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kittenb, i thought it was (i just downloaded and read the first year of joss' x-men yesterday). i was like 'there's no way joss was copying something in pre-production, so some writer is obviously a whedon fanboy'
I saw a really disturbing film using my On Demand yesterday. It is an Independent Film Channel movie starring Robin Wright Penn and Sandra Oh and is about a woman who basically is nuts and is attempting to find a Middle Eastern looking man to use in her plot to recreate 9/11. Robin was amazing in it and played a role very different to any of her past roles. The Muslim actor in the film is really good too and very handsome. Sandra Oh just had a bit part.
Just got home from seeing XMen 3. I am now going to father Hugh Jackman's child. Damn, he's hot! I really liked it more than I thought I would, and I plan on re-renting the other 2 movies again. Thank you for the tip about waiting until the credit rolls as well :-)
Xmen three: nerdish spoilers:
I disagree that trying to kill the phoenix was a better idea than disabling her mutancy with the darts. As it seems to turn out, if their powers come back slowly, she might have had time to learn how to harness them herself. Especially seeing as how Jean Luc Picard essentially took away her opportunity to manage her own powers&passionate emotions when he split them away from her conscious mind - unlike most of us that part of her would remain emotionally childlike because she didn't get to learn how to cope. But who knows, maybe even without her powers she would have ended up incorrigably psychopathic.

Also I had no idea the kinky sex muppet (hee, Tyger!) was Kelsey Grammer! Way to go make-up crew.
i'm guessing since nobody knew that the cure wasn't permanent it wouldn't make sense to wolverine to essentially neuter the person he loves (against her wishes, no less), but had he known her powers would come back slowly he would have done it.

heh, this means mystique can go back to her foxy nekkid bottom of a blue sneaker self for the next movie. i was there with one girl and a bunch of guys, and for some reason me and the other girl were the *only* ones complaining when she was less nekkid and blue
Tyger: For sure tyger, there was no way he could have known. Now if she comes back to life, I wonder how pissed she's going to be and with whom.

I hope some more of the female characters get fleshed out with some substance to their characters. The only female character left with some weight, who wrestles with issues seems to be Rogue. Even Storm seems strangely devoid of a personality.
Jesus H. Christ! Has ANYBODY seen anything besides the X Men lately??? Sorry, but I am comic book movied out at the moment....
I'm about to watch Go Ask Alice on YouTube right now. It's got William Shatner in it!

Has anyone seen it? I've only read the book.
Um, yeah. I saw the Da Vinci Code.
sorry, celimene. i guess all us people who saw x-men just figured here was the place to discuss the movie.

i bought capote and broken flowers last night (i haven't seen either of them yet). but i have a super-huge bill murray crush (age difference be damned! that goes for hugh laurie and anthony stuart head, too, come to think of it), and i love PSH, so i don't see this turning out badly.

i saw the aristocrats the other night. oh my god, bob saget has a dirtier mind than i do. and boy does that take some doing!
It IS the place to discuss the X Men movie! Please, please, please no one start an X Men thread! I beg of you!
Tyger, I agree with you on the Bob Saget thing in the Artisocrats. I heard he was blue, but Jesus! I still laughed my ass off though.
hmmm, an X-Men thread...

I dunno, there's not much else to rave about just now, is there? Who wants to go see MI:3? Not I.

Actually there are a few things I want to see that have just made it out over here - Thanks you for Smoking, Friends with Money and the Wal-Mart docu-film.

tyger, mmmm you share my taste in men (well, not PSH). You are in for a treat with Capote.

Oh, and sassy? I'm fathering Hugh's twins! I prefer him with his shorter hair, and he looks so fiiiine in a suit.

Yeah yeah I'm derailing the thread but apart from X-Men I have nada to talk about!
more x-men-ness: there should be another movie if only to flesh out more female characters. i want to know what happens to mystique as she tries to live as a human while her powers slowly come back. i want kitty to be more than just a would-be iceman stealer. want to see how rogue deals with stuff as her powers come back.

and, lastly, i want hugh jackman in either leather pants or no pants, all the time. period. written into the contract. that is what would really make an x-men four movie worth seeing :P
Bunnyb, can we share Hugh at least? Hot damn. I forgot what a ripped body he had. I do like him better with shorter hair as well :-)

By the way, Thank You for Smoking was worth it just for JK Simmons and Aaron Eckhart (who always plays such a good scumbag).

