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Omigawd, I saw the cutest movie on Thursday. Its called Forbidden Games and its French, made in the early 50s. Its about these two young children who are basically in puppy love with each other. Its soo adorable and there is a bit of morbidness in there too. Anyone who likes black and white films and/or foriegn films should see it. Its tre magnific!
I saw a dvd called The Dying Gaul. It stars Patricia Clarkson, Peter Saarsgard and Campbell Scott, and is about a writer (Saarsgard) that sells his screenplay only to be told he must change the story from a homosexual relationsip to a heterosexual one. Scott plays the studio head and Clarkson is his wife. I normally like Saarsgard, but felt his acting was bad in this film. Overall a good film that kept my attention.
I finally saw Brick last night, and was pretty much blown away. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was amazing, and Lukas Haas was really scary. I just loved it. I hope to see Thank You For Smoking soonish, but I don't know if we'll make it to the theater next weekend. Time to catch up with DVDs, I guess. Maybe Capote, because I really wanted to see that.
I saw Friends with Money on Saturday. It had some great moments, great acting and great characters in it, overall a fun film, but not amazing or anything, and I really disliked the character that Jennifer Anniston played. It was a little similar to her role in The Good Girl, where even though she does an excellent job, the woman she was playing was so weak that you just want to scream at her "NO! Don't go out with guy again! He's a loser!" So that was a little frustrating. The roles of Francis McDormand and Catherine Keener are more likeable and the guy who plays McDormand's husband (who everyone thinks is gay) is adorable, while the guy who plays Keeners' asshole husband is hot, hot, hot! Oh, and what's up with Joan Cusack?? Does she have anorexia? She looks so thin and haggard, I almost didn't recognize her. The biggest problem with the film is that it doesn't really have a plot or an ending, but it's enjoyable enough that you probably won't mind.

I rented a DVD of an Aussie film called Swimming Upstream. It stars Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis and is based on a true story about a young Australian boy who wins the Australian Swimming Championships in the 60's, and whose father is an abusive alcoholic. The boys in it are really yummy and the acting all around is good, but it's super long and much in need of editing (about 30 minutes at least), and was kind of hard to sit through.
I just IMDB'd the actor who I liked on Friends with Money who played Catherine Keener's husband. I was shocked to find out he plays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies! I didn't recognize him at all. His name is Jason Isaacs.
Yeah, I was really disappointed in "Friends With Money." The biggest problem was that they really didn't address the whole issue of financial differences, which was a gigantic letdown. They might as well have been arguing over what's better on a hotdog, ketchup or mustard. It was basically just like "here are some assholes being assholes." It did have some nice moments, though. And Frances McDormand's husband was very lovable. Maybe that's the only punch they pulled 'cuz they didn't want to write a gay character in a bad light.

Oh and - yeah! I think the director prided herself on not overly making up the actresses so they looked their age more. 'Cuz holy crap, Joan Cusack looked SO different from her cell phone ads you almost can't even tell they're the same person.

I heard "Brick" was really good and somewhat reminiscent of "Veronica Mars," which is all you gotta say to get my ass in the theater seat.
Watched Breakfast on Pluto last night, and I agree with what karianne said about it a long time ago...too loose and I felt on the outside of it all.

I really never cared about any of the characters...especially the couple that had the baby. There was no indication of love between them or anything.

I think it was trying to be similar to Hedwig and the Angry Inch in some ways, but it didn't work for me. It was nice to to see Cillian Murphy in makeup and fancy 70s glam outfits, though!

I also watched Mrs. Henderson Presents over the weekend...cute, but whatever. It was too feel-goody for me...isn't there this new category of movies mainstream art house movies? Nothing too deep or offensive, but throw in a little nudity or homosexuality or bohemian thing and there ya go.

I think tonight we're seeing Friends With Money. Yay!
"isn't there this new category of movies mainstream art house movies? Nothing too deep or offensive, but throw in a little nudity or homosexuality or bohemian thing and there ya go."

Ha! I'm with you on that!
Anything with Joseph Gordon Levitt would get my ass in a theater seat. And Lukas? The only one missing in the triumvirate is the mighty Wiley Wiggins. "Brick"I shall see.

I get sick of trendoid "transgressiveness" too. It's like, oh, snore.

I've been on a "Wings of Desire" fest, watched it with the commentary and all. It's a very Haruki Murakami-ish movie.
Damn this slow computer making me double taco.

