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who's seen the movie 'about' bob dylan, i'm not there ? reviews? i wanna see it this week.
Bunny-I have that movie on my netfilix list, maybe I will bump it up.

I saw two movies this weekend, one on DVD one in the theatre.

Black Book on DVD. I thought it was pretty good, though I couldn't help comparing it to The Lives of Others, which I thought was better.

No Country for Old Men...well done. The acting was impressive, the story was intriguing. Probably some Oscar noms.
kari, it was a good film. It's bleak but you really get a sense of the frustration Shia LaBeouf's character Dito (RDJ is the older Dito) feels at not being listened to through the way it's shot.
So, Margot at the wedding was good? I like Noah's films a lot.

Anyone seen Beowulf yet? Or I'm not there?

Think I may see No Country for old men tomorrow.

I want to see Margot at the Wedding, I heard it was really good. I'm also dying to see Juno! I think it comes out in a week.
So yeah, I'll probably be waaaay in the minority on this, but we just rented Hot Rod, and it is some funny shit. Ridiculous, stream of consciousness comedy like Anchorman or Napolean Dynamite. And way, way funnier than it has a right to be, like Super Troopers. I think we may actually have to own this one, which doesn't happen often, especially considering how much SNL cast member movies usually suck.
I had some reservations going in but I really liked The Golden Compass. More true to the book than some adaptations I could think of. I just wish that the director would have stuck with the religious angle more. I am a little worried that with the "modest" box office they won't make the seqels and I really like the girl who played Lyra. She'll age out of that role very soon.

Best part of the movie: Mrs. Coulter's daimon. Scary in the book, scary in the movie. Great job!

Worst part: the musical score. Distractingly loud and overblown.
QUOTE(sassygrrl @ Nov 29 2007, 06:04 PM) *
So, Margot at the wedding was good? I like Noah's films a lot.

Anyone seen Beowulf yet? Or I'm not there?

Think I may see No Country for old men tomorrow.

i saw i'm not there. i imagine you have to be either a huge bob dylan or todd haynes fan to enjoy. i am only a little of both, but it helped to go with a couple of huge bob dylan fans and hear their analyses after. seems there are many references to stuff that only people with a database of bob dylan minutiae in their brains would get. i did appreciate the interesting perspectives, gorgeous filmaking, and the director's reverence of his subject.
I can't believe I waited so long to see Welcome to the Dollhouse. SO GOOD.

I also watched 49up for my Brit Lit class, it was well done, but I find the interviewer a little dull. Maybe its good that he isn't distracting so we can see the people for who they really are. I'm curious as to how much of a show some of them put on for the camera.

Also, ya'll should check out This is England. Sort of like American History X, with an english twist.
anna k
Last night I watched Quentin Tarantino's movie Death Proof on Youtube. I had seen the movie in theaters (as half of Grindhouse), and knew there were a couple of scenes added that weren't in the theatrical version, which made it better and more entertaining. It helped that I had just watched Kill Bill on TV, and recognized a little reference to it (Rosario Dawson's cell phone ringtone is the same song that Daryl Hannah whistles while preparing to kill Uma Thurman).
saw a couple of japanese horror movies, the booth a fun little ghost story, where a self centered radio talk host gets his come-uppance, alive a story about a convict who survives the electric chair only to be subjected to a different kind of torture. theoretical aliens, super powers, and even matrix like bullet time fx, but dispite the slow start, the end was fun. ong bak yes the thai warrior film. fun fight scenes, but way too saccarine for my tastes.

amc movie theatres has launched a new thing in washington state-- not sure if it's national, but basically they show certain movies before noon at sub matinee prices, like 4,5,6$ check your local listings...

tcm, as usual is showing great movies, tomorrow (sunday) is hitchcock's suspicion which is a great hitchcock starter movie. how can you not love glow in the dark milk?

monday is one of my favorite cary grant dramas, penny serenade but beware, this is a tear jerker of the most severe sort. it's about a woman trying to save her family by adopting. absolutely heartbreaking, but really good...

also worth mentioning are "meet me in st. louis" the garland/minnelli musical with the infamous (clang-clang) the trolley song, they used to parody it on snl, if you remember; and "an american in paris" with my favorite dancer, gene kelly.
I saw 3:10 to Yuma last night which was just a really good western film, which you don't see much anymore. I'm also really excited to Juno and There Will Be Blood
just saw no country for old men. fantastic. loved it. it's like a western fargo dialog wise, the tone is more serious, but the perfomances are pitch perfect.
I'm watching Office Space on t.v. right now. That movie never stops being funny for me.

