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Full Version: Retail hell or do you have that thing by that person that is popular? You Know the thing.
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I had this past weekend off and I worked last night until well after midnight cleaning the damn store, by the way. II have absolutely no motivation. I just want to go to bed and sleep until spring... I hate christmas shoppers. I want to be happy and in a festive mood, but when someone makes you call like 12 other locations for f'n soap because we didn't have the soap that they wanted...
Muffy, I understand:

"What do you mean you don't have the Magenta ink cartridge, you have all the other ones."

"It sold out"


"That would be our head office who is closed on the weekend who supplies us with our stock."

"This is ridiculous. WHY DON'T YOU HAVE IT!?!?"

"I don't know."
lananans, yeah I don't understand why people come in the week before or even two weeks before x-mas in general but then they get pissy when you don't have what they are looking for! The only reason I wish to even go to work is because I have a crush on one of the people I work with otherwise I'd happily stay in bed, if she could just join me there I wouldn't have to go to the damn mall just to see her!

may every force be with my retail busties this week... if only our customers would give us a drink every once in awhile at least we'd be happy to see them.
I'm not in retail per se, but it's customer service (front desk at a dental office) and I'm so sick of people who are calling this week to get in appointments before the end of the year so they can get their insurance company to pay it. Um, you realize that we have 3 work days left (tomorrow, the 27th and 28th) and they've been full for 3 weeks, mostly college kids home from school?

And you're pissed because you waited until the 4th from last business day to schedule your appointment? Pfft.
My store was insane for the last few days. I'm very happy that I got time off to go home, so I'm leaving town today. No more retail for me until Jan. 2! I wish all those working on Boxing Day good luck. Be strong.
I want to interrupt here with a funny story. My retail days are over but my mom has done it most of my life.

Yesterday, while trying to show an older couple the crystal that her store sells, my mom was asked about a line of crystal that she had never heard of. When mom admitted that the woman freaked out and stalked away, calling my mom (or maybe all of Dayton, OH, she is not clear) a "barbarian." The man looked at mom and said, apologetically, "We are from New York." Mom pretty much replied, "Welcome to the Midwest."

I think mom would have been madder if she hadn't been laughing so hard.
Oy. I was just reintroduced to the retail world back in October after a four-year absence. (I was a receptionist for a while, but daytime hours don't jive with college.) I'm at a discount store, and with its linoleum floors and harsh recessed lighting it's a far cry from my favourite retail job, which was at Border's bookstore. But in either at Borders (with its quasi-intellectual fare) or at P-----, (with its badly made clothes and knockoff soda brands,) I get the same sort of amusing, go-nowhere question every once in a while: "Have you seen this thing? It for your kitchen/library/laundry room. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's blue."

Entirely nonsensical, and "it's blue" it doesn't help me find what they're looking for in any way, but at least it's sort of a zen form of idiocy. I'd rather have that than some slightly drunk yahoo yelling at me for not having a Wii in stock three days before Christmas, as if it were my sole fault and not that of some distant corporate-inventory drone.
Oh, that's the librarian question..."I can't remember the author or the title or the subject, but its a big, blue book."
"I'm looking for a router."

"What kind of router"

"I don't know, show me where they are and I'll tell you what it looks like. [Walk over to routers] THAT ONE!! That's the exact one I have, no question."

"Sir, they all come in the same box, the only difference is what the writing says."


I get that a lot. Many of our products come in the same boxes, with a sticker on the back that marks off which 'type' of product is actually inside. And people get angry when they pick up the wrong one. Sigh.

pollystyrene, must be nice to have dental insurance.

I'm so overtired and sick of disgruntled customers. I can't wait until Christmas just so I can have a day off from work! Last night I was attempting to set up a table of merchandise that was elsewhere in the store we just needed to put something on the empty table, and people were taking the stuff off of the table I was trying to set up! Thanks for giving me more work. I wish the customers had to stay there and clean until 1am, while I could go home and sip cocoa.
We're going thru our bullshit Winter Sale at IKEA. They've extended store hours an hour later, so I'm stuck having to work more hours on my shift with no one to relive me. The sad thing is, the sale sucks ass.
I'll just be glad when it's over. I'm sick of all the customers being assholes.

so... what's worse than retail? Retail management! I went from schlepping one product to managing people who schlep another. I cannot wait until i graduate college so i can get a "real" job I hate in law : )

My worse customers are the one's always looking for what's on sale. If it's $3.99... they want it. If it's $5.99 they ask why it's not $3.99. I always say... "because it's not the ugliest thing in the store yet."

