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Full Version: Have A Crush On My Assistant...
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I direct a small summer camp on a college campus and I was given an assistant director this year on whom I'm developing quite a crush. He plays little tricks on me and I return that. But I can't tell if it's just that sort of fun summer camp tomfoolery or if he's honed in on me like I am on him. I mean, I know I should go with my gut, and my gut seems to think he's feeling it, but I'm so fucking self-conscious and unable to ask anyone how they feel.

I wish there was a way I could just read his mind or do something that would make him kiss me. We're definitely a little touchy with each other in a friendly way....I dunno.

Sometimes when we look at each other for just a little too long or when I see he uses the card I made him as a bookmark I'm all "YES IT HAS TO BE" but then I lose my confidence....I wish there was something I could do without completely throwing myself at him and setting myself up for rejection....

I can't believe I'm pushing 30 and can't even figure out how to make a move....
No wonder I've been single for so long...
Uh oh crankyrobot, if I were you I'd put your question over here -----> THE CRUSH THREAD. Hurry, before the others get here!
yeah i suppose. i just wanted to be special.
one thing you should know, cranky, it is FROWNED upon to start your own thread/topics in this lounge. girl_logic was being diplomatic in suggesting you post in another thread. usually you get a speech:

this is an unmoderated board, and if everyone starts their own threads this place ends up being a mess. if you don't know what thread your post/question belongs in, or if you want to start an new thread/topics post your idea in the community forum, and we will give you suggestions as to what thread it belongs in, or we will vote on the new thread.

but DO NOT start your own.
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