I really can't stand Jennifer Aniston, and while I liked Lovely and Amazing well enough, it sounds like Friends With Money contains the problems with the former writ large. Maybe I'll catch up with it on DVD.

amilita, I call Mrs. Henderson Presents "Naked Girls Win the War" or "It's Cute When Old Ladies Are Bawdy."
I gotta say, I loved Lovely and Amazing, to the point where I just saw it used on DVD for $5 the other day and snatched it up (and I'm generally too broke to buy DVDs - even cheap ones). I still quote Jake Gyllenhaal all the time: "We're in a relationship!"

I want to see Brick first, though. Comparisons to Veronica Mars can never be a bad thing.
I love Lovely and Amazing, too! I had to buy it as soon as I could get my hands on it!

I just saw Mad Hot Ballroom the other day. It's cute!

I saw American Dreamz on opening day solely because of my weakness for Hugh Grant, but it was rough. I hate American Idol and I definitely hate Mandy Moore! It was mildly amusing, but Mandy needs to stop acting.
i adored mad hot ballroom, and really must own it.

i found lovely & amazing meh & the characters annoying. i probably wasn't in the right frame of mind, because i like all the actors.

in her shoes wasn't as bad as i thought it'd be. sort of felt that cameron & toni weren't even trying, tho - i've seen them both do better. it was interesting how they skirted the maggie/college subplot.

it was very refreshing to watch shirley maclaine (who i love) not being an angry eccentric old woman for a change. good direction there.

did anyone catch the HBO elizabeth I with helen mirren? worth it for the authentic set design, fantastic costumes, and stellar acting by helen - who can do no wrong in my book - but otherwise, huge yawn.
I just set my Tivo for Elizabeth I, so I'm really disappointed to hear it's boring. I do love Mirren and Irons.

I actually loved Mandy Moore in Saved and I really hate her music so I expected she would be a bad actress, but was actually surprised at her talent. Having said that, the reviews for American Dreamz are pretty bad, so I don't know.
I went and saw Thank You For Smoking this past weekend and was thoroughly impressed. More than I expected.

Another great movie is Capote. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is AMAZING in that movie. Especially if you watch the extra features of actual interviews with his character. unreal.
I just saw "Thumbsucker" and "Good Night and Good Luck" and I really liked them both. I especially liked Lou Pucci in "Thumbsucker" and also Keanu Reeves, who I normally dislike but manages to surprise me once in a while. (Well, this and The Gift). But I just loved "Good Night and Good Luck" and think I am going to watch it again.
OK, so I like my movies dumb sometimes, so I watched Cassanova which was pretty much unwatchable. I did watch it all, however, because a) I was tired and b) Heath Ledger was not moving his mouth very much when he I kept wondering if it was filmed right after Brokeback, or if he's always like that? Funny thing.

It's hard to find blockbuster-y kinds of brain candy movies without having a headache the next day from rolling your eyes around your head over the particulars of the stupidity.

I'm glad I'm not the only one annoyed with the tredoid "transgressiveness," as you called it, whammy. I saw a trailer for Kinky Boots and it's totally that kind of thing: small town, wholesome folks...turn a regular shoe factory into a shoe factory for drag queen shoes! And there is a loveable, wacky drag queen who probably doesn't get laid in the whole film. Bleh. I like my transgressiveness nice and dirty, not wholesome.
*blushes profusely* amilita, I saw Casanova in the wee hours of this morning because I couldn't sleep, and I actually liked it. I know, I know. The whole time I was just like, Jeremy...why?

I saw Mysterious Skin a couple of days ago and I really liked it. I also rented Breakfast on Pluto, so I'll get around to that sometime today.
I have to admit that I saw 'Lucky Number Slevin' and despite the terrible reviews (which i try not to pay attention to anyway) i absolutely adored it. Everything about it was great with exception of the ending being a little too bang-you-over-the-head. Overall though very cool and the set design and cinematography were swell :-)
Ya know, faerietails, I've been reading NYTimes reviews of movies lately, and Cassanova actually got a good one...maybe I was in a grouchy mood or something when I watched it. Not that I think I have to agree with their reviews or anything...

I wanna hear what you thought of Breakfast on Pluto; that was another one I didn't care for that got a good NYT review.

Last night watched Shopgirl. I liked it...more than I liked the book, I think.
I really wanted to like Breakfast on Pluto more than I did. I think the problem was not spending enough time with any one character.

Last night I watched Kinsey. I was not aware that Peter Saarsguard had a full frontal scene. ooh-la-la! As for the movie, I thought it was so-so. I didn't end up watching the end though.

I thought Cassanova was entertaining, but I don't know that I would recommend it. I thought it had potential to be really funny, but it wasn't.