Oh, how do I write in white? I wanted to give my thoughts about X3....Thanks!
Hey sassy, here ya go:
whatever you want to be in white, you put between the brackets like this: {}
after this: \white
for instance if you wanted to say: I love the X-Men! hee ;)

You can check out the guide to formatting here. Just scroll down and it explains it better than I can.
Yeah we can share him :-), I'm sure there's a whole lot of Hugh to go around...

I've never got around to watching Amelie so going to try to this weekend.
I loved Thank you for Smoking (except for spawn-carrier Ms Holmes). It's funny how no-one actually smokes in it though...

I'm afraid Hugh is mine. And he really is that grouchy IRL... but in a good way.

/delusional relationship with telly star
I saw The Break Up, and thought it was really funny. Vince Vaughn is always hysterical, and Jennifer Aniston had some funny lines as well. It was a realistic romantic comedy imo, and I didn't think that could exists. I like that it was filmed in Chicago, and really the city is another character in the film.
As part of my mission to watch every dance movie of note of the past 30 years, I'm in the middle of the 2nd act of Show Girls. I can't believe they made this movie.
saw The Break Up yesterday. i thought parts of it were very funny but i don't think i'd call it a comedy necessarily. it made me sad. it was very realistic, especially their fights. last night i had a dream that TB and i were breaking up.
HA! Showgirls! I *own* that.

Bottle of Colonial Club: $8.99
Used Showgirls VHS: $2.50
Getting lit while watching the video with friends in College and the Drunken Tomfoolery that followed: Priceless.

(The ONLY thing of use to me now from undergrad...)

in other news, i watched "Mean Girls" and "Amelie". i didn't particularly like either, but that may just be a result of me going on a movie binge for the past 3 months.

anyone see/heard of "Brick"? I can't find it anywhere....
Crazycatlady, I was never mad about Amelie. I felt like I'd been hit over the head by too much whimsy after watching it.
i saw the breakup over the weekend too and thought it was really good. we don't typically go to rom-coms, but we both dig vince vaughn and jon favreau. we were both pleasantly suprised by it's realism as well. not your typical flick, for sure.

still on the fence about seeing the davinci code. i'll keep reading all your comments about it before making that decision... $17 can buy a lot of beer...
i liked the breakup (though i liked it in the rent it with a bunch of people who split the cost kind of way, not the pay 10 bucks to see it at the theatre kind of way).

saw paulie shore is dead last night. i had been led to believe from reviews and such that it was a bunch of famous people talking about paulie shore after they had been told he killed himself. that would have been good. the parts of the movie that were like that were good. but it was mostly paulie shore annoying me, and paulie shore doing stupid stuff, and not being dead like i thought he was going to be. i mean, for a paulie shore movie it was good, but it's not really hard to beat biodome.

and maude, capote was amazing! someone please tell me again why it didn't win best picture? right now i'm thinking of blaming a bad batch of smack everyone voting was on
does seeing capote take anything away from the book?
i haven't read in cold blood, so i couldn't say for sure, but i don't see how it would take away from a book. the movie isn't a dramitazation of the book, and it's not about the murderers. but i couldn't say for sure, and i'm not even quite sure what you mean by 'taking away' from the book.

has anyone seen the anarchist's cookbook? that's the next thing i'm going to watch, and i rented it and it's due back by the end of next week. it looked interesting, but also looked like the kind of movie that would either turn out to be really good or horrible, so i'm really hoping for the former.
Hello everyone! Ahhh, how I've missed the Bust lounge! I came home for my little sister's graduation and ended up staying longer than I care to (still stuck here). The upside is that I get to frequent the ghetto dollar theater nearby! I've seen Silent Hill (worst movie I've seen this year), Failure to Launch (couldn't help myself), V for Vendetta (I liked it, to my surprise). I've also seen X-Men twice and The Omen, which I haven't decided whether or not I liked.