I'm looking forward to seeing No Country For Old Men now that final exams are finally over. I love the Coen brothers.
I saw Alive & the Chipmunks yesterday.

Loved it.

"Kiss my cheeks!"
I saw POC:Worlds End it kind of sucked . It looked great but wayyyyyyyy to long.
saw shut up and sing the dixie chix doc. very interesting. i don't think you can come away from the movie without loving natalie maines (unless you're a republican). she is spunky personified. whenever execs tell her to tone things down, she's like NO!!!! my gf hates country and she decided she wants to buy their new album after watching su&s....
I really loved No Country for Old Men. I'm not that big into westerns, but the story was interesting. I can't wait to see Sweeney Todd and Juno. I saw a trailer for There Will Be Blood. That looked amazing.

GT, thanks for the heads up at AMC. I couldn't believe a matinee now is like $8. WTF?
i finally saw vanilla sky yesterday and really liked it. i'd heard a lot about it, with the all-star cast and everything, but i didn't know anything about it, and it turned out to be a lot more original and intelligent than i'd expected it to be. like a cross between the matrix and waking life, with a touch of eternal sunshine (one of my all-time favourite movies).

i wish there was some kind of online database that could recommend movies to you when you enter the movies you like. there are things like that for music (like pandora's box and gnoosic) but i haven't seen anything like that for movies. does anyone know any? i'm spending a lot of time wandering hopelessly through the video store, picking up boxes and putting them back down. even a good movie review site would be helpful.
I saw Sweeney Todd last night. The art direction was amazing-not surprising since it was a Burton film. Even though Johnny Depp was a serial killer I couldn't help but swoon. I actually really like the music too-all the actors did really well with it.
snow white
i can't wait to see sweeny todd, marla singer and jack sparrow together again, yum-o!
*bangs her head on her keyboard so hard she passes out*
no, no, no.

the original movie that vanilla sky was based on, abre los ojos (open your eyes) is way, way, way better, and the director, Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar is a genious. next to almovodar, he's the other spanish director film lovers should know. his most well known movie i'm sure you've heard of, the others, was a big hit stateside, and his 3rd movie, tesis (En:thesis) was a taut, well crafted thriller (it's what 9mm could have been), but if vanilla sky was a stick figure (and compared to the original, that's probably the kindest thing i could say), then the movie it was based on, abre los ojos (En: open your eyes) was a full color digital photo, full of light, shadow, 3-D. where VS tells you in no uncertain terms what everything means and gives you a happy ending, ALO, is complex, elusive, open ended, and lets you decide what you think happened, telling you no answers, but presenting you with deep, philosophical, existential questions.

the unfortunate thing is that everyone who sees VS first assumes that ALO's conclusions, plot points, tone, and pov are the same. they are not. VS is, for lack of a better way of putting it, dumbed down for american audiences. let me explain: VS, was a cartoon version of ALO, holding your hand thru the whole thing, telling you what to think, and what conclusions to come to-- the end of VS being the case in point--

