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Full Version: So What's Your Flaw?
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snow white
ok, i just read an article here about this chick's lazy eye and yes i left a comment but i could go on and on about this, not to mention i love the fact that other ppl have flaws?!?! for cereal? b/c how often do u feel like the only freak in the room?

for instance i have;
inverted nips
a big nose complete w/ bump
a snaggle tooth (i left a comment about that on the page, how is it that brits' can rock gnarly teeth and americans' just look like they missed the boat on braces??)
scars on stomach from surgery (but i've never been squimish about them, i earned those bitches)

there are ways to "fix" all these flaws (except scars), even getting nipple peircings would cause them to turn outward (i've read about it), of course a nose job is always an option and what kind of 23 year old hasn't already had braces? but even though i hate all these "hiccups" i admire an unusual shnoz on someone else and kinda secretly love the look of crooked teeth (i'm thinking Jewel right now, i think she's cute teeth and all). why can't ppl relax and enjoy what we've got?? is it an american thing? thank god i don't live in LA if that's the case.

what annoys me in America is just about everyone has the same freakin teeth, all perfect, all white and mostly veneered. Seriously? I heard friends talking about their kids and one has a girl (8) who is having her teeth laquered? I'd never even heard of it. No wonder people have body/self image problems!
snow white
i feel sorry for kids these days, middle schoolers have cell phones and "sext" eachother, the other day at the movies i overheard a group of 11-12 yr old girls talking about bi-sexual something or other on myspace... our culture isn't a great place for kids. i guess my post off topic but my threads never take off here so, whatev's
Snow white, in the future, please post in the Bust Community thread forum prior to starting a new thread. Potential thread ideas are posted there and a 3 Bustie vote is needed for a new thread to be started. Thanks.
Hmm. Well, I'll give it my vote!

My biggest "flaw" has to be my skin. It's awful. I've had terrible body acne since I was 10 years old - I'm now 23 and it shows no sign of going away. My face isn't much better. Every little thing makes me break out in a rash, which then turns into rough scaly skin for the next 2 or 3 weeks. My pores are huge, my blackheads are incurable, and I just feel really gross. I can never wear a tank top, and sometimes I have to avoid low-cut necklines as well. I am deeply, deeply envious of girls with perfect skin. Seeing their skin makes me feel like perfect skin is something I should be able to attain, and there's something wrong with me for not having it. I've asked my doctor what I can do, and he told me it's probably genetic and gave me some cleansers which don't make the slightest difference. The only soap I've ever been able to use on my face and see distinct results from was discontinued three years ago. I'm getting desperate.

*deep breath*

Anyway, I hate it when people bitch about their big noses because I also really like an interesting nose.
hmmm, I have a big nose. With a big bump. And my left eyelid is considerably droopier than my right. I also have a huge ribcage that throws the rest of my body out of proportion. And no butt.
Snow white, I'm considering braces and I'm 25! My teeth are definitely my biggest flaw. I have an overbite and they just seem to not fit in my mouth properly. My mouth and jaw are teeny tiny. And it becomes more prominent as I age. I began orthodontic treatment as a teen but they went back to how they were before and I just said "fuck it." No one explained to me that it was important beyond aesthetics, either- like in terms of my bite and jaw health. The back ones are really worn already. So, yeah, I'm considering it. There would be surgery, too. I can't afford it now, so I may end up being in my 30s with adult braces.

I think snaggleteeth are adorable, though! My boyfriend has one, and several friends do too. I'd give anything to have otherwise great teeth with just one out of place. I feel like mine really affect the look of my whole face. I totally don't even care about having cookie cutter perfect teeth. Just something a little more harmonious.

There are so many people who I look at and don't see flaws, but I'm sure pretty much everyone has something that's a flaw in their mind.
I have the same problem you do, in a way. I have an underbite, narrow upper jaw, and too prominent of a lower jaw along with congenitally missing bilateral incisors. I always just said "Screw it, I look a little funny, but i'll live with it." Until I found out that it could cause jaw problems and bite problems later in life. Now, I'm a 20 year old, in braces, facing $20,000 in surgery all because I didn't do it when I was younger. Very frustrating.

