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Just watched 2 days in Paris.
I liked it, but then I was always going to...I'm big on dialogue relationship movies dealing with 30-somethings and I also always have that half bottle of wine in me backpack.
I'm a sucker, what can I say.
Other than I'm exstatic over The Jane Austen Book Club.
Anyone know what books I should read first?
doxy, do you mean Jane Austen books? If so, definitely Pride and Prejudice and you should try to get a hold of and watch the BBC adaptation with Colin Firth.
Yeah, but I was more amping up my anticipation of the movie, Jane Austen Book Club. It looks damn good, I think I'm going to read a shorter book first, like Lady and the Tramp...but will read Pride and the Prejudice soon after. I like reading the books before they're movies. Which is also why I'm glad Into the Wild is out. It's almost like I can't watch the movie until I read it first. All the King's Men, Empire Falls, Cider House Rules, too many to list. I just like to have my vision of the character created in my head seen in a movie I guess. I'm sure it's like that with everyone...seeing a friend in reel life that was for so long just an imaginaryfriend (did you see what I did there with "reel" instead of "real";)
I'll get the bbc adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, thanks for the tip!
X-posted from Whedon thread.

Could there really be a Serenity sequel?

All parts crossed that there will be!

*contains marked spoiler for Serenity lower down page*

doxy, I can't recommend the BBC P&P highly enough!

I second the BBC Pride and Prejudice!! it's completey addictive - even friends who have been lukewarm on the idea of watching it with me have gotten completely immersed. Aside from -ahem - Colin Firth (CF riding horses, CF walking around in tight trousers, CF stripping to his shirttails and diving in a pond.. ..ok, I digress...) it's pretty much a straight up, non-abridged adaptation of the book, and the setting, costuming, music, etc etc is completely authentic for the period. I can't say enough good things about it.

anna k
I watched Rounders a couple of nights ago, I hadn't seen it since I saw it in theaters nearly ten years ago. I don't know how to play poker, but it's a great movie, I like the environment of the grizzly old tough guys in their underground poker circles.
anna k
I went to see The Darjeeling Limited. It's a good movie, similar in tone to The Royal Tenenbaums, very poignant and funny and sad. Wes seems to have an obsession with labels and signs and overhead shots of letters and covers.

I had hoped the Hotel Chevalier short would come before the movie but it's only available on iTunes.
QUOTE(zoya @ Oct 5 2007, 06:54 PM) *

I second the BBC Pride and Prejudice!! it's completey addictive - even friends who have been lukewarm on the idea of watching it with me have gotten completely immersed. Aside from -ahem - Colin Firth (CF riding horses, CF walking around in tight trousers, CF stripping to his shirttails and diving in a pond.. ..ok, I digress...) it's pretty much a straight up, non-abridged adaptation of the book, and the setting, costuming, music, etc etc is completely authentic for the period. I can't say enough good things about it.


Very true. Jennifer Ehle was marvelous, restrained, yet lovely (in stark contrast to Keira's stilted and over-hyped performance) and so enjoyable as the prideful and passionate Elizabeth Bennett. Colin Firth grew on me. Mrs. Bennett was marvelous as was the annoying Julia Swalha. The location shots of Pemberly and the costumes, the dances and the exceedingly restrictive etiquette that existed back then was wonderfully authentic and all of the production values amply illustrates why I admire many British actors. after I own the 10 year anniversary addition and I must have watched it 3 times already.

On another note I am looking forward to the release of American Gangster and the absolutely magnificent Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth.

Saw Ball of Fire with Stanwyck and the Clock with oozing Laughton and thrifty, wry Miland. Enjoyable as usual.

Robert Mitchum, WOW—what an artist. He put the P in Psychopath with the beautifully rendered and masterful gem-- Night of the Hunter, directed by the mercurial Laughton and the odious, relentless, pitiless, irredeemable evil that is Max Cady in Cape Fear---I like DeNiro’s interpretation—but Mitchum was a 1000% better.
I am also eagerly awaiting American Gangster! Something about the trailer in the movie theatre just got to me.