Rented The Aristocrats (a little draggy at times, but GOD Bob Saget was hysterical!) and Glory Road (I've decided I'm a sucker for inspirational sports movies even though I despise sports in real life). lol

Whew! (That's not even counting all the other stuff I've re-watched lately.) Yeah, I've had no life these past few weeks. Get me out of here!
I suppose I'm not real sure what I meant by that, other than I had this feeling that after reading the book, the movie would cheapen it somehow. I'm nuts.

But yeah, I might have to see Capote now; I read a review in the Times about the book Mockingbird which touches on Lee and Capote's friendship, esp. during the In Cold Blood period, and I'm intrigued...

Watched Monster and Kissing Jessica Stein the other day; thoughts from anyone who has seen them?

(I'm catching up on the movies I always wanted to see, but I *still* haven't made it to X3. Grr!)
I love Kissing Jessica Stein. It's got it's problems, but I adore it. And the soundtrack kicks ass.
I saw A Prarie Home Companion, it was funny especially Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly. I really wanted to like Lindsay Lohan, but her acting was terrible.

I liked Monster, but I am of the opinion that Aileen Wuornos was a true victim of a hard life with no choices. I saw it with a mix of males and females, the males had no compassion for her and the females did. I saw the documentary on her life, and she was definately mentally ill.

I did not care for Kissing Jessica Stein because the main actress annoyed me.
I saw Just My Luck today. I know it's uber-retarded, but Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff movies are my guilty pleasures, even though I do not think highly of them in real life whatsoever. *sigh*
monster deeply disturbed me. so did capote. which i guess was the point of each.

i've been afraid to pop in here because i haven't seen x men yet and will die if i read a spoiler by accident. hopefully i can get there this weekend.

saw shopgirl the other night. i love claire danes and i love steve martin, but there was absolutely NO CHEMISTRY between them. i know it was steve's baby, but i would've liked anyone - even stonecold richard gere - more as ray porter. jason s was adorable, as always. it was beautifuly filmed, but i got a little sick of the LA/seattle cityscape shots by the end. oh and i want that claire wore. kudos to the costume peeps.

and god help me, but i want to go see the lake house. and i NEVER see new flicks in theaters! and this lust is solely based on the fact that it reminds me of the time traveller's wife. (and i heart sandra + keanu together. i've seen speed upteen times. i'm not proud.)
farerietails, I have Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen on it's way to me. We can be ashamed together. I don't really care for her, but I kinda like that genre sometimes...I must admit I like Mandy Moore. Like that one where she's the president's daughter.

On a more highbrow note, I watched Sex and Lucia over the weekend and it has a really compelling story and a lot of hot sex.

And the Mr. had wanted to see The Great Gatsby ...the version with Mia Farrow. And boy, it's more boring than I remembered. And it has that kinda of nonsensical quality that was fashionable in the 70s. Ya know what I mean? That nutty closeups of people's faces when they are laughing manically. I think it was considered "arty" back then.
I saw The Break-up yesterday. I agree that the fights were more realistic than I expected...there was one where mrlot and I turned to each other in a half-shamefaced way because it was very familiar.

At the same time, I'm sick of the "he's the kid/she's the mommy" dynamic in relationships on tv/in movies. You know, she's the nag/rescuer/mommy/goddess, he's flawed/sloppy/fun-loving/afraid to love. This irritated me in Walk the Line too. It's not that it isn't true to life, it's the constant reinforcement that guys are suppossed to be sloppy and flawed and still deserve hotties.

I agree that Claire Danes and Steve Martin had zilch going on in Shopgirl. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I would.
Yeah, now that you guys mention it, the lack of heat between Steve M. and Claire D. in Shopgirl was really lame...maybe I didn't notice it so much because I read the book, and that lack of emotion or whatever is in that, too. It's in this distanced, storytelling style which I think is due to Mr. Martin's lack of a writing gift.

Funny, yes. Great writer, no. Decent storyteller, maybe.

