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I hate to do this, but I just started a blog. As a young feminist, I often feel that I am alone in the world with nowhere to turn. The thought of other young feminists feeling the same way is depressing, so I started a blog where we can all hopefully help each other and find encouragement to continue with the movement.

It's only my second day, so bear with me. Check it out if you're interested, if not, don't.

Thanks smile.gif
Hey, I think it's a great idea to try to connect through a's been quite a while since I've been a "young" feminist, but I sure remember being the only girl in my highschool who proudly used the f-word to describe herself. I grew up in a conservative rural area and was told by the other girls that men were "meant" to be the leaders. And of course, too many young women are especially worried about men's perceptions of them. They feel that men don't like feminists, that feminists don't like men, etc. etc.
It was a pretty terrible time for me and having even one like-minded friend would've made all the difference.

I think there are a lot of good reasons that young feminists should organize politically... abortion rights, for example is often more of a young woman's issue, along with rape on college campus, discrimination in education, birth control issues, continued access to midwives and home births, free and accessible child care for working/schooling mothers, resources for teen mothers, gay and lesbian teens, better legal resources and protection for girls and women who are battling with rape, incest, domestic violence and other forms of abuse. It's not that older women are not interested in these issues, too, but it's important to mobilize the very people who are affected by these issues directly.

Best of luck with your blog; it's nice to see someone using this thread for a change!
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