Also, I wanted to go see The Golden Age tonight, and then my mother and I realized that it's not out until next weekend. Boo.

And as for Pride & Prejudice, I remember watching it on tv when it first came out with my mom, and I've recently downloaded it, but haven't felt like watching it. Maybe it's about time...
anna k
I'd like to see American Gangster too. I liked the trailer, but probably because it used a good song in it. It sounds like a good story.

I liked Mitchum in Cape Fear more than DeNiro. DeNiro seemed like he was trying too hard to be "crazy" and badass, like with tattoos and wiry muscles, whereas Mitchum was more seductive and menacing. Mitchum would say something like "I don't give a damn about acting," but he was mesmerizing onscreen.
I know! American Gangster looks awesome.

I saw The Darjeeling Limited yesterday (I thought it was just okay, not anything spectacular), then I snuck in happy.gif and saw Across the Universe (I liked it, but they could've cut some stuff out).
Mitchum was simply brilliant. Especially the scene with the drifter in the hotel room. Shirtless, mussed up, but the evil there was palatable. And his confrontation with Peck in the Restaurant bar. ----Amazingly accurate portrayal of the reasoning of a true psychopath---eerie, repulsive, and frightening.

Mitchum cared all right as long as he respected their work--like Laughton. He was I believe a competent poet and painter. All that bluff and nonchalance hiding something truly remarkable and luckily it leaked out onto the screen, when he was so inclined.

Yeah, like how he stole the Love/Hate tattoos straight from Mitchum (in Night of the Hunter) thus I am not sure if he was paying homage to him or if it was trying to make his character more menacing. Still like Deniro, but his performance was vastly inferior.

Just saw Death Proof on DVD. New favourite movie. I know a lot of people have issues with Tarantino, but I was riveted to my seat, and that's what a movie's supposed to be about.
Oooooh, busty, I know! I'm still soooo pissed that I didn't see Grindhouse in the theatre. I also just saw Death Proof last week, and I loved it. I burst out laughing at the end; it was really refreshing to watch that!
Dajeeling isn't out here yet. Saw Heartbreak Kid yesterday. Rental, but it was that or that crappy movie with the Rock. However, saw a trailer for Sweeney Todd... wow. Probably go see Across the Universe next weekend.

Yay for possible Serenity sequel!! smile.gif

lol sassy...I was actually gonna sneak into Heartbreak Kid (but I reaaaaaally didn't wanna do that), and then I saw AtU was starting, so I ducked in there instead!

Have any of you heard about this? If it's true, it's completely fucked up and I'm all for a Warner Bros. boycott.
I'm thinking that death proof should become part of the BUSTie lexicon or a verb proper i.e. "we death proofed his misogynist arse" (as in we proved death, not proofed from death) or "let's death-proof that troll-twat and donate to pro-choice organizations". /reverie
Apologies if this has been posted but I was poking around on wikipedia and just discovered that Alan Rickman is Judge Turpin in Sweeny Todd? Depp and Rickman on the same screen? SWOON biggrin.gif

Yeah that Warner Bros. thing is just really wacked out? Could it possibly be other factors that the movies haven't done well? Nah it has to be vaginas and mammary glands that ruined the movies, couldn't be anything but. Yeah 'cause the almighty penis has never ruined a movie. *sarcasm*
octobersky, Depp, Rickman AND Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy). Swoon, indeed.
I love that...Warner Bros is blaming female lead films for poor box office.

I'm personally very hopeful about that. I enjoy fantasizing about how female artists and filmmakers at every level will "take their business elsewhere"....selling their script ideas to other financial backers, looking for lots of different ways to make their films, producing films that might actually be relevant or even provide some kind of voice or perspective that Warner Bros has successfully kept silent with its formulaic and repetitive lightly costumed excuses for 2 hour commercials it's been calling "product" lately.

