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i'm a pretty big fan of horror movies and books and anything scary in general.

lately i haven't seen anything that hasn't been crap- like the unborn or a remake like rob zombie's halloween

i'm interested to hear what other busties have to say about the genre.
i kinda like rob zombies movies. he has a great love of kitch, and underground and doesn't let his humor take over his horror.

i'm also gonna see the unborn. i like bad horror too, cos i can't resist it.

the last horror movie on dvd i saw was martyr, which has a fantastic first third, but went to complete shite afterwards, with some shoddy logic, and gratuitous (comparitively rather innocuous), violence.

last 2 in the theater was drag me to hail (fun!). and the haunting on whatever house (laughably dumb, not scary).

i'm going to go see orphan. i'm looking forward to it. not cos it's going to be at all good. it's gonna be awful. gawd awful. but i have a horror buddy and play MST3000 during horror movies. she and i always go see any horror movie that comes out, we have a running joke that the girl, the orphan, who always wears a thick black choker, has a detachable head, and is actually a huge pez dispenser.

The Rob Zombie movies aren't perfect, but at least they are FUN. You can tell they were made by somebody that realy loves the genre, both the good & the bad.

And Amazon has some pretty good deals on Barbara Creed's The Monstrous-Feminine. I'll probably order it when I order the Fat Duck book next month.

We talked briefly yesterday of AIP. They put out the Corman/Price/Poe pictures of the 60s that I love so much.
there was a movie at the seattle film festival that was supposed to be like one of those corman movies. i missed so many good movies this year. :/

omg, but sexy killer was sooo fucking funny. you know the film makers are fucked up when they have 3 versions of aqua's barbie world in a horror movie. scary!!!

i'm disappointed that the libraries don't have any of babs creed's books, and scant little feminist film theory books. hmph. i think i'll go to the book store near me and see what they have in the way of that.
i've only seen halloween, i haven't seen devils rejects or house of a thousand corpses. i'll have to see those.

i don't mean to say anything bad about his version of halloween because i liked it immensely, but all the horror remakes are getting a little tiresome.

i definetely want to see drag me to hell, it looks fun.
Ooh, horror & blood & gore, corpses & zombies and various deadly weapons.... Thirteen must comment on this!!

My number one, best-loved horror film would have to be 28 Days Later. So good, absolutely terrifying & intelligent to boot-- it really makes you ponder human nature and what each of us is capable of doing. An early scene with Mark and Selena exemplifies this... also the soldiers that rescue Jim, Selena and Hannah end up being worse than the infected (at least in my opinion)....

Does anyone else like this film?

Another favourite would be The Shining (the original one only!!).

However much I adore high-quality horror movies, I am not immune to the pull of absolutely campy rubbish on telly at 3 A.M. I just wouldn't buy it on DVD; no one ever has to know.... wink.gif

I loved 28 days later, it was what made me start watching horror movies in the first place. I'm not very well-versed in the genre, but I love it. I have a special fondness for the campy and old school. The only things I don't like are slasher flicks and variations of (never watched the hills have eyes or saw, for example). Unfortunately those seem to make up the bulk of new horror movies! Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with blood and gore when executed properly, but I prefer a fantasy element to the movie. maybe because I read too much fantasy/sci-fi as a kid, or maybe because I can only handle intense goriness when it's not quite real. I tell myself it's becuase I don't want to watch violence for the sake of violence - I want the story to be good. Maybe no one would consider me a true horror fan because of all that. The last thing I saw that I really liked was Planet Terror. Sexy and scary biggrin.gif

Can I ask if anyone has some suggestions for good must-sees for new horror fans? I definitely need guidance. I love suspenseful thriller-type movies like No Country for Old Men and Sin City - I am hoping that there's things like that in the horror genre, but I just don't know where to look. I haven't been up to watching Rob Zombie because they seem just a bit too gory, but one day it will probably happen.
Oh I get that completely Angie, I don't enjoy movie violence, and I used to dig Stephen King, but I couldn't take the gross out - which actually seemed like the lazy man's out in his hands, after a while.

But I love the creep factor, I like being scared. That's what I love about some of the Korean films that came out the past few years. Those incredibly disturbing moments that have nothing to do with gore- and some honest to god ghost stories. I wonder if the Korean genre has something to say politically (the way American horror sometimes does) that just goes over my head.
anna k
Angie, for suspense horror, The Descent is a great one. It sets up the characters to be so familiar and likable, and you twist in horror at their fates. Inside, a French horror film, has both suspense and gore, but is a standout.

I didn't like the torture porn stuff. Neither Hostel movie scared me, and I remember this horror film called Turistas about American tourists in Brazil who get killed so their organs are sold on the black market. It was just utter crap, and the disemboweling scene with a young girl was very gratuitous.