I hate working with young people that have no work ethic too! My favorite from last week was when one of my 19 y.o. female sales associates called to tell me that she wouldn't be able to make it to work "'cause there's this party" she wanted to go to. like I don't have a social life too?! pleez
Well said DYA. You just nailed what I was thinking when I clicked this topic.
toxic kitty
Retail sucks.

They took all of our chairs away the other day. We are expected to dress professionally (which, for most women involves wearing heels), but we must STAND for 8+ hours and type while people come in an yell at us. I LOVE retail customer service! We don't even have any rubber mats or anything....and I only have 1 pair of flat shoes! Damnit!

Apparently it is 'unprofessional' for one to SIT while being yelled at and degraded in front of everyone! One must always stand at attention while being mistreated.

What do you think? If you go down to your local wireless provider's office to bitch about the wireless bill that you ran up on your own, does it REALLY bother you if the person that you are yelling at is sitting down????! I personally think not.

Damn it!!!

PS: 99.9999% of ALL of your wireless concerns can be resolved over the internet or over the phone. There is rarely a reason for you to come down to the store and wait for 30+ minutes just to yell at me in person!!!!!
i have never worked in retail but i feel for you, ladies. here's a treat: Retail Hell Underground.
I love the plus-size clothing store I work in. I love the team, and management is great. It's a good vibe. Most of the customers are wonderful, and darned grateful to have so many nice things available to contemplate buying. But I just need to vent about a few customer-related things - these are just the first few that have come to mind....I know there are more.....

10 Random Things I Hate About My Customers:

1) Customers who come in 15 minutes before closing and start filling up the fitting room with heaps of clothes to try on. WHO DOES THIS? And on that note: customers who think they're so special that you don't mind if they stay past closing time. Um, no, we can't cash out till you leave - every minute late you stay is a minute LATER we have to stay AFTER you leave.

2) Customers who get pissed off that you don't stay open late on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, "like that other store." So....go shop at that other store. We're open seven days a week, including two evenings a the shopping core of a town where it takes just 10 minutes to get....anywhere. If you STILL can't fit clothes shopping into your busy schedule despite that, then maybe you should re-think your lifestyle.

3) Customers who come in the NIGHT BEFORE some big, huge event, like a wedding or a graduation ceremony, and then get pissed off and/or upset because they can't find exactly what they want. How long did you know this event was happening? (One woman came in 7 minutes before closing time looking for an outfit to wear to a wedding at 10:30 the next morning - her husband said she couldn't shop any sooner because he was out of town and couldn't drive her around.....dude, you are telling this to someone who gets to this exact store EVERY DAY via public transit.)

4) Customers who treat the clothes like rags - ripping them or pulling them way out of shape (often from trying to cram themselves into a smaller size), stepping on them in filthy shoes, scenting them with B.O., and/or staining them with everything from makeup to blood. Do you do this at home? You haven't even paid for the clothes - have a little respect.

5) Customers who re-rack the clothes they've tried on.....with buttons undone, sleeves inside out, hung wrong on the hangers, or hung ON the wrong hangers, and/or in the wrong place in the store. Hello? I know you think you're being helpful, but you're not. At. All. Let us do our job, please.

6) Customers who bring back something they bought ages ago because now it's on sale and they want the discount. (I had one lady who drove back twice, and when we told her we couldn't give the discount since it had been over a month, she RETURNED it - obviously-worn - and bought it all over again. I wonder how much gas she used to save what amounted to five dollars in the end? Plus, it was one of the fugliest tops in the store. That's why it went on sale.)

7) Customers who do dumb, dumb, dumb things related to their credit cards, like, oh, refusing to sign them because they somehow think NOT signing them will protect them if their card gets stolen, since there is no signature to forge. WTF??? (BTW, note to everyone: writing "ASK FOR ID" in the signature space is the smartest thing you can do.)

8) Customers who treat their children like shit. Especially really skinny, highly critical women with plus-size daughters. This just makes everyone on staff want to smack them. Hard.

