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We saw Art School Confidential last night, and though my expectations were low, I was still disappointed. I didn't really even see any clever little moments...single lines, maybe, but that's it. And I lurve Daniel Clowes and the director. So sad.

The main character wasn't even likeable or interesting. I think the whole plot line with the serial killer could have worked, but it just seemed thrown in there. Too bad. I'm gonna have to pull out all my comics and laugh and try to flush the movie out of my brain.

And anna, I'm so excited to see Clean! Yay!

Can't deal with United 93, but glad to hear you thought it was pretty well done, syb. I wonder if and when the Hurricane Katrina movies will start coming out...
I saw The Da Vinci Code today. The theatre was pretty full, but there were no protesters outside. I really enjoyed the film, and found it to be very much about female empowerment. Audrey Tautou's character was strong, and she was a very good choice. I'm not a Tom Hanks fan, but he did well. Paul Bettany's character was scary, but very well acted. Ian McKellan was my favorite character, and his scenes were superb. I didn't read the book, so I can't compare the book to the film. I don't like long films, but this one flew by.
Good to know. I plan to see it this week.
I saw The Da Vinci Code on Friday night; I agree with designermedusa, it IS about female empowerment. I have read the book and IMO the film isn't as good (although maybe it's good not to have read the book as you can be completely surprised) but I still enjoyed it, it was a fun film.
The casting of Paul Bettany as Silas and Ian McKellan as Teabing was inspired.
I saw The DaVinci code over the weekend, too. I kind of wish I hadn't read the book so I would have been a little surprised at stuff. I guess that's to the film's credit, keeping with the original story. It never really picked up much steam action-wise, but I'm glad they got all the historical parts in there. True or not (and I'd like to believe they are), it's good that the film put it out there for people to chew on. I thought it was definitely better than the critics have been saying, though I can understand their criticisms. Ian McKellan was great in his part, but I've always pictured Teabing to be robust and kind of akward, not scrawny.

It may have been better if we didn't have to sit in the second row. The show we wanted to go to was sold out, and this one was about 30 seats from it.
I don't know why you are all going so easy on Davinci. I saw it, and Ron Howard and the guy who "supposedly" adapted the screenplay ought to be shot! It was SO BORING! I slept through about 45 minutes of it. Tom Hanks was terriblyl miscast and Paul Bettany made a mockery out of the albino guy. Ian McCellan was fun, but poor Audrey Tatoo had nothing to do but stand around with a concerned face, reacting to all the dull exposition being dished out by Hanks and McCellan. The entire movie was like the end of a scooby doo episode - all exposition and little action. It was all laugh out loud and cliche, the way it was directed, and all the feminism is completely lost in the gibberish. There is no chemistry whatsoever between Tatoo and Hanks, so their whole relationship seems pointless. There is so much information that is offered in such a boring way, you miss almost all the most interesting points of the book because they are done in a totally dull way! This movie sucked ass and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, whether they read the book or not.
i saw the producers last night. matthew broderick and nathan lane's first scene together was just too much for a musical film (but i could tell if it was on stage it would be just perfect). after that i'm not entirely sure if it was toned down, or if i had just got used to the over the topness. i totally loved it, though, i think because it was more of a broadway musical on film than a movie musical, if that made any sense. if it had been adapted into a movie musical it wouldn't have been anywhere near as good
i'm loving all the bad reviews of da vinci code, based purely on my vehement unhappiness with the casting of tom hanks (who i've always liked & admired).

i think i hated munich. i got much more out of a recent one-hour factual retrospect about the munich massacre. spielberg needs to go back to making tenderhearted alien movies.
I LOVED Munich! Why didn't you like it? The acting and casting were incredible.
Hm, I thought Da Vinci was pretty good. LONG, but pretty good.
I saw a film on dvd called Winter Passing. It stars Zooey Deschanel, Ed Harris and Will Ferrell. Zooey Dechanel plays a daughter who has resentment towards her childhood, Ed Harris plays her writer father. I didn't care for Ed Harris, but I've never really liked his acting. It was a film where not much goes on, but it was very good. Will Ferrell actually plays someone than isn't looney for once.
I thought Ed Harris was good in A Beautiful Mind. That *was* Ed Harris, right?
DM, I saw an ad for that movie - looked interesting.

Sybarite, I caught Tom Hanks on Inside the Actors Studio last night, and he said he thought United 93 was the most important film of the new millenium. How's that for high praise?
Amelita, I too am wondering about the Hurricane Katrina movies?

