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Full Version: Let's Get In-tents!
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So, you like camping? Hiking? Biking? Running? Rock climbing? Kayaking? Skiing? Snowboarding? Sailing? Surfing? Scuba diving? Orienteering? Fishing? Hunting? Tree climbing? You like drinking from streams, cooking over fires, wrestling grizzlies, and getting dirty?

Good. Me too.

This is the place to discuss our experiences, plans, passions and tips for life in the outdoors. Because life's better when it's in-tents!

Well then, what's everyone planning for summer? I'm hoping to do some bike camping on Vancouver Island, possibly the Gulf Islands as well. I haven't had a camping trip longer than 2 days in years, so I'm going to do everything in my power to get a week in the woods. Gonna go on as many day hikes around the city as possible and see how far I can get on a bike alone. And I want to eat some fish I caught myself and try to find someone to take me hunting.

How about you guys?
I'm a bit disappointed because I'm not in the best shape right now. I was doing great until about 6 weeks ago and I've barely done anything since then.

Last year paperboy and I did a west coast trip. This year we're heading the same direction with friends and we'll probably camp most of the way. We'll be taking hwy 1 all the way to Vancouver so we're going to hit up some provincial parks in the frazier valley and hopefully stop near Nakusp and all those places.

I didn't do any back country camping last year and that was really disappointing. It seems like by the time June rolls around most of my weekends are already booked up. I'm hoping August will be our camping month and we'll be able to do some hardcore back country trips.

I've never gone bike camping but I'd like to pack up our bikes and take them on a backcountry bike route a couple of hours from here. I love exploring the city on my bike though. We have these paths all along the two rivers in our city and I went all the way down two of them for a 30km ride. Tomorrow I'm planning to explore two other routes.

We also need to get our boater exams done so we can rent some motor boats if we want. There's a few places in and around the city that let you rent canoe's for a low fee so we might try and do that in the next two weeks too.
Well, I've got two days off after my Linguistics final next week, so I'm hoping to get out there. Planning a trip to a lovely swimming spot outside town which just opened a campsite last month. It's 43k from town, which is fairly ambitious for a mere commuter like me, but there's a lovely, flat, paved bike trail which goes all the way there and it should be easy. I did 25k on the other end of the trail without any trouble last week. I've never done a bike trip that long before and I'm not entirely sure how to prepare. I've never had a flat before, and I wouldn't know what to do if I got one.

I really need a rat trap and panniers for my bike if I want to do trips with it, though. And a basket for the front would be lovely. Leaning over the handlebars with a heavy backpack on is hard on my back muscles, and it's dangerously top-heavy. And I need a better camp stove, too - the one I have now is seriously inefficient. Perhaps a trip to MEC is in order...anyone have any recommendations for a good, light camp stove, preferably one which uses inexpensive and/or environmentally friendly fuel?

Ketto, where are you from? I'm in BC, too. Bike capital of Canada, baby!
Unless you only plan on carrying lightweight stuff in it, I wouldn't put a basket on the front. Any cyclist will tell you that panniers &/ a rear rack are the best.
Oh, totally. I just need a basket for the day-to-day stuff. I'm constantly having to leave things behind because I'm on my bike and my backpack is full!
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