Maybe this is the beginning of independently/creatively produced films (or films co-produced with other interested backers in other countries...kind of what Michael Moore had to seek out to get his movies made...which then really proved successful) made by some of the most talented filmmakers around...women who would only have been kneecapped by Warners and the other studios in Hollywood anyway.

Just think how much money Warner would lose if this happened, and think of how humiliated they'll be when they realise it's all because of this decision that their audience, their talent pool, their credibility as an entertainment company, and their finances have all dried up.

I saw Across The Universe last night. It was lovely. I really like the way the whole thing was done. The only bad part was Bono. He was so full of himself, even when he's acting.
I saw Death Proof as well! I enjoyed it and Zoe Bell was just amazing. But I think I'm going to like Planet Terror even more. I'm still annoyed that none of my friends were interested in seeing the whole Grindhouse double feature when it came out in the first place.
LilPink, THANK YOU! I overheard people in the theater murmuring how awesome it was that Bono was in it; meanwhile, I was horrified and disgusted. I really really do hate him. He's such a tool.

I saw The Edukators a few days ago and I can't stop thinking about it! I loved it. (Plus, I'm going to marry Daniel Bruhl one day, I just know it! wub.gif)
anna k
I saw The Girl Next Door tonight. It was really creepy and disturbing.

The film is about two orphaned adolescent girls in the 1950s who are tortured by their aunt, being physically and emotionally abused, and being beaten by her sons, who are encouraged by their mother. The mother is like a worse version of Carrie White's mom in Carrie. At first, with her sexual comments around adolescent boys, I thought she was trying to be like a MILF, but she becomes more like a soulless, pyschotic monster. The older girl is tied up by her hands in the basement and used as an object of debasement by the boys and the mother, and it gets worse from there. Two people walked out of the theater, and I hid my eyes during one scene.

Afterwards, I thought, "This was too much, too over-the-top, this wouldn't really happen," but I looked up the movie on IMDB and got linked to the story it was based on, which is even nastier than the movie.

I liked Death Proof more than Planet Terror. I did like seeing Grindhouse in theaters, with the adverts and fake movie trailers, giving it a great, if self-aware, ambiance.
Jeez, that sounds way too intense for me. I sometimes can't believe the way humans act, it just doesn't make any sense. And while certain movies may be interesting and thought provoking this one sounds like something I wouldn't be able to handle.
anna, which theater did you see that at? i fandangoed it about a week ago and couldn't find any listings in the city. sounds intense!

okay...this is really random, but can you all think of black directors (besides the obvious spike lee and actors-turned-directors like denzel)? i was trying to think of some this morning and kept drawing up blank!
anna k
I saw it at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre in NYC.

Black directors I can think of: Kasi Lemmons, Robert Townsend, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Oscar Micheuaux (directed silent films), Tyler Perry, Melvin & Mario Van Peebles, Gordon Parks, the Hughes Brothers, John Singleton, and Cheryl Dunye.
i'm sorry, but i completely love the saw franchise. i know, i know, many a movie purist will deride me, but i think they're clever.
I enjoy the Saw movies too but I feel the Hostel movie are better all around . I saw 30 days of night with BF. BF hated it but I loved it . It stayed true to the comic and looked great.
Saw Happy, Texas yesterday & spent it salivating over Jeremy Northam. His English accent slipped in here and there, but he's so hot I forgave him. William H Macy's character was such a sweetheart too. What a success story for the writer & director (first-timers, both of them).

Also took out the original M*A*S*H movie. Man. So many scenes that enlightened people now would quite clearly identify as sexual harassment begging for a lawsuit, but I can see that 30 years ago most people would have just thought they were hilarious. I wonder if I'd have the same reaction to the TV show? I grew up on the reruns but haven't seen them for a decade and a half. Thank cod I was born when I was, and no earlier.
I remember really hating M*A*S*H* when I finally saw it a few years ago, thinking that scene with Sally Kellerman being laughed at was the height of misogyny. Altman's done some interesting movies, but he had that bent in so many of his films I ended up unable to watch many of his films without being overwhelmed by that presence of woman hatred.