Only, I don't think they will be interesting at all unless they're about regular people like you and your husband, who stayed in the Marigny and got married while searching for your cats; or like me, who drove 6,000 miles to displacement in the dessert of the Mexican Chisos Mountains. I actually wrote about my trip and each state line I crossed and each town I crashed in along the crazy I became, how many books on tape I read, how sexually frustrating it all was, how many friends and old coffee shops I was able to run back into as well as what hope I had left for the city. Maybe Chris Rose's book will become a documentary-type? I caught his book signing at the R-Bar in January, now his book has made it big around here and he's getting $25 entrance fees to have it at Contemporary Arts Building. Faulkner House Book Society has something for the essays people have written about how they feel...I'm rambling, and this is turning into what really should be a "pm". So I'll get back on topic.
I watched Loose Change 9/11 and though I think maybe there were bombs in the wtc I can't be bothered because I'm tired of conspiracy theories that won't lead to anyone getting in trouble over them?!

Will see DaVinciCode next week.
I don't like watching movies about national tragedies. I made that mistake last night. I watched the documentary special on HBO called "Baghdad ER". IT was horrific. There were arms and legs being chopped off left and right. It's just so much worse over there than any of us can imagine. Nearly all of the men dying were between 18-21 years old. If any of the soldiers require anything more than a very basic surgery, they can basically expect to either die or lose limbs. Nearly all of the worst cases were from IED's, improvisde explosive devices, and all these guys were coming in with half their faces blown off and bits of metal imbedded in their bodies. The doctors working on them all seemed incredibly young (like in their late 20's) to be doing work like that, so it's no wonder they weren't capabale of performing major surgeries. I really wish I hadn't watched it, but then again, maybe if more people would watch things like that, we wouldn't be in this useless war to begin with.
Going to see X-Men 3 tonight, really should have refreshed memory by watching the previous two again.

I agree with doxy, the personal tragedies are the ones that really touch me. I was reading an article about a crime/csi writer (who wrote the series that programme Bones is based upon), who is also a forensic scientist, and she worked at Ground Zero after 9/11 (for months after) and is still recovering from the experience. One of the most poignant things she mentioned was coming across a box of wedding invites that were in the middle of being addressed. It's those personal (and mostly untold) stories that get me.
Well I suppose they are 'going easy on' The Da Vinci Code because they enjoyed it. To each their own.

I saw it tonight, though I did not read the book. I guess I will do it backwards, as I tend to do with things, heh. I took my 16 year old neice and was pleased that it made her want to know more about Mary Magdelene and more specifically womens roles in the church and feminism. It was good for something. We were not bored, but yeah it was long and I admit some parts were slow. I thought Ian McKellan was fantastic.
I finally saw V for Vendetta last night (my very last chance before it goes to rental). I especially liked the music during the end credits, with the Gloria Steinman speech in it. The rest of the soundtrack didn't strike me as remarkable, although the juke box and the dancing scene were very neat. I really like it; I'll definitely see it again.
hehe, lively, you crack me up! word. Glad it was thought-provoking for the neice. Both film and book are potboilers but they do engage with an interesting theme in an accessible-for-the-masses way.

I really enjoyed X-Men 3, it was fun. A friend has since told me that there is an extra bit after the credits which is quite important to the story/future story so beware of that if you're going to see it.
I went over to a friend's house last night and watched The Interpreter - if you can get past some of unrealistic plot points and the idea of some of the history they attribute to Nicole Kidman (I don't want to be specific in case anyone's going to watch it) it was really very good. I was surprised - thought it was going to be very much more thriller-ish, but I think that's how they promoted it, when it's actually more about interpersonal relationships and the politics of Africa. And the photography is beautiful, very painterly. Sean Penn, BTW, is awesome.
I saw Lady Vengeance this week. It was so wonderful. Awesome ending to the trilogy.
I saw the da vinci code last night. It was good - a little long, and like lively said there were slow parts. I still can't like Tom Hanks. I thought that they missed the interaction between the two leads that they have in the book, but Ian McKellan was indeed fanatastic, and I thought Paul Bettany was really good too. Even if his accent was utterly comical.

But the story is excellent (if totally trashy) & they haven't slaughtered the book (and I don't think you have to have seen it either). All in all it was very good - provided you're not expecting a world-changing epic.

X-men next weekend & i can't wait!
b[celimene}, I actually ran into one of the guys in Baghdad ER at the clinic here on post. He has horrible scars on his legs. His Humvee was blown apart by an IED consisting of three massive 155mm artillery rounds chained together.

He said one of the guys in back was literally ripped in half vertically.

One of the things that is being downplayed in the number of wounded, and the ESPECIALLY the severity of the wounded. The new helmets, body armor, bandages, first aid & surgery techniques are saving lives of soldiers who would have been dead just a few years ago.

