fun. so cheezy. but with all the monsta goodness you've come to expect from everybody's favorite not-so-jolly-green-giant...

oh, and i think it's got a song from sum 41 in it too.
The latest movie I've seen was Juno...and i loved it. anyone else seen it? what'd ya think?
ambersienna maria
just saw last life in the universe and i really really liked it.
i think i will skip juno. too much hype for my liking.
i heard 3:10 to yuma (i think that's what its called )
is supposed to be really good.
anyone see it?
goin on my netflix...
oh god. god no. 3:10 was horrid. HORRID. i have NO idea why it got good reviews. the acting was shite, the plot was barely believable, the pacing was completely off.

saw dreamland
the cinematography was absoultely beautiful and made me reconsider a location change to NM...
it had a lot of potential, but i think the casting was off. john corbett was good, but please, cinemagods, never cast justin long as love interest. he nast-ay.
I like how I missed the whole oscars thing...what happened??? I want to see Atonement and the Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Was that any good?

Cloverfield...was atrocious. My god. I think I may have burnt some brain cells.

Marion Cotillard does deserve to win imo! I loved her performance! It was amazing.

Teeth sounds fantastic, mouse...ahaha...

oh and I just saw lots of posters for that daniel day lewis thing, what is it about?
(cross-posting in the General Knowledge thread)

Quick-question- on the radio this morning, they were talking about (read: making fun of) a movie, a documentary, about people who do LARP's (Live Action Role Playing), called "The Dark [something- I couldn't understand the second word]"...does anyone know what the name of this movie is?
Polly, I sure don't. Sorry. Maybe somebustie will know.

I saw Juno this weekend. I loved it. I feared it would be another Little Miss Sunshine, which I did not think deserved all the accolades. I have huge soft spots for Michael Cera & Jason Bateman, so that may bias my judgement. I think it's a good movie, but do I think it should be nominated for best picture? No.

I also started In the Realms of the Unreal (think that is the correct name?) last night. Very interesting. I was just too tired.
Got it, kari- I emailed the DJ at the radio station. It's called Darkon.

I loved Juno, too. I think it was a very well-done movie, not the typical best picture nominee. From my own moral opinion, I think it should be nominated based solely on the fact that it had a truely pro-choice message.
Ciao Trouble-Gal & ChaCha and all,

I Have just gleaned that coming up in the Kar Wei Wong (how it sequences at IMDB) cornucopia is his remake of Welles' "Lady from Shanghai." 2009...! The movie that OW did starring his then-wife Rita Hayworth (as a Bad Blonde) featuring the famous final shoot-out in the hall of mirrors.

One thing we can anticipate is that for WKW (I revert) the element of being "from Shanghai" will probably have all kinds of precise historical baggage, since he is himself "from Shanghai." Baggage I'm looking forward to. Whereas my recollection is that for Welles being "from Shanghai" is essentially mythic (empty?)... part of the ominous halo/penumbra hovering around this "belle dame san merci."

yr Dolor

PS T-Gal, "Happiness of the K's" is at the top of my Q. But it's "long wait." And I will be "Hosting," I promise.

LOVED Juno. That is all.
anna k
At MOMA, I saw a French/Cambodian TV movie from 2001 called Que la barque se brise, que la jonque s'entrouvre, which translates to "Let the boat break its back, let the junk break open." It was very good and well-acted, very real. It took place in Paris, and had two immigrant characters as the leads (one from Vietnam, one from Cambodia) who were struggling in Paris and living amongst their remaining family members after both left their countries during war. There were many sad moments as characters described the horror of the Khmer Rouge genocide, it was almost like a documentary.
QUOTE(kari @ Feb 4 2008, 09:07 PM) *
I also started In the Realms of the Unreal (think that is the correct name?) last night. Very interesting. I was just too tired.