I thought The Devil's Rejects was good, but it does have some torture and nasty parts in it.

28 Days Later was great, I liked it all, and rarely hear of Naomie Harris unless it's in something British. She made a great heroine.

I hadn't seen the originals, but I liked the remakes of Dawn of the Dead and The Hills Have Eyes. Both were very good updates and entertaining and interesting by themselves rather than being shot-by-shot remakes.

Anna & I were taking thrillers a bit the other day & The Innocents came up. It's one of the few films to ever make me feel . . . claustrophobic. Which lead to . . .

I'm really disappointed by the whole "twist" of The Orphan. People with primordial dwarfism? Do not look like regular people/children. I do not mean to insult anybody by my use of the term "regular", but it's true. Primordial dwarfs look like primordial dwarfs, & they all look remarkably similar. The only group I can think of that they slightly resemble are people with Progeria & even that is only slight. The point being, they do NOT look like so called "normal" people. I know most people are stupid & won't get this, but I still feel cheated by the "twist".
gaddamn, it aural! to make posts spoiler-ized, you use 'spoiler as the code. so you'd put ['poiler] then [/'poiler] and it makes whatever between them disappear. *sigh* i had no clue you were gonna talk about orphan, and i already know that my horror buddy's theory that ester's head is a huge pez dispenser that will fly back at the climax of the movie, revealing all manner of dunwich horrors from her neck is probably not true! *sulk*
The Descent is one of my favourite horror films. To be honest, I was pretty scared before the 'horror' parts kicked in! Excellent, suspenseful set-up.

Another vote for 28 Days Later, though I was disappointed by the sequel and cannot in good conscience recommend it.

Let The Right One In was tender, terrifying, dark and original.

Ach, Hostel! I have quite a high tolerance for crappy horror films, but that was just awful. I wasn't even offended - it was so gratuitous, I couldn't take it seriously enough to be scared. Everything looked rubber and fake.

if your looking for something a bit...weird, you might try the french indy, in my skin. it's a nice little headfuck of a movie that will get into your head. it's a bit of cronenbergian body horror, which means it's all about how people are alienated by their bodies. it's premise is simple: a woman accidentally gashes her leg at a party, from there she becomes obsessed with the wound... from there it gets into areas of self damage.

no slashers, no villains, just a woman and her body. it's very good, very disturbing.

if you can handle gore, but like art films, you might try trouble every day. again french, by art house phenom, clair (chocolat) denis, it's an extremely bloody, brutal, but lyrical tale of two people afflicted by a new disease. this disease makes those who have it unable to control their sexual urges, which lead to cannibalism. a fantastic soundtrack that stops, starts, sputters and stutters, and will stay with you. if the idea of blood soaked scenes squick you, avoid this. it's easily the bloodiest movie i've seen, but it's an unforgettable film with slow pacing and amazing images. underneath is a metaphor for france's meddling in algeria.

if you go into the real life thread, i've discussed my ideas of these and a few other horror movies at length. i've been on a foreign horror tear for a while now. wink.gif i adore, inside, but it's easily the most gory film ever, there are a couple of horror films that i've seen but didn't like: switchblade romance, aka high tension aka haute tension, marytrs, and them. decent, but severely flawed. them the only one that is not extremely gory. martyrs is up there with inside in terms of gore.

you might like [rec] it's a spanish film, it was remade as the american film, quarantine, about a virus let loose in a building. zombie-esque. with some good shocks.

a couple of other good asian horror movies: cure, spider forrest, pulse. none of them are of the wet little girl variety, if you like that, the best of them imho, is tale of two sisters. but there are a lot of decent ones, like wishing stairs, dark water and marebito and of course the ring and ju-on/the grudge, i like seance, which was an obscure, early wet little girl ghost story, but it needs to be seen on the big screen some of it's tricks are very subtle, and don't come across on the small screen. the eye (the asian one) is pretty good too. it's just a good ghost story. then there are the asian revenge movies, which are a kind of horror film, which include, sympathy for mr. vengeance, sympathy for lady vengeance save the green planet and samarian girl, and OLDBOY. they are all "extreme" films which mean they trade on lots of violence. they are all good, but not for the weak in heart having torture scenes.

oldboy is most people's favorite. it kicks everyone's ass. it's a brilliant headfuck, about a man who is kidnapped and locked in a room for i think 20 years, and released with no reason. he is out to find out why, and get revenge. suuuuuuuper good, suuuuuuuper fucked up.

there is the korean horror, the best of which is the host a brilliant reboot of monster movies with a small scale version of godzilla. the great thing about the host is it focused on a family not the monster. a great suspense film that always makes me cry.
girltrouble-- Now I really want to see In My Skin... though I think I'll wait till my mind is a bit more stable!