*spoiler alert*
there was no subtlety. you were told, it was all more or less a dream and everything was ok. where as in ALO, you are never quite sure. you are left to draw your own conclusions, to theorize what has been going on for the whole movie. what parts support your theory, and which don't. the idea of an open frame movie, where ideas are subject to individual interpetation instead of a closed frame movie, where the director tells you what to think, is the great innovative leap that the french new wave introduced in the 50's and 60's.
I liked No Country For Old Men because I thought about it and the story the day after I watched it, and the day after that.
Spoiler Alert.
How can we discuss our dissapointment with the ending?
Off Spoiler Alert.
I had no idea the movie was filmed in the Mexican Chisos of West Texas. After the Hurricane that's where I re-located and it's been 2 years but I know there's only once place to see those mountains and so it was always going to be a top movie for me. I nudged the ladyfriend next to me and told her...that's where I was displaced. I love those mountains, and it's true, so true, there are cowboys out there. I'm city, thru and thru, not by preference, mind, just the way it is...but even I left those mountains with 2 cowboy hats and real Mexican Cowboy boots to match. That film was 1/2 in Brewster County Texas, if I had known I'd have worn me boots and hat and brought whiskey instead of that Bordeaux.
meh. personally i loved the ending. i was wondering how the opening voice over fit into the story, and that end made sense. but i want to see no country again, since i think there was something that i missed. and i loved the last killing's subtlety. and no i didn't give anything away by saying the above.
epi-- netflix does that for you, if you're a member. their cheapest subscription is like $5 a month and well worth it, imho...they have access to pretty much anything that's on dvd, and they recommend new films based on ones you've rated in the past.
girltrouble, that was some VS vs ALO. awesome. and i liked the ending of no country for old men, too.

sassygrrl, you mentioned there will be blood. i think that was the first time i can remember seeing a 100 on metacritic.

personally, i will be seeing diving bell & the butterfly, the savages, juno, and margot at the wedding over christmas. and there will be blood...sometime.
thanks gluey, but if i had to review my VS vs. ALO post, i'd say it was 1)obnoxiously opinionated, and that it's author was an annoying know-it-all and suffers from foreign-movies-are-better-itis, if i didn't know that she loves almost any movie with big explosions or the guys from harold and kumar, 2)super repetitious. super repetitious, super repetitious, doood! i get it, get it, get it, and i get it. 3)the author has the same problem as VS, can i have my own opinion of the movie, or are you going to tell me what to think, AGAIN?!?, 4) she just likes being contrary. really. gluey complemented her, and doxy agreed with her, and she decided to say the opposite of each of them.... 5)she needs to shut up. and 6)omg, how fucking repetitious....

on another note... dolor, my dearest, there is going to be a bresson film fest here in feb, as well as noir city, which is showing one of my favorite noir films of all time: GUNCRAZY!!!!!!. i've ranted about this film several times on this thread and since i seem to be repeating myself, i'll move on to another film they are showing, the classic serial killer film, and a precursor to psycho, peeping tom. so super good....
i should have known. i thought the ideas in the movie were too original for such a commercial hollywood blockbuster. i'll definitely check out abre los ojos. i really love movies that play with reality like that, making you question what really happened and what was imaginary, and whether or not it really matters.
What did I agree with and who? I've never even seen Vanilla Sky...
Missing something.
I think I need to see the movie again, too. I knew the opening voice was going to play in, I just had too much wine to have it clear in me memory towards the end.
Still, seeing those mountains made me feel like I was there again. South brewster county and the Mexican Chisos rock. My friends that are still in Terlingua and Marathon, Tx have to go to El Paso to see it because Alpine's theater (which is over an hour away from each mentioned town) isn't showing it.
anna k
I got Nine Lives, Marie Antoinette, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, and All the Real Girls for Christmas. I'm looking forward to watching them all.
lol... doxy, i posted before about banilla sky, and after about no country....

just saw who killed the electric car and my favorite movie of the year, the host.

electric car was eye opening-- and heart breaking. i never thought watching cars being removed from a lot would make me cry, but it did. it's such an amazing movie, and makes you shake your head at how willing auto and oil companies and the government are more than willing to watch the world go up in flames via global warming for an immediate profit. all the more revealing after last week's struggle over cafe standards where california wanted to make 35mpg the standard by 2009, but the federal government, thanks to george bush, pushed that date back to 2020. a full 11 more years. the worst part of it is, we could be at zero imition by 2010 by going with the electric cars they had in the 80's and 90's in california. truly a movie every american should see.

i've seen the host before--of course! it's directed by my favorite director, who, to my mind is the korean hitchcock. unlike some super directors, he can keep audiences in the palm of his hand without being saccarine. joon bong-ho balances drama with comedy effortlessly. and the host? well, it's the korean "godzilla" movie. but here is the thing: no guys in monster suits, no kitsch. this is not your father's monster movie. this could just as easily be classified as a suspense film. directed with a deadly sense of sly humor, but not willing to ease the tension for a second, this is a brainy thrill ride with a heart. it's got a dysfunctional family that you fall in love with, and really relate to. it's the family movie for the aduts to watch after the kids have gone to bed. i forgot how absolutely draining it is. no question, this is my favorite movie of the year.
Ooohhh yeah girltrouble "Who Killed the Electric Car" was amazing. My brother sent me a link to watch it online and I watched with my jaw pretty much open the whole time. It was shocking and enlightening.