Anyway- My flaws.

Along with lots of busties, I too have a big nose complete with bump, however, recently I've learned to love it.

My biggest flaw, that I think about most often is my thin, fine hair. I feel like I'm somehow less of a woman, almost, just because I don't have thick, luxurious hair.
Also, I have large (disproportionately so) amounts of fat right behind my hip bones. You know, right above where your pants sit? I just can't see to get rid of it, no matter what I do.
anna k
LustfullyPink, I'll always have fat on my hips, no matter what. I'm built in a soft, curvy way, and always wanted to be more wiry and thinner and harder-looking, not soft. It's my low muscle tone, so I don't look as strong or as fit as I want to be.

My joints are very loose, and often crack. This gives me less coordination, and I can feel like a wet noodle sometimes. The upside to low muscle tone and loose joints is that I'm very flexible, but I'd rather feel more well-coordinated.
epi- I'm right there with you and I'm 33. I'm still dealing with acne like I'm in high school, it's so frustrating. I know mine is genetic, and there's probably some specialized thing I could do, but havent been to the doctor in a while... I will say, birth control really helped. I can't take it anymore as my mom had breast cancer and they've already taken a lump out of my left breast. But it definitely helped my skin. Also tanning helps, but I don't like to do that a lot because of the risks... No good plan it seems.
My list- definitely my skin. My hips/ass is too big, my boobs are different sizes, and my stomach is perpetually terbulent.
I was in europe for a bit over the summer & they defiantly razzed the americans for all having the same, plastic-perfect teeth. i'm happy that i had braces to fix my teeth - they were a total mess. but there are some really odd cosmetic things gaining popularity these days. and so many of them. all the teeth whitening & fake tanning freaks me out. even children are beginning to look like oompa-loompas. but i digress.

my thighs have always bothered me a lot. they're always disproportionately large compared to the rest of my body. currently i'm a medium on the top part of my body and an extra large (or larger) on the lower half. women go slack-jawed and say dirty things about manufactures when i say i can't fit into pants smaller than size 14. I think my thighs are pretty muscular, but they are also where i gain weight.

earlier this week someone told me he thought i had great legs (clearly meaning my thighs as part of that). it was a hard compliment to take b/c it's the one part of my body i've ever been self conscious about. and boy have i been self conscious about them.

i'm someone who has spent alot of time pursing perfection, and waiting to make important moves until i achieve it. over the last couple years, i've been increasingly cognizant that i only get to enjoy my life once and if i don't it will just pass me by. increasingly, i've been more outspoken & worn whatever the heck i want. i think that compliment kind of opened up some more personal liberty. no one else thinks my thighs look big or ugly or funny (and someone actually LIKES them!?) so i shouldn't either.

hmmm... maybe it's time for me to try running around in hot pants wink.gif
I hear you on the fake tans- mumblestutter- I don't go and tan so that I've suddenly got ...well any color. But I go in once every week or 2 for about 6 minutes and it helps. (Not that you were saying anything to me in particular, but I thought I'd comment...
I'm sure there's no harm in tanning some sagey. I was really referring to what I like to think of as "chronic tanners" who continue tanning until they turn strange colors & age prematurely.

I'm not someone who rarely watches tv or leafs through magazines, but it' strange to see leading celebrities orange. i'm sure alot if it is that spray-on tan stuff. i'm kind of fascinated by the idea of what it does to the body image of kids who take in this media where everyone is impossibly thin, tan year round, has perfect fluorescent-white teeth, and bleached hair. i wonder if it looks as weird and fake to other people as it does to me. it's prevalence makes me think it doesn't look out of the ordinary to others. then i wonder how much time people, especially young women, are devoting to internalizing and emulating to these looks that aren't real and cost a lot of money to maintain. (when they looked just fine in the first place smile.gif )

I love playing with clothing and make-up and style and love seeing other people who have fun with the way they dress, but i think there is a big difference between expression & experimentation and trying to emulate an image that's been shoved down your throat.

Yea! I'm off topic again wink.gif Sorry about the soap box.
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