One of my favourite horror movies is May, starring Angela Bettis (who is so talented and lovely, it is a wonder she is not more well-known).

Clean, Shaven is another movie of interest-- not horror exactly, more like crime/drama... but still supposed to be terrifying.
Clean, Shaven is . . . unsettling. Peter Greene gives an amazing performance.

Thirteen, have you seen Roman? It was written by & stars Lucky McKee & is an odd bit of filmmaking.
i love, peter greene he is an awesome actor. i still remember him from laws of gravity. he's as riveting as ray liota in goodfellahs. he's just great.

thirteen, in my skin is pretty amazing. if you've seen stir of echoes, you remember the scene where kevin bacon is tearing up the floor, and you think, oh god, this guy's gone over the edge... and you feel uneasy, waiting for the scene when he has to explain it to his wife? that's what in my skin is like. this slow queasy burn of watching someone unravel.
I will always have mad love for Peter Greene for flicking a lit cigarette into Stephen Baldwin's face in the Usual Suspects. I cannot stand that prick Baldwin.
i watched American Psycho the other night with my brother. a completely fucked up movie, yes. i haven't read the book and i hope to find a cheap used copy of it somewhere. i heard that NOW was pretty upset about the book and one of the book's biggest critics was gloria steinem, who i then found out is by a weird coincidence christian bale's stepmother.

the part that i thought was most creepy is where he kills jared leto's character while listening to hip to be square by huey lewis and the news.

"I think their undisputed masterpiece is Hip to be Square, a song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity, and the importance of trends, it's also a personal statement about the band itself."

before this, i was somewhat of a fan of huey lewis, because i'm a geek for eighties music. then i looked up the words.

I used to be a renegade, I used to fool around
But I couldn't take the punishment, and had to settle down
Now I'm playing it real straight, and yes I cut my hair
You might think I'm crazy, but I don't even care
Because I can tell what's going on
It's hip to be square
I like my bands in business suits, I watch them on TV
I'm working out most everyday and watching what I eat
They tell me that it's good for me, but I don't even care
I know that it's crazy
I know that it's nowhere
But there is no denying that
It's hip to be square
It's not too hard to figure out, you see it everyday
And those that were the farthest out have gone the other way
You see them on the freeway, It don't look like a lot of fun
But don't you try to fight it; "An idea who's time has come."
Don't tell me that I'm crazy
Don't tell me I'm nowhere
Take it from me
It's hip to be square

i didn't think the movie or by extension the book was meant to idolize this character. i think it's a statement on how consumerism, materialism and conformity to the supposed norm could really mess a person up.

i have a question: if you like horror movies does that mean you have a sort of morbid sensibility? i mean i know i do, let me just say, my favorite retort when anyone asks about how a film ends is "everybody dies" finding nemo? it's great. at the end everybody dies. and my horror movie buddy is a goth, she does. so does my other friend who loves final destination. she's obsessed with side shows, and circus people (family history). but do you?

oh annab, i adore american psycho. most people i know do too, but we're a pretty weird bunch to begin with. i've been wanting to read the book too (and i'm heading to the library so thanks for the reminder). it's absolutely about consumerism and appearances in the 80's the gordon gekko era where greed was good. as for huey, the 80's was also the era of middle aged rock and hair bands. i'll leave it to you to decide if that's a better thing that what we have now...

i saw orphan a few weeks ago, and aural is right, but i had a good time. i loved the paintings in the movie. they were awesome.

i'm excited about the new final destination. with the exception of #3 i love all of them and almost compulsively watch them when they are on the tv. they don't have the same sadism as saw, hostel and the like, or even slasher films. yet it's mainstream splatter gore, which i kinda like, even though it never really gets gory, relying on cuts to fill in the picture.

i finished watching disk one (of three) of MPD-psycho (multiple personality detective-psycho), it's a japanese mini series based on the on going manga of the same name. i love the manga, and it's author, Eiji Ootsuka, who wants to change the way people think about death. it's relentlessly fucked up, disturbing and under-your-skin creepy. the series, directed by takashi (audition, sukiyaki western django) miike is relentlessly....boring. at least so far. tokyo's best serial killer profiler sees his wife killed by a serial killer. the shock causes him to have multiple personality disorder. inspite of this, he hunts down and kills the killer. something is wrong, however. there is a new rash of killings with the same MO as his supposedly dead nemesis. it seems that the killer has found a way to jump from body to body thanks to some hidden programming in a some synthetic eyes, and a group of children...or is all of this being orchestrated by one of the profiler's personalities? and who is the pop star lucy moonstone whose music is tied into all of this? while i admire miike trying to get the density of the manga in his film (it's 6 hours, of which i've only seen 2), but by front loading it with the phone pregnancy murders (don't ask), he all but kills the police procedural aspect that really propelled the manga. i'm told it picks up on disk2, but i've got some french horror that's calling me, and i might give up, atleast for now.