9) On that note, customers who leave their pets in their cars, especially when it's hot. We had one lady yesterday who left her (BIG) dogs in her car for THREE HOURS while she tried on clothes. A couple of weeks ago, somebody called the SPCA on another customer for leaving her dog in her car....the SPCA phoned US so we could tell her before they came out to check, and when we told her, she got pissed off at US, started ranting and raving. Hello?????

10) Customers who treat me like I couldn't possibly have any real intelligence, because I work in a shop. Fuck. You. Most of these younger women on staff are going to university. The two oldest women are managing a business, a fucking huge one. The other two my age are moms who do this because it's flexible enough for them to parent while they step away from the career track. And me? I ran a social service organization for 11 years AND a province-wide coalition for 6 years (AT THE SAME TIME), and by the way, our Member of Parliament asked me to run in his place when he was stepping down - yeah, to represent YOU in Ottawa. I'm doing this because it's fun and I need a break, not because I enjoy being condescended to by some twit who thinks she's too good to engage in a pleasant conversation with the shopgirl who's bagging up her newest MasterCard debt.
Well said doodlebug.

I really can't stand my coworkers that are immature. I also had a co-worker want me to cover her shift because she wanted to go drinking. I realize that she's in college, but shit. I also just worked a 8 day work week with one day off. Ill be so glad when I get out of this job. My boss lost 3 people due to stealing, as has enough balls to yell at me for stupid bs.

I know people like the one you with with Sassygrrl. They sometimes call me and ask if I want to go shopping with them. I would ask "aren't you at work." They would say yeah but they were going to fake sick so they can leave or step out for a few. Is your coworker an alcoholic or something?
Not only do I work in retail, I work at a membership wholesale club. So not only do our "members" act like normal customers in regards to disrespect of merchandise and trying to go shopping as the door is closing for the night but they all seem to feel like we owe them something because they pay a fee to even walk in the door there. Believe me, our customer service is a top priority but returning a mattress because you kid OBVIOUSLY has a bed wetting issue or returning the carcass of a turkey and saying it was bad and expecting their money back is just abuse. On top of that, they have the worst attitudes if they have to wait more than two minutes to check out, never mind the 10 people in front and behind you in line.
Due to some major thunderstorms, we lost power in the building, as we stood outside telling people we were unfortunately closed for the day one woman started screaming about how this is a huge inconvenience for her like we just didn't feel like opening for the day.
I remember when we lost power all over town last summer, and people came in droves to my store because all the employees at the other gas stations sat outside, enjoyed the nice weather, and told people they were closed. My supervisor was with me at the time so she made me stay open.

The customers were ridiculous. They all acted like the power being out in a store was the most exciting thing in the world. They couldn't get it through their heads that the gas pumps didn't work and that they couldn't use credit cards, and I got a lot of "Oh then I'll use my debit card." YOU CAN'T, idiots. I had to figure out all the tax and stuff by hand and manually ring up every single thing we sold when we got the power back, and people would put things back when I was in the middle of adding.

One of the people who got a thrill out of the power being out ended up getting angry with me because it was too dark to read the price tags. And a shit-ton of people came and bought melting 1/2 gallons of ice cream after telling me the power was out at their house too (better eat it all), plus they'd stand there with the freezer doors wide open for 5 minutes while they considered what kind to get.

If only my supervisor wasn't there, i would have had a blast sitting outside in the sunshine telling people to go away. I'm sure I would have gotten attitude from a lot of people about why I couldn't be open just for them, but whatever.
anna k
hellotampon, people like that make me fear the insanity if/when global warming ruins the world.
Wow, does this thread bring back memories!

I found that I experienced more sexual harassment in retail than in any other line of work. One chain I worked for had a manager who was a known problem--even the district managers (his superiors) told stories about him trying to feel up any woman unlucky enough to be seated next to him at any event. Yet he was never EVER approached for it. He finally ended up getting fired for taking vacation during Xmas season--which of course was a "no vacay" zone (he lied and said he had to attend a sick family member).

And of course, the dang customers could be just as bad, if not worse...
anna k
I worked as a temp at TV Guide for two weeks last year, and my male boss once passed me and gave me a shoulder rub. I shook him off, and it felt disgusting and creepy. The fellow temp didn't see it, but it made me feel ill.
I'm starting a new retail position today. I think it will be okay though because it's a women's clothing store, as in, no men. Men have caused most of my problems in retail. Wish me luck!

I just quit that position. It was crap.
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