Even worse, it just wasn't that funny either.

Pondered whether or not the misogyny was just part of the whole idea of war the story turned on, but realized it was just Altman.

i liked saw until the last one. dude needs to die already. it's getting to be like that cliche of the silent star taking 20 minutes to die. it's like they know the franchise should be ended but they cant resist milking it.

i should be able to think of more black directors, but i'm too peeved by saw. i thought the first hostel was alright-- not as brutal as everyone said, and at times funny, but i am really starting to loathe eli roth. it started with grind house. his preview was, to my mind, offensive (the girl impaled by the knife going up her coochie, if you were wondering) and his role of playing himself didn't help.

anna k did an amazing job.... but here are the ones i can add:
bill duke(deep cover); ice cube; carl franklin (the amazing devil in the blue dress), charles burnett (killer of sheep, to sleep with anger), sidney poiter, marlon riggs (the best black queer films like, black is, black ain't),Antoine Fuqua (training day), f gary fray(set it off, the negotiator) and Gina Prince-Bythewood(love and basketball).

can't think of any more right now...
... a couple more remarkable items to add to Anna and TroubleGal's lists of black directors,
"Ganja and Hess," (1973) directed by Bill Gunn (at Netflix)
and "Chameleon Street," directed by Wendell B. Harris Jr. (I have it in VHS, it's not out on DVD.)

The most remarkable black-directed films I've come upon. If you IMDB them, you'll see why. Also: the comments on G&H at Amazon. I'm not sure what to make of G&H, but it's most odd, and ambitious. I plan on watching it again, just added it to my queue.

Apart from that, Dear T-Gal I've been watching more Bresson. It is... a strange experience. I still haven't figured out why he is so venerated. He certainly listens to his own drummer, and that is to be admired. He also drove one of those super Groovy Citroens, which I will own, should I make it to heaven.

ta ta,
yr Dolor
I saw American Gangster this weekend. It waa lil' long and slow in places but it looked amazing (it's a period piece). Denzel is amazing. Has anyone seen "Things We Lost in The Fire?" Good? Sappy? Not worth it?
Has anyone see trailers for Funny Games yet? We went to see Before the Devil Knows You're Dead last night and there was a trailer for Funny Games....I turned to LeBoy after it was over and just said, "Didn't we get that entire movie over with in one scene in A Clockwork Orange?" rolleyes.gif It just looked dumb.
Polly, how was Before the Devil Knows You're Dead? I'm not the biggest Ethan Hawke fan, but I really like Phillip Seymor Hoffman.

I've been wanting to see that new Jesse James film with Brad Pitt, but it's in only one movie theater. I hear Casey Affleck is good in it.

It was okay. There were parts where I thought it could have moved a little faster (they tell and re-tell the story from each character's different point of view, which is interesting but takes awhile.) and there were some plot holes (which I won't give away).

It's not exactly a movie I'd watch over and over again, but it wasn't bad. Overall, good story, good acting.
Polly, I saw the Funny Games trailer the other night. I too felt that they showed the entire movie during the preview. I mean, what else is there?

I saw Lars and The Real Girl. I loved it. Ryan Gosling did a fabulous job and the story was really touching.
anna k
I saw two movies tonight, American Gangster and Kurt Cobain: About a Son.

American Gangster was entertaining, though too long. I liked the 70's setting and the soul music soundtrack, as well as the resemblence to The French Connection. The audience laughed at a lot of it, finding jokes that I hadn't noticed. Denzel Washington was good, and I liked seeing supporting cast members like Idris Elba, Kevin Corrigan, Carla Gugino, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Josh Brolin, Ted Levine, and rappers like RZA, Common, and T.I.