And I agree with ya, lot49, on the kid/mommy male/female dynamic in movies...way back when I wrote in here about the wacky gal/repressed guy thing that goes on all the time, too. Jen Aniston did that variation with Ben Stiller in All About Polly or whatever it was called.
Re: kid/mommy

That's sooooo true! I'm sure it that has crossed my mind before, but I've never really paid attention to it. Failure to Launch had kid/mommy written all over it, but I hadn't put it into that perspective until now. And this episode of "Boy Meets World" I just saw (don't ask!) where Cory and Topanga were already engaged and in college, but Cory still needed her to tell him everything would be ok or whatever the hell; he was acting like one of those kids you just want to smack. I was really annoyed with him in that episode (what am I saying, he always annoys me...him and his brother). And I remember reading this article about the women of Harry Potter and why Hermione (sp?) wasn't cool precisely because of this whole "mommy" crap.

amilita: LMAO! I can't stand Mandy, but I always end up watching her movies anyway. I'm soooooo going to watch that president's daughter movie this weekend because they're showing it on TV and the guy is HOT. Shameful!!
who else is counting the days 'til Nacho Libre ???

3, by the way!
God, I hated The Breakup. It was supposed to be a comedy?? It wasn't funny in the slightest. And it was so ridiculous how she still wanted him when they really showed us no redeeming qualities. I almost walked out. It was just UNFUNNY, and boring and had no point. The fights were somewhat realistic but who cares. I can go home and yell at my own husband to do the dishes.
crazyoldcatlady, Brick is still in theatres around here (if you meant you were looking for it on DVD.)

I am pathetically unmotivated to see anything at the movies. I swear, the other day I drove past the local "dollar cinema" (second-run stuff) and had heard of NONE of the 8 movies they were showing. How depressing is that?
ugh, I never thought about Hermione like that faerie, but you're right. blah.

I was thinking about Along Came Polly as the exception to the rule since the female lead is the sloppy one in that movie. But even there, she's painted as a quirky, bohemian, endearing messy...which stems from her love of chaos and excitment, very much unlike Vaughn's character, who is messy in a "can't be bothered to participate in life" sort of way.

I still enjoyed it more than you, aquagirl. But I hear ya -- it could have been a lot funnier. I liked that {spoiler in white} the characters actually really did break up.
Hey, Mandy Moore seems cool. "Saved" was a good movie and she has a car that runs on vegetable oil. I want one! We should all have one!

fairietails - Ha! I totally remember "Boy Meets World." At least enough to be like "what the hell is Topanga doing with that dork?"
I had the same problems with the Breakup too, Aquagirl. I got that they were trying to make the anti-romantic comedy, but I was all, "Where's the comedy?" It's annoying b/c that concept is long overdue - I just thought the delivery was off (bad pacing, awkward scenes, plotlines that went nowhere). And yeah, Jen as the passive-aggressive caretaker vs. Vinc as the lout is totally tired. . .although at least it was interesting that he wasn't portrayed as a loveable lout exactly. I think the point was not to make the characters unlikeable, just realistic, but they were just grating after awhile. I don't necessarily need my main characters to be likeable, but they have to be interesting and well-drawn - everything just felt so one-note.
OT - MissThing, you can adapt your car to run on used vegetable oil if you have a diesel engine. You can buy all types of cars from a BMW to a Ford that come with a diesel engine.
OMG Saved is one of my favorite movies ever. I think its more that mandy chooses REALLY bad parts in REALLY bad teen movies, because she wasn't bad at all in saved.
oooo I want to go watch that movie again now.
vesica- for some reason i thought it was on dvd; i saw it as a trailer at the beginning of a movie that was made a while ago...Brick being the one with Gordon-Levitt in it?

and Saved made me appreciate both Sarandon's kid and Culkin as legit actors...
Okay, so I finally had a chance to see The Proposition, and I didn't find it gratuitously violent at all! I was actually expecting the violence to be alot worse than it actually was. I loved the movie, though. I thought it was amazing, and being as I am a HUGE fan of Nick Cave's, I thought the soundtrack was beautiful.
You must enjoy some seriously violent gross movies then, saktii!
Man, saktii I am so jealous, I want to see that movie.
One reviewer from the LA Times said ""The Proposition" is no bloodier than many a schlocky horror flick, but the violence feels real and ruthless, carrying a much more visceral impact." This may be why it seems so disgusting to me (and I have no problem with the type of violence that is in most horror/slasher films). It was the sort of violence that was way too real for me to feel comfortable with, and it made me not care about anything else in the movie, as I was too disgusted to finish it.
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