But the armor and helmets only protect the head and torso. There's a lot of double, triple, and even quadruple amputees coming home alive from this war.

The new helmets have more padding (much like a commercial football helmet) that keeps a soldier alive where the old ones who have killed him from the concussion of the blast.

However, they're surviving with seriously brain injuries. The rise in TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries) is shocking. You have grown men in their 20s who have been mentally reduced to toddlers.
I saw Wolf Creek last night and all I can say was Oh My Gawd! That was the scariest flick ever! I am never ever going on a road trip.
Ok, what did we miss by not staying through the credits at X-Men 3?
whoever answers catsoup had *better* give a spoiler warning -- I'm looking forward to seeing it myself. but for now, I seem to be on a sobfest kick. rented brokeback mountain and rent within a few days of each other and cried my eyes out...I have got to get a life.
Having seen and LOVED X-Men 3 just yesterday, here it goes:
At the very end of the credits, they showed the man who was in the hospital, the one that had no conciousness. The nurse/doc/whomever came in for the daily check up and the man said "Hello Moira" in Xavier's voice!
Oh (sigh), this sounds great: So, I'm already looking forward to watch it!!! The thing for me is really good Science Fiction films like Solaris or 2001: Odyssey in Space always make me wanna see more, the only thing for me is to endure times where
nothing really new and interesting shows up.
i loved X3, too! i was sad that hugh jackman a) didn't wear leather pants enough and b) he never lost his pants. my friends were having a serious geeky discussion about what was wrong/bad in the movie, but i had to point out they were totally missing the hugh jackman pants situation. thoughts to follow in white.

i was sad when they de-mutantized magneto. i mean, yeah, he was kinda evil, but more than anything he had just ended up on the wrong path, you know? mystique getting the cure also made me sad, but mostly because she was so smoking hot when she was naked and blue.

beast was awesome (we dubbed him the gay kinky sex muppet when he was wearing his leather vest thing), and angel was really cool, too. kittenb, did you think the phoenix/wolverine scene screamed xander/dark willow on buffy? you know, except instead of talking about yellow crayons there was stabbing with finger knives, but that's a minor detail.

i hope they make a fourth one. or else the thing at the end is just kinda evil, even though it's obvious you can't kill Jean Luc Picard.
tyger - I had not though about the pants, but you are right. I see that the costuming in the movie had serious flaws.
Thoughts in white: I almost cried when Magneto was unmutanted. He is such a sympathetic chracter. But did you notice at the end how he made the chess piece move? It's only a temporary fix, not a cure.
I would have liked more time spent on Mystique. I wanted to see more of how hard it was for her to be a "normal" person. And how hard it must have been to loose Magneto and have him disown her. He was like her father in so many ways, and then suddenly he had no use for her.
Angel was a great character, sadly wasted. I could have used more of him. I guess he is a bad guy in the comics.
LOL. Yes, there was a similarity to the Xander/Willow showdown. Yellow crayons notwithstanding.
more white:
the chess piece moved? i knew he was trying to, i didn't realize he succeeded. hopefully there will be another, and angel will get more screen time. and you're right, they definetely should have looked at mystique more. though i guess all that was necessary to the movie was the 'you're not one of us anymore' leading to the 'hey, look. i'll tell you everything you need to know about the bastard'. i really want to know what's going to happen with the cure kid. i mean, he himself is like the ultimate weapon against the nutjob mutants, as shown with juggernaut on alcatraz.
does anyone know if they're planning on making a fourth x-men movie?
tyger and kitten (my fellow buffy geeks):
I actually thought the Phoenix/Wolverine scene was a rip off of "Becoming pt. 2" - having to kill the one you love for the greater good? Although, I did think why didn't he just use the gun on her? But, as Magneto proves, it's only
a temporary fix.

eta: x-post with tyger, I think there's talk of a fourth. It's certainly set up for one and I saw an interview with Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry who were saying their fingers were crossed that Fox (I think?) would go for another one. I was surprised, as I'd heard that Hugh was dead set against it but obviously not.
at bunnyb: i can understand why he wouldn't use the gun on her. it's a weapon, it's taking away who they are (there was no problem using it on magneto, as he was the enemy, was going to use it on them, stuff like that.) what would be left of jean if she, against her will, lost her mutant powers? wolverine did the most humane thing he could think of to save her. he loved her, and wasn't going to 'cure' her because that's not what she would have wanted.

tyger, that totally makes sense and I saw it - I just didn't like it! It wouldn't have been true to who they were.

Oh, and I agree with kittenb: the chess piece totally moved.