i know i definitely have a morbid sensibility. i don't think it's an entirely bad thing; i tend to see the humor in dark things and i think it's a defense mechanism for me. my brother is my horror movie buddy; he has a darker weirder sense of humor than i do and i don't know where we get it from, the rest of our family is pretty straight-laced.

i included the words to the song because i thought in the context of the movie, they are kind of haunting. i'm still looking for the book; they don't have it at my library, so i'm checking out the used book store tommorrow.

i want to see orphan. i haven't seen any of the final destination movies; i'll have to check those out. i want to see in my skin, i like psychological horror movies.

anna k
I saw Grace tonight, a horror film where Jordan Ladd plays a young woman who loses her husband and unborn baby in a car accident, but chooses to deliver her dead baby, which miraculously comes to life when born. It's a very creepy and disturbing movie, but has a lot of suspense and "ew gross" moments. I liked how the sound effects exasperated the horror, making me cringe, there was minimal music, not much explanation for the horror, no famous actors in it (I don't think Ladd is that recognizable outside of Cabin Fever and Grindhouse), and the director Paul Solet did an excellent job setting the mood. So I'd recommend it for horror that plays on motherhood and bodily fluids.
Anyone here seen Guillermo del Toro's The Orphanage? I grew up on horror movies and not much gets under my skin, but that one really scared the shit out of me. The tension and creepiness are unbearable. And I loved that, rather than building up to a big, predictable, overblown, gory horror showdown for a climax, all that nerve-wracking suspense leads steadily to a very poignant ending. I absolutely loved that movie. I'm so fucking sick of the Hollywood horror formula that I don't even bother anymore, and I just thought The Orphanage was so different and refreshing.
Ooh, I loved The Orphanage too! The cinema was packed, and I swear we all stopped breathing every time the ghosts appeared - WHY WOULD YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON THEM! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY!

I was completely terrified, and exhausted afterwards from being so keyed up, but completely moved by the ending. Twas highly cathartic.
I was exhausted afterward, too. And I thought he used the infrared "ghost-hunter" cam cliche to great effect, too. Not too overdone, but not subtle, either. I had a deathgrip on my seat for that whole scene. And for most of the rest of the movie, too. Wow. Now I wanna watch it again!
my friend and i went to saw6 a few days ago. it was ok, the acting and casting was awful. but it was shockingly political for an american movie, esp. an american horror movie. our horror movies tend to be apolitical or barely political, but this one was all about our insurance agencies. all the same. the series is pretty much bankrupt. it needs to be put out of it's misery.

i saw the 4th kind, which was awful. the funniest/worst part was that the director wrote himself a part in the movie, and he is utterly wooden. the fake "doctor" (who is so creepy looking i wonder if they used cgi) is pouring her heart out to him, and he's almost grinning.

antichrist, by lars von trier was beautiful, but awful. when you get to this scene in the middle of the movie, it's clear-- atleast to me-- that von trier hasn't a clue how to do horror, so he tries to cloak himself in 'teh pretty' or with lame symbolism, but really it boils down his usual super misogynistic crap. in his universe sex isn't just 'bumping uglies' or a beautiful expression of love, but 1) something that drives women mad, and 2)women's main use (for lack of a better way of putting it). it's meant to be a sort of allegory of adam and eve, or a return there, so naturally the woman is at fault for everything. the basic story is a couple-- named only he and she in the script-- were having sex while their child fell/jumped out of the window. he is a therapist, and tries to help she, who is racked with guilt, using therapy, which is more like, "i'ma let you tell me about your mother, but but first, let's have sex!" which doesn't seem to help. rather randomly she decides her greatest fear is the family cabin in the woods named 'eden.' so they plan a trip...

before eden, the woman starts abusing herself, and this is where we see von trier's view of women clearly, in one scene she is banging her head bloody on the toilet bowl porcelain, after prying her away, they have sex. once at eden, she pours out her heart to he, and his response is, "that's all very touching, but..." and they have sex. here, and in movies like breaking the waves, women are put in slightly unusual situations tangentially related to sex, and the sex drives them insane. in breaking the waves, she just goes out of control, in antichrist, she goes stark raving mad, dark secrets are revealed, and silly mysticism/symbolism are thrown in the mix thanks to her delusional state. from here, it's less real horror than artsy "shock cinema,' think the hobbling scene in misery, but much worse, with everyone's private's literally getting abused if not mutilated. however, antichrist is much more explicit, obviously, than misery but with no real sense of tension that is crucial for horror to work. it's gross out gore for the sake of being shocking. it's hard to watch, but at the same time utterly boring and pretentious, just like the film itself.
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