That's where my user picture comes from. I love Henry Darger.
I saw There Will Be Blood and really didn't like it. Maybe it's me? I thought Paul Dano was much better than Daniel Day Lewis. I was also the only person laughing at certain parts that people were finding horrible. Then again, I've got a pretty fucked up sense of humor. I think PT Anderson could have edited it a bit more. I think some of the shots were great, but I think overall No Country For Old Men is a better movie.

QUOTE(sassygrrl @ Feb 10 2008, 04:03 AM) *
I saw There Will Be Blood and ... I think overall No Country For Old Men is a better movie.

Oh shit, that does not bode well as I thought that the last half hour of No Country For Old Men turned it into a huge pile of steaming, smelly crap.

Saw Cloverfield and was highly entertained. It was what it was and I wasn't expecting anything else.

Speaking of expecting things... I watched From Dusk Till Dawn for the fifth time or something and it never fails to crack me up when it changes from a typical Tarantino screenplay to a B-movie horror/ vampire flick. I love that movie.
anna k
I watched From Dusk Till Dawn for the fifth time or something and it never fails to crack me up when it changes from a typical Tarantino screenplay to a B-movie horror/ vampire flick. I love that movie.

I know! I had only seen the vampire half and assumed that was the whole movie, until I watched the whole thing and seeing that the vampires just come out of nowhere.
mmmfffppp. i just watched king kong with little, it was at the library and i thought what the heck, if there's anything too scary i can cover his eyes and sing lalala in his ear for a second. OMG. is it just me or was that the stoopidest film of the century? dinosaurs and giant bugs? oh Come On! like the three story ape isn't enough or something. two days later and we're still laughing about the giant toothy worm hat thing. geesh. who read that and thought "oh sure, this'll make a terrific version of a classic story!"?
I'm going to have to rent From Dusk to Dawn again. I used to watch it a lot just for the sillyness of it.

Well, I thought the last 30 minutes of No Country were shit. I just haven't been impressed with many movies this year except Once and Juno. Everything just seems way tooooo depressing.

Hi Dolor and GirlTrouble!!

More WKW! So prolific. I've just read an article about Nora Jones in Blueberry Nights, which is just about to come out in the UK. I'm fascinated by the prospect of Lady From Shanghai. I am going to keep my eyes peeled and ears tuned for all the WKW coming up, and hope some of it inspires other interesting new directors to do something beautiful and provocative in film. I growing really tired of all the formula out there.

I'm missing all the awards shows this year, all without planning to, and I feel pretty good about that.
Interested in Darkon now. Have seen Atonement and analyzed it. I think I need to read it to understand it better, but also probably see it on my own as I went with a friend. I liked the filming and the soundtrack, costumes etc. I liked much of the acting, and almost how it seemed to be quilted together. Only thing about it was it seemed a little...missing something. I think it's because the viewer keeps expecting one love story to be the centre and it's not. I actually liked it for that.
What is Blueberry Nights?

I am never sure when awards shows take place.
I just saw "2 Days in Paris", well, that is my kinda relationship movie. Loved it! It was soooooooo hilariously funny! I love this film by Julie Delby. Twas' so good. Love Her!
Nelly, I bought 2 Days in Paris the day it came out of DVD. I saw it at the movies and thought it was funny, plus my future lover (Daniel Bruhl) is the fairy, so of course I had to own it! biggrin.gif

I saw Paradise Now last night (foreign film about two Palestinian friends who become suicide bombers), and the ending is just perfect. What they do with sound in that movie is powerful. (And Said is tres hot, I must say.)

I also saw Becoming Jane last night. I'd seen it at the movies, and it's not the greatest, but James McAvoy is hot so I felt like seeing it again. *sigh* I really need to get laid. tongue.gif

Ophelia, I read Atonement (more like trudged through it), and they definitely left some stuff out of the movie that the book gives more insight to, but honestly, the movie was better. It definitely lacked something, but getting through Part 1 of that book took some serious preserverance on my part. I kept putting it down every few pages because it was so damn boring.

The Oscars are on Feb 24th, btw!
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