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Full Version: Volvovaginal Specialist
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I have Googled and called Doctors offices for days looking for a Vulvovaginal Specialist in the Westchester, NY area. Come some please help? Do you know of a Vulvovaginal Specialist in Westchester County NY or NYC area.

Please help, I have been dealing with BV since I was 14 years old. (this is before I got my period and of course before I started having sex) I am now 23 years old. I have tried everyyything that a Gyno can subscribe in many different combinations. My doctor suggested that I look for a Vulvovaginal Specialist who may be able to help better but she didnít know any herself: angry:

I am fed up just like most of you women. If you can please someone help me.
Hi Britt. Sorry you are still dealing with BV. Please try to keep all BV related issues to the BV thread. We try to limit the amount of new threads started. Thanks!
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