I want to see Thank You for Smoking
I saw Brick, it was cool, but I think I wanted a little more. Of what I dont know.

Before the film there was a preview for a Irish film about an old man who swims the English channel or something, and it totally made me laugh because it was like so many art house previews I've seen before. You know, those wholesome English/Irish/Aussie films where someone-does-something-wacky-and-gets-flack-at-first-but-then-the-village-cheers -them-on type of movies, where everyones heart is warmed in the end. Billy Elliot, The Full Monty, Danny Deckchair, etc. etc. Not that I dont like any of that, its just a funny genre.
Shadowboxer, I have a friend who loved Lucky Number Slevin too! Now I want to see it too. Greenbean, I totally agree with you on Brick. It was missing a certain Je ne said pas. And ditto on all those indie feel good crap movies being annoying. I'm boycotting that stupid Kinky Boots flick too!

I saw a very disturbing and very well done movie called Paradise Now which was nominated for all kinds of awards at film festivals, etc. It is the story of two poor young Palestinian men who become suicide bombers. It really does a good job of getting to the heart of the matter according to the poor Palestinians who are killing themselves in hopes of furthering their cause and keeping their country, when their people cannot afford an army to fight the Israelis. I don't think suicide bombs are the answer, but it helps to see why they have their point of view.
greenbean...On A Clear Day? heehee, I saw it. It was totally a formulatic, wholesome, feely-goody movie, but it definitely lacked the wackiness of Billy Elliot, Calendar Girls, and Co. It was cute, but DVD-cute, not pay-$10.25-for-movie-ticket cute! Yes. I'll watch anything. Well, mostly anything.

Breakfast on Pluto was just...blah. I love outrageous gender-bending plotlines, so you'd think you'd strike gold, right? I mean it's about a cross-dresser with plotlines about the IRA and prostitution. And I kept falling asleep! I just couldn't get involved with it, even though I love Cilian Murphy. He was in his own little world most of the time, and I'm all for suspending reality for the sake of movies, but come on. It didn't suck, but it's wasn't great either. I think I'll stick to Pedro Almodovar's Bad Education for my dose of hot cross-dressing movie stars. Cilian did make a pretty lady, though!

I really want to see Paradise Now! It's on my Netflix. Maybe I should move it up.
Yes, On a Clear Day! Thats it. I do like those movies every once in a while, its the trailers that crack me up because theyre always the same. Also, you ever notice how often British indies use T-Rex songs in those trailers? I think I heard something off "The Slider" in the Billy Elliot and Breakfast on Pluto trailers, and probably others. I love T-Rex but its so perdictable, like the trailer starts out with the narrator saying something like, "In a town where everyone acts the same, he dared to act different," then cue the T-Rex and splice a bunch of images of the main character prancing around. I love it.
I watched Mary Shelley's Frankenstein last night. The first time I saw it was around Halloween, and I thought it was genuinely disturbing and creepy. The way it was shot gave it an old-fashioned look to it that made it more darker and macabre. I haven't read the book, so I don't know how much of this Frankenstein is Mary Shelley's original, but I was impressed by the creepiness of the film overall.
Saw Lucky Number Slevin on Saturday. It was really good and fun (although very violent). Josh Hartnett looked super hot - can't remember ever thinking that about him in any of his previous roles; and Lucy Liu was just adorable and beautiful as ever. The only thing I didn't like was Sir Ben Kingsley's performance. He was just really miscast as a Jewish gangster in New York. His accent was appalling.
amilita, thanks for the reminder about shopgirl. i forgot to queue it.

the trailer for paradise now is intense enough. i'm not sure i could deal.

and in that same vein, any thoughts on united 93? anyone planning on seeing it or know someone who saw it? i've got mixed emotions about it, but overall my gut reaction is so very wrong. then again, i must pick my 'trigger' movies very carefully.
Mando, I saw the trailer for United 93 last weekend and was surprised to find it shook me and upset me a little. (I like to think I'm a toughie with recreations, however awful the event.) The director, Paul Greengrass, is a fan of hyper-realism and NYPD-style swerving camera as well, which will reinforce its 'real-ness'. I dunno; I may see it but I expect it will be disturbing. But then I'm not in the US, so the audience will be pretty mixed, the amount of Americans living here who will go notwithstanding.

Doesn't Oliver Stone have a 9/11 movie coming out soon as well?
Man, there is just no way I can see United 93 anytime in the near future...but my reasons aren't usual. It would just hit too close to home...watching people in a life-threatening situation would give me an anxiety attack. Or at least give me practice in fending one off.

