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Full Version: I'm Taking Cuteback.. Yeah!
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Ok, so I finally bit the bullet and started a thread on a topic that bothers me immensely and I still can't shake my insecurity about it... the word 'cute'. I have talked about it in the small boobie thread, but since I could literally talk about the topic for hours in many different facets, I figured some in depth discussion was okay.

I have to go to work soon, so I'll just start off with a few questions for you busties:

-How do you define the word cute?
-How do you think men define the word cute?
-Do you describe people you're attracted to as cute?
-Does cute=sexy to you or are these two terms completely unrelated?
-Does cute make you feel 12 years old?
-Does cute inspire lust? Or do the words cute and sex not even belong in the same sentence?
-Does anyone else not like being called cute?
Aithinne, I realize that you are fairly new here, so I'm gonna drop a little science on you.

It is considered good form around here to submit an idea for a new thread in the Community Forum. This is done because we are a self-moderated board & new threads often gum up the works/are unnecessary. For instance, the topic of your thread could have been readily addressed in the petite gal's thread.

In the future, please stop by the forum & submit your thread idea for support & vetting. Thank you.
I do apologize... I have tried to contact the moderator repeatedly over the last few months with no response to my request to start a new thread... Will keep the community forum in mind next time. I tried not to step on anyone's toes, but apparently I went and did it anyway.
it's an honest mistake. but it's not the moderator that makes that decision, it's busties. and the place to request it is the community forum.

you didn't step on anyone's toes, as of yet. aural was just schooling you. trust me, you will know if you step on toes around here. it will rain verbal fire and brimstone. heh.

just cut/paste your post in the petite thread and we'll be straight. wink.gif
Well the reason I tried to contact someone about starting a new thread is because to me, it's a separate issue than the petite thing.. related, but not the same. Kind of like the small boobie thread and petite thread are related to me, but separate. And sorry guys, I don't know how to delete threads otherwise I would. If anyone has the ability (the mods or whoever) and knows how to delete it, then go ahead.

There's honestly no where else I know besides Bust that I know of where I can talk about this (I could write a full-length book on this topic), so I've wanted to discuss it in depth without hijacking another thread for what I consider a separate topic.

Edit: Ok, since I still can't find a way to delete my thread, I guess just let it go to the bottom of the thread list. Sorry everyone.. *Will remember to not start threads in the future* I found another site to post my discussion on.. Sorry to clog the forum.
No, you didn't step on any toes. I just wanted to make sure you knew the rules. When in doubt, just ask a Bustie first thing.

The mods are here largely to be the troll police. Without them, this place would be a clusterfuck of troll.

My suggestion of the petite girl thread was specific because it is not/was not ever busy, it could have been repurposed to your ends. Which would have probably been a better option than starting a brand new thread that will likely languish & die. That is what happens to unvetted threads in the majority of cases .

And while you could speak on your topic for hours? I am betting the majority of Busties could not/would not sustain a thread dealing with the semantics of "cute". It's not a particularly loaded word to most people. "Fat" or "retard", yes. "Cute"? Not so much.

Quite frankly, it sounds kinda neurotic to me. I mean, I use that one word to describe my new shoes, puppies, somebody being sarcastic, & my manly friend all the time. The only one of those things that are truly cute to me are the shoes.
Somebody delete my thread!

And yes, I promise you I could talk for quite a while on this topic.

Anyhoo, no matter.. I'll start the convo on another site I found. No more responses to this thread! I declare it dead! Carry on everyone!
Aithenne, seriously, don't worry about it!!

You've never seen us in action!!! We're not mad, pissed, angry, irritated or any of that!!!

I'd get in on a cute conversation. Let us know were you move it!
I'd get in on a cute convo too!

A-- here is the point:

no one is going to delete your threads, because this is a self moderated board. the mods do one thing: patrol for threads. nothing else.

they don't mediate disputes.

they don't approve threads

they don't delete anything.

if a thread goes up, it STAYS up, so we want to make sure the new threads have enough interest in the community. even seriously old school busties have to go to the community forum, post their idea to see if there is any interest before we start. it's nothing personal, it's just what's worked for more than 10 years, and it works.
I'd love a cute convo- I think some people really do struggle with this issue more than other people might understand.

rock on with the cuteback!
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