I want their to be another one, my only criticism of The Last Stand is that it was over too quickly (it did seem to fly by). I don't want it to be the last stand.
My comments are in white, too.
Me three on the chess piece moving! It was subtle, but it definitely wiggled a little.

So the "cure" doesn't work long-term. Which means, of course, that Rogue will be getting her powers back. My darling (if slightly purvy) husband predicts that her powers will return to her the first time she has sex with Ice Man ... because the world just has it in for that poor girl, ya know.

I'm desperate to know what happened to the anti-mutant boy. I felt kinda cheated that we didn't get to see him again. But Kitty Pryde rocked! Love her to bits ... even if she is a bit of a man-stealer.

Here's my thought on Wolvie "killing" Jean. In X-Men 2 she was able to survive that massive impact & remain under water for, like, two years because her subconscious mind put her into a coma, yes? Well, what's to stop her from surviving a little stabby-stabby? There's certainly a way she could come back. I must say that the bit with Wolvie's flesh being ripped away & him healing himself over and over again was super cool.

As for Professor X (Yes, I stuck around and watched the last tiny bit! Thanks for the tip, ladies!), if Xavier manages to fit all of his molecules back together, then maybe he can do the same for Scott & some others. Who knows. Basically, I'm not going to believe that anybody is really dead yet.

If someone had told me a year ago that Kelsey "Frasier" Grammer was going to be playing Beast, I would never have believed them. But it was a surprisingly good fit. Not exactly the way I've always imagined Beast, but close enough.

I definitely think there will be a sequel. The X-Men movies have been too successful for them to quit yet ... especially when there are so many great characters & possible story lines to follow.
one of my friends said rather sagely : it's x-men. everyone has to die at least twice
Okay, I've never wanted to see the X-men movies before, but I've been reading all your spoilers and now I wanna. Too bad I know a lot of the third movie now. :-)
you should, batty (and i should see the first one, come to think of it). i mean, they're not great movies in the sense of, like, oscar winners or anything, but they're awesome summertime movies full of hunky and foxy people. plus, you can't go wrong with jean luc picard (i really don't even know that actor's name, he will always be captain picard to me)
Yeah, I'm thinking of going as well. My only question is, that I saw the other two years ago, do you have to know those well before seeing the third one?
not at all, sassy. i barely remember the second and still haven't seen the first, and i still loved it
Cool. I think I will see it tomorrow. :-)
I doubt there's going to be a 4th movie with this cast. I have heard there might be a solo Wolverine spinoff flick.

kittenb, Angel was briefly evil in the comics. A nasty mutant named Apocalypse brainwashed him, ripped off his wings, replaced them with these metal ones, turned him blue, and made him one of his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I believe he was Death.

His natural wings eventually grew back and he regained his sanity. He's still blue, last time I heard.
I can't wait to see Black Gold
Cloverbee, Wolf Creek was the most disturbing film I've seen in a long time (along the same lines as The Proposition). It was gory beyond belief, made evern worse by the fact that it was based on a true story and the psychotic guy who committed all the atrocities in the movie was never even brought to justice! I thought the movie was going to be a thriller, not just a disgusting slasher flick along the lines of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Ewww..

I saw Clean this weekend. It's a Canadian film with Maggie Cheung and Michael Caine. It was super interesting in that it takes place in three different countries (Canada, England and France), and Maggie speaks English, French and Chinese and I can see why she won best actress at Cannes last year. But it needs some serious editing and got really slow and dull in some parts.
Michael Caine isn't in Clean, Nick Nolte is.
Oops! What a big mistake! I guess I'm still on "holiday" in my mind. Nick Nolte was actually really good, although his speech was a bit drunken, per usual. I think I made this misconnection because I also rented The Weatherman on my netflix, and Michael Caine is Nick Cage's father in that flick. I actually really enjoyed The Weatherman. It's a little slow, but has good performances and Nick Cage is back to his old self again in it.
Okay, saw Xmen 3 comments in the super cool hidden white everyone's been using.

I was distraught when they killed off Charles Xavier. Especially so early on in the film. Wolverine was hot as always!!! Magneto was a huge ass for just ditching Mystique when she saved him. I hate all the super trendy goth mutants. Loved that the chess piece moved, I was secretly hoping the cure would not be lasting. I am bummed I missed the Prof. X thing at the end. That's what I get for being inpatient! I was let down that the sentinals weren't in the movie, maybe they'll be in another?
Angel is currently less blue. :-)
Thanks antiotter.

Tyger, bunnyb and all other Joss Whedon fans: I read the other day that the X Men 3 storyline was heavily influenced by the Joss Whedon X-Men comics so I guess the resemblences make sense.
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