I'm not sure how I'd feel if I hadn't gone through all the flooding stuff, though. I have a feeling I wouldn't see it anyway.

I have The Family Stone coming to me and I'm excited about it. Seems the movies I get most excited about lately are big blockbuster-y my brain conditioned to do this as summer approaches?

greenbean, T Rex is totally overused! Ha.
Now I can't get that song line outta my head from "All the Young Dudes" where he goes, "my I need a tv when I got ...T. Reeeexxxx!" ha! Oh well, its a good song.....

I'm afraid of seeing United 93 as well as Paradise Now for the same reasons as y'll, but Paradise Now is tugging at me with those sexy looking men. Palestinians sure are hunky.

Anna k, you should read Frankenstein. The movie does differ from it, but I enjoy the book and the movie for different reasons.
Mission Impossible 3: in which the magnificent Philip Seymour Hoffman and Billy Crudrup sell their indie-film souls and embrace the mainstream with a crash (or lots of crashes, actually). Hoffman delivers a great performance anyway as the baddie. The beautiful Laurence 'Larry' Fishburne also sells his soul, again, but leaves his black leather coat at home. Hope the new mortgages work out for you boys.

TC appears in various disguises including Ron Kovic's getup, complete with bandanna and dodgy 'tache; on a motorcycle in Maverick's brown jacket and sporting a Catholic priest's cossack. Maybe it was an attempt at TC's greatest cinematic hits. He speaks cryptically about a rabbit's foot and spends time canoodling with his screen wife, who is smiley, placid and brunette.

There's a lot of car and heliocopter chases, but I kept looking for the subliminal scientology messages myself.
Paradise Now is not actually a difficult movie to watch. It paints a grim picture, but it does not show any actualy suicide bombing or anyone dying, and it kind of tells a story in a rather cold and detached way, so you don't ever feel super emotional about any of the characters in it. I wouldn't think it was nearly as upsetting as I imagine United 93 to be.
Billy Crudup is in M.I. 3? Jonathan Rys Meyers is, I that who you mean, sybarite?
I got The Brown Bunny from Netflix. yawn. Think I'll fast forward to see what all the fuss was about and call it a night.

Oh, Shopgirl, I totally forgot about that one.

I also saw Derailed. The twist was predictable, and the whole plot depends on Clive Owen's character doing something that I seriously doubt his character would do (in white, since it's technically a spoiler, even with this lame-ass plot): So he's going to give someone all of his savings, even though he's been saving the money for his daughter's medicine, i.e., for saving her life? Because he wants to protect the woman he almost had an affair with? Give me a break. Daughter's life trumps Aniston's teary plea for discretion.
Both of them are in it Amilita, and Billy C looks so strange playing straight; he plays a FBI dude. He's still good but it is weird seeing him as a non-beatific character.

J Rhys-Myers is okay; still has that trademark is it Irish? is it cod English? accent he's had for a while. Pretty boy though.
Husband and I just watched Pride and Predjudice and we both ended up being extremely impressed with it. My husband even said he was super shocked at how good Keira Knightley was and now understands why she got nommed for an Oscar.

I then watched Tristan and Isolde(mainly for the story and Rufus Sewell..merrow). While the movie itself was beautifully shot, the scenery stole the film-James Franco was awful in it and kind of ruined it. Otherwise it was actually not bad. First half was better then the second.

As for the overuse of T.Rex-NEVER! Sorry, he's a bit of a god to me so I love hearing him used in films.

Right now I'm waiting patiently for Netflix to send me Family Stone. I've been dying to see that movie.
Charli, for me Tristan + Isolde was total eye candy. As you say, between the scenery and Rufus Sewell, I couldn't ask for more. Although... James Franco was a little one-note, but he's a pretty boy too, as is the guy who played his friend/Marke's nephew. Phoar all around. Do you think there's something in the water in Cornwall?
Charli, don't get your hopes up unnecessarily. The Family Stone was pretty awful. Everyone plays their sterotypes quite well and Sarah Jessica Parker squeals her horrible Carrie squeal, but other than a few basic laughs, the movie is a joke.
Friends with Money - was WONDERFUL
Charli! heh, I love T.Rex, honest!

James Franco will never be anything to me other then Daniel Desario. I wish he could play that role forever.

I'm hesitant to watch the Knightley version of Pride and Predjudice because the A&E six tape version is like a staple in my family. In high school watching those tapes was the only thing my mom, dad and sister would do together. And my dad was usually the instigator (my dad is such a homo! and I mean that in the most loving way!)