Saw "National Treasure Book of Secrets" with the family yesterday, it wasn't too bad. Typical action adventure movie, Helen Mirren was a nice bit of casting and I just think Justin Bartha is adorable.

I wanted to go see "Sweeney Todd" today - but the stupid theatre in my hick town ISN'T SHOWING THE MOVIE!!! And this is priceless - THEY AREN'T EVEN GOING TO GET THE MOVIE!!!! How is the possible? Johnny Depp is a huge box office draw! Now I'm gonna have to drive about 50 miles to see the damn thing. Bleh.
october, that really sucks, but it's worth the trip to see sweeney todd... i was a little worried after the last tim burton/johnny depp fiasco, charlie and the chocolate factory. but sweeney todd is the right combination of cool visuals, macabre, and hot johnny. helena b-c's singing's a little flat, but she's so damn cool, it's forgiven.
I also saw Sweeney Todd this weekend. I enjoyed it. I am usually not into musicals AT ALL, so it was a risk for me. The singing was such that I could endure it. I think that they sang while doing things helped. Johnny usual! We took my FIL & BIL with us, not sure how they felt about the movie, they have slightly more mainstream tastes.

I also saw American Gangster, which I thought was well done. I thought Russell Crowe did a great job.
Cara Tranny-Tru,

... just back from the road, Fla and ALabama and back, and now confronting this infernal mess of a house,
so not the time for our major chatty catch up,
but I wish to tell you (and anyone else...) that the best movie of the season so far, for sentimental me, was the Russian 2007 movie, "The Italian" about an orphan (about 9 years?) who runs away from the orphanage (and his adoptive parents, Italians) to find his mother. Both very grim (the orphanage and its entourage, life in the "new Russia") ... and heartening: his will to find her. He is a powerful little arrow!

I saw it on the big screen, but it's on DVD, and now chez Netflix. Competent, technically, with consistently strong naturalistic acting.

ta ta fer na,

your Dolor

PS And I shall look into this HOST, that you are pressing upon.
I just saw PS I Love You. I cried through the entire begining, and am even more in love with Gerard Butler than i was before. It was very cheesy but good fun.
I just saw PS I Love You. I cried through the entire begining, and am even more in love with Gerard Butler than i was before. It was very cheesy but good fun.
I watched Black Snake Moan last night. I had thought that it would be kind of cool but instead it was just boring and pointless.

I also saw Hard Candy. Ellen Page plays a 14 year old who meets up with an older guy from the internet but the tables are completely turned on him. It was kind of a mind fuck.
QUOTE(epinephrine @ Dec 20 2007, 12:15 AM) *
i wish there was some kind of online database that could recommend movies to you when you enter the movies you like. there are things like that for music (like pandora's box and gnoosic) but i haven't seen anything like that for movies. does anyone know any? i'm spending a lot of time wandering hopelessly through the video store, picking up boxes and putting them back down. even a good movie review site would be helpful.

I think Netflix has that. I don't know if you have to join to get the recommendations though. I just vaguely remember being turned on to a bunch of great movies when I lived with my parents (they subscribe)
Has anyone seen Juno yet?

I'm going to see it this week.

I'm already completely in love with Ellen Page, so I think this movie will be great.

Did anyone else know that Ellen Page is only 5'1"?

Oh Juno was so good! It was sharp and funny without being jaded or sarcastic. Good soundtrack as well.
I have been falling behind in my film now I have a nice, long list of all the movies I've really wanted to see for a while.