About a Son was a documentary narrated by Kurt Cobain from his interviews, and it was good, though it dragged in some parts. The images are mostly modern-day images of Aberdeen and Olympia and Seattle with young teenagers and indie-rock kids meant to represent Kurt's past and the same scenes still going on. Sometimes I thought Kurt was a dick (complaining about "average" people and being moody), and other times he surprised me (saying how judgemental he had been of people in the past and how people perceive him as depressed when he isn't). I had a flashback to my own teen years, hearing The Breeders' Iris and early 90's Northwestern indie rock.
i just love all those dancing movies like stomp the yard, etc. i just watched this preview for Step up 2 the Streets trailer. i wish i could dance like these people!

I liked American Gangster too, but I agree, it was overly long.

I just watched Dear Frankie, aka the best movie ever. It is so touching. And Gerard Butler makes me swoon.
I felt okay during American Gangster. It wasn't until after I left the theater that I started thinking about how it could've been better. But I liked it.

Ditto on Lars and the Real Girl. It was funny and sad and mortifying and just plain awesome. I'm gonna buy it when it comes out on DVD. Ryan Gosling=one of my future husbands. wink.gif

I watched Deliverance last night. Whoa. Of course the first thing I did afterward, being the nerd I am, was go online to try and find critical analyses on the themes of masculinity, homoeroticism, and class in the movie. Couldn't find anything worthy that I could get access to. I miss being a student and having access to the academic databases. sad.gif

I can't wait for Margot at the Wedding. I'm seeing it first thing wednesday.
deliverance via NYT online:right here.
Went to see Eastern Promises last week and really, really enjoyed it and now want to watch History of Violence. It was incredibly dark and quite a bit violent but not gratuitously so (neither was the sex scene) and naked Viggo was great wink.gif.

This weekend we saw Stardust, which was lots of fun, and we were going to see American Gangster but I was too drunk and sleepy.
Has anyone seen Richard Linklater's Tape? I rented it from the library and just finished seeing it right this second (excellent acting), but now I'm just like....whoa, what happened here? It reminded me of the "What name for a violent act" thread. All the characters are really ambiguous about what happened, but either way I think it could raise some excellent conversation. I actually wanted to post this in that thread, but I don't know if giving away that this movie centers around an alleged rape could be considered a spoiler (hence my use of the spoiler thingie). (?)

Yay! Thanks for the article gt!

I saw Margot at the Wedding on Thanksgiving. Really good. The sexual tension is pretty creepy, though!
Tape sounds like Linklater's version of Roshomon. (I love discovering films here, I'd never even heard that Tape was out there).

Must go and find it now.
Just saw Beowulf last night. And I'm not ashamed to admit I liked it a lot. Even the over-the-top parts seemed appropriated since epic poems are written in that style, and I think they made fun of themselves enough to make up for it.

The effects were only distracting for the first 5 minutes, and then it seems like your eyes adjust and you don't notice as much. Grendel's mother (aka jolie) was pretty re-donk-culous, but Grendel himself was great. I really loved the way they did his voice.

I also realized that too much attention was paid to the fact that Beowulf probably had a huge dick...I mean, how on earth is that relevant. Other than that though, I really liked it.

p.s. I also saw the "2D" version (wtf), but I think the "3D" would have been hella distracting. There were points in the movie when it was obvious something was put a certain way to cater to those with the 3D glasses, which was irritating. I would recommend just the regular ol' 2D.
I saw Margot at the Wedding on Friday. I liked it a lot. As with Squid and the Whale, the dark family drama is continued in Mr. Noah's quest to explore dysfunctional blood relations. I love how he used the intellectual family as a source for the dysfunction energy - that such abuse can be in any family, even the claimed intelligent ones who live lives in analyzing. Anyhow, the dialogue is great and the acting is perfect. jack black stole the movie for me. please see it.
I want to see Margot at the Wedding, but it hasn't expanded to many cities yet. Hopefully it gets a wider release.
I watched A Guide to Recognizing your Saints this weekend and really liked it. It was beautifully shot with great casting - Rosario Dawson was fantastic, as always.
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