Glad you liked FWM, lurv. Wasn't Frances McDormand hilarious!?
I loved the Knightly Pride and P....the design brought in this gritty reality of the time that I loved. Like dirt on the bottom of a dress and things like that. And I think the finantial situation of her family was more of a realistic presence.

Hee. We went to see Silent Hill last night. Yeah, it was bad, but I liked it anyway. Has anyone else actually seen it?

And then I went home and watched Cinderella Man which was good...kind of predictable, but I like that depression-era hardship and struggling theme. And the underdog making good.

I love T Rex, too, but I hate when songs get overused. It lessens the impact. Isn't there some song that is always used in gangster movies? Not T Rex, but something else altogether...I'm gonna have to pay better attention.

Ah, sybarite...if Billy Crudup is in M.I. 3 as well, then I just am gonna have to see it...I love him (less since he hooked up with Claire Danes, but still) and the Phillip and the Jonathan so much. And I love dumb action movies. I wish I could boycott all of crazy's films. Sigh.
I saw Happy Endings last night. Maggie Gyllenhaal was fun as a 'femme fatale' and it was interesting to see Tom Arnold in a likeable role (who'da thunk?). Its not the cream of the quirky/indie crop but it was entertaining enough.

Amilita, I'm not sure what song yer thinking of thats in gangster movies, but another overused song is that terrible "slap my bitch up" one thats always in snazzy hollywood action films. ech.
I miss when I saw Mission: Impossible in theaters at 13 and didn't know anything about Tom Cruise beyond him being a movie star.
So did anyone see "The Notorious Bettie Page"?

We saw it last night, and I thought it was just kinda "eh." It was very matter-of-fact, there wasn't much passion or insight or point of view to it. I was thinking that maybe they wanted to be anti-porn, yet show lots of naked and bikini shots, and couldn't really have it both ways. They touch on a little bit of what conflicted her, like she wanted to be an actress but everybody was just like "show us your tits!!!" and no one took her seriously and so her looks kind of hindered her in a way. And then the next scene was like "and now...bikini shots on the beach!"

I wonder what y'all thought.
I liked Happy Endings more than I thought I expectations were very low.

Watched The Family Stone last night, and it was entertaining, but took itself way too seriously or something. And it also ends so improbably that it made me laugh.

We watched Don't Look Now which is a suspense movie from is interesting how that genre has developed with special effects and stylistic trends and all that. It wasn't so good, but had the longest sex scene with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie straight out of The Joy of Sex, first edition. Ha.

Also watched The Cincinatti Kid last week with Steve McQueen...I had decided I needed to watch more of his movies, and then there was one set and filmed in New Orleans, so I had to see that one! It was good...Cab Calloway was in it! Ann Margaret and Tuesday Weld, too. It's all about this poker player and the Big had good tension.
I was on a roll last night. I got all three of my Netflix movies stayed up until 4 watching them all!

Finally saw Higher Learning. It really, really cracked me up, although I know it didn't mean to. I probably should've been crying at the end, but I was laughing my ass off instead. It was just soooo stereotypical when it meant to be poignant and insightful. *shakes head*

The Family Stone also made me laugh at the end, amilita! Ridiculous! It was painful to watch at times to the point where I was embarassed for SJP, but I was entertained.

Capped off my night/morning with Last Holiday. It has its moments, but it was as formulaic and predictable as I thought it would be.

Will be taking the plunge and seeing M:i III tomorrow. Tried to do it yesterday, but the crowds at the theater were insane. I would love to boycott TC's movies, but there's always something about them that makes me have to see them. Like Philip Seymour Hoffman.
I didn't see it Miss Thing, can't bring myself to. Do you think they co-opted or tried to draw parallels between her lot and that of marilyn monroe's?

M:i:III saw it last night. Neat cast. One scene really disturbed me though: spoiler in white: when seymour hoffman's bodyguard was tortured and killed, and the way one of the characters and apparently the story-line justified it really really got under my skin - not sure why exactly. Maybe it's because I recognized her and identified with her when we first saw her on screen - she's too big for a minor/kill-off/pay-no-attention-to-the-body-under-the-sheet role. It wasn't pleasant seeing her treated that way by the plot.

I thought it was "cute" that only the female spies kept getting hurt/in need of rescue and attention in the thick of the action.

faerietails, amilita, you're a tough crowd - the ending was lame, but I was touched&moved, touched&moved i say by the SJP character & her social tribulations in Family Stone. heh. And her "freak flag".

I'm looking forward to Art School Confidential, Australian "Western" The Proposition and guilty pleasure Take the Lead - can't believe I haven't seen it yet.
lol, yeah, I can sympathize with her "freak flag." I know I have one, too!
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