I LOVE Javier Bardem and I know I should not miss him in No Country for Old Men. He doesn't even speak English, but there he is, just being great.
I received many Wong Kar Wei films for Christmas, and I'm watching them all, one by one, over the course of the next month sometime...
Sweeney Todd is one of the most perversely twisted comedic plays I've ever seen (anyone ever seen the play version with Angela Lansbury?) which includes the horrific scenario which gets me more than almost any other: forced cannibalism. I'm attracted and repelled by any film/story which includes that element in the story. So, yeah, I am going to watch it.
Juno. Of course. For some reason, Ellen Page always makes me think of Love My Pugs, maybe it's because she's from Halifax. Also: it's like Death and the Maiden. The world needs more "how's about we look at this whole rape/molestation thing from the victim's point of view for a minute, huh?" resolutions in stories.

I wish Who Killed the Electric Car? could become as ubiquitous as Star Wars figurines, Star Trek conventions, films made to sell pop and tchochkele at McDonald's and Burger King, and Paris Hilton. The world would be a much better place.

Also watched Sicko, finally. And I'm gonna move to France, I've decided.
please excuse my double post
I saw Juno the other night with a bunch of friends and we LOVED it! I think we all fell in love with Ellen Page. She's an amazingly talented actress & did a great job with a great character. I may have to buy that when it comes out on DVD.

I also saw Sweeney Todd. Some of Sondhiem's songs work better than others in the film, but all in all I think it was good. I must admit that I have a bit of a weak stomach when it comes to blood and guts in films and there was a LOT of blood in this baby! So that unnerved me a little. I'd love to know just how many throats get slashed. Did anybody count? At any rate, I can see why tons of people find it to be darkly hysterical. I may see it again with some other friends.

Who Killed The Electric Car is so infuriating and saddening and confusing and infuriating again. I simply cannot understand why they wouldn't let people keep their cars! So bizare. Grrr.

Are any of you seeing the Metropolitan Opera's live performances that are showing in movie theaters? It's a series that they did last year that was very successful, so they're continuing it this year. I saw Hansel & Gretel this week while visiting my family. I hope I can get tickets for the rest of the season now that I'm home, but they sold out VERY quickly last year.
anna k
I liked Nine Lives. It was a movie that had nine segments featuring well-known actors doing a scene in one continious take. I liked the high caliber of actresses (Glenn Close, Robin Wright Penn, Kathy Baker, Sissy Spacek, Holly Hunter, Lisa Gay Hamilton, and even the younger Amanda Seyfried and Dakota Fanning) and the stories, though unreseolved, were captivating. There were bad reviews on IMDB, people being pissed at the stories not being connected and only being a brief moment into a person's life, but I enjoyed it and liked watching some good actors do theater-like pieces with a flowing camera movement.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston was good too. Daniel's singing style got a little grating, but his story of being mentally ill and the conflict of love/hate in his family was interesting.
Dear Girl-Trouble,

In regard to Bresson
[which should be said in French, non? Something like "A pros pro de Bresson" (bilingual Canadiens correct me please!]

I remain vachement puzzled, baffled. More seriously baffled than with any other topic that I've encountered in the movie arena.

He is highly theorized himself (which intrigues my restless mind). loves to make his case, but I still don't understand his emphatic case for Cinema as a brave new art form (to be distinguished from theater). Nor can I follow his case (which links to the former, I'm sure) for non-acting (?): using non-actors who deliver their lines in a very flat manner. It makes his movies seem... doctrinaire. Movies of flat ideas. Though their is also real emotion there, and empathy for those who suffer. Esp. donkeys (Balthazar) and Mouchette.

Nor can I grasp... why it is that he is venerated. Those I admire (David Thompson, the gang at Time Out) admire him. Do those that venerate him concur with his theory? Or do they approach him from some other vantage? "Youth wants to know!"

Now watching "Bright Future" by Kurosawa. The younger K that is...

-- reggae & out
your D-Gal
Cara Cha-Cha,

Who said:
"I received many Wong Kar Wei films for Christmas, and I'm watching them all, one by one, over the course of the next month sometime..."

Perhaps you've already noted T-Gal and D-Gal swooning here over those slo-mo scenes of the Beautiful One walking down the stairs to the Noodle stand... in In the Mood for Love? (In the special features they spend much time on those sheath dresses that she's wearing.)

It is the mood, and he prefers his love impossible, unrequited. "Happy Together" (which I haven't seen) is as ironic and unrequited as the song itself, I'll bet. "Imagine me and you, I do..." With "Mood" we skip right through the moment of consummation, en fin, (in room2046, of course) without any arrival at happiness. Or even emotional intimacy, togetherness? We merely see her... on the other side of consummation. Dolor! Meanwhile, our hero drifts off to communicate his love (?), regrets (?), into a little alcove in a ruin in SE Asia. It's another "Letter to an Unknown Woman." (Put that one into your list for Santa too.)

I gave the soundtrack to "In the Mood for Love" to my precocious son for Xmas,...
and we're going to be watching 2046 this eve....

a bientot,


acts of worship
"...focusing on the relationship between Alix a young homeless addict and Digna a successful photographer in Manhattans Lower Eastside. .....
revealing them both to be suffering the same fear that manifests itself in loneliness, self-destruction and isolation."

tears just now drying up. good stuff.
speaking about unrequited love... oh dolor. you are dreamy so supreme.

i'm not sure who was watching the kar-wei-athon. but i did feel tinges of jealousy. the first of his movies that i saw, chung king express. was a revelation to me. it's playfulness and romantic, fatalistic sentiment hit my filmic sweet-spot, like films do occasionally. normally i don't have a favorite movie, but rather a list of movies i adore and can rattle off. but films like that, like barking dogs never bite, like life is sweet, or seance, that are so refreshingly different, i can't resist obsessing. they usually have a only few films under their belts, so i can have a religious fervor for their future films.... (and for those of you keeping score, here is the formula of films i love favefilm=new film: barking dogs=the host; seance=bright future; chungking=mood for love/2046....)

speaking of asian films, and early films/film directors that i loved, the asian horror film the eye, directed by the pang bros., has been remade with jessica alba, and is going to be out soon. the first movie i saw by the pang brothers was the ultra cool bankok dangerous, a beautifully stylish action movie about a deaf hitman that isn't just pretty but smart too. when i heard they were doing a horror movie, i was kind of at the end of my love of asian horror with, with the exception of the exceptional 'tale of two sisters', i thought had pretty much run it's course. but then i saw the eye. a solid horror movie, that was much better than i could have expected. genuine chills and ofcourse the obligitory mystery. but the pang bros have a talent that i loved in wong kar wei-- an instinctive sense of what a certain scene should look like, and going straight for it. i'm willing to bet the american version will be a lot more bland, more slick and less interesting. infact if there is one problem i have with all the remakes of asian horror movies it they pretty them up too much. the low budgetness of asian horror made them seem more gritty, more real. something that is lost with a big budget and stars.

but see what i mean before you see the new eye, ifc is airing the original on the dates and times below:

The Eye
Sunday, January 13 5:35 PM

Friday, January 18 9:05 AM

Friday, January 18 3:35 PM

Thursday, January 24 10:05 AM

Thursday, January 24 5:15 PM
Dear Gal o' Trouble,

Well, you know I think you're such a sweet and charming one that we could just go ahead and announce that our love IS requited! What say?

That was our Cha-cha who'd received her WKW party-pak from Santa.

Going off on a tangent about Asian Cin,
and having just seen Bright Future & Fireworks (you know these?)
this left me with a major exasperation with the male persona, that strong & silent thing, which from the outside can get real boring and cliched (esp. Fireworks) and from the inside amounts to such fatal self-ignorance (esp. Bright Future.) I mean there's a reason why real men go into the strong and silent mode... but the price that we all pay for this! In movies, I want to know... What are these guys thinking?? I want to hear their thoughts, chugging along inside, while they're being stony-faced on the outside. What do their minds and inner voices do as they... fall asleep?

I watched a bit of the making of documentary about Fireworks, and there you see the star and director being alert, friendly, humorous... I could have used more of that in the flic itself.

This is a bit besides the point, perhaps, but
I know you've thought much about masculinity... the problems & the charms...

We're having a beautiful snow fall right now... Here in the NE, I'm waving at you in your NW corner.

ta ta fer na,

PS As for IFC, I don't have cable. Out here in the country, I just have rabbit ears (which I